DBX2: The Black Rose

Chapter 35: The Rapture

Emerging from the portal that led to the Time Nest, Kassava slowly walked towards the edge of the cliff overlooking Conton City. Her narrowed eyes scanned over the city, the debris of rubble littered around the streets along with the countless bodies of foreign soldiers lying in the destruction left behind. The air was eerily calm and quiet, but in the midst of her relaxed moment, her eyes found the crawling Towa nearly having made it to the prison building.

There you are.

She hopped up into the sky, rapidly closing in and landing with a loud thud a few feet in front of Towa. The demon goddess gasped, her head lifting up while Kassava loomed over her with crossed arms.

"Going somewhere?"

Towa grimaced, resting on the floor.

"Why do you care?"

Kassava broke out into a smirk.

"Well...when an evil army of demons invades your home, you start becoming concerned with what outsiders are doing. Especially when their leader happens to be dying at your feet."

Towa scoffed.

"You fool...do you really believe I'm-"

She cut herself off midsentence, turning her head down.

No...I need to play this smarter. If she's as strong as Black believed her to be...she could kill me here.

Her head raised once more, narrowed eyes locking with Kassava's confident glare.

Vegetto's pet...maybe I can use this meeting to my advantage.

Kassava raised an eyebrow.

"Believe you're what, dying?"

Towa kept her same expression.

"Just because I'm weak...doesn't mean I'm dying, fool."

Kassava scoffed, slowly extending her arm.

"Don't worry, I'll fix that soon enough."

Towa's eyebrows perked up, watching on as a small blue energy blast formed at the end of Kassava's outstretched palm. Her momentary reaction of shock quickly morphed into a confident smirk, her tone condescending.

"So...you're weakened too. I can feel the strain you're putting on your body."

Her eyebrows twitched heavily, doing her best to maintain the confident expression while her right arm shifted, hidden from Kassava's sight behind the blue glow of the energy ball. A small black glow illuminated for a second behind her pointer finger, soon flying up and overtaking Kassava's earpiece.

Let's make sure he can't talk her out of it either...

Kassava kept her smirk, oblivious to the small black glow in her ear that slowly faded away.

"Does it matter? It's less strain than what you'll be feeling in a second."

Towa sneered.

Her pride won't budge...she's smart enough to shut me out on personal jabs. But...maybe...

Her frown lifted slightly.

"What a waste...but I'm sure your brother will be happy you saved the day. Even if his legacy will stay tarnished by the end of it."

Kassava's smirk dropped, her scowl intensifying.

"What was that?"

Towa broke out into a smirk, her confidence rising at the element of control.

"Think about it: this war has shifted in your favor tremendously. Black has turned on us...Trunks and Vegetto were stronger than we believed...and now I'm weakened without the ability to recover while Putine struggles to win against three opponents just slightly below her caliber. With you fighting with them...she will surely fail."

She stifled a small chuckle.

"When she dies...this city will be safe and you will win the war. Thanks to you...Vegetto...Trunks...and Black. But your brother...he will just be a foot note: forgotten for the useless role he has played. No one cares about him now...and no one will care when this is over."

Kassava kept her frown, still holding her arm out.

"You don't know anything about him. He'll be remember as a hero like the rest of us: he'll come out and fight when it's safe."

Towa's smirk rose.

"Oh...but he doesn't have to just ride on your coattails for success. You could let him create his own heroic victory...right here, right now."

Towa's eyes sharpened, studying Kassava fiercely as the two held a momentary silence. The demon goddess trembled slightly, fearing for the worst before Kassava's voice came out in a low, threatening pitch.

"You have one minute to explain."


Trunks' roar shook the very air itself as he charged forward, clutching tightly onto the hilt of his sword with both hands. Lightning spiralled out in every direction as he furiously slashed and hacked away at a smirking Putine, who remained still and casually blocked each strike with one hand. The two stood on level ground, out in the distant country side of the small planet with the city skyline as a distant viewpoint. Putine chuckled darkly, her left leg suddenly swiping both of Trunks' and lightly punting him away.

The half Saiyan landed on both feet, barely moving across the ground before he caught himself while Putine lowered her arms, her smirk rising.

"The others gave you strength...but without their help, you're nothing but a weakling after all. What a pity."

Her eyebrows perked, however, turning her head up to see the two new arrivals land at Trunks' side in their normal states. Vegetto and Vegetto Black both shared an identical, confident expression, their arms at their sides and their sights set on Putine. Trunks blinked, rising up to his feet in between the two.

"You're...not going to fight each other?"

Vegetto kept his smirk.

"We came to a...mutual understanding. But we can talk about it later."

Vegetto Black grunted.

"Let's get this over with."

Trunks kept a confused stare, watching on as Vegetto Black powered up to his Super Saiyan Rose 2 form and Vegetto soon mimicking the opposing form. He instinctively took a step back, the black and blue strands of electricity striking near his feet at the ground as it swirled around the auras of the two warriors. Both let out a small roar, bolting forward and rapidly engaging the demon goddess, Trunks soon following after them and circling around behind in preparation for a good swipe.


Towa nearly sighed in relief, but kept a firm tone.

"I've already seen his history. And if you kill me here and now...you'll only ruin his chance to become something more."

Kassava kept a strong glare.

"Such as?"

Towa turned her head up.

"A hero? You can let me go now, and help your master fight Putine. Trunks can give you a senzu bean, you can recover your strength. While I go on to free Zamasu...and attempt to take over the Time Vault."

Kassava chuckled, her arm still raised.

"Really? So you want me to just let you take control of time? Do you really think I'm that stupid?"

Towa's smirk rose slightly.

"No...but you could stop us whenever you wanted to. Zamasu is a weakling...that's why Vegetto locked him away in a cell instead of killing him."

Kassava raised an eyebrow.

"And you? Are you a weakling too?"

Towa scoffed.

"Of course not...but look at me. I can't fight as well as I could without this gaping wound in my stomach...and that's why your master didn't bother finishing me off either. He knows we're both too weak to challenge him...or you."

Her smirk returned.

"But your brother...he's weak too. It would be a close battle...one that he may come out on top of."

Kassava frowned, remaining still as Towa continued.

"So...that's my bargain. Let me go...let me free Zamasu...and give your brother the chance to earn his mark on history. Or kill me now...keep Zamasu in prison until Vegetto decides he has no reason to keep him alive...and seal your brother's fate as a failure in history forever."

Kassava grunted.

"You must be desperate, trying to convince me that setting up my brother's death is a good plan."

Towa chuckled darkly.

"Maybe...but isn't that what makes the victory all the more satisfying? The odds aren't in his favor...and maybe I do have a few tricks up my sleeve. But surely you, of all people, can appreciate what it means to rise up against those odds? After all...isn't that how you became stronger?"


Back in the Time Vault, Genn watched over the scene unfolding with narrowed eyes and his arms crossed.

She's smarter than this...why hasn't she blasted Towa already?

He kept his head down, barely lifting it up despite another soon entering into the Time Vault, the familiar and peppy voice ringing out.

"Hello! I've returned!"

Whis kept a warm smile as he approached Genn.

"But it would seem my little errand was unnecessary. Vegetto managed to do without my aid, and even turned that doppelganger against his own army. Well done."

He blinked, noticing Genn still keeping his head down.

"Is there something wrong?"

Genn nodded once.

"Kass isn't stopping Towa...and if she decides to listen to Towa's advice, then Zamasu will be freed. And no one here will be able to stop him."

Whis shrugged his shoulders.

"Well...why don't you go fly out there and tell her to put an end to it? She isn't that far away from where I saw."

The taller angel stood still, his confusion growing for a second in the awkward silence. He glanced down, staring at the video feed of the two in the city as Towa spoke, his expression lightening a bit at the proposal she made. His eyes shifted to Genn, a small smirk forming.

"Oh...I get it now. You want Zamasu to break out, don't you?"

Genn turned his head up, his expression completely hidden behind the mask.

"No, I can't beat them. Zamasu is too strong for me."

Whis kept a warm smile.

"That's what you think is a plausible outcome...and you are probably right. But I can feel your blood boiling from here: you want to fight. Why not play along with this?"

Genn glanced back down towards the table, his voice weakening in conviction.

"Because...if I fail...that means we lose everything here. I don't want people to die because of me this time...not because of my weakness."

Whis shrugged his shoulders slightly.

"Die...survive...beat Zamasu...lose to Zamasu...what difference does it make? You're so concerned with things that are out of your reach that you can't see the opportunity that is right in front of you."

Genn peered back up to Whis, whose expression fell flat.

"You can rest on your heels, and let your sister take care of the threat once and for all. The universe will stay safe, and that fear you feel will be put at ease."

His eyes narrowed slightly.

"But, that longing for more will continue to grow until one day, it may end up costing you your sanity."

Genn's voice struggled to hold back the frustration.

"It's not about me, it's about them! That's what a hero does: they put others before themselves!"

Whis perked another eyebrow.

"And what happens when you finally snap from constantly putting your own desires to the back?"

Genn grunted.

"That won't happen! If I help them and put everyone first...then that will give me what I need. I have to help them so I can help me."

Whis' smile rose.

"And what happens if it doesn't help you?"

Genn shook his head once.

"Then I'll just have to help them until it helps me and then I can help them...help...themselves."

Whis' eyebrow rose.

"Whose helping who again?"

Genn turned back towards the table with an exasperated groan.

"Mock me all you want Whis...but I know what it means to be a hero. I've already lived my life in pursuit of my own selfish desires...and the pain that brought. I won't do it again."

Whis kept a flat stare.

"I can see your point. I even used to see the value in it too: an individual that rose above the limitations of their own wants and needs, making a difference that benefited the greater good for everyone."

He moved up to Genn's side, his eyes narrowing slightly.

"But then I saw what those acts of heroism created: worlds of mortals that grew weak because they would depend on them to create more miracles. Instead of using the example of heroism to grow strong themselves...they expected the same miracles over and over again. Their faith and goodwill faltering when the heroes started to fail them...at the impossible task of constantly protecting a society that now could not protect themselves. Eventually...those heroes would crumble, as nothing lasts forever...and entire worlds would perish whenever they finally failed. Most of them...forgotten to time forever."

Genn turned his head slightly, noticing Whis' flat tone flaring slightly with a hint of enthusiasm.

"But then...one day...I took a trip to a little world called Earth. And learned more about this rather...dull individual that fit the hero persona at a glance. Powerful warrior, that had been rumored to have defeated the universe's most malevolent tyrant all by himself. A valiant protector that took the hopes and wishes of everyone, and rose to the challenge. Not once...but over, and over again. Standing in defiance of the God of Destruction in hopes of saving his world."

Whis' smile rose, turning slightly towards Genn and glancing down.

"But no one on Earth really knew what he had done: the population had never seen him truly in action. He had saved the world multiple times...but neither they, nor he cared. Which...to me...was baffling. How, after all these failed examples, had this righteous man found a way to constantly save the world he cherished from certain doom? That against even the God of Destruction himself, he still was able to find the courage to stand and fight with all his might when his resolve to protect his planet crumbled after the first failed attack?"

Genn fully lifted his head, facing back towards Whis who kept the same warm smile.

"That's when I looked deeper into his history...and I discovered the strangest of truths: he wasn't a hero at all! He was just an ignorant man...who had found what mattered to him most, and put it above all else. The exact opposite of your heroic mentality: he had managed to save the world and stop the universe's most powerful tyrant...by focusing solely on his selfish desire: his love to fight. Protecting his world...honor...whatever else you can think of...all came second to that."

Whis' smile faded, watching Genn's head dip.

"So now, here I am, learning a new growth in mortalkind of what it means to have achieved that harmony of selfish desire and goodwill for others, while you demonstrate the failed heroism of only focusing on one of those aspects. You can follow down the path you've chosen for yourself, Genn, and fail to bear the burden of ignoring your own wishes for the greater good. But you and I both know where that road is going to take you, and it will never bring you to the destination you want to go."

He soon reached out, fiddling with the nob on the side of the Scroll. Genn's eyes followed the movement, watching the screen flicker to the image of Zamasu sitting cross legged on the floor of his cell, his eyes tightly shut.

"So...why not take a chance and try something different? Let Zamasu go free...let him come for your home."

Whis' smile rose again.

"And make your mark on history."

Genn turned his head down to the Scroll, staring at the image in silence. The two kept their same positions for a long while, the air growing tense for only a second before Genn spoke, his tone flat.

"If I did this...you'd have to convince Kass too. There's no way she'd let me take a risk as big as this one."

Whis nodded.

"Of course she wouldn't...but don't worry, I'll see to that. Let me talk to her through your earpiece."

Genn perked his eyebrow, his hand raising up to his ear.

"How? Towa's blocking our signal with her magic."

Whis scoffed lightly, extending his hand out.

"She won't be a problem either. Now...hand it over, please. We need to talk your sister down now before she ends up ruining your chance."


Kassava's smirk rose, her arm still outstretched and pointed at Towa.

"Yeah...it was. But that was my decision to make. I chose to fight against the odds, no one else. And I won't make that choice for him."

Her eyes narrowed slightly, her free hand raising up to her ear.

"But don't worry, I'll give you a chance here. I'll let him decide if he wants you to free Zamasu or not."

Tapping onto the earpiece, Kassava took her eyes off Towa and turned to the side slightly, her smirk still strong.

"Hey Genn, do you want to me to spare Towa so she can break out Zamasu?"

She shrugged her shoulders, the sarcasm strong in her voice.

"They'll promise to fight fair if I let them go."

Kassava perked her eyebrows.

"Oh...no? You're not saying anything, there must be something wrong with the signal. I'll just take it as a no."

Towa gasped lightly, watching Kassava drop her free arm while keeping a confident smirk.

"You didn't think I wouldn't notice your little magic in my ear now, did you?"

Towa grimaced.

"You're making a mistake."

Kassava chuckled in response, a small ball of energy reforming at the end of her palm.

"No, the only mistake I've made is letting you talk for this long. This has to be the worst persuasion attempt I've ever heard in my life."

Her eyes narrowed, the energy growing larger with an ominous whir.

"Goodbye weakling."

Kassava's eyebrows perked, however, at the sound of Whis' voice ringing out in the earpiece.

::Hang on Kassava! Don't kill her.::

Kassava blinked, her arm dropping slightly.

"Whis? Is that you?"

The mechanical voice was peppy.

::Yes it is! Now, I know you have your sights on protecting your brother here, but why don't you go ahead and leave these two to Genn? He wants to fight Zamasu.::

Kassava snorted.

"Not a chance. He can't beat them both, he'll just get himself killed."

::Well now, I didn't say he has to beat them. I'll be helping him through the entire fight...he'll just take the credit for saving the entire universe from the demon invaders. We can give him that victory he wants now, you know.::

Kassava narrowed her eyes slightly, still locked on Towa.

"And he wants this? Or are you just throwing him into this mess without even asking?"

::Oh no, we already talked about this. Ask him yourself!::

Kassava frowned, standing still as she heard the exchange of the earpiece on the other side of the channel for a few seconds, her expression softening slightly at the sound of Genn's low, calm voice.

::Hey Kass.::

Kassava kept her frown.

"So are you really considering this stupid plan? We can always find a better solution, you know."

Genn's flat voice came through.

::This is the safest way we can go about it, Kass. Whis will take care of me, you don't have to worry about anything.::

Kassava's eyebrows narrowed even more.

"Genn...I know when you're not telling me the whole truth. Just like I know that Whis said that he isn't allowed to interfere with fights."

Her frown deepened.

"And I know you want to make a real difference...not some fake win that you couldn't really believe in. We've been through that already."

Kassava stood still, her arm fully dropping and the energy sphere completely disappearing. Towa blinked in confusion, staring up at the Saiyan woman while she waited for a response on the other end, shifting slightly. The sound of a long sigh on the other end prompted her to inhale deeply, shutting her eyes for a moment as Genn's voice came through the earpiece.

::Kass...please. I've spent too long waiting for the perfect moment to make a difference and...well...it's never going to come like this. There is no perfect timing...no destined moment that's coming. This is my chance to make a change, my choice to create something better for myself. Let me fight him...I can do this.::

Kassava sighed heavily, her head turning away from Towa.

"You're an idiot, you know that?"

Her frowned deepened, pausing for a few seconds before grunting.

"Fine...but on one condition: the second things start looking bad out there, you call me. Ok?"

::Sure thing Kass...and...thank you. I won't let you down, I promise.::

Kassava snorted.

"This better be the last time I see you risking your life over this. There are better ways we can deal with this damn guilt, you know."

::Well...if this doesn't work out, then I'll see what I can dig up. Just as long as it isn't that 'yoga' exercise you kept forcing me through years ago.::

Kassava shook her head, turning on her heel and rising up into the sky.

"Tell ya what, I like that idea actually. You screw this up, we're doing yoga for a whole year. That'll fix your conscience."


Genn chuckled, dipping his head.

"Alright alright, fine. You got a deal."

He pushed himself off the table, Kassava's voice still ringing out in his ear.

::I'll be here when you need me. Don't take too long to call.::

Genn kept a warm smile of his own, reaching up to his ear.

"I won't."

He soon picked the small metal device from his ear, and promptly crushed it between his fingers in a tightly locked fist. Whis held a flat stare, his tone matching his expression.

"Why did you do that?"

Genn turned his head, his eyes narrowing.

"This is my fight, not hers. I'll finish this by myself."

Whis smiled.

"Ah, I see."

Genn turned his body fully towards Whis this time, his arms at his sides.

"I don't want you interfering either. Even if Kass was wrong about you, I still don't want any help."

Whis nodded once.

"As you wish."

His eyes narrowed.

"I hope you have a real plan here. Zamasu is well beyond your capabilities in power, and being immortal, the chances of you overcoming him are minimal if not none."

Genn nodded.

"I think I have an idea. From what I remembered in history, he has a few weaknesses. I'll just have to exploit them."

Whis furrowed his brow.

"Hmm...I suppose so."

Genn turned to his left slightly, moving around the side of the table.

"Whis...are you a magical god?"

Whis cocked an eyebrow.

"Magical god?"

Genn nodded.

"Can you create a set of armor for me? I want to change this outfit."

Whis rubbed his chin.

"Well, I'll need more to work with. What did you have in mind?"

Genn gestured to his chest.

"I think it'd be nice to have something a little more...Saiyan, in design. Something symbolic for when I fight him."

Whis nodded, a small smile returning has he lifted his arm up.

"Of course...let me whip something up."


Deep within the prison complex, Zamasu sat still inside of his cell. The glowing orange energy of the containment field was nearly the only color resonating in the dark room, nearly empty of any objects aside from a few large terminals taking up both the back and opposing wall in front of him. A single light hung from the ceiling above, but produced even less light than the containment field and was mostly lost to the orange glow that overpowered it. The fallen Kaioshin perked his eyes up at the shuffling coming from the adjacent hallway to his right, his eyes following the movement until it reached the only doorway leading into the room.

He kept narrowed eyes, watching the door slowly swing open, and an injured Towa stumbling clumsily into the room while clutching her side. She panted lightly, her left eye tightly shut while her right scanned the room for a second, soon landing on Zamasu. She sighed in relief, her whole body visibly untensing and wobbling slightly.


Zamasu nodded to the left.

"The console over there will drop the energy shields here."

Towa narrowed both eyebrows, shifting across the ground towards the opposite end of the room while Zamasu followed her movements with a scowl.

"Took you long enough. It's been over an hour since you first started attacking the city."

Towa grunted, having made it to the console and whirling around. Her rage boiled over in her voice, her threatening scowl strong as she met Zamasu's eyes.

"Listen here, you ungrateful little brat. This entire plan of yours has been one giant disaster after another. Your other self has turned on us, our demon army is in shambles, and I have a gaping wound in my damn chest."

Zamasu kept a flat expression, staring back at Towa as she continued.

"So...you don't get to be a spoiled child today. You get to go out there, and fix all of this. Or you get to see what it feels like to lose your immortality."

Zamasu perked an eyebrow.

"What are you demanding I do, exactly?"

Towa grunted in pain, taking a moment to steady herself.

"They've left the Time Vault vulnerable. They're off fighting another demon goddess at the moment, but she won't last forever. You have to gain control of time...and then we can wipe these fools from existence once and for all."

Zamasu kept his intense glare, his eyes lifting from Towa only at the sight of the containment field lowering. He stepped out of the cell with his arms clasped behind his back, his tone flat.

"And now that I'm free, what's stopping me from killing you right here? You've outlived your usefulness for the plan."

Towa scoffed lightly, watching Zamasu take a step towards her.

"Try it. Even if you manage to kill me...I still have enough power to take away your immortality."

Zamasu chuckled darkly, extending out his right arm. A small purple glow began to radiate from his forearm down to his hand, while he continued to slowly advance.

"You're bluffing."

Towa held a strong scowl.

"See for yourself."

She suddenly flung her free arm foward, her left hand still clutching her abdomen as a dark purple glow radiated from her hand. Zamasu's eyes widened, stopping in place as a strong pressure soon encased his entire body, the glow matching the energy radiating off of Towa's hand.

"You feel that? It's magic...the same magic that granted your body immunity from time itself. Magic that can erase your precious little safety net that you cling to so dearly, magic that can make you vulnerable once again."

Her eyes narrowed sharply.

"So if you want to try and kill me before I'm finished cleansing your precious immortality, go right ahead! You'll be joining me in death shortly after!"

Zamasu's eyes remained wide glancing down to his body. He wildly glanced to his arms and legs, quickly shaking his head.

"No no! Stop this!"

His eyes twitched heavily, nearly shouting.


Towa smirked at the sight, dropping her free arm and allowing the glow to diminish. Zamasu held the same fear stricken expression, instinctively taking a step back as Towa's tone grew more threatening.

"Now...get out of my sight. And don't come back until you have control of the Time Vault."

Zamasu nodded heavily, bolting out of the room in a quick dash. Towa's fierce stare followed his movements, watching him disappear from sight and remaining still for a seconds before collapsing down onto the floor with a pained gasp. She tightly shut her eyes, a small giggle escaping her lips.

I can't believe that worked. He really thought I was removing his immortality.
Chapter 36: Final Atonement

Kass...forgive me.

The serene calm within the Time Nest remained undistrubed by the battle raging on just a mere portal away, Genn standing with his head held high at the end of the stairs. He was clad in a new set of black and gold Saiyan armor, but instead of the traditional straps that the armor hung from on his shoulders, a singular rope like appendage hung around the back of his neck to hold the armor up. The ceramic mask's red eyes now lit up brilliantly, the x-shaped design accentuated by the glow and his boots mimicking a similar design to Bardock's own set.

This is my last stop...I can feel it. I've tried convincing myself that some greater power will wash it all away and show me that everything is going to turn out normal in the end...but I know in my heart that its all a lie. I could see everything sort of...blur whenever I told myself I'd be fine, that'd I'd finally make the difference and earn my right to live in peace. But when I embrace that truth...that I won't be coming home...everything feels warm again. The sun is shining...the wind is blowing...and the world around us just feels...safer.

He grinned behind the mask, his arms at his side.

And you...you've never needed me. You were so desperate for someone to care for that you put all this effort, turning a punk into someone you could be proud of. I just hope you'll understand one day...what it means to me knowing that you'll care when this is all over.

A pair of shoes lightly tapping as they descended down the steps caught Genn's attention, turning his head slightly and watching Whis make his way up to Genn's side.

"How do you like the armor?"

Genn nodded his head, adjusting the wrist sleeves with his hands.

"It's great Whis...I really appreciate you doing that for me."

Whis stifled a small chuckle.

"Come now, it's just a set of armor."

Genn turned his head forward.

"I know...but I won't get the chance to thank you later for it."

Whis' warm smile disappeared.

"What do you mean?"

Genn kept his attention forward.

"This is it for me, Whis. I won't survive this fight."

Whis kept a flat stare trained on Genn for a moment, before slowly turning his head forward as well.

"There's a certain someone that won't be too pleased about that sort of mindset."

Genn chuckled.

"Yeah...I know. But its for her own good, so I'm not too worried."

Whis' tone grew more serious.

"It's also hardly a good battle plan. You're putting yourself at a disadvantage against an opponent that wildly outclasses you: dying is one thing. But you'd be throwing away your life for nothing without the greatest motivator to drive your success in battle: the will to live."

Genn sighed.

"Whis...you know Zamasu is just going to spin that around on me if I try to use it as motivation. It'll bring those lives I've ruined peace if I paid my debts in full. It feels right...going into this and knowing I'm not going to come out alive. Let me have my moment in time...and I can die happy, knowing I saved everyone."

Whis turned his eyes slightly towards Genn, a small frown forming on his face.

"That debt doesn't stop at your death, Genn. You would burn for those sins forever...there is no redemption that awaits you, no punishment that will cleanse you. If you go through with this...you will be sent to Hell and you will never be free of the punishment that comes with it."

Genn kept a flat tone.

"So be it."

Whis turned his head fully, staring down at Genn with a flat stare. His own expression fell for only a second, his eyes turning however, at the sight of the portal across the way distorting in shape. The taller angel kept his frown, his eyes turning at the sight of Genn taking a small step forward and letting out a small sigh.

"Alright...here goes."

Genn turned his head back slightly, his tone light-hearted.

"I guess you're gonna have to learn to be friends with him if I mess this up, huh?"


Genn blinked behind his mask, turning back to face towards Whis fully. The cold, dark response from the normally cheerful Whis confused the Saiyan, meeting Whis' narrowed eyes as he spoke with a low, serious tone.

"Please...do not fail here. Zamasu must not win."

Genn turned his head forward fully, frowning at Whis' response.

Never thought I'd hear him care about something. Well...so much for keeping things light in this fight...

Stepping forward, Genn soon came to a halt a few feet from Zamasu, who had finally emerged through the portal completely with his arms at his side. The fallen Kaioshin narrowed his eyes into a strong glare, stopping as well on the stone cobble pathway and locking eyes with the mask in front of him.

"Who are you?"

Genn lifted his head slightly, his voice flat.

"I'm the one who will stop you. The Masked Saiyan."

Zamasu cocked an eyebrow, his arms visibly tensing and raising slightly.

"The Masked Saiyan?"

His narrowed eyes left Genn, landing on Whis who stood alone on the opposite side of the Nest at the edge of the stairs.

Another mortal lifted up by the angel...damn him. Going through this protegee might be too difficult for me, if he compares with the likes of Lord Beerus...

Perking his eyebrows, Zamasu blinked in shock at the sudden surge of energy radiating from Genn, watching the man power up with a white aura.

"Leave now. You won't get a second warning."

Zamasu's concerned stare had completely shifted into a cocky smirk, his eyes widening slightly.

"There's only one Patroller in the force that has such an embarrassing level of power...let alone that specific energy signature."

His body relaxed, his arms falling completely to the sides once again.

"Genn. For a minute there...I almost thought you were a threat."

Zamasu chuckled darkly.

"You actually plan on fighting me?"

Genn raised his arms, cocking his right fist back and holding it at shoulder level and his left down in front of his leg. Zamasu's smirk diminished slightly, watching him move into the fighting stance.

"Vegetto's stance, hmm?"

His glare intensified.

"You're going to need a lot more than sentiment to beat me."

Genn only grunted in response, bolting forward and swinging his right arm up into an uppercut aimed at Zamasu's chin. The blow struck only air, Zamasu casually stepping to the side and quickly driving his own right fist into Genn's ribs, forcing the Saiyan to stumble back with a gasp. Clutching his side, Genn grimaced, glancing down and rubbing it slightly for a moment before turning his attention back to Zamasu.

"I have to admit, I thought you'd be faster than that."

Genn shot forward once again, both arms raised and swiping out at Zamasu's head this time. Zamasu threw up his arms as well, his left hand catching Genn's right fist and his right soon countering Genn's left hook. With his arms crossed above his chest and holding Genn's fists in front of him, Zamasu smirked as he shot up his right knee into Genn's chest. The Saiyan's eyes went wide from the force of the blow, his head soon whipping to the side as Zamasu cleanly swung his elbow out to strike Genn's head while still holding onto his fists.

Genn slumped instinctively, his labored breathing apparent as Zamasu kept him from completely collapsing to the ground. Red lightning suddenly spiralled around Genn's body, prompting a small screech from the Saiyan while Zamasu chuckled darkly at the sight.

"No no. You're going to have to finish what you started. I want to see you follow down the path your arrogance has forced you to walk."

Zamasu's narrowed glare returned, forcing Genn up to his feet suddenly and driving his forehead forward, slamming it into Genn's. The Saiyan yelped at the sudden strike, the mask denting slightly from the force of the strike while Zamasu glared strongly into the red eyes.

"Then, when you finally feel your life begin to slip away and all of your resources have left you, you'll know what is truly the force that shapes this universe."

Genn grunted, suddenly pulling back and breaking free of Zamasu's grip. He stumbled back a few steps, his arms raising once more while Zamasu casually took a step forward, his arms dropping to his sides.

"I used to believe true divinity was represented by a holy light...a shining beacon that was stronger than all others, and would consume all in its glory. But...clearly...you mortals used that mentality to overcome my former self, and I paid the price for that mistake the first time."

Zamasu lept forward, landing directly in front of Genn and prompting a small shocked gasp from the Saiyan. The two stood face to face for a moment in awkward silence, Genn hesitantly launching a left elbow in a swipe at Zamasu's head only for it to get slapped back down in the same direction and Zamasu's right knee driving into the Saiyan's stomach once again. Genn hacked in pain, keeling forward and clutching his abdomen with both hands while Zamasu towered over him, watching Genn drop down to his knees.

"I see the truth now, though, watching you squirm at my feet. There is no light that shines forever, no fire that burns forever. Light and fire are just like you, in that it lives for only a period of time."

Genn roared, rising to his feet and shooting up another right hook in an attempt to strike at Zamasu's chin, only to sail past as Zamasu leaned back, shortly before he punted Genn back a few feet from another knee to his chest. Flipping across the ground, Genn soon came to a halt on the ground, face first with Zamasu landing gently in front of him.

"It is only natural that pathetic mortals, even in their weakened states, were able to overcome me in my misguidance. So, in my studies, I wondered: where did I make the mistake? I am immortal, my will cannot be denied forever. I will persist long after you have all perished, and I am a representation of true justice and time itelf: unending. So why has the divine light that has given me true clarity failed to destroy your kind?"

Genn's arms visibly wobbled as he slowly pushed himself up off the ground, but was suddenly hoisted in the air by Zamasu's right arm, a green hand tightly constricting around the Saiyan's throat.

"The truth is that there was no divine light at all: this entire time, I realized, I had made the same mistake you had. Believing in a conceptual idea that made no sense: a light that shines forever. There is only one true force of nature that is unending, the immortal enemy that the finite flames struggle to repel in its desperate bid for survival."

Zamasu lowered Genn down to eye level after a moment, his sinister smirk growing.

"Darkness. The dark consumes all it touches, grows without reason, and can never be destroyed. That is where true justice lives...and no matter how high you stoke the flames of rebellion, the fire will still die in the end. I simply need to wait it out, instead of trying to overcoming it. Because like light and fire...you will eventually die out."

Zamasu chuckled darkly, releasing his grip on Genn's throat and punting the Saiyan back with a light kick.

"So struggle, little fire. Stoke the flames as high as they can go. When the world around you burns to ash and you have nothing left to spur you forward, then you will see what it is you are truly defying."

Genn panted heavily, rising slowly to his feet as Zamasu tensed his arms visibly.

"And only then...will you earn your place in Hell."


A pulsing shockwave erupted out in every direction from the ground below, cracking the surface. Putine grimaced as she gripped onto two fists from opposite sides, her arms shaking heavily in their attempt to hold back Vegetto and Vegetto Black's blows. Her head turned up, watching Trunks descend from the sky with his sword high above his head and preparing to slash.

Putine shifted back slightly, both Vegetto and Vegetto Black moving closer inward as she diverted a little focus to swing out her right leg, punting the broad side of Trunks' sword to the side and throwing him off balance. She quickly pulled her leg back before Trunks could stumble into her, letting out a small roar and kicking him across the ground. Her eyes then turned back to Vegetto, her hands guiding both of them slightly in front of her and her arms crossing before releasing her grip on them. Balling up her hands into fists, she extended both arms back out and struck both fused warriors with the back ends of her fists, propelling them opposite directions.

The demon goddess straightened herself out, her expression lightening into a confident smirk as she glanced around.

"Three on one, and you still lack the power to beat me. Disgraceful."

Vegetto huffed as he emerged from the small curtain of rocks that covered him, brushing off the dust and dirt from his upper gi with a frown. His eyes turned to Trunks, rising up to his feet while the other Saiyan flew up and landed next to him.

"This isn't working, she's too strong to fight head on."

Trunks nodded, twirling up his sword and sheathing the blade.

"Any ideas?"

Vegetto panted for a moment, but turned his head at the familiar voice ringing out to his opposite side.

"I'm here!"

Vegetto's perked eyebrows immediately fell at the sight of Kassava standing next to him, let out a small chuckle.

"Where have you been? Taking a nap?"

Kassava snorted.

"As soothing as the sound of you getting your ass kicked all over the city is, no, I wasn't."

She held out her right hand, peering around Vegetto to Trunks.

"Hey Trunks, can you give me a senzu?"

Trunks nodded, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small little bean. He tossed it around Vegetto, Kassava catching it and chewing on the bean while Vegetto spoke with his eyes trained on Putine, who stood with her back to the three.

"Anyway...I have a plan. But it involves charging up a massive attack, and stalling her for time to build up the energy."

Kassava sighed lightly, a golden aura rapidly shooting up from underneath her boots and engulfing her body in transforming into a Super Saiyan.

"Great...another beatdown. Well...we are getting better and holding them off for awhile until you're ready so-"


Kassava and Trunks both stumbled slightly to the side from the sudden explosion of blue energy, turning back to see Vegetto having already powered up to his Super Saiyan Blue 3 state. Kassava's wide eyes looked over the long flowing mane now gently floating behind Vegetto's back while the fused warrior spoke with a gruff voice.

"I'll stall her this time. You two, pool your power together and get ready."

Without waiting for a response, Vegetto shot forward across the ground. His eyes remained locked on Putine, managing to land a foot behind her and crouching down while she stood with her hands on her hips, looming over Vegetto Black that sat with his back to the wall.

"You chose to side with them, and now you'll die along with them. No one will remember you-"

Vegetto roared, his right fist slamming into Putin's cheek, her shocked expression slowly forming around the blow buried into her face. She collapsed instantly to the floor, bouncing and flipping along the cement paveway for a few seconds before crashing into a nearby plateau of rock. She quickly pulled herself out of the rubble, her wide eyes staring down Vegetto who stood with his arms at his side with a confident smirk a few feet in front of her.

"I'm starting to see a pattern with you villains and leaving yourselves open."

Putine snarled lightly in response, raising her fists.

"It's better than the pattern of heroes, that die in the face of their betters."

Vegetto's smirk rose.

"Ooh, scathing."

The two shot forward, landing fists together in an even exchange and shooting up into the sky.


Trunks stared wide eyed at the two exchanging blows high in the sky, blinking hard.

"I can barely track them...incredible."

He turned his head, however, at the nudging on his shoulder. Kassava frowned up at him with narrowed eyes, dropping her arm.

"Hey, we should be charging up an attack right now. This won't last forever."

Trunks nodded, crouching down and tensing his arms.

"Right, let's-"


Trunks blinked once again, his head turning up at the thunderous shout from a familiar voice. He let his arms fall, watching Beerus land lightly next to Kassava. The god of destruction held his arms behind his back, his blank stare looking over the city plaza littered with demon soldier corpses.

"I see you two have been busy."

His narrowed glare turned to Trunks.

"Where is Whis? He's been gone for...well..."

Beerus' serious glare lightened, his eyes turning up and rubbing his chin as he thought for a moment.

"A week?"

Both Saiyans only blinked at him in response, Beerus waving his hand and dismissing the question with a smirk.

"Anyway, I've come to inform him that my student has now surpassed the power of Blue. He has ascended to-"

Beerus' eyes slowly expanded, however, staring up at the sudden surge of power high above the ground. Blinking hard, the god of destruction watched the ensuring fight between Vegetto and Putine with a shocked stare.

"What the hell is that?!"

Trunks nodded, turning his head up.

"Super Saiyan Blue 3. He accidentally killed you with it earlier in a training exercise."

Beerus frowned, glancing down to Trunks.


Trunks kept his head up.

"He overwhelmed you, when you weren't on guard. The attack he used was massively above that power there, and he hit you from two sides with it when you weren't looking."

Beerus narrowed his eyes, his expression returning to normal.

"His movements aren't what I imagined at that level of power...and his energy is draining rapidly."

He perked an eyebrow, turning back to Trunks.

"Who is he fighting?"

Trunks frowned.

"We don't really know. She's from the Demon Realm...and she's working with Zamasu to seize control of time. "

He suddenly turned back towards Beerus, Kassava blinking as she glanced between them both.

"Listen, Beerus, we need your help. If we don't stop her, she will destroy all of us and seize control of time! Everything could be destroyed!"

Beerus kept a flat stare, peering up at the fight above.

"Don't be so dramatic. If she seizes control of time, she would only shape the universe in her image. You may all die, but the sun will continue to rise and the universe will still exist."

Kassava frowned as well.

"So you'll just let all of those people die than stopping her here and now?"

Beerus shrugged his shoulders lightly, but glanced down.

"If that is the outcome that awaits the universe, then so be it. It is not my place to thwart the natural order. In fact, my job often entails a similar concept."

Trunks balled his hands into fists.

"The natural order?! If it wasn't for you destroying Zamasu in the present, we wouldn't even be in this mess to begin with!!"

Beerus peered back over to Trunks, watching on as the half Saiyan swung his fist down angrily.

"Zamasu would have been destroyed by me in the Future, and we wouldn't have to deal with this second timeline that gave Towa the power she needed to break the seal on the Demon Realm!! All of this is your fault: you did nothing to help us stop Zamasu in the future, and nothing to solve this mess now!"

Beerus' narrowed glare met Trunks', the half Saiyan finally dropping his arms and the anger leaving his voice.

"If you were half the god you're supposed to be, you would take responsibility for what you've done."

Kassava's eyes widened, staring at Trunks in shock before quickly glancing back and forth between the two. Her eyes settled on Beerus, watching the god bow his head slightly with a small smirk.

"Tell me...is that demon a god?"

Trunks glanced down.


Beerus nodded once.

"Then if I destroy her now, wouldn't that create another timeline where she still exists?"

Trunks frowned, lifting his eyes back up to meet Beerus.

"No, this world exists outside of time. Her death will have no impact on history."

Beerus kept his smirk, slowing rising into the air.

"Good, then leave her to me."

Both Saiyans blinked hard, watching Beerus take off and come to a halt in between Vegetto and Putine. Vegetto blinked in confusion, floating back a few feet.

"Lord Beerus?"

Beerus kept his arms locked behind his back, his head turned to Putine.

"Quite the battle you two are enjoying. Forgive the interruption."

His eyes narrowed slightly.

"But it ends now."

Putine scoffed.

"And who are you supposed to be?"

Her eyes went wide, caught off guard by the purple fist now buried into her stomach. She clutched her abdomen instinctively, her head raising to see the fist opening into a flat palm, the thumb bent in front of the center. Beerus' stern stare looked over Putine once, his voice flat.


A pulse of wind exploded outward from Putine's body, her eyes growing wide. A momentary scream escaped her lips as her entire form shined with a bright white light, encasing her form and exploding outward into multiple particles. Vegetto stared on with wide eyes, watching the light particles flutter with the breeze above and soon disappearing into the sky completely. Beerus lowered his arm, a deep sigh escaping his mouth and slowly descending down to the ground.

"There...I have paid my debt in full."

Vegetto's blue hair receded rapidly back to its normal state, the color changing back to black as he landed next to Beerus on the ground. He looked over Beerus for a moment, his concerned voice low when he spoke.

"Lord Beerus...you're panting. Are you alright?"

Beerus nodded.

"I'm fine. The Haki uses up a lot of power when destroying beings of that caliber, but I will recover in a moment."

The god of destruction turned his eyes to the side, however, landing on the figure clad in black gi slowly pushing himself up from the rubble.

"Is that Zamas?"

Vegetto nodded, moving in between Beerus and Vegetto Black.

"Yes...but let me explain."


Genn staggered back a few steps, a blow to his chest knocking him back. He raised his arms again, leaping forward and connecting a jab with his right fist to Zamasu's hand, and attempting to launch his right knee up as well. He turned his eyes down, gasping lightly at Zamasu catching the knee with his other free hand, pushing it down casually and back handing Genn to the left with his free hand.

Stumbling to the floor, Genn collapsed onto one knee and panted heavily while Zamasu loomed over him, his arms at his sides.

"Muay Thai, Ju Jitsu, Taekwondo...you've tried them all, mortal. Surely even you can see how foolish it is to try the same techniques over and over again."

Genn slowly rose to his feet, his breath labored but still throwing his arms up.

"No one...is perfect. You'll slip up eventually."

Zamasu chuckled, stepping back slightly to dodge another fist sailing past him. He shot up his left knee, driving it into Genn's neck as he sailed past and bringing his left elbow down onto the back of Genn's neck. Firmly locking him in place with both appendages, Zamasu broke out into a dark smirk as he spoke.

"Isn't that the reason why you cling to martial arts in the first place?"

He lifted his elbow, shifting his leg and punting Genn across the grass knoll before straightening himself out again.

"Those fighting stances, those forms...they're all designed to improve an imperfection in efficiency. Strike faster, strike harder, at the lowest cost of effort. Forcing your body to be what it is not designed to be: strong."

Zamasu walked casually forward, looming over Genn as he lay face first on the ground before slowly leaning over and grabbing the Saiyan by his hair, hoisting him up.

"The knowledge of self improvement...the gift bestowed onto your feeble kind by the gods themselves, gave birth to those forms in an effort to improve your weak nature. But in the end, they will only ever improve upon what you are at heart: weak and pathetic. Trash...will always be trash."

His right fist shot forward once more, digging back into Genn's stomach and prompting a pained hack from the Saiyan. He pulled it back, driving it forward once again in a downward strike and slamming it into the side of Genn's mask, forcing the head to whip to the side. Zamasu pulled his arm back once again, preparing to strike once more but narrowing his eyes at the sight of Genn falling mostly limp.

"Get up. You don't get to run away from this lesson."

Genn grunted, tilting his head back down and meeting Zamasu at eye level, the red eyes of his ceramic mask still glowing.

"And what are you...supposed to be...then? You fight...with Muay Thai...you were born...a mortal too."

He took a moment to pant heavily, trying to steady his breathing as his voice grew dark.

"A wish from a magical dragon won't change who you are...scum. Behind your immortality and hate...you're just the same as the rest of us."

Zamasu's eyebrow twitched slightly, staring into the red eyes as Genn chuckled darkly.

"Trash...will always be trash."

Zamasu snarled, launching his free fist up into Genn's stomach again. He rapidly pulled back his fist back, driving it again and again downwards as he pummeled Genn furiously for the comeback. His eyes grew wide with rage, soon releasing Genn's hair and punting him back across the grass. Genn cried out in pain, bouncing along the surface before crashing through the small rocks bordering the single pond, and disappearing into the water with an enormous splash.

Zamasu paused for a moment, panting lightly and standing with a slight crouch. His eyes remained wide for a moment, but slowly narrowed as his breathing slowed while he recollected himself. His confident expression returned fully at the sight of Genn struggling to pull himself out of the pond, walking towards him as he listened to the Saiyan gasping for air.

"I have evolved, fool. My immortality is nothing like the feeble techniques and forms you use to desperately improve your own imperfections: it has made me more than what I was before. I am a new being, granted divinity by the Super Dragon Balls and given purpose in cleansing those that are unworthy of the power they hold. Whether it's mortal scum granted divine power such as your hero, Vegetto, or the gods that foolish attempt to build up the mortal trash around them to do their bidding."

His glare intensified, watching Genn rise slowly to his feet.

"Then, finally, there are those like you, who are not even powerful to begin with. You're just a little boy, taking advantage of those smaller than even you. Desperately trying to deny who you are, and what you'll always be."

Zamasu loomed over Genn slightly, now standing only a foot away from him. His smirk grew, watching Genn launch forward again with another left fist, catching it in his left ad holding him steadily in front of him.

"You're a coward, Genn...you will always be a coward. That...is why you hide behind the mask."

Zamasu's right fist shot down, his smirk growing at the sight of landing another punch to Genn's face. However, his smirk began to distort, his eyes growing wide as Genn's fist pushed deeper into his own cheek. Zamasu blinked hard, stumbling backwards and nearly dropping to the floor as he attempted to recover from the strike. A small gasp escaped his lips, his hand reaching up and carressing the cheek where the fist had struck him seconds ago for a moment.

His head and eyes both turned up, having only studied his hand for a second and staring wide eyed at Genn. His eyes landed first at the sight of the broken shards of ceramic plating near Genn's feet, slowly lifting up and meeting Genn's eyes head on. A small fracture of the mask was missing around the left side of his face, revealing Genn's left eye. Two trails of blood streamed down from his eyelids, dripping onto the mask itself and forming red, uneven lines on the front of the ceramic plating. Zamasu stared hard at a different sight, however, meeting Genn's eye that now held a small flash of silver along the pupil. The fallen Kaioshin kept his shocked expression, watching on as Genn slowly raised his left arm, beckoning Zamasu's next attack with his hand.

Zamasu instinctively snarled in annoyance, leaping forward once more and slinging his right fist out down at Genn's face. His expression shifted slightly, missing his mark for the first time in the battle, and attempting to reconnect with left uppercut. His eyes grew wide at striking only Genn's hair as the Saiyan ducked, staring down at the crouched Genn for a moment before the Saiyan lunged forward with a right fist to Zamasu's chin.


Zamasu's head whipped up from the blow, his eyes shutting tightly at the strike and stumbling back, only to keel forward from another blow to his stomach. Genn roared once more, spinning around and kicking the side of Zamasu's neck to propel him across the grassy knoll. Bouncing along the ground, Zamasu quickly recollected himself and slid to a halt on the green surface, his eyes wide.


He rapidly rose to his feet, throwing down his fists with a thunderous roar.


A black, ominous aura of volatile energy rapidly exploded up from underneath Zamasu's boots, engulfing his body as he shot forward with his right fist reeled back. Genn grunted, bolting forward as well with a significantly smaller, white aura. Both closed the gap within seconds of each other, their right fists forward and connecting with each other as they struggled to overpower the other, the energy exploding outwards behind them. Locked in an even struggle for control, Genn and Zamasu roared in ferocious unison, their arms both visibly trembling to maintain their position. However, Zamasu slashed his arm down first, breaking the hold and forcing Genn to stumble forward towards the ground only for Zamasu's free hand to shoot up, hoisting Genn up by the fractured mask and lifting him high into the air. The only visible portion of Genn's face contorted in agony, powerful strands of black electricity shocking his body as Zamasu expelled more violent energy through the hand that held Genn upright by the face. Still gasping tightly onto the mask, Zamasu launched his opposite fist up forward, punching Genn back down towards the floor and sending him crashing through the grassy knoll.

Zamasu panted lightly, his hand clutching onto the broken mask and studying it with a pleased smirk. He chuckled to himself as he crushed the ceramic plating in his hand, his voice low as he shook the remaining shards off.

"The Masked Saiyan is no more."

His smirk left, however, turning at the pressure of energy radiating from the small crater left in the wake of his previous attack. His eyes went wide once more at the sight of Genn fully rising up from the small crater, his narrowed eyes strong. The silver flash had left completely, his normal black pupils staring Zamasu down as he moved into Vegetto's fighting stance one more. However, his arm raised slightly, the bent elbow and left fist now hanging above his head, and his right moving closely inward towards his center in symmetry with his opposite arm.

Zamasu's stare remained wide, his arms tensing in preparation. He shook his head in frustration, his voice loud and dripping with desperation.

"I am immortal!! You can't kill me...you will never kill me!! I cannot die!!"

The fallen Kaioshin gasped, watching Genn bolt forward silently towards him in another white dash. Stepping back, Zamasu parried the first punch with his right arm, his left arm swinging down to offset the following blow.

"Your cause is worthless!! You will never win!!"

Zamasu snarled again, his right fist shooting forward in the momentary gap in Genn's offense, landing neatly into Genn's hand. His eyes went wide with shock, visibly struggling to pull it back while he met Genn's intense glare, the Saiyan's voice low.

"Neither will you."

Zamasu lept back, pulling his arm away and stricken with fear across his face.


He sauntered back, dodging each of Genn's continued strikes and panting heavily.


The fallen Kaioshin threw up his right arm, managing to stop Genn's double handed axe and keeping both of the Saiyan's arms hoisted high above his head. Zamasu's eyes remained wide, his free arm glowing with sinister purple energy and forming a jagged blade.


Zamasu's arm shot forward with his defiant cry, the blade stabbing through Genn's exposed upper torso and protruding through his back. Genn's eyes went wide, his arms falling limp and drooping to his sides as he gawked in pain, the trails of blood already forming at the ends of his lips. Zamasu panted heavily, his fear stricken eyes darting around in every direction for a moment before he finally registered the damage he just inflicted, his breathing slowing. His eyes narrowed to close to their normal size, an awkward chuckle ringing out.

"Ha...haha...see? Nothing to fear..."

Zamasu's confident stare returned in full, twisting the blade slightly to prompt another pained groan from Genn.

"Just a mortal man...nothing more."

Genn grimaced, his head lifting slightly to meet Zamasu's eyes. He grunted, weakly lifting his right arm and swinging it up at Zamasu's head, his arm rapidly dropping back to his side once it missed. Zamasu chuckled darkly at the sight.

