DBZ: The Fallen Empire (Chapter 4: The Gravestone)

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Sep 4, 2015

DBZ: The Fallen Empire

"Tracking is a funny thing. Sometimes I can't see, and sometimes I just need to focus a little longer. Then, it all becomes clear. Like my anger just washes away the worry as if it were a bad dream!"

"I've done enough for one lifetime, seen enough of what our actions do for others. And I think of your mother."

"I'd like to see her again."




Deep within the Endless Swamp, Gogeta Jr. and Koth led the other warriors for a ten minute hike through the murky terrain. The small red light began to beep rapidly, approaching a small mound of green marsh. Gogeta Jr. narrowed his eyes, kneeling down and glancing over the moss. The abnormal object was larger than two humans laying side to side on the ground, sitting about half as tall as Koth.

"Yeah, this is it. It's a little gunked up, we'll have to clean it off."

Koth watched on as Gogeta Jr. formed a small yellow ball of energy in his palm, burning away the green moss while Koth raised an eyebrow at the group.

"So, I gotta ask, but what made you guys kill Valkorian? I mean, I respect Junior and he speaks very highly of you guys..."

His eyes narrowed a bit.

"But he was our beloved emperor that brought stability and direction to Zakuul. There shouldn't have been a reason to kill him."


Vegetto Jr. raised an eyebrow, starign back at Jaz.

"My father? What about him?"
Brachi and Xenest remained silent as they were gathering parts for the repairs, while at the same time removing any moss and dirt that covered the walls and panels in order to get a clearer readout, deciding to let the others have their words first.
"Errm.." Jaz looked around the room, almost to make sure no one was listening in. "Well, a while ago, before we were put to sleep, your dad and I had a bit of a...scuffle. Y'see, back on this planet there was some sort of plague and a bunch of people got infected. Your dad had to do the right thing and... exterminate hundreds of innocent families. I got real upset with your dad and I hit him in the face and well..."

Jaz bit her lips at her words. Her hand slowly touched her neck, remembering how Vegetto reacted around her.

"Your dad grabbed my throat, crushing it, mind you, and he was about to blast me to oblivion." Jaz frowned, refusing to make eye contact with Junior just to avoid seeing the possible rage on his face. "If it wasn't for Gogeta... I wouldn't be here talking to you. Your uncle had to stop your dad from flat-out vaporizing me. Ever since that day, I've been scared of your dad and I just can't trust him again. He...he almost killed me, Junior."


Kire continued to expand his lab around the room and even seep into the room next door. He was seen entering and leaving the room several times. He spoke to no one and seemed almost finished with his preparations. On his laptop, he was typing in some numbers that seem to mostly be related to Jaz in some way but it was hard to tell without asking him. Inside the room were several machines that all seem to work on different things, a large screen which displays anything Kire wants from the laptop or any other machine, and large desk where he does his daily journal as well as keep papers and several pictures of what look like his family.

"Alright, almost done here..."
Basil glanced back, hoping for a clear response from the group. After a moment of silence to register the comment, Bage tilted his head in confusion.

"We did what?"

Basil and Zibarica nearly tripped over their own feet at his confusion. 

"You don't even remember killing him!?" Zibarica huffed in annoyance.

Panich was slightly confused before remembering the incident in the throne room as the warriors fell into their deep slumber.

"Tck. I can't believe he went through all the trouble. I almost feel flattered." The princess chuckled. "Sorry to break it to you, kid, but we didn't kill your beloved leader."
"Your Emperor got his place by killing his father, who allowed it to happen." Solaris said to Koth. "I can appreciate the feeling..."

Kira looked in the swamp for parts with Mioi. "Beloved he may have been... Dosent change what he did to the Republic..." She muttered.
"We had no intent of targeting Valkorian's empire. We were captured after we escaped the last planet we were on before Vitiate destroyed all life on it. Revan used the last of his life force to save us from such a fate, only to be sealed away for so long after his empire captured us." Mioi added.

"Arcann killed him and framed us at the best chance to. Given we were not already well-liked. I do wonder why Valkorian let it happen, since he knew preemptively."
Vegetto Jr. kept his eyes narrowed, breaking out into a frown while locking his eyes with Jaz.

"Look my father...he..."

The hybrid glanced over his shoulder for a moment, before turning back to Jaz.

"He's always done the right thing, or at least tried to. It sounds like he was dealing with a lot...and you hitting him probably sent him over the edge."

He reached up quickly, lightly grasping onto her shoulder.

"But if he tries to hurt you again, I promise I'll stop him myself. Ok?"


Gogeta Jr. lifted his head slightly, glancing over his shoulder.


Koth's eyes immediately narrowed, breaking out into a frown.

"Damn him...if it wasn't bad enough. Zakuul has slowly fallen apart because of his rule: we wouldn't be in this mess if Valkorian was still leading our people."


Vegetto blinked, turning his head slightly to the left and rapidly dodging backwards as a massive golden energy blast shot past him. The blast whizzed though the group without touching a single person, soon making contact with the large hyperdrive Gogeta Jr. had been clearing out. The explosion rocked the ground around the others, Gogeta Jr. soon bolting across the ground with a yelp.

