DBZ: A Demon's Demons

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Sep 4, 2015
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[font='Lucida Grande', 'Trebuchet MS', Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Summary: It was only a month after the resurface of Siber, the most powerful Arcrosian to have ever lived among the universe, empowered by an artifact given to him by inhabitants of the Demon Realm. The Z-Fighters were able to put a stop to Siber's plans, but this went at a great cost. While the damage was repaired to a degree as the foremost victims were brought back to life, the trauma and the memories remain. Coupled with the apparent 'betrayal' by a few of their foremost allies, Brachi and her family and friends are still trying to recover from the whole chain of events, especially Brachi as she's one of the worst affected of the group. But when the group receives two visitors from the most unlikely place with a warning, it appears that not everyone is exactly happy with how the conflict has come to an end. It is only a matter of time for the group to enter the battlefield once more...[/font]

[font='Lucida Grande', 'Trebuchet MS', Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]=======================[/font]

[font='Lucida Grande', 'Trebuchet MS', Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]A whole month has passed after the Z-Fighters have finally put an end to the rein of the raging Arcrosian known as Siber and taken away his source of power, an artifact created by the Demons which gave Siber control over time and space, with his forces spread over different realms altogether. With Siber defeated and by extension bound to the realm he resided in after the artifact that linked him to Brachi's universe was destroyed, it appeared all was well, but not everything was as it seems.[/font]

[font='Lucida Grande', 'Trebuchet MS', Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]In the days that followed after the Z-Fighters have destroyed a planet that appeared to be Siber's primary base of operations, much changed. The Appule-race warrior known as Shonfu and his second-in-command, the Cui-race warrior known as Tamar, formally resigned/defected from the Planet Trade Organization together with the Planet Trade Soldiers whom survived the onslaught of Cold Prime, with Cold Prime Starbase Commander Zuberi and Cold Prime Strike Fleet Commander Meron among them, and permanently sided with the Z-Fighters, effectively giving the Earthling-Martian Alliance another planet under their wing. The planet, usually known as Planet Frieza 68, now has a fully functional Martian Colony present, which is intertwined with Shonfu's own base of operations. The Saiyan Rabi had been appointed as the ambassador of the colony, with Shonfu and Tamar recruiting her as a Field Agent, keeping in close touch with Earth, Mars and Lunei.[/font]

[font='Lucida Grande', 'Trebuchet MS', Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]On Earth however, things were not going exactly as peaceful as it was assumed. While most of the Z-Fighters present have been able to come to terms what happened and made a smooth recovery, some of them are still suffering from nightmares, or are behaving much differently than before, being either still in recovery process or otherwise still suffering from a severe post-traumatic stress disorder which has hit them far worse than expected.[/font]

[font='Lucida Grande', 'Trebuchet MS', Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]A notable example is Anne. The once usually so happy-go-lucky android guard has behaved much more timid, although she is showing traces of returning back to her old self. However, this didn't rule out the fact that she is a lot more cautious and also more soft-spoken, almost as if she was given a major reality check.[/font]

[font='Lucida Grande', 'Trebuchet MS', Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Dielec has been hit with a short-lived depression in the aftermath, having suffered nightmares of reliving Judy's death all over again. It took the aid and reassurance of Judy herself that the whole situation was beyond Dielec's control that the android eventually got over her depression, returning to normal.[/font]

[font='Lucida Grande', 'Trebuchet MS', Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Tempest and Xeno made a much more smoother recovery, having relied on the comfort and support of each other to get over the events, solidifying the bond between them even more than before. Sheila on the other hand was worse off, although she has made also great steps in recovering from her own depression, having received help from not only her girlfriend Lea as well as Tempest and Xeno, but also from her father Simon. The well-respected general of King Furry's Army was granted some time off to tend to his traumatized daughter, showing that even as a general, he felt that his daughter needed him the most at this time. In the time that Simon helped his daughter out, Major Sanda was given the role as Acting Commander of their unit, although the Major and several soldiers have been visiting Simon on a few occasions whenever it was convenient, showing how much they respected their general and wished that his daughter made a swift recovery.[/font]