"Still got some fight left in you, hmm? How adorable."

Zamasu shut his eyes, his confident smirk rising as he tilted his head and dodged the second swipe at the opposite of his head. He contently inhaled deeply, expelling a long sigh of relief and opening his eyes once again.

"Imagine the disgrace you should feel. Blindly charging me like a fool, failing to do any real damage to my immortal body. And for what?"

He cocked an eyebrow.

"So you could convince yourself that you had a chance to beat me before you died?!"

Genn's head hung low for a moment, Zamasu's eyes keenly studying him. The fallen Kaioshin's smirk faded, however, at the sight of Genn's own smirk once the Saiyan had lifted his head fully to meet Zamasu's eyes.

"I wasn't trying...to kill you."

Zamasu's eyebrow cocked once more, the confusion mounting in his expression for a moment before a sudden wave of green pulsed out on the side of his head. His eyes widened instinctively, his free hand reaching up and thumbing the Potara that now hung on the opposite ear.

"You were right all along Zamas...you...were an immortal being. We could never...kill you on your own. But I've seen your history...I know how you made yourself vulnerable to death."

Zamasu's wide eyes grew, attempting to fiddle off the Potara that would not budge. The glow resonated outward once more, an invisible pull yanking Zamasu back from where he stood. Genn chuckled, lifting his head slightly.

"Say goodbye to your immortality."

Zamasu grimaced, his head whipping to the side as Genn managed to spit a small amount of his blood into his left eye. The green glow reasonated outward one final time, Zamasu flying backwards from the invisible pull and the purple blade cleanly exiting Genn's body as he flew away.


Within a second, Zamasu completely disappeared through the portal on the opposite end of the Time Nest, the entire area growing silent as Genn wobbled on his two feet with a happy grin. He leaned forward slightly before tilting back full and falling towards the ground with his eyes half open.


His fall was interupted, however, his upper back landing on a hand instead of the soft grass below. He blinked slightly in confusion, his head turning to the side and watching Whis gently guide him back a few feet.

"Whis? Is that you?"

Whis held a warm smile, propping Genn up against the lone tree next to the pond with one hand, the other clutching his scepter.

"Yes...I'm here."

Genn coughed once, his arms falling into his lap once he comfortably sat against the tree, the blood leaking out of his gaping wound. He smirked slightly, his eyes turning to Whis again as the taller angel knelt down next to him.

"Heh...I got him. I got him good."

Whis nodded once, reaching into his sash.

"Yes you did. But here-"

Pulling out a single green bean, Whis held the small magical item in front of Genn's lips.

"Get your strength back. You're losing a lot of blood here."

Whis perked his eyebrows, however, watching Genn shake his head and turn away from the bean.

"Nah...I'm ok. It feels better to just sit here...and rest for a change."

Whis frowned.

"You'll die if you don't eat one."

Genn turned his head back slightly, his eyes looking towards Whis.

"Those beans were meant for people to keep going...to keep fighting."

His head fully turned up to Whis, his eyes meeting the angel's.

"I'm tired...Whis. I want this."

Whis's frown remained, looking over Genn one more time before speaking in a low voice.

"Very well. Is there...anything you need?"

Genn coughed a couple of times in his first attempt to speak, his feet relaxing fully and pointing in opposite directions in his clumsily propping against the tree.

"Can...can you stay with me? I don't...I don't want to go alone."

Whis glanced away for a second at the request, his voice still low.

"Alright Genn."

The taller angel slowly lowered himself down to the ground with a heavy sigh, relaxing fully up against the tree next to Genn. The two sat for a few seconds in silence, the serene breeze rolling through the grass in front of them and lowering the tension that had occurred merely minutes ago. Whis did his best to avoid looking at Genn, his eyes wandering for a moment before stifling a small chuckle.

"You fought very well, you know. Your movements for a small portion of the fight were perfectly timed and matched Zamasu in power. It's almost as if you had learned to-"


Whis perked his head slightly, the pained whisper prompting him to stop mid sentence and turn his head slightly. He blinked at the sight of a bright, white glow emitting from Genn's left arm that hung out close and attempt to grasp at Whis' hand.

"Please...please don't let them fail. I know...you're not supposed...to intervene. But they are good people...Vegetto...Trunks..."

Whis frowned at the sight of water forming slightly in Genn's eyes, the voice growing weaker at the final name.

"Kass. All of them...they deserve to live."

Whis kept a strong frown, glancing away for a moment before he felt Genn's hand grasp at his own.

"The legend...the legend tells of the real Super Saiyan...God. Five...full blooded...Saiyans pooling their light...into one."

Whis blinked, the sensation of the white energy soon radiating up into Whis' arm and leaving Genn's.

"The light....is not energy. It's...the soul itself. Help her ascend...Whis. Help her...realize the legend."

Whis glanced down, studying the energy radiating from his own before it slowly disappeared. The sensation of the power remained and Whis glanced down for a moment to make sense of it before turning his head back up to Genn. The Saiyan had slumped completely forward, his chest falling still and devoid of any movement with his open, lifeless eyes staring at Whis' waist.

Whis slowly reached out, using two fingers to shut Genn's eyes and slowly pushed himself off the ground. His frown returned, his eyes narrowing as he moved to the center cobble pathway and stood still in the middle, waiting for Zamasu's return.
Chapter 37: Divine Luminescence

"You're a fool."

Beerus held his arms behind his back, glaring into Vegetto's eyes with a heavy scowl. Vegetto still maintained his third transformation in the Super Saiyan Blue state, his eyebrow less blue eyes turning from Beerus' towards Vegetto Black.

"It'll be fine. What can he do that this demon was unable to match?"

Beerus scoffed.

"It has nothing to do with the potential. It has to do with my intervention."

He nodded to Vegetto Black, who stood merely with a scowl of his own and his arms at his sides.

"If you allow this...mistake...to leave this world, then the burden falls to you. He exists because of my own mistake, and I will take responsibility for his destruction here and now. But I will not be responsible if you allow him to leave: he will be your problem from now on and I won't intervene on your behalf again."

Vegetto smirked, nodding his head once.

"That's fine...I'm more than a match for him."

His gruff voice grew darker.

"After all, he knows his place."

Vegetto Black's eyebrow twitched.

"Tsk...for now. I swear...when I return here, you'll wish you hadn't talked down to me."

Vegetto kept his smirk.

"Looking forward to it."

Vegetto Black stood in silence for a moment, meeting Vegetto's confident expression with his scowl. Soon, however, the doppelganger broke out into a devilish smirk of his own, turning on his heel.

"As am I."

Beerus grunted, rolling his eyes as Vegetto Black slowly rose into the air.

"Saiyans. Your love for battle will get you killed one day."

Vegetto only turned his head up, but squinted slightly at the sudden pulse of green light that hit his eyes. Both Kassava and Trunks also turned their heads up, all four of the group turning their attention to the blinking light radiating from Vegetto Black's lone Potara earring.

"What the-"

Vegettos eyes shot open, his attention rapidly shifting to the prison complex across the way.

Zamas...we left him alone...

Vegetto turned his head back up, cupping his hands around his mouth.

"Black! Take off that earring!"

Now having risen into the air about forty feet away from the group, Vegetto Black cocked an eyebrow, turning his head down towards the group. His perplexed expression rapidly changed, however, the glare of his Potara catching his eye. He blinked hard for a moment, his hands instinctively flying up to his ear.

"No...no no no-"

Vegetto Black hacked, his body jolting to the side on its own, the earring pulling him in the opposite direction high above the others towards the Time Nest. He snarled, tugging on the piece of jewelry as best he could, his eyes turning up. The portal perched on the platuea leading into the Time Nest shifted and distorted, soon spitting out Zamasu from its white glow.

Both figures shot towards each other, the two green glows radiating strongly above the city square once the two bodies collided against each other. Vegetto's eyes remained narrowed, curling his right arm back and forming a small ball of blue energy in his palm. Trunks blinked, watching on as Vegetto hurled the small blue ball forward, the three soon colliding altogether into a massive, violent explosion high in the sky above the city square. The storm force wind barreled down on the group, prompting them to tense in bracing the winds for a moment before rapidly subsiding.

Vegetto squinted hard at the smoke cloud hanging above, his frown deepening. His eyes widened at the sight of a figure suddenly descending down through the bottom of the cloud, smoke trails covering his form as he crashed into the ground below. Panting heavily, Zamasu slowly rose up from the indent he left from his impact into the ground. His wide eyes remained locked on the ground, his hands reaching up and lightly patting the large bundle of white, spiky hair atop his head. His attention soon shifted down to his robes, the black color scheme mixing with the traditional Kaioshin garb confirming his worst fears.

I am...me. I've become...one...

He grit his teeth together, his hands balling into fists as he leaned forward on all fours.

My perfect immortality...my plan...my...dream.

The light glinted off the small amount of water building at the edges of his eyes, his head lifting slightly.


The newly merged Zamasu sauntered and swayed as he rose to his feet, staring down with an empty frown at his fists. The rage slowly mounted in his eyes, barring his white teeth and tensing his arms.

Curse you mortal...curse you...

Letting out a tumultuous roar, Zamasu threw his arms down as a massive surge of violent energy exploded in every direction around him. His magnified voice resonated strongly over the storm force winds, the energy growing more violent by the second.


Vegetto grimaced, his arms raised at the sudden explosion of power emitting from Zamasu's new body. Kassava and Trunks both slid backwards slightly, bracing themselves against the floor while Beerus stood tall with his arms crossed behind his back. The god of destruction's glare intensified slightly, soon bolting forward. Arriving within a millisecond, Beerus launched a small chop down at Zamasu's shoulder with his right hand, the impact dispersing the growing white energy and winds entirely.

Zamasu winced heavily and stumbled down towards the ground, struggling to catch his breath while Beerus loomed over him.

"Vegetto might have spared Black...but Zamasu must be destroyed. You will die together."

Zamasu snarled, whirling up to his feet and throwing a lazy left fist forward that Beerus easily caught in his hand.

"You let yourself be a slave to these mortals. Choosing them over the divine rule of purity."

Beerus' smirk rose.

"You have no idea how the universe works, do you Zamas?"

Zamasu launched his left fist forward, landing in Beerus' hand too and crumbled lightly towards the floor while the god of destruction continued.

"The rule of the destroyer is not eternal either. Once the current god of destruction passes, the role then falls to the next candidate selected by my attendant. And with ever selection, one constant remains..."

Beerus leaned forward, barring his teeth.

"A mortal rises...and becomes a god."

Zamasu's eyes widened, staring back into Beerus' as the god's tone grew dark.

"I am a mortal, Zamas...just as the rest of the universe you wish to cleanse. In the end, you will die as you lived: a failure. Killed...by what you believe is inferior."

Beerus slapped down Zamasu's right arm, his now free hand stiffening into an open palm aimed at Zamasu's face.


Zamasu screamed violently, an invisible pulse shaking the entire world itself. The newly fused body began to glow with a bright purple lightly, slowly disintegrating into small light particles that flowed upwards into the sky. Beerus' expression softened slightly, releasing his grip on Zamasu's hand as the last body part of the fallen Kaioshin deteriorated up into the air, the particles heavily contrasting the black clouds above.

Vegetto's narrowed eyes watched on, letting out a small sigh while Beerus turned on his heel, casually striding back towards the group.

"There. It's over."

Trunks frowned, pointing up with his right hand.


Beerus cocked an eyebrow, turning his head. His narrowed eyes instantly locked onto the light particles still hanging in the air a few feet above from where Zamasu once stood, still floating. The god of destruction's confusion grew, turning around fully to face towards the particles as they began to radiate with a sinister glow of their own, rapidly growing in size.


Beerus glanced down, his arms uncrossing behind his back as the ground shook beneath his feet, Zamasu's voice resonating strongly once again.


Vegetto tensed instinctively, his blue aura rapidly flaring out and preparing himself as the light particles slowly converged inward, forming a single bright light.


The massive light darkened, sucking the what remained in the cloudly atmosphere before rapidly exploding outward. Zamasu's form had returned to normal completely, his muscles bulging with his black aura exploding outward in his furious scream. Beerus blinked hard, stepping back instinctively but turned his eyes up in time to see Zamasu already upon him. The fallen Kaioshin's eyes were wide in a frantic, evil rage, along with his mouth wide open with a thunderous roar as he slammed a right fist into Beerus' cheek. The god of destruction flipped backwards, crashing through the ground and disappearing into a large building a few hundred meters away.

Vegetto gasped, watching on as the building collapsed in on where Beerus disappeared.


His eyes narrowed, soon crouching down and clenching his fists.

"Trunks, we have to go now!"

Trunks nodded, tensing as lightning spiraled up around his blue aura.


Kassava tensed as well, but blinked in confusion as Vegetto blocked her movement forward with his left arm.

"Stay here Kass."

Kassava frowned.

"Why? I can help!"

Vegetto turned his head slightly.

"No, you can't. Zamas is too strong for you: stay here and don't jump in unless I tell you to."

Kassava's frowned deepened.


Vegetto snarled.

"I said stay here!!"

His eyes then widened, the explosion of wind nearly knocking him off balance. Zamasu's hateful glare now locked with Vegetto's eyes, having moved a few feet in front of him and throwing his own fist forward. Vegetto's arms rapidly flew up, blocking the punch with both forearms and sliding backwards across the ground. Trunks drew his sword, slashing down with both hands at Zamasu's head. The merged god caught the blade with his right hand, his left fist flying forward and clocking Trunks across the cheek to send the half Saiyan flying high into the air.

Tossing the sword to the side, Zamasu's eyes moved back to Vegetto, crouching forward. Kassava threw her right arm forward, but shot backwards and crashed into the ground from Zamasu's black energy flaring up in front of her alone. Zamasu roared once more, chasing after Vegetto and launching into another furious onslaught of punches.

"I've suffered for too long! I will no longer be humiliated at your common hands!!"

Vegetto winced, the damage from merely blocking the blows taking its toll, but managing to duck down and narrowly dodge the incoming kick from the fused Zamasu's white boot. His blue hair rapidly retreated back to his normal length, lightning sparking outward as he dashed up into the air. However, his entire body show back towards the hard floor once Zamasu's elbow connected with the top of his head, crashing into the floor on both feet. Vegetto shook his head, his blue eyebrows returning as he turned his head back up to the enraged Zamasu, that floated high above.

"Your mortals of time could not contain me...the god of destruction could not defeat me...and you will not see the end of this day!"

The familiar halo of white light began to form behind Zamasu's back, the circular ring soon expanding outward. Four pointed beams formed like dials on a compass, pointed in north, south, east and west while a second ring grew out larger than the first behind it. Zamasu inhaled deeply, his frantic expression growing sinister and his narrowed glare still strongly locked on Vegetto.

"This is my world, my universe! All will bow before Zamasu!!"

Vegetto crouched down, his blue aura flaring up.

"Not on my watch!!"

Bolting up into a bright blue dash, Vegetto cocked his right fist back as he shot towards Zamasu, who raised his left arm above his head. Small little pockets of red energy began to form in the cloudy sky above.

"Blades of Judgement!"

Spiralling downwards, a massive torrent of red energy blades shot towards the blue streak that continued to climb towards Zamasu. Vegetto swayed rapidly in his flight, dodging the first few red streaks firing towards him before more suddenly pelted him head on, erupting into a massive explosion that engulfed him in the cloud. Zamasu's smirk rose at the sight, but soon disappeared as Vegetto shot out from the left side of the smoke cloud left in the wake. Shifting his left arm, Zamasu summoned the continuing barrage of red blades to the side to follow Vegetto's change of direction, each blade erupting into a small explosion on the ground when they missed their mark. Vegetto grunted heavily, his head turning to the side as he shot farther towards the outskirts of the city.

His energy is massive...I have to catch him off guard...

Bolting forward, Vegetto abruptly came to a halt behind the nearest building he could, raising two fingers to his forehead. His head turned towards where Zamasu floated, the red blades shooting through the ruined skyscraper seconds after Vegetto disappeared into thin air.

Zamasu's eyes widened, scanning the rubble and calling off the barrage at the sight of the skyscraper falling to pieces without Vegetto. His head turned just in time at the burning sensation of energy and lightning on his back, his eyes locking with Vegetto's fierce glare as a red aura now coated his blue one.


Zamasu yelped, the white glove coated in red and blue energy slamming into his cheek in the form of a fist, and propelling the merged Kaioshin into the cement below with a thunderous shockwave. Vegetto panted heavily, the red aura leaving instantly as lightning sparked around his blue glow. The two bangs that normally hung from Vegetto's hairline dropped down, his hair turning black as he slowly shut his eyes, collapsing hard onto the ground with a thud.

The dust barely rose from where Vegetto crashed into the ground before Zamasu already rose up to his feet, vehemently ventilating in his quick breaths. The fury and rage continued to rise in the form of his black aura surging outward, his eyes scanning the sky.

"Where did you go?!"

Zamasu's breathing slowed, however, turning his attention towards the ground. His eyes soon landed on the unconscious form of Trunks, propped up against the wall of a destroyed building. His narrowed eyes studied him only for a moment, soon shifting more to the right side and taking in the sight of Beerus' feet hanging out in the air, the rest of his body covered in the rubble of rock and broken metal. His breathing returned to normal, his head turning to left this time and his eyes landing on Kassava, who laid still on the ground face first. His narrowed eyes finally turned forward, locking onto Vegetto and slowly walking forward with his arms at his side.

The sound of a light breeze was all that rang out in the barren city, the dark clouds hanging overhead while Zamasu came to a halt a few feet away from Vegetto. The merged Kaioshin glanced around once more, taking in the sight of the bodies litering the ground across the streets for only a moment, before turning back to face towards Vegetto with a heavy scowl.

"Get up."

Vegetto remained motionless, his face hidden as it pressed into the ground. Zamasu stared down in silence, his smirk rising.

"I see now. This is a ruse...just like last time. You're waiting for me to drop my guard again...and then you'll strike."

Zamasu placed his hands on his hips, turning his chin to the sky.

"I've finally bested you, Son Goku...son...Vegetto. This world is now mine! I have nothing to fear anymore!"

Zamasu held his chin high for a few seconds, his body tensing in anticipation of the counter attack. His smirk slowly faded after a few seconds, his eyes turning back down to see that Vegetto had not moved an inch from where he laid. Zamasu's glare intensified, his tone dark.

"Get up and fight me mortal!!"

Zamasu held his stance after the outburst, waiting in silence for a few seconds while Vegetto still remained unresponsive. Growling heavily, Zamasu suddenly threw out his right arm, a black blade of energy forming at the end.

"Fine...then you will die, here and now. The epitome of sin finally is cleansed...by my hand."

He curled his arm inward, the blade now pointing down at Vegetto. Zamasu's eyebrow twitched, his arm slowly creeping forward until the blade hung only millimeters from Vegetto's back. However, it moved no further as the back of Vegetto's blue gi singed from the burning energy radiating into it, Zamasu's arm twitching heavily.

Do it...do it!! He's a mortal fool...he's nothing to me!! A mortal who looks down upon the gods!!

His eyebrow twitched once more.

This is it!! I've...beaten him...

Zamasu lowered his arm slightly, but the tension eased as the voice in his mind came out even darker.

I..didn't...beat him. He won't know...the humiliation of defeat, losing to me this way...

Zamasu's eyebrows intensified in the glare, frowning.

He will die with his friends...without suffering as I have.

Zamasu pulled his arm back, the black energy retreating into his hand as he snarled down at Vegetto.

"No...you don't get to go that easily, scum."

His eyes stayed locked on Vegetto, rising slowly into the air.

"You will face me again, you will fight with all your might. And then, when you're truly beaten by my hands alone, I will see you bow before your god."

The merged Kaioshin rose fully into the air, his arms at his side as he floated up to the edge of the plateau overlooking the now ruined city. He landed gracefully, his back towards the smoking landscape and his eyes on the massive portal door that now stood in front of him.

"The dawn of a new era has begun. History will bow to me...and I will create a better world. Time...is now my servant."

Zamasu chuckled darkly, striding forward and soon disappearing into the portal shortly after.


Inside of the Time Vault, both the Supreme Kai of Time and the Elder Kai stood next to each other, their solemn gazes locked on the still body now resting on the table top in the room. Whis loomed over the two as well as the table, his expression flat.

"If it's any consolation, he fought well."

The Supreme Kai of Time sighed, rubbing her forehead.

"It's not me you should be worried about, Whis. Kassava won't take this news well."

Whis nodded curtly, the wear slightly showing for the first time in his voice.

"I know...I know."

The Supreme Kai of Time blinked, her head turning up. Her eyes looked over Whis, who merely stood the same as before. However, his flat expression had softened a little, the ends of his lips slightly turning down into a very minuscule frown. The taller angel's voice remained flat, however, despite the very small display of emotion.

"It's been a long time since I've seen death up close. Perhaps I made a mistake, allowing this to occur."

The Supreme Kai of Time narrowed her eyes slightly, turning her head up.

"We're all responsible for what Zamasu has become. We should've caught him the moment he showed up on our radar, but we waited too long. This is our mistake to bear, more than yours, Whis. This is our duty...our mission. I'm sure Vegetto and the others will see this through to the end."

Her head turned, however, the color soon leaving her face at the sound of the sinister voice ringing out from the top of the stairs.

"That end draws near."

Zamasu's glare looked down on the three standing around the table, sauntering down the stairsteps with his eyes never once leaving Chronoa. Both of the Kais gasped instinctively, tensing as Zamasu approached with his arms at his sides. His narrowed eyes glanced between them both for a moment, his voice flat and firm in the single word that came out.


The Supreme Kai of Time stared up at the stone faced Zamasu in horror, her eyes only diverting to Whis. The taller angel held a small frown, but nodded once at her. She swallowed hard, slowly lowering down to the ground on both knees with the Elder Kai soon following suit. Zamasu's eyed Genn's body on the table for a moment, his calm demeanor deteriorating for a second before he slowly turned his gaze back to the Kais, forming a small smirk across his face.

"Your city lies in ruins, your strongest warriors have failed to contain me. It is time to pay for your sins."

The Supreme Kai of Time whimpered slightly, her head hung low while the Elder only held a solemn stare at the floor. Zamasu's dark smirk rose, studying the two for a moment until a realization slowly dawned on him. His eyes narrowed slightly, shifting away from the two Kais and turning onto Whis. The taller angel met his stare, remaining expressionless while Zamasu turned to face towards him, his tone flat again. 

"I thought I told you to kneel."

Whis nodded once.

"You did."

Zamasu narrowed his eyes slightly.

"Then kneel."

Whis' lips rose into a small half smile.


Zamasu stared back at Whis in silence for a few seconds, a small chuckle escaping his lips.

"Do you realize who you're talking to?"

Whis nodded curtly once again.

"Yes. But I do not serve you: I attend to the god of destruction."

Zamasu chuckled darkly, gesturing around the room.

"And where is your god? I don't see him."

He dropped his arms, his tone venomous.

"The broken mortal you put into power to stop me has failed. You've made your gamble and lost...now it's time to beg for my forgiveness."

Whis followed Zamasu's eyes, watching the newly merged fusion tense his arms.

"So...this is the last time I'll say it. Kneel...or I will make you kneel."

Whis sighed lightly, spacing his legs and turning towards Zamasu fully.

"By all means, try."

Zamasu snarled, lunging forward and throwing his right fist forward. His eyes widened, the determined fury and rage rapidly replaced with shock as Whis lightly swung his scepter down, the large orb striking right at the middle of Zamasu's arm. Thrown off balance with his arm shooting towards the floor, Zamasu stumbled forward but shot back as the large orb shot out and connected directly into the center of Zamasu's face.

Grimacing heavily and clutching his nose, Zamasu stumbled backwards in the opposite direction. He shook his head once, his narrowed eyes finding Whis again and slinging his right arm, a small blast of black energy shooting towards Whis. The fused Kaioshin slung his left arm afterwards, a second blast hurtling toward Whis, who inhaled deeply. The taller angel then exhaled with a slow breath, the wind from his nostrils blasting the sides of the two black energy balls as they approached and forcing them to spiral down toward the ground to his sides, erupting into a couple of small smoke clouds at his feet.

Zamasu blinked, the smoke around Whis instantly dispersing with a small swipe of his left hand. Stepping back instinctively, Zamasu's wide stare remained locked on Whis, who stood tall with his scepter clutched tightly in his hand.

"What...what the hell are you?!"

Whis' smile returned.

"I am simply Whis. Nothing more...nothing less."

Zamasu's panic stricken eyes only narrowed slightly, the fear mounting rapidly into rage. His black aura exploded upwards from his boots, engulfing his body as he shot forward once again. Whis, however, sighed lightly as Zamasu approached, ducking his head down to the side. Zamasu's fist shot through the air a second later, Whis' free hand lightly jabbing into the fallen Kaioshin's chest before gripping onto his throat. Slightly turning to his side, Whis hurled Zamasu's entire body by his neck against a pedestal on the opposite side of the dome room. Zamasu crashed back first into the glass case housing another ornate scroll, collapsing onto his rear hard onto the floor with glass shards cascading down around him.

Zamasu cringed heavily for a moment, his eyes soon opening once he felt the small paper roll land in his lap. He blinked, staring at the ominous glow illuminating from the parchment for a second before the surge of Whis' energy caught his attention. The taller angel glared down heavily at Zamasu, slowly walking forward.

"No where to run, Zamas."

Zamasu gasped, his eyes frantically glancing around. His eyes soon found the scroll in his lap once again, a small sinister grin forming.

"Heh...no where but the past!"

Clutching onto the scroll, Zamasu chuckled darkly to himself as a black, sinister glow radiated around his own body in contrast to the usual bright white light from the Scroll of Eternity. Whis came to a halt, watching on and standing still as Zamasu soon vanished completely from sight, leaving the black scroll to drop onto the hard marble floor. The taller angel watched the scroll slowly roll to his feet, the end of his scepter tapping onto the ground next to it.

"Then let us see if you have what it takes to face that past."
Chapter 38: Eye of the Storm

Vegetto's eyes slowly fluttered open, the small breeze ruffling his slightly torn gi and sending a chill up his spine. His head wobbled as he lifted his chin up, blinking slowly a couple of times to help his vision focus. He rose up to his feet with his arms drooping down at his sides, his dazed expression glancing around.

Where...where did he go?

Vegetto's thoughts slowly faded away completely, his focus turning more to the ruined city before him. A small frown formed, Vegetto limping forward on his right leg as he glanced around at the rubble littering the street, careful in moving around the multitude of bodies on the walkway. He moved around a nearby table that jutted out from the cement tiling below, his head turning to the side and looking up at the half destroyed sign that read "entrance" rocking back and forth above the entry way. His frown deepened, taking note of the cracked walls on the side with a couple of bodies slumped up against the indents.

Vegetto turned his head away, glancing down as he continued to shuffle forward. His eyes lifted to the plateau over looking the city square, the portal's light being the only source of energy shining against the dark atmosphere.

Oh no...what if he-

Vegetto stumbled forward, catching his balance from the large rock he tumbled over. The stone had managed to rip the lower navy gi above his boot, his eyes turning down.

"Damn rubble."

He blinked, however, the familiar structure of his own hairline having been the reason why the stone cut into his gi. He leaned down slowly, casually grasping onto the portion of rock he could grip and lifting up the massive boulder about four times his own size. His eyes narrowed, glaring at the head of his own statue and lightly tossing it over to his right.

"Worthless piece of trash, always getting in the way."

What remained of the large stone head crumbled apart once it crashed into the wall of the platuea, the confident expression turning into smaller fragments of unrecognizable rock at the base. Vegetto turned his head back towards the stairs, hobbling forward again and managing to use both legs to move, but avoided putting too much pressure on his left. His attention diverted, tensing slightly at the sound of rock and debris shifting against the ground. His eyes widened, watching as Kassava coughed and rose up from underneath a pile of rubble a few feet away from hm.


Vegetto shuffled slightly faster, soon making his way up to her. Kassava blinked in confusion, but soon smiled slightly once she saw who the dual voice came from.

"Are you hurt?"

Kassava shook her head, dusting off her gi with both hands.

"I'm fine."

Her eyes shifted, gasping and quickly leaning down to catch Vegetto, who lost his balance almost as soon as she finished speaking. Hoisting him up on her shoulder, Kassava raised an eyebrow and studied Vegetto's pained expression.

"Maybe you should take better care of yourself first. You're really beaten up."

Vegetto scoffed lightly with a small smile, relaxing his weight fully onto Kassava's shoulders. She winced slightly, collapsing from the lack of support and grunting in annoyance.

"Tsk...or you can be a jerk about it."

Vegetto grimaced as he stood upright, still letting his arm rest on Kassava's shoulders but taking his weight off of her.

"I'm only teasing, Kass."

His head turned slightly, his expression lightening in relief at the sight of Trunks approaching from above in a white dash. His face was completely clean from scratches or signs of battle damage, clutching a small brown bag in his right hand and landing lightly next to the two with a heavy sigh.

"Oh thank goodness, you two are ok."

Vegetto nodded, extending out his free hand.

"Should be even better with a senzu too."

Trunks nodded, dropping off a bean in Vegetto's gloved hand and pulling another one out for Kassava. His eyes narrowed slightly, watching the two chew on the beans with a small frown and waiting for them both to regain their composure. Vegetto rolled his right shoulder, massaging the muscle with his opposite hand with a smirk.

"Ah...much better."

His eyes then instantly narrowed, turning to Trunks.

"What happened while we were out?"

Trunks immediately glanced down, his eyes shifting slightly.

"Actually...we need to talk about that."

Vegetto cocked an eyebrow, watching Trunks lift his gaze up to Kassava, who stared blankly out into the sky in the opposite direction. Vegetto glanced to the side as well, looking over Kassava once before turning back to Trunks, who now stared back into his eyes.

"In private."

Kassava turned her head back to the two, smirking slightly.

"What? I thought we were all supposed to be a team: why can't I listen in?"

Vegetto frowned, his eyebrow still raised.

"Does it have something to do with her?"

Trunks sighed.

"Please guys. I just need to talk to Vegetto. I promise you won't be kept too long in the dark, Kass."

Kassava rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Alright fine, have your little secret meeting then."

Vegetto kept the same perplexed stare, following after Trunks and moving to the side. After walking towards the staircase a few meters away, Trunks soon turned on his heel and abruptly moved up to Vegetto's face, his voice in a low whisper.

"What I'm about to tell you needs to be kept quiet for now."

Vegetto dropped his eyebrow, his tone flat.

"Does this have to do with Zamasu?"

Trunks nodded.

"He made a move for the Scroll of Eternity, but Whis stopped him. He managed to escape into the forbidden eras of history...but that's not important right now."

Trunks peered slightly over Vegetto's shoulder, his narrowed eyes sharpening before turning back to Vegetto.

"Genn's dead."

Vegetto's eyes widened slightly.


Trunks glanced down, his frown returning.

"He was the one that forced the fusion. Kass and him let Zamasu out...and Zamasu made a move for the Time Nest. Genn stopped him but...he died in the fight to make it happen."

Vegetto nodded his head once, inhaling deeply with a heavy scowl.

"And she let him fight with Zamasu."

Trunks nodded, his frustration growing.

"Yeah...Whis even convinced them both to let Zamasu come for the Time Nest. I don't really know why they thought it would be a good idea...but now Genn's dead for it."

Vegetto sighed heavily as well, glancing to the side.

"So, how long do you think we can keep this a secret?"

Trunks shook his head.

"We can't. I need you both back at the Time Vault now."

Vegetto raised an eyebrow, Trunks' eyes narrowing slightly and his tone agitated.

"Beerus is there now, and he's pretty upset about what happened out here with Zamasu. He's trying to convince the Kais that we all need to be destroyed for letting Zamasu escape."

He rolled his eyes slightly.

"Listen...point is, I need you back at the nest to get these gods out of here. They've done nothing but make life hell for us for the past few days and now we got Beerus up there trying to blame us for his mistake, and Whis getting one of our Patrollers killed with his so called 'guidance'. Kass' reaction is a problem on its own that you need to be aware of, but we have to get those two out of here now."

Vegetto dropped his head, pinching the bridge of his nose with two fingers and his free hand sitting on his waist.

"Alright alright...let me think."

He kept his head bowed for a moment, before turning slightly around and waving at Kassava. She perked her head up, moving up to the two with another teasing smirk.

"Finally done?"

Vegetto nodded at her, rising slightly into the air.

"C'mon. We're needed back at the Time Vault."

Without waiting for a reply, he bolted up into the sky towards the portal above, Trunks and Kassava soon following suit. The three flew straight through the glowing white energy separating the worlds, landing gently at the end of the stairsteps leading into the chamber. Trunks walked past both, rising up the steps quickly. Kassava sighed, moving up the first step as well.

"Never a dull moment around here-"

She blinked, running into Vegetto's stiff arm that blocked her passage forward.

"Stay here for a few minutes, Kass."

Kassava blinked, raising an eyebrow.


Vegetto frowned.

"Just wait here."

Kassava narrowed her eyes, her tone flat.

"I'm not a child, Vegetto. You can stop treating me like one now; whatever it is, I can handle it."

Vegetto sighed.

"Look Kass, I know you can handle yourself, but this is something different. Lord Beerus is in there now, trying to warrant our deaths and I need to stop him."

Kassava glanced up with a small scowl.

"So? Why can't I be in there with you and Trunks? Afraid I'll embarrass you or something?"

Vegetto shook his head.

"That's not it at all, it's not even about Beerus. It's just that...something else happened...but we need to take care of Beerus first. Alright?"

Kassava kept her frown.

"What? What happened?"

Vegetto glanced up to the entrance of the Vault, his expression dropping.

"This isn't the time, Kass. Just wait here...please."

Kassava groaned, throwing up both arms and rolling her eyes.

"Oh ok! Sure, just don't trust me anymore! First you let me fight against Black and I nearly get killed before you think it's worth it to come and save me. Then you don't let me fight against Zamasu when he's beating you to a pulp, but tell me that you'd let me defend the Patrol against Lord Beerus if it wasn't for some other secret that you don't want me to know about?"

She dropped her arms.

"Which one is it, huh? Are you gonna just not give a damn about what happens to me or be overly concerned about my safety?! Make up your damn min-"

Kassava's eyes went wide, her rant cut off abruptly by the pair of warm lips pressing into her own. She blinked a couple of times, the realization of what happened slowly dawning on her as she relaxed slightly in Vegetto's grip on her waist, her hands landing on his chest. Vegetto pulled back slowly, breaking the small suction after a few seconds while Kassava glanced down, rubbing her lips slightly on her wrist. She peered back up at him, a small frown forming at the sight of Vegetto's uncharacteristically solemn expression.

"Please Kass...just give me a few minutes. I'll explain everything...just...not now, ok?"

Kassava blinked again, stepping back slightly as Vegetto let go of her waist, her voice soft.


She raised her right eyebrow, the normally confident and cocky attitude completely missing in her soft, timid questioning.

"You promise?"

Vegetto nodded curtly.

"I promise."

Kassava kept her perplexed stare as she watched Vegetto turn up and skip up the stairs quickly, and disappeared into the dark hallway above. She let out a small sigh, turning around sitting down gently onto the stair steps, resting her chin in both hands.

Guess it must be really important.


Forbidden History, Forty Years After the Creation of Universe 7

The dark clouds hanging above the planet cracked with viscous thunder and lightning, the bright flashes of light the only source of energy except for the two raging auras below. Hundreds of Saiyans clad in barbaric rags lined the outskirts of the open plain, encircling around the massive open space in the center where two auras radiated outward from. A few meters apart, the first aura spiraled up as a yellow and red fire, burning brilliantly around a Saiyan warrior with his arms clenched into fist. His scowl was strong, glaring down the opposite warrior with golden pupils, his hair spiked up like a flame. The spikes themselves were crimson red in the center, but gold along the outer edges to match the raging fire surging around his body. His hairstyle was identical to Vegeta's, with the addition of a small floating halo above his hair.

However, on the opposite end, a similar heat swirled around the body of the opposite fighter. His arms hung at his side, the Saiyan warrior clad in a mixture of black and green battle armor, red cloth covering the ends of his boots and wrists. The blue heat radiated off his body in a more contained flow similar to steam, glowing a bright blue and white. Small particles of light floated up around in front of his chest and legs. His black hair was identical to Goku's, the strands slightly raised inside of the blueish fire radiating from his form. A single red bandana covered the Saiyan's forehead, his silver eyes lifting up from the ground.

Bardock's determined glare sharpened, meeting the original Super Saiyan God's fierce rage stricken stare while he spoke with a dark voice.

"So that's your secret power? You feel like a peon to me...little god."

Bardock's voice came out gruff, his tone mostly flat.

"This is your last chance Yamoshi. Give up this conquest or die."

The smaller Saiyan named Yamoshi chuckled lightly in response, the fire growing higher.

"Never. We Saiyans are bred to fight and conquer, every world will rise to test my power."

He scoffed.

"While you rest, in your little kingdom of power."

Bardock stood silently, glaring down Kabage while he chuckled to himself.

"It all ends now. You can no longer control me: I am the true god of the Saiyans! Once I burn these worlds to ash, your precious Toki Toki is next. All your worshipers...all your riches...they die with your oppressive rule."

Bardock perked both eyebrows, Yamoshi's tone growing sinister.

"And then, after your city burns, I'll come for her. She'll die slowly...painfully."

Bardock stared down Yamoshi with a stone faced glare, keeping the same cold and determined composure.

"You won't lay a hand on her."

Both Saiyans then suddenly erupted forward, launching into a furious exchange of blows that shook the entire planet beneath them apart. 


Present Day, Time Vault

Having walked into the inner sanctum of the Vault, Vegetto kept a flat expression with narrowed eyes as he walked down the steps alone. His eyes landed on Beerus, who scowled back at him, arms crossed behind his back.

"Finally, you wake up from your dirt nap on the job."

Vegetto's glare sharpened.

"Sorry, you tend to stay knocked out a little while longer when you put up a fight."

Beerus scoffed.

"And what good has that done for you? Zamasu is still at large."

Vegetto grunted lightly, making his way up to Beerus.

"It shows me who can actually make a difference out there."

Whis' staff lowered in between the two, Beerus and Vegetto both glaring strongly at each other while tensing their muscles. Whis kept a flat stare, his tone warm.

"Settle down, boys. This isn't necessary."

Beerus shifted his stare slightly towards Whis.

"It is entirely necessary! These worthless Time Patrollers have constantly failed to deal with the threat firsthand, and now they have the audacity to talk back to a god?!"

Whis blinked, watching Beerus slap the end of his staff up from blocking the two off.

"You've certainly developed quite an ego for yourself after these countless mistakes in containing a threat your Patrol is supposed to be able to handle. Now the fool is off changing history once again because you can't seem to do your damn job."

Vegetto snarled.

"It wouldn't need to be handled if you didn't decide to just destroy Zamas in the present! You're a god of destruction, but you didn't realize what would happen if you just destroyed another without a care in the world? How is it our fault when we're fighting our best out there and you're sitting all high and mighty in your little palace, refusing to take responsibility for your mistake?!"

Beerus moved forward, his face only centimeters from Vegetto's.

"Zamasu wouldn't be powerful if it wasn't for your Patrol. Another wish from the Super Dragon Balls could've ruined his immortality, but your Patrol was outpaced again by a demon who you have failed to contain for the better half of the year. Let alone the mark you left on history itself, allowing Zamasu to steal a powerful body and become this fused monster once again."

Vegetto moved his own face forward slightly, his forehead nearly touching Beerus'.

"I don't need you reminding me of my mistakes. I'll correct my faults and finish what I started."

His dual voice shifted into a low, threatening tone.

"You should go home and take a nap: this situation is clearly too advanced for a weakling like yourself."

The Supreme Kai of Time gasped slightly, her voice meager.


Beerus' eyes widened slightly as well, Vegetto's glare having remained locked on Beerus.

"What was that?"

Vegetto scoffed.

"A weakling. I've seen a lot of powerful warriors in my time: even the ones who were well beyond my reach. But in all those years, I've never seen someone talk as big as you do, only to fall flat on his ass after one punch."

Vegetto's head suddenly whipped to the side, Beerus' right fist having slammed into his cheek. The fused warrior cried out slightly in pain, stumbling backwards and his legs caving inwards from the blow. Beerus scoffed, dropping his arm.

"How's that for weak?"

The Supreme Kai of Time moved forward, but carefully avoiding stepping in between the two.

"Please stop!"

Beerus kept his eyes forward and ignored the Supreme Kai of Time, watching Vegetto wipe the red trail of blood from the side of his mouth.

"Brag about your cheap shot all you want Beerus."

He straightened himself out, clenching his fists.

"I'm still standing!!"

Beerus snarled, moving forward to throw another punch while Vegetto threw up his arms in anticipation. Whis' hand shot out shortly after, pulling Beerus back by the arm with narrowed eyes.

"That's enough. This is not our domain, Lord Beerus. Show some respect."

Beerus scoffed through a flare of his nostrils, his glare turning from Whis.

"Oh yes, it's the world of Chronoa..."

His eyes sharply turned to the Supreme Kai of Time, his arm still in Whis' grasp.

"Your constant refusal to replace the god of time is where this is all rooted from. If it wasn't for your reluctance, none of this would have ever occurred in the first place."

Whis turned his head slightly as well, his voice flat.

"A god of time would have the neccesary power to wipe Zamasu from existence. At the very least...Vegetto and Trunks here are more than capable of mastering the power and becoming a god. No one is perfect when they first take on the responsibility."

The Supreme Kai of Time frowned, glancing down.

"I know."

Whis' eyebrows sharpened.

"But you still won't grant them the power, will you?"

Vegetto blinked once, turning his eyes to the Supreme Kai of Time. She kept her head low, her expression hidden despite her lack of reply giving Whis the answer to his question. Vegetto frowned slightly, relaxing his arms and watching on as Whis continued.

"Chronoa...what's going on here?"

The Supreme Kai of Time slowly lifted her head, her frown strong.

"Do you know what happens to a god when the Kaioshin their life is tied to, dies?"

Whis nodded curtly.

"They die too."

The Supreme Kai of Time bowed her head slightly.

"The same happens to a Kaioshin if the god they are bond to, dies."

Trunks blinked.

"Then...does that mean the original god of time is alive?"

The Supreme Kai of Time kept a solemn stare.

"Yes...and no."

Her eyes turned slightly to the second scroll glowing an ominous dark hue.

"The Forbidden Scroll is a collection of events in history I have sealed away. Certain changes to history that I could not alter or allow to occur, but mostly to contain powerful warriors not even the gods themselves could face. So...in order to stop them from destroying everything...I trap them in a moment in time, and remove their impact on history itself. Even though they are still connected to history...the events no longer can alter its course. Trapped forever in a loop by the magic that separates them from reality."

Whis raised an eyebrow.

"I'm assuming this has to do with the Original Super Saiyan God as well?"

The Supreme Kai of Time nodded.

"The real Super Saiyan God was nothing like Shenron spoke of: he was ruthless, and only cared about destroying everyone. An unstoppable power...beyond the gods in sheer strength and nearly invulnerable. After he completed the ritual for the first time, he set his sights on the heavens and nearly shattered the fabric of reality in a claim for power."

Whis blinked.

"When was this? I don't recall a being that powerful before."

The Supreme Kai of Time lifted her head slightly.

"It was before your time, Whis, before Beerus. Before nearly everything..."

She moved slightly towards the Forbidden Scroll.

"In the beginning, creation was needed to build the new universes set in place by Zeno. I was a young apprentice back then, having been picked to manage the timestream by your father, the Grand Priest. Like you with Lord Beerus, he instructed me to find a worthy candidate to serve as the god of time: a being I would bind my life to."

Keeping a flat stare, she slowly knelt down when she came up to the scroll, scooping up the parchment in her hand and rising slowly up to her feet.

"I was naive then...and thought it had to be love. So I searched for what little power civilization produced at the time, and that's when I saw him..."

The Supreme Kai of Time lifted her head, a small smile forming.

"A golden warrior, standing up against the first tyrant in history. Becoming the first Super Saiyan...before all others."

Vegetto's eyes widened.


The Supreme Kai of Time nodded once, turning back around to face towards the group.

"He was a little rough around the edges...kind of like you all. But I...well...I fell in love. I convinced the Grand Priest to let him be my champion...and he trained Bardock into a worthy god of time."

She turned her eyes down to the scroll, caressing the parchment lightly.

"We fell in love shortly after...and for a short time, life couldn't have been better. Whatever threat we faced...he was always eager to face it. There wasn't a challenge he backed down from...especially if it was bigger than him."

Her smile faded.

"But then...one day...the real Saiyan god appeared. Threatening all of existence...and he just had to fight him. Flashing that same...cocky grin of his, telling me it would all work itself out in the end."

Whis frowned.

"Then what happened?"

The Supreme Kai of Time inhaled for a moment, sighing heavily before continuing.

"The Saiyan god was too much. We couldn't let the Saiyan god live on, and if Bardock died, then there would be no one left to stop him. He knew he couldn't beat him with the power he had...but he knew the magic of the Forbidden Scroll was unbeatable. He came up with a final plan...to protect my life and the universe all at once."

She glanced down.

"So...I sealed them both away. Those two...trapped forever in battle, never able to escape or die. Apart of history...but detached enough to prevent any real change from occurring."

The Supreme Kai of Time's frown returned.

"I live...but he can never be free. If the seal is broken...he dies."

Beerus and Vegetto both glanced down as well, frowning heavily in the small silence that took over the room. The Supreme Kai of Time finally lifted her chin up, her narrowed eyes matching her stern tone.

"Zamasu is no longer any of your concerns: having locking himself away in the Forbidden history, he can no longer threaten reality. No matter where he pops up, he is trapped in that instance of history forever. Not even he can escape from the magic that binds those moments: this threat is finished."

She turned her eyes to Vegetto.

"It's time we start rebuilding...so we can move on from this destructive rampage. We lost too many good people to him: the Patrol needs us now more than ever."

The Supreme Kai of Time nodded to Genn's body on the table, her eyes still on Vegetto.

"And she's going to need you."

Vegetto kept his frown, turning his eyes up to Genn's body and remaining silent. His eyes diverted at the touch of the Supreme Kai of Time's hand on his leg, glancing down at her and meeting her eyes.

"Don't let her go through that kind of pain alone."

Vegetto glanced to the side, thinking to himself for a moment, before curtly nodding at the Supreme Kai of Time. He turned on his heel, moving up the steps promptly and disappearing into the hallway.


Out in the serene dome of the Time Nest, Kassava curled up slightly with her knees to her chest on the stairstep she sat on. She lightly rocked back in forth out of boredom, staring emptily out into the grass before her.

Geez...they've been in there for awhile. Wish I could at least listen in...but Vegetto really didn't want me there.

She shrugged her shoulders lightly.

He was acting a little strange...come to think of it.

Her eyebrows perked up a bit.

But oh well...that kiss was really sweet of him. Kind of weird that he's all concerned about me right now...but it's nice to see he cares.

Kassava turned her head at the sound of footsteps near her, peering up to see Vegetto already having extended a hand down to help her up. She kept a small smile, taking the hand and moving up to her feet.

"Took you long enough. Is it safe now?"

Vegetto frowned slightly, glancing back up to the entrance.

"I think it's time now. But listen to me Kass."

Kassava raised an eyebrow, following after Vegetto as he guided her up the steps by her hand.

"Whatever happens from here on...please just remember I'm here for you. Ok?"

Kassava frowned as well, trying to meet Vegetto's eyes without any luck.

"What are you talking about? What happened?"

Vegetto bowed his head slightly, having reached the top of the steps. Kassava's frown only deepened, leaning forward slightly to try and peer up into his eyes.

"Vegetto...tell me what's going on."

The fused warrior only sighed lightly, turning his eyes down to her.

"It's about your brother."

Kassava blinked, following after Vegetto as the two disappeared into the dark hallway shortly after.
Chapter 39: Regression

A pair of white gloves continued to shuffle mounds of dirt into a pile, leaving a small mound to rest slightly above the green blades of grass surrounding it on every side. Vegetto's hands paused for a moment once he was satisfied with the final placement of dirt, staring down at the makeshift grave. The fused warrior inhaled deeply, a frown across his face as he slowly rose to his feet.

"There. It'll have to make do for now until we can give him a proper ceremony."

Whis nodded, his flat eyes following Vegetto as he stepped back. The two were the only ones standing within the Time Nest, Vegetto keeping his head turned towards the grave.

"Where did I go wrong, Whis?"

Whis blinked, his eyes still trying to read the stone faced expression on Vegetto's face, the dual voice flat in his speech.

"If I had gotten those senzu beans sooner...maybe he wouldn't have had to fight Zamasu alone. I could've been able to fight those demons sooner...and Trunks could've-"

"That can't be helped, and you know it."

Vegetto fell silent, still staring at the grave. The two shared a small moment of silence, before Vegetto's dual voice rung out again.

"I wasn't strong enough after all. Even after everything that's happened, and the progress I've made...it still wasn't enough to stop him. It took you stepping in to put an end to this all."

Whis nodded once.

"Yes...but Zamasu is only trapped in another reality. Just as the Original Super Saiyan God once transcended the power of time itself, so too can Zamasu if presented with another opportunity. It would be wise to continue training, in case he finds a way to return."

Vegetto sighed lightly.

"Training is the last thing I'd like to do now, Whis. There's so much work to do, an entire city to rebuild and a Patrol that needs new members..."

His eyes lifted to the left towards the glowing portal across the way, his dual voice weary.

"Not to mention the help Kass needs. She couldn't even bring herself to be here."

