DBX2: The Black Rose


Green Jacket
Sep 4, 2015

Retcon of DBX PW: Resurrection of Frieza


It was supposed to be a normal day job.

Wake up, investigate fluctuations in the time stream, patrol planets to make sure nothing happens, then go home. Maybe make a change here and there or scare off some basement sorcerers. But never anything dangerous: the Time Patrol cadets never handled the big missions, we left those to the big dogs. Conton City has enough egos, let those airheads fight it out for the Kai's approval.  

I only applied for that stupid assignment because my brother wouldn't stop begging me to try out with him. Face it as a team, he said. Make a real difference and all that crap.

Didn't count on them only wanting me. Or the Supreme Kai of Time prepared to brief me in person. Rumor has it she only briefs the Patrollers investigating the history of Earth. Saiyan monsters fighting against threats ready to wipe out the universe. Sheesh.

Only thing now is to hope it's nothing too big. My power level is only 7,000, doubtful they'll actually risk sending me into the history of Earth of all worlds.

I mean, I'm just a human? How bad could it be?


Prologue: Another Day at the Office
The busy city center of Canton was alive during the mid day, the mighty blue dragon staring down upon the floating city with its watchful gaze. Hundreds of warriors and citizens alike scurried about past the lone human woman walking heavily with her hands at her sides. Her blue and black Saiyan battle armor glinted in the sunlight, her scouter suddenly flaring up with a loud mechanical voice.​


"Yeah, yeah. I hear you."​

The woman grunted, tapping lightly on the large red button on the side of the scouter, the holographic images disappearing from the green screen in front of her eye. She let out a deep sigh, but stopped in her tracks at the sight of the Supreme Kai of Time standing in front of the large staircase where she was heading, her hands on her hips.​

"So you finally came! Great news, you've been hand chosen for that big mission you applied for! Congratulations!"​

The woman attempted to smile, her lips barely lifting and her tone falling mostly flat.​

"Thanks, I guess."​

The Supreme Kai of Time furrowed her brow.​

"Oh cheer up. The Supreme Kai of Time has graciously appeared to give you her best wishes. Don't you think you should be a bit more enthusiastic?"​

The woman narrowed her eyes.​

"I would be, if I actually wanted this assignment. I only volunteered because my brother wanted to help. If he didn't get the job, then I don't really want it."​

The Supreme Kai frowned in response.​

"Well I'm sorry, but your brother lacks the fighting potential to handle a mission of this caliber. Your Saiyan genes give you a much better edge out there."​

The woman scoffed.​

"I'm human, just like my brother."​

The Supreme Kai shook her head.​

"He may be, but you aren't. According the medical reports. Your body recovered exceptionally under their care, and upon further investigation, we discovered the reason for your power level increase after your recovery was in your Saiyan genes naturally boosting your strength from a near death experience."​

The woman pinched the bridge of her nose, the agitation building in her voice.​

"I fell off of my speeder and scraped my knee! How the hell is that 'near death'?"​

The Supreme Kai broke out into a smile once more.​

"I don't know, but what I do know is that your power level spiked from 2,000 to 6,000 in a single day! Humans don't just become powerful from injuries recovering, you know."​

The woman grunted in response, crossing her arms.​

"Can I see the old man now? The briefing said I needed to see both of you before heading out."​

The Supreme Kai of Time nodded, turning on her heel.​

"Sure thing, he's waiting for us at the Time Vault. Follow me."​

The two moved forward, heading up the long windy set of stairs in silence. The woman stared up, her mind latched onto the anxiety of beginning the mission.​

The Elder Kai and the Supreme Kai of Time, both putting time to brief me on this mission. Well....I suppose I can't pretend it's nothing anymore.

Upon arriving at the gate, the pair moved up towards the lone, hunched forward man standing with his arms crossed behind his back. His stern expression matched his voice, the old man raising a finger to wag at the two.​

"You're late! What in tarnation were you doing down there?!"​

The woman blinked.​

"You told us to meet you here at this time."​

The Elder Kai grunted.​

"Don't blame your failings on me, you little punk. You have to start being more punctual from here on out, understood!"​

"But I wasn't-"​

The Supreme Kai of Time shook her head, tugging on the woman's beltline.​

"It's not worth it."​

The Elder Kai held a fist to his throat, clearing it loudly.​

"Ahem! Now, listen up! You've been hand selected for a very special mission. It is a great honor: you will be the second Patroller to ever undertake its heavy burden."​