[font='Lucida Grande', 'Trebuchet MS', Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Goles, Marron Jr. and Bulma Jr. have suffered frequently from nightmares where Siber was brutally torturing them, often leading them to be comforted by Tempest, Xeno, Gina, Celicia and Brachi. However, out of all of the group, Brachi herself was the worst affected, especially considering the fact she was killed by the hands of Siber himself after the lost battle of Cold Prime I and through this she was helpless to watch from Other World how her friends and family fought valiantly against the mighty Arcosian and although the battle ended victorious for the group, most of Brachi's family and friends lost their own lives during the assault. Coupled with the disappearance of Vegetto, Gogeta, Goku, Vegeta and Beerus in the heat of the fight during the Battle of Cold Prime I left Brachi with the feeling she was abandoned by those whom she saw as close allies. [/font]

[font='Lucida Grande', 'Trebuchet MS', Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]The only person whom remained in the good graces of the group was none other than Dread Master Bestia, whom currently was also residing on Earth. She took residence in the home once occupied by Goku and his family in the East District region, where she was now watching over the currently ailing Brachi, whom was hit with illness, coupled with her own depression and the effects of the post-traumatic stress disorder. The others realized that, despite her looks, Brachi was still 'young' in terms of existence and, save for the life- and existence-threatening battles against beings like Janembuu and the Dread Masters themselves, has never been in a real serious conflict before in her own universe. At Dread Master Bestia's side were Celicia and Majin Bara, the latter of the two being the most concerned over Brachi's well-being in general. [/font]

[font='Lucida Grande', 'Trebuchet MS', Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Currently, Brachi, Bestia, Bara, Celicia, Goles, Bulma Jr. and Marron Jr. were the only ones present within Goku's house, but Majin Bara received a message that the others were on their way to visit her, wanting to see how she was doing right now. Brachi was currently bed-ridden due to her illness, sweating profusely as she currently slept. Present with her in the room were Majin Bara and Dread Master Bestia, while Celicia was with the three children downstairs in order to wait for the others to arrive. Surprisingly, Shonfu, Tamar and Rabi were also on their way, and even the space pirate Busa has sent out a message to expect a visit from her soon.[/font]

[font='Lucida Grande', 'Trebuchet MS', Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]As the group visited, Brachi suffered from a horrible nightmare after which the teleported to a distant planet to unleash her frustration and anger in a massive power-up styled Exploding Wave, effectively ruining the planet, while Majin Bara did her best to retrieve her. But before the Majin could retrieve her, she was attacked by an unseen force, after which the ground around Brachi split open and demonic hands dragged her down into what appeared to be a raging inferno, despite Majin Bara's attempts to save her. She fled back to Earth before the planet they were on was destroyed and informed the others about it, whom just received a visit from two other demons: Abaddon and his sister Malia. [/font]

[font='Lucida Grande', 'Trebuchet MS', Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]The two demons in question sued for peace and requested the help of the group to deal with a powerful demon lord known as Ruthas, whom has been responsible for taking Brachi away... at least that's what they believed, leading the group back to the planet Cold Prime I towards an entrance to the Demon Realm through an abandoned mine shaft...

Upon entering the realm, the group managed to find Brachi as she was being taken to the Exclusive Cells by the Demon Lord Ruthas himself and managed to retrieve her, only to be confronted by Ruthas shortly afterwards...


Ruthas merely cackled, before he waved his hand upward...

Without warning, a multitude of Chain Spears came from the ceiling and the floor, stabbing the group all over their bodies a few times before the spears receded, causing the group to land on the ground with multiple stab wounds in the arms, legs and sides, although strangely enough taking caution in avoiding damage to arteries and internal organs... almost as if he wanted the group to be alive...

"Tell me something, how do you think to stand a chance against me when you haven't beaten yourself?" Ruthas then asked.
Future Godfrey recoiled while Solaris just slumped to the ground.

"That hurt... Curseacon..." He muttered. He quickly fired several high power orbs of light at Ruthas. Future Godfrey then made a fist at Solaris, who got up, shaking his head and powered up into his own unique form using an unknown energy source not unlike him becoming a star. His armor became blue and white, his power skyrocketing to match that of a Dread Saiyan.

Ruthas moved to the side to avoid the blasts, grinning like crazy, just as he waved his hand upward again...