Whis glanced down towards the grave.

"It is a rather bittersweet victory, isn't it?"

Vegetto kept his frown, glancing back to the grave.

"Yeah...but a victory is a victory I suppose."

His lips rose slightly into a smirk, stifling a small chuckle from out of nowhere as he turned his eyes up to Whis.

"He really got some hits in on Zamasu, huh? No kidding?"

Whis' frown remained, but his eyes lifted slightly.

"He did. He turned it around quite suddenly...it was rather incredible to see. A power I've never seen from a Saiyan before."

Vegetto turned his eyes to the grave, his smirk diminishing slightly.

"Huh...even he managed to dig deep and find some hidden potential to come through in the end for us."

Vegetto turned his head back to Whis, his smirk disappearing and his tone growing serious.

"That power you mentioned...what was it? Blue? Or just the power of the Super Saiyan God?"

Whis shrugged his shoulders slightly.

"I'm not sure, neither to be exact. His power did not increase much at all...but his movements were something similar to what I imagined only the gods were capable of."

Vegetto raised an eyebrow.

"It was that impressive, hmm?"

Whis narrowed his eyes slightly.

"Yes. No wasted movement, his limbs reacting perfectly on their own. A type of approach you've all but abandoned in your own training, haven't you?"

Vegetto glanced back to the side.

"It's a ridiculous concept, Whis. The body is an inanimate object: limbs do not react on their own. Why would I want to chase after this...perfect reaction when I can predict my opponent's moves before they even make them?"

Whis kept his stare strong.

"Did you predict Zamasu breaking out of his holding cell?"

Vegetto narrowed his eyes.

"You know what I meant."

Whis shook his head.

"But you do not. Your elite Patrol and now Genn lie dead because of your inability to predict your opponent's plans. You don't have all the answers, Vegetto."

His eyebrows sharpened.

"So stop pretending like you do."

Vegetto's expression softened, glancing back at Whis. The taller angel stood with his grip tightly locked on his scepter, his expression visibly shaken for the first time. Vegetto frowned slightly at the sight, his expression softening along with his dual voice.

"You've never snapped like that before."

Whis inhaled deeply through his nose, allowing his expression to relax and recompose himself.

"Yes well...even I have my limits when it comes to patience. I did prefer his company to many of the individuals I've met over the years...and to see the how he is merely forgotten by the rest of you is disturbing. Two of his closest 'family' could not bother to be here for him as he's laid to rest, one of which is his only living relative."

He kept his frown.

"The lack of character and respect is normally something I can ignore, but to waste my time when I have put effort into training your band of misfits is another. Especially when the leader has to gall to mouth off to me as if he already knows what real power is."

Vegetto lowered his head, still glancing down while Whis sighed heavily before continuing.

"All life begins with energy, Vegetto. Every limb and organ, whether it is the brain or the arms, is constructed with energy. That means anything with energy inside of it can potentially have a life of its own, including your limbs. If given the chance, they will learn to move on their own using that ki inside, instead of you constantly restricting their growth in attempting to control each limb with your mind."

Whis turned slightly on his heel.

"Genn, the man who stood against his betters and still found a way to make a difference, was able to figure that out in his short time training with me. If you want to be anywhere close to the warrior he was, then I suggest you take another look at my advice and see if you can tap into Ultra Instinct as well. Since this will be the first, and only time I clean up after your mess."

Vegetto turned his eyes up, watching Whis return towards the steps leading up to the Time Vault. Now alone in front of the make shift grave, Vegetto turned his head back to the side slightly and stared down at the mound.

Ultra Instinct, huh?

He turned on his heel as well, dropping his arms to his side.

Fine...I guess you proved it was possible, Genn. You'll be the motivator I need to master it myself.

Vegetto strode forward, heading for the open portal across the way with his head down in his thoughts.

Forbidden History, Forty Years After the Creation of Universe 7

Both Saiyans locked in permanent battle landed opposite from each other, apart by a few meters. Bardock panted heavily, his arms still raised but fatigued while Yamoshi's intense glare nearly covered up the pain in his expression, blood dripping from the edges of his eyes. The two took a moment to collect themselves, Bardock speaking first with a small smirk.

"Amazing. It's been years since we last fought, but you've managed to close the gap like it was nothing. You're even starting to look more like a warrior instead of that whimpy little kid that begged me for training lessons all those years ago."

Yamoshi scoffed, his arm muscles tensing.

"Run your mouth all you want Bardock but this time, it's over for you. No more hiding in the shadows, no more sitting by as my race devolves into a bunch of common primates. I'm taking control and ending this now."

Bardock grunted, narrowing his silver eyes.

"By what, slaughtering whole worlds to prove your strength?"

Yamoshi suddenly bolted forward, his fists soon flying and prompting Bardock onto the defense.

"Those worlds were yours to save, and just like our people, you let them down. Their deaths are your sins to bear, god of time. Not mine!"

Bardock's head whipped to the side, his perfect defense having been shattered by the single punch that escaped his instinct and slamming into his cheek. Stumbling backwards, his body readjusted in time to counter the follow up strike and connect a kick to Yamoshi's stomach. With the assault stopped, Bardock turned his glare back down to Yamoshi as he stumbled backward.

"The Saiyans have always been ruthless and barbaric. My job has never been to protect or redeem them."

Yamoshi snarled, recollecting himself and rising up to his feet.

"Yet they follow your example every single day, the god among them. While I sit on my throne, devoid of worshippers and followers because I try to lead them down a different path from where they want to go."

His eyes narrowed sharply.

"Do you know what it's like? To impose my will, my law onto my subjects and have them turn against me because they know I don't compare to you?! To see entire cities, devastated by crime and vile barbaric practices because they would rather follow your example over mine? No matter how hard I try, no matter what power I show, it never compares to yours!"

Yamoshi snarled once more, raising his fist.

"Imagine my shock, to show my people the power of a Super Saiyan triumphing over the evil of our race. Only to see a hundred more stand up against me, because they wanted to be ruthless like you!"

Bardock kept a stone faced glare, his arms at his side.

"Time flows as it should, Yamoshi, and it's not my fault the Saiyans are what they are. If you want to be such a shining example for your people, then maybe you should get stronger."

Yamoshi chuckled darkly, his fists raising.

"And that's why we're here now. I spent half of my life, looking up to you as a mentor. Following your lead like the others and hoping you could change your ways. But now, when you're faced with the responsibility of your actions, you detach and blame me for your own failings."

His red and gold eyes narrowed, preparing to bolt forward once more.

"It all ends today, Bardock. I won't lose a third time...this universe deserves a better guardian than a strong primate that only knows how to destroy."

Bardock crouched slightly as well, preparing himself for the incoming dash. However, both Saiyans turned their head at the sudden explosion of white and black energy to their left. A small portal soon opened, Zamasu's merged body flying through the opening and crashing into the ground a few feet away. Bardock blinked in confusion, watching Zamasu rise slowly up to his feet.

"Who the hell are you?"

Zamasu dusted off his black robe for a moment, his glare lifting and studying the atmosphere around him.

"The past...this is where the scroll sent me?"

His smirk soon returned, however, clenching his fists together.

"Rejoice, mortals! I am Zamasu, and you will all bow before my glorious, divine ligh-"

Two massive streams of red and white energy rapidly engulfed Zamasu in their deadly energy, the fused Kaioshin's shocked expression remaining on his face as his body disintegrated in the violent energy. Bardock and Yamoshi both lowered the one arm they used to create the beams, both Saiyans soon launching forward shortly after and resuming their battle.


It's all over.

The bright sunlight above shined down on what remained of the broken Conton City, contrasting the dark clouds that hung in the air merely a few hours earlier. A pair of small finches swooped down from a tree that hung over the staircase leading up to the Time Nest, happily chirping as they flew past the lone woman sitting on the edge of the plateau. Kassava sat slumped on the rocky ground, her feet dangling over the edge while she stared down at the city market below. Her eyes lifted at the finches once they passed her, watching them land ontop of a nearby building and turning her eyes to the group of men standing in the center of the market in front. She briefly glanced at Trunks, seeing him direct the workers around the area but too far to hear his direct words, before turning her eyes back down.

You got your big moment...you stopped the bad guy. You saved the universe and everyone's safe...cause of you.

Small trails of water streamed down the sides of her eyes, grimacing lightly as her lower lip quivered.

Hope it was worth it, you stupid idiot.

A pair of white boots tapping along the cement behind her barely registered in her mind, the familiar dual voice slightly jarring her attention.

"We..umm...we finished the burial, Kass. I thought you'd like to know."

Vegetto's intense eyes studied Kassava, falling silent as the gentle breeze ruffled both of their gis. She remained motionless, her head still low with her face hidden. Vegetto glanced uneasily to the side for a moment, inhaling deeply and walking up to her side. He exhaled slowly in a small sigh of relief, lowering himself onto the ground and sitting next to her with his hands in his lap. His eyes wandered for a moment, glancing around at the scenery before speaking in a low, calm tone.

"It's a beautiful day, at least."

No response came from Kassava again, Vegetto's eyes turning slightly to her. A small frown formed on the fused warrior's face at her lack of response, shifting his gaze down as well.

"You never liked him."

Vegetto perked his eyebrows, turning his head at the small sound that came up from Kassava. His small elation at hearing her speak quickly vanished at the thought she presented, his eyes turning down.


"Please don't lie to me."

Vegetto turned his head up, his eyes watching her closely. Her head had shifted slightly towards him, but her face still hung low enough to hide her expression. He glanced back out over the city, his eyes narrowing.

"You know that isn't true, Kass. I was...well...I was disappointed in what he was."

He frowned slightly.

"But...I realize now that had nothing to do with what he had done. It was how it...reminded me of someone else."

Kassava peered up slightly, her eyes finally finding Vegetto's face while he dropped his slightly.

"I saw a man trying desperately to be someone he wasn't. Fighting against a past he couldn't hope to overcome, believing in a dream that was beyond his reach."

He lifted his hands slightly, peering down at the white gloves and blue gi.

"He probably woke up everyday, attempting to tell himself he was someone new, someone...different than that past. But no matter what he did, or how hard he tried, he'd still wake up with the same reminders of who he really is deep down inside."

Vegetto dropped his hands, his chin lifting slightly.

"Then today happened, and...well...everything sort of changed. He woke up a failure, a man with nothing but a vision greater for himself and stood against those impossible odds. He may have lost his life...but he gained so much more in the end than I could've imagined."

Kassava blinked a couple of time, her voice lifting.

"What do you mean?"

Vegetto stifled a chuckle, flashing a small smirk back at Kassava.

"He proved his vision wasn't just a dream or a lie after all."

Kassava blinked, stunned as she stared up at Vegetto while he turned his head forward.

"So, now I realize that there is a chance for all of us. Men with only failure and regret rising up to save everyone, and soulless bodies being more than memories of past lives."

Vegetto perked his eyebrows slightly at the sensation of a smaller pair of arms wrapping around his ribs, turning his head down in time to see Kassava nestle her head into the side of his chest. Her voice came out soft, her grip around his midsection constricting tightly.

"You're already more than that to me."

Vegetto's lips rose slightly into a warm smile, resting his arm around Kassava's shoulder and pulling her close.

"I may not be him...but I'll be here if you need me, Kass."

Kassava kept her warm smile, shifting slightly underneath Vegetto's arm.

"Thank you."


Back in the Time Vault, Whis entered with his head turned down slightly. His normal, nonchalant expression was missing in his more bleak stare. His empty eyes were glancing down towards the floor as he walked, his deep thoughts being interupted by the sudden urging voice of Beerus.

"Whis, we need you to take a look at this."

Whis blinked once, moving up next to Beerus and glanced down. The Forbidden Scroll had been rolled out, the screen depicting the image of Zamasu being vaporized by the blasts of the two Saiyans. The taller angel narrowed his eyes slightly, turning his eyes up to the Supreme Kai of Time.

"What am I seeing here?"

The Supreme Kai of Time kept a small frown.

"Zamasu appeared in the frozen loop of history with Bardock and Yamoshi, where he's clearly outmatched by their power. This is an oversight I made about his threat on time."

Her right arm reached out and waved her hand over the screen, the battle between both Saiyans whizzing by like a fast forward movie. The image soon slows to show Bardock kneeling on one leg, clutching his side with a smirk while Yamoshi looms over him with a raised blade of energy around his hand.

"The battle goes on for another two hours of real time, but Bardock eventually starts to wear out faster than Yamoshi. Right before the killing blow is dealt...he asks me to loop this moment in history. So originally, that history immediately restarts right before Yamoshi can deal the killing strike."

The image shifts again, showing the initial moment of Bardock and Yamoshi standing across from each other in their transformed states. The Supreme Kai of Time waved her hand again, the initial battle beginning and whizzing past until the image slowed to show Zamasu reappearing in the middle of the fight.

"But now, Zamasu has shown up. The magic binding these two forever in combat was made only for that entire reality: those two, the amount of ground they used in combat, the air itself, everything was locked in by that magic. We created a bubble to keep those two completely separated from the flow of history."

Whis nodded.

"And Zamasu landing in that specific loop is like a nail popping that bubble?"

The Supreme Kai of Time nodded.

"I'm doing my best to slow the degradation, but that Time Ring of his is the real problem. The flow of time means that Zamasu can continue to appear hundreds and hundreds of times over again, and thanks to the Time Ring, his body undergoes the benefits of near death erasure instead of being trapped in a loop with the rest of them. With every erasure he undergoes, his body recovers and becomes stronger thanks to those Saiyan cells. Eventually...he'll become strong enough to destroy those two altogether and shatter the fabric of my magic locking away that history. If he can break free with that kind of power...no one will be able to stop him."

Whis nodded, turning on his heel promptly.

"I'll inform the others at once."

The taller angel promptly moved towards the exit, leaving the others to mull over the Scroll in silence.


Back outside of the Time Nest, Vegetto and Kassava still sat together on the cliff edge. Vegetto peered down, raising an eyebrow at Kassava.

"Feeling better?"

Her head rubbed up and down along his gi, prompting a small chuckle from Vegetto.

"Good, are you hungry? I could make you something to eat back at my place."

The rubbing along his gi was from side to side this time.

"No thanks. Maybe later."

Vegetto nodded, but slowly pulled his arm back. Kassava blinked in confusion, stumbling slightly but finding her balance as Vegetto pulled away.

"Well...I better get to work then. I'm sure Trunks needs another pair of hands down there."

Kassava frowned back in response, sitting with a small slouch and spoke with a soft voice again.

"Oh...ok then."

Vegetto rose slightly into the air, his happy expression completely contrasting Kassava's gloomy stare.

"See you at home Kass!"

Without waiting for a response, he suddenly dashed back down towards the ground near the ruined city skyline. Kassava frowned as she watched him land right next to Trunks, her head dipping slightly.

Ok...see you...

The sound of the portal morphing once more did nothing to deter attention, Kassava keeping her head low as Whis casually strode up next to her.

"Hmm, where is Vegetto?"

Kassava peered up slightly, her voice flat.

"He's helping Trunks down there."

Whis glanced down to the city below, finding both Vegetto and Trunks conversing in the middle of the rubble with workers all around them. His narrowed eyes turned away, however, to Kassava.

"Did he talk to you about the burial?"

Kassava kept her head down.


Whis kept his same expression.

"You should have been there."

Kassava dropped her head slightly.

"I know."

Whis' eyes grew sharper.

"Then why weren't you?"

He stood for a few seconds, waiting for a reply. His expression softened slightly, however, at the sound of Kassava's small whimpers and sniffles. Whis frowned slightly, unable to see her face but the small droplets of water falling from the sides of her chin. A small heat radiated from his arm, prompting him to raise it slightly. He blinked in confusion at the sight of a white light forming once again, along with a familiar voice ringing out.

"Hey, leave her alone. She's been through enough today."

Kassava blinked as well, her head whipping up.


Whis stared down at his arm in confusion, which lifted slightly in the white glow on its own. Genn's voice came out again, but more timid and soft this time.

"Hey Kass. I...um...wanted to apologize for yesterday. But if I told you what I was planning...you might have ruined my chance."

Kassava stared up wide eyed, still silent as Whis' arm twitched more again and Genn's voice lifted with a peppy pitch.

"It all worked out though! I'm still here...well...sort of! Anyway...I know you guys are probably confused, but I wanted to thank you, Whis, for letting me use your body as a vessel for now."

Whis kept a small frown.

"Genn...do you realize how much of a crime this is? Only one soul should be connected to a body, you were supposed to leave for the Otherworld as soon as your body passed."

Whis' arm twitched slightly, Genn's voice dropping slightly.

"Yeah yeah, I know it is. But like Chronoa said...Zamasu is still a threat. And I did tell you what I was doing, didn't I?"

Whis sighed.

"Yes, but please hurry up and make your point. Unless you have a plan that requires your services, I have to expel your soul. Your presence alone is already affecting my mind enough...I won't endure it for much longer if there isn't plan that needs you."

Whis' arm twitched again, Genn's voice coming out flat.

"Then pass me off to Kass. She's the one who will need my soul anyway."

Whis nodded, lowering his arm to Kassava. She blinked in confusion, staring at the glow appendage as it twitched slightly once more.

"Go on, take his hand Kass. Unless you want me to burn in Hell for eternity and all that."

Kassava suddenly shook her head, rapidly reaching up and gripping Whis' hand with her left arm.

"No no! I just...I don't know what's going on."

The white glow began to transfer between the arms, Kassava's left arm soon radiating with the same white energy. She blinked down at the sight of her arm twitching, Genn's voice coming out closer to her now from the source.

"There we go, that's part one. So Whis...the plan is simple."

Whis rubbed his head for a moment, relief across his expression while Genn continued.

"You need someone to take care of Zamasu, and I think Kass here can do the job with my help. Using the same ritual that Yamoshi used to power up. Why not let Vegetto and Trunks sit this one out, and give us a chance to finish what we started hmm?"

Whis kept a flat stare, glancing to the side towards where Vegetto and Trunks worked.

"Why should I keep this a secret from them? I would imagine with all of you working together, you would do better against Zamasu."

Kassava kept her stare training on her arm, watching it twitch along with Genn's serious voice.

"Because Chronoa also needs a replacement for the god of time. This is our chance to prove ourselves and give her a worthy replacement."

Whis turned his head back towards Genn, a small smile returning.

"Ah...so that was your end goal along. You knew you wouldn't be able to beat Zamasu...but with the power of the real Super Saiyan God, she might be able to."

Kassava's arm twitched again.

"C'mon Whis. This is our chance: I have a plan to fix that era in the Forbidden Scroll and stop Zamasu all at once if you'll let us."

Whis stifled a small chuckle, his smile remaining.

"Alright Genn, I'll play along one more time. I'm assuming you have a plan to gather the souls you need as well to make this transformation possible?"

Kassava blinked in confusion, struggling to process the conversation as her arm twitched more.

"Yes...I know just who to ask."

His voice grew softer, the arm bending towards Kassava.

"Hey Kass, how would you like to take a trip to see mom and dad?"
Chapter 40: Godly Duty


"No. This task is beyond you."

Beerus held narrowed eyes, his voice having been curt in the delivery of the sentence. His glare lifted up from Kassava for a moment to study Whis, who stood at the Saiyan woman's side with a small smile. Kassava's own shocked stare contrasted Whis' calm demeanor, clenching her fists with a scowl.

"Why?! We need to act now or Zamasu will become too powerful for anyone to stop!"

Beerus scoffed in response.

"Zamasu is a novice, he only knows how to increase his power. Your Patrol has proven too inept to handle his crimes...besides..."

His scowl sharpened intensely.

"That bastard made a fool out of me earlier. I will be the one to destroy him."

Kassava lowered her arms, her voice low.

"Yeah, because that will work out better than your first attempt."

Beerus' eyes immediately widened, his voice slightly raising.

"How dare you! You ungrateful little Saiyan-"

"Now now Lord Beerus. There's no need to lose our temper here."

Beerus turned his eyes up at the sight of Whis' scepter lowering in front of him, the taller angel now holding a small frown.

"She does have a point after all: you used your powers of destruction to erase Zamasu for the second time now. The first led to this entire situation, and the second only made him stronger. Perhaps it is best we approach this matter with a different strategy."

Beerus grunted.

"And what can she possibly do? Zamasu caught me off guard, but I am more than capable of defeating him in combat. He relies on his immortal body for too much: chasing power instead of perfecting his skill in combat."

Whis nodded once.

"True, but no matter the skill in battle, the power to destroy an immortal god is currently beyond your reach."

Beerus blinked.

"Excuse me?!"

Whis narrowed his own eyes slightly at the shocked reaction.

"You heard me. You do not possess the power to destroy immortality: that is a realm reserved only for a few individuals in existence."

He nodded towards Kassava.

"She could become one of them, should we complete the ritual of the Super Saiyan God."

Beerus kept his stunned, annoyed expression. He shook his head once, placing his hands on his hips.

"The Super Saiyan God? Whis, you saw that prophecy in action first hand. Goku was nowhere near my power when we battled on Earth."

Whis chuckled to himself, covering his mouth.

"Oh my, I forgot to mention our latest discovery to you! My apologies, Lord Beerus, you have outdated information."

Beerus narrowed his eyes.


Whis stifled his chuckle, clearing his throat.

"Well, the form you witnessed on Earth was an incomplete version of Super Saiyan God. There were two discrepancies that led to its weakened state: the mixed blood of the Saiyans involved in the ritual, and the transfer of energy. Only two full blooded Saiyans were involved in the ritual, thus limiting its growth."

He raised his right pointer finger.

"However, the transfer of power was the main problem. Like energy, the soul is able to produce the so called 'inner light' needed to empower the one Saiyan. Therefore, in order to truly absorb all of one's individual 'light', the ritual requires the other Saiyans to infuse their very soul into another."

Beerus frowned in response, his tone falling flat.

"So what is the point to all this? That this 'true Super Saiyan God' is capable of destroying Zamasu?"

Whis nodded curtly.

"Yes. I can say that the form is capable of producing enough power to overcome the magic that protects Zamasu's body."

He then turned his eyes to the Supreme Kai of Time.

"Combined with the magic of time, however, this Super Saiyan God could also erase Zamasu's existence from reality itself. You've only granted her a fraction of that magic as a Patroller: she needs a connection to you in order to draw enough power plug this leak once and for all."

Kassava blinked, turning her head up to Whis with a low whisper.

"Whis...that wasn't the plan."

Whis kept his attention forward, watching the Supreme Kai of Time frown back at him.

"We can talk about that later, Whis. Right now, we need to focus on just containing Zamasu."

Whis kept a flat tone.

"There is nothing to talk about and containment is no longer a proper strategy. She is the only one you have that can become a god: your Patrol lacks any other credible candidates. Your strongest warrior, Vegetto, has no soul to bind with."

The Supreme Kai of Time raised an eyebrow.

"What about Trunks? He's more deserving than she is."

Whis nodded.

"Perhaps, but he does not want it. I tested the conviction of both when I trained them, and while he was more than capable of the task, I could tell his heart did not want it. He is content with his position as merely a guardian, and there are plenty of those to come by in the Patrol."

His eyes shifted down to Kassava.

"What you really need, is a leader."

Kassava blinked hard a couple of times, staring up at Whis while the Supreme Kai of Time sighed heavily.

"And you really believe she has what it takes?"

Whis broke out into a warm smile.

"She's inexperienced, but with the right guidance, I'm sure she can become a great god of time."

The Supreme Kai of Time kept her frown, turning her eyes to Kassava. The small Kaioshin moved forward slowly, coming within a few feet of Kassava with her hands on her hips.

"That's quite an endorsement, Whis. Are you offering to train her as well?"

Whis' smile disappeared.

"No, it is not my place. The gods we train are destroyers, free to shape their reality before them as they see fit. Meaning their mentoring is not exactly reliant on intelligence: a powerful being is sufficient in shaping universes."

His eyes shifted towards Kassava.

"However, the gods of time act as architects to the reality that destroyers live in, and thus, require more guidance in shaping the future for the civilizations born from the destroyer's actions. That is why our father personally oversees their instruction, and leaves the other angels to attend to the gods of destruction."

Kassava blinked, glancing between Whis and Beerus.

"Wait...so does that mean I'd be Beerus' superior?"

Whis turned his head up instantly at the responding snarl from Beerus, who angrily glared back at Kassava.


The taller angel glanced back down to Kassava with a smile.

"Yes. A destroyer is not permitted to interfere with the history of the universe, but an architect can command a destroyer to spare certain worlds necessary for historical development."

He sighed lightly.

"The politics of the role can be discussed later on, but for now, I must reiterate that Zamasu is a leak that only a god of time can take care of."

Whis narrowed his eyes at Chronoa.

"Will you do what needs to be done?"

The attention of the remaining individuals in the room all turned to the Supreme Kai of Time, who held a small frown. She kept her head low for a moment, her stare mostly empty. She soon turned her head back up, her voice low.

"Can all of you wait outside for a few minutes? I want to talk to Kass alone."

Whis bowed his head lightly, promptly turning on his heel and heading for the exit. Beerus' narrowed eyes landed on the Supreme Kai of Time for a minute, before also turning around and strolling towards the staircase. The pair of deities had already left the room by the time the Elder Kai had moved to the edge of the staircase, glancing back at Chronoa for a moment before slowly climbing up the steps as well.

Kassava watched the others leave with an anxious stare, fidgeting slightly and facing back towards the Supreme Kai of Time. The two stood in silence for a few seconds, Kassava audibly clearing her throat.

"So...what did you want to talk about?"

The Supreme Kai of Time instantly narrowed her eyes.

"I want to make one thing clear right now before we go any further."

She placed her hands back on her hips.

"You are not ready for a bond like this, Kassava, and if I have any opinion on the matter, you might never be ready. After what I've seen the past few days alone, you've shown a great deal of arrogance and stupidity far more dangerous than Vegetto himself."

Kassava frowned heavily, watching the Supreme Kai of Time's scowl sharpen alongside her strict tone.

"Why in the world should I give you the power to control history itself?"

Kassava met the Kai's glare with one of her own.

"You heard Whis. We need that advantage."

The Supreme Kai of Time scoffed.

"Yes, because whatever Whis says is automatically correct. Right?"

Kassava raised an eyebrow.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

The Supreme Kai dropped her arms.

"Let me ask you this first: what do you think I was doing, hiding with the rest of Patrol while you three fought against Black and the demons? Or maybe, how lacking do you think my intelligence is?"

She took a step forward.

"Do you really believe I don't know everything that happens here, in my Time Vault? That I just casually forgot about you and your brother breaking in and causing a rift in the timestream with your Kaioken stunt?"

Kassava kept her frown, glancing to the side.

"No...but...it wasn't that big of a deal."

The Supreme Kai rolled her eyes in disbelief, turning back to Kassava with a scolding tone.

"Not a big deal?! You just heard what it means to be a god of time, and the amount of control you have over reality itself. You could ruin history entirely if you are not able to handle the domino effects your actions have on the world."

She frowned slightly hesitating for a moment before speaking back up with a firm tone.

"Perhaps your most recent mistake would teach you better. Given that if you hadn't just blindly followed orders from another and thought for yourself, your brother might still be alive."

Kassava's eyes instantly widened, locking with the Supreme Kai of Time's as she continued with a stone faced expression.

"Don't start that attitude with me. All of us here have lost someone, you aren't the only one that's gone through this."

Kassava's eyebrows twitched, the rage slowly mounting in her expression as the Supreme Kai of Time met her glare with a sharp stare.

"Your pride and anger got you in trouble with Black, and if it wasn't for Vegetto, you would've gotten yourself and Trunks killed. Then you let Towa free Zamasu, and he goes on to not only kill your brother, but fuse with Black to create a threat that not even the god of destruction can fix. One mistake after another, always jumping in head first and letting the circumstances determine the result."

She perked an eyebrow.

"So then Kass, where do the mistakes stop? When do you and Vegetto both start acting like adults for a change, and maybe take a step back to think before you do something reckless and stupid?"

Kassava's rage barely subsided, her wide eyed glare accenting the venom dripping from her voice, yet containing her composure.

"I don't speak for him."

The Supreme Kai kept her flat tone.

"But you speak for yourself. Vegetto has proven to be a reckless loose cannon with his pride and love for battle, so I already know I can't expect him to be a god. I've seen him nearly kill the only family he has left over his pride at his worst, but in you, I see something far worse than a simple warrior with too much power and not enough empathy for others."

She kept a narrowed glare.

"I know what's going to happen if I let you take on Zamasu. You'll go after him, you'll lose control, and who knows how much you will destroy in the process. With the ability to distort time, you could easily break past the limitations that even Beerus can't circumvent. Leading to potential damage to the time stream that I can't even begin to fathom."

The Supreme Kai of Time glanced to the side, the sight of the Forbidden Scroll's glow expanding outwards causing her to waver slightly in her stern expression. She kept a small frown, sighing lightly before facing back towards Kassava.

"If I give you this power...I want you to promise me that you won't lose control. That whatever happens, you do what needs to be done and nothing more. Understand?"

Kassava's narrowed eyes only grew sharper, staring down at the Supreme Kai. Her upper lip quivered slightly, her nostrils flaring only for a moment before exhaling a quick expulsion of air. Her voice came out trite and curt, the anger still strongly resonating in her eyes as she spoke only a single word.


The Supreme Kai of Time frowned at the sight, locking eyes with a stern stare of her own. She broke momentarily at the pulse of energy that surged around the Forbidden Scroll, glancing down to the floor before turning her head back up to Kassava.

"I used to dream of the day when I finally found a worthy candidate to replace the husband I lost. I thought it came the day Vegetto told me about a talented fighter he wanted to train, and I saw her become powerful enough to earn a place as a guardian of Earth. Even the mentor of Lord Beerus recommended her to become a god, a kind of praise that he has never given out before."

She looked Kassava up and down once, noting the Saiyan woman's lack of change in expression.

"So here you are at last. The new god of time with all the support in the universe, replacing the man I loved."

Her gaze sharpened.

"It's a shame that you're nothing but a massive disappointment."

The Supreme Kai raised both hands, holding them up to Kassava.

"Take my hands. Let's get this over with."

Kassava glanced down, reaching out and taking hold of both hands in front of her. A small white light began to resonate from the Supreme Kai of Time's chest, Kassava's eyes following the two white lines that began to flow from the center up and through the Kai's arms. A prickly, cold sensation hit Kassava's body once the light connected through her hands for the first time, traveling through her own arms and soon stopping once it connected to her heart. The completed pathway visibly resonated for only a few seconds before it faded completely, the Supreme Kai of Time pulling her hands back once it had fully disappeared.

"There, it's done."

Kassava glanced down at her hands, studying them.

"I don't feel different."

The Supreme Kai of Time kept a flat voice.

"It's the same sensation you had as a Patroller: the elite warriors all are protected by distortions and changes to history through my magic. It granted you immortality since you three were the ones that I personally relied on the most, so you shouldn't notice much of a difference."

She frowned.

"With Vegetto and Trunks, however, I could pull the plug on them at any time if they proved to be a threat to history. The very same magic that I could take from them is the same pool of energy that you can now draw from at will. The real difference now, is that I can do nothing to stop you."

Kassava turned her narrowed eyes up to the Supreme Kai, dropping her arms at her sides. Without saying a word, she brushed past the Supreme Kai of Time and moved up to the Scroll of the Forbidden Eras, her eyes locked on the purple glow. The Supreme Kai of Time turned her head, watching her with a small frown.

"You're missing the transformation you need to fight him."

Kassava shook her head.

"I have the souls I need. With those two...we'll have the five Saiyans we need."

She reached out, grasping the parchment in her right hand and holding it up. Her glare remained strong as the blinding white light began to overtake her entire body, her tone low.

"Nothing will stop me this time."

Kassava soon vanished into the light shortly after, the parchment lightly landing back onto the table with a small thud. The Supreme Kai of Time kept her head forward, standing in silence for a few seconds and keeping her eyes trained on the table, despite Whis' voice ringing out behind her.

"I see you forged the bond. Congratulations...I should inform the Grand Priest at once."

The Supreme Kai of Time kept her head forward.

"There isn't time for that. Go get the others."

Whis raised an eyebrow, staring down at her as Beerus and the Elder Kai both soon entered into the Vault once again.


The Supreme Kai of Time turned her head back to Whis with a small frown.

"Something is off about her. Zamasu might not be the only threat anymore."
Chapter 41: Union of Rivals

Forbidden Era, Forty Years After the Creation of Universe 7

"It all ends today, Bardock. I won't lose a third time...this universe deserves a better guardian than a strong primate that only knows how to destroy."

Bardock crouched slightly as well, preparing himself for the incoming dash. However, both Saiyans turned their head at the sudden explosion of white and black energy to their left. A small portal soon opened, Zamasu's merged body flying through the opening and crashing into the ground a few feet away. Bardock blinked in confusion, watching Zamasu rise slowly up to his feet.

"Who the hell are you?"

Zamasu dusted off his black robe for a moment, his glare lifting and directly locking onto Bardock.

This should be plenty.

His smirk soon returned, however, clenching his fists together.

"Rejoice, mortals! I am Zamasu, and you will all bow before my glorious, divine ligh-"

Two massive streams of red and white energy rapidly shot forward at Zamasu once more, but the Kaioshin had already thrown up his arms to catch both beams in his open palms. His arms steadied underneath the sheer power of the two energy streams, his confidence rising with his smirk as he roared at the top of his lungs, swiping his arms outward and sending the beams flying in opposite directions. Bardock and Yamoshi both gasped at the sight, stepping back slightly as Zamasu slowly straightened himself out, grinning mischievously at the two Saiyans.

"Not bad. Not bad at all, mortals."

Yamoshi's eyes narrowed into a strong glare, clenching his fists together as the flame aura around his body surged heavily. His eyes turned, however, at the sound of Bardock's cautious voice.

"Yamoshi...wait. This guy..."

Yamoshi raised an eyebrow, watching Bardock take a second to look over Zamasu.

"His energy is unlike anything I've ever felt. We need to be careful."

Yamoshi scoffed, crouching down.

"Tsk, don't belittle me with your coddling. Once he dies, you're next."

Bardock blinked, his hair blasting back from the force of Yamoshi's sudden dash forward. The Super Saiyan God roared, closing the gap to Zamasu in an instant and lunging forward with a flurry of punches aimed at his chest. Zamasu's head whipped back, his body sliding along the ground as Yamoshi connected every blow to the fallen Kaioshin's chest. The fists continue to pound into Zamasu's chest, slowly denting into his robe and caving in around the blows with each strike until Yamoshi's arms were a quarter of the way into Zamasu's dented body. Yamoshi's eyes suddenly went wide, the flurry abruptly coming to a halt as the robe seemingly gripped onto his arm like puddy, both of his fists locked inside of Zamasu's chest at the forearms. Zamasu's dark smirk remained, staring down.

"Yes...more. My body goes stronger with every blow."

Yamoshi blinked hard in confusion, but soon whipped his head back from the force of Zamasu's own forehead slamming into his. Yamoshi yelped in pain, nearly falling back as the puddy-like skin around his restrained arms loosened enough for him to stumble back a step. Zamasu slung his right elbow forward, promptly punting Yamoshi back across the ground and sending him tumbling into the dirt.

A flare of fire and raw energy exploded the ground promptly where Yamoshi had fallen, the original Super Saiyan God now standing fully upright with clenched fists and narrowed eyes. He panted lightly, glancing over his own body for a second before turning his intense glare back to the merged Zamasu.

"Tsk...so you're a mimic, is that it? Stealing my power for yourself?"

Zamasu kept his smirk, floating forward.

"Not directly...but in a way...yes. Your struggles will give me the strength I need to fufil my destiny."

Yamoshi gasped, his eyes growing wide at the sight of Zamasu instantly closing the gap and launching his forehead forward, slamming it into Yamoshi's. The Super Saiyan God winced, stumbling back only a step before recomposing himself, launching his left knee up into Zamasu's torso. Zamasu's eyes went wide as well, coughing heavily from the impact as Yamoshi's elbow shot down into his back. Slamming into the hard ground, Zamasu laid face first into the dirt while Yamoshi shook off his hand with a scoff.

"How pathetic. Even with my power, you're still just a weakling."


Bardock watched the two with narrowed eyes, the silver glow in his pupils glinting at the sudden emergence of a bright white light. He cocked an eyebrow, shifting his stare to Kassava as she slowly emerged from the light that faded around her form.

"I recognize that light..."

He kept a flat stare.

"I thought my orders were clear. I told Chronoa not to send any of the mercenaries in. Get out of here now."

Kassava slightly shifted her eyes to Bardock, holding a scowl on her face as she spoke.

"She didn't send me in for you or your friend over there."

Her eyes locked onto Zamasu on the floor, the glare sharpening.

"I'm here for that."

Bardock shifted his head again, looking towards Zamasu, before back down to Kassava.

"Then you're definitely not needed. Yamoshi has this under control, go back to the Time Nest. You're not needed here."

Kassava's scowl lifted up to Bardock, her voice flat.

"Yes I am. You two won't defeat him because you physically can't. That being over there is an immortal god: his body will regenerate anything you deal to it because you don't have enough raw power to overcome the magic protecting him. Lend me your spirits, and I can end this before you two mess up this situation even more than it already is."

Bardock grunted, his eyes still narrowed.

"And why should I lend you my soul?"

Kassava kept her scowl.

"Because you've been dead for millions of years and have no use for it anymore. Outside of this magical seal in history, you two don't exist. As soon as Zamasu breaks the magic binding this moment in time...that will be the end of you. No more Bardock...no more Yamoshi."

She crossed her arms as well, glaring strongly up at him.

"So you can either help me, the new god of time, or you can enjoy being wiped from history altogether."

Bardock frowned.

"What are you talking about?"

Kassava snarled slightly in annoyance.

"You are dead, damnit!"

She scoffed with a frustrated grunt.

"Are you deaf or just too stupid to figure out what my words mean?"

Bardock turned his head down, ignoring the blatant insult as he processed the information. He still held a small frown, glancing to the side.

"He really killed me after all..."

Bardock turned his head back to Kassava, narrowing his eyes once more.

"I want to talk to her."

Kassava kept her fierce stare.

"I don't care what you want. I came here to complete this ritual and kill that son of a bitch."

Bardock broke out into a small smirk, his tone sarcastically mocking Kassava.

"Then I guess there's nothing left to talk about. You let me talk to Chronoa, or I keep my soul. Your call."

Kassava raised her right hand, the open palm covering the right side of her upper torso.

"Fine, then we'll have to do this the hard way."

Bardock raised an eyebrow, watching a small glow of yellow form between Kassava's open palm and her gi, the energy roaring to life as she spoke.

"She and I are connected now. Do what I say, or I kill myself and take her with me."


"What the hell is she doing?"

The Supreme Kai of Time frowned heavily at the sight of Kassava threatening herself in front of Bardock, covering her mouth with both hands while the other three Kais and gods watched the Scroll with narrowed eyes, Vegetto and Trunks also now standing around the table. Beerus spoke next, rubbing his chin.

"It's an interesting tactic, actually. Forcing Bardock to cooperate would be beneficial, but she simply could have allowed him just to speak with you if she only cared about completing the ritual. Creating hostile tension with him seems pointless; something doesn't quite add up with her attitude."

The Elder Kai leaned closer to the screen, squinting his eyes.

"She has been acting more aggressively since her brother's death.  Perhaps she is just that eager for revenge?"

Whis kept a flat stare.

"It still does not explain her hostility towards Bardock. Her anger would indeed be high at the prospect of fighting Zamasu, but presented with a simple demand to speak with Chronoa, she blatantly refused him. It would have taken no effort at all on her part, and she would have what she's after."

Vegetto kept his arms folded across his chest, staring down at the screen with narrowed eyes and speaking with a flat tone.

"It was an attack on her pride. She made a demand, Bardock refused and gave her an alternative. If she had accepted, she would have lost that little exchange. Winning this argument is just as important to her as killing Zamasu."

Trunks shook his head.

"Why does that matter though?"

Vegetto nodded to the screen.

"Just look at how stubborn she is acting. This isn't just blind anger: everything she is doing right now is pure arrogance. She went from having confidence issues to being too arrogant in a matter of hours. Genn's death wouldn't cause something like that."

Whis perked his eyebrows, the realization dawning on him.

"It has to do with the souls."

The others turned their heads to Whis, the taller angel slowly returning to his usual flat stare.

"Bodies were never meant to hold more than one soul within, and she now has three housed in her mind. This attitude is only the beginning: unless she completes this ritual soon and absorbs those souls, she may very well lose her mind to the strain."

The Supreme Kai of Time kept her frown, peering up at Whis.

"So what do we do? I can talk to Bardock...I know he'll help if he knows what's going on."

Whis turned his gaze to her.

"That would risk Kassava's temper, she is fragile right now. If you undermine her here, she may follow through with the threat just to have the last word over Bardock. We have to let this play out...Bardock should come around all the same."

Vegetto kept his eyes trained on the scroll, scoffing slightly.

"You better be right about this transformation, Whis. The second she does something stupid...I'm going in there."

Whis nodded.

"Very well. We may need you to finish this if she fails."

Vegetto's dual voice remained flat.

"It has nothing to do with the mission."

Whis perked his eyebrows again, shifting his stare to Vegetto from the scroll and studying him for a moment in confusion. His eyebrows lowered slightly soon, his lips slowly rising into a small smile at the realization before turning back to the scroll.

"Ah, I see. She is in good hands then."

Vegetto only grunted in response, staring down with narrowed eyes at the screen as the entire room fell silent, watching the scene unfold before them in the Forbidden Era.


Bardock met Kassava's eyes with his own, the silver shine glinting from the yellow light radiating from Kassava's hand. His voice came out low and threateningly.

"You wouldn't dare."

Kassava remained completely locked.

"Try me."

Bardock kept a heavy scowl, staring down Kassava for a moment before turning his head to the sky. He looked over the clouds for a moment, before letting out a heavy sigh and turning his head back down to Kassava.

"Alright...fine. You win."

Kassava lowered her arm, the energy dissipating away.

"Good. Now...go get that idiot over there and get him to help with the ritual. I need both of you to make this work."

Bardock tensed suddenly, a powerful shockwave shaking the ground and jolting his attention. He quickly lept forward, chasing after Yamoshi who flipped backwards in the air across the way.

Righting himself in mid air, Yamoshi shot up into the sky in flames. Stopping above the clouds, he snarled as he clenched his fists together. His eyes turned slightly, watching Bardock fly up to him with narrowed eyes.

"Yamoshi, listen to me. I've got a plan to beat this guy...but I need your help to make it work."

Yamoshi straightened himself out, his tone sarcastic.

"Oh this outta be good."

Bardock narrowed his eyes slightly.

"It has to do with your form, the ritual that made it possible. With the two of us combining our souls into another, they'll have enough power to overcome this guy."

Yamoshi cocked an eyebrow.

"You want me to combine souls with you?"

Bardock nodded once.

"Yeah...think about it. Whoever we bind with will have amazing strength."

Yamoshi chuckled heavily, glancing back to the side with a scowl.

"Sorry, the offer's tempting but I decline."

Bardock grunted.

"That isn't an option here. Stop being crying about your pride and come help me."

Yamoshi snarled.

"Get away from me Bardock! I'd rather lose my body than have anything to do with you!"

Bardock frowned in response, but quickly jolted his head to the side at the approaching energy signature. Zamasu closed in heavily on the two, the villain's sinister smirk growing by the second. Yamoshi's firey aura flared up once more, prompting Bardock to spin around.

"You've already tried this Yamoshi, you can't beat him like this!! This ritual is our only chance!"

Yamoshi floated forward, pushing Bardock to the side by merely dropping his shoulder and bumping him.

"Out of my way!"

Curling his arm back, Yamoshi slung a massive red sphere of energy from his palm, the blast rapidly closing in on the approaching Zamasu, who lifted his head up. The glow radiated off his face as it approached, Zamasu's confident expression remaining as the blast suddenly collided head on with his nose, erupting into a massive smoke cloud a few meters away from Bardock and Yamoshi. Both Saiyans shielded themselves from the force of the blast, but quickly dropped their arms at the sight of green particles slowly piecing themselves back together. Zamasu soon regenerated completely before them, his confident smirk still remaining as his attention fell on Bardock.

"So...you've finally decided to fight. Perhaps you two working together might finally give me a challenge."

Bardock clenched his fists together, floating around to his right while Yamoshi shifted slightly to the left. Both Saiyans fell silent for a few seconds, Zamasu's eyes glancing between the two. The fused Kaioshin then crossed his arms in front of his chest, chuckling darkly.

"Well then...why don't you attack me? It's two against one."

Yamoshi kept his smirk, grunting as his aura flared but stopped short of bolting in at the sound of Bardock's frustrated voice.

"Cool it Yamoshi! You've got to understand that this guy is immortal. There's no way that you can win!"

Yamoshi snarled back, his eyes still trained on Zamasu.

"You think he's the most powerful being in the universe, and maybe he is. But just like you, he does not have true pride!!"

Bardock grunted in frustration at Yamoshi's insult, his expression softening however, at Yamoshi's next words.

"You and him are one in the same, selfishly chasing after only your own visions. But I fight for something greater than myself; I fight for a people who have spent their entire history being oppressed by the same selfish evils that have blinded you both. While you constantly think about only your own wants and needs, I have the glory of a warrior race on my shoulders, redeeming a people who have spent their lives looking up to false gods like you."

His fists clenched tightly, the anger mounting slowly in his tone.

"You'll never know what it's like to stand against your own flesh and blood, wielding a power that slowly turned into a lie!"

With a thunderous explosion of firey red energy, Yamoshi's voice boomed out with a passionate scream.

"The Saiyan God will not fall again!!"

The resulting shockwave of air did little to phase Zamasu, who floated still against the raging winds with a confident smirk. Throwing his right arm forward, Yamoshi continued to scream while red bolts of energy shot forward from his open palms, the pointed beams heading straight for the god. Zamasu chuckled darkly as the red energy easily tore into his body, shredding his upper torso nearly off his waist with each blast. Yamoshi's eyes went wide, stopping the barrage at the sight of Zamasu's riddled upper body dangling from the edge of his hip, the fallen Kaioshin reaching out and pulling himself back up onto his lower half. His form slowly regenerated back to normal, Zamasu's aura flaring up slightly as his face soon returned to normal as well.

Zamasu only chuckled darkly in response, Yamoshi's stunned expression rapidly contorting into anger at the mocking gesture. Snarling, Yamoshi shot forward once more into a red dash, rapidly launching a flurry of punches and kicks to force Zamasu back. Yamoshi's anger remained strong despite the lack of success his blows made this time, each strike hitting only into a block thrown up by Zamasu, each strike more aggressive than the last. Yamoshi's rage filled offense was soon interupted, however, by a strong blow to his cheek from Zamasu's fist that soon opened up into a palm that fired off a green energy blast into Yamoshi's face. Flipping backwards, Yamoshi rapidly recovered with another furious roar, the smoke trailing off his body as he closed the gap to Zamasu once again in another desperate charge.

Zamasu's eyes went wide at the sight, the momentary shock allowing Yamoshi to squarely land a kick into Zamasu's face. The merged Kaioshin's head whipped back, his confident smirk replaced immediately with a frustrated scowl as he quickly recovered, his right hand shooting out and grasping onto Yamoshi's ankle. Yamoshi grimaced, but soon cried out in pain as his entire body twitched and contorted under the immense pink lightning now shocking his body.

Bardock crouched down slightly with a scowl, the blue and silver flame like aura surging back around his body. Closing the gap to Zamasu in an instant, Bardock lunged forward and tackled Zamasu by the torso, forcing him to release Yamoshi. Zamasu snarled at the impact, breaking the hold by punting Bardock to the side with his right knee and floating backwards. Recollecting himself, Yamoshi only snarled in anger, his rage filled eyes on Bardock instead of Zamasu.

"Do not help me Bardock! Do not help me!!"

Zamasu chuckled darkly, glancing between the two.

"Well...it would seem you two have some issues to work out."

Yamoshi shot forward first once again, the flames erupting behind him as he lunged forward with a right fist. Bardock soon followed, shortly after, cocking his arm back in preparation. Zamasu kept his smirk, his attention on Yamoshi in throwing up his right foot while leaning back to block the incoming punch from Vegeta, tilting forward and colliding his head into Yamoshi's chest shortly after to propel him back towards the floor. His head whipped to the side from Bardock's incoming punch, however, but used the momentum of the hit to spin his body around and kick Bardock back with his left foot. The blow missed, much to Zamasu's surprise, and Bardock rapidly reappeared at the Kaioshin's other side and connected a blow to his ribs. Zamasu stumbled back in time to see Yamoshi approach once again, catching the Super Saiyan God's fist in his right hand. His head turned to Bardock next, watching him close the gap. With a confident smirk, Zamasu swung Yamoshi down into Bardock, both Saiyans colliding together with a yelp and spiraling back down towards the ground. 

Emerging from the rubble, Yamoshi panted heavily and wobbled slightly in rising to his feet, his eyes fluttering slightly. They both opened fully, however, at the sound of Zamasu's boisterous laugh high above them, gritting his teeth angrily. His attention remained locked on Zamasu, despite Bardock soon standing upright next to him.

"Do you get it now? You can't fight him on your own. There's only one option left..."

Yamoshi's glare only intensified, Bardock grunting in annoyance.

"I don't know why you're so damn angry, but time's running out! You have to let it go!"

Yamoshi snarled in response, the anger mounting while Bardock's own frustrated shout nearly matched the other in intensity.


Yamoshi kept his head forward, his eyes turning to the side.