The woman's eyes immediately widened.​

"What?! Hey....woah woah. Just wait a minute-"​

"Your specific job is to travel to various points within history that are under attack. When a change occurs from usual villains looking to upset the flow of history, we need you to travel to the anomaly and take care of any historical change before it leaves a lasting effect on the Scroll of Eternity. As long as you stop any negative energies from affecting the timeline directly, we can patch up and restore the former history whenever you have removed the energy affecting the timeline."​

The woman nearly broke out into a heavy sigh of relief.​

"So...exactly what I've been doing-"​

"-on Earth."​

The woman shook her head frantically.​

"No no no, that's not what I signed up for. I am no where near strong enough to handle Earth's history, and you both know it."​

The Elder Kai rubbed his chin slightly, looking the woman up and down.​

"Hmmm, that may be true, Kassava. But there is a hidden potential within you that is yet to be brought out. Your first mission, however, will be one within your suited power level. Come, I'll show you what needs to be done."​

The woman known as Kassava let out another sigh in defeat, her shoulders slumping. ​

"Alright, lead the way."​

She kept her heavy frown, following after the two Kais into the brightly lit portal leading into the Time Nest.​

Kami....how am I going to get out of this?
Chapter 1: Clash of the Saiyans

 Age 761

The shining bright light slowly dissipated away, Kassava glancing around and tapping onto the scouter covering her left eye.

"Can you hear me?"

The Elder Kai's voice rung out in her ear, the Saiyan woman cringing slightly at the volume of his voice.

::.Loud and clear.::

"Maybe a little too loud."

Kassava fiddled with the machine for a few minutes, listening on silently as the Elder Kai continued.

::.Now, your objective is simple. Right now, Goku and Piccolo are fighting against Raditz, one of the last survivors of the original Saiyan inhabitants of Planet Vegeta. The nasty energy empowering him will undoubtedly change the course of history if left unchecked, so we need you to go in and deal with him.::

The Saiyan woman frowned slightly, turning her head towards the south.

"Wouldn't I already be changing history just from being here in the first place?"

The Elder Kai's frustrated tone came through the scouter in a near shout, Kassava breaking out into a small smirk at having got under his skin.

::.Don't you sass me! You already know we can't do anything here from the Time Nest until that negative energy has been dealt with. Just beat him to a pulp so we can make the necessary changes in the Scroll, then get back here. Sheesh, what's with this new generation constantly disrespecting their elders and-.::

Kassava stifled a small giggle, having already cut the Kai off with a small tap on her scouter before fully turning towards the surge of energy to the south.

"Well...here goes nothing."

Erupting into a small blue aura, Kassava bolted into the air towards the battle raging on in the open grassy plains.


Goku grunted, having flown across the ground for the powerful kick that had struck his back moments before. Nimbly pushing himself up, the Saiyan bolted straight up into the air before crashing into the ground. Raditz kept his stance with his back to Piccolo, his smirk having faded at the sight of Goku bolting upwards.

"He's persistent."

Holding his position in the air, Goku grit his teeth together, his arms clasped firmly together behind his back while floating nearly upside down.


The Saiyan roared, both palms openly shooting towards the ground and summoning a large beam of bright blue energy.


The beam rapidly closed in on Raditz, who stood with tense arms in preparing to send it back. His eyes widened however at the sight of Kassava suddenly teleporting into the beam's path, her own eyes wide as well before the beam made direct contact with her back and erupted into a massive explosion of smoke.

Goku blinked hard, his arms falling slightly limp while floating in mid air at the sight of Kassava slapping at her back, her face contorted in pain and anger.

"Ow ow ow! It burns!"

Raditz lowered his arms slightly, the confusion clear on his face while watching Kassava roll along the ground to put out the flames.


The Elder Kai groaned heavily, resting his forehead in his left hand with a heavy sigh.

"Of course she botches the entrance, the most important thing about being a Time Patroller."

The Supreme Kai of Time rolled her eyes at the statement, crossing her arms.

"Please Elder, you need to let the small things go. She isn't like our first defender, we'll need to mold her into a capable warrior."

The Elder Kai grunted back in response.

"Still, you could've at least picked someone who was a bit stronger among the ranks. For the life of me, I still don't understand why you choose someone with only a power level of seven thousand. She won't even make it to the fight with Vegeta before she's outclassed."

The Supreme Kai shrugged her shoulders.

"You don't know that, she is a Saiyan after all. Perhaps there's more to her than meets the eye, seeing as how he was the one who chose her specifically."

The Elder Kai scoffed.

"Well then, Trunks needs to stop thinking with his second head and focus on what's important!"

The Elder Kai then suddenly yelped, stumbling back from the impact of the Supreme Kai of Time's small hand slapping the back of his head.