Vaylin kept a small smirk, lowering her arm and descending lightly into the swamp, her black boots digging into the wet mud while she eyed the onlookers.

"I much prefer being in charge. Life's more exciting this way, don't you think?"
Jaz remained silent until she let out a sigh. She was a little nervous but she ruffled Junior's hair to show her appreciation of his protection of her.

"Well... alright." She said. "Besides, I think your dad has sharpen up his morals a bit since then. Speaking of dads..." Jaz turned to the door and rolled up her short sleeves and balled her hands into fists. "Time to have a long talk with my daddy. You should come along. Besides, you might wanna explain to him who you are so he won't get the wrong idea."

Jaz did not wait for a response from Junior and took his hand, dragging him across the ship in search of her father. "Cmon Junior!"


Kire was finally finished with the room. It had a couple of beds, pods for testing, a large table for many needs, and many cables all perfectly organized so no one can trip over them. He cleaned the oil sweat from his forehead. He seemed proud of himself and seemed to smile truthfully for once.

"Man oh man, ain't this somethin'?" Kire chuckled. "Now all I gotta do is start off with Jaz's suit. The numbers are already down and I just gotta collect data from her core." He leaned on the wall outside the room. "Maybe I can see what happened to my boys..."
"You!" Panich growled as she jumped in front of her children instinctively.

Bage and Zibarica put their guard up, preparing for the worst.

"Gogeta!" Paprika called to the junior, hoping he was okay, before turning back to Vaylin with the others.
Vegetto Jr. yelped, following along after Jaz in her pulling.


Vegetto and Gogeta clenched their fists, their auras rapidly exploding up from under their feet in transforming into their Dread Master forms.

Gogeta Jr.'s eyes remained wide, hastily scurrying on the ground back towards the firey mass of metal burning behind the group and ignoring Paprika.

"No! That was our only chance off this planet!!"

Vegetto glanced back slightly at the Jr.'s comment, turning his gaze back to Vaylin.

"How did you find us?!"

Vaylin kept a small smirk, pointing up to the sky.

"Your little friends in space left a little trail for me to follow. I had a little trouble figuring it out at first, but you see-"

Her smirk widened slightly, eyeing the others.

"Tracking is a funny thing. Sometimes I can't see, and sometimes I just need to focus longer.Then, it all becomes clear. Like my anger just washes away the worry like a bad dream..."

Vaylin's eyes then landed on Brachi and Xenest, her muscles tensing.

"Thankfully, I had another lead after I found what was left in your shuttle. A few footprints here, a little telepathic signature emitting over there, and wa lah! I find my little escapees trying to salvage some warship in the middle of my swamp!"

Vaylin's hands suddenly launched forward, sending out two massive golden energy blasts towards the group inconspiciously.

"No where to run this time!"


Boss Battle:


Vaylin, Empress of Zakuul

Powers: Extensive strength now significantly above "Dread Master", mild to severe reality warper. Capable of energy draining.

Personality/Focus: Randomized, has no definitive or exploitable qualities such as love, honor, or humility. Unstable, bordering close to insanity.

Rules of Engagement: No autowounding, no player chain combos, and no direct autohits with energy attacks. One turn per character; multiple posts can be made for characters controlled by a single player for variety. Chain combos through coordinated attacks with other players are allowed, but each character involved must be controlled by a different player.

Success Chance: 0%  (100% Chance with Valkorian's Aid) 
Xenest spat to the side.

"You think you're so high and mighty, but in reality, you're nothing." He said, beforw he powered up into his Inazuma form.

Brachi herself on the other hand powered up into her Inverted Super Saiyan form, as if she was wanting to find the threshold to go beyond her Dread form as both avoided the spheres headed for them.
Of course we had to have been split up too, but in the end that could just make it a bother. Mioi thought to herself while she got into a defensive stance, not wishing to immediately go on the offensive.
Gogeta and Vegetto scowled instantly, meeting the force of the two blasts head on. Torrents of wind erupted in every direction after the energy made contact with their hands, both fusions rapidly diverting both spheres into the air above.

However, during the energy change, Vaylin had already bolted forward, grinning nearly from ear to ear and shooting out a right hand directly into Gogeta's chest. The fusion yelped, blasting backwards into the trees while Vaylin rapidly surged back out in a yellow dash, narrowly dodging a lunging Vegetto who crashed into the mud with his right fist.

The manically giggling woman bolted towards Brachi, having already connected another left fist into her right ribs from the speed difference in the two's power.


Gogeta Jr. quickly tapped into his right ear, his scowl strong as he stood upright.

"Koth, we're gonna need a plan B. Vaylin's already here...she blew up the hyperdrive."

Koth's aggitated voice soon erupted in his ear, audible enough for nearby warriors to hear.

::There is no plan B, Junior. That was our only chance of making it off the planet, and unless your friends want to fly this ship out of here past the Eternal Fleet, we're all doomed!::

Gogeta Jr. glanced down for a moment, his eyes widening.

"Fly us out of here...that's it! Father can teleport!"
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