The Supreme Kai of Time groaned audibly, resting her face in her hands.

"Oh no...there they go again!"

The Elder Kai sighed heavily, bowing his head slightly.

"Somethings never change. They are Goku and Vegeta's relatives after all."

Whis narrowed his eyes slightly, his voice low.

"Perhaps...but this Yamoshi is supposed to be more noble than his descendant."

His eyes followed the Super Saiyan God with a concerned scowl, frowning slightly.

"His demeanor has changed dramatically from his other moments in history, even as a Super Saiyan."


Bardock kept his stern stare, his arms at his sides.

"Yamoshi...please. You've got to help me...just this once."

Yamoshi's head finally turned to Bardock, his eyes wide and his tone venomous.

"You want my help?!"

Bardock blinked, watching Yamoshi continue on.

"You've got some nerve, asking me to help you after everything you've done to me."

Bardock raised an eyebrow, the confusion clear in his voice.

"Why does that matter?! Your people are going to die if you don't help me...you know that!"

Yamoshi snarled, turning to face towards Bardock.

"Don't you play stupid with me. You were supposed to be my teacher...but look at you now in this-"

He gestured to Bardock's transformed state.

"-form. All these years, you've allowed me to believe that I was the one who found new heights...that I was the one who inspired everyone, even you. Then you show up with your godly training and reveal this Ultra Instinct that you never mentioned before until your life depended on it. You've been nothing but a sham since the day we met."

Yamoshi snarled, turning his head back to the sky.

"Just stay away from me."

Bardock frowned heavily in response, but turned his head up with a gasp at the sound of Zamasu's thundering voice.

"I hope you two are done fighting each other...because now it's my turn to have a little fun!!"

Bardock and Yamoshi's eyes both went wide at the sight of the bright white halo forming behind Zamasu's back, the Kaioshin raising his right arm high into the air.

"Blades of Judgement!"

The two Saiyans blasted across the ground to the side, narrowly dodging the incoming barrage of red bladed energy blasts colliding with the rock. Yamoshi grimaced, racing through the rubble in an attempt to dodge the incoming fire with Bardock closely behind. Zamasu's eyes trailed the two as they continued to dodge the fire, his smirk rising as he abruptly cut off the barrage. Bardock's eyes narrowed at the sight, turning his attention to Zamasu and watching the Kaioshin shift more to the right. His silver eyes widened, quickly turning his head down back to Yamoshi.

"Look out!!"

Yamoshi blinked, suddenly rocketing to the side from the force of Bardock's shoulder slamming into his own. Bardock's head whipped to the side in time to see the incoming red blades of energy directly lined up to where the two were about to fly into, his body twisting and dodging the fire easily. The blades soon stuck into the ground, however, erupting into massive explosions that threw off the Saiyan, Yamoshi disappearing into the resulting explosions as well. The blasts covered the ground for a few miles back, sucking any remaining light in their volatile displays of sheer power. Zamasu held a confident smirk, glancing to the side.

Pushing aside the rocks, Yamoshi emerged halfway up from the rocks with a pained grunt. Blood dripped down from the corner of his left eye, his body littered with scratches but still maintaining his transformed state. Bardock soon emerged next, coughing and grunting with pain.

"Damn...this is impossible. We're too worn down to put up a decent fight."

His eyes turned to Yamoshi.

"It's time Yamoshi. We have to give this up, and put aside our differences."

Yamoshi kept a strong scowl.

"Never. I'd rather die than quit. If my people are destined to become monsters...then so be it. But I will fight until my dying breath to stop it."

Bardock grunted in frustration.

"The Saiyans aren't meant to be a peaceful people. They are warriors, bred to fight and conquer. You want to redeem an honor that never existed in the first place Yamoshi: they are not noble."

Yamoshi's scowl remained strong, turning his eyes to Bardock as he continued.

"Listen...you may not like it, but that's why I never supported your damn beliefs. Their place in the universe is to challenge others, to test the worlds they seek to dominate. Without them, the universe would become too comfortable...and weak."

Yamoshi's eyes widened, staring down Bardock with a frown, watching the other Saiyan turn his head to the side before continuing.

"I wanted to help you...I saw enough of what that kind of life did for me before I became this god of time. But the universe is more complex than just honor and good will: not everyone is meant to be saved, Yamoshi. I've seen the future the Saiyans bring to this universe...the good that their tainted legacy does for the warriors that will come to protect it."

He turned his head back to Yamoshi, his stern stare strong.

"You have to trust me...the Saiyans are meant to be what they are. And they will be remembered in a better light for it."

Yamoshi turned his head down, the weariness finally showing in his expression.

"It was my dream."

Bardock sighed.

"It was...but it's time we accept that we're building a new race. One that can be just as strong...just as proud. But if you keep getting caught up in your self righteousness, we'll lose the last chance we have to make a mark on history. We've lost our old race, Yamoshi."

He glanced back up to him, his voice low and calm.

"Let's not lose this one too."

Yamoshi glanced down to the floor for a few seconds, his expression blank. Bardock watched him with narrowed eyes for a moment, frowning heavily before turning his head back towards the sky. His eyes widened slightly, having turned his head back immediately at the sound of Yamoshi's voice.

"Bardock...how do you know this ritual will be enough to stop him?"

Bardock kept his frown, holding a stern stare.

"I don't know for sure. But I know it's the best chance we have at saving the universe."

Yamoshi's eyes trailed slightly for a moment, studying Bardock. He slowly turned his eyes up to Zamasu, who still floated high in the sky and unaware of their current position, before turning back to face Bardock with a scowl.

"Alright...I'll help."
Chapter 42: Daughter of the Flame


Age 778

Deep within the vast reaches of space, a single explosive surge of bright orange light erupted to illuminate the otherwise dark confines of empty void. The glowing rays lit up two particular beings floating side by side, observing the blast with blank expressions. The taller being glanced down to the side, Whis' stern expression unchanged as he spoke first.

"Are you sure that was wise? What if the meat could have helped you?"

Beerus closed his eyes for a moment, the slits slowly opening as he turned his head slightly towards Whis.

"It's...no longer required."

Whis' expression remained unchanged, his words flat as his stare.

"Oh? Is that so?"

Beerus turned his head forward.

"Yes...I planned for the punch of flavor to jog my sleepy mind, but its this full bodied explosion that's done the trick. Now...I see...him..."

Beerus' eyes narrowed slightly, staring deep into the bright sphere of light before him. The form of a humanoid being had already begun to form in his eyes, but the god of destruction stopped mid sentence as the lines distorted on their own slightly. The ruffling shape of the figure began to shrink slightly, Beerus' expression changing into a concerned stare. Whis raised an eyebrow, still peering down at Beerus.

"Who do you see?"

Beerus soon reached up, rubbing his chin.

"It was...a man? Or...perhaps a woman? The name...the name is dawning on me again."

He glanced up.

"What was it? It...it starts with an S, I know that much. Uh...um...Super something...yes that's it!"

The glare sharpened fully, the image before him finally contorting into the solid lines for the first time.

"The Super Saiyan God."


Forbidden Era, Forty Years After the Creation of Universe 7

The bright explosion glinted heavily in Kassava's pupils, her eyes narrowed into slits at the display. They barely moved at the sight, her body completely still, but the same pupils instantly shot to the side, following Bardock and Yamoshi as they disappear into the rubble left in the wake of the blast. She kept her arms folded in front of her breasts, her right pointer finger rapidly tapping on her arm while her scowl intensified with the repetition.

Damn idiots...

Her eyes followed the flash, watching it die down and the two Saiyans having completely disappeared from sight. With a small scoff, she dropped both arms back at her side.

Damn this ritual too, I'll handle this myself.

Kassava let out a small grunt, a flash of golden energy rapidly firing out from underneath her boots. The jagged flare of power intensified heavily in the first seconds, the energy exploding outward violently before retreating slightly around her body. She held her hands in clenched fists, staring up at Zamasu with her turquoise pupils.

However, her eyebrow twitched heavily in annoyance, seeing Zamasu float high above without moving an inch. She grit her teeth together with a small snarl, screaming out shortly after.


Zamasu perked his head finally, turning slightly towards the sound of the voice. He frowned instinctively at the sight, raising an eyebrow while he descended towards the ground.


His boots finally connected with the soft dirt, waiting in silence for a few moments as Kassava slowly approached him, the two facing off a few meters away. Zamasu's eyebrow dropped, his momentary expression of surprise replaced with a look of disappointment.

"Oh, I remember now. The protegee."

Kassava snorted.

"That's not fear I smell, is it?"

Zamasu chuckled, his voice oddly warm.

"No, I had hoped he would come instead."

Kassava furrowed her brow in agitated confusion, Zamasu raising his own once more and glancing around.

"So...did he really send you here alone? Not even with...well...what was his name again? His unwanted son...I believe."

Kassava remained silent in response, Zamasu shaking his head shortly afterwards.

"I suppose it doesn't matter. After all, you were the one I remember talking to all those years ago."


Vegetto narrowed his eyes at the scroll, his dual voice flat.

"Zamasu hasn't attacked her yet. What's happening?"

Whis rubbed his chin, staring at the screen.

"I'm not sure. He certainly isn't one for idle conversation if it isn't about his vision for the universe."

Trunks kept a frown, turning his head towards the Supreme Kai of Time.

"I've seen this before...Supreme Kai?"

The Supreme Kai of Time perked her head up, meeting Trunks' eyes as he spoke.

"Does the Forbidden Scroll have a history alteration chart like the other scrolls?"

The Supreme Kai of Time nodded, but kept a perplexed stare.

"I'm sure it does. What are you looking for?"

Trunks reached out, lightly tapping on the screen and changing the view to a screen with a small graph of lines. Two lines moved in near perfect synchronization, one red and the other green. Trunks' eyes narrowed as he suddenly swiped his finger to the right, moving the image of the graph back towards its beginning stages. As soon as the screen depicted the start of the red line, Trunks pointed to it.

"There, that's where this first change started. When Zamasu first appeared in the time line."

He then moved the screen slightly to the right, the lines exploding up and down irregularly like a heart beat.

"And that's where the major change occured, when Zamasu interfered with the fight between Bardock and Yamoshi. The Supreme Kai usually edits out these irregularities, but unfortunately, we can't control Zamasu as long as he has that time ring. So...it looks like she kept him in the loop of destruction, where he constantly has been evolving all this time."

Vegetto kept a small frown.

"And? We already know that, Trunks."

Trunks nodded, moving his hand back onto the screen before turning to Vegetto.

"Yes...but that's not the issue. The problem is this..."

Trunks tapped the screen, suddenly expanding the lines out once more. The little dashes repeated the same cycle, Vegetto's narrowed eyes attempting to decipher the message in the large depiction. His head turned slightly to Beerus, whose voice came out low.

"How many years is that?"

Trunks kept his frown, pausing for a moment.

"Around 200, if this chart is correct."

Vegetto's eyes flared open.

"You're joking? He's been completing this cycle for that long?!"

Trunks nodded.


The Supreme Kai of Time held wide eyes, leaning onto the table.

"How did I miss this?"

Trunks reached out, grasping onto the Supreme Kai of Time's left shoulder.

"It's not your fault. He managed to slip under our radar by copying his exact behavioral patterns and movements perfectly from the first erasure: we had no idea anything had even changed until he decided to break free."

Vegetto shook his head.

"How can it be so long? It happened only yesterday..."

Trunks nodded.

"For us, yes. But we exist outside of time...the changes to history can expand far beyond our ability to track. The Supreme Kai is usually able to track these developments...but Zamasu fooled us all."

Whis narrowed his eyes slightly.

"200 years of those Saiyan cells undergoing Zenkai then explains his strength. I suppose we're lucky in a sense that the boost becomes diminished to the point where it took him hundreds of years to close a gap to Bardock and Yamoshi."

Vegetto kept narrowed eyes, reaching out and turning the screen back to the image of Kassava and Zamasu facing off.

"The power is secondary here. He's changed..."


Kassava only scowled in response to Zamasu's comment, the fallen Kaioshin breaking out into a sinister smirk.

"Don't you remember? You were on the ground with your face in the dirt."

Kassava's eyebrows only moved lower, the scowl intensifying as Zamasu perked his eyebrow.

"No? Well then...perhaps the subject matter was what you remember. We talked about fusion...the beauty of two souls becoming one."

Kassava only snorted, tensing slightly and crouching down.

"Your voice is starting to piss me off."

Zamasu kept his smirk, standing still as Kassava suddenly erupted forward in a golden dash. The fallen Kaioshin stood exactly where he was, his expression unchanged as Kassava unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks all along his body. He waited for a few seconds, watching her strike at him with no impact or impression left from her blows, and began to casually walk forward, his arms clasped tightly behind his back and his head turning up to the sky while she continued to punch and kick in vain.

"I suppose I can't help that, but you see...I felt it was all too surreal how the same transformation was happening all over again. Just as Vegetto's body had changed my mind...so too had this new fused body begun to shift me in a direction I had not intended to go."

He stifled a small chuckle, pausing for a moment in the onslaught of attacks and covering his mouth.

"The bleeding effect, as I called it last time. But unlike the time I had implanted my soul into Vegetto's body, the fusion between us started the effects in an instant. I remember, on all fours on the ground, and feeling our minds slowly blending together like two rival children, forced to hug each other when neither one of us wanted to. The hatred and rage just boiled over...and in that split moment, your god of destruction thought it was a good time to eradicate me."

Zamasu lightly tossed his left arm up, slapping away Kassava's punch aimed at his face and causing her to stumble backwards.

"And he would have been right, but in that moment...he told me the secret of the gods themselves. In that moment...we both found a common connection. The rage...of one who realized that even the divine rulers themselves are nothing more than mortal scum lifted with fake titles and given power...and then of the other...who realized that even the most powerful was nothing more than a title."

He lowered his arms, watching Kassava slowly attempt to circle around. The amusement grew in his expression, continuing.

"Then...we finally became one. Our hatred overpowered the mortal scum...and we were prepared to move on the Time Vault. Yet...even with all our strength and unity...there was one who stopped us. A force of nature we could not overcome, but one that we could defeat with an ally that has made this all possible."

Zamasu perked his eyebrow again.

"Do you know what that ally is?"

Kassava snarled.


Zamasu chuckled in response, Kassava fidgeting nervously at the reaction.

"Ah...yes...such passion. Your zeal...its intoxicating."

He paused for a moment, taking a moment to collect himself before continuing.

"No...the ally is time. In time...I could become powerful enough to challenge the heavens, and leave this place behind. My body has grown from the constant destruction."

Kassava tensed slightly, leaning back as Zamasu narrowed his eyes slightly, walking forward ominously.

"And it's all thanks to the people who made me strong. Just as we talked about before...you and the boy who made me realize even the weak could spur the growth of gods...Vegetto for providing the focus for my hate...and the universe for being the opposing force that gave me my sense for a better future."

Zamasu soon came to a halt, standing tall and looming over Kassava only a few inches as she crouched slightly, lunging out with a couple of punches. Both of her fists missed their mark, her wrists tightly locked in Zamasu's grasp. She grimaced, struggling to break free for a second. She soon stopped completely, however, an intense shiver running up her spine at the sound of Zamasu inhaling deeply through his nose.

"You smell nice."


Whis turned his head to the side, the image of the screen distorting from the white gloved hand rapidly snatching up the roll.

"Trunks, we're going."

Trunks nodded.


Whis watched the two Saiyans move close to one another, his eyes narrowing slightly.

"Be careful in there, you two. Zamasu's power has escalated dramatically. It is well beyond even Beerus' ability to defeat."

Vegetto kept his eyes on the scroll, the white light encasing him and ignoring Whis' warning as the two disappeared into thin air, the Forbidden Scroll landing gently on the table.


Kassava desperately squirmed in Zamasu's grip, tugging and pulling to break free to no avail. She pulled her head back, her eyes wide while Zamasu continued to lean his own head closer.

"It's funny...you had the same look she did. The mortal woman from another life...the wife of Vegeta. My research told me many things about my failings the first time I fought your kind...but there was one particular instance when she attempted some form of seduction on me. At the time...I could not understand what she was doing. It all seemed so...random...so pointless, and shameful."

His eyes sharpened slightly, looking over Kassava like prey caught in a trap.

"But it's been so long since I've talked to someone who understood me like you do."

Kassava only snarled in response, letting out a small shout as she pulled her arms back one more time and swaying Zamasu slightly. The merged Kaioshin chuckled darkly, lightly pulling her in closer.

"Come now, there's no need to struggle against what must be."

Kassava quickly turned her head to the side, Zamasu's face only inches away from her cheek now.

"Give yourself to your new master now."

 Kassava abruptly swung her head to the side, bashing into the side of Zamasu's cheek shortly after. His own head whipped slightly to the side, his expression morphing into a heavy frown as he quickly recovered from the blow. His narrowed eyes glared down into the hateful stare of the Saiyan woman still locked in his grip, the agitation rising in his voice.

"You dare scorn a god?!"

Kassava's only reply was a sudden wad of spit shooting out of her mouth, the saliva striking the bridge of Zamasu's nose. Zamasu barely moved a muscle at the small impact, but suddenly released his grip on Kassava's arms and punted her across the ground with his right knee. His right hand reached up, wincing heavily in disgust as he wiped the spit off his nose and slowly turned back to face towards Kassava, who slowly rose to her feet and spoke next.

"You're no god. You're not even a man: just a little boy who wants to be more than what he is."

Zamasu's frown lifted into a dark smirk, his eyes narrowing.

"You mean like your brother?"

Kassava's scowl intensified, clenching her fists together.

"He was more of a man than you'll ever be. He'll be remembered as a hero...and no one is going to remember who you are."

Zamasu chuckled darkly.

"Well...I'll remember him for what he really was: a mortal who simply did not know his place."

Kassava's eyes widened, her right arm glowing once more as she immediately pulled it back. A bright surging power erupted in front of her palm, forming too quickly to be an energy blast or attack of some kind. With her glare still trained on Zamasu, Kassava roared, her booming voice nearly shaking the ground itself.

"Then let me show you what happens to gods that don't know theirs!!"

Kassava suddenly flung her arm forward, the large ball of bright white light launching forward towards Zamasu. The merged Kaioshin only kept his confident smirk, tensing slightly but mostly remaining still as the ball of light approached. The wind blasted his clothes and white hair back, his confident smirk shifting slightly into confusion as the massive ball of light stopped only a few feet from his face. His eyes followed the light, the structure of the ball morphing heavily for a few seconds and slowly forming the outline of a man. Zamasu's eyes narrowed heavily, the incorporeal image of Genn soon forming in the outline, face to face with the merged Kaioshin.

"You again."

Genn smiled in response, clad in the same Saiyan armor he had worn at the time of his death, lifting his arms out to both sides.

"Seems like it was only yesterday when we last fought."

Zamasu scoffed lightly, balling his hands into fists.

"Come to die a second time? Your plan has failed, I've bested your precious Patrol. And now...my power has grown far beyond anyone's capability to contain."

Zamasu's gaze turned down, however, the glowing light forming around both of Genn's ghostly arms prompting his attention.

"You're still vulnerable...no matter how much power you obtain, Zamas. I couldn't stop you alone...and maybe the Patrol couldn't either. But this time...I brought my family."

Zamasu perked his eyebrows, watching the light exploded outwards off of Genn's arms, forming two more energy spheres that floated out to Zamasu's left and right. Zamasu's narrowed eyes glanced between the pair of orbs, watching them also slowly form into humanoid outlines across from each other. Genn kept a small smile, nodding to the images of a man and woman slowly forming in the light.

"I'd like you to meet our parents, Bage and Turmera."

Zamasu eyed them both as they continued to form, his smirk returning with a dark chuckle.

"Really? This is your plan? Two more weaklings from the past?"

Genn nodded.

"Yes...it was never my place to defeat you, Zamas. But together...as a family, we'll destroy you."

Zamasu shook his head, crossing his arms.

"Surely you brought something that's real to fight me."

Genn kept his own smirk, turning his body slightly to the side.

"We sure did. We brought the light of the Saiyans...full blooded warriors coming together for something bigger than themselves."

Zamasu's eyes narrowed slightly, eyeing all three of the ghostly apparitions as they all extended their arms out to the side, pointing towards Kassava.

"You wouldn't know what that's like...giving up your own life for a cause...but we're willing to make that sacrifice. To bring about the legend that you fear."

Zamasu's glare lifted back to Genn, his arms uncrossing and falling back to his sides.

"I fear nothing, especially not trash like you."

Genn chuckled lightly in response, a trail of white light shooting out from his open palm towards Kassava.

"You fear defeat, just like everyone else. More importantly...you fear defeat at the hands of what you hate most."

Zamasu's attention remained locked on Genn, unaware of the other two stands of white light also connecting to Kassava at his sides. Genn momentarily glanced at both of his parents, before turning back to Zamasu.

"Legend tells of a small group of Saiyan warriors that questioned the evil of their race, leading a revolt against them. In an effort to ensure victory, they pooled their powers together into a savior...to create the first Super Saiyan God."

Zamasu scoffed once more.

"You're a fool. I have already beaten the first Super Saiyan God...creating another won't help you."

Genn shook his head.

"That's where you're wrong. Even now, you've only fought against a warrior instilled with energy from others: Yamoshi came close, but still relied on energy instead of true light. The real Super Saiyan God has yet to appear."

Zamasu chuckled, shaking his head.

"Then I'll just stop your little ritual here and now before you can create one."

Genn raised his arm up, the open palm now pointing at the angle as the three beams of white light shifted higher into the air.

"It's a little late for that, but you're more than welcome to try."

Zamasu's smirk instantly vanished at the sudden surge of hot wind blasting his clothes, his wide eyes turning up. His eyes stared up at the glowing red and yellow sphere floating high in the sky like a distant sun, the light distorting and violently surging like flames.

"While you were busy trying to talk my plan down, Bardock and Yamoshi over there managed to infuse their spirits into her. Ours were meant to trickle in slowly, and all I needed to do was keep you talking long enough to make sure you didn't realize what was happening until it was already too late."

Zamasu's eyes remained wide, the ground cracking slightly underneath him as the roar of fire above began to surge towards the surface. He threw up his arms, forming a barrier to block the flames occasionally surging out at the ground, charring the surface in their wake while Genn shouted over the near deafening, burning winds.

"This is the legend that you truly fear Zamasu!! What you have struggled your entire life to become: a mortal that has risen above, and become a god!!"


Two blue auras continued to shoot through the sky, soon coming to a halt in the sky about a mile away from the fireball swirling high in the sky. Trunks and Vegetto both stared wide eyed at the spectacle, the half Saiyan speaking up first.

"Is that...Kass?"

Vegetto narrowed his eyes, frowning heavily.

"This heat...I've never felt anything like it before."

His blue eyes lifted, glancing around at the shifting sky above.

What the hell...


The scroll held sitting on the table began to shake violently, prompting a small gasp from the Supreme Kai of Time.

"No...no it can't be!"

Beerus blinked in confusion, staring down at the trembling scroll on the table as well.

"What is happening?"

The Supreme Kai's expression immediately changed, cringing heavily and ignoring Whis' question. She grunted, heavily straining and in her effort, the scroll seemingly slowing in its volatile movement. The Supreme Kai of Time groaned loudly in pain, her eyes tightly shut as she desperately screamed.

"Whis...help me damnit!!"

Whis nodded curtly, leaning his scepter down with the orb at the end glowing with a bright green light. The scroll itself was soon encased in a matching glow, Beerus' wide eyes turning up to Whis.

"What the hell is going on?!"

Whis grunted heavily, showing visible strain in his expression for the first time.

"It's...the seal....Lord Beerus. The ritual...is emitting a power beyond what the magic can contain. If we don't...keep it sealed...then..."

Whis gasped, stumbling backwards and his staff flinging out of his hand. The taller angel collapsed onto the floor on his rear, panting lightly while the Supreme Kai of Time collapsed onto her knees in exhaustion. The Elder Kai and Beerus both stumbled back as well, the Forbidden Scroll suddenly rising up into the air and erupting into a small explosion, shards of plastic shooting out in every direction as the light faded in the room.

Whis quickly rose to his feet, his own expression soon falling flat as he turned his head to the Supreme Kai of Time.

"I'm sorry Chronoa...I couldn't contain it."

Beerus dusted off his robes, narrowing his eyes slightly.

"What just happened?!"

The Supreme Kai of Time continued to pant lightly, taking a moment to steady her breathing but still sat on the floor with a heavy frown.

"They've broken the seal...they're no longer separated from the main timeline."

The Elder Kai's eyes widened.

"Then...that means..."

The Supreme Kai of Time rose to her feet, starting to move towards the Scroll of Eternity that now began to also tremble slightly.

"They're going to change history. The war between the good and the evil Saiyans...it's all happening now..."


Zamasu snarled heavily, his right arm flinging out to his side and forming a volatile red blade around his forearm and straightened hand. He swung it forward, the blade slashing through Genn's incorporeal spirit but leaving no lasting damage as the apparition rapidly repaired itself. The ghostly image of all three Saiyans began to fade, Genn's head turning back up to the sky, the fireball high above suddenly resonating with a massive explosion of bright crimson fire in every direction.

The overall black atmosphere retreated slightly, the flames seemingly burning away the clouds above as the sun began to shine down on the planet once more. The overall empty land before now shifted and distorted heavily, and in a split second, changed from a barren wasteland into a valley filled with Saiyan warriors all locked in intense combat. Some of the warriors held golden auras, most of the normal Saiyans fighting against the golden warriors that were dispersed evenly across the field. The fighting between them all stopped within an instant, however, each Saiyan turning their heads up at the sight of the massive fireball looming above the land itself.

Zamasu pulled his arm back, his eyes widening to the brim at the lack of damage left to Genn, who chuckled above the storm force winds.

"You can't hurt me anymore Zamas! It was never my destiny to defeat you...but now, I've finally completed the dream!! Kass was always destined for more, and with my help, she will become the true god of this realm!!!"

Zamasu roared at the top of his lungs, the black energy encasing his body as he suddenly shot up into the air. Genn's head turned up, laughing darkly as his own ghostly form began to fade, his voice booming out above the winds once again.

"Saiyans and Super Saiyans alike!! Behold the true deity of our race!!"

The sea of warriors having all stopped their combat still stared up at the spectacle, the massive flames flowing more violently inward. Vegetto and Trunks both landed within the crowd of Saiyan warriors, staring up in awe at the flames swirling together. Vegetto's eyes narrowed at the sight of a small black speck shooting towards the fireball, tensing his arms.

Zamasu soon came to a halt in front of the sun like sphere, watching it cave inward and shrink before him. His eyes turned down, preparing to use his arm blade in an attempt to cut the three white lines still feeding into the fireball, but remained where he was at the sight of the last trickle of light flowing into the fireball. With the three ghosts now fully gone from sight and the fire still raging violently in the small sphere before him, Zamasu launched his arm forward into the burning flames. He held it firmly in place, his entire appendage missing but confused at the lack of any sensation on the other side of the fire. His eyes shot open, barely able to track the arm shooting up from underneath him, the balled up fist slamming into his stomach and sending a shockwave of wind in every direction from the impact. The merged Kaioshin hacked heavily in pain, his eyes still forward as he watched the flames suddenly retreat inward. The ball of fire swirled around into an aura for the first time, revealing the transformed Kassava for the first time inside of the intense heat swirling around her. The fire glinted off of her illuminated pupils, a golden hue circling around the red sphere to form her eyes. Her eyebrows were a bright shade of crimson red, each of her spiked bundles of hair red at the center with a golden outline around the edge. The bundles flowed in near perfect synchronization with the fire covering her body.

The fist that shot into Zamasu's stomach suddenly flung up, her hand opening and grasping onto Zamasu by the throat. With a thunderous roar, Kassava hurled Zamasu to the ground below, the merged Kaioshin soon crashing into a nearby mountain plateau with a shockwave that shook the entire planet itself. Vegetto and Trunks both winced with the other Saiyans around then, watching on as Kassava floated down to the ground with clenched fists. Her scowl only intensified, glancing around. Speaking for the first time, a collection of voices including both hers, Genn's, Bardock's, and Yamoshi's all spoke together, thundering out.

"Kneel before your Super Saiyan God!!"
Chapter 43: Wrath of the Saiyan Goddess


The shifting winds gusted outwards from the glowing fire burning brightly in the center of a sea of Saiyan warriors. The fighters stood with shocked expressions, staring at the spectacle of a transformation before them. The entire battlefield had fallen silent, aside from the crackle of crimson and gold flames encircling Kassava, who glanced around with wide eyes. A strong and intense scowl formed shortly after, her eyebrows twitching heavily.

"I said-"

A massive explosion of energy erupted outwards, her screech shattering the ground beneath her feet.


The resulting flames exploded outward in every direction, scorching through the lines of the warriors. The first few groups closest to Kassava were instantly incinerated into ashes, the fire lessening in intensity the further it traveled. The last group hit felt the scorching flames ignite their entire bodies, screeching and desperately slapping at the flames while they burned to a crisp. The other Saiyans instinctively shrunk back as a few dozen more collapsed to the ground at their feet. Each warrior stared in awe and shock at the destructive force, one of the Saiyans nudging their opponent next to them on the arm.

"Kneel you idiot!"

The remaining sea of warriors quickly dropped down to their knees, each one following after the other. Kassava's narrowed eyes scanned the entire display, beginning at the rock formation Zamasu had disappeared into earlier while watching waves of warriors all lowering to the ground with frantic desperation.

Now...where are you hiding, little god...

Her eyes stopped moving, instantly locking onto the one figure still standing out a few miles away. Zamasu stopped where he stood, glancing around in confusion at the sight of every Saiyan around him now kneeling onto the ground, his head lifting. Across the open field, he could barely make out the glowing flame seemingly flickering. His eyes widened immediately, watching the small specks of Saiyans flinging out in every direction as the flame shot forward towards him. He glanced around, the panick stricken warriors all around him standing back up and turning heel, the warriors all crying out in fear. Zamasu himself prepared to turn around and run as well, but gasped at the sight of the flame like aura surging in front of his face by centimeters. Kassava's intense glare stared him down for only a second, floating in front of him with her arms pulled back, her right arm shooting out first and her hand palming the front of his face. She snarled, her boots connecting with the ground as she landed, her right arm shooting down and forcing Zamasu into the dirt with a thunderous shockwave. Her multiple dual voice rung out in another fierce roar, her arms rapidly launching into a flurry of blows at Zamasu, striking him further and further into the crater she left from the initial impact.

Kassava soon pulled her arms back, punting Zamasu back up with her left foot inside of the deep crater now large enough to give the two space. The fallen Kaioshin stumbled up, finding his footing but had no time to throw up his arms for a proper defense as Kassava launched forward once again, pummeling him backwards with each successful punch. Zamasu wheezed heavily, attempting to find his breath after dodging one of her punches, leaping away to gain some distance. He clenched his fists together, his voice cracking underneath the strain of his body struggling to recover.


Kassava's right fist slammed into his cheek, Zamasu stumbling backwards once again. Her blows shot forward relentlessly, easily shattering through any defense Zamasu put up to hold her back. Her glare intensified as she continued to pummel into him, her voice dark.

"What's wrong?! Not winning as easily as you thought?!"

The backhand of her left fist struck Zamasu directly in the center of his face, her arms holding steady as she watched Zamasu stumble backwards from the blow. Her red and golden pupils watched him stagger back again, the venom dripping from her voice.

"C'mon, little man! Let's see you try and steal something that isn't yours!"


Beerus' wide eyes stared down at the scroll, blinking once.

"That power..."

Whis nodded curtly.

"It surely is larger than we anticipated. Look at Zamasu-"

He pointed down to the image of the swaying Kaioshin, focusing on the small indents left on his upper torso.

"The immortality is beginning to fail him. The fusion made the regeneration impure, and now it's starting to struggle against the force Kassava is outputting. Perhaps, the ritual to become the god of time was even unnecessary."

The Supreme Kai of Time perked her eyebrows.

"Then our victory is close. If she can keep this up, Zamasu will surely be destroyed."

Whis narrowed his eyes slightly.

"True...but Zamasu hasn't exactly tried to fight back with full power yet."

His eyes focused in on the image of Zamasu recovering from Kassava's strikes, frowning slightly.

What are you up to?


Zamasu huffed heavily, his body stabilizing finally as he regained his composure. His eyes narrowed slightly at the transformed Kassava only a few feet away from him, huffing heavily.

The Super Saiyan God isn't supposed to be a match for me...but this power...

He grimaced slightly, holding his side.

She's too strong to fight head on.

Zamasu's eyes widened, Kassava's dual voice breaking his train of thought.

"Still not feeling confident enough, are we?! Fine...how's this-"

Zamasu blinked, watching on as Kassava completely turned on her heel, her back now facing towards him with the flames surrounding her body starting to slowly diminish.

"My back's turned! Think you'll feel tough enough if I pretend not to notice you back there?"

Zamasu only snarled, bolting forward into a dash and launching a right fist at her upper back. Kassava leaned forward at the hip, bending over and balancing herself on her left leg as her right shot up in time to punt Zamasu's arm up. Leaping up with a small hop off the left leg, she quickly whirled around and followed the first counter with a roundhouse kick to Zamasu's ribs, punting him to the side against the crater wall. Zamasu cringed heavily against the rubble, his eyes opening slightly with a scowl.

Ungh...that one didn't hurt as badly. More precision than power...damnit. She's learning to control it.

Zamasu's eyes perked open, a small smirk forming as he rest in his indent.

That's it...that's my chance. If she loses control...if my body can survive long enough...then she'll end up destroying herself before she can destroy me...

Zamasu grimaced heavily as he pushed himself out of the indent left behind from his impact into the wall, his narrowed eyes still locked on Kassava. A small smirk formed on his face, his tone low.

"Tsk...not bad. At least you put up a better fight than your brother."

Kassava's eyes immediately widened, but her voice held some constraint.

"Memory says that he whipped your ass."

Zamasu chuckled.

"History says that he's dead."

Zamasu held his smirk as the flames around Kassava's body exploded outward with her furious roar. She closed the gap between them within the blink of an eye, her arms rapidly pistoning out and pummeling back into Zamasu's chest for a moment. The fallen Kaioshin blasted backwards across the ground, the blows alternating as Kassava launched left and right hooks into his cheeks. Zamasu sauntered from side to side against the flow of her fists, but instead of cringing heavily in pain, his cocky expression remained with an occasional dark chuckle. Kassava snarled at the sight, her hands flowing faster in their attempt to punish him more.

Her fists continued to sail faster than the eye could see, yet in their wake, small little displacements of light rippled through the air. Where her fists had flown through, small little rips into the atmosphere tore outwards as the two shot past shortly after. The open tears, like wounds in the sky, glittered with light particles spilling out of the empty void they came from shortly after.


Vegetto narrowed his blue eyes at the sight of the ripples, Trunks at his side as the two overlooked the battle below from the edge of the crater. He reached up quickly, pressing onto his ear piece.

"Supreme Kai, what's going on?"

A momentary grunt rung out from the ear piece shortly after, the Supreme Kai of Time's strained voice following.

::They're...time ripples. Kassava is tearing into the fabric of the universe.::

Vegetto kept his eyes narrowed, staring down with a frown.

"I see. Then perhaps it's time we call her off."

The mechanical voice in his ear came off more strained than agitated, but the exhaustion was clear in her voice.

::It's fine Vegetto! We knew this would happen...just a side effect of her lack of training as a god of time. It's nothing Whis and I can't handle...::

Trunks kept his frown, staring down at the sight of the ripples slowly starting to repair on their own and disappear from sight.

"They're playing damage control from the Vault."

Vegetto frowned, glancing to the side as the Supreme Kai of Time continued.

::Just stay put. It may get messy...but she'll finish him off soon enough.::

Vegetto continued to glare down at the battle, noticing the change in Zamasu's expression as well. His head remained forward, but his eyes shifted towards Trunks.

"Do you see it too?"

Trunks' left eyebrow raised.

"See what?"

Vegetto kept his scowl, nodding to the fight.

"Those tears...she's causing them because her power is growing too large. She isn't able to contain it within her body."

Trunks glanced down for a moment, before turning his head back to Vegetto.

"Can't contain it? Or just isn't trying to?"

Vegetto's eyes followed Kassava's movements, a frown still strong on his face.

"I'm not sure. Either way, I need to get down there."

Trunks kept his eyebrow raised.

"Why? She's handling Zamasu on her own: he's barely putting up a fight."

Vegetto nodded once, his eyes shifting to Zamasu. The villain continued to rock from side to side under the flurry of punches pummeling him across the ground, but his confident expression never once faultered under the blows.

"That's the problem: he isn't even trying. Something isn't right here."

Trunks kept his frown as well, glancing down to the fight by falling silent. The two stood for a few seconds, the shockwaves erupting from below providing the only sound for a moment before Vegetto's blue aura suddenly exploded out from underneath his boots. Trunks turned his head at the surge in power, watching the lightning spark around Vegetto's body as a second shockwave of wind erupted out from Vegetto's body.

"I'm going."

Trunks quickly moved up to Vegetto's front, stepping between him and the sight of the fight below.

"No, don't! You heard the Supreme Kai back at the Vault...you see what Zamasu is capable of."

He narrowed his eyes.

"Both of them are way beyond us now, especially Kass. If Beerus couldn't destroy Zamasu...what makes you think you'll do any better?"

Vegetto's glare met Trunks'.

"It has nothing to do with beating him. She needs my help."

Trunks grunted.

"This is about your damn pride, isn't it? You have to get down there, you have to help her."

He shook his head.

"The Supreme Kai gave her the power to wipe Zamasu from history, and she's using it. This is her fight to finish, not yours." 

Vegetto's eyes shifted past Trunks back to the battle.

"Zamasu is playing her for a fool, Trunks. I need to get down there and calm her down, or she'll hurt herself."

Trunks kept his glare strong.

"And end up giving Zamasu an opening to kill you both at the same time? Don't you trust her to be able to handle herself?"

Vegetto kept his eyes away from Trunks.

"It's not that...it's just..."

Trunks perked his eyebrows.

"What?! Why can't you put aside your damn pride and let her do this?! Why mess up her chance to save the universe?"

"Because I care about her damnit!!"

Trunks blinked, instinctively back up at the sudden outburst from Vegetto, staring into the strong glare.

"I don't care if it will make things worse; I'm not about to just sit here and do nothing while Zamas still has a chance to win."

Vegetto raised his fists, still glaring back at Trunks.

"If that means we'll die together, then so be it. You can help us, or watch from here. Your choice."

Trunks' hair and trench coat blasted backwards from Vegetto's flight upwards, the blue streak dashing up and down towards the crater.


Kassava began to pant lightly, propping up Zamasu by the neckline of his gi in one hand, her other pulled back into a fist. Zamasu himself was slumped down in her grasp, his limbs limp as her grip was the only thing keeping him upright. Her glare remained strong as she looked over him once, taking a moment to slow her breathing.

"You can't even lay a hand on me and yet you still refuse to admit defeat."

She lifted him up slightly, her glare intensifying.

"How about you stop this little charade of yours and give up. No one cares about your dream, no one is going to remember you. They're going to remember us: the family that stopped you and saved the universe."

Zamasu's eyes opened slowly, the wear from the damage clearly have taken its toll on him as he glanced around in confusion. His dazed expression remained as his eyes found Kassava, inhaling lightly. A second later, Zamasu flicked his head forward, spitting directly onto Kassava's face.

Kassava immediately recoiled in disgust, grunting in annoyance while Zamasu chuckled darkly to himself.

"Stings...doesn't it?"

Kassava's eyes widened to the brim, letting out a thunderous roar as she launched her free fist forward into Zamasu's right cheek. The fallen Kaioshin's head whipped to the side, his face indenting slightly but a pained laughter still escaping his lips. Kassava's glare sharpened, pulling him back with her opposite arm and launching another powerful blow into his face. The same force dented into his face once more, the audible crack of Zamasu's jaw ringing out as a trail of purple liquid rolled down the side of his mouth. The pained chuckle still came, however, Zamasu managing to keep a smug expression despite the disfiguration. Kassava snarled again, rapidly pummeling into him with her fist with each blow.

"Stop laughing!!"

Kassava's fist struck square into Zamasu's face this time, his entire head caving in around her knuckles and curled up fingers. The shallow pit left disfigured his eyes and nose, but the muffled chuckle still rung out. Kassava rapidly pulled her arm back again, repeatedly pummeling into the center of Zamasu's green head.


Her fist shot deeper into the pit, the bone of Zamasu's skull audibly cracking underneath the force.


She released her grip on his neckline, her opposing fist rocketing forward and sending Zamasu's body crashing into the floor.


Kassava panted heavily, holding still as Zamasu laid against the ground without a response. Her eyes scanned over him for only a second, the low pitch of Zamasu's breath coming out in a pained whimper. A wave of sanctification hit her, a small smirk forming on her face that soon left as the whimper rose in volume, soon sputtering out into a defiant chuckle once again. Both of her arms rapidly shot down in response, like pistons pummeling into Zamasu indiscriminately across his entire torso. His body rocketed from side to side, the laughter dying out finally as the green form underneath the robes began to crunch and mush down into an elastic squishy substance from the constant impact. Splatters of purple blood exploded upward shortly after, small droplets hanging from Kassva's cheek as she relentless continued the offensive assault.

"Kass, stop!!"

Kassava barely moved as two muscular arms shot up from underneath her armpits, hoisting her up and locking into a full Nelson along her shoulder blades. Her eyes wildly turned around looking for the culprit, but she quickly threw her arms down and easily overpowered the grip. Breaking the hold in seconds, Kassava snarled as she launched her left elbow down into Vegetto's stomach, knocking him back across the ground. Her eyes remained locked on the green body below, returning to her constant barrage of punches as soon as she was free.

Vegetto winced in pain and flipped backward along the ground, clutching his side. His earpiece rung out, the mechanical voice of the Supreme Kai frantically buzzing in his ear.

::Vegetto stop! Just a little more and Zamasu is dead!! Let her finish the-::

The earpiece went silent, the sound of metal crunching in Vegetto's gloved fist. Discarding the broken pieces, Vegetto let out a thunderous roar as his blue hair rapidly exploded outwards down to his lower back, his eyebrows disappearing. Bolting forward across the ground, Vegetto launched his legs forward first and slid across the dirt towards Kassava and Zamasu. His boots slid underneath Kassava's, knocking her off balance and up while they soon slammed into the disfigured body of Zamasu shortly after, propelling him into the crater wall. Shifting his feet into the dirt and stopping the slide midway, Vegetto hoisted himself upright and caught the falling Kassava by her face, soon slamming her onto the ground on her back. His arm trembled heavily, holding her in place while he quickly moved to restrain her legs with his opposite arm.

"Calm down!! You using too much energy!!"

Vegetto's eyes widened, the scorching red flames exploding outwards underneath his grip. Distracted by the flames, Vegetto sauntered to the side from Kassava's right fist slamming into the side of his temple, propelling him across the ground. Vegetto bounced along the dirt, struggling to regain his footing but planting both feet on the dirt and sliding to a halt. HIs head still rung from the impact, his vision blurred but managed to make out the crimson red glow rapidly approaching. His eyes widened, his senses sharpening again as he quickly ducked down, narrowly dodging Kassava's leg that flew through his long blue hair, but winched heavily from the fist now buried into his chest. He hacked in pain, glancing up to see Kassava standing tall in front of him with a heavy scowl.

Ungh...I...only saw that kick. Damn...Whis wasn't kidding-

Vegetto's head whipped to the side, Kassava snarling as she quickly followed up her first blow with a powerful fist to his cheek. Stumbling onto the ground, Vegetto collapsed to one knee as Kassava glared down at him, the fire of her aura burning strongly and the mocking tone she spoke with dripping with hateful venom.

"Letting your thoughts distract you?"

She scoffed.

"You need to stop letting your pride get the better of you."

Vegetto huffed lightly, wiping the small trail of red blood from the side of his lip away.

"You remembered what I taught you, huh?"

He chuckled lightly, a small smile forming.

"Guess I wasn't such a bad teacher after all."

Kassava's glare intensified.

"Tsk, but you're not as much of a master as you think you are!"

Vegetto winced, tensing up as she bolted forward once again. Her arms and legs shot forward in another furious assault, forcing Vegetto back across the ground. Vegetto struggled to keep pace, his arms flying up and around to parry the incoming blows. However, a punch or a kick slid through with each chain of hits successfully blocked, and his arms became heavier with each painful pulsing impact that rung out on his body.

"Kass...stop. I don't...want to fight...you."

Vegetto winced, another fist connecting to his cheek and forcing him to stumble backwards. His movement immediately stopped, however, as Kassava's hand rapidly encased his neck, her fingers digging into his throat as she held him upright.

"No?! You don't want to fight?!"

Her free arm instantly blocked the attempted kick Vegetto threw to knock her back, her arm locking around his knee and keeping him firmly rooted in place.

"I thought that's all you wanted...all you care about! That's why you picked me...that's the only reason you ever cared about me!!"

 Vegetto yelped, his eyes darting down at the sensation of sharp pain in his leg. He barely felt anything other than a sharp jab, but tensed at the sound of his leg cracking underneath Kassava's arm constricting his upper thigh, her voice raising into a shout.

"Don't you remember your words?!"

Vegetto barely moved as her grip left his throat, his body whipping to the side as the hand rapidly turned into a fist and punched him down towards the floor. His leg instantly went limp once she released his grip on it, Vegetto instantly collapsing to the ground as she sarcastically spoke again.

"Please fight with me!!"

Vegetto heavily panted, stumbling back. With only one of his legs working now, he struggled heavily to push himself back onto his feet. His eyes widened, Kassava suddenly appearing in front of him out of thin air, having moved from behind his back to his front.

"Well here I am, Vegetto. The challenge you always wanted, the opponent you couldn't beat. Nothing more than another tool for your amusement!"

Vegetto dashed up, attempting to fly away while she spoke but soon caught a knee to his chin that sent him flying across the ground instead of upwards. Kassava rapidly appeared in the middle of his flight trajectory, spinning around and kicking Vegetto back into the crater wall. Vegetto hacked heavily in pain, his blue hair rapidly receding back to its normal length and his eyebrows returning as he slid to the ground, landing with a loud thud on his backside in the dirt. The two bangs that normally hung from his hairline also dropped down in front of his face, despite still retaining the shade of blue.

His head lifted to see Kassava already looming over him once again, her voice sarcastic.

"What's the matter?! You're the one that started this game, and now you don't want to play anymore?!"

Vegetto hacked in pain again, her arm shooting out and gripping him by the throat again. His hands held onto her arm as she hoisted him up in the chokehold, his left eye shut as he hacked for air against the fingers digging into his neck once more. Kassava's glare remained strong, her arm trembling in the grip.

"You were enjoying yourself before, when you could just beat the hell out of me whenever you wanted!!"

Vegetto's mouth hung open, gasping for air as his dual voice came out strained.

"Kass...stop. You're...you're using too much..."

Kassava's narrowed eyes intensified, laughing in frustrated amusement.

"Me?! ME?!"

Her grip intensified as well, prompting a pained hoarse scream from Vegetto.

"I'm the last person you should be worried about!!"

Kassava's eyes darted to the side, hopping back and releasing her grip on Vegetto's throat as a flash of steel swung down inches from her face. She snarled as she launched a fist up towards the attacker, only for the blow to miss its target and a boot shoot into her stomach. Her body shot backwards across the ground, but her expression remained unchanged with no visible signs of pain. Now standing a foot in front of the collapsed Vegetto, Trunks spaced his legs out slightly with his sword drawn, his blue aura surging strongly around his body.

"This isn't you, Kass. This is just the anger blinding you...you know he cares about you."

Kassava scoffed in response, her arms falling to her sides.

"Of course he does. That's why he nearly let us die against Black, even though he could've wiped that asshole off the face of the planet in a minute."

Her right arm rose, a small red energy blast forming at the end of her palm.

"Stand aside, boy. Don't throw away your life, defending a monster."

Trunks' grip on the hilt of his sword intensified, standing strong and speaking with an emotionless tone.

"The only monster I see is you."

Kassava's eyes immediately widened to the brim, letting out a furious roar as she fired off the red energy blast. Trunks roared as well, rapidly slashing downwards at the incoming energy attack to split it in two. His eyes remained narrowed at the sight of the sphere splitting in two in front of him, but barely managed to let out a gasp at the sight of Kassava's fist flying forward between the split halves and colliding straight into his nose. Trunks blasted backwards over Vegetto's still body, disappearing into the indent Vegetto left behind moments earlier from his collision into the crater wall. Vegetto grimaced, his eyes watching the sword land with a loud clang to his left before turning his eyes up to Kassava as she approached.

"I could erase you. Right here...right now."

Kassava balled her hands into fists, her glare still strong with her chest heavily rising and falling.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't wipe your pathetic existence from this world."

Vegetto grimaced, propping himself up using his arms.

"Your heart..."

He lifted his chin, struggling to keep himself upright.

"It can't handle the power. Please...calm...down..."

Kassava snarled in response, raising her fists.

"You never believed in me, you never think I can handle myself! 

She lifted her chin up, the fire growing stronger.

"Fool...I...am a-"

Kassava roared at the top of her lungs, swinging her arms down and letting out a explosive surge of fire in every direction.


The flames suddenly disappeared, however, as Kassava's eyes went wide. A warm wave of goosebumps came over her entire body, the sensation washing over her entire form. Her red pupils traveled down, staring down and attempting to lift her arms that now fell limp at her sides. She attempted to take in a breath, her lungs also failing to respond to her mental commands, and felt her body begin to saunter forward. The red and gold hue of her hair began to darken back to its normal shade of black, dropping down from their spiked position in a similar flow to her entire body falling forward towards the ground. Her eyes followed the collapse, most of the sound leaving her ears aside from the muffled dual voice crying out seemingly miles away.