"Stop being a perverted old man! Besides, I wasn't talking about Trunks. He didn't make the call."

The Elder Kai blinked, his eyes widening slightly.

"You mean..."

The Supreme Kai of Time nodded.

"He's never been wrong about these sort of things before...so we'll see just how it all plays out."


The smoke began to slowly blow away in the wind, Kassava having finally put out the flames along her back. She frowned, staring down at the mostly shattered and burnt armor covering her now slightly exposed back.

"Great...there goes my last armor piece for the year. Thanks alot!"

Her shout was at no one in particular, the woman fidgeting with the straps keeping the armor in place. Raditz furrowed his eyebrows, clenching his fists together as he watched Kassava's blue Saiyan armor crumple to the ground, now facing off against Raditz in only her sports bra and tights.

"And who are you supposed to be?"

Kassava blinked, having paid Raditz no attention and staring at the small number on her scouter.

That's strange....his power level is so low. And he's a Saiyan from Earth....surely he can't be this weak?

Her eyebrow raised, her tone questioning.

"Hey...my scouter might be broken a little bit here. Is your power level really only one thousand and five hundred?"

Raditz blinked once more, his voice a little shaken from the random questioning but his eyes narrowed in anger.

"What do you mean, 'only one thousand five hundred?'? You got some nerve trying to turn me into a joke!"

Kassava suddenly broke out into a huge grin, clenching her fists.

"Alright! This isn't as bad as I thought, let's wrap this up quick!"

Raditz's eyes went wide, his mouth hanging open. The sudden explosion of wind came from his stomach, the Saiyan rapidly keeling forward from the small fist buried into his armor. His head then whipped upward, rocking along the ground as Kassava exploded in a fury of punches and kicks. She let out a small roar at the end of her attacks, spinning around into a long roundhouse kick and sending the Saiyan invader flying backwards across the ground, kicking up dirt and rocks in his wake.


Goku's wide eyes took in the whole scene as he slowly floated down to the ground next to Piccolo, clutching his abdomen.

"Hey Piccolo...is she a friend of yours?"

Piccolo's eyes narrowed in response.

"I was about to ask you the same thing. She has that stupid grin on her face like yours...and she's too strong to be a normal human. I liked it better when there was only one of you on this planet. At least then, I only had one target to kill."

Goku shrugged his shoulders slightly, sitting down into the grass.

"Well...let's use the opportunity to recover our strength in case she needs us."


The smoke continued to billow up from the large crater left in the wake of Kassava's combo, the Saiyan woman having already landed at the edge and peering down into the hole. Her eyes locked onto Raditz as soon as he appeared out from behind a large boulder, battered and scratched as he pushed the heavy rock to the side. Kassava kept her grin, placing her hands on her hips.

"If you want to make things easy, you can just roll over and let me kill you here. Don't worry, this fight is going to be erased from the timeline and you won't remember a thing. So you won't have to explain anything if you feel embarrassed about it all."

Raditz snarled in response, the dirt slowly rising around him.

"Don't you mock me! You...you human scum!!"

The Saiyan erupted into a thunderous roar, a massive burst of wind exploding out in every direction around him. Kassava blinked, having blasted backwards from the sudden display and landing flat on her rear a few feet away from the crater. The scouter on her ear suddenly whirred to life again, the Elder Kai's voice coming in strong.

::.Well, now you've done it. You lost your chance, you should've just ended it there! But now he's going to power up with more of that negative energy, you'll have to actually start trying, and...::

He paused for a moment, Kassava having kept her attention on the glowing light shining from the inside of the crater.

::.Wait, this doesn't make any sense. The negative energy is usually dark and purple...why is there a bright light coming from that crater?::

Kassava slowly rose to her feet, dusting the dirt off her shoulders for a moment before the bright glare rising from the crater caught her attention. The scouter along her ear suddenly burst completely, the Saiyan woman cringing at the sharp pain from its combustion. Her eyes went wide, however, at the sight of the figure floating above the ground and facing towards her.

The golden aura surged violently around Raditz's body, his muscles having tensed. The rage in his now turquoise eyes continued to boil over, his long hair now a striking golden hue while his energy surged dramatically. The newly transformed Super Saiyan landed at the edge of the crater, never once taking his eyes off Kassava.

Kassava frowned heavily at the sight, clenching her fists together.

"I don't like the feel of this."
The Elder Kai rubbed his chin at the feed showing the newly transformed Raditz standing in front of Kassava, his tone flat.

"Seems Raditz has learned how to transform into a Super Saiyan. I don't know how this happened, but she doesn't stand a chance now. He's over fifty times stronger than before, well beyond her own power."