Suddenly the ground below the group began to sport violent cracks, which spread all around them, before parts of the ground began to collapse, causing the group to stumble.

"RUTHAS!!!" Malia snarled at the grinning demon.

"Malia, you filthy traitor. I knew you and your brother would eventually escape from my clutches..." Ruthas continued, "I do commend you for being able to hold out for so long and taking advantage of the situation at large... now you and your brother can join your new friends and see what happens when you betray me..."

Just then, the floor collapsed, sending the group down into what appeared to be a dark chamber...
Lucifer rubbed his head as he got up, grabbing his kamikira and sheathing it.

"That man is testing my patience.. When I find him, there will be hell to pay... No pun intended." Lucifer growled lightly as he looked up.

"So how are we gonna get out of here?" Oriko questioned the group. "I don't think he's just gonna let us fly up there again." He summoned a ball of light so the group could see.

"It's simple. We wait and see what happens. We're at Ruthas' mercy now.." Haribu sighed as he sat down, tapping his foot.
However, there was an atmosphere that caused them to pass out for the most part, the area being dark at first as the initial landing caused them to lose their consciousness...

Tempest found himself suddenly standing on the outskirts of a ruined city on the surface of a planet. It had a strange mixture of desert-landscape with the quaint surroundings of an Earth suburban. Looking around, he found that Xeno was with him, which brought him some relief, but he then realized that they somehow must have been defused, as if someone performed the Fission technique on Xenest. This already put him on edge, and the feeling that something was off about the whole affair didn't make it any easier for him...

Brachi on the other hand found herself back within the depths of HFIL, coupled with Celicia, her ever-dutiful guardian android. The whole scene itself was already putting her on edge, as it reminded her of a battle she fought with Xenest, Vegetto, Gogeta and several other Z-Fighters and allies against an abomination that she hoped wasn't dwelling around now...

Majin Bara looked around on her turn, finding herself within what appeared to be a complex with metallic floors and walls around her... almost like a base... a starbase! Realizing she was alone, Majin Bara whimpered as she recognized the place... she gulped as she went to move along.

Sheila and Lea on the other hand found themselves within Sheila's room, sitting on her bed.
"Well... this is different..." Lea commented.
"Something is not right here..." Sheila said, narrowing her eyes.
"What do you mean?" Lea asked, curious.
"I don't know, but I just feel that something's off about this place, even though it appears to be most definitely my room..." Sheila said.

Dielec found herself standing in a desert-like area, coupled with Judy, whom was behind her, looking at her with a smile on her face. Dielec smiled back as she saw her, but she couldn't help but think something was amiss...

Xeno herself awoke to a different surroundings than Tempest, finding herself back inside her old parental home, in her bed, causing her to shiver.

Abaddon and Malia found themselves back in the cell they had been in, but the surroundings were different, with more fiery colored walls, as if they could burst into flames at any second.
Haribu found himself back in the Void, although it looked different. It looked nothing like the more Democratic Void he had set up after the fall of the Few.
"Where am I? It looks like the Void, but..."

"Who are you?" A voice called out, interrupting Haribu's thoughts.

"Huh? You sound just like..." Haribu started to speak.

"Me." Both Haribu and the other voice spoke out.

"Just who are you?!" Haribu quickly turned around to see.. himself?

"Oh my, if it isn't myself! The same person that was naive enough to go running around with the Z-Fighter for the past decade or two. Isn't this a surprise." The other Haribu made a signal shot out of Ragnarokian energy, the blast itself giving off the same amount of energy as the current Haribu's Ragnarokian Kamehameha.

"What is it, Haribu?" Another familiar voice sounded.

"... Kulathar?! I thought I killed you!" Haribu called out .

"What do you mea-- ahh, I see now. If it isn't the same imbecile that decided to not join us! That is.. until his old personality came back!" Kulathar let out a maniacal laugh as he spoke, horrifying Haribu. How did the Few come back? How did the---

"And don't use that ridiculous name anymore. We are now called the Lords of Destruction, and that is because NOBODY can stand up to us!" Inverse Haribu spoke, a projection appearing on the screen. It showed the systematic slaughter of the Z-Fighters, the Dread Masters included.