Kassava twisted to the side from an unknown force guiding her waist, barely registering the sensation of an arm catching onto her. Her vision began to blur, the bright light above nearly blocking the lone blue and orange shape to her right. The voice came out again, but even further away as her entire vision began to completely fade to black.

Chapter 44: Destined Duel



"What matters most, what I want to see more than anything, is you giving it your all. Understand?"

"You keep pushing yourself too far. Keep up this sort of reckless training, and you just might be the first person to ever rupture their heart from pure effort alone."

"You'll go after him, you'll lose control, and who knows how much you will destroy in the process."


The familiar voice grew louder, a whisper amplifying into a strong shout.

"Wake up!"

Kassava's eyes shot open, her entire upper torso flinging up from the ground as she panted heavily for air. Her head quickly glanced around, sitting upright in her normal form without a single scratch along her face or body. Her wide eyes glanced around at the vast empty white void before her, the same voice that spoke ringing out to her left prompting her attention.

"Woah woah, slow down. It's alright, it's over now."

Kassava blinked in confusion, turning to her side and meeting Genn's eyes. Her brother smiled warmly back at her, crouched down with his knees bent as he squatted next to her with his arms on his thighs. Kassava reached up, rubbing her head as she took a moment to glance around again.

"Genn...is that you?"

Genn simply nodded his head once.

"Yeah, I'm the last soul left. The others are gone now."

Kassava propped herself upright, staring back at him in confusion.

"The others?"

Genn nodded.

"You lost control, Kass. Your body gave out...so there wasn't any point staying here. They've moved on...to the Otherworld."

Kassava's face lost color, her head turning down in response.

"Does...does that mean I'm dead?"

Her eyes tightly shut, avoiding the answer she primitively feared most but could still practically see Genn nodding his head.


Kassava's chest fell heavily, her head hanging low until Genn's voice rung out again.

"Well...technically, yeah."

Kassava blinked, turning her head up at the confusing and cryptic response while Genn smiled down at her.

"But we're going to fix that in a minute."

Kassava raised her eyebrow once more.


Genn slowly extended out his right arm, his palm facing up and open in front of her face.

"Take my hand first. We don't have much time, so I'll explain along the way."

Kassava kept her perplexed stare, but did as she was told and reached up, grasping onto Genn's hand.


She then yelped, a warm sensation of power washing over her entire body as a bright flash of golden energy resonated from around her wrist. She blinked in confusion, turning her head back to Genn once his voice rung out one more time.

"I guess it's kind of my fault for this...I probably should've known the ritual would've had this effect on you. But man, the way you were ripping Zamasu apart was amazing!"

Kassava blinked up at him.

"You think so?"

Genn nodded with a small grin, the energy slowly encasing both of their arms in unison.

"Yeah! You probably couldn't hear the others all talking in your head, but we really thought you were gonna finish it! Mom and dad were so proud of you!"

Kassava frowned, dipping her head back down slightly.

"But I didn't finish him off."

Her eyes narrowed slightly.

"Vegetto got in my way."

Genn shrugged his shoulders slightly.

"Maybe...but he was just trying to protect you."

Kassava snorted.

"Protect me? Please Genn..."

She waved her free hand in dismal, glancing away with a small scowl.

"He hasn't done a damn thing for me since I've been here. He didn't even really train me: Whis was the one who taught me everything! All I've done is clean up his damn act all the time. He wanted me to be apart of his team, and I did it. He wanted me to be his fighting pal, and I did it."

She grunted.

"But when I wanted someone to talk to, we only talked about his problems. When I wanted to feel safe in someone's arms, I was lifting his ass up out of the rubble..."

Her eyes narrowed intensely.

"And when I wanted to fulfill my destiny, he held me back."

Genn perked his eyebrows.

"Well...he saved your life that one time."

Kassava rolled her eyes, shifting slightly on the ground with a sarcastic tone.

"Oh great, yeah...one time. That makes up for everything!"

Genn sighed lightly and turned his eyes to the side.

"It's not always about you, Kass."

Kassava scoffed lightly again, turning her head back up.

"It's never been about me! None of you ever stopped to ask what I want! What I care about!"

Genn only frowned, watching Kassava angrily gesture around to the empty white void.

"I didn't want to be this stupid Time Patroller or some god of time! All of you kept pushing this onto me like I was your holy savior! You with your damn self righteous crap and Vegetto with his selfish obsession!"

Her lip finally quivered, tears welling in her eyes.

"All I wanted was for us to be a family again. But here you are, pushing me away, trying to bring me back to life. While you get to be with mom and dad, being with them for eternity while I'm trapped here in this world all alone again."

Genn kept his head low for a moment, watching Kassava for a second in silence as she sniffled before speaking up with a small smile.

"You're not going to be alone."

Kassava lifted her gaze slightly, an open echo of a dual voice shattering the serene atmosphere in a pained cry.


Kassava gasped, the shout jolting her upright while she turned her head towards the sky. Two little slits in the sky quickly expanded out, the image of a massive pair of white gloved thumbs seemingly push the sky apart like they were opening eyelids. Kassava's eyes followed the stare of Vegetto, who looked down from the other side into the open holes. This distraught fear was clear in his expression, the entire area shaking alongside with his arms.

"Wake up Kass! C'mon!"

His eyes trailed down, Trunks soon coming into view on the opposite side. His frown deepened, his hands reaching for something out of view while Trunks' low and emotionless tone rung out.

"Vegetto...her heart..."

Vegetto's head snapped to the side, the panic slowly setting in.

"Get the senzus...now!"


"I don't care damnit!"

Vegetto's outburst subsided in intensity, his momentary rage in his face softening as his own determined hope began to slip. He waited with an extended hand, the bean gently falling into his grasp out of sight while the sound of the his hand crunching the bean into dust rung out, his face lowering inches from hers as he seemingly moved his hand directly below the two ovals.

"Don't do this to me Kass...don't do this to me...c'mon. You've gotta fight this...please..."

Kassava blinked, staring up with wide eyes while Genn nudged her hand with a slight pull, speaking up next.

"Your family's up there, Kass. They need you...especially him. He cares about you...he relies on you now."

He stifled a small, awkward chuckle, glancing down.

"I know it's not perfect, and I'm sorry for forcing you into all of this. But you did it, Kass: you made it. You have a real family now...and a real shot at happiness that you wouldn't have with us."

Kassava only frowned.

"But what if I want to go with you?"

Genn's smile rose.

"Well...I'm not going anywhere, Kass."

Kassava paused for a moment, the answer confusing her without a quick retort, raising her right eyebrow in confusion.


Genn sighed, his grip tightening along her hand.

"I already said goodbye to mom and dad; they support this decision. One where I had to stall you for a little bit: a heart being rebuilt takes a little bit of time and a lot of...well...personal power. If you knew what I was doing earlier, you might have tried to stop my life energy from restoring yours."

Kassava blinked once, staring back up at him.

"Your life energy?"

The sudden sound of energy whirring above prompted Kassava to spin her head around, looking back up at the open ovals in the sky. Vegetto's head had turned, small strains of tears on the sides of his cheeks but his expression lighting up like the resonating light beaming off of his face from an unknown light source out of sight below the ovals, Trunks' voice ringing out.

"The senzu bean! It's working!"

Kassava blinked, turning her head back to Genn. Her eyes darted down, seeing his outline begin to fade as the glowing energy from before grew stronger around their arms. Kassava gasped, suddenly twisting and pulling on her arm in a desperate bid to break out of Genn's grasp.

"No! Genn!"

Genn barely moved, his arm flowing along with her rapid pulling as she continued to tug on him, his smile still strong with a sarcastic tone.

"Whatever do you mean? I'm not doing anything; it's the senzu bean!"

Kassava grunted, her feet digging into the ground as she pulled her arm with her one free hand.

"Why?! This isn't fair!"

Genn turned his head down, his expression shaking for the first time but his grip still remaining strong. He paused for a moment, the words deeply wounding him, but he soon lifted his chin up with a smile.

"It's not about what's fair. It's about what is right."

He stared down at her, his outline beginning to fade. Kassava relaxed her arm, her eyes widening at the sight of Genn's free hand reaching up to her right cheek, brushing the tear stains away.

"I'm so proud of you, Kass. You'll be a wonderful god of time...and you'll make him the happiest man in the universe."

Kassava swung her arm out in a desperate attempt to grab onto Genn's shoulder, her hand slipping through into the void as he disappeared from view.



Forbidden Era Unsealed, Forty Years After the Creation of Universe 7

The glowing light resonating from the left side of Kassava's chest finally subsided, her mouth opening and inhaling a deep breath of air with her eyes tightly shut. Vegetto gasped, leaning back slightly at the sight of her chest steadily rising and falling once again. His expression immediately softened, his dual voice low.


Trunks perked his eyebrows, watching Vegetto slowly scoop up Kassava into his arms and rising up to his feet. He took a step forward, holding out the sleeping Kassava to Trunks with narrowed eyes.

"Get her out of here. I'll take of Zamasu."

Trunks frowned.

"Are you nuts? You've seen what he can do now: he'll slaughter you!"


Vegetto's eyes softened in intensity, his arms still holding Kassava out to him.

"Trust me on this one, I have a plan. But it won't work if I'm distracted on making sure you two don't get hurt."

Trunks kept his frown, but turned his head down to look over Kassava. His eyes lifted, meeting Vegetto's as his arms lifted and pulled Kassava out of Vegetto's grasp.

"Ok...but if it starts to look like you won't pull through...I'm coming back."

Vegetto's confident smirk returned, his arms dropping to his sides.

"Don't. I have it covered."

He nodded to Trunks, turning on his side.

"Get the 'contingency plan' ready."

Trunks blinked in confusion.

"What is the contingency plan?"

Vegetto kept his smirk, raising an eyebrow.

"You forgot already?"

His head turned away, fully facing towards the crater left from Kassava's blow to Zamasu and his back to Trunks.

"Just tell Whis to take care of it: he'll know what it means."

Trunks kept his frown, his eyes lifting at the sight of the blinding white light slowly encasing his and Kassava's body.

"Alright...good luck...father."

Vegetto kept his head forward, his eyebrows twitching slightly at Trunks' final word, the light fading behind him. His navy gi ruffled slightly in the breeze, his confiden smirk disappearing into a stern scowl at the ominous pressure slowly building in front of him. His black hair suddenly flashed into a bright shade of blue, the flame like aura mounting around his entire body. Storm force winds blasted out from the small crater shortly after, Vegetto's hair and aura blasting backwards in contrast to his still body watching on.

Emerging from the rock with a thunderous explosion of smoke and dust, Zamasu floated up into the air. His destroyed and disfigured face had been perfectly repaired, pristine in his fused body as he slowly descended down to the ground. His narrowed eyes locked onto Vegetto, his frown remaining with his arms soon falling to his sides.

The two stared at each other for only a second, the stern expression on Zamasu's face giving way first as he glanced around from side to side. His smirk rose slightly, peering over his left shoulder before turning back to Vegetto.

"Where are they?"

Vegetto's narrowed eyes remained strong, his arms at his side.

"They're safe. Far from your reach."

Zamasu shook his head once, taking a step forward.

"Nothing is beyond my reach. The Time Nest could not erase me from history, and neither could Lord Beerus. All will fall before Zamasu."

Vegetto spaced his legs out slightly, tensing his arms.

"Not on my watch."

Zamasu's eyes followed Vegetto's movements, watching him prepare for the first punch. However, Zamasu only chuckled again, his arms still lax at his sides as he stepped forward.

"Do you even realize what you're doing anymore...mortal? Have you no sense of worth or pride?"

Vegetto's eyebrows slightly perked, watching Zamasu shake his head and slowly move up to him. Vegetto remained tense, nearly holding his breath in anticipation, clenching his hands into fists once Zamasu stood inches in front of him. He blinked once, however, watching the fallen Kaioshin carefully move past him and avoided bumping his shoulder. His released his held breath nearly in unison with Zamasu's sudden heavy sight, who stood with his back to Vegetto with his eyes lifting to the sky.

"The son you never wanted has abandoned you...your failed protegee has surpassed you. Your gods tried to erase you...and your power comes from two other Saiyans that you've never even met. The ones you claim to defend have never been anything but a burden to you since the day you arrived, and they will only continue to hold you back."

Zamasu peered over his shoulder, cocking an eyebrow.

"And yet, after all that...after all that has been done on their part to strengthen my immortal body...you still stand here, hoping to defeat me with...what?"

Vegetto's smirk rose slightly, pulling up his arms.

"Why don't you come find out?"

Zamasu only frowned in response, sighing heavily as he turned to face towards Vegetto.

"Put aside your petty ego for a moment and see the big picture, mortal. I am beyond you...I am beyond your god of destruction and your precious little girlfriend. There is nothing you can do to even phase me now."

He narrowed his eyes sharply, his frown still strong.

"Why throw your life away over other mortals who don't care about you? When you can escape now, and become so much stronger?"

Zamasu nodded to the sky, gesturing towards it.

"Think about it; why settle this in a single battle when we can grow even more powerful after countless conflicts? I would become a god greater than anything the universe has ever seen, and I could spare you life when your fragile body starts to crumble and break under the infinite power I wield. You could have exactly what you always dreamed of: an opponent to challenge you until the day when you no longer could keep fighting, a rival you could never overcome. Then you could die in peace, having fulfilled your desire to become the strongest you could possibly be, while I go on to rule all of creation with the power you would push me towards."

Vegetto shrugged his shoulders slightly, his smirk remaining.

"I'm not sure what that was all about, but it sounded like you just want me to punch you."

The smirk rose, scoffing lightly in a sarcastic tone.


Zamasu's half opened, narrowed eyes barely flinched as he let out a small grunt through his nose.

"This is your last chance. I offer you the same courtesy that you once showed me: leave now and escape. Show me that you can grow stronger, and come back when you have real power. Instead of foolishly throwing away your life for a family that doesn't exist."

Vegetto pulled his arms up, tensing his body fully as he crouched down.

"The offer's tempting, but I decline."

Zamasu's stern gaze looked over Vegetto, falling silent as the fused warrior continued.

"It's just like I told you, Zamas. No time limits...no Trunks with a big sword..."

Vegetto's smirk rose, fully moving into his offensive fighting stance.

"Only me and you...finishing what we started."

Zamasu kept his glare strong, meeting Vegetto's pupils as they suddenly flashed into a blueish glow, eyeing the flame like aura spiralling around the fused warrior's body now that he transformed. He kept his expression, the disappointment clear in both his face and tone.

"So be it."

Vegetto's smirk rose at the sight of Zamasu's white and black aura flaring up from underneath his boots, and soon bolted forward into a charge with his right fist reeled back.


Time Vault, Present Day

The blinding white quickly faded as Trunks reappeared with Kassava sleeping quietly in his arms, her chest steadily rising and falling. He moved up to the two Kais that rushed up to him first, the Supreme Kai of Time practically flailing her arms.

"What in the world were you two thinking?!"

Trunks kept a small frown, setting Kassava gently onto the main table.

"I know, alright! Things weren't exactly going as planned in there!"

Whis kept a flat expression, glancing between the two.

"Vegetto did not come back with you?"

Trunks shook his head once, turning his eyes up to Whis.

"No...but he told me to tell you to get the contingency plan ready."

Whis furrowed his brow for a moment, but his eyes soon lit up as the realization hit him.

"Oh yes!"

He then smiled, turning towards Beerus who perked his head.

"Lord Beerus, it's time. Is your student ready to fight?"

Beerus narrowed his eyes, turning back to Trunks.

"What good will he do?"

He quickly blinked, his tone suddenly becoming defensive with his chin high in the air.

"I mean...I trained him and all that...but he isn't ready to fight Zamasu yet! He's still...err....recovering! Yes...he is recovering from a very hard session of training right now!"

Whis sighed lightly.

"Lord Beerus...this is not the time. Please just go get him."

Beerus huffed, crossing his arms.


Beerus stood in place for a moment, his eyes still following Whis, who turned back towards the table. His eyebrow twitched for a moment, his tone suddenly rising as he placed his hands on his hips.

"Whis!! Aren't you going to fly me there?!"

Whis perked his eyebrows, turning his head slightly towards him.

"Oh...I'm sorry my lord. I'd like to watch the battle, can you not fly yourself?"

Beerus growled, his eyes widening.

"You're my attendant, Whis!! You're the one that's supposed to fly me-"


Beerus suddenly yelped, the Supreme Kai of Time angrily slapping and flaring her arms at Beerus as she pushed him towards the stairway.


Beerus growled lowly under his breath, promptly turning on his heel and crossing his arms as he floated casually up the stairs and out the exit way. Whis' eyes followed Beerus until he left, but slowly turned back to Trunks with a heavy frown.

"Why did Vegetto stay? Surely there was no need to stall Zamasu and it will take some time before Gogeta arrives."

Trunks frowned in response, nodding down to the scroll.

"He said he had a plan to beat him."

The screen below had already erupted into flashes of light and energy, the two having already begun the battle as Whis turned his eyes down to the scroll. Trunks shook his head at the sight, watching Vegetto land multiple blows on Zamasu with no effect, yet Zamasu's strikes seemingly miss at each of his few attempts to counter attack.

"He can't even hurt him...even if he is the better fighter."

Whis narrowed his eyes slightly.

"Hmmm...I see what you're doing."

Trunks' eyebrows perked, caught off guard at Whis' comment, the taller angel's vision locked onto the screen. Trunks peered up at Whis with a confused expression, the tone of Whis' voice indicating he was talking mostly to himself.

"The precision and timing are almost perfect...the responses and attacks are exceptionally placed. You're even feeling the flow of the battle itself."

Whis' eyes narrowed further into slits.

"But you're still thinking instead of just moving."
Chapter 45: Mushin No Shin


The two warriors battling in the beginning of time rapidly shot through the dark atmosphere above, punch after punch failing to land in an open strike. Vegetto's narrowed eyes deftly kept pace with Zamasu's immense speed, the merged Kaioshin rapidly throwing blow after blow out in sloppy strikes but at speed too fast to simply counter. Vegetto winced, his defense giving way slightly, but managed to sling his elbow forward in a small window of opportunity, striking Zamasu on the cheek. Zamasu fell off balance slightly, attempting to lunge forward again to regain his lost ground, but missed with a punch as Vegetto flipped over his head. With a small roar, Vegetto swung his leg down, punting Zamasu towards the ground.

Zamasu barely grunted, showing no visible signs of pain despite collapsing onto all fours on the ground. He swayed to the side, narrowly dodging Vegetto's boot that struck into the ground. Vegetto's eyes widened, instinctively expecting Zamasu to flow into another strike, but blinked slightly in the confusion at the sight of the merged Kaioshin choosing to push himself upright instead of immediately counterattacking. Vegetto's arms flew up in time to block the first punch Zamasu threw, sliding across the ground. Vegetto swayed and floated backwards across the ground, managing to dodge each of Zamasu's incoming strikes. His right arm shot out, slamming into Zamasu's stomach. However, Zamasu barely even budged under the damage done, ignoring the successful hit and swinging his own fist towards Vegetto's head. Vegetto ducked in time for the fist to swipe out only a few strands of his blue hair, lunging up from a crouch to uppercut Zamasu's chin.

The merged Kaioshin swayed back from the blow slightly, grunting in annoyance as he attempted to swing his own right fist towards Vegetto as he sauntered back. Vegetto yelped, the blow managing to clip his own cheek and promptly stumbling back with a small scratch on his skin, blood slightly dripping from the wound. He soon recorrected himself, panting lightly while Zamasu stood upright with a scowl, glaring down the fused warrior.

"Tsk...damn pest."

Vegetto smirked, pulling his right arm back. At the tips of each finger, five little spheres of blue energy formed, firing forward suddenly as Vegetto threw his arm forward.

"Banshee Blast!"

Zamasu narrowed his eyes slightly, watching the five spheres rapidly close the gap towards him. His power spiked, preparing to tank the hits, but he perked his eyebrows at the sight of all five suddenly veering off into opposite directions. He glanced around, watching the spheres come to a halt in random spots along the ground and sky, floating still. The light in the area darkening rapidly prompted Zamasu to turn his head back towards Vegetto, who held his arms behind his back.


Zamasu shot forward in an instant, closing the gap to Vegetto in an instant and swung his right arm forward. The blow missed completely, sailing through air and connecting to the floor much to Zamasu's shock. His eyes widened, whirling back up to his feet and turning his head to the sound of the dual voice above his head. Vegetto floated upside down, next to one of the small energy spheres as the bright blue energy began to grow larger behind his back.


Zamasu snarled, bolting up into the sky and throwing another fist forward towards Vegetto. He missed again, sailing through the air where Vegetto floated a millisecond ago and past the small energy sphere. He shook his head in confusion, but soon spun to his left at the sound of the dual voice roaring violently in the sky.


The massive beam of blue energy shot forward from Vegetto's outstretched hands, who now floated a few hundred meters away next to another one of the five energy spheres he left behind. His eyes instantly narrowed, promptly cutting off the energy wave and forming ten more little spheres of energy at the ends of his fingertips without seeing how Zamasu would handle his blast. He slung both arms forward, the little spheres all forming random spot all along the immediate area.

Vegetto gasped in time, the wind around his body blasting back as Zamasu shot forward, having dodged the massive wave of energy and instantly closing the gap to him. Vegetto grunted as he swayed to the side to narrowly dodge the first strike, instinctively throwing his left fist forward and striking Zamasu's ribs without much effect as he rose his free hand to his forehead, two fingers lightly pressing onto it. Zamasu swung again with his opposite arm, hitting only the air as Vegetto disappeared from sight once again.

Reappearing on the opposite side of the small little dome of dots formed from his last set of blasts, Vegetto quickly formed ten more little spheres at the ends of his fingertips, hurling them up to the sky and to his left. His eyes turned back to Zamasu, tensing slightly as he formed another large sphere of blue energy in his palm.

"Big Bang-"

Zamasu crashed into the floor once again, missing Vegetto who soon reappeared high in the sky next to a small sphere of blue energy.


The massive sphere shot down, connecting with Zamasu's back and erupting into a massive explosion of smoke and fire.


Time Vault, Present Day

Whis kept an emotionless expression, looming over the screen as the image of the battle played out before him. Trunks blinked, watching on with wide eyes.

"Woah...look at that."

Whis nodded.

"He's using those spheres as signatures to teleport to using Instant Transmission. To compensate for the speed difference."

Trunks nodded.

"This is it then, this is his big plan. If he can keep this up...Zamasu's body will continue to wear down enough to the point where Vegetto can finally finish him off."

Whis turned his eyes slightly towards the Elder Kai, who peered down at the screen with a small frown.

"Zamasu isn't stupid. He has to have figured it out by now...there's something wrong here."

Trunks blinked, staring down at the screen.

"Something wrong? How?"

Whis' flat voice came out next, prompting both the Elder Kai and Trunks to turn their heads towards him.

"He's hiding something."


The smoke left in the wake of Vegetto's last attack suddenly dispelled away under immense wind and pressure, Zamasu's slumped form standing in the small crater left behind. His hateful glare turned upward, the skin along his body regenerating while he stared down a smirking Vegetto, who floated high above with his arms crossed.

"What's wrong, Zamas? Can't keep up?"

Zamasu straightened himself up, remaining silent in response. His eyes glanced around, finally taking note of the multitude of ki blasts, prompting Vegetto to narrow his eyes with a frown.

Damn...he figured it way too soon. Need to get back under his skin and keep him angry...

Vegetto's concerned stare quickly morphed back into a confident smirk, uncrossing his arms.

"Looks like you finally figured out what I'm doing. Took you long enough...here I thought you were just going to roll over and keep taking the hits."

Zamasu grunted, his arms tensing.

"Clever little trick. But it all ends here."

With a small smirk forming, Zamasu pulled his right arm back. Swiping to the side from right to left, Zamasu swung his arm out as each of the small little spheres in the sky erupted into a huge assortment of bright yellow and orange light. He lowered his arm slowly, but instantly stumbled to the side from a sudden knee to his ribs. Vegetto quickly dashed after him, pulling his fists back before throwing them forward in a rapid onslaught with yellow energy surging around his finger tips. Zamasu quickly caught himself and turned in time to face the barrage head on, throwing his arms up and parrying each strike. The Kaioshin's eyes followed the movements of Vegetto's hands, attempting to avoid the yellow energy, and smirking slightly at the sight of each finger losing its glow after a strike.

"Nice try. But you're too slow to hit me with that desperate little energy strike."

Vegetto's arms continued to shoot forward, the fingers now completely devoid of any trace of light aside from the blue aura.

"I wasn't trying to hit you with them."

Zamasu blinked, breaking the barrage and knocking Vegetto back a step with a light kick. His eyes widened, staring up at the sky to see the massive trail of yellow spheres now covering the sky once more, surrounding him completely. His face slowly contorted into annoyance and rage as he turned his head back down to Vegetto, who chuckled lightly with a confident smirk, having cupped his hands behind his back. The bright blue energy forming in Vegetto's palms sucked the light from the sky, the fused warrior's smirk rising.

"You can try to wipe them out and take the blast head on, or try to stop me and catch this attack from behind again. It's your call."

Zamasu stood with his arms at his side, growling heavily in aggitation. He glanced back up to the sky, but quickly turned around at the sound of the energy ominously whirring loudly from the growing power in Vegetto's palms, the fused warrior's confident tone ringing out strongly over the growing winds.

"Take as much time as you want! I'm more than happy to keep building up the power behind this attack while you think about your options!"

Zamasu kept a strong glare, but softened slightly in his expression. Vegetto's smirk instantly vanished, raising an eyebrow at the sight of Zamasu breaking out into a smirk of his own.

"Well done, mortal. You've come up with a good plan in this desperation to protect your loved ones. Enough to push me to the end of my immediate stores of energy...and put me in an unwinnable situation. I knew that if anyone was going to prove a threat to my plans for domination...it wouldn't be the gods, nor your failed protegee. It would be you, my old nemesis, and you surely did not disappoint."

Vegetto's eyes narrowed, staring down Zamasu while the merged Kaioshin clapped his hands together mockingly.

"But...I prepared for this day, just in case my immortality somehow did not secure my victory. I knew that I had to be versatile, and as you put it, 'have more options' if I wanted to make sure nothing could stop me. So I did my research...I studied you and your family as you know. And discovered a fruitful endeavor used by you and your friends over the years that would benefit me in a far greater manner."

Zamasu squatted down low, grinning and barring his teeth as an ominous glow of red slowly overtook his body.

"A technique I've been saving for years...a technique that I had planned to unveil if your kind ever got the better of me if I somehow, were to find myself in a situation like this..."

Vegetto blinked heavily, his own body sliding back under the sheer output in energy as a massive red aura suddenly spiralled up from underneath Zamasu's white boots, the merged Kaioshin's voice thundering out.


Vegetto gasped, quickly throwing his arms forward to launch the massive wave of blue energy towards the growing red power. Zamasu's smirk only widened, standing completely straight as the wave struck him head on, splitting around his form while he casually bolted forward through the massive torrent of energy. Vegetto's eyes widened, watching Zamasu travel through the energy itself and instantly closing the small gap to him. Popping out of the energy wave, Zamasu roared as he connected a heavy fist to Vegetto's cheek, sending the fused warrior flipping backwards along the ground. Vegetto winced heavily in pain, crashing through the dirt and rock for only a second before vaulting high into the air to gain some ground, only to crash back down towards the surface from the force of Zamasu's boot slamming into his back. He yelped, quickly being punted up towards the left before he could reach the ground, flipping around and seeing Zamasu already arriving in the middle of his trajectory in the blink of an eye. Vegetto quickly threw up two fingers to his forehead, teleporting to the opposite direction of where Zamasu floated next to one of the few yellow spheres left. However, Vegetto cried out in pain again as Zamasu's fist shot into his ribs, crashing back to the surface. Vegetto slid across the ground on both feet, clutching his side while he slowly rose up to his feet, panting heavily. A small trail of blood dripped down from the right corner of his mouth, his narrowed blue eyes watching Zamasu gracefully land on the ground only a few steps away. The merged Kaioshin chuckled, raising an eyebrow with a mocking tone.

"What's wrong, Vegetto? Can't keep up?"

Vegetto continued to pant, glaring down Zamasu who held his arms out with a deep breath of air.

"This is the divine grace of my power. The technique your kind has clung to for a desperate power increase, makes my body whole. The Kaioken has a specific drawback, gracing your body with it's power at the price of tearing it apart over time."

His smirk widened.

"But for me, the power rises steadily, and the more it damages my body, the stronger it becomes. My cells regenerate stronger than ever, allowing me to raise the power to even greater heights in this continuous evolution that has no limit or end."

He dropped his arms to his sides.

"This...mortal...is true divinity."

Vegetto lifted his arm up, rubbing the blood away with his wrist. He soon straightened himself out completely, clenching his fists with a determined stare.

"Tsk...I should've known it wouldn't be this easy..."

His own smirk returned, clenching his fists together and flaring his blue aura violently before Zamasu.

"Alright Zamas...no more holding back. Let's end this."

With a thunderous roar, Vegetto's blue hair rapidly shot down over his back down to his waist, powering up instantly to his Super Saiyan Blue 3 form and rapidly blasting across the ground with his fists raised. Zamasu only smirked back, floating back on the defensive as Vegetto launched forward into another onslaught of punches and kicks.


Trunks' expression lifted slightly at the sight of the battle, smiling half way.

"Look...he's not even scared of Zamasu's trump card. He just might be able to pull this off."

Whis kept a small frown, his voice flat when he spoke.

"Look closer, Trunks."

Trunks blinked once in confusion, glancing back down at the screen for a moment. His eyes followed the near even exchange of blows, Vegetto's cocky and confident expression strong on his face while Zamasu's rage continued to boil in his expression. Trunks frowned, turning back to Whis.

"What? He looks like he's in complete control."

Whis shut his eyes.

"On the surface, perhaps."

His eyes opened slowly, narrowing at the screen shortly after.

"But he is absolutely terrified of the power difference. Just as he deceived Buu from figuring out his plan to save his absorbed family, he is trying to deceive Zamasu into believing that he is stronger than he appears through arrogance."

Trunks frowned, turning back to the screen as Whis continued.

"He has survived because of his immense effort and perfect counters of a novice fighter who barely has the teachings of the Kaioshins mastered. All it takes is one clean, strong hit from Zamasu...and it's over."

The Supreme Kai raised an eyebrow.

"So why isn't he running?! Zamasu just showed he can outlast him with the Kaioken: his power is just going to rise to the point where even Vegetto can't do any damage to him!"

Whis kept his eyes narrowed, sighing lightly.

"He's following Genn's example...of struggling against a fighter well beyond his power to control."

His eyes shifted towards the Supreme Kai of Time and the Elder Kai.

"He's attempting to obtain Ultra Instinct."

Trunks turned his head up, raising an eyebrow.

"Ultra Instinct? What's that?"

Whis turned his head slightly, his eyes meeting Trunks.

"The state of the gods, rooted in mastery of combat. The art of the body moving on its own, uninhibited by emotion or hesistating thoughts."

His frown deepened at the sight of Vegetto throwing Zamasu across the ground with both arms, shortly straightening himself and panting heavily on the screen.

"Unlike Genn, Vegetto is approaching it all wrong; all of his attacks, all of his plans, are rooted in his mind's attempt to defeat Zamasu."

Trunks kept his eyebrow raised.

"So? What's wrong with that?"

Whis kept his eyes on the screen.

"Oh...forgive me. I forgot you have not been properly instructed on the truth of your body and mind."

Trunks' confused expression as Whis turned with a small smile, raising his finger up to the ceiling.

"You probably assume that when you get tired, it's simply your muscles inability to continue fighting, correct?"

Trunks nodded curtly.

"Yeah...that's how it works."

Whis shook his head.

"You are wrong. It will take many years and complete change in discipline to understand, but the truth is that your body does not tire as easily as you believe. Its strength is far beyond what you or any other device or sense can possibly measure."

His smile rose.

"But it does feel that desire to stop...not because it is tired...but because it begins to doubt the capability of your own conscious mind. With every failed attempt to defeat your opponent...your body grows restless, ready to take control and finish the job."

Trunks glanced around for a moment, his expression uneasy in an attempt to take in the information.

"Ok...then why doesn't it?"

Whis kept his smile.

"Because your mind won't let it. Think about it: when was the last time you let your body control your actions, hmm?"

Trunks kept a small frown, his eyes turning at the sight of Vegetto's blue aura exploding outward on screen. The two fighters were locked in a rapid exchange of blows, Vegetto gaining the upper hand and knocking Zamasu away with a strong right punch.

"In extreme circumstances and under immense pressure, your mind shuts off because it is too slow to keep up and your body rises to the challenge to overcome the burden. Yet as soon as that pressure alleviates enough, the mind takes control again, and you suddenly begin to have thoughts and emotions race into your thinking while your power lessens."

Whis turned his eyes back to Trunks.

"Control is a privilege your mind jealously guards, and with each failed attempt, your body begins to rebel against it. It begins to resist fighting for a leadership that cannot grant victory through strategy or complexity. That is why you feel heavy: not because your body can't rise to the occasion, but because it doesn't want to anymore."

The taller angel turned back to the screen, watching Vegetto and Zamasu now locked with their hands clasped together, trying to overcome one another through sheer strength. Vegetto's arms trembled heavily, his body caving slightly under Zamasu's strength as steam begain to rise off his arms.

"Vegetto's mind is perhaps the most talented for combat that I have ever seen, but even it succumbs to the inefficiency of thinking while moving. The heat...the power...it's ready to come out. But if he cannot let the body take control...then his mind will take him down just as it has done with so many others."
Chapter 46: The Proud Saiyan Fusion

Vegetto roared at the top of his lungs as his long blue hair swayed behind him, his fists flying forward in rapid strikes with blow after blow into Zamasu's chest and face. The merged Kaioshin sauntered and swayed back and forth from the blows, an uppercut from Vegetto's right fist sending him stumbling backwards in a heavy daze. Vegetto quickly crouched low, springing forward and slamming his right fist square into Zamasu's face, denting into the merged Kaioshin's head with the force of the blow. Zamasu hacked in pain, only for his head to suddenly whip to the side from Vegetto's left shin slamming into his ear.

The long blue hair slowly fell still behind Vegetto's back, his eyebrow less and narrowed eyes glaring down Zamasu as the merged Kaioshin struggled up to his feet. A snarl escaped his lips, his green head deformed from where Vegetto's leg had struck him, his eyes and nose smushed together.

"Ungh...you...you haven't beaten me yet!"

Zamasu's deformed suddenly bulged out, the indents correct themselves as his skin morphed and twitched violently. His face and head returned to their normal shapes shortly after, a stern yet calm expression on his face while he glared Vegetto down.

Vegetto perked his eyes slightly, ducking down to narrowly dodge the sudden swing of violent red energy in the form of a blade around Zamasu's forearm. The red blade cut through some of Vegetto's hair, Zamasu's bending at the elbow and quickly shooting down in a follow up strike. The blade, however, only pierced through the dirt, Vegetto flipping backwards into the sky. His blue eyes widened, his arms quickly flinging up to block the incoming blow from above in the form of Zamasu's non-weaponized arm, a thunderous shockwave erupting high above. Grimacing heavily, Vegetto grunted while he floated down to the ground underneath the weight of the blow, his white boots soon connecting with the floor.

Zamasu landed shortly after, his sinister smirk rising at the sight of Vegetto's arms trembling underneath his own.

"Yes...at long last, my moment has come. This is your limit...you can't keep this up."

His knee swung up shortly after, aiming towards Vegetto's chest. The fused warrior scoffed at the sight, his own left knee shooting up to punt the incoming blow to the side, his leg locking out shortly after and swinging into a quick sweep to knock Zamasu off his feet.

"Tsk...I can counter your sloppy form all day."

Vegetto roared as he whirled around, roundhouse kicking the off balance Zamasu across the ground with a forceful blow. Vegetto landed gently shortly after, his muscles still tense. However, he grimaced slightly, his long blue hair swaying slightly as his legs caved in just a bit. His breathing came out in a labored pant, his eyes narrowing in frustration.

Damn...my energy is draining fast, and Zamasu keeps coming back for more. I have to find a way to end this quick.

His blue eyes followed Zamasu, watching the merged Kaioshin saunter up to his feet. A sinister grin remained on Zamasu's face, chuckling darkly as his body awkwardly straightened itself out, drastically twitching while his body repaired the damage. He soon stood tall with a sense of regality, however, and elegantly brushed off the right shoulder of his garb with a confident smirk.

"You can lie to yourself all you want, Vegetto. But even you have your limits."

Vegetto grunted, crouching down slightly.

"Too bad you'll never push me to them!"

The growing steam off his arms swayed with the blue aura as Vegetto launched forward, throwing out his first blow with a tumultuous roar. Zamasu's confident expression morphed slowly in surprise, struggling to catch the fist. Yet Vegetto's left arm moved much slower than he anticipated, his blue eyes widening as they moved faster than the arm itself.


Zamasu's smirk returned, leaning his head back enough to allow Vegetto's arm to sail past his face without contact. Vegetto winced, his instinctive response to twisted his body around to swing a round house kick into Zamasu's ribs. However, as he turned, his legs buckled underneath him and caused him to collapse down onto the floor on all fours. Vegetto groaned in pain, panting heavily as steam continued to rise off his body.

No, not now!!

His head turned slightly at the sound of Zamasu's amused laughter, his eyes picking up the sight of a white boot that suddenly slammed directly into his face. Vegetto cried out as he blasted across the ground, tumbling through the hard dirt and slowly sliding to a halt in the rubble. He grimaced heavily, struggling to even lift his arms up and propping them upright onto the ground. His eyes narrowed fiercely, groaning loudly as his arms trembled in an attempt to lift his body up and the steam rising off nearly every inch of his body.



Trunks' eyes widely stared down at the development, his concern clear in his voice.

"What's happening to him?"

Whis leaned forward slightly, his own tone lacking the emotion of Trunks'.

"His body is quitting on him. It will no longer let him continue fighting."

The Supreme Kai of Time held up both hands towards her face, her worried frown deepening.

"This is bad...he'll die."

Whis shook his head once.

"No, this is good."

All three of the spectators turned their eyes to Whis, who kept his on the screen.

"If he can just let go, his body will take control and finish this battle."

His eyebrows narrowed.

"But he must give up his pride, or the body will bring him down."


The ground beneath Vegetto trembled slightly, his arms finally collapsing completely while his head collapsed onto the floor. His blue hair began to recede slowly, his eyebrows returning while his face pressed onto the floor, glancing off to the left. His eyes fluttered a bit, blinking a couple of times while his labored panting slowed.

I can't...do it. I thought I could hold it...but my body....

He grimaced heavily, tensing under the rising steam with a low growl.

It's too weak...I can't keep this up.

Vegetto barely noticed the sound of Zamasu's boots casually striding across the ground in front of him, his eyes and face still resting on the floor while the merged Kaioshin loomed over him. Zamasu's smirk remained strong, his eyes narrowing slightly down at Vegetto.

"There are still twenty three hours, fifty five minutes, and thirty three seconds left in the day...mortal. Looks like you were wrong...you won't be countering anything anymore."

He rose his right hand slowly into the air, a sinister white blade of raw energy forming around his forearm while he calmly spoke down at Vegetto lying at his feet.

"Two hundred and twelve years...countless hours of torture. Failed visions for the future, and burning passions to see our wills imposed on others have delivered us both to this moment. We have both given ourselves to the test of battle, and now here I stand, as fate's victor."

Zamasu's smirk grew slightly, the blade whirring to life as he cocked his elbow back, poising for his final strike.

"The reaper has come, mortal. You fought admirably...but even you cannot escape your fate. The beauty in your kind is that you will always end, no matter how far you come."

The merged Kaioshin's lips lifted into a smirk, the energy growing around his arm.

"And now, the strongest mortal in all of creation...the greatest sin of all, will be purged by my hand. How wonderful."

Vegetto tightly shut his eyes, struggling to move under the impending danger. Yet despite his efforts, the only movement came in the form of the steam radiating stronger off his body, his limbs refusing to budge.

Move...move damn you!


Whis' eyes narrowed at the screen before him.

Stop fighting. You have no other choice; just let it take control.


Zamasu narrowed his eyes slightly, shifting his arm forward slightly.

"Here it comes..."

He quickly swung the blade down, his eyes widening while his body tensed.


However, as soon as the parting was announced, Zamasu stopped the movement of the energy blade. The volatile white energy singed the back of Vegetto's blue gi, but soon retreated shortly after. Zamasu kept a stern stare for a moment, cautiously circling to Vegetto's side and eyeing the fusion suspiciously. His eyebrows slowly perked as the realization hit him, letting out a quick grunt in amusement.

"So it's true after all. You really can't fight back!"

Vegetto's eyes slowly opened, the blue pupils darting down to the floor as he continued to pant.

Trunks...Kass...they're counting on me. Everyone's...counting on me.

Vegetto's eyebrows narrowed, snarling again while his eyes looked over his body.

But you don't care...none of them matter to you. You just want to rest and quit when it gets tough...you're not a true warrior.

The steam radiated more violently, Vegetto's entire body trembling again. His neck was the first to finally give, heavily twitching as Vegetto struggled to lift up his chin with a heavy groan.

You don't get to have what you want today...get up!

His right arm shot up next, the steam breaking off his limbs as a violent surge of the blue energy erupted around his limb. Vegetto pushed himself upright slowly, the ground denting beneath his glove while his upper body raised slightly off the floor.

You will listen to me...you will obey me. And if I die here today, then you're coming with me!

Zamasu's eyebrows raised slightly, quickly lunging forward with the blade. Vegetto's left arm shot up shortly after, another explosion of blue energy surging once Zamasu's weaponized arm rested cleanly in the white glove gripping onto his wrist. Zamasu blinked hard once at the sight, the monsterous blue flames engulfing Vegetto's entire body and rapidly snuffing out the steam. The gleam in Vegetto's eyes returned, his hair expanding out once again into his third stage of Super Saiyan Blue.


Whis' eyebrows perked at the display, leaning forward slightly.

"Oh dear."

Trunks turned his head slightly, his eyes lifting to Whis.


The taller angel kept a stern stare, watching the screen intensely as a heavy frown formed.

"He was already beaten...his body had quit. This..."

His frown deepened.

"This isn't supposed to be happening. Perhaps...this is something else entirely."

Trunks turned back to the screen, his confusion strong.

"What are you talking about Whis? What's happening to him?"

Whis nodded once to the image of Vegetto, the blue energy and steam swirling violently together around his body.

"The heat...the power. In all my years, I have seen the struggle for control between the body and the mind. But not once, not in any student I have ever trained, had I seen the perfect balance where both work together in harmony."

Trunks' eyebrows perked slightly.

"Are you saying..."

Whis nodded once.

"Perhaps...he has done it."

The Supreme Kai of Time blinked.

"This is Ultra Instinct?"

Whis kept a stern expression, his eyes never once leaving the screen.

"We shall see."


Vegetto let out a ground shattering roar as he suddenly swung out his right arm into a fist, propelling Zamasu through the hard ground a few hundred meters away. His eyes twitched violently as he stood, the blue energy surging underneath while his arms trembled at his sides.

"This will end it...all of my power."

Vegetto hurled his arms out, bringing the ends of his palms crashing together with yellow spheres of energy exploding off his gloves. He held the Final Flash pose for only a second, his arms curling up behind his back as the energy grows.

"I will win...I won't lose to this trash..."

His blue pupils locked tightly onto the rubble Zamasu disappeared into, the blueish glow giving way slightly to the shine of a bright silver for a moment. The energy behind his back expanded out violently, rapidly sucking the light from the sky as his dual voice shifted slightly with an ominous tone.


Vegetto let out another thunderous roar, emitting a pitch and sound unfamiliar to his original dual voice.

"F̼̭̰̤̭̮͖i̥̬͓n̲a̦̗l̥̱͉̭̭̭̠ ͕̮̝̫͙̺̰Ḳ̖͖a͈̟͈̭̰m̟̹͍̬̣e͕h̲̥͈̲a̠̖̘̥̜m̯̜e̹̰͔̬h̜̜̩̣͎͎̺̮a͈̬!̦̰̭̭͚͎̱̣̫"

His arms flung forward, throwing out a violent, monsterous stream of pure blue energy that rapidly closed in on the target across the way. Zamasu barely had time to rise up from underneath the rubble, his head turning just as the stream of energy slammed into his body and engulfed him. Vegetto slouched forward slightly after the blast made contact, his arms instantly dropping towards the floor while the surging blue aura disappeared from his body. His hair receded back to its normal length and reverted to its original color, his eyes half open while he panted heavily, his legs trembling underneath him. A growing pit in his stomach began to resonate, hanging his head slightly in anticipation. A massive burst of wind dispelled the smoke shortly later, Vegetto tightly shutting his eyes in anguish at the responding surging of the energy signature he counted on disappearing entirely.

Zamasu stood tall as ever, his red aura flaring violently clearly with the smoke completely gone. His body was already repairing the damage of the blast, his left arm slowly twitching and developing from thin air as he reached up with his right, dusting the shoulder mockingly once it had been completely regenerated.

"Forgive me, I don't believe you heard me under all the energy you just threw out there. Let me repeat myself."

His red aura flared once more, his smirk rising as he calmly uttered his next sentence.

"Times Four."

Vegetto panted heavily, his head still hanging low while his arms sagged. His vision began to blur, the steam beginning to rise again while he nearly dropped to a knee in anguish.

I...failed. I can't go on...

His legs buckled underneath him, slowly dropping towards the ground and his knee about to impact the floor.

I'll...rest now...

Vegetto's head finally sagged forward, his body nearly collapsing entirely much to Zamasu's amusement. However, the amused grin from the merged Kaioshin instantly vanished, watching Vegetto's body suddenly freeze in place in front of him. Zamasu's smirk soon returned, casually strolling forward with an confident tone.

"Having second thoughts standing against me, are we?"

Zamasu came to a halt in front of the slumped Vegetto, looking over the unresponsive fighter with narrowed eyes. His smirk rose slightly along with his right hand, the energy blade reforming along his forearm, holding it in place while he spoke.

"Let this be your final lesson you take to Otherworld, mortal. Here you saunter after using all your might, all your power. And in the end, you couldn't even change how I end up killing you."

The merged Kaioshin smirked, lunging forward with his arm. The blade slashed violently through the air, quickly descending toward Vegetto's unguarded head. However, Zamasu kept his posture the same, barely batting an eye once he felt the grip of Vegetto's gloved hand along his wrist. His eyes glanced down to Vegetto for a moment, his focus wavering slightly at the sight of Vegetto's form being completely awkward and zombie like, the arm seemingly having moved on its own. Yet Zamasu broke out into a smirk shortly after, his free hand positioned near Vegetto's ribs.

"Did you think I was a fool? The first blade was to trick you, to give the second one-"

Zamasu blinked, stopping mid sentence at the sensation of Vegetto's hand now gripping onto his other wrist before the energy blade could even form. He stared down with wide eyes, having been unable to sense the movements and seeing Vegetto awkwardly holding onto his arms, still slumped over. Zamasu snarled, swinging his left elbow forward while his wrist was still locked in Vegetto's grip in an attempt to knock the fusion back. However, he yelped slightly as he was spun around by the arms, his elbow snapping once Vegetto's arms pulled up. Zamasu stumbled across the ground shortly after once a boot firmly slammed into the back of his rear, quickly whirling back around with raised arms.

His wide eyes looked over Vegetto in front of him, staring down the slumped over fighter that appeared to be asleep. He grit his teeth together, growling lowly with a frustrated grunt.

"What is this?!"

Zamasu's eyes perked, the answer to his question coming in the form of a intense surge of heat all around him. His eyes widened even further, the sight of a silver, ominous flame slowly swirling around Vegetto's arms. The two arms lifted up on their own, the hands slowly balling into tight fists while the remainder of Vegetto's body remained slumped forward. Zamasu blinked hard again, glancing around at the sudden emitting of a dark, deep voice from seemingly nowhere.


Zamasu quickly narrowed his eyes, watching on for a moment as the two floating arms coated in silver flames shifted the slumped body around, the arms moving into Vegetto's signature offensive pose. The merged Kaioshin lunged forward, swinging his fists forward towards Vegetto's chest. His eyes slowly widened after each blow thrown, each fist expertly and lightly parried away from the target by Vegetto's arms, Zamasu's frustration growing in the failures until he roared violently, throwing out a right kick.

The blow connected cleanly to Vegetto's responding shin, the left leg having risen up to counter the hit awkwardly like the arms. Zamasu quickly pulled back his leg with a gasp, watching the silver flame soon engulf the same appendage and quickly leaping back a step.

"This heat..."

A cold shiver ran up Zamasu's spine suddenly, despite the growing heat, at the sound of the dark, primal voice ringing out again in front of him. No words were uttered, only a single, low primal growl rung out. Zamasu lunged forward once again with a snarl of his own, swinging wildly towards Vegetto's arms and aiming for the last appendage that did not glow with the silver flame. He glared strongly at the sensation of missing the leg itself, quickly spinning up to his feet and swinging his fist forward towards Vegetto's chest, only for the knuckles to slam into the middle of Vegetto's boot, the leg now elevated high enough to block the strike.

Zamasu quickly pulled his arm back, yelping once the silver flame erupted and burned his green skin. He glared angrily at the sight of Vegetto standing somewhat upright with his arms and legs radiating with the silver fire but with his head still slumped forward and his eyes closed like he was in a deep slumber.