The Supreme Kai of Time's own panicked expression contrasted the Elder's, her hands running through the hair on her head.

"No no, this is bad! This wasn't supposed to happen, this is just a training mission! We can't pull her out in the middle of this, and we can't change Raditz back until the module has been fufilled! Who changed the parameters on this scoll?!"

"I did."

The Supreme Kai of Time blinked hard in response, whirling around at the sound of the familiar dual voice. Vegetto kept his eyes locked on the scroll in joining the Kais, watching the scene unfold.

"I made a few changes, amplifying Raditz's emotions enough to ascend and give her a better challenge."

The Supreme Kai of Time stared back at Vegetto with frown, her voice still rising.

"Give her a better challenge?! Raditz is going to slaughter her now, she's way too weak to fight him!"

The Elder Kai lifted his right hand in a pointing finger, his tone slightly mocking.

"Now now, you said he's never been wrong about these sorts of things before. We should see how it all plays out."

The Supreme Kai of Time stomped her boot into the floor, her balled up fists at her sides.

"Not like this! She has nothing to close that power gap at all!"

Vegetto's narrowed eyes remained locked on the scroll, having already folded his arms across his chest.

"Yes, she does. She knows the Kaio-ken."

The Supreme Kai of Time blinked.

"She knows...what?"

Vegetto's eyes turned away from the scroll towards the Kai.

"She knows the Kaio-ken. It's one of the reasons I selected her, she's been hiding a lot from us."

The Elder Kai rubbed his chin, his tone still flat.

"Even so, the Kaio-ken can only amplify her strength reliably so much. Raditz still has a massive power advantage over her, even if she now stands somewhat of a chance."

Vegetto nodded once.

"That's why I made the change. She's hidden that technique from all of us so far, let's see if she knows anything else."

The Supreme Kai of Time frowned back as well, her voice having grown softer in her concern.

"And what if that's it? What happens if she doesn't have anything else to use against Raditz?"

Vegetto's own lips pulled up into a small smirk.

"Then she'll have to follow his example. She'll have the push she needs."
Kassava cried out in pain, slamming hard into the ground face first from the force of the elbow to her back. Her body shook heavily as she attempted to push herself up, barely able to see the golden aura flowing off of Raditz's boots a few inches in front of her.

"So, what do you have to say now, trash? Still think you're better than me?"

Kassava huffed, collapsing to the ground again. Her voice came out weak, yet keeping an air of sarcasm.

"My offer...still...stands..."

Raditz's proud smirk immediately contorted into an expression of pure rage, the Saiyan roaring as he sent Kassava skyward with an upwards kick of his right foot. The Saiyan woman yelped, flipping up helplessly before rocketing back down towards the ground, Raditz having teleported into her flight path and connecting another knee to her back from above.

Goku grunted, watching on as Kassava collided into a nearby mountain, disappearing into a large plume of smoke billowing out from the rocks.

"C'mon Piccolo, we have to do something!"

Piccolo's eyes were wide, his mouth hanging open at the sight of the Super Saiyan hovering above.

"There's nothing we can do against that! We're way outclassed here Goku, he's too strong!"

Goku kept a strong glare, squatting down in preparation.

"That may be true, but we still have to try!"

Without waiting for a reply, he suddenly exploded forward into a white blue dash towards the hole in the rockside left from Kassava's impact. He disappeared into the darkness, looking around for a few moments.

"Hey! Are you still in here!"
Kassava lifted her right arm weakly from the piles of rocks she lay in, her voice weak.

Goku gasped at the sound of her voice, slowly descending down next to her in the dark corridor. He reached out, carefully helping Kassava sit upright in the rocks while resting on one knee. The Saiyan woman coughed heavily, her body littered with scratches and the top left strap on her sports bra having already been torn.

"Hey...you're Goku right?"

Goku blinked hard once again.

"Yeah...that's my name. How do you know that?"

Kassava shook her head.

"Just...listen. Can I borrow your weighted shirt and boots for awhile?"

Goku raised his eyebrow.

"Why? He's beating you up pretty good right now, they'd only hold you back."

Kassava shook her head once.

"Trust me...I have an idea that will make things work out better for me here. Just go get them quickly."

Goku lowered his eyebrow, narrowing his eyes in response.

"Alright, I'll be back soon. Hopefully he doesn't decide to attack in the mean time."

He then rose up into another dash, his white aura surging around him as he exited the hole in the mountain. Raditz stared down with narrowed eyes, having watched Goku enter and exit the mountainside.

What ever that scum is planning, she won't have the chance to see it come to fruition!