"Even the... Dread..." Shivers went up Haribu's spine as he saw the slaughter happen. It was gut-wrenching.

"Now come on, Haribu. Join us. USE your full power!" Kulathar yelled out to Haribu.

"I know I want to do it, so do it!" Inverse Haribu spoke out. The other Lords appeared around Haribu, chanting at him.


"What is this? An... ice dome?" Oriko walked up to the edge of the dome and pounded on it, a sound echoing through the dome as he hit it.

"Why won't this damn thing shatter? Come on!" He hit harder and harder, still unable to shatter the dome.

"My my, why don't you tell me how to shatter that ice dome and I might spare you?" ["My my, why don't you tell me how to get out of this stupid dream and I might spare you?"] Screaming could be heard as Lucifer spoke.

"No.. There's no way this could be happening! NO WAY!" Oriko kept on pounding, his heart racing even faster.

"Oh my, why are you hiding in there, God?" ["You idiot, it's a dream! Snap out of it!"] Lucifer replied to Oriko. A devilish laugh [no laugh] could be heard.

"Oriko.. Please, don't!" ["You'll never get out of here alive!"] (A fake) Maki cried out.
Tempest felt a sudden wave of dread moving through his system as he found himself looking in a desolated street, with clothes scattered around on the street, causing his heart to race in his chest.
"No... not this..." He said, as Xeno approached him from behind, holding his arm.
"What's wrong, honey?" She asked sweetly.
"I believe this must be in my past... this looks like Ginger Town... the town where I was born..." Tempest replied.

Brachi on her turn narrowed her eyes as she looked around the area, which was deadly silent as if there wasn't a soul around...
"Something's amiss." She said as she walked onward, with Celicia following close behind.

Abaddon and Malia were nervous as the walls seemed to glare at them, the footsteps of Ruthas returning to their cell was causing a scare in Malia, while Abaddon stood protectively in front of her, ready to defend her at all costs. Ruthas' sinister breathing could be heard, causing Malia to stand closer to her brother, who acknowledged her presence.
Futur Godfrey found himself on top of a giant purple crystal, seemingly within the core of a planet.

"Well, no matter. Using my magic I should be able to-" He said before his powers fell out of his hands in streams of energy, going down into the crystal.

"Oh... No..." He muttered. Two giant dragons, one more masculine and thick, the other feminine and slender, made of light flew down and landed away from him.

"You with me?" The masculine one asked.

"I'm with you." The feminine one replied. Future Godfrey backed up.

"This isn't how it's supposed to be!"


Solaris found himself on an ice covered moon, clutching his head. A man with white hair in dark pants and white shirt walked up to him.

"Aren't you scared Solaris?" The man asked. Solaris nodded.

"Terrified Jack." Solaris whispered. Jack's hair turned pure black alongside his skin emitting a very heavy darkness aura, and his eyes becoming pupil less.

"This is the power of the Dark Star! Why aren't you cowering Solaris?" Jack said.

"The other is gone." Solaris once again a whispered. Jack's hair became the signature widow's peak of most Super Saiyans as he began to beat Solaris with fists and kicks.
Majin Bara shivered as she walked along within the starbase she was in, feeling a sense of apprehension as she saw soldiers going on and about within, ignoring her as if she wasn't there. This brought a sense of relief and yet also anxiety and concern towards the Majin, as she had been within the starbase before. Using her headtentacle as a scanner, she continued onward, moving on down the hallway and into the storage area, heading for the maintenance/engineering deck...

Tatsu found himself back on a vessel he operated within the depths of space, seeing various unknown planets around him. The space around him appeared silent, but he could sense that there were battles going on as there were small explosions seen around the planets around him, which reminded him of the conflicts against the Metar...

Shonfu and Tamar on the other hand found themselves on their homeworld, Planet Frieza 68, once again donning the standard battle armor with shoulder and crotch guards as worn by soldiers of the Planet Trade Organization.

"Sir, where are we?" Tamar asked.

"We're somehow on our homeplanet... and yet something is amiss..." Shonfu said, getting serious.
"This can't be right... THIS CAN'T BE REAL!" Haribu's power started increasing, a cloak of Ragnarokian energy starting to cover him up. If something wasn't done to get him out of his nightmare, the energy would surely overtake him...