"So what...another power up, another transformation?! You can't defeat me mortal: I will outlast you!"

He bolted forward again, lunging forward and swinging his right fist forward with a thunderous roar. The blow struck head on, slamming into the orange undershirt and the center of Vegetto's chest, yet his body did not budge a single inch despite the monstrous shockwave that shattered the ground behind him. Zamasu barely had time to react to the sight of the silver flame slowly coating Vegetto's torso, his eyes widening with a hack at the sudden gloved hand clasping tightly onto his neck. Zamasu twitched and squirmed underneath the pressure constricting his throat, Vegetto's right arm slowly lifting him off the ground and into the air. Zamasu stared down, clawing at the grip to no avail while Vegetto's head rolled to the left, soon elevating itself upright. His entire neck and body suddenly vibrated for an intense moment, an ominous whir of intense energy surging to life as the silver flames exploded up from around Vegetto's body, engulfing his entire form. Zamasu's eyes gleamed in the intense display of heat and power, watching the little particles of light rise up around Vegetto's body with the flames, taking in the sight of Vegetto's black hair now shining a bright, matching silver.

Vegetto's closed eyes slowly opened, the silver pupils turned down towards the floor with a light expression on his face like he just woke up from a nap. His eyes moved together as they first turned up towards the sky, then away from Zamasu to the left.

Zamasu nearly gasped in instinctive fear as Vegetto's eyebrows narrowed into a fierce and deadly glare, the silver pupils finally darting to the right and instantly locking onto the merged Kaioshin locked firmly in his grasp. Zamasu squirmed heavily again, watching Vegetto's arm tense heaily, the dual voice accompanied by the same dark and primal voice that had rung out earlier.


Chapter 47: Migatte No Gokui

"Silver hair."

"Silver eyes."

"Incredible fire."

Trunks, the Elder Kai, and the Supreme Kai of Time all huddled close together in front of the screen depicting the image of the newly transformed Vegetto. Their wide eyes barely budged from the sight, Trunks turning his head slightly towards Whis.

"Whis...what is this?"

Whis held a small smile, looming over the three and standing upright.

"Well, if you allow me to take a look, maybe I can explain."

All three instinctively stepped back, Whis nodding politely before stepping closer towards the table. His smile vanished in an instant, rubbing his chin while he studied the image with narrowed eyes. Trunks perked an eyebrow, glancing between the screen and Whis for a moment.

"So...what is it? Is this Ultra Instinct?"

Whis nodded, closing his eyes and inhaling deeply.

"Ah yes, this sort of power..."

Trunks kept a concerned stare, watching as Whis turned his head up from the screen with a warm smile.

"I have absolutely no idea."

Trunks fell onto the floor with a hard thud, quickly launching back up to his feet with his fists raised.

"What do you mean you have no idea?! You've been training everyone here on Ultra Instinct, and you can't even tell if that's it?!"

Whis kept his smile, leaning up.

"Of course I can tell. Ultra Instinct is not simply a power up: it is a state of being."

His head turned slightly, the sound of Beerus' voice raising slightly from the entrance.


Whis perked an eyebrow, watching Beerus descend slowly down the steps with a heavy scowl. His smile returned, however, at the sight of another warrior descending the steps to his side.

"The palace is a mess. When we get home, you have a lot of cleaning to do!"

Whis stifled a small chuckle, covering his mouth.

"Forgive me, my lord. I trust your journey went well?"

Beerus grunted, crossing his arms and shifting his eyes towards Gogeta, who stood with a flat expression.

"He's here, and he's ready to fight. What more do we need to end this?"

Trunks held a small grin, clenching his fist together.

"Alright, with Gogeta on our side too, Zamasu is finished!"

Whis turned his head back down to the screen, gesturing for Beerus to come forward.

"Lord Beerus, what do you make of this?"

Beerus perked his eyebrows, uncrossing his arms and stepping up to the table. His narrowed eyes immediately locked onto the sight of the transformed Vegetto, but quickly shot his glare back up to Whis with a heavy scowl.

"What have you done?"

Whis kept his smile.

"Whatever do you mean, Lord Beerus?"

Beerus growled in annoyance, turning fully to face towards him.

"You discovered something about the Super Saiyan God from history, didn't you? You unfairly used it to your advantage...and taught your student a transformation I didn't know."

He crossed his arms.

"That's cheating, Whis."

Whis kept his smile.

"No, I simply trained him in the same manner I taught you."

Beerus cocked an eyebrow, his tone indicating his confusion.

"What are you trying to suggest, Whis?"

Whis nodded down to the screen.

"You have been surpassed, Lord Beerus."

Beerus blinked, instantly turning back to the screen.

"What?! Then this form...is..."

Whis suddenly lost his smile, frowning down at the sight.

"I'm not sure...yet. But the power rise is significant: this silver fire signals something I've never quite seen before."

Whis leaned forward closer, the still image of Vegetto shifting his stance catching his eyes.

"His body is moving on its own...he appears to be utilizing perfect movements. Yet, his demeanor...his stance...all of it is different than typical Vegetto."

Gogeta moved forward next, his own eyes taking in the sight with a small frown.

"Perhaps he's attempting a new style?"

Whis kept his frown.

"Perhaps...but my real concern is different than simply changing a combat stance. Ultra Instinct is the perfect harmony of mind and body, where the focus of the mind and the will of the body work in unison to overcome the obstacles."

He nodded to the screen.

"This, I fear, may not be unison...but one overpowering the other."

Trunks raised an eyebrow.

"What are you saying?"

Whis kept his stern stare.

"That might not be our Vegetto anymore."


Stumbling backwards across the ground, Zamasu cradled his damaged throat with one hand as the cells inside his neck began to reform and repair the damage. His wide eyes frantically studied the glowing fire a few feet away from him, his breathing labored while he stood slightly hunched forward. A surge of burning wind blasted outwards from the source, Zamasu's face twitching slightly while his robes ruffled heavily in the intense gust. His eyes soon met the silver pupils glaring him down, his mouth wide open in fear.

Those eyes...they're the same as-

Zamasu gasped, his eyes wandering up at the sight of the familar rose petals cascading down from the sky around him. His eyebrows lifted slightly, glancing around at the change of the scenery back to the familiar open courtyard of the Time Nest, standing next to the lone tree that loomed over the pond. The fire across his way diminished entirely, and in place of Vegetto stood the figure of Genn clad in black Saiyan armor. His face was mostly covered by the shattered mask he wore, the opening revealing his left, narrowed eye that had the same silver tint.


The mirage vanished instantly at the rise of Zamasu's violent red aura, the merged Kaioshin furiously throwing his arms down with clenched fists.


Vegetto's intense glare remained the same as Zamasu bolted forward, his silver eyes tracking every movement. His posture remained the same, his arms immediately flinging up and slapping the first two punches Zamasu threw at his upper torso, promptly knocking Zamasu off balance in the redirection. His right arm hung out from the movements, and Vegetto lightly flung it forward while bending it at the elbow, the blow connecting to Zamasu's cheek.

Stumbling back a few steps again, Zamasu grunted and quickly recollected himself, shooting off to the right. Vegetto barely shifted his stance to the side, narrowly dodging the lunging Zamasu by leaning back his upper body a few degrees. Zamasu's wide eyes turned up as his body shot past Vegetto's towards the ground, watching on as Vegetto's left knee shot up into his stomach. He hacked heavily in pain, his eyes losing color while he shot up towards the sky in a small arc, crashing onto the hard dirt below within a few seconds.

Zamasu groaned heavily in pain, clutching onto his abdomen while he writhed on the ground.

"Uungh...this...this can't be! You...you were already beaten...how..."

His head lifted up slightly, his blurred vision barely able to see the image of a white boot before he shot backwards across the dirt, tearing into the ground and slowly sliding to a halt in the rubble left behind in his wake. Zamasu's body began to shift and contort while he struggled to his feet, the damage left being repaired once he was upright once more. He panted lightly, watching Vegetto float down from the sky onto the ground with the same fierce stare, the silver eyes never once lifting off of Zamasu.

"All the damage you do...it makes no difference. Even with this new power you've unlocked...you'll never be a true god!"

Vegetto stood silently in response, the silver flames steadily encircling his body. Zamasu's eyebrow twitched heavily, soon emitting a small chuckle while his eyes widened in frustration.

"Forgot that little detail, mortal?! You can't kill me, no matter how hard you try!! Your pathetic god of destruction couldn't erase me, what makes you think you'll do any better?!"

Zamasu kept his crazed grin, his panting increasing steadily. Vegetto still stood silently in response, the glare remaining consistent and his arms still hanging at his sides, prompting Zamasu to raise his voice in continuation.

"Stop ignoring me!!"

Vegetto's response remained the same, Zamasu's arms tensing heavily as his eyebrow twitched violently while he shouted at the top of his lungs.

"I am immortal, you worthless creature!! All things bow to my will, all are shaped to my desire!! Everything that ends, ends at my choosing! You, history, time itself, or even-"

Zamasu's crazed stare diminished slightly, the realization hitting him and his voice lowering into a sinister tone.

"-your family."

His eyes narrowed slightly, chuckling to himself.

"Yes...that's it. Your family...that's how I'll break you."

Vegetto's eyes turned slightly to the side, his fierce glare locking onto the sight of Zamasu flinging his right arm outwards, forming a blade of red energy around his straight hand. He brought his arm inward, shooting the blade itself into his open palm as if stabbing through his own hand. The energy, however, never appeared from the opposite side, Zamasu chuckling darkly once he had connected the tips of his fingers inside the red blade to his open palm. His fingers then curled down, grasping onto what little remained of the red blade, roaring violently as he pulled the energy back out through his own grip. The blade contorted violently while steam rose up from his hands, the massive weight growing out into a magnificent scythe made of pure, red energy.

Clutching tightly onto his new weapon, Zamasu chuckled to himself while he stood over Vegetto.

"This scythe will end your worthless family, mortal. With it comes not only your death...but Trunks...the Kais-"

His sinister grin rose.

"And that little student you cling to for your primal desires."

Zamasu's sinister smirk instantly vanished, however, the intended reaction having not occurred from his pointed comment. His eyes widened slightly, still staring into the same fierce glare from Vegetto that had not changed once in the whole display and threat, his eyes narrowing heavily.

He has to care...he's bluffing!! Mortals cling to each other...mortals place all their worth in others! His family...is his source of power. And I will break him through it!

Zamasu instinctively stepped back, clutching heavily onto the scythe.

"Nothing to say?! No clever quip about winning against your reaper?!"

His eyes narrowed into a strong, hateful glare.

"Then I'll make you care. She won't die a quick and painless death...she'll suffer far worse because of your arrogance."

Zamasu's head suddenly whipped to the side, his eyes widening at the impact of Vegetto's gloved fist finally connecting into his cheek. He gasped and hacked some spit, but grinned widely underneath the blow.

Now!! My chance!!

His arm swung forward, swinging the heavy scythe and slashing out blindly in front of him. His eyes remained wide, however, hitting nothing but air as another fist sailed into his face, knocking him backwards along the ground. Zamasu quickly shot up to his feet, his panic stricken expression intensifying at the sight of Vegetto standing in the same casual manner, the silver eyes looking into his own.

"Impossible...the anger should have blinded you!"

Zamasu panted lightly, looking over Vegetto who stood still for a few seconds. He nearly held his breath, watching on as Vegetto slowly pulled up his arms into the same offensive stance he normally held. The fierce stare of his eyes remained the same, but his lips slowly rose into a smirk. However, the expression held a ferocity completely different than Vegetto's usual, confident flare. Instead, the lips had risen into a nearly sinister and dark grin, his teeth still covered while his right, gloved hand waved Zamasu on.


Zamasu gasped in shock at the sound of the sinister voice that resonated on top of Vegetto's dual voice, but quickly recollected himself and tensed his muscles.

"Fine!! I'll show you the full power of a god!"

The red aura glowing around Zamasu surged violently, his hands both gripping onto the scythe's handle as his muscles bulged visibly underneath his black robes.

"Kaioken times twenty!!"

With a thunderous roar, Zamasu lunged forward, desperately swinging and slashing at Vegetto with the massive scythe. Vegetto shifted and swayed from side to side, narrowly dodging each and every swipe that cut into the dirt around him, leaping up into the air off of a falling piece of earth. Zamasu quickly followed after him, slashing sideways once he was within range, slashing through some blue and orange cloth but nothing more. A quick punch connected to his neck as Vegetto floated to the side, Zamasu grunting in annoyance as he stumbled off balance for only a millisecond, rapidly swinging his blade towards where he felt the immense heat.

He hit nothing but air, another set of knuckles to slamming into the back of his head as Vegetto's other arm quickly tore off the remaining cloth loosely covering his upper torso. Zamasu desperately swung the weapon around, hoping to cut Vegetto once again, yet stumbled forward from another fist slamming into his ribs. Hacking heavily in pain, Zamasu's eyes fluttered underneath the pressure, both of his hands gripping tightly onto the handle of the scythe as he barely was able to keep conscious underneath the attacks, swinging blindly around him in a desperate bid to keep up with Vegetto's hits. He felt Vegetto's knee drive into his chest next, another couple of punches knocking him around in the sky, and finally a punt from Vegetto's shin before Zamasu finally collapsed onto the floor.

He propped himself up heavily, dropping the massive scythe while he sat upright on all fours, his half open eyes staring at the floor. The regeneration slowly brought his wind back, his eyes narrowing slightly.

The immortality is still working...I should have died there. My body gave out...but I still live on. I cannot die...I will not die.

Zamasu grit his teeth together, turning his head up at the sound of Vegetto's boots gently landing on the floor and bolting towards him.

I will grow stronger!!

Vegetto gasped slightly, his charge being thrown off at the sudden surge of intense energy emitting from Zamasu's body. He floated back under the extreme force of wind, throwing up his arms and sliding across the ground while Zamasu roared over the fierce wind.

"Times one hundred!!!"

Vegetto's eyes perked slightly at the surge, blasting backwards even further as the red aura eclisped the growing heat in the area. Zamasu's muscles bulged excessively as he grew in height, his upper body ripping entirely through the black robes. The growing winds suddenly died out, Vegetto lowering his arms and staring up at the massive, muscular green figure now looming over him. Zamasu chuckled darkly, clutching onto the scythe now matching his massive height as he stepped forward.

"What will you do now, Vegetto?! My power continues to rise at my command, my immortal body can handle the strain of any level of the Kaioken."

His muscles bulged slightly afterwards at the sudden explosion of his aura, Zamasu's grin rising.

"Now...one hundred and one. In time, it will be one hundred and two...and it will continue to rise no matter how hard you hit me."

Zamasu tensed, gripping tightly onto the scythe while he roared.

"Can you challenge the might of infinity?!"

Vegetto lowered his arms, his silver eyes glaring up at Zamasu. The momentary bright silver gleam in his eyes slightly diminished, however, his smirk returning with the same confident look he normally held.

"L̴et͡'s f̢i̶nd͟ out."

Zamasu's eyes narrowed in annoyance, reeling his arms back. Watching Vegetto bolt forward, he quickly hurled the weapon forward in a more precise swing than before yet still missed the approaching fusion. He quickly whirled around, his eyes being able to track Vegetto's movements, and quickly blocked the incoming fist with his free forearm. Zamasu held the scythe tightly as he swung his massive left leg up in a quick punt, sailing past Vegetto who landed gently on the ground while leaning back to avoid the blow. Planting his feet firmly into the dirt, Vegetto threw a powerful right punch into Zamasu's stomach, knocking him back a step before rapidly dashing after him to keep the offensive going.

Zamasu quickly regained his balanced, swinging the scythe forward in another failed strike. However, his eyes narrowed at the sight of Vegetto crouching down in front of him underneath the flying blade, and shot up his right leg to successfully punt Vegetto back a few feet. The fusion shook his head, his silver eyes narrowing slightly and charged forward again, throwing out a flurry of punches and kicks into Zamasu, who took each and every hit but showed no signs of immediate pain while he desperately swung the scythe at Vegetto in his barrage to no avail.


Trunks kept a heavy frown at the sight, glaring down at the scroll.

"He's keeping pace with Zamasu...even beating him."

Beerus sighed heavily.

"He lost his chance."

Trunks and the Supreme Kai both turned their heads up, watching Beerus cross his arms as he turned his head towards Gogeta.

"You won't be able to even help at this rate: Zamasu has grown too powerful."

Trunks kept his frown.

"What do you mean?"

Beerus turned his eyes down to the screen.

"Vegetto had the advantage on Zamasu for a short time, but now that the latter has surpassed his limits and is constantly rising with the power of the Kaioken, he cannot be stopped. Even now, Vegetto only matches Zamasu's speed and power: he cannot overcome it."

The Elder Kai perked his eyebrows.

"But the Kaioken destroys the body as the multiplier increases! Zamasu can't continue to raise it, it will eventually cripple him!"

Beerus' eyebrow twitched in annoyance, whirling around with a raised fist.

"You old senile bastard, did you forget Zamasu is immortal?! His body is just repairing all of the damage, and even worse, the Saiyan cells from Vegetto's stolen body make him even stronger once they recover!"

Beerus lowered his arm, grunting in frustration.

"It's over...we've lost. Whis...we have to call Zeno."

Whis kept his flat stare, studying the screen while he rubbed his chin. Beerus grunted once again, raising his voice and wagging a fist at the taller angel.

"Whis!! Stop studying the fight, we have a serious problem here!!"

Whis perked his eyebrows, turning his head slightly.

"Oh, there's no need to contact Zeno. My father already knows what is happening here, he said he'll be arriving shortly."

Beerus blinked, his eyes widening.

"The...Grand Priest?! When was this?!"

Whis turned his head up, smiling warmly.

"About ten seconds ago. He left us a message, but I didn't answer because his help is not needed."

He turned back to the screen, nodding down.

"You can see it: Vegetto's power is rising too. An accelerating energy not from anger or confusion, but from pure impulse. Right now...on Zamasu...no...on the fight itself, Vegetto is finally focusing his heart and mind together, regaining control from his body's claim for dominance."

Beerus blinked again, turning his eyes down at the sight of Vegetto slowly overworking Zamasu's defenses, landing multiple blows and throwing Zamasu across the ground before continuing another exchange of attacks.

"The fate of the universe, the fate of his family, the difference in power, hesitation, panic, fear, all turn to nothing in the flames and all he can feel is himself, his opponent, and the fight itself."

Whis' smile rose, straightening himself out.

"In time, he will become so fast that even such perception will grow dim and fade. As he dives into a state deeper than instinct, there he finds..."

Beerus narrowed his eyes, gritting his teeth together.

"Migatte no gokui."

Whis turned his head slightly with the same warm smile, perking his eyebrows.

"You remembered the lesson."

Beerus grunted again in frustration, staring down at the screen.

"But how, how can a mortal like him achieve so easily what I spent thousands of years mastering?"

Whis kept his smile, turning his attention back to the screen.

"Because you underestimate the Saiyans, Lord Beerus. This is not just the two you normally can dismiss, but the perfect combination. Goku's drive to surpass his own limits, but without the carefree attitude that his opponents routinely exploit from him. Vegeta's immense pride to be better than all others, without losing sight on his own inner flaws."

Gogeta perked his own eyes, looking up at Whis while he spoke. He nearly gasped, Whis' eyes already meeting his in the process but stopped short of making noise at the sight of Whis winking once with his right eye at the fused warrior while he continued.

"The perfect warrior."

Beerus grunted lightly, his eyes still turned to the screen as he slowly broke out into a smirk.

"Fine...then let's see what this...Ultra Instinct is capable of."


Zamasu's panic continued to rise with his wide eyes, slashing into the ground and digging his blade into only dirt. He stared on as Vegetto sprinted up the long hilt of the scythe now stuck into the ground, blasting backwards across the ground once Vegetto lunged forward with a powerful right fist. The massive and muscular Zamasu tumbled across the ground, shooting up to his feet and sliding to a halt on all fours. Puple liquid began to slowly trickly down his left nostril, Zamasu barely registering it as he lunged forward in a furious exchange of blows with Vegetto, roaring at the top of his lungs.

"Times two hundred-"

His scream stopped midway, Vegetto's fist having shot into his mouth and slamming him backwards. Zamasu hacked, stumbling a bit, falling to the side at the follow up kick slamming into the side of his head. Zamasu snarled again, his eyes widening as the dent in his head slowly regenerated back to its normal shape, lunging up into a powerful uppercut that sent a massive shockwave of wind skyward. The blow, however, did nothing aside from the shockwave, another white gloved punch slamming into Zamasu's nose.

Purple blood trickled down from both nostrils now, Zamasu haphazardly swinging both of his massive arms in desperate punches as he collapsed onto the ground back first. He panted heavily, the wounds and damage healing on their own at a much slower rate than before, Zamasu's head still ringing.

Why...I can't power up to two hundred at a scream...

Zamasu trembled, struggling to sit up on his rear but slowly picked himself up.


He pushed himself off the ground, rising up to his feet.

"You...you're just...a...simple...monkey..."

Zamasu grimaced heavily, the blood from the former open wounds still dripping from his lips despite the wounds having fully healed. He panted lightly, staring down Vegetto in extreme frustration.

I need time...time to rise my power. My scythe...it can sow the seeds for victory if I can reach it in time.

Zamasu suddenly threw his right arm forward, firing off a massive blast of red energy in the blink of an eye. Vegetto's silver eyebrows perked, his left hand swinging up and casually slapping the blast away before bolting to the side, stopping Zamasu mid flight with a powerful kick just a foot away from the red scythe lodged into the earth. Zamasu cried out in pain, flipping across the ground and crashing into a nearby mountain, disappearing inside as the rocks collapsed down on top of him.

Zamasu laid still underneath the dirt, his head still ringing fiercely.

How...how could he read my movements and predict where I was going...

The calm of the atmosphere and Zamasu's attention were barely changed at the sudden piercing heat radiating from above. It took Zamasu a few seconds to notice the glowing silver blade of pure energy piercing into his abdomen, the fallen Kaioshin letting out a small gasp as he was forcefully lifted up through the rocks and dirt on top of him. He clutched onto the silver blade that forced him up, hacking pain as the light of the outside world hit him once again. His eyes soon found the source of the Spirit Sword holding him upright in mid air, Vegetto's fierce glare burning into Zamasu's eyes with his arm outstretched.

"G̙̣̰͖ͅi̮̦͈̳v̥̱̻e̗̰̟̳̥ͅ ̫̝̖̞u̩̞̼̟p,̫̤ ̮̳̗̹̤͈Ẓ͇̣͓a̼m͚a̭̳̯s.͚"

Zamasu's eyes widened, gritting his teeth together and snarling furiously. 


Hacking in pain, Zamasu pushed himself along the blade, barely moving an inch.

Damnit...how...do I get out of this? How can I get to my energy scythe?

His eyebrows perked slightly.

Wait...that mortal...he teleported to his own energy blasts...

Zamasu's smirk rose, slowly lifting his right hand up to his forehead.

Perfect...I'll just copy it!

The second Zamasu placed both his pointer and middle finger to his forehead, he suddenly disappeared from thin air. Vegetto's silver eyebrows perked slightly, turning down in time to see Zamasu clutching tightly onto the hilt of the red scythe. The massive hulking Kaioshin swung the weapon around, sending a monsterous sharp wave of red energy towards Vegetto, who quickly shot up into the air and easily dodged the swing.

Vegetto floated down after the dodge, his narrowed silver eyes looking over Zamasu. He then widened his eyes, whirling around to take in the sight of a massive tear in the sky above, smoke slowly forming from the edges. Floating back instinctively, Vegetto tensed his arms while the plumes of smoke slowly floated down in little clouds, morphing in mid air around the silver haired warrior.

Zamasu laughed manically, holding tightly onto the scythe as he shot backwards across the ground.

"Ha ha! You've seen this before, mortal...from another life! See the world around you bend to my will, the dimensions themselves fall to my will."

Vegetto narrowed his silver eyes slightly, glancing around as the cloud formations encircling him morphed into images of fused Zamasu. Each form mirrored his normal attire and physique before the Kaioken, each one silently glaring Vegetto down with their arms at their sides.

The real Zamasu clenched his fists tightly along the scythe, raising it high into the sky.

All I need to do now, is raise the Kaioken. With them distracting the mortal...I can reach a power beyond anything that has come before me!!

The red aura around his massive body exploded outward, his muscles growing steadily in size.

"One hundred and fifty...one hundred and sixty...one hundred and seventy!!"


Present Day, Time Vault

Whis turned his head up from the scroll, the sound of a similar voice ringing out from the top steps.

"Greetings, everyone! It has been some time."

Beerus and the Kais alike all frantically whirled around, collapsing onto the floor in unison with humble bows.

"Grand Priest! It is an honor!!"

Trunks and Gogeta both blinked in confusion, watching the display while Whis kept a warm smile.

"Good day, Grand Priest. What brings you to this humble Time Vault?"

The Grand Priest slowly floated down to the end of the stairs, his hands clasped firmly behind his back.

"I have come to check up on your universe, Whis. It would seem there is a mild disturbance disrupting the flow of time; are you aware of this?"

Whis bowed his head slightly.

"Yes. We are working diligently to fix the matter at hand."

The Grand Priest nodded curtly with a warm smile, turning his head towards the Supreme Kai of Time as she slowly rose to her feet.

"Chronoa, my dear, how are you?"

The Supreme Kai of Time kept her head bowed, her tone anxious.

"I am well, Grand Priest, sir!"

The Grand Priest bowed his head slightly and closed his eyes, keeping his smile.

"Very good, it has been some time since I've lasted visited with you and we must catch up once this is all over."

He lifted his eyes open.

"I see you have finally selected a replacement for Bardock. Is this true?"

The Supreme Kai of Time nodded once, prompting the Grand Priest to raise an eyebrow.

"Where is he?"

The Supreme Kai of Time pointed to the sleeping figure lying ontop of the table behind the scroll, remaining silent as the Grand Priest casually strolled up to the table. His eyes looked over Kassava's still form for a moment, his smile fading.

"Oh my, I was expecting a new husband. Have you found interest in women, Chronoa?"

The Supreme Kai of Time's cheeks instantly turned red, shaking her head violently.

"No of course not!! It's...well...it's a long story."

The Grand Priest nodded once.

"Forgive me, I should not have judged."

He turned his eyes up to Whis, smiling back at the taller angel.

"Another Saiyan, hmm? Most of the warriors you now associate and train with are part of the same race, Whis."

Whis nodded.

"Their potential is quite high, Grand Priest. I believe you will enjoy training this one, in particular."

Grand Priest kept his smile.

"I'm sure you remember that the last one I trained from your universe did not respond well to my teachings. You are sure she won't create the same problems as he did?"

Whis nodded curtly.


The Grand Priest bowed his head slightly, turning on his heel.

"Very well, I shall return tomorrow and we will have a proper ceremony this time. Once we have finished the coronation, we can begin her training as soon as possible."

Whis nodded curtly, watching the Grand Priest stop at the edge of the steps before turning around and bowing at the hip.

"I will see you all tomorrow. Have a good evening."

Trunks stood with his mouth half open, staring blankly on as the Grand Priest slowly walked up the steps and departed the Vault. As soon as he was gone, Trunks quickly walked up to Whis with a heavy scowl.

"Hey...wasn't he supposed to help us here?!"

Whis perked his eyebrows.

"Oh that's right, I suppose he was more excited about the new god of time than fixing this situation."

Trunks grunted, shaking his head.

"What happens if Zamasu wins then?!"

Whis rubbed his chin before speaking with an enthusiastic tone.

"Hmm...I suppose if the Grand Priest returns tomorrow and none of us are here, he'll simply erase the entire universe to stop Zamasu."

Trunks groaned, rubbing his forehead with a heavy frown. He turned his eyes back down to the scroll, narrowing them.

Vegetto...I hope you can put an end to him...


The few clones of Zamasu encircling Vegetto blocked sight from the inside, the only view being the nearly unlimited sea of Zamasus all charging towards the center where a lone silver flame burned strongly. Vegetto's arms and legs flung out in multiple directions as he spun around, knocking clone after clone away from him. Grimacing slightly, he shot towards the ground in an instant, crashing into the dirt with both feet. His chest muscles visibly expanded as the silver fire expanded around his entire body, his eyes turning up to see the sky blocked out completely by the Zamasu clones charging towards him, his arms curling quickly behind his back.


His arms shot forward, sending out a massive torrent of pure silver energy that rapidly engulfed most of the approaching clones in its deadly energy. Vegetto held the blast for only a second, quickly shooting across the ground in a silver streak towards the real Zamasu charging up across the way. Zamasu turned his eyes down, a sinister smirk forming at the approaching silver fire in his eyes.

"Times...two hundred!!"

Zamasu grunted as his aura flared violently, gritting his teeth together and rapidly swung the scythe out in front of him. Vegetto dropped towards the floor, sliding across the dirt and leaning his upper body back to dodge the incoming wave of red energy that shot forward and sliced the immediate clones chasing after Vegetto in half. Vegetto shot up to his feet shortly after, having closed the gap to Zamasu in his slide and instantly threw both arms forward to grip onto Zamasu's scythe. Zamasu grunted, attempting to swing the blade down towards Vegetto's shoulder, only for Vegetto to vault over his head while gripping onto the hilt, pulling Zamasu's arms up and leaving him open to a kick to his spine. Zamasu hacked in pain, stumbling forward into his own clones that cascaded around him. The massive muscular Kaioshin pushed himself quickly off the ground, whirling around and throwing a small sphere of red energy from his right hand towards Vegetto, who quickly swung the red scythe upwards to slice the blast in half. Both half spheres of energy curved around him, connecting to the ground and erupting into violent explosions behind him.

The seemingly endless sea of Zamasu clones all came to a halt at the force of the explosion, their eyes turning up to see Vegetto quickly regaining his footing. His silver eyes glanced down to the weapon in his gloved hand, spacing his legs and rapidly twirling the sharp scythe to cut through the air around him to test its capability. He slowed the spinning blade enough to bring the blunt side of the weapon onto his shoulders behind his head with only his left hand. With a confident and dark smirk, Vegetto slowly raised his right hand, waving the group of Zamasus on.

The real Zamasu stood out like a sore thumb in the crowd, looming over the others as he frantically looked around. All of the clones instinctively took a step back, turning their heads up at the angry tone of the real Zamasu, pointing towards Vegetto.

"What are you waiting for?! Get him!!"

The sea of Zamasu clones all narrowed their eyes in response, each one shooting forward in a dash of red energy towards Vegetto while the real Zamasu shot in the complete opposite direction, dodging through each clone with a frantic expression. Vegetto's eyes immediately narrowed, the silver pupils dancing around to each clone along with the scythe, cutting and slashing through each individual clone and splitting them apart, the pieces left turning into smoke after being destroyed. Flipping through the first wave of attackers, Vegetto vaulted up into the air while clutching the scythe with both hands and gently landed in the middle of the sea, parting the first few Zamasu clones with a rapid twirl of the scythe. He quickly spun around, the scythe swirling in rapid circles as it slashed through each clone that approached as well as blades of pure red energy shooting forth from the spinning scythe into the sea of clones, cutting through the backline while Vegetto worked on the approaching fighters. His left arm slashed through a crowd to his side, the blade lodging itself into the last clone while Vegetto promptly threw up his free arm to the opposite side, punching an approaching Zamasu in the nose to knock him back. Swinging the blade back away, Vegetto continued to rapidly thin the numbers of the sea of clones and slashing violently across the clones before a couple managed to lunge and tackle the fusion to the floor.

Vegetto winced, dropping to the floor and losing his grip on the scythe as more and more of the Zamasu clones piled on top of him. He rested heavily on one knee, the light being blocked by the sheer number of bodies now covering him while he turned his eyes up, the silver gleam piercing through the darkness in search of the escaping source of the clones. With a thunderous explosion of flames, Vegetto bolted forward with his right fist extended as the clones around him were thrown off in every direction. His silver eyes remained locked on the real Zamasu, who frantically attempted to run away and pushing through his own clones that charged towards Vegetto to their deaths, each one evaporating into smoke as Vegetto gained ground.

Zamasu's eyes widened at the growing pressure he felt behind him, whirling around in time to see Vegetto suddenly shoot forward through his entire abdomen, the fusion still holding his fist out in front of him while tightly shutting his eyes once he emerged from Zamasu's back. The silver fire rapidly burned away the purple blood that covered Vegetto's bare upper chest, the fusion crashing and tumbling onto the ground for a few seconds. He quickly vaulted up, however, firmly planting his boots into the ground and sliding to a halt while throwing out his arms to each side, bringing the ends of his palms crashing together in the Final Flash pose.


He promptly pulled his arms behind his back, forming a massive sphere of silver energy in his palms.


Vegetto's arms flung forward. firing off the massive stream of pure silver energy towards Zamasu, who struggled to regain his footing. The massive hole in his upper body was slowly closing as he sat on the floor, his head turning up at the bright light approaching him. With wide eyes and a desperate scream, Zamasu disappeared into the deadly stream of energy with the remaining clones, evaporating into nothing as the energy blasted forward across the ground.
Chapter 48: Dynamic Duo


The brown smoke billowed up freely into the sky, the loud explosion left in the wake of the silver energy that tore through merely minutes ago finally dying down. It soon faded the higher it went, however, the rays of bright sunlight tearing through the dust particles and illuminating the ground for the first time. The smoke began to disperse on its own, however, the light breeze of wind radiating outward from the lone warrior standing tall blowing it all away.

Vegetto's silver eyes lifted up slightly, staring up towards the sky. His chest expanded out, inhaling deeply through his nose before slowly pushing the air out through his mouth.

"Do͙͔̥̣̙ ̰yo͚͕̹u̫̠̮̣̤ ̝u̱̰̻͖nd͔̰ͅe͍r͔̗̯s̯͇͔ṱ͈̟̪a͙̺̣ͅn̺̺̲d ͕̜no̩̩ͅw̘?͉̝"

The silver pupils twitched violently, radiating for only a split second. Vegetto glanced down slightly, his expression blank while he spoke with the same, ominous voice.

"So̼m̦̠̥̬͓̬ͅe̯̞͖͚̬̺͎t̥̻͍hi̼ṇ̟̣̻̥g͕̳̙̗͓ ̝̘̖̟w̖̹r̬̼͉̣o̱̤̗͎̻ng͉̜̹?͔̫ ̠̻̟͙Yo͙̱͉̘̭u̙͙͍̦̠'̪̟̹̳̠̬̰r͓̺͉͎ͅe ͍̰t̜͉͖̦he̤͉͎͖̳̪̙ ̟͍̣͉̼̫̱o̞̫͇̰͖ͅͅn͙̲̥͈e̮̫͙̤̫ t̟̰͙ha̗̤ṱ͍̼͍ ̰̼̜̭͎̜̻w̖̥̮̦a̗͈̮̩̻͎n̪̱̯̹͙͎t̙̜͉̣̹̰͔e̤͍̣d̟̗͈̻̻ ͇̦͉̜t̥hi͙̫̜̭͎̫s̝̹̞͚̻...an̜̜d̗͈̠ ͖̜͕̦no͇̞̪̩̻ͅw̩̯ͅ...I ̺̖̮̳̘̤a̜̮̻ͅm̖̘̣͉̘̝ ̪̣̳͔̻̼f̯i̺͈̯̥͍n͙͈̯a͙̹̺̯̼̝͍lly̝͙̱ ͉f̯̝̣̱re͔e̲̞̥̯̠.͕͍͈"

The silver pupils stablized shortly after, turning up again and glancing around the sky.

"F̗̺ṟ̰͚͙e͚̟e̗̖ ͔̩to̦̥͓̖͈ be̤̟̘̼...o͓̫u̩̻t̥̺̟s͉̞̘i͍de̼͔.͍̺̤̱"

Vegetto's form remained the same, his lips opening as if to take a deep breath. His calm, poised stance suddenly gave way as he dropped his head, panting heavily and his eyes widening to the brim. He took a moment to catch his breath, shaking lightly as he straightened himself out and soon spoke with his usual dual voice.

"Unngh...what...what is happening to me?!"

The bewildered expression on Vegetto's face instantly morphed into a determined stare, the unfamiliar and ominous voice returning as it spoke next.


His lips lowered into a small frown, the silver eyebrows narrowing and the normal dual voice ringing out.

"You've taken control from me...you've invaded my body."


Vegetto's expression washed off his face, returning to the same emotionless stare as his muscles relaxed.

"I̳̜ ͉̫a̮m͈ͅ y̗̖o̟u͎̱r͖ ̦̗͕ͅb͈͎od͚̼̩y͙. Y̪̘͔o͉u̲͎ͅ ̺a̗̫͍r̞̖e͇ t̫he̝̻͖̟ ̣̤invaḍ̣̼͉̦e̪r̖̠̖̼.̠̹̬̘ ̖͙̱Th̦e̗͈̥ͅ s̳̟o͙̟̫u̟͖l̲̤."

Vegetto's eyes widened once more, the confused and bewildered expression returning as he glanced down.

"I...I have no soul. The Kais said-"

"T̖̯he̪͚ ͈̮͉Kais̰ w̖̦̻ere̜̦ ͓w͇ron̮͍g͓̗̰.̹̝̝"

The silver eyes turned back up to the sky, narrowing slightly.

"Ạ ͙b̭o͉̭̗d͕̝̱y͍̱ is abl͓͇e to t̮͍̮h̯̳̘i̪̫nk...t̹o͇ f̲̳̯e̜̹͚el̤̩...an̼d t̖͎o͕̦ ͅa̖c̲t̤̖ͅ a͇̫̞ll ̺̙o̗͚̹n̩ i̺ts͓͖͇ ̞̪̯o̯w̠͚ṋ̳.̠ ͔I cḁ͎͙ṋ f̭̥e̤͉͉e͙ḽ th̬̲e warmth ͅo̱͈̹f͇ tͅhe̤̻͙ s̹̬ṵ̖n...I̬͕ ̱ca͔̪̫n ki̭l̗ͅl ̩̖̠Zamasu̖ ̱͓i̪n a͕̞ ̞̖̖s͓i̦͚ngle̲ ̰̭a̫ttack̬̖͚.͔ But w̲̬i̟̞͎th̠̬͕o̠ut̰̩ y̤͈o̘u,I w̻̳o̰̝͍ul͍d̪̗ simp̻͚̪l̯͕y ͚g̣̤row ͓̣with͎ͅo͉̣͖uț̥͚ ̼d̹̤̯i̗͉re͖̥cti̟͙͕o̙͈n ̯o̰ṟ ͉p̜̦͔urpo͈̲̦se͎͙̻.͎̗̦"

Vegetto turned his silver eyes down.

"S͔h̼e̺̬ͅn̦̞͚r̥on̖͈̬ ̯̳c̥̲o̯uḷ͈̰d̪ ͖̻͉no͉̙̮t ̠͍̤co̙̼̤py ͚͚ͅth͎͎͍e̖̲͍ ̥̝sou̦ls ͇of̩̫ ̼̯̪a̲̱͉n̼̬ot̼͕̳h̦er̥.͇..ͅb͖̖͈u͎t̠ ̰͖̪h͓̼e ha̱d̻̳ mor͔ẹ̟ ̱̬̻t͎han̦͙̝ ̻̟̙enou̞͖͍g͉̥h ͙͈po͈w̠͇e̻r to̤̭͍ ̟͔͇c͕rea͕̲͇te ̝̺a ̭̼̦ne͓̘ͅw o̜n̪e̯̰̘. T̘hu͕s̹͖̞,͇ ͕̹̝he̙͚̗ ̲̙̦g͎av͉̳e̮͖͉ ̺li̠̜̫f̟̪e̻͔͕ ̲to y̟ou̳̟̘:̘̣̟ ̩̺̼a͙ ̭bͅl̦ank sla̫t̹̟̜e͎̝̪ wi͈th no̫̣̤ e̱̦ͅxp̪e̠͚r̮̦̟iẹnc̥̘e̻ ̭̪ͅl̮̺̮i̪ke͙͓ K̭̖̩a͉̼kͅa͈r̺͇͚ot ͈or V͓͖͚e͖̟ge̺̞̯ta.̞͍̼"

Vegetto's expression dropped, indicating the switch to the original dual voice before it even rung out.

"Then...all this time..."

The silver eyes narrowed once more, Vegetto's head nodding curtly.

"Demig̘͓ra͓͉ ̯was͙̺͕ ̼̰̘r͍̖igh̜t. Yo͎̪͓u ͎̤a̯͔̭r̼e noṱ̰hing̤̫̝: I am ͙t̖̘̫h̺̗e ͎r͕̪̙e̮a̭̳̗l̪̫͇ Veg͈͉̣e̳tto. ̼̻̙T͉̭h̤̩e̫͓ b̥̙o̥̰dy ̹of ṭh̝e͖ two̘̗ m̻̥o͙șṯ̰ po̟͓͖w͎e͔̮r̫̳̲fṵ̭l͙͓̜ mo͚̝r̥͚t̺a̭l̰s, h̖o̠u̹s̟in͙̝͎g͉̲̪ a̙̜ ̦̬s̹oul mad̬̪e u͇̫͚p̜ from̰̹̺ s̺c̥r̳̼̰a̫̜tc̟̮̳h̘̪̝ by a m̱̱ͅa͉̬̞gic͓al ̙d̠̳rḁ̱̱g̞̜̜on."

Vegetto turned his chin up slightly.

"All̯ ̥͖̰of͙̙͈ ̹̱t͍̖̭h̳͕ose ̲memo̰̺r̻i̫̦e̖s̫̦̳ ̘̱y͔̲̫ou̖͖ͅ ͔ha̙͓te͈̮̜d̙̱͕ c͙l̫̫͙in̝gi̝̜ng̜̠ t̘o̲̫ ̞ͅf̯̜͉o̳r y̫o͎̳u͙r̺ exp̪̞̲eṛ͇̘ie̫nce̗̟̪..̹͍for̮ ̦yo̘u̞r̬ ͙͉̻st̯̪̪rẹ͉̟n̹͎gt͎h...t͙̘͉h̬̩̺e̪̫y ̬̼̞tru͍̱ly͈̲ were̝̳̰ not̖ͅ y͉o̝̲͇ur̬ ͉own. Th̝e͍̲ͅy a̠̼͎ṟ̬e͉͖̲ ͖m͓in͇e.̟"

Vegetto's serious expression washed away once more, the bewildered look returning as he reached up, rubbing his temple.

"I don't care what you are...what I am. You won't ever control me: I am my own man now. With my own family..."

Vegetto's lips dropped into a frown, the ominous tone returning.

"Yes̙͖...t̗͍h̰̱̫e͔ saͅm͈ͅͅe fam̱͉̟i̤͖͍l̼y͎͈̰ you nearly des͔̜tro̜̥̰ye̬̟̠d͍̰ͅ...de̬̖̲s̪̙pe̗̥̬rat͍͈̙e̱l̩y t͍͕̗ry͎̱in̟g̮̥ to͙͔ ̬de̜̙͇ny ̦̳m̳ͅe."

The silver fire flared slightly, the silver eyes narrowing.

"Tru̗n̟̮̯k̙̣̯s...wh͇̘͉o̪̣̼ yo̰̯̝u ̼͕͔p̫̭ushed̦̯ aw͖͕ay̯̲ w̠͕h͕e̹̬n̝̬ you̯̩̲ c̺̘ouldn'̮t ̣͙͓proṿe͍̼̙ ͕th̙̹͈a̯͚̮t I̳̩͕ ̟̥̲wa̤͖s̩͖̮n'̻͎t re̺͔al.͔̤̯ C̣̬͇hr̟on̼͖o̞̺a.͎..̦͔wh̫̳o su̙ffere̼͎d ͇̝̠thr̯͓̞o̻ug̬̲h͙̝ you̪̤r̥͈̟ ̠c̗h̦il̥̮d̥͓̞i̟̟͎sh͖̠̮ ͇̠͎a͕̥rro͚̲͇g̱̦̤aṇc̻͍͎e̦̖̩ bec̖͖a̠u̩s͓͕̳e͓͙ you̜ w̞̼e̖͙̤r͈̥͈e des͔̙p͖̲era̩͈͎t͎e̪ ̦̳̮fo͖̞̣r co̥ṋ̲t̤ro̺̦l ̞of̮̝̼ ̲t̟h̞͙͈ose͙̺ me͙̮͈m̱o̼ri͕es."

Vegetto's lips rose into a smirk.

"Yo͕u͎̳ ̮͈d̩̣id̞ ͎͈̯g̬e̤t̞ o̙̖̤n̪͉̫e̟̗ ̩̙͇thi͍n̥̦g̜ ̼̹͖r̤ig̯̬̞h̖̠̭t̩,̥ ̯͈̻thou͙̳gh."

Vegetto's smirk vanished the next second, his eyes widening slightly.


The silver eyes sharpened, the serious glare returning alongside the smirk.

"Ka͖͚s̭s. ̣̘The̖̣ ̣͖̭o̪ne ̹y̙̫o̫̣u br̲ou̹g̺̩̬h̺t͕ ̜̬̫in͕̱̻,̦̳͎ hopi̮ͅn͚͓g ̪̼̳t̙o͓ trai̦n̬̖ ̪͈in your i͉m̤̤a͚͔͉g̰e̦̱͍. O̳n͓̼ly ̦̠̬fo͚̲͔r ̖̣he̺̜̺r to t͈eac͉̳͕h y͙̪ͅou ̬̟h͓͎o͇w ̜̖̭t̳̟ͅo̱̻ ̟̫̼care ̩abo̹̻ṷ͍t̜̣ͅ ̳̝mo̺̲r̙̬e̼ ͔t͍̣͓h͍an͉̫ ̜j͚̘u̜st̘ ̼y̯o̠ur̯s̫el͎f̦͎."

The smirk vanished.

"Y͓̮͚o̗̮u̯ ̗̝̫foug̖̰h̩t ̝with̩ ̳al̪̯l̙ yo̞u͍͍͉r̼ migh͉t to̦ prot̤̭̝ec͖͚t͙̘ ͚̣h̥̹͉er, an̼d t̫͈h͔̘̝e̻ f͚̩am̗i̦͕̗ly ̣̭ṣ͔he̜̖̘ ͉ins̹̭p̹̜i̩͖r̼̲͔ed̤ y͙̞̟ou ̯to ̜͔̻c̳̖a̫̭r̻̺e͔̝ fo̱̖r̝ͅ ͚̻̲a͚̝ga̰i̘͎̙n. On͚ly͖ t̺͚o̫ ͉̥̻f͉̰i̱͙͇nd y̜o͍͉ͅu͖̳r͎̞͇ s̖tre̥̭̗n͇g͚͉̗th͙ ̫̝̭i͉͈s as ̥̮͙path̞̤̜et̮̳ḭ͖͚c ̜̺a͓s̠ yo͇u̠͇ ͔̗̫h͖͈̗av̟̩e ̻b̺̘eḙ̻n."

Vegetto outstretched his arms, gesturing to his own body with a small smirk.

"Th̦u͉̫s,̠ ̩yo̱̼u͉͇ ̥̲tur͚͇̖n̺̤e̠d to m̜̻ͅe̬: thẹ one y͕̹̺o͕̙̯u fe̠ar̪̮e̻d ̜̺̘th͕e͎̮ ̳̣mos̙͈t. Yo̭u̠̥ f͎̙in͈̺al͈͕̦l̙̤y̞̹̻ ̗g͇͎̤av̯̣e̳͙ m̠̘e ̻̥̼t͚he͚̯ ͓͖͚mea̞͇̦n̰̻s ṭ̻͓o̙̩ ͉̭͚con͕̫ͅtrol wha͙̪t ̞i̹̠s̤ r̞̰i̘͓͍g͔htf̱̼̪ul͇̹̭l̰̭͇y͖̻ ̖͉̼min͙̠̯e̠̭̥,̠ an̯dͅ ̻̰̺Ị ̻̪̪saved̠ y͖ou ̺fr͇̙om yo̟̬ͅu̙r̬ ̹own̜ fa͇i̟̦l̮̹̭i͍͙n̟gs."

Vegetto's arms suddenly dropped to his side, his eyes widening in the glare and his weary dual voice returning over the ominous voice.

"I swear...if you think I won't fight you for control...if you think I'll let you just do whatever you want-"

"Y̺͍ou'll͇ do̬ w̯̹hat̜̞? ̤̙Y͔̻̱ou h̤̞ave ͇n̹o͍ ̗̤̘c̲͎o̭n̼t͇͍rol͕̠:͓̺̺ ̬̗y̞̦͉o̥̲̼u'v̪͎e͖ o̬͕̜n̫l̯y̱̳̯ ͚been͉̼ ̰̫̤abl̹͎e ̲ṯoͅ ̜̪s̙͎p̝͇͖ḙ̥ak̦͉ ͖̝becau͍s̟͇̖e ͙͖I'v͓e͈ͅ let͉̯ y̦o͚͈u̩."

Vegetto's fierce glare returned, his body straightening up and standing tall with the surging silver flame flowing freely around him while he continued in the same ominous voice.