Raising both arms into the air, Raditz broke out into a crazed smirk, a large golden ball of energy forming at the ends of his palms.

"Time to die!"

Throwing both arms down, Raditz roared as two massive beams of golden energy shot down towards the mountain housing Kassava. The Super Saiyan gasped at the sight of a refined purple and orange beam barreling towards one of the golden beams, the swirling energy around it serving like a drill once it struck the golden energy head on. The blast, now thrown off course, collided into the second beam traveling with it and erupted into a massive explosion of smoke and fire a few feet from the mountain, covering the entire area in smoke.

Raditz watched on, the smoke suddenly billowing away in every direction from the source of the impact. With the majority of the mountainside having been blown away from the impact of the blast, Kassava was clearly visible standing upright in the rocks and rubble around her feet. She turned her head away from Raditz once Goku made his way back to her, facing towards him at the sound of his voice.

"Hey! Here you go!"

Kassava's lips rose into a warm smile, but the woman yelped and toppled forward after catching the shit and boots in her arms, smoke rising from the impact into the dirt.

"Kami...they really do weigh a whole ton!"

Goku frowned.

"It's only about a hundred and thirty pounds."

Kassava grunted, hoisting up the shirt while letting the boots sit upright on the ground. She quickly kicked off her light, Saiyan boots before slipping her smaller feet into the bigger, heavier boots and deftly tightening the string around the center to snug her ankle more.

Well...I guess that explains why the mighty Goku is losing to a random fighter at one thousand five hundred in this period of history. Still, even if they don't weigh tons, it should be heavy enough to make a difference.

With the heavy boots now tightly secured on her feet, Kassava struggled to lift the shirt up with both hands. Her arms shook as she slowly wrapped the weighted shirt around her entire right forearm, dropping it down to her side with her left arm still raised with a clenched fist.

Raditz broke out into a smirk, staring down at the woman.

"Really? That's your plan? You think just because you put more weight behind your hands and feet, you're actually going to damage me?"

Kassava nodded back in response.


Raditz chuckled, the golden aura shining brilliantly in the sunlight while he shook his head from side to side.

"Foolish trash...you could barely even lift those clothes up. How do you plan to hit me when you can't even swing your right arm now?"

Kassava's smirk rose, her high pitched voice thundering out.

"Times ten!"

Raditz's smirk vanished, watching on with wider eyes at the massive red explosion of energy shooting up from underneath Kassava's feet. The open ends of the boots apparently too large on Kassava's smaller legs and the weighted shirt covering her right arm billowed out in the violent red energy now surging around her body, Kassava's roar deepening as she easily lifted her right arm back to mirror her left.

"Kaio-ken Times Ten!"

Bolting up into a bright red stream of energy, Kassava's right fist shot forward. The fist covered in the weighted material struck the Super Saiyan's left cheek in seconds, Raditz's shocked expression still across his face as he blasted backwards from the force of the blow. Kassava dashed after the Saiyan, using her left arm to redirect him back towards the ground with a quick chop of her left hand after catching up. Raditz flipped forward from the force of the blow in a downwards spiral towards the ground, Kassava soon teleporting in the line of his flight path. She pulled her right fist back once more, her aura violently flaring in her charging as Raditz closed in towards her anchored position on the ground.

"Kaio-ken Times Twenty!"

Kassava swung her right first forward just as Raditz was about to strike the ground from a forty-five degree angle in front of her, catching the Super Saiyan with a devastating punch to his chest after throwing her entire weight forward into the punch. The explosion of air shook the ground violently, a small crater forming from the impact before Raditz blasted back along the ground and into the dirt below.

The Saiyan woman panted heavily, her arm soon dropping as she collapsed onto all fours on the ground. Her arms and legs both shook to keep her upright, having already flicked the weighted shirt off from her arm while the violently red aura dissipated from her body in seconds. She continued her labored breathing, her head still hung despite the sound of Goku rushing towards her side.

"Woah! That was amazing, how did you do that?!"

Kassava attempted to stifle her laughter, collapsing onto the dirt from the weakness it brought her.

"You'll learn...ow...soon enough."

She slowly recollected herself, managing to force her up into a sitting position while Goku knelt down next to her.

"Well I can sense his power fell dramatically after a hit like that. I don't know who you are, but I can't thank you enough for the assist!"

Kassava pushed up from the ground, ignoring Goku's gratitude as she struggled to walk forward. Trecking through the large half tunnel left from the impact of her strike, she slowly made her way to the end of the hole, coming out into the large crater. At the edge, Raditz's body laid stuck inside the dirt formation, having descended out of the Super Saiyan transformation and fallen unconscious.

