DBZ: The Fallen Empire (Chapter 3: The Outlanders)

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Sep 4, 2015

DBZ: The Fallen Empire

"It took only a year for Arcann's forces to crush the Empire and the Republic. Years of conflict between us saw to that."

"These so called 'Outlanders' think they fight for all of us. Rebellious children, thinking they can put a stop to the tyranny of Zakuul."

"Why can't they just accept the universe for what it is now? No one wants the freedom they seek, and they'll drag us with them into the mud when Arcann finally gets tired of their existence."

"We may suffer, but peace has finally come to our worlds. And if these rebels think their crusade is just, then let them try and justify it when millions of people burn for the freedom only they want."
"Zibarica, keep watch. We've only got one shot at this, and if it gets blown from something as small as a guard seeing us here, then Arcann will be the least of your problems."





When the light fades from your eyes, you can barely make out your surroundings. The blurry metal walls surrounding you shift and move in a blur, your body falling forward out of suspension. The cold metal ground is the first contact your senses make, telling your body that you have returned to the physical world.

However, this return comes with a price: your muscles ache and you are barely able to lift yourself into a standing position. Even the smallest act of movement requires nearly all of your concentration to accomplish; you are in no condition to fight. A single attack from even the weakest opponent could kill you.


Vegetto's knees struck the metal ground immediately, the fusion cringing in his pained gasps of air with Gogeta and Beerus following suit a few feet away from their respective pods. The arena room was a large circular place, each warrior having a large gap between each other from emerging out of their stasis.

A splitting image of Gogeta knelt down in front of Vegetto and Gogeta, a small smile across his face.

"Relax...take a minute to get your bearings."

The man was clad in alien armor, still checking on the others before cupping one hand over his mouth

"Zi! We're going to need your help in here!"

 A pair of hands caught Jaz by the shoulders before she could fall from the pod fully, an identical appearance of Vegetto staring into her eyes with a perplexed expression.

"Jaz? Is that you?"
Both Brachi and Xenest grunted as they woke up together, shaking the stars out of their vision in order to get a clearance of their surroundings, before identifying some energy signals of their close friends surrounding them.
Zibarica glanced out into the hallway carefully before joining the others in the room.

"Alright we're good for now, but that doesn't mean take your sweet time, alright?" The namekian huffed rushing to the warriors that lay helpless on the ground. 

Panich looked up lazily as she could seel a blurry image of what looked like a Namekian examining Bage.
Jaz's eyes fluttered open but her vision was somewhat blurry. She couldn't exactly make out who it was holding her but it looked like Vegetto to her so she assumed it was him. She seemed like she was out of breath and her breathing was heavy. She was completely unable to move in the grip of whoever was holding her. She struggled to move but it was costly to her. The more she intended to move, the more out of breath she became. 

"V-Veggie..?" She called out to the one holding her. "I can't...--" Her head and body went limp, taking up all the energy she had just to speak. Her eyes were the only thing that had energy to move but with a blurry vision, she was helpless.


Kire's body made a loud clang noise. His metal body hitting the metal floor caused him immense pain. He only let out a groan but he looked to be completely out of breath and struggling to even breath properly. His eyes didn't open by the pain he was in.

"God... damnit."
Mioi didn't have even the energy to move correctly, so the impact of her head hitting the floor was even more jarring given that her horns were at either side of her head. 

There wasn't any noise from her showing she was in pain save for the loud exhale of breath theough her nose and her eye being clenched shut in pain. 

Processing the sounds around her was also rather difficult, since she didn't recognize a few of them.
Gogeta Jr. began to walk outwards, shifting from group to group.

"Dad...Brachi...Bage, Panich and Jaz. I don't recognize a few of you, but the holo records were accurate; everyone from the invasion is here."

Beerus groaned heavily, his body twitching as he stretched.

"I feel as if I awoke from an uncomfortable nap. Why...why am I so drained?"

Gogeta Jr. turned his gaze to the god for a moment before glancing among the others.

"Your bodies have been in stasis for quite some time. Just give it a few minutes and ease into things: your body will readjust in a few seconds.

Vegetto Jr. grinned slightly at Jaz's confusion, keeping her steady.

"It's me, Junior. Just breathe slowly, and relax. I've got you."
Xenest blinked.
"Where are the others?!" He asked.

"Right here," a female voice said, "we're all here."

"Celicia!" Brachi said, just as she and Xenest were covered in a green glow, courtesy of Majin Bara whom was using her Healing Beam on them.
"Junior..?" Jaz said with some concern in her voice. She listened to the man and began to take deep breaths to try and recollect herself. Her body quaked at the pain she felt but it was mostly because she was sore. Her head lifted up and she stared directly at Junior's face. Her vision was slowly coming back to her and she instantly wrapped her arms around the man keeping her up on her feet. She used all the energy she had so far to do this.

"Junior!" Jaz cried. "It's you! It's really you!" Her body still needed a moment or so to collect itself but she was more happy to see the man she was looking for. "You're alive! I thought that something happened to you..."


Kire took his sweet time to get his energy back. While he slowly lifted himself to a sitting position, he noticed small parts of his robotic body were rusting. He seemed annoyed but it only made him think as to how long they were truly gone.