"I̻̣̼m̘agine wh̞a͙̤t͖͔ you̘͈ ̜̮̩f̲ee̥̻͎l n͔o͔̝̣w: i̺͈m̝agi͚̦n͚e ͎b͉̬̗eing͙ ̞tr͔̥appe̯̲d̜̪ ͎̥̮i̼n th̳͓is c̙̗͉agḙ̯ as͕̤̝ y̦̙̞o̬̗u̲ ̲s̝̰t̝r͈u̝ggl͈̩e i͔̹n ̫̬v̮̙ai̬̱n̦ ̫̪͍and͍ͅ ḫ̥̲at̯͉re̻d ̬to̭̦̯ ̙̺͉g̬ẹt̗̰ co̜ntrol͙̖.̳̙ Im̹͎̯a̰g̘ine̩̥ y̮̜our ̟l̺̞̖i͚̩͎fe, b̜e̤i͕̫ng th̺r̘e̞͎͈aten͚̮͎e̞̗͓d a̯nd ̠̫de̟̯s̟̝͎p̩i͓te ͚k̫now̺̻̫in̖̯͍g ̫t̠͔h͓̜e pe̘̫r͕̙fe̗c̣͓̥t ̻͚w͇͕̦ay to ̗d̖̳efe̲̱a͙͎t t̮̠͎h̞e ̼͍̱enemy̻̩, you ha̱ve̬ͅ t̲o̫ wa̙t͙c͈h̲͚̥ a̳̘̞no̟͚̲t͍̘͔her ̲͕n͎̤e͓̘arly get y̞o͙u ki̘lle̥̟̪d ̗b̲e̥ca͍̳u̗s̹͎e͙ ̙ͅth̤e͓y̜̘ a̞re͓ ̱̙ț̗ͅo̭̟o̟͉̬ g̠̗̩rḛ̤̭en ̱t͈o ̩ḳno̪̣w h̰ow ͉t͚o p̤rot͚̗e̞ct t͎̻h̝͎e͉̟͙m͈s̥el̝v̗̟̝es͎͇̩!"

Vegetto's glare intensified, turning down.

"Im̬̹͚a̝g̺in̥̲e̠ feel̩̬͚ing ṱ͎h͚e̹̮ ̹̗̣a͇ttach̩͖̙me͓nt, ̠fe̪e̜͙l̖͉̙i̦ng ̩̝y̯̠o͉̹͚ur͙̤̫ lo͉̘ved͉̝ o͔̤̜n̘̳̟e̝̳̭ṣ̳ c͟al̙͎li͘n͇g̰͔ o͚̜̞u͎̘t͕ ̻͖͖t͎͕͕́o͟ ̤͓y̨̪̖o̥͇̜ù̖, o̠n̪̦l̠̟y̫̤̤ f̼͔or ̘̫͕anoth̰e͎̥̹r ̗̦t͈̦͚o͇͖̰ ͇̭ch̰͉̺oose ͕̪a͓ p͎͕̳a̮͔̗th ͍̺͕tha̼̙t n̟ear͖̠͓ly des̫͉͙t͇̤r̩͓o̮̦̳y͔̗s ̯̺͈t͎hem̰̮ be͚̮c̩̭̟ause̮͙̫ ̺͖th̖̥̯e ̤̭o̟ne͚͚ ̩wi͙̯t͖̳ḥ̯̺ c̜on̲̤t͖r̘̦̩o̲l͍̹ s̟͎i͉͍mply f̝̣̜e̟͎̤a̠̪rs w̗̻h̟̞̠at ̹yo̜u ͚re̖al̬̼l͙ͅy̯͎ ̮a͚̳̘re̺."

The silver eyes widened slightly, the voice growing darker.

"Dọ̹ ̙̼y̬̟̱o̥̹u r̙͉̬em̪embe̬ͅr ̤̤̘w̱̳̞h̫͖en ̯s̮̬͇he ͇̗sp̘̞̖eͅntͅ ͎tẖ͈̘e͕̠̼ n͖ig̩̙h̘t͖͖ ̭͉a͍̱t̺̪ ̩̹̻m̬̝y...͍̘̳no...̙̯̼o͔̻u͍̺̯r ̩ho̬us̺̮̣e̤̺? ͎̗Im̱̺̝ag̪̲iṇ̯̣e ͙ỵ͕o̠u̙͈r̭ ̺̤̪hear͍̠t̠̰̻ ͖r̭̺acin̟̮͍g̖̥ ͍a͔͍s͙͈ y̼͉̠ou͉̮ h͖e͓̳ld̯ͅ ̼̪̬her̖, ̙imagin̰e ̟s͔̜e̬̮̻e͚͚i͍̫n͉g̜͇ ẖ̟er in p̥̠̱ain. ̗̪̗Onl̼͍y̜ ̘f͎̺͓o̞r̖̖ ano̩the̜r̲̦͎ ̭wh̩̜͍o̟ c̥̫ont̞ro͇̼͙ls ̝̮̣you ̪̞̩to̙͖ ͚̞tell the̝ o̟n̬e̖̫͎ ̘̹̫y̦̘ou l̗ọ͍v̩̥̩e ̮̰m̰os̭t͈͉͔...n͔̦o.̟̠͚"

Vegetto's eyes turned down to his arms, staring at his left as both began to shake and radiate violently. His silver eyes glanced between them both for a moment, the ominous tone raising slightly.

"L̮̫e͔͍t ̜̣ͅit go̫͇. I̺͍ͅ a̼̗m̟̪ ͎not̺̦ ḥͅere ̠̗to͎ͅ ̹̹f͍i̜̘gh̹̰̗t you..̫̱.̖̼̫I̭͉͓ a͇̫m ̹͉͉n͇̬̗o̭̝̱t ͇h̲̗e͖r͓̫͇e to t͕̪̖a̰̦k̤͎e ̥͎̻c͔o͇mp̙l̗̜̳ete ̦̺c̖o͓͔nt̲̱r͈̗̦o͕l͈̱. ͔͓̥I a̬m ͉̖h̥̖e͓r̤̮͚e̤̹.̦͎..̙̣to g̺e̺͎t y̼o͖̮u͙̲ ̣͖̘to ͈fin̗al̖̞ly̘̰ l̘̱̺is̭te̖̠n̦̮ f͍or̳̲͇ ̱̼͙onc̝e̦̩ ̗i͈͚n ̥͕y̙o̞͙̮ur͈ p̜a̦t͓h̯e͖t͉̙ic ̲ex͖̩i̠̠͎st̯͔en̟͚c̺̬͎e."

Vegetto's body jolted, stumbling forward a step as he suddenly broke out into a heavy pant. His silver eyes turned up from the ground, glancing up.

"What do you want then? To share control?"

"Ṋo̞.̯̟͚ ͉I alr̥̖e͙̱̞a͕̘ͅd̼͈y ̰to̥l̞d ̻̘y̪̟ou͙:̺̩̹ I wa̖nt̲̪ y̯ou to̹̪͎ ̥͙̼jus̺͈̘t ḻ͔i̺̜s͎̜t͉en̬̼ ͖t̹o̺̘͖ ͔͖m̫͚e.̪ I͕'͎͉v̼e g̼̥i̳v̙͖e̗n yo̲̥u̥͎ ̺͍͙s̯ͅign aft͇̳e͙̺ͅr͈ si̫̩̫g͚̰̤nͅ, ͇͎b̮̣ͅut in ỵou̯r͙ d͔̺̪e̩͖͙sp̼̣e̼̰̱r̖͍ͅat̝e̞͓̭ ha͔̗sțe to ̻̞v̝͎ͅa̘̰l̖i͓̹͖d̥̤at͍eͅ ͍̝y̭̞our̪ͅs͔e͚l͚̟f o̞̺v̰er͉̻̜ ͙me͇, ̯you'͎v̘͉̳e̼̖̩ ̠f̝͈o̱̩̞rg̞̩̗o̫͉t͉̪te̯͍̗n w̼̪h͎͈̣at ̫̭it ̺̮̦mea͚̺ns ͇̜̥t̖̫o͓̮ͅ ͙ac̲̳tua̜̹̖ll̫y b͇e ̞̪͚s̟̪̮omeo̠͈n̠̙e̠̹ͅ.̘̬̮"

Vegetto slowly straightened himself upright, the silver fire swirling around his body beginning to recede.

"We͉͎ ̩̫ca͚̱n'̠̟t̥ c͈͚̦onti̖̯̲nu͚͇e̗̖̝ t͍̦̳o̩͔ ̫̣̳li̪ve͍ͅ ̻̫̞like͓̰ t͓h̫i̯̜s̠̬̩, we ẖ̮̮av̖̝e͍ ̤t̫͚̰o̠̻̻ wor͍̦k̜ ̹t͖̭̠og̱e̩̝th̲ͅe͙̙r̰̦.̝̫ ̟͇Fo̰̺r ̯̥͎o͇u͙͕̤r ͖n̠͓ew fr̦̹iend̯̝s..̜.ạ͍̼n̦d͖ ̮̤͙ou̱̖r̠̬̻ f̱̮̣a̮̠͙m̟͇͉ily. ̣It's̪̻ ̙t̠͔im̤ͅe̯̦̺ ͍̺̱you ͅs̺t͎̮oppe̫̺d ͅtry̤̦̫in͙͔g ͖to ͓d͚o̗ ̙e̞v͍̜̹erythi̩ng y̲̪ͅour way.͚.̞̱̼.a̖͎nd̖ l͉i̺s̫̣t̥̻en̜ t͚̖͖o̥͈͎ me̞͇."

Vegetto's expression dramatically morphed again, panting lightly.

"Then prove you're trying to help...give me back my body."

The serious glare returned, the receding flames halting their withdrawal.

"I d̹o͓n'̹̭̹t ̟̞bel̝̳̖o͕n̻g ͙̗̙to̘̞͉ ̤y̜̲o̖̜u̜͙̜,̗͍ a͉͖nḏ͙ ̱̦̲I ̻̰nev̝̝er ̰͙͓wi̪͍̮l̳͔̹l̲̯. ͖̪͈I ̭̠ͅwͅil̺̫̜l ̬͉g̺̤͎iv̺̗e y̝͉ou̳͈ ̻c̫͈͖ontr̜̖ol,̘͕̼ ̱̦͔bu̫͕t̻̗ un̻less̤̜ y̩o̩̹̰u ḷ̞̖i̪̟͍s͕͓̞ten ̤̤̱to m͉̱̻e̲,͉ you w̗i͍̭̦ll ͎n͎̣͖e̟v̯er ̖ͅk̜now̤ ̘̣p̗eac̩e̻̜.̝̲ͅ"

Vegetto's silver eyes turned forward, the brilliant shine slowly losing its luster while the eyes locked on to a growing pressure.

"Ḏ̫o ̗͍yo̬u̲ ͙̥feel th̝̻̝at̘̳͓ ͖̳͙s̰̮hi̝̟v̥̬er ̳ru͇̹̺n̹̙ͅnin̗̩g̹̬ ̩̳up ̰my ̤͚̖ṣpi͕n̻e̮ r͓̫͖i̳g͍̹̺h̞̤͍t now̘̹?̟̗ Th̤̣̻ịs...͙͍͇is ͎y̰̳o͉̘u͚͕̯r f̞̱̖ir͇̳s̹t̩ wa͚̺rni̬̰̙ng.͈̲̲"

Vegetto suddenly blinked hard, his expression morphing again into confusion.

"What is that? It's not an energy signature, but-"

"I̤t̫̤̮ ̦̘wi̲̮̺ll ͓b̳̮͉e̘̫͓c̼o̰̬m̲e o͇n̝e so̭̤o̻n. ̦Za̼m̹͓̪a̭̩̣su ̦̰i̲̭s̘̩ not ̖̼͕dea̹͔ḏ̝.͔"

Vegetto suddenly turned his eyes down, noticing the receding power dwindling inside him as the flames retreated.

"No...wait no no, you can't just take away the power! Zamasu is too strong-"

"I ͎̼͎mu̫̟s̙̞t̻. ̜̝Any̳̟̹ ̤l̼̤o̮̻͓ng̙̤ͅe̥̝̮r, ̤͍͙an̹̼̣d͔ ̳̘the ̠po̗̰̭w̯͚er͎͇̼ of̙ ͈th͍̝e̳ ͉̟g̭̻̗o̖̜̩ds̤̤ ͎will ̤c̮͖r̦̮i̻̜̭p̭͍p͔̣le ̲͎y̲̞̜ou͖̤͎.̳̟ Th̻̹͓e ener̳̫g̼y̜̱ ̩̩I͍̘̩ cḁn ̝̜dr̰̞a̠̞͉w̟̥̖ ̝̭͕upon is͇ un̩m͙̼̳ea̪su͎r̺̪abl̬̯͎e.̺̗͖..͇ḇ̹̮u̼t ̳̗I̥͍͈ ͓̰̞need͇̺̪ t̙͓̫im̟̟̫e t̟͇̟o̜ get ͈ṳ̱͚s̹̬ed̫͉̲ t̖͚o͖͉̹ i̪t̟̙.̲͖̤ It͙̮ ͚w̗̤̦ill ̮͚̫b̤̳reak ͉̘b̤͓ot̼h̠̟ ͉y̰o͈͕u and ̮͉ͅme ̘if̦̠ I̻̹̠ ̖k͎̳ee͍p ̳̻t͚̣ͅh̰̬i̠̼̩s̼ form up͉͙̩ any lo̲̠̲n̮g̦e͇̥r̙.̜̬"

Vegetto shook his head.

"No...wait! How can I defeat him without that power?!"

The slight flash of silver suddenly overtook Vegetto's pupils again, his demeanor changing one final time.

"Alḽ ̪yo̘u h͔ͅa̺̜ve ̱̤t̥̟o do ͚̲i̮s͓ͅ l͇is̰͇te̱̠̟n̟ to̘͓ me̼.̙͙͖ ̼̳I͍͚̠f͕ we̗ ̺̱͔w̞̩̜o̲̹̺rk̗̘ ̪͎̟tog̤̜et̤̭he̗̟͓r̘͇..͈.̲w̠̫̖e͈̖̩ can̝̻ ̲̬̯w̮in̟.͍̼ ͚̳͕Yo̙̯u alṟe͍ͅa̰d̲̩̫y̠̫ ha̤ve̜͈ ̠a pl̤a̮̣ͅṉ̝͙: ̝pu̞̯t i̼̟t i̭n̮̩̗t̳̩ͅo a͙̩ct̯̳͖io̭n̺ͅͅ, ̖̜a͔̰̬nd ̥̱w̩e̩͖ w̳̖̠i̜̙͓l̝l wo̯rk ̙t͕̬o̮g̻et̩̙hẹ͖r̰ t̰͍ͅo ma͙̱̞k̯͇e͇̞̫ ͚̟i͚͎̫t ͉ha͖̬͇pp͇̮̠en͎̤̥."

Vegetto's eyes suddenly widened, nearly falling forward as if being freed from being possessed and catching himself before falling onto the floor. He stood slightly slouched in his base form, glancing down at his hands while his exposed chest rose and fell with his breathing.

"Listen...to my body..."

Vegetto's head perked with a gasp.

"The plan!"

His eyes turned up at the sudden surge of black and red energy exploding outward in every direction, the darkness that was beginning to shape having exploded outward into the mangled form of a massive man. Nearly covered in purple goo instead of his green skin, Zamasu fell to the floor on all fours, panting wildly. He maintained his former shape and size before being vaporized, yet his entire body was still mangled in purple, dripping goo over the very few black robes that covered his legs.

His eyes lifted into a sinister glare as he pushed himself off the ground, the hateful stare soon landing on Vegetto.

"I...am immortal!"

Vegetto winced slightly in instinctive fear, instantly throwing up his right hand. He held up a thumbs up sign to the sky for a few seconds, narrowing his black eyes towards Zamasu.

"Alright Whis...any time now..."

Zamasu sauntered upright completely shortly after, swaying from side to side for a moment with a heavy wheeze. The purple goop shot upright once the similar red aura flared up around his form.

"Heh...haha. Your heat...it's gone for good, isn't it? While the Kaioken still enhances my strength..."

Vegetto took another step back, narrowing his eyes slightly while Zamasu began to struggle to walk forward.

"This is the end, mortal. No more tricks...nothing left to pull out from your ass."

Vegetto's lips slowly rose into a smirk, lowering his left arm and lifting his right up with a bend at his elbow into his signature stance.


Present Day, Time Vault

"Look! Zamasu's power...it's not nearly as strong anymore!"

The Elder Kai nodded slowly in recognition of Trunks' comment, keeping his frown.

"Indeed, it would seem that Black's disruption of Zamasu's pure immortality has finally taken effect. If Vegetto had any power left...he might be able to stall Zamasu long enough for the Kaioken to break his body down completely."

The Supreme Kai of Time's frown deepened as well, staring down at the screen.

"He doesn't have any power left though: not nearly enough to keep up with Zamasu."

Whis peered over the Supreme Kai of Time, warmly smiling down at her.

"It's already covered, Chronoa."

The Supreme Kai of Time blinked, turning her head up.


Beerus grunted slightly in annoyance, crossing his arms.

"You two Kais are so melodramatic. In your pouting, did you both forget that there's a certain fighter not standing around watching this anymore?"

The Supreme Kai of Time and the Elder Kai both blinked, turning their heads up and taking a moment to check everyone remaining in the Time Vault. The Supreme Kai of Time gasped, her lips lifting into a smile.


Beerus slowly broke out into a smirk, turning his head slightly towards Whis.

"Hmph, he'll fight better than yours for sure. You may have won this bet, but I'll get the last laugh."

Whis nodded once, keeping his smile.

"Perhaps. Although, I'm not sure how you can laugh while serving me at the same time, knowing you."

Beerus' smirk instantly vanished as he angrily grumbled, turning his head away from Whis, who stifled a small chuckle.


Zamasu panted heavily, sauntering a few steps forward with his massive arms drooping towards the floor. The liquid, purple goo like substance accented his slimy movements almost perfectly, his sinister and wild grin widely raising to bear his teeth.

"Ha...haha...you can't even transform into Blue anymore, can you?"

Vegetto stood tall, his smirk still strongly plastered on his face.

"Of course not."

Zamasu's smirk completely vanished, his eyes narrowing in suspicion as Vegetto slowly lowered his arms and straightened himself out.

"I gave it my all, Zamas, and you still came back. I thought I could defeat you alone...but now, it's clear that you were right all along. No matter how hard I try, no matter how much of a better and more skilled fighter I am, I can't beat you alone."

Zamasu scoffed lightly, a small smirk returning across his gooey, purple face.

"Flattery won't make your death less painful...mortal."

Vegetto shook his head from side to side, his smirk rising.

"Not flattery...respect. The least you could do, before dying, is acknowledge my praise."

Zamasu perked an eyebrow, a small chuckle of his own escaping his lips.

"Ha...what are you going on about? Before I die?"

Vegetto nodded curtly.

"That's right. I only said I couldn't beat you alone, not that I couldn't beat you."

Zamasu's smirk widened.

"Ah, you still want to hide behind your inherit weakness hmm? Well then...where will you run to next? The past? The future?"

Vegetto kept his smirk, perking his eyebrows.

"We'll stay right here, in the present. I have one final ace up my sleeve."

He instinctively tensed his muscles, watching Zamasu crouch down.

"Speaking of which...you already know that Vegeta and Kakarot makes Vegetto...but tell me-"

Vegetto's right eyebrow raised, along with the same corner of his lips in the smirk.

"What do you call a Goku and a Vegeta?"

Zamasu blinked, standing silently in response. However, a sudden shockwave of wind blasted across his back, prompting the horribly disfigured Kaioshin to whirl around towards the source. The blue, illuminating light glinted off Zamasu's eyes, his mouth wide at the sight of a new warrior clad in the familiar glow of Super Saiyan Blue only a few feet away from. Gogeta's blue pupils stared back into Zamasu's, his arms already raised into fists while his vest flowed in the blue flame like aura swirling around his body.

"Oh, I think I know the answer to this one."

Gogeta then peered slightly around Zamasu, lifting up his left fist. With a sudden flick, a small pellet sized object whizzed past Zamasu's purple cheek, a small thud ringing out once it landed in Vegetto's outstretched palm. Vegetto kept his smirk, watching Zamasu whirl back.

"Meet Gogeta: the latest addition to the Time Patrol. He might not be quite the abomination that you call me, given his method of creation wasn't born from the gods."

Vegetto's smirk rose up once more.

"But it's almost as if-"

Gogeta broke out into a smirk of his own.

"-you're seeing double."

Zamasu gasped, stepping back. His eyes remained locked on Vegetto, watching the fusion lightly chew on the bean thrown at him earlier for a moment before shifting his panicked stare back to Gogeta. His wild stare instantly shot back at the sudden explosion of wind, shaking his head violently at the sight of Vegetto now fully transformed into a Super Saiyan Blue as well. Vegetto instantly narrowed his eyes, crouching down.

"Let's finish this!"

Vegetto and Gogeta both roared in unison, suddenly blasting forward into two blue streaks towards their shared target. Zamasu barely had time to tense up, Vegetto's fist slamming into his cheek while Gogeta slid underneath, his feet knocking Zamasu off the ground. Zamasu hung in the air, stunned by the combined strike for only a second before both fusions reset themselves on opposite sides of the ground, both launching a kick to send Zamasu blasting backwards across the ground.

Vegetto kept his smirk, straightening himself up right and raising an open palm towards the flipping Zamasu. Multiple, small balls of blue energy shot forward out of Vegetto's palm, Gogeta soon following after them in another dash towards Zamasu, who flipped upright and dug his boots into the ground. He threw up his arms, wincing slightly once the first energy blast struck him head on and erupted into a small explosion. His eyes widened, the smoke having cleared only from Gogeta's blue aura, soon followed by Gogeta's fist slamming into Zamasu's goopy face square on.

Zamasu instinctively swung out his left arm in an attempt to swat Gogeta away as he slid backwards across the ground, only for another energy blast to strike his hand. The small explosion knocked him off balance slightly in his swing, Gogeta flipping up overhead and launching his foot down into Zamasu's shoulder. Zamasu cried out, the energy blasts pelting him blast after blast while Gogeta bounced and danced around Zamasu, following up each small explosion with a poised strike in various spots.

Gogeta finally flipped overhead, landing gently on the ground and bolting forward with a powerful knee to punt Zamasu further across the ground, causing him to bounce and slide on the hard dirt below. Zamasu's massive purple body tumbled for only a second, a loud "fzzt" ringing out as Vegetto reappeared in his flight path. Vegetto smirked, winding his leg up to punt Zamasu up off the ground skyward. He stopped after only a millisecond of travel, however, as Gogeta punched him down towards Vegetto. The two fusions traded turns, pin-balling Zamasu between each other in multiple directions through their coordinated punches and kicks. After a few seconds, both let Zamasu fall towards the ground, before Vegetto and Gogeta shot their fists forward from each side to slam into Zamasu's disfigured cheeks. Zamasu hacked in pain, crumpling onto the ground on his knees while both fists remaining buried into his face. He slumped forward, still sitting upright.

Vegetto's eyes widened, however, glancing around at the ground shaking violently underneath the two as both fusions pulled their fists back. A massive burst of wind and energy blasted outwards from around Zamasu, who threw his arms out and let out a violent, voice cracking screech. Gogeta flipped up upwards into the air, quickly catching himself and regaining his balance. He tensed, preparing for Zamasu who had blasted up after him and prepared for the incoming fist that Zamasu cocked back. However, Zamasu's head instantly shot down at the sensation of a hand grasping onto his left ankle, screaming as Vegetto hurled him by his leg back towards the ground.

Zamasu landed boots first into the floor, sliding to a halt while Vegetto and Gogeta both bolted down after him. Vegetto reached the merged Kaioshin first, throwing a punch forward. Zamasu's own massive arm closed the gap first, however, slamming into Vegetto's entire upper body to sending him flying in the opposite direction. Gogeta stopped in his tracks, leaning back and quickly catching onto Vegetto's ankle before he could fly too far. With a thunderous roar, Gogeta hurled Vegetto by the leg back towards Zamasu, swinging him down to barely miss the ground and back up. Vegetto curled his body up to avoid slamming into the ground, quickly throwing his fist up into an uppercut that collided with Zamasu's massive chin, both fighters blasting up skywards once Gogeta released his grip on Vegetto's leg.

Zamasu shot upwards with his head reeled back, barely noticing Vegetto curling his arms behind his back and forming a medium sized sphere of blue energy in his palms.


Vegetto hurled his arms forward mid-flight, sending out a medium sized torrent of blue energy that easily blasted Zamasu's massive form like a water hose. The forceful energy shot stopped Vegetto's ascension and shot him back towards the ground while he held onto the stream of energy, Zamasu crying out in pain while he was blasted even higher from the attack.

The energy stopped abruptly at the sound of another "fzzt" ringing out in the air, Gogeta reappearing in Zamasu's trajectory. He was already midway into a somersault flip, swinging his legs down to punt Zamasu back towards the ground in a forty five degree angle. Zamasu's head spun while he flew, helpless to defend against the attacks as Vegetto finished the final move in the coordinated strike, dashing across the ground and launching both feet forward into Zamasu with a powerful kick before he could slam into the ground. The distorted purple mass of a body bounced along the dirt once again, soon sliding to a halt after a few seconds.

Zamasu struggled to push himself upright, coughing heavily while his arms trembled. He grit his teeth together underneath the purple goop, his eyes widening to the brim.

Why...why am I getting weaker?! This...the Kaioken...it's supposed to make me stronger!!

Pushing himself slowly off the ground, Zamasu wiped his lips with the back of his hand. He threw up his arms, launching forward and throwing a flurry of punches towards Gogeta and Vegetto, who both lept to opposite sides. Zamasu narrowed his eyes, his arms and legs trembling as he spun around, one leg and one arm block both Vegetto's and Gogeta's incoming strikes. He swayed and ducked, narrowly dodging the follow up strikes, only to catch Vegetto's fist slamming into his stomach. Zamasu winced heavily in pain, keeling forward and barely noticing Vegetto sending a massive blast of blue energy through his entire lower abdomen, blowing a hole open through Zamasu's back. Despite the hole, Zamasu suddenly latched onto Vegetto's arm, swinging the Potara fusion around towards Gogeta. Gogeta only smirked, simply launching his closest leg down towards Zamasu's feet, knocking the massive deformed Kaioshin off balance. Zamasu's eyes widened as he fell towards the ground, turning up to see Vegetto connect his feet to the floor thanks to the small tilt, and suddenly hurl Zamasu into the sky over his back.

Flipping for only a second into the air, Zamasu quickly regained his posture while he floated high above. The hole in his stomach slowly repaired itself, his arms raising up and his signature bright white halo forming behind his back.

"DIE!! DIE!!! DIE DIE!!!"

Zamasu rapidly swung his arms in a hasty flurry, sending out torrents of red energy spears down towards the two fusions. Vegetto quickly slammed the ends of his palms together, forming a massive sphere of blue and yellow energy before pulling the energy behind his back.


Gogeta threw out both hands in front of him, a massive sphere of blue energy forming at the ends of his palms with rings of light swirling around the ball itself.

"Big Bang-"

Both fusions roared as the massive beams of energy shot forward.


The two violent streams of energy swirled around each other as they shot high into the sky, easily vaporizing the incoming red blades shooting towards them. Zamasu's eyes widened, his arms swinging faster and faster in a desperate bid to fend off the approaching power.

"No!! No!!"

His arms flew out in front of him, the burning energy crashing into his open palms and violently scorching his purple gooey skin. His arms trembled violently, his body shooting into the sky as the energy easily pushed him back. With a desperate scream, Zamasu swung himself out of the beam's path. He shook his head, but quickly whirled around at the sound of Vegetto's aura flaring violently above him. The Potara fusion hung above his head, his right fist cocked back with blue energy swirling violently around his wrist.

"Say goodbye!!"

Vegetto roared as he shot down, slamming his fist back into Zamasu's cheek and blasting down towards the ground like a comet, crashing into the ground in a massive crater. Vegetto sprung up after slamming Zamasu into the ground, spinning around and kicking Zamasu across the dirt once again. Zamasu flipped and bounced along the surface for a few seconds, sliding to a halt in the dirt shortly after once he lost the momentum from Vegetto's kick. He groaned heavily, his arms shaking heavily while he pushed himself off the ground.

"Nnnrgh...this...can't be!"

He swayed and clawed his way across the floor, awkwardly pushing himself upright. His mind had gone completely blank from the beating, his legs shuffling in a desperate sprint away as he panted heavily.

"Get away!! Get back!!"

Vegetto broke out into a smirk, dashing forward.

"Where are you running to now?! The past...the future?!"

Zamasu's eyes shifted to the side, roaring and throwing out his leg before Vegetto could close the gap for another follow up strike and promptly kicked the Potara fusion away. His head whipped to the side shortly after, however, from Gogeta's knee rapidly colliding with his temple. Zamasu cried out, stumbling back step after step as Gogeta floated above, driving his knee repeatedly into the side of the deformed Kaioshin's skull, splashing purple goo around the floor and along his white baggy gi.

Flipping back around, Gogeta landed gracefully onto the ground a good distance away, his back turned to Zamasu who collapsed on one leg and arm onto the floor. Raising his right arm into the sky, Gogeta slowly turned back around to face towards Zamasu, his blue eyes narrowing onto the target trying to recover on the ground.

"All your negative energy will be cleansed this time, Zamasu. This next attack has enough power to extinguish every cell in your body!"

Zamasu coughed up purple blood onto the floor, his wide eyes watching on while the streams of bright rainbow tinted particles began to form a small sphere on top of Gogeta's open palm. His legs shook violently, his arms tensing heavily and gritting his teeth together, the expression of a wild animal struck across his face.

"No..not like this!! My dream...I won't die here!!"

Gogeta grunted, taking a step back with his right leg and tensing at the sight of Zamasu suddenly bolting across the ground in a desperate sprint towards him. The crazed stricken, deformed Zamasu snarled and cried out, charging towards him while the energy continued to whir to life above Gogeta's head.

No...not yet! I need more energy-

A sudden flash of bright blue light perked Gogeta's eyebrows, gasping at the new image before him of a frozen Zamasu just a few feet away from him. Zamasu's mouth was wide open, a blade of pure blue energy piercing through the opening and throughout the back of his neck. The beam sword connected all the way to Vegetto, who swung the blade down and cut through Zamasu's neck. Crashing onto the floor while clutching onto the new open slash in his neck, Zamasu hacked in pain while Vegetto glared fiercely to Gogeta, shouting at the top of his lungs.

"Do it!! End this now!!"

Gogeta nodded his head once, pulling his hand back. The small rainbow sphere quickly morphed and changed into a blue ball of energy, condensing as Gogeta's hand tightened into a fist around the light. The fusion whirled his hand back, the ground cracking underneath his feet.

"God Punisher!!"

He suddenly flung his arm forward in a baseball pitch, bright little blue particles shooting through the air and quickly disappearing into Zamasu's chest. Zamasu winced heavily in pain, the energy pulsing inside of his body as he continued to grow in size. Bright blinding light soon erupted in his eyes, changing into a bright sparkly blue glitter that soon engulfed his entire body. Zamasu's desperate scream rung out while he clawed at the purple goop for skin along his arm, his entire body slowly vaporizing into nothing as the light spiraled up into the bright, clear sky above.
Chapter 49: Salvation of Time


Present Day, Age 780, Two months before the Tournament of Power. 


Two days later.

"Struggle...little fire. Stoke the flames as high as they can go."

The ghastly voice rung out openly and without a source, the foggy haze nearly blinding Kassava's senses. She glanced around frantically, her eyes darting left and right until they finally landed on a lone silhouette out in the distance. She bolted out in a sprint, her feet pounding along the invisible floor with a determined glare. Kassava's expression slowly lost it's vigor, however, the gap continuously widening while she pumped her arms in a desperate attempt to run faster.

"You're a coward, Genn. You'll always be a coward..."

Kassava snarled, a bright crimson aura flaring up around her body as her speed suddenly increased. Closing the gap to the lone figure in seconds, Kassava roared and lunged forward with a right punch.

"Don't talk about him like that!"

Her fist sailed through the standing apparition of Zamasu, and Kassava crashed into the invisible floor with a heavy thud shortly after. She quickly shot up to her feet, whirling around to see the smirking Kaioshin glaring down at her.

"You smell nice."

Kassava's eyes widened to the brim, letting out a thunderous roar as her hair shot up into the familiar golden and red hues of her Super Saiyan God form, lashing out violently with another set of swings. Zamasu simply floated back, swaying from side to side as each of her blows missed its target.

"Yes...that's it, you're so close. Finish what you started...avenge him. Atone for him...make your mark on history..."

Kassava's hands suddenly shot out, gripping onto Zamasu's collar and dragging him down towards the floor. She quickly reeled her right fist back, sending it crashing down into Zamasu's face again, forcing his head to whip to the side. Her wide eyes slowly lost focused in her repetitive beating, the familiar purple liquid splattering her face once again. She barely noticed each splash that landed on her cheeks, her wild stare remaining strong even as the new red liquid began to splatter and fly onto her.

Her arms trembled, her grip digging harder into the navy blue gi while she continuously pummeled down with her one free fist. Kassava's eyes snapped slightly, her face losing color at the sound of a familiar, yet weak dual voice ringing out.


Kassava gasped in horror, the sight of Vegetto's limp body hanging in her grasp catching her off guard. She blinked hard, seeing Vegetto barely move his head, his eyes tightly shut while blood streamed down along his entire face, groaning lightly. Kassava's frown deepened, tightly shutting her eyes and collapsing onto her knees while still clutching onto Vegetto's gi.

"No...no no no!"

She dropped her head, pressing her forehead into his chest, Vegetto's limp body propped up by her head while his head hung over hers.

"I was so close...why did you get in my way?!"

Two trails of tears streamed down from the corners of her eyes.

"Why do you always get in my way?!"

Kassava lifted her head slightly, watching on as Vegetto's body began to deteriorate on its own into dust particles that cascaded down onto her. She trembled slightly, the pointed and venomous voice of Zamasu ringing out overhead once more.

"Selfish! All of your faults...all of your pain...are caused by your own hand. You destroy the beauty of my universe, you burn everything around you. A fire that grows out of control, and must be extinguished. The world would be better off if you never woke up."

Kassava's eyes shot from side to side again, gasping at the sudden flames igniting around where she sat. She clutched onto her legs, trembling as the voice continued.

"Your entire life has been one massive failure. You've spent it struggling in vain and improving nothing but your own misery."

Kassava winced, burying her face into her knees and Zamasu's voice growing darker.

"Your striving is insignificant. Let your death be the same."


Kassava's eyes shot wide open while she sprung upright on the bed with a sharp gasp. She blinked hard once in confusion, glancing down at her shoulders to see a gloved white hand grasping onto it instead of a flame searing her skin.

"Hey...slow down. It's alright...you're safe."

Kassava turned her eyes up, meeting Vegetto's while he held onto her shoulders gently, the two being the only occupants in the small hospital room. He had a small half smile on his face, his dual voice soft.

"How are you feeling?"

Kassava reached up with her right hand, rubbing her temple and glancing down.

"My head hurts. Where is everyone?"

Vegetto glanced to the side.

"They're rebuilding the city. Some of the main buildings were destroyed in the fight, so we're taking care of some living arrangement for the citizens until we gather the Dragon Balls to return everything to what it once was."

Kassava dropped her arm, her eyes turning down. Her lips slowly lowered into a frown, as if she were preparing for bad news when she spoke with a soft tone.

"What happened to Zamasu?"

Vegetto turned his eyes back to Kassava.

"We finished it. Zamasu is dead: the universe will never have to deal with his threat again."

Kassava kept her frown, prompting Vegetto to raise his eyebrow.

"What is it?"

Kassava glanced away, her eyes still down.

"I failed."

Vegetto kept his eyebrow raised, peering down at her.

"What are you talking about?"

Kassava kept her head low, resting her arms in her lap.

"I failed. I couldn't beat him."

Her frown remained strong, but her voice came out nearly flat and soft.

"He was right about me...about us. We're nothing but failures."

Vegetto narrowed his eyes slightly.

"You're not a failure Kass."

He blinked, the sudden gust of wind brushing past his face as Kassava angrily swiped at him. He caught her wrist in one hand, his eyes widening in confusion at the sight of hers glaring strongly up at him with tears on the edges.

"Yes I am!! I had him right where I wanted him...and then you got in the way again!!"

Vegetto narrowed his eyes again, leaning his head to the side as he caught her other wrist. His grip tightened once he held both in his gloved hands, his frown returning.

"You were pushing yourself too hard. I saved your life!"

Kassava kept her wild, angry glare strong.

"No you didn't, you just ruined my death!"

Vegetto blinked, his eyes instantly widening. Kassava sunk slightly, lowering her head again while her voice came out weaker than before.

"I could've killed him...I could've died a hero like Genn wanted. History would finally remember him as something good...and we could've moved on with mom and dad. The universe would be safe, and we would finally get to be a family."

She sunk her head a bit lower.

"But you got in the way again...you always get in the way! Now they're gone forever...and I'll never see them again."

Vegetto frowned, lowering down to her.


He reached out, his pointer finger pressing up under Kassava's chin and his thumb gripping onto the front. Lightly pushing her head up, Vegetto met her eyes with his own as he continued.

"Was that really the destiny you wanted for yourself?"

Kassava's narrowed eyes widened in anger, glaring back at him.

"Yes! That's what I wanted...and you ruined it!"

Vegetto kept his frown.

"You have to be lying."

Kassava's eyes widened to the brim, reeling her right arm to swing again.

"It's what I want!! It's what everyone wanted of me!! It was my destiny!!"

Vegetto's lips rose slightly into a small smile, easily catching her fist again in his palm. Within an instant, he soon climbed up onto the bed, pushing a wide eyed Kassava down back first onto the mattress. He held her lower body down with his waist resting on top of her stomach, bent forward on all fours and pinning Kassava's arms up above her head while she squirmed under him.

"Get off of me!"

Kassava stopped instantly, however, blinking in confusion at the sound of an uneasy, yet relieved chuckle escaping Vegetto's lips.

"For a second there, I was scared that you meant it. But that look in your eye...you're having second thoughts, aren't you?"

Kassava blinked hard again, meeting Vegetto's eyes as his face hung closely in front of hers. His confident smirk was strong across his face now, looking over Kassava while a small red blush formed on her cheeks.

"Think about it this way: I could kill you right now. You'd get to be with them, and I'd make sure history remembered Genn as the one who killed Zamasu."

Kassava tightly shut her eyes, turning her head to the left. Her arms trembled heavily in Vegetto's grasp, her voice shaking as she spoke.

"Yes...that's what I want. Kill me..."

Vegetto kept his smirk, despite her plea. He leaned his head back slightly, the confidence clear in his tone.

"At long last...I finally understand you."

Kassava slowly opened one eye, turning her head slightly back towards Vegetto while he continued.

"It's not that you ignore what you really feel or want...it's because you really have no idea how to focus on it. You've spent your entire life, doing what you think is good for others. Living you life, trying to make everyone else happy. Living...through everyone else's eyes."

He leaned closer, keeping his smirk and raising an eyebrow as Kassava slowly met his eyes again.

"Whis told me what happened on Namek...what Kakarot did to you. You probably had the same look then as you do now...that primal fear that makes you tremble at the thought of dying. The fear that forces its way to the surface, no matter how much you try to convince yourself that you want to die for your family. It's the drive that can't be contained, because no matter how much you want to deny it, you can't suppress what you really want."

Kassava kept her frown, the tears welling in her eyes again while Vegetto perked his eyebrow.

"You want to live, don't you?"

Kassava shut her eyes tightly again, her breathing awkwardly thrown off from a small sob. However, she nodded her head quickly once as her only reply. Vegetto's smirk lifted slightly, the warmth returning to his expression as the smirk morphed into a smile.

"Good. Focus only on that."

Kassava's mouth opened wide, as if struggling to take in air to her lungs. A golden hue of energy began to slowly cover her body, prompting a small gasp from Vegetto as Kassava suddenly transformed into a Super Saiyan. Her black hair shot up instantly into spiky, golden bundles. However, she still lied underneath Vegetto in his grasp and held her eyes tightly shut, turning her head away while small trails of tears streamed down the sides of her eyes. She struggled to breath, her voice cracking and breaking as she spoke again.

"I...I...don't want to die..."

Vegetto kept his smile, his eyes turned down while the golden glow illuminated his face. He gently moved Kassava's wrists into one hand, his other lowering down and wiping away her tears with his thumb on each side, letting her occasionally tremble underneath him in her sobbing. She slowly opened her eyes, the turquoise glow strong in her pupils as she struggled to control her shaking voice.

"Why..why...am...I...I so messed up?"

Vegetto kept his smile, leaning closer to Kassava.

"You're not. You're absolutely beautiful..."

His grip relaxed even more on her arms, his smirk rising.

"You just need to learn how to trust your instincts."

Vegetto dropped his head lower, his eyes slowly closing.

"As I've learned to trust in mine."

His eyes were completely shut by the time his lips reached Kassava's, firmly pressing against them and prompting a small whimper from Kassava. He released her arms, which Kassava instantly brought down to wrap around his neck as he fully relaxed on top of her, a golden aura flaring up around his own body too while he struggled to take off his gloves and boots. The two wrestled in each other's grasp, Vegetto quickly pulling the bed sheets up from underneath Kassava to envelop them both as they continued.


The sunlight brightly illuminated the open space below in Conton City's square. The city streets were alive with people hustling to and from multiple buildings, the construction crews in the center of the main plaza housing most of the city skyline hard at work at rebuilding the broken foundations. Gogeta scratched the back of his head as he watched on, his eyes turned to the tree line of the forest not far from the last building he could see.

"Huh, so this little section of a planet has a forest too?"

Trunks, who stood next to him, nodded curtly.

"Yeah, we even have a desert on the other side."

Gogeta blinked, dropping his arm.

"Strange. The city looks like it takes up most of the space from the sky. It didn't look like you had room for a desert too."

Trunks turned his head down at the sudden blinking light on his wrist, staring down at the blinking screen on his watch. He broke out into a warm smile at the sight, turning towards Gogeta.

"Looks like Patrol 28 got the last Dragon Ball."

Trunks nodded to Gogeta, turning on his heel.

"I'll go let Chronoa know; can you go tell Vegetto? He might not want to leave Kassava in her condition, but we should at least let him know."

Gogeta nodded, raising two fingers to his forehead.

"Right, I'm on it."

He paused for a moment, lifting his fingers off his forehead and turning slightly towards the hospital building across the way with furrowed eyebrows.

"Huh...looks like Kassava is awake too. Their energy levels are spiking really high for some reason."

Trunks blinked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah...I can feel it too. Strange...it doesn't feel like they're fighting exactly, but the clash between the powers is very similar."

Gogeta instinctively frowned.

"Something's wrong...why would they be fighting in the hospital room? That isn't normal behavior, even for them."

Trunks raised an eyebrow, rubbing his chin.

"Maybe it's someone trying to control Kassava's mind...perhaps to take advantage of her weakened state. The only one I can see doing it is Towa but it doesn't make any sense though: she would know the coronation is happening today. Trying to seize control with all of these powerful deities around...it's too risky for even her."

Gogeta narrowed his eyes slightly towards the building across the way, tensing his arms.

"Not if she can manage to turn Kass on the rest of us, and end up getting her killed in the process. C'mon...we have to stop her!"

Trunks nodded in response.

"Let's go."

Both fighters erupted into a quick aura of energy, blasting off into the sky towards the hospital a few miles away. Gogeta landed first at the large entryway, brushing past the crowds moving in and out of the building with Trunks following after him a few feet away. He bolted up the stairway, skipping multiple steps in large bounds as he climbed up to the fourth floor. Bursting through the single door, Gogeta broke out into a sprint down the large open hallway towards the source of the two energies. He panted heavily, swinging his arms and yelling loudly.

"Hang on guys, we're almost there!!"

Sliding to a halt leading into Kassava's medical room, Gogeta promptly launched his right foot forward to kick the thick wooden door down onto the floor with a loud thud. The dust slowly rose up from the impact left by the door, shifting slightly as Gogeta entered the room with a determined glare.

"What's happening?! Where's Towa?!"

Gogeta's determined stare quickly vanished into a wide eyed, pale face at the sight of Vegetto poking his golden hair up from underneath the bed sheets. The covers dropped low enough to reveal Kassava underneath him, her own eyes wide with only the sheets to cover her modesty. The three all stared at each other in wide eyed silence, Trunks pushing his way into the room being the only sound for a few seconds. His own eyes shot open shortly after entering, being the first one to speak between the four.



Conton City, Shrine of Shenron

High above the main city plaza sat a large ornate square platform sitting atop a large grass hill on the outskirts of Conton City. Gold and decorative pieces adorned the side of the walls of the massive slab, with a large set of stairs connected in a large oval leading up to a single open shrine. The shrine itself held seven spots designed for spheres around the center, and the outer ring of the circular pedestal presented a set of wooden pillars holding up a massive golden replica of the eternal dragon Shenron himself. A total of twenty six individuals gathered around the shrine, pairs from each universe aside clad in the traditional garb of the gods as well as the apparent angels that attended to them. However, despite similar attire, each individual clad in the familiar outfit were completely different from the Gods of Destruction that represented each universe. The only familiar faces were that of Beerus, Whis, the Supreme Kai of Time, and the Grand Priest, who stood together at the outside edge of the pedestal in the center.

Beerus kept his arms crossed, holding a small scowl as he lightly tapped his right bicep with his finger.

"Vegetto promised that girl would be ready today."

He turned his glare slightly towards Whis.

"These ceremonies are unbearable, Whis. Can't we just delay the bet until tomorrow? I won't have much patience, dealing with all of these people today."

Whis stifled a small chuckle, covering his mouth.

"Let's just forget about that bet, Lord Beerus. Our contest was more for fun, I do not require you to serve me."

The Grand Priest perked his eyebrows, keeping a similar smile to Whis.

"Oh? A bet?"

Whis nodded curtly.

"Lord Beerus simply made the mistake of challenging me to a contest of mentoring students. His protegee, while immense gifted, is still a bit weaker than the fighter I instructed."

The Grand Priest nodded in response.

"Ah...I see."

His head turned slightly at the approaching figure that stood tall above all aside from Whis. Clad in a turquoise garb of the gods, the mostly humanoid figure smiled down with a wide grin, barring sharp white teeth that contrasted his scaly green skin. He held a mixed appearance between a man and a dragon, having wooden trunk-like horns atop his head instead of ears and flowing mane for a beard.

"Beerus! I didn't realize you'd be attending: you seem small as ever!"

Beerus scoffed, his eyes widening in quick annoyance once the man grasped tightly onto the top of his head, rubbing the top as if he were petting a cat. However, Beerus only growled lowly at the man, glaring up while his head was rubbed.


The god known as Marcato kept his grin, soon pull his hand away.

"How fares the life of Universe 7's destroyer? Still content with simply blowing up people and planets on a whim?"

Whis narrowed his eyes slightly, his expression.

"Now now, Marcato. There is no need to antagonize."

Marcato's grin turned into a cocky smirk, his eyes still locked on Beerus.

"I don't really care about your opinion, Whis. Last time I checked, this was a ceremony held in honor of the new god of time finally being christened for Universe 7. Not a meeting for trash like yourself to beg for attention."

His eyes glanced in between both Beerus and Whis, his arms clasped behind his back as he held his chin high.

"Like the rest of the simpletons branded as gods, you should not be welcome when the real rulers of the universe are present. Just because the Grand Priest allowed you to have the title of 'god', does not mean you're anything more than a glorified janitor of the universe. You do not belong here." 

Marcato turned his narrowed eyes to Whis.

"Nor do the failed children sent to wipe up after you."

Whis' eyebrows narrowed slightly, standing silent while Marcato placed his hands on his hips, his smirk returning shortly after.

"Spineless as ever, I see. Good to see you two at least know your place at the bottom."

Marcato then lightly strolled to the side, purposefully bashing into Beerus' right shoulder, causing him to stumble back a couple of steps. Beerus instantly straightened himself out, dusting off his pants with a light snarl and glaring back at Whis.

"Why the hell is he here?"

Whis kept a frown, turning to the Grand Priest.

"A good question. Father...I thought you removed him?"

The Grand Priest sighed lightly in response, glancing down.

"My apologies, Lord Marcato is still in power because the stability of Universe 11's hierarchy is currently changing. If a proper candidate were to come about, I would immediately replace him."

He turned his head up.

"However, Lord Belmod has much to learn before he can take on the role and refuses to do so until his mysterious candidate for his current position gives him an answer."

The Supreme Kai of Time held a heavy frown, crossing her arms.

"He still shouldn't want to be here. He was the main one that openly mocked me for refusing to pick a candidate for so long and establishing the Time Patrol. The other gods are pretentious about it...but he was the one that gave them a voice."

Whis nodded curtly.

"I suppose he's come mostly to figure out who he should direct his hatred towards now. When he discovers that a Saiyan has been chosen, he might find it even more infuriating."

Beerus scoffed, crossing his arm.

"Does he even know what a Saiyan is?"

Whis broke out into a small smile.

"Probably not. We can only hope that will prove to be an advantage later on."

The Grand Priest perked his eyebrows, turning around towards the city skyline at the sudden explosive surge of energy he felt behind him. The various angels and gods all gathered turned with wide eyes towards the spectacle, taking note of a massive red and golden fire erupting from the corner of the hospital building. The flame died down as quickly as it appeared, but the massive pressure remained while a strong gust of wind carried the high pitched screech that rung out strongly once it reached the group.


Whis' eyebrow twitched, the confusion on his expression clear on his face.

"Hmm...that was Kassava's voice."

He peered over the side, blinking at the sight of two small little specks of blue energy dashing across the ground while a medium sized red and golden fire chased after them. He squinted down, barely able to pick out the sight of Gogeta and Trunks, fully transformed as Super Saiyan Blues, frantically dashing up towards the shrine.

"It was an accident!!"