Goku gasped, caught off guard by Kassava suddenly lifting her left arm and sending out a refined beam of blue energy from the tip of her pointer finger. The beam barreled directly into Raditz's forehead without a response from the unconscious Saiyan, the strike causing his body to fall completely limp shortly after.

"Hey! What was that for?!"

Kassava huffed, letting her arm fall to her side and her head turning to the open blue sky.

"Elder Kai! Get me out of here now!"

Goku and Piccolo both stared on in complete confusion once Kassava's entire body began to glow a bright white, the energy rising upwards in a spiral towards the sky and leaving the two as the only occupants out in the field.


The bright energy carrying Kassava dissipated away inside of the Time Nest, the woman nearly collapsing onto the table. Her weak expression soon morphed into the complete rage at the sight of the Elder Kai, her voice flaring up angrily.

"What the hell?! Why didn't you tell me he could transform?!"

The Elder Kai held an emotionless expression, Kassava blinking at the sound of a dual voice ringing out behind her to answer the questions.

"The same reason you didn't tell him that you knew the Kaio-ken technique."

Kassava turned around completely to face towards Vegetto, who stared back at her with a strong glare. She instinctively lowered her head at the sound of his strong, scolding voice, her eyes staring around at various spots on the floor while he spoke.

"Did you really think those times you snuck into the Vault with your brother went unnoticed? I don't exactly know how you managed to figure out how to manipulate the scrolls, but to go as far as replacing Kakarot on North Kai's world to learn stronger techniques and actually recorrecting the timeline before any of us could see what you did is a blatant abuse of power as a Time Patroller."

The Supreme Kai of Time and Elder Kai both stared on incredulously, having been caught off guard by the revelation. Kassava kept her head hung, nearly twiddling her thumbs together with her voice coming out timid.

"I just...wanted to make my job easier. And well...that technique looked really effective so I wanted to learn it."

Vegetto's strong glare remained unchanged.

"Your careless and rookie repairing of the scroll's history nearly caused a level of distortion that could've destroyed the timeline itself."

Kassava narrowed her eyes slightly, her tone questioning when she spoke next after lifting her head up slightly.

"Then...why didn't you stop me? If you knew what was going on?"

Vegetto remained silent for a moment in response, his strong glare analyzing Kassava intensely. However, the fusion's lips rose into a small smirk before he spoke next.

"You always did catch on quickly. I made sure it didn't cause any damage, because I wanted to see what you would do with that newfound power. Your strength nearly matched Kakarot's after that adventure, and you began wasting your talent hiding from the more important missions to scrape together an easy life taking care of the small nuisances in time. Never worried now that you had the power to contend with any possible threat at that level."

He unfolded his arms.

"So when I saw you and your brother apply together for the special mission, I could hardly believe it. The lazy slacker had finally come to test herself and utilize that potential to do some real good. What made you change your mind?"

Kassava glanced away, her eyes narrowing at the scroll.

"Nothing, my brother wanted to do it. So I applied with him."

"Yet, you never told him about your secret trip into time."

Vegetto's eyebrow raised.

"Just like you never told him that you were a Saiyan too?"

Kassava's head turned back to Vegetto, her voice rising.

"For the last time, I'm not a Saiyan! I'm human, just like he is!"

Vegetto let out a small scoff.

"There are a lot of things you don't know about yourself, Kassava. I suppose denying your heritage can be something you cling to for a little longer. In any case, you doubted yourself before coming here, and ended up succeeding in stopping a threat most elites would've had trouble putting down. That was also pretty clever of you, using Goku's weighted clothing to enhance your strikes. Giving the Kaio-ken a larger base to multiply with the extra weight around your strong arm and feet. Ingenious actually, well done."

Kassava's expression softened, watching the Potara fusion turn on his heel.

"I look forward to seeing your progress out there on the real battlefield. Welcome to the team."

Without waiting for a reply, Vegetto soon disappeared through the nearby corridor leading out of the Time Vault, Kassava then turning her head towards the Supreme Kai.

"Was that...really him?"

The Elder Kai chuckled in response, walking towards the staircase.

"A little unnerving, being in the presence of a legend like that isn't it? Especially when he scolds you, hmm?"

Kassava rubbed the back of her head, her voice weaker.

"I didn't...think he'd take any interest in my training."

The Supreme Kai of Time broke out into a warm smile, her hands on her hips.

"Well, he's never been wrong about our recruits so far. He believes you have hidden potential that can really blossom into something amazing, and after seeing you out there in the training mission, I agree with that assessment."

Kassava's expression contorted into anger once more.