"Rust... How long were we asleep?" He whispered to himself.
Mom!" Paprika hurried to her mother with a worried look.

"What... Are you kids doing here...?" Panich gasped in exhaustion. She looked up at the blurry image of her daughter.

"We're getting you guys out of here." Basil replied, heading over to Solaris and Kira.
((Hey ZF, I'm going to restrict your usage of secondary characters for the time being. I forgot to mention it in the starter post, but only Panich's characters are allowed to be used because Panich discussed details about incorporating them into the rescue party. For reasons that will be made clear once the plot advances, I'd like to restrict all secondary character usage apart from the people who came to me to discuss being apart of the rescue group. I'll let you know when you're allowed to use them again!))


Vegetto Jr. broke out into a small smile, but lightly shrugged off her arms and kept her body steady on his own forearms.

"I could say the same about you, actually. But you need to save your strength; we're not out of the woods yet."


Gogeta Jr. narrowed his eyes, glancing back over his shoulder.

"This may be a bit difficult, but we don't have much time here."

Gogeta panted lightly, sitting up with a half smile.

"Thanks guys, you saved us."

Gogeta Jr. kept a stern expression.

"Right now, we've only spared you from dying in carbonite..."

His narrowed eyes turned towards Basil, waiting for the Saiyan to help Kira up before continuing.

"The Empire and the Republic have all but fallen to the man that imprisoned you here. This is our last hope in defeating him, and you must realize that if we're going to make it out of here alive."
"You don't knowbhow happy I am to see that you guys are safe." Bage smiled.

"Yeah, yeah. Give me the sob story after we get out of here." Zibarica smirked. "Paprika go to the others over there, quickly. I got your parents."

Paprika looked over at Mioi, Kire, Brachi and Xenest.

"Vegetto Jr. Could you help me over here?" Paprika called.

"Let's go people! Time is of the essence!" Zibarica said trying to keep his voice low.


Basil knelt down to Kira and Solaris, "you two alright?"
Jaz, to no surprise, tried to force herself to stay up right despite being terribly weak. She took a step back from Junior and took a sharp breath. She didn't want any help from the looks of it but it was obvious that she needed it for the most part. Her determination to help her father and the others was extraordinary. Wobbling uneasily to her father's side, she knelt down to try and pull him to his feet.

"You okay daddy?" She smiled. "You landed face first on the floor. Just hang on, Junior and the others are here to help us."

Kire's eyes shifted to Jaz at the mention of a familiar and hated name. He knew he couldn't do anything about the man now in his current state but his mouth was still working above all else. However, he didn't say anything just yet.

"That's great. I think I got this from here, cupcake. Why don't you save your strength? I'm sure you'll need it to help your Mioi-Friend." Kire said with a hint of pain.

"I got all the strength I need!" Jaz puffed out her chest. "I don't need rest!" Her body quaked as she said this. Kire laughed at her act but he played along nonetheless.

"You're just like Evelyn..." Kire shook his head and rolled his eyes. "Alright, go help out Mioi, I got it from here."

Jaz nodded to her father and pushed herself to rush to Mioi's side. She paused for a moment to gather her strength before she did anything. The more she pushed herself, the more tired she became, however, she tried to hide it as best she could. The way she cared for her friends was enough for her to overcome the pain...somewhat.

"Mioi, are you okay?" Jaz said in a low voice.
"Get Kira." Solaris said, forcing himself to his feet. "I, need help, actually..."

Master, any orders? Solaris tried calling out to the Dread Saiyan.

Kira looked at Basil, weakly lifting an arm.
Mioi took in a few deep breaths before she could answer Jaz. "Body.....hurts..." came Mioi's reply, squinting her eye to focus her vision. Her telepathy had her voice fade in and out ssince she had so little strength to communicate. 

Mioi struggled to push her body off the floor, her arms incredibly shaky. The hit to the floor with her hirns away multiplied her pain. The alien lifted one hand to hold one side of her head, wincing from the movements alone.
"I'll be there shortly..." Oriko breathed heavily as he struggled to pick himself up.

"I really got myself stuck in a situation I can't escape... he thought to himself as he continued his attempt to get up.
Vegetto Jr. blinked hard in the exchange between Jaz and Kire, watching on silently for a moment before Jaz departed towards Mioi. His head turned slightly at Papirka's call, but he waved his shook his right hand in a dismisal wave towards her.

"Uh...I'm a little busy over here...hang on..."

He kept a perplexed stare, kneeling closer towards Kire.

"Did Jaz just call you 'daddy'?"


Vegetto and Gogeta both pushed themselves up to their feet, standing tall yet visibly struggling to move forward.

Gogeta Jr. stepped back, eyeing each warrior.

"Alright, listen to my instructions very carefully. We're going to place some metal cuffs around your wrists: these are merely for show. We have access to cloaking technology that can change our appearances into the guards of this facility, and we're going to walk you out through the front door where we have a ship waiting."

He nodded over to Zibarica.

"Zi, go ahead and start cuffing them. We're already forty seconds behind schedule."
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