"LUCIFER YOU ASSHOLE!" Scales started to cover Oriko's body up as he turned into his draconic state, the ice dome shattering.

"His killing intent is even higher than the first time this incident happened..." Lucifer thought to himself as he turned to the dome.

"Oriko! No.. Save yourself you idiot!" ["This will be your end, you fool!"] The fake Maki cried out once again. It should be obvious to the normal person, but Oriko is too invested in his rage, his personality getting the best of him in this situation..
The two dragons walked forward and tail whipped Future Godfrey around like a rag doll.

"This is for everything you've done -------!" The masculine one yelled.

"This is for my past!" The feminine one replied. Future Godfrey landed a distance away, coughing up blood, body bruised.


Jack was about to land another hit on Solaris when the Hybrid Solarian Saiyan grabbed his fist.

"Wha-?" Jack asked before getting head butt by a transformed Solaris.
Tempest and Xeno were wandering through the city, when something blasted Tempest from behind, sending him flying forward several meters. Xeno immediately rushed to him, as Tempest recovered... Tempest grunted as he felt pain from the blast, wondering who could attack him like that...

Tempest in the meantime turned around, seeing Xeno approaching him.

"Tempest, are you alright?" She asked, just as Tempest turned around, shaking his head.


Brachi couldn't help but feel that something was watching her and Celicia as they went around the area which was HFIL, wondering where they were going and whoever was keeping an eye on them...


Anne was shivering as she, along with Gina, were walking among the desert area, blinking as they saw Dielec and Judy and met up with them, which brought at least some relief to the timid girl, although she recognized the surroundings, which unsettled her to no end.


Abaddon and Malia then saw someone standing in front of their cell... it was indeed a fellow demon, that much was certain, but what disturbed them was that it just stood there, staring at them, which caused the demon siblings to take a step back. Abaddon could feel his sister shivering in fear, as if recognizing this type of behavior...
Future Godfrey began to laugh.

"And yet, why are you here? I am powerless, defeated, all but destroyed. So why does your body submit, your heart succumb, but your mind resist!?" He said, and the two dragons took a step back.

"After all, despite everything you two have done, it was still you who freed me! The blood of everyone I have killed or destroyed is on your hands in the end!" He continued. The masculine dragon moved in front of the feminine one, protecting her.

"How dare you address my love this way!?" The dragon roared, and Future Godfrey fell to the ground, convulsing.


"This is the power of the Stars!" Solaris yelled as Jack recoiled from the head butt.

"I bet under that helmsmen your hair style matches mine." Jack replied, clutching his head.
Tempest went to face his beloved wife, who was looking concerned at him, not paying attention to something looming up behind her.

"BEHIND YOU!" Tempest warned.

Xeno looked behind her, only to be suddenly engulfed by what appeared to be a tail! Tempest immediately responded by getting up and grabbing Xeno's legs, trying to pull her out. He could hear her muffled cries as she tried to resist and did his best to get her out, pulling on her as hard as he possibly could, only for something to hit him in the stomach and sending him backwards, leaving him helpless as Xeno was quickly swallowed whole by the tail, her muffled outcries of help being cut off as soon as the tail sealed shut around her, the bulges moving rapidly to the body of none other than... Cell... but he looked also dark, bearing a dark skin with red eyes... and he was grinning maliciously at Tempest, making it worse as he turned around and made Tempest watch as the bulges which represented his wife's position in the tail slid closer to the base, before vanishing into it with a *GULP*. This caused the Demon Cell to cackle at Tempest, who stared at him in horror... and fury as the demon powered up...


Brachi shivered as she walked onward, the silence throwing her off, just as something pierced her body, destroying her heart as it went all the way through her left side... Celicia gasped out in horror as Brachi collapsed onto her knees, bringing about the one whom Celicia LAST wanted to see... Siber... also having a dark skin with red eyes...


Brachi on her turn woke up from a different sense of unconsciousness, looking around in confusion as she found herself completely alone in HFIL, the area appearing distorted and desolated, almost as if a certain demon had been messing around with it...
"What is this?" She asked, looking around with her own tail wagging in anxiety...