"Training mission?! You mean that wasn't even a real change in history?!"

The Elder Kai shook his head.

"No, although Raditz transforming into a Super Saiyan was also not part of the module originally. Vegetto changed the parameters of the scenario, believing you could handle it."

Kassava grunted.

"So he was trying to kill me."

The Supreme Kai frowned.

"No, he was testing you. You were never in any real danger, but you're going to need to get over the safety net you're always fond of creating for yourself eventually."

Kassava snarled back in response, turning towards the exit of the Vault.

"What I do for myself is my own business! I didn't ask for all of this, my brother did! From now on, if you want something special done, you go to him! I'm out!"

The woman hobbled her way out of the Vault, leaving the two Kais behind. Both stood side by side for a moment, the Elder Kai speaking up first.

"I can see why he choose her. It also doesn't hurt that she also has a good physique too."

The Elder Kai yelped again, stumbling forward from the smack along the back of his head.

"He doesn't choose valuable operatives on perverted fantasies like you, old man!"

The Supreme Kai of Time softened in her expression rubbing her chin.

"But...do you think she'll be back? Vegetto was so certain she'd see things through...but she was pretty upset there."

The Elder Kai continued to rub his head, standing more upright.

"Give her some time. She just needs to have some space after all this, I'm sure she'll be back when we call on her to continue her training."
Chapter 2: The Hero In All of Us


"All done!"

Kassava turned her head up at the sound of the man's voice, yet still slouching forward on the small medical bed she sat on. She let out a low groan, shielding her eyes at the sudden glare of the lights turning on above her head within the small, white room. The lone humanoid creature standing in front of her looked over the Saiyan as she hopped down onto the ground, landing lightly on her two bare feet. She rolled her neck around a few times, cringing at the stiffness while making sure her black spandex was still covering her body. The doctor moved forward, his arms crossing behind his back.

"The Supreme Kai of Time told me about what happened, your heart nearly burst from the amount of stress you placed on your body using the Kaio-ken at that level."

Kassava raised an eyebrow, huffing.

"But how? Goku only used it for a single energy blast and didn't look like he was that strained."

The doctor chuckled to himself, shaking his head once.

"You haven't seen much of his history, have you? Goku is one of the most reckless and destructive fighters there is. You should've seen him at his last tournament: the man nearly killed himself using that very technique just to last a little longer against his opponent."

Kassava stared back at the doctor in silence, watching him continue with a sigh.

"But I suppose that's something you Saiyans all share in common. You'll do anything to win a fight."

The woman narrowed her eyes.

"For the last time, I'm not a Saiyan."

The doctor shrugged his shoulders once.

"Right, tell that to your Saiyan cells. Speaking of which, after you finished your soak in the healing pod, your power level rose significantly higher to around twenty thousand."

Kassava grunted, glancing down while the doctor continued.

"Your body is full healed, but don't go pulling another stunt like that again. One slip up a little more potent than that one, and you'd be gone forever."

The woman rolled her eyes, turning towards the door.

"Alright doctor, I get it. Let me just get my clothes so I can leave."

The doctor nodded, pointing towards the table to her right.

"The Supreme Kai left some new robes for you to wear, since your armor was destroyed. She wanted you to think of it as a welcome present to the team."

Kassava broke out into a sarcastic chuckle, shaking her head.

"Consider the thought failing to come true, but I'll keep the clothes. I already told her I'm not interested anymore."

The doctor nodded.

"Yes yes, I'm well aware. I'm not really interested in your squabble, all I care is that you remember that even I have limits to what I can fix."

Kassava nodded once, slinging the small pile of clothes over her shoulder carelessly.

"Right...thanks again doctor."

The woman slowly strode out the main doorway, the doctor scratching his head at the sight of her departure.

"Is she really going to walk all the way back without changing?"


The light breeze within the Time Nest's open courtyard ruffled Vegetto's long bundle of spikes slightly, the fusion having stood silently at the edge of the pond. His eyes remained narrowed, his head firmly locked in place before speaking out.

"You wanted to meet?"

The figure moved slowly to the fusion's side, clutching onto his staff lightly. The taller man kept a warm smile, his voice soft yet firm in dialect.

"I trust all is well with the flow of time?"

Vegetto turned his head finally, meeting the eyes of the figure who towered over him.

"There are always small issues, one that require stronger Patrollers every now and again. But there hasn't been anything as large scale as Demigra since his attempt to seize control."

The figure nodded his head, his long hair firmly pointed upward despite the small bending motion.

"I see. I also take it you were observing the incident with Trunks' timeline?"

Vegetto raised an eyebrow.