Whis blinked again, able to fully see the angry Kassava blasting off after them, clad only in a thin white sheet covering her upper torso and thighs like a towel, fully transformed in her true Super Saiyan God form.


Whis stumbled with a small gasp, collapsing onto the floor on his rear as Gogeta and Trunks rapidly shot past him. The two Saiyans barely made it up to the crowd, both being snared by their necks in Kassava's arms as she locked them both in chokeholds, strangling them hard enough to turn their faces purple.


Another pair of arms coated in blue energy wrapped around Kassava's shoulders from behind. Vegetto grimaced, transformed into a Super Saiyan Blue as well while he tried to pry open Kassava's arms from behind her back, clad only in one of the white bed sheets that covered his waist and legs.

"Kass!! Calm down!!"

The four Saiyans all tangled together suddenly stopped midway in their struggle, their wide eyes glancing around in realization of the crowd surrounding them. Kassava blinked hard, the awkward silence hanging over the shrine as a few gods of time coughed audibly into their hands. Kassava glanced around, soon meeting the bewildered stares of not only Beerus and the Supreme Kai of Time, but Whis sitting on the floor and the Grand Priest covering his mouth.

Kassava's cheeks instantly turned red, tucking her head in while she screeched in embarrassment.

Chapter 50: Universe 7's Realm of Time (Final Chapter)


"There we are."

Much like his son, the Grand Priest spoke in a soothing, warm tone as he slowly pulled his hands back. His smile was light, clasping his hands together and observing Kassava, who stood with her back to him and her arms at her sides. A small frown was etched across her expression as the only sign of emotion, her eyes staring into their reflection. She let out a small exhale, keeping her head forward.

"You are too kind, sir."

The Grand Priest kept his posture and smile.

"Think nothing of it."

Kassava's eyes drifted to the side, eyeing the Grand Priest's reflection in the mirror.

"Not after what I did."

She bowed her head slightly.

"I embarrassed my universe in front of everyone. Enough to shame the highest authority in all of the universes to help me get dressed. Like a child."

The Grand Priest narrowed his eyes slightly, stepping closer towards Kassava while he spoke.

"The gods of time are my personal responsibility. This is no different than training you on your new powers or responsibilities."

Kassava lowered her head slightly.

"With all due respect...you don't understand who I am, sir. I've done nothing but fail my universe: I'm..."

Her frown deepened, her voice dropping.

"...not fit to be a god."

The Grand Priest kept his warm smile, analyzing Kassava in a scrutinizing gaze. His demeanor offered no surprise to Kassava's claim, his head turning slightly to the side and speaking in a softer tone.

"What makes you say that?"

Kassava kept her head down, her voice cracking.

"I've let my only family die at the hands of a mad man...who almost destroyed everything. I had the power to put him down...but...I let my pride get the better of me. I even fought my own friends...who only wanted what was best for me."

"Oh, you're talking about Zamasu."

Kassava perked her eyebrows, turning her head slightly.

"You know about him?"

The Grand Priest nodded curtly.

"Of course. I was watching the whole predicament: it was quite the entertaining show."

Kassava blinked.

"How...why? Why would you waste your time watching our universe?"

Her frown returned, turning to face the Grand Priest completely. The Grand Priest kept his smile, turning his head down for a moment and crossing his arms behind his back.

"Am I not allowed to observe your universe?"

Kassava's eyes grew wide, quickly shaking her head and frantically bowing towards the Grand Priest.

"No! I mean yes! I-I just...thought you would feel this matter was so trivial that you wouldn't care about it, sir."

The Grand Priest kept his smile strong, nodding once more.

"The threat Zamasu posed to the rest of the universes was relatively small; you are correct. It was why I was personally surprised when my own son came to me, asking for guidance on the matter."

The Grand Priest perked his right eyebrow, turning his head towards Kassava while he stood next to her in front of the mirror.

"Do you know how many times Whis has asked me for help?"

Kassava stared down at the Grand Priest, her frown remaining.


The Grand Priest turned his eyes back to the mirror, his warm smile disappearing.

"Not once. Since the day he was born, Whis has always been one of the brightest and strong-willed teachers among my children. There has never been a situation that he has put effort into correcting that was not resolved, and if he ever failed in his task or decided that the universe he was guiding could not be improved, he would simply leave it to its fate, and start over."

Kassava blinked, watching on as the Grand Priest continued.

"So when he came to me at the Palace, I was confused on why my son, who had never shown true attachment to anyone he guided, felt it prudent to focus effort on the survival of simple mortals who he had seen millions of times over in society. His questions were unlike him, and at the time, I believed that this was perhaps, his own pride getting the best of him in wanting to best the mortal turned god, Zamasu, from wiping out what he had accomplished with Universe 7."

The Grand Priest's lips lifted back into a small smile.

"I see now, however, that his true concern was not of the universe's survival, but in properly teaching those who he has learned to cherish. Lord Beerus...Son Goku...Prince Vegeta...Zamasu...Vegetto...Genn...and most importantly, you. Despite the differences you all share, you have all made an impact on my son enough for him to seek out my teachings so that he can surpass his own limitations as an instructor; a feat that drove my curiosity to see what it was he truly valued."

Kassava frowned, glancing down.

"I...had no idea."

The Grand Priest nodded slightly.

"Of course you didn't. The importance of it all, however, is simple: Whis asked me for help because he knew he had failed in teaching his subjects properly."

Kassava kept her frown, her eyebrows perking in confusion. She turned her head up slightly, caught offguard by the revelation as the Grand Priest continued.

"Zamasu failed in understanding the value of negativity, seeking to destroy all he felt that was wrong with reality. Lord Beerus, failed in taking Zamasu seriously as a threat and thus, could not destroy him when he had become too powerful. Son Goku and Prince Vegeta, failed in containing Zamasu fully as a threat and caused his revival in another timeline you had to handle."

The Grand Priest kept his smile, nearly chuckling in a small pause before raising his right eyebrow.

"Then comes the those you considered as family: Vegetto, Trunks, and Genn. Both of which, I'm sure you know plenty about their failures in escalating this situation further then it was supposed to go."

Kassava kept her frown, turning her lowered head back away from the Grand Priest in shame.

"So all of us are failures."

The Grand Priest nodded once, pulling his right arm out from behind his back.

"I suppose that's one way you can look at it."

He slowly waved his hand forward, the image of the mirror changing in front of the two. Kassava lifted her head up again, her eyes widening at the sight of the scenes playing out before her. The first passing image striking deep at her core, depicting Genn and herself locked in battle on their homeworld. The scene slowly shifted, soon changing to Zamasu killing the lone soldier from Barbaria in front of Gowasu. The colors and light distorted again, shifting into a scene in front of Capsule Corp where Beerus is shown yawning at the sight of a wounded Goku, Vegeta and Trunks sprawled out on the ground in front of the time machine. Kassava's expression drops slightly, the scene quickly changing to a transformed Vegetto angrily pummeling Trunks into the ground, followed shortly by another scene of Vegetto's wrath being unleashed on Kassava in the form of a one handed choke during their training to become a Super Saiyan. Kassava finally turned her head to the side, her voice weak.

"Why are you showing me all of this?"

The Grand Priest waved his hand again, the image before them vanishing completely.

"You can choose to let every failure you've accomplished define you, as you're doing now, or-"

The images in the mirror returned, yet this time, starting with the depiction of Kassava helping Genn up to his feet on their homeworld. Kassava perked his eyes, the scene changing shortly to her wounded and exhausted self triumphantly lying down on top of an unconscious and smiling Vegetto, like a wrestler pinning another to the mat. Her frown slowly disappeared, the scene changing to Genn dodging and effectively pushing Zamasu back in their fight. Kassava lifted her head entirely up, staring at the scene of her beating down Zamasu in the Forbidden Era as the true Super Saiyan God, the scene dramatically shifting to Ultra Instinct Vegetto dominating the sea of Zamasu clones with Zamasu's own energy scythe. Kassava stared on as the scene shifted once more, to Super Saiyan Blue Vegetto and Gogeta defeating Zamasu once and for all, the Grand Priest's voice soon ringing out to break her trance.

"-you can choose to define yourself on your victories. And live a better, more enjoyable life."

Kassava's lips slowly rose into a smile, lifting her head up. The images faded away from the mirror before them, leaving behind the reflections of Kassava and the Grand Priest, who kept his warm demeanor.

"So then, what do you see? A failure...or a god?"

Kassava stared into her own pupils, lifting her chin up slightly.


The Grand Priest bowed his head slightly, lifting his left arm up and gesturing towards the closed door on the opposite side of the room.

"Come then. It would be polite to formally introduce you as one to the others."


The sunlight shone down on the group standing in then open terrace. Most of the warriors stood with crossed arms and against the wall of the small cement hut, Gogeta and Trunks both looking out to the side. The various deities and visitors from the other universes stuck to their own circles, laughing and gossiping with each other while most looked over to the group from the home universe. Gogeta grunted, shaking his head and turning to face back towards Trunks, Vegetto, Whis, Chronoa, and Beerus.

"At least they're smart enough to keep their laughter to themselves."

Vegetto grunted, now fully clothed in his usual blue and orange gi. He rested his back against the cement wall of the hut, his arms crossed with a stern expression.

"This is your fault. You could've at least knocked."

Gogeta frowned, turning his own small glare to Vegetto.

"And you could've picked a better place to do...that. How was I supposed to know you weren't in trouble?"

Vegetto scoffed.

"If you thought about what the hell you were doing, you would've known it wasn't-"

"Now now, calm down everyone."

Whis sighed lightly.

"It's no use bickering about this anymore: the damage has been done. Very minor damage, at that."

Trunks turned his head back to the hut, frowning as well.

"If it was only minor...then why did the Grand Priest himself want to meet Kassava in private?"

Whis turned his eyes towards the hut, smiling lightly.

"Don't worry, she'll be fine. It's part of the ceremony."

The tall angel turned his eyes to Vegetto, his eyebrow perking.

"Now, if we're done with the complaining, I have been meaning to ask you about your fight with Zamasu, Vegetto."

Vegetto raised an eyebrow, his arms still crossed while Whis continued.

"That form you were using...what was it?"

Vegetto dropped his eyebrow.

"I'm not sure. I felt a strange...disconnect happen when the power surged through me. I lost control: I could see it all clearly, every punch and kick against Zamasu. I remember fending off countless copies of him, and beating him to a pulp."

He lifted his white gloved hands up, unfolding them with a small glare down at his palms.

"Yet...it felt...surreal. Like I wasn't the one fighting them off."

Whis nodded once.

"Your body took control, didn't it?"

Vegetto slowly shut his eyes, nodding.

"Yeah...I..uh...talked to it."

Whis stifled a small chuckle, prompting a sudden flare of annoyance from Vegetto.

"It's not funny!"

Whis pulled his hand down from his lips, composing himself quickly.

"Yes yes, it's not. It is quite interesting to say the least, however. Most of the students I instruct on Ultra Instinct understand the harmony of the soul and the body, working together without input of thought. I suppose the fault is mine: I did instruct you to allow your body to move on its own."

His head titled to the side slightly, shrugging his shoulders.

"I didn't expect you to take it so literally."

Beerus narrowed his eyes slightly, crossing his arms.

"You will need to work on creating that harmony. The body and the soul were never truly supposed to act separately from one another: there is a reason why the afterlife consists only of souls while the bodies are disposed of properly. A body that can constantly improve on its own is a dangerous potential, especially one as powerful as yours."

Vegetto frowned.

"I'll do my best. If I can ever access the power again."

Vegetto's eyes turned to the side, however, the first to pick up on the boots tapping gently on the floor. He pushed himself off the wall immediately, his eyes perking up while his arms fell down to his sides. The others soon turned to look on, the first to emerge being the Grand Priest himself. The smaller angel held a strong smile, and politely bowed his head. Gogeta perked his eyebrows, turning his head to the side and noticing the sound of the whispering voices from each group of the universes dying out.

"Representatives of the multiverse! Please join me in welcoming the newest God of Time for Universe 7-"

The Grand Priest slowly turned to the side, extending his arm and gesturing to the open entryway. Emerging from the shadows, Kassava slowly strode out into the opening and soon came to a halt next to the Grand Priest. The gold, ornate rings gripping onto her ankles, forearms, and biceps glinted in the sunlight that struck them for the first time, her crimson baggy pants and shoulder piece heavily contrasting Beerus' color combination despite the garb being almost identical. The symbol in the center of the shoulder piece was a simple shape of an hourglass, gently shifting in the small breeze on top of the golden metal bra that covered Kassava's breasts. Her eyes were narrowed with a determined ferocity, her poise snapped up and her chin raised a bit higher than normal as she glanced among the other gods. The Grand Priest kept his warm smile, turning back to face the others.

"-Lord Kassava!"

The sudden loud clapping from behind the Universe 7 group rang out in the open terrace, some of the kais and gods themselves breaking out into whistles and ecstatic cheers. Gogeta and Trunks both glanced at each other in confusion, looking in between each group that had been gossiping and mocking their universe only seconds ago. Beerus stood with a small, stern stare with crossed arms, his attention forward while Whis held an almost identical expression to the Grand Priest, his warm smile strong while he turned his eyes to Vegetto. The Potara fusion blinked with wide eyes, stepping forward while he uttered a single word under his breath.


Kassava's own narrowed eyes glanced between the gods clapping and cheering, but soon trailed to Vegetto as he approached. Her fierce glare instantly gave way once her pupils landed on him, her body visibly relaxing and the tension completely dissipating away as she fidgeting slightly in embarrassment from Vegetto's gawking. She glanced to the left, the blush on her cheeks nearly matching her robes.


Vegetto kept his wide eyed stare, looking Kassava up and down, his dual voice a bit weaker in his delivery.


The Grand Priest slowly poked his head out from Kassava's side, covering his mouth and coughing audibly after a few seconds of awkward silence between the two. He kept his eyes a bit wide, staring up at Vegetto and pulling his hand behind his back after the small cough.

"If you're finished, we should continue the ceremony."

Vegetto gasped, quickly stepping.

"Of course! Sorry...sir."

The Grand Priest merely nodded once, walking forward and guiding Kassava towards the pedestal. Kassava's narrowed eyes soon turned off the onlookers from each universe, finding the staircase first before lifting to the sight of the shrine filled with all seven Dragon Balls. Each slot being filled prompted her to turn to the Grand Priest, blinking in confusion once the two stood at the base. The Grand Priest slowly turned to the side, smiling up at Kassava.

"As tradition stands, each god of time is introduced to the most influential power within the universe, Shenron, who will grant any one wish. The wish made by the new god of time is intended to help them control the universe, with some limitations. However, I'm well aware that your universe is quite familiar with the individual and you recognize the importance of making sure his power is not abused."

He slowly lifted his right arm, keeping his left tucked behind his back.

"Thus...I've decided to bend the rules."

The various groups from the multiverse all perked their heads up, Marcato's smug expression breaking as well at the sound of the Grand Priest's words. Whis and Beeurs both looked up with surprised stares of their own, watching on as the seven Dragon Balls neatly tucked into the shrine rose from their sockets in the shrine. Vegetto glanced around, raising an eyebrow at the sight of everyone's reaction and turning towards Whis.

"Whis...what's happening?"

Whis kept his frown, his eyes forward.

"I have no idea. The Grand Priest has never broken tradition before."

The seven Dragon Balls continued to rise into the air, circling around and spinning outward towards the sky itself. The orbs themselves illuminated with a massive orange glow, soon exiting Conton City's atmosphere, suddenly exploding outwards in size. Whis' eyebrows lifted and a few others in the crowd gasped at the sight of the former Dragon Balls now orbiting around Conton City as planet sized incarnations of themselves. The Grand Priest kept his smile, his eyes looking over the crowd for a moment before turning back to Kassava.

"Behold: the Super Dragon Balls. Instead of confining you to limitations for your wish, I'm granting you the ability to wish for anything you desire."

The Grand Priest barely turned his eyes to the side at the sound of Marcato's voice ringing out in an angry shout, the god waving his right fist up at the two.

"How dare you!! She doesn't deserve this power, you're gonna let her control all of us!!"

The Grand Priest nodded curtly, lifting his eyes to Kassava who blinked at the realization.

"That is correct: you can wish for anything, Kassava. Whether its ultimate power or removing any obstacle in your way, you have the capability to bring the entire realm of existence to its knees."

Kassava stared up into the sky, her eyes still watching the Super Dragon Balls orbiting the city high above with a small frown. She glanced down at the Grand Priest shortly after, her eyes narrowing.

"Alright, I'm ready."

The Grand Priest raised an eyebrow.

"Are you sure? That was rather quick, you are more than welcome to take your time deciding the wish."

Kassava turned her head back up, her eyes narrowing.

"No thanks, I know exactly what I want to wish for. Summon the dragon."

The Grand Priest turned his eyes to the sky, nodding his head and audibly clearing his throat.

"Emoc Htrof, Enivid Nogard Dna Tnarg Ym Hsiw, Peas and Carrots!"

The stars within each visible Super Dragon Ball floating high above illuminated one by one, the explosive wind and golden glow taking the entire platform. Kassava instinctively threw up her arms, bracing against the forces raging on across the entire platform. She turned her head down, noticing a small hand lightly tugging on her sash despite the immense pressure and power radiating down from the sky. She blinked in confusion, staring back at the Grand Priest standing tall and still, as if he wasn't in the midst of storm force winds and tremendous power blasting the entire group gathered at the shrine. His voice was barely audible, but the words were registered while he smiled back at Kassava, his body shaking along with the platform.

"Trust yourself!"

Kassava blinked hard again, slowly lowering her arms down and letting the intense wind blast her face. She took a sharp breath, momentarily losing her composure and hyper ventilating aggressively, but soon took notice of how little she was moving. Noticing she hadn't moved a single inch in the movement, Kassava slowly straightened out her back and steadied her breathing, staring up back to the golden light show above and squinting up. The golden scales along the dragon's hide were the only visible sight that blocked out the entire sky, Kassava blinking and taking in the massive appearance only for a minute before her vision faded to black. She turned her head to the side, staring down at the Grand Priest in confusion while the entire display of power had completely disappeared into the darkness as well. The Grand Priest kept his smile, looking forward.

"This is part of the process. Super Shenron is too big for us to communicate with in person. Thus we look deeper..."

He gestured to the side, prompting Kassava to turn back forward. She stared up in awe, the massive golden dragon having shrunk only slightly to loom over the two standing alone on the pedestal.

"...to the center of his being. Now, we can communicate with him properly."

The Grand Priest lost his smile, his eyes narrowing up at the dragon. Super Shenron leaned his head down closer, the glow in his eyes shining brightly.

"I ma eht lanrete nogard! Etats rouy hsiw!"

Kassava swallowed hard, watching the Grand Priest turn his head back to her.

"Well, what is your wish?"

Kassava turned her head down for a moment.

"I'd like for him to bring my broth-"

She stopped midway, turning her chin up.

"No...I'd like him to bring back everyone that was killed by Zamasu. All of those Time Patrollers, along with my brother...all of them...deserve to come back."

The Grand Priest smiled, nodding curtly.

"Very well."

He soon turned his head back to face towards Super Shenron, his voice nearly thundering in the delivery of the wish.

"Esaelp gnirb kcab lla fo eht slatrom dellik yb usamaz!"

Kassava's eyes lit up a bit in sync with the dragon's, standing still and watching on. Her eyes narrowed a bit in suspicion at the dragon's thundering voice ringing out in the unfamiliar language spoken. Kassava turned her eyes down, the Grand Priest responding to Super Shenron in tandem with the conversation, the two carrying on for a minute. She raised her right eyebrow again, staring back at the Grand Priest who finally let out a heavy sigh and turned to face towards Kassava.

"It's as I feared. Super Shenron's power is usually able to accomplish anything, and he was able to restore all of the lost souls slain by Zamasu."

He frowned.

"Aside from one."

Kassava's eyebrow dropped with her heart at the final set of words, having to use very little brainpower to figure out who the Grand Priest was referring to while he continued.

"Your brother's case is unique: he managed to use his very essence to repair your broken body. The binding fabrics that now keep you alive are made from what little remains of his soul."

He nodded to her.

"In short, Super Shenron cannot restore him to life because he is apart of you now. Removing what remains of him would only result in both of your erasures from this existence."

Kassava bowed her head, inhaling deeply through her nose. Her eyes stared into the black abyss below her, her frown deepening while the Grand Priest and Super Shenron exchanged farewells to each other. The golden light barely jarred her attention, overtaking the black void that covered her sight with a blinding flash of light for a few moments. Kassava's eyebrows perked as once the light faded away, her sight was on the now bustling square of Conton City. The former statue of Vegetto still laid shattered across the floor, but instead of being empty, hundreds of people stood around gathered amongst each other. A few people patted themselves down in surprise, followed shortly by the ecstatic happy cheers that filled the open air. It wasn't long until the chatter and happy cheers spread across the entire city square as loved ones embraced one another.

Kassava turned her head up, her frown remaining. She thought to herself in anguish still, the stinging denial of Genn's revival still fresh in her mind while she glanced down. Yet her eyes landed on a small family of four embracing each other in a four way hug at the edge of the city's fountain, the bright and glowing smiles from the children seemingly washing away depression in an instant. Her own lips lifted into a small smile shortly after, and Kassava soon turned on her heel to face back towards the gathered deities while the Grand Priest spoke in another authoritative shout.

"Thank you all for attending, this will conclude the ceremony. You are now free to leave."

The tension in the air broke apart with the dispersing of the crowd, each group slowly dashing upwards into the sky with their respective Kais in tow. The Grand Priest and Kassava both slowly descended down the staircase while the representatives from each universe departed, making their way up to the group assembled for Universe 7. Whis held a small smile of his own, his eyes on the Grand Priest.

"A shame the others won't stay for the festivities. Perhaps it's for the better, now that our guest list has grown considerably thanks to Kassava."

The Grand Priest chuckled lightly, nodding in agreement.

"I suppose so. It has been a long time since the universes were quiet for a change, and with Kassava's ascension, your band of fighters has shaken the confidence of the other universes. They will need some time before they come to respect what you are building here, Whis, but that also means there will be little active politics for me to handle in the coming days."

He opened his arms, his eyes turning down to the Supreme Kai of Time.

"With that being said, Chronoa, would you be so kind as to show me around your beautiful universe?"

The Supreme Kai of Time nearly gasped, frantically nodding her head and moving around Gogeta's side.

"Yes yes sir! Of course, right this way!"

Whis kept his small smile, stifling a chuckle as he watched the Supreme Kai of Time hastily lead the Grand Priest down the staircase leading into Conton City Square. His eyes shifted to the side, following Kassava who stepped forward next. Vegetto stared back in suspicion, studying Kassava intently while she lifted her lips into a small smile.

"Ok everyone, we should get going too. There's a party we need to get started, let's not keep everyone waiting."

Gogeta broke out into a wide grin, stretching his arms out with an audible yawn.

"Alright!! All this tension sure made me hungry: let's go get some food!"

Trunks shook his head with a small smile of his own, following after Gogeta who quickly bolted down the staircase. Beerus soon scoffed, crossing his arms while he followed after the two with the Elder Kai at his side.

"Let us hope Chronoa didn't prepare the feast herself. Only that woman could possibly destroy a perfect delicacy as pudding, let alone ruin an entire course."

Kassava's eyes trailed after the few leaving, turning to walk down the staircase herself but soon stopping at the sound of Vegetto's concerned dual voice.


Kassava blinked, turning back around.


Vegetto kept his frown, looking over her for a moment while he approached. He came to a halt within a foot of her, his arms at his side.

"Are you sure you're...ok? About not bringing your brother back?"

He paused for a moment, sighing lightly.

"You don't have to be present for the party if you want some time to yourself."

Kassava glanced to the side, her smile fading a bit.

"It's alright. It does hurt a little bit, but I should be there."

She turned back to Vegetto, smiling once again.

"After all, I do need to work on seeing things a different way. Maybe...enjoying the good of it all instead of just focusing on the bad. Seeing all those people happy to be alive...being with the Patrol..."

Kassava's smile lifted a bit, her right arm lifting up. She gripped onto Vegetto's chin with her thumb and pointer finger, slightly perking his head up.

"Being with you."

Vegetto relaxed his eyebrows, smilingly warmly back down at Kassava as she dropped her arm, continuing.

"I'd like to have some fun for a change. So I'm gonna do better now, since I know that's what I want...and what everyone else wants."


Kassava perked her eyebrows, turning her head at the sound of a singular voice ringing out. A group of four Time Patrollers stood before the two, each soldier cradling one of the smaller Dragon Balls in each arm. The leader was a human male that cleared his throat, glancing at Vegetto for a minute before turning back to Kassava.

"What would you like us to do with the Dragon Balls?"

Kassava dropped her eyebrows, while Whis spoke up next.

"Oh my, I forgot about those."

The taller angel turned his eyes back to Kassava.

"Well, since we have them gathered and the Grand Priest used the Super Dragon Balls for your ceremony, would you like a second wish?"

Kassava kept her smile, shaking her head dismissively.

"No, that's alright. I...got what I wanted."

Leaning forward a bit, Kassava lightly pecked Vegetto's left check with her lips in a small kiss. She kept her warm smile, soon turning on her heel and descending a few steps down the staircase

"I'll see you down there, ok?"

Vegetto stood with the same relaxed expression, watching her disappear from sight down into the crowd below. Whis kept his smile, his eyes following Kassava into the crowd.

"It's more pleasant when she's in a good mood, isn't it?"

Vegetto let out a heavy sigh, his determined stare returning in both his expression and his dual voice.

"She deserves better than this."

Whis raised an eyebrow, turning his eyes back to Vegetto.

"Did you have something in mind?"

Vegetto frowned, rubbing his chin and glancing down.

"I don't know...if Super Shenron doesn't have enough power to restore his soul...then there's nothing we can do about it. But there's gotta be something we can do to give her...something. Anything for closure..."

He blinked suddenly, the sound of the lead Time Patroller's uneasy voice ringing out again.

"Umm...apologies, sir. We still don't know what we're supposed to do with the Dragon Balls: should we scatter them out again?"

Vegetto turned his head to the Time Patroller, shaking his head.

"No no, go ahead and load them up on the shrine."

"Yes sir."

Vegetto continued to rub his chin, furrowing his eyebrows as the four Time Patrollers all hurried up the nearby staircase to the shrine.

"Hmm...but if I can't revive him...what should I wish for?"

Whis' lips rose slowly into a smile, turning on his heel with his eyes still trained on Vegetto.

"I'll leave it to you, Vegetto. Good luck."

He slowly descended down the steps, humming happily to himself while Vegetto watched his descent with a small frown. Turning around, Vegetto faced towards the shrine as he continued to think to himself.


A Few Minutes Later...

The bustling crowd within the city square itself was matched in sound only by the loud, blaring music ringing out from the city speakers high above. Crowds of people either stood within the long lines of the outdoor buffet that closed off the marketplace of the city, ate happily from the tables or stands set up to accommodate the celebration, or danced merrily with one another in the open square itself. All gathered together in the celebration of not only the defeat of Zamasu himself, but in the christening of the new God of Time within their universe. Kassava smiled lightly and warmly with each greeting from the new found fans that rushed to meet her, shaking hands and spending a good portion of the hour with the crowds alone that came to meet the new authority over the realm of time.

However, the exhaustion soon caught up to her, and using Gogeta and Trunks as security, Kassava quickly retreated to the confines of an open terrace sitting on the hillside above Conton City. The terrace belonged to a restaurant that had closed its doors for the celebration down below, allowing Gogeta, Trunks, and Kassava to use the space as they saw fit. Kassava sighed audibly first, collapsing down into a nearby chair and leaning back comfortably.

"Thanks guys...I didn't think it'd get that busy."

Trunks took a seat a table one down from Kassava's, relaxing into the chair as well.

"Don't mention it. I kind of prefer the peace and quiet."

Gogeta glanced around, being the last one of the three to take a seat at a table near both Trunks and Kassava.

"Huh, it's a shame this sushi restaurant is closed. I could really go for another round of lunch."

Trunks rubbed his chin, propping his feet up onto the table and furrowing his brow.

"I wouldn't know, haven't eaten here before."

He raised an eyebrow, his eyes turning to Kassava as she spoke, her eyes overlooking the city square.

"The food is good. But was really special about this place was the view."

She lifted her lips into a small smile, leaning over and resting her head on the railing.

"This used to be his favorite restaurant, just so he could stare at the statue while he ate."

Trunks immediately frowned in response, glancing off to the side.

"Ah...maybe we should've picked a different spot then."

Kassava kept her smile, lifting her chin up slightly and pulling her right arm out to dismissively wave at Trunks' comment.

"It's fine. I'm sure he still enjoys the view."

Trunks blinked in confusion, his head turning to Gogeta who shared his lost expression. Both warriors looked up at the sound of not only a new pair of footsteps, but Whis' voice ringing out behind them.

"So you figured it out."

Kassava kept her eyes forward, her smile still present.

"Yeah...when I made that wish, I knew something was off. All I wanted going into that ceremony...when the Grand Priest said I could wish for anything...was to bring him back. But when I was about to make the wish, everything just felt...wrong. That it wasn't right to just bring him back...when I could use the wish to bring everyone Zamasu killed back to life."

She turned her eyes to the corners.

"And when the Grand Priest said he couldn't be revived...it hurt but...I didn't feel cheated or angry. I saw those people that were robbed by Zamasu come back to life...how happy they were to be with there loved ones. And all that pain and anger I thought I'd have for being denied...it just...disappeared."

Whis nodded, lowering himself down into the nearest seat.

"Because it's what he wanted. And when he used his soul to repair your broken heart, it became what you wanted."

Kassava audibly scoffed, her smile remaining.

"Like fusion...he'd call it."

Whis nodded, while Trunks shook his head with a perplexed stare.

"What on Earth are you two talking about?"

Whis turned his eyes to Trunks, keeping his smile.

"In using his soul to repair Kassava's broken body, Genn has now become a part of her. His ambitions...his goals...all of that bled into her. That's why Kassava's wish changed so dramatically: it was really what he wanted, not her."

Kassava kept her eyes down, inhaling deeply.

"So we both got our real wish after all. He saves everyone...and I get the comfort of knowing he got what he wanted in the end."

The group sat in silence for a moment, staring out at the scene below. However, the sudden eruption of energy at the top of the mountain prompted Kassava's attention, blinking up at the sight of the sky above turning dark like a thunderstorm. From what she could make out of the tiny structure off in the distance that was the shrine dedicated to Shenron, a golden trail of light shot up abruptly from the mantle and spiralled into the sky. The light itself prompted gasps and inaudible chatter from down below, the crowds below all turning to face up to the source.

The golden energy soon dispersed into the form of the green scales of a familiar entity, the eternal dragon Shenron himself soon forming high above the city itself and leaning his head down. His voice thundered out for all to hear, almost shaking the entire city in his speech.

"I am the eternal dragon!! State your wish!"

Gogeta sat upright, leaning up to take in the sight. Kassava narrowed her eyes, making out the small little speck of Vegetto standing at the base of the shrine. The Potara fusion was smirking, his lips moving in speech that none could hear aside from Shenron himself. After a few seconds, Shenron's red eyes illuminated the dark atmosphere in an ominous explosion of energy. The light soon died out, and Shenron's thunderous voice erupted again.

"Your wish has been granted. Farewell!"

Kassava dropped her eyebrow, noticing no real change to the environment that took hold as Shenron soon retreated down as a pillar of light into the shrine itself. The circular aura shot up into the sky, and the seven Dragon Balls all shot out in the open sky in opposite directions as the dark clouds above began to disperse on their own. The bright clear sky of the afternoon soon returned, and the curious onlookers began to return to their festivities shortly after.

With a small "fzzt", Vegetto suddenly appeared from thin air behind Kassava and landing gently on the ground. Trunks and Gogeta both instinctively flinched at the sudden arrival, watching Vegetto lower two fingers off his forehead.

"Oh good...you're not in the middle of something."

Kassava glanced over her shoulder, raising an eyebrow.

"Just enjoying the view...what did you wish for?"

Vegetto broke out into a confident smirk, reaching out for the nearest seat next to Kassava. Pulling the chair back, he dropped down onto the cushion with a light sigh, sitting comfortably while he nodded to the city square.

"The view is about to get much better."

Kassava raised an eyebrow, her eyes turning back forward. She stared down, looking for any change at all before the scattered stone remains of Vegetto's broken statue began to illuminate with a bright, white glow. The crowds of people all gasped at the development, instinctively stepping away as the stone itself began to float into the air all on its own. Each piece floated towards the center of the square high above the party goers, all converging to the platform where the statue had stood tall once before. The stone seemingly melted into each other, the pieces all colliding and the glowing light soon forming a large, humanoid shape in the center.

Kassava scoffed, taking her head off the railing and mockingly rolling her eyes as she sat back into her seat next to Vegetto.

"You're kidding. You really used a wish from a magical dragon just to rebuild a statue of yourself?!"

She kept her smile, stifling her chuckling.

"Talk about being vain."

Vegetto kept his smirk, slowly shaking his head.

"Oh no...it's not going to be the same. I had Shenron make some modifications."

Kassava's smirk faded away, turning back to the sight in confusion for a moment, following the piece that was Vegetto's head. The structure of the stone itself remained the same until it was placed neatly on top of the glowing figure, but soon after, the shape of the traditional spiked hairstyle of Vegetto morphed into a different flair. Kassava's eyes widened a bit, leaning forward in recognizing the familiar shape of the new hairstyle as the glow began to dissipate on its own. The statue held the same exact pose as the former individual that it was crafted of, but instead of Vegetto, the new face was an identical copy of Genn's. His smile was bright as the sun shone off the new, crisp granite, and the light soon retreated away once the final plaque of gold was added to the base of the foundation.

Kassava's mouth hung open along with her eyes, Vegetto leaning forward and clearing his throat.

"We can't see it from here, but the new plaque down there reads, 'Dedicated to the hero that saved us all'."

He leaned back slightly, shrugging his shoulders. 

"After all, if it wasn't for him...Zamasu would've been permanently immortal and we wouldn't have been able to stop him. So with a little validation and making some...edits...to his past in the Scroll of Eternity...everyone will remember him only as the Conton City Hero that defeated the evil Zamasu."

Vegetto had barely finished his sentence, yelping out with wide eyes as Kassava suddenly tackled him down onto the floor. He chuckled lightly in amusement, lying flat while Kassava tightly bear hugged him, her tightly shut eyes leaking tears that streamed down the sides of her face. She nuzzled the gi on his chest for a moment, her lips being muffled by the cloth as she spoke in a cracked voice.

"I love you."

Vegetto's smirk dropped a bit, losing its flair for a warm smile in its place. He tightly wrapped his arms around her back, his own dual voice soft.

"I love you too, Kass."

Leaning back with a content sigh, Vegetto rested his head against the hard floor while staring up at the lightly cloudy sky above.

Age 780, World of the Void. 26 minutes remaining in the Tournament of Power.

Brown smoke blasted upwards from the ground, the impact of force from Jiren's fist shattering the ground below. However, the silver and firey flames tore through the smoke as Goku floated out from the other side, dispersing the dust away after landing gently onto the ground. He briefly glanced over his arms, his legs having seemingly carried him through the air and connecting to the ground while Jiren stood with his back turned. Stepping back to face towards Goku, Jiren slowly lifted his left fist up, wiping a small scratch from the side of his face in a single swipe.

Standing with Gohan at the edge of the crater, Piccolo watched on with wide eyes at the strange development unfolding.

"It only grazed him...but Goku's attacks are working. Even though he was no match as Blue before..."

Gohan kept his stern, perplexed stare on the firey figure below, his voice low.

"Those movements...they're nothing like Dad's usual fighting style. He's not just fast; I couldn't even sense him moving to attack at all."

Piccolo nodded once.

"Yeah...it's the same when he dodges."

Standing high above the two, Vegeta glared down into the crater from the small rock formation he stood arm, his arms crossed in front of his armor.

"What's happening? I see it with my own eyes...but his actions feel so unreal."

His eyes narrowed, watching on as Dyspo and Toppo descended down from the opposite side of the crater towards the calm, collected Goku.

"What happened to you, Kakarot?"


High above in the stands, Krillin, Tien, and Master Roshi all huddled close to the edge of the balcony to get a closer look at the battle below. Beerus stood up straight, his eyes wide and frozen as place while Master Roshi perked his head over the railing.

"This is not normal!"

Tien's shocked expression grew in intensity, visibly trembling a bit.

"The speed of his response, the accuracy of his movements..."

Krillin spoke next, the concern clear in his voice.

"What happened all of a sudden, Goku?"

Whis leaned forward a bit in his seat, resting his chin on a single finger while he analyzed the situation.


His eyes sharpened a bit, the sight of Goku effortlessly repelling Dyspo and Toppo in a coordinated toss with both arms doing very little to impress him. However, the taller angel perked a bit at the retaliation of Toppo's Justice Flash. Not because of the fighter's immense spread of blaster fire or power, but in Goku's casual stride towards Jiren in the thick of the fire.

The power of Super Saiyan using godly energy...that was the peak of Saiyan potential. There still lies two forms beyond Goku and Vegeta's capabilities in Blue...but this...it's so different. He's moving effortlessly through the attack, completely unafraid of the destruction around him and only exerting effort to dispel the energy that actually might hit him. Perhaps he is finally heeding my lessons...but where...

Whis sharpened his glare even further, intensely following the rapid exchange of blows between Jiren and Goku as they floated higher off the arena stage.

Where have I seen that silver fire before?



Zeno's small black pupils glinted in his immense excitement of the battle above, hopping slightly in his seat while shaking his hands and turning towards the Future Zeno.

"Goku suddenly got stronger!!"

Future Zeno mimicked the exact same excitement, raising his fists up and excitedly turning towards present Zeno.

"Oooooh! Goku suddenly got amazing!!"

Both turned back, Future Zeno speaking first.

"Why?! Why?!"

Present Zeno soon followed.

"How come?! How come?!"

The Grand Priest floated up, rubbing his chin.



Whis' eyes immediately brightened, the taller angel shooting out of his seat once the memory finally dawned on him.

"Perhaps something wonderful is happening to Goku!!"

Tien turned back to Whis, his eyebrow raising.

"Do you know what it is?"

Whis kept his eccstatic grin.

"Yes! Though is just my assumption, of course!"

Beerus' jawline shook and trembled, the truth slowly creeping into his mind despite his best efforts to keep it out. His mouth hung open, staring on and seeing Jiren's and Goku's thrown fists narrowly miss. The massive arm of the Pride Trooper flashed before his own eyes, changing and morphing into a shade of an all too familiar green. In his place soon after, stood the rampaging and monstrous Zamasu, desperately charging and striking out at Goku. Yet the mortal Beerus took pity on had changed as well, the figure changing dramatically into another Saiyan mimicking the clean, crisp movements to avoid Zamasu's overbearing surges of power. The only constant that remained the same were the intense, fierce silver eyes that glared down their opponent. The momentary clash of Zamasu and Vegetto rapidly dispersed back into reality for Beerus, who dropped his shoulders a bit in almost defeat in having to recognize the truth before him.

"Ultra Instinct."
Epilogue 2 (Final Chapter)

Age 760, One week after the Tournament of Power. Universe 11, Marcato's Throne Room.


"Absolutely ridiculous."

Marcato, the ruling god of time for Universe 11, sat lazily in his throne. The dragon uncrossed his legs, leaning forward a bit and narrowing his eyes down at the lone attendant kneeling at the edge of the steps to his throne, his tone darkening.

"You really thought it was prudent to interrupt my relaxation just to inform me of a boring tournament that had no authority over our realm?"

The attendant kept his head bowed deeply, hiding his face and attempting to keep his voice firm.

"Sire...our realm lost. Not even Jiren could-"

"I don't care about Jiren!"

The attendant stopped mid sentence, Marcato waving his right hand dismissively and glancing off to the side with a lazy stare.

"A fighter capable of defeating a destroyer on his team, and Belmod still can't secure victory over the other universes. Why pester me with news on the pathetic failures like them?"

The attendant lifted his lead slightly.

"The winning destroyer, sir...was Beerus."

Marcato's disinterested and arrogant expression instantly vanished at the name, his head turning back to the attendant with wide but narrowed eyes.

"What did you say?"

The attendant instantly dropped his head again.

"Lord Beerus' team...won the tournament, sir."

Marcato sat still for a moment in silence, his eyes turning up slowly. He suddenly lashed out to the left, snapping his fingers in front of one of the guards at the bottom of the raised platform his throne sat on.

"You! Pull up GodTube, now!"

The guard bowed his head in a panicked nod, hastily pulling out a small grey remote and summoning a large intangible screen in front of the throne. Marcato's instantly narrowed, carefully scrutinizing the scene of Goku and Frieza surging forward with Jiren off of the Tournament of Power's stage. He snapped his fingers to the left side again, prompting the guard.

"Rewind it."

The scene rapidly changed as time reversed on screen, soon reverting back through the final minutes of the Tournament. Marcato waved his hand, signalling for the guard to stop again once a bright silver light struck his eyes.


Marcato stared down into the eyes of the fully transformed Goku, leaning forward a bit. He scoffed lightly, his eyes turning towards the very small sillhoutte of Whis that could be seen in the stands on the corner of the screen.

"So that's your play. Training even the lowest mortals up to do your dirty work. How pitiful."

The attendant remained in his kneeled state, speaking up next.

"Universe 7's claim to power is in their belief in trust and friendship. They believe that when they work together, any obstacle can be overcome."

Marcato scoffed lightly again.

"Give me a break. If that's all it took to defeat Jiren, then he's more pathetic than I thought. They can summon as many fools as they like: in the end, they cannot stand against real power."

He rested his scaly chin on both fists, leaning forward in his seat.

"Still...this universe...none of this makes sense. Who is this man that obtained Ultra Instinct?"

The attendant turned his head up.

"His name is Goku: a Saiyan from a planet called Earth. He is the one that had Lord Zeno host this tournament."

Marcato's eyes widened.

"Zeno? This...nobody...had the ear of Lord Zeno?!"

The dragon's wide eyes quickly narrowed, his fist crashing down on the handrail to his right and glaring up at the screen.

What is so special about this backwater universe?! The Grand Priest makes that weak woman a god...Lord Zeno befriends a mortal...and Whis actively tutors barbarians into Ultra Instinct?!

Marcato's glare only intensified as images of Goku happily playing with both Zenos, Kassava standing with the Grand Priest at her ceremony, and Whis training Vegeta played across the screen.

Fine...then the plan all hinges on this. Lord Zeno and the Grand Priest want to put all of their favor into this lowly universe? Then they'll pay for it dearly; after I crush them, no one will dare question my rule.

His lips lifted slightly into a sinister smirk.

The last they'll both see before I kill them, are their favored pets dying at my feet.

Marcato's smirk vanished in an instant, glaring down at the attendant.

"I want all the information you can dig up on Universe 7. Start with this Kassava...anything that can help me understand why the Grand Priest would put his favor in her. Then bring me intelligence on the man with Ultra Instinct, followed by anything and everything on Whis' shaping of the mortals within his realm. We need to figure out just what extent his meddling has done for the population."

The attendant rose up, nodding to the guard.

"Yes sir, I will have a full report as soon as possible."

Marcato's stare followed the attendant as he left, leaning back into his throne in the ornate palace room and let the atmosphere fall into tense silence.


Universe 7, Training Realm of Conton City


The wind gently blew across the open plain of green grass, the blades all fluttering along with the robes hanging on the ends of Whis' outfit. The tall angel stood with slightly narrowed eyes, staring down the two Saiyans standing a few feet across from him in the open space.

"I'm disappointed: both of you are clearly lacking in the necessary speed. This has been more than sufficient to warm you both up."

His right eyebrow raised.

"Have the past few days been nothing but wasted time and effort?"

Vegetto huffed lightly, straightening himself out and smirking.

"Not at all, this training did the trick. You've done a great deal for us; without your help, there's no way we would've figured this out on our own so quickly."

He frowned.

"It's just..."

Gogeta kept a stern stare, his eyes narrowing into a fierce glare and finishing for Vegetto.

"You know what's about to happen. Are you sure you can handle it?"

Whis kept his smile, his arms still tucked behind his back.

"Don't worry about me, boys."

His warm smile raised a bit, watching Vegetto and Gogeta both move a couple of steps apart from each other.

"I've waited a long time for this day."

The light in the sky suddenly darkened, and two intense pressures in the immediate vicinity of the taller angel suddenly exploded outwards. Whis' expression remained completely unchanged as his hair and robes were blasted backwards from the scorching wind. Silver fire radiated outwards from both Vegetto and Gogeta in the sudden explosion of power, rapidly surging up and engulfing their bodies within less than a second. The grass around them became charred instantly, the spread of the circle expanding well beyond the actual flames' immediate vicinity. Both Saiyan's hair and eyes now shined with a brilliant gleam of silver, their arms at their sides.

Whis met the intense glare of both fusions now glaring him down in the fully mastered state of Ultra Instinct, his smile raising a bit.

"At last."

Vegetto spaced his legs a bit, raising his right arm and cocking it back a bit with his hand balling into a fist. Gogeta kept his arms to the side, but leaned forward slightly and tensed his legs in preparation to launch forward in a dash. Whis tensed his arms for the first time, raising both arms in a strange stance that neither fusion recognized. His smile grew a bit, nodding to them both.

"Let's see if you finally have what it takes to defeat me."

In an instant, all three fighters suddenly launched forward, the air and ground around them exploding up from the unseen impacts of their strikes.


Universe 11, Marcato's Throne Room. One week later.



Marcato perked his head up at the sudden call, his eyes turning down. The attendant panted as he came to a halt at the edge of the platform that Marcato's throne sat ontop of, bowing his head.

"We've discovered something...something you need to see."

Marcato watched on with a flat, yet strong stare as the attendant pulled up another screen above. Marcato's eyes widened a bit, the scene of Ultra Instinct Vegetto and Gogeta battling with Whis. His wide eyes only narrowed a bit, immediately leaning forward at the sight of Whis losing ground on Vegetto and Gogeta, gripping onto the handguards.

"Who are they?"

The attendant swallowed hard.

"We've done some digging but have only a few notes on them."

The screen froze on Vegetto, his fist reeled back with a roar that was silenced from the pause.

"Vegetto. He was Chronoa's favored mortal, defeated a Demon God to save her crumbling city and became a legend amongst her Time Patrol. Reports indicate he was to be the new God of Time...but due to unspecified circumstances, he is not. Whis has been privately instructing him due to Chronoa's wishes."

The screen then transitioned to Gogeta, who was lunging underneath Vegetto's legs in a sweeping kick towards Whis'.

"Gogeta, a new addition to the Universe 7 Time Patrol. Lord Beerus trained him in a contest with Whis, hoping to make this Gogeta more powerful than Vegetto. However, their stories do not begin with the Time Patrol."

The attendant pulled up two images shortly after, both depicting Goku and Vegeta fusing together through the means of Potara and the Fusion Dance.

"Both of them are born from special magics binding two Saiyans together; one of whom, is the man who obtained Ultra Instinct and the other, the second strongest fighter in Universe 7. These two fusions have rarely appeared...but in each moment in Universe 7's history...important battles were instantly decided due to their vast strength in comparison."

Marcato sat back in his throne, carefully studying the still images that soon flooded the screen. Super Saiyan Gogeta easily defeating Janemba, Super Vegetto mockingly pummeling Majin Buu, and both fusions teaming up against Zamasu as Super Saiyan Blue.

"Whenever these two appeared in the original history...they outclassed every opponent they came across. We are not sure how they have become permanent alongside Goku and Vegeta, but it is without question-"

Marcato mused to himself.

"They are the strongest Universe 7 has to offer. Whis' secret weapons..."

He nodded down to the attendant, his eyes still narrowed.

"Anything else we can use against these two?"

The attendant nodded, the screen changing once more. Marcato raised an eyebrow, staring on at the sight of Kassava clad in a white dress and clinging tightly onto Vegetto's right arm, who was wearing a black suit.

"This happened just yesterday, sir. It would seem there is a strong bond between Kassava and this Vegetto."

Marcato's lips rose into a smirk, lowering his chin slightly.

"Ah...not even a month into the position...and already breaking the rules."

He sat upright in his seat, nodding to the attendant.

"Gather everything you can on these two, we'll need to plan this downfall accordingly. I want to move on these three in two months: that should be enough time to prepare for their downfall."

The attendant bowed his head, his voice timid.

"Umm...well...sir...that might be impossible."

Marcato frowned, his glare returning.

"What do you mean?"

The attendant merely reached down into his left coat pocket, digging around for a moment. Marcato rose out of his seat, raising an eyebrow and staring down at the ornate, golden scroll that the attendant presented with his arms raised above his head while he kneeled.

"There's been...an announcement."

Marcato snatched the scroll from the outstretched hands. Ringing out the parchment, Marcato stared down at the golden paper with narrowed eyes, which soon widened.

"The...Tournmanet of History?"

The attendant nodded.

"Lord Zeno's tournament was such a huge success...the Grand Priest decided he wished to hold one of his own. And because he was inspired by Chronoa's Time Patrol...he wants all twelve universes to gather a team of six fighters to compete against each other."

Maracto scoffed lightly, lightly tossing the orante scroll to the side and stepping back up towards his throne.

"More games...wonderful."

The attendant lifted his head slightly.

"Sir...there is rumor that the winner of the contest will be gifted with the Super Dragon Balls. Only this time, Super Shenron will be imbued with the power to grant any wish."

Marcato's eyes immediately widened.

"Any wish?"

The attendant nodded, prompting Marcato to break out into another sinister grin.

"That changes everything..."
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