Xeno herself looked around in her bed, spotting a body next to her. To her relief, she saw that it was her beloved Tempest, whom was sleeping with content and a smiled on her face. But she was wondering why on Earth they were in her parental home... she shivered at the thought of her father discovering her... well, she didn't see him as her father anymore because of what he did, but still... She shivered as she could feel an ominous presence around, something dark and sinister as she thought to hear someone moving into the house... with the way of the door being slammed shut, she knew it was her 'father'...


Rabi blinked as she found herself on the planet Cooler 155, which had been her home for years, although she didn't have a choice. Looking around her, she saw a scouter... well, what remained of it, as bits and pieces of it laid on the ground, while in the distance ahead laid an Attack Ball, which she obviously recognized as her own, but was very badly damaged and was in high need of repairs before it could be operational again. And since she didn't have the tools with her to fix it...
"The inversion is already happening.. I have to stop it... Haribu slowly pulled his fist up, aiming at his own head.

"What are you doing, you idiot? Embrace your destiny!" Inverted Haribu spoke out as Haribu punched himself, knocking himself out.

"He's resisting the energy, just like we expected. No matter. He will fall soon enough." Kulathar spoke as the two faded away. It was Haribu's fears, but were those two really fake?


"Lucifer!" Oriko let our a bloodcurdling scream as he broke through the ice dome.

"Oriko!" ["Now it's time for you to die!"] Maki cried out in shock as Oriko rushed at Lucifer.

"What a damn idiot..." Lucifer muttered to himself as he sidestepped, dodging Oriko's punch. He then took a hold of Oriko and delivered a swift pinpoint strike on a pressure point, knocking Oriko out.
Tempest felt tears running down his eyes at what had transpired before him, causing him to suddenly lash out in blind fury and clock Demon Cell straight into his face as he powered up, with Tempest trying whatever he could to save Xeno...

"YOU LET HER OUT RIGHT NOW!" Tempest snarled as he attacked Cell with a vigor like never seen before, while Demon Cell was blocking everything with a smirk on his face as he dodged and parried Tempest's current out of control attacks.

"Was she yours? That's a shame... looks like I took something from you again... the suffering doesn't end for you, does it?" Demon Cell taunted, grinning as he let Tempest vent and rave, knowing that he had the upper hand on him..

Over the next few minutes, Tempest literally fought Cell with everything he had at his disposal at the time, however he didn't rely on his Satsui no Hadou to empower him. Despite all his efforts, Tempest was close to exhausting himself, hopping back as he panted, still in rage.

"My, my... I must applaud your devotion to your beloved... even though you don't stand a chance against me... I will give you an offer however..." Demon Cell then said.

"An offer?" Tempest asked.

"Yes. You quit your useless struggles and I'll let you see her again. You can be with her forever, just as you had wanted..." Demon Cell said.


Celicia growled as she was face to face with Siber, who merely laughed at her defiance, walking towards her, stepping on Brachi's corpse, causing Celicia to wince as she could clearly hear a few bones snap right there as he approached her.

"Again, you couldn't save her... what a pity..." Demon Siber said with a dark chuckle.

Celicia merely growled, getting ready to defend herself as Demon Siber vanished, causing Celicia to suddenly look around to keep track of his energy signal...


Shonfu and Tamar went to work on their command center, when Tamar noticed something.

"Sir, there is a vessel approaching the planet. It looks like Frieza's main ship!" He said.

"What?! Frieza is coming here?!" Shonfu asked.

Frieza rarely visited planets as he was mostly going out on invading planets, but apparently it was in some kind of visit to control his territory.

"What do we do now, sir?" Tamar asked.

"If Frieza finds out we've sided with our real allies, the warriors hailing from Earth, we're pretty much beyond boned, so we should pretend that we still serve him by giving him the greatest of hospitalities and above all don't question him." Shonfu said.


Majin Bara in the meantime blinked as she entered the Engineering area, moving past several power conduits as she recognized the area, although she detected a multitude of energies running through said power conduits, as if something was giving them great power. Reminding her that this had happened to her before, Majin Bara made a hurry to see who could have been held there, other than perhaps herself...
"If it weren't for you we wouldn't exist!" The feminine one replied. Future Godfrey laughed, rolling over.

"How long it's been -----. Tell me, what kind of memories remain of serving me?" Future Godfrey asked. The masculine one walked over to Future Godfrey and began to stomp on him.


Jack and Solaris began to fight using nothing but their fists while a katana of darkness and glowing broad sword fought freely in air, I held by weilders.
"No answer, eh? Maybe you need some... persuasion..." Demon Cell said, laughing before he concentrated, his retracted tail opening up to release something after about a minute or so...

Tempest looked up at this, wondering what Demon Cell was up to, before he saw something getting up from behind him... or rather someone...

Much to Tempest's shock, the figure looked exactly like Xeno... but she now had some of Cell's armor onto her, like a feminine version of Cell's breastplate and a green-spotted camo hued crest that formed a circlet around her entire head.

"Hey there!" She said with a smile, talking exactly like Xeno, but Tempest could see that there was something off... and yet he hesitated...

"Here you go. You got your wife back... with some modifications... just give yourself up to me and you can be with her forever... I give you my word that she'll be all yours, you can do just what you please with her... I know how much you two have expressed your love to each other..." Demon Cell said, taunting him again, not knowing that something dark was rising up within Tempest...


Meanwhile, Brachi herself was in a totally different place, when she felt something flying at her. Jumping aside, she felt the blast exploding behind her as she hopped a few meters to the side, landing on her feet before looking up to see her attacker... much to her shock, she found herself facing not one, but TWO villains... two beings whom had left a great trauma within her... One was Siber, whom appeared to have crossed his arms with a smirk, while the other, the one whom had fired the blast towards her... was Janembuu...


Malia had to be forcibly calmed down by Abaddon, as the being outside the cell just kept wordlessly staring at them, which was freaking Malia out to no end. Abaddon realized that it was once again Ruthas' doing; using this kind of psychological warfare to see how long it would take for someone to go insane because of the simple acts of setting them up against their own fears and nightmares with a bit of his own input...
"Alright, now you tell me how to get out of this hellish nightmare or else I'll be sure to end you personally, Ruthas' puppet." Lucifer mocked Maki, who now donned a darker look. However, it wasn't purely Demonic. She also had a little mix of Fallen Angel in there, too, as evidenced by her Light's Bane turning into a longsword.

"And you expect to get out?" She let out a wretched laugh as a wide grin formed on her face.

"As a matter of fact, yes I do." Lucifer replied.
Celicia was in the meantime furious than ever, avoiding Demon Siber's attacks with vigor and continuiously trying to get as much distance between them as possible, knowing that her attacks are most effective over a very long range... teleporting backwards, she fired several shots of her Mega Cannon, getting some more distance in as she prepared her strongest attack: The Far Off Blast.


Sheila and Lea in the meantime saw Simon, Sheila's father come in the room, with a stern expression on his face. Sheila, respecting her father a lot, gulped nervously, as she knew that the stern expression was not something to be taken lightly. However only Lea saw that something was amiss, narrowing her eyes at Simon...

"What are you doing?!" Sheila whispered at her girlfriend.

"Something is not right here, I can feel it." Lea said, being serious.


Xeno then heard some arguing downstairs, which escalated with some fierce shouting, with voices she most definitely recognized... causing her to shiver in fear...
"What's the matter, honey?" Tempest asked, concerned.
"Oh Kami... not this..." Xeno whispered, shivering as Tempest embraced her...


In the meantime, Tempest was grabbing his head, as if he was conflicted or trying to hold something stirring up within him back, only to be suddenly hit in the face, sending him flying in some rubble... the punch coming from the Xeno Jr. which Demon Cell created, who was laughing.

"Come on, Tempest, don't keep me waiting!" Xeno Jr. said, a smirk on her face.

However, there was no response... only total silence.

"Looks like you broke him, Xeno. You'd better go and 'make it up' to him..." Demon Cell said.

"Sure thing, daddy..." Xeno Jr. said, trodding towards the rubble where she hit Tempest in, only for a bluish purple smoke-like aura coming from it...

"No... you are NOT my beloved wife..." A dark, demonic voice then came from within the rubble, as something began to suddenly crack and snap, surprising both Demon Cell and the Xeno Jr.
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