"Which one? Ours or yours?"

The figure remained still.

"Ours, if it matters. If you had been watching the timelines closely, you should've noticed a potential disaster unfolding regardless of which one it originated from. One involving a certain Kaioshin from another universe?"

Vegetto lowered his eyebrow, his expression firm.

"Whis, you know we're not allowed to interfere with the other universes. They have their own Time Patrols to take care of their problems."

Whis kept a small smile, nodding towards the Vault.

"Yet neither of your Patrols seemed to intervene when a time travelling immortal god nearly wiped out all mortal existence, as well as killing all known gods within their respective universes. The Supreme Kai of Time could face serious punishment from Lord Beerus for the lack of action on your end."

Vegetto slowly crossed his arms, eyeing Whis with a heavy frown for a moment. His eyes narrowed slightly once more, his dual voice firm.

"I assume your lecture means more than a simple scolding, Whis. What is it that you want?"

Whis' smile rose slightly, his voice still warm.

"Quite simple, actually. You see, the business involving that Kaioshin, Zamasu, is not yet finished. One of Lord Beerus' strategies in saving Trunks' timeline was destroying Zamasu in the current history, an event you are welcome to look over. However, in doing so, Beerus' status as a god exterminating another god created a new timeline where Zamasu was not destroyed. A timeline where he is destined to become immortal."

Vegetto remained silent, watching over Whis as he continued.

"If you wish to avoid incurring the wrath of Beerus, or perhaps, someone even worse, then I will need you to seal up that timeline. To prevent Zamasu from becoming a threat to other timelines."

The fusion let out a small humored grunt, his smirk returning.

"Is that all? It should take the Kai no more than a few minutes to seal that new timeline, we'll have it taken care of shortly."

Whis shook his head once.

"I'm afraid it won't be that simple, Zamasu being immortal and potentially existing outside of time's influence could cause deeper problems for your Patrol. I will need you to accompany me to the future, to warn Lord Beerus about Zamasu's plan before he disappears. To prevent this history from creating another timeline, we will need you to destroy Zamasu in Lord Beerus' place but you will need our combined power to defeat him. With his destruction, the threat will end."

Vegetto frowned slightly, folding his arms.

"What makes you think I need your help? I'm fairly certain I can handle a Kaioshin, even if he is immortal."

Whis chuckled.

"He was strong enough to contend with you, when Goku and Vegeta had to join bodies in order to match his power."

Vegetto's eyes widened.

"They actually fused? And this...Zamasu was strong enough to fight with me? At my maximum power?"

Whis nodded once, Vegetto's own lips rising into a genuine smile and prompting Whis to hold a stern expression.

"Now before you get excited about combat, remember that this is an important mission in history. The Omni King himself has already destroyed an entire universe to purge Zamasu from history's first encounter with him: fail to contain him here, and he may just decide to purge every universe, in every timeline."

Vegetto's smile disappeared, nodding once.

"Alright then, let's go take care of it now. The new Scroll should be in our archives now."


"I'm home!"

The small click of the door came after Kassava's call, the woman having let out a relieved sigh after shutting it completely. She lazily shuffled her feet forward, content with her newfound safety and privacy, nearing a white sofa alone in the living room. Kassava freefell forward once she reached the edge, barely moving her arms as she faceplanted into the soft cushions of the sofa, her legs kicked up in the air from the arm rest. She didn't raise her head at the sound of another voice in the room, laying in her awkward position while the amused tone rung out.

"Long day?"

An inaudible grunt muffled by the cushions came from around where Kassava's head lay, the man crossing his arms on the top of the sofa and glancing down at her.

"That's a first for you. Usually you're the first one back, happily bored with all of your assignments."

Kassava rolled over at the comment, laying face up with her eyes locking onto the smiling man.

"It wasn't hard or anything. Just had a bunch of stuff to do."

The man let out a small scoff.

"C'mon Kass, you've always been a terrible liar. I didn't even ask if it was hard or not, and I know how you always talk about what you want to cover up when no one even asks."

Kassava frowned, watching the man suddenly whip around the side of the sofa and to the edge, sitting upright on the small coffee table on the opposite. His black eyes beamed along with his sudden, huge grin, eagerly gripping onto the table.

"It was that special mission, wasn't it? They picked you, didn't they?!"

Kassava's own eyes widened as well, slightly narrowing in her quick defense.

"No! Not at all!"

The man paused, rolling his eyes in an exaggerated motion before continuing.

"Oh c'mon Kass, it's the talk of Canton City. Everyone saw the Supreme Kai of Time herself greet you at the entrance to the Nest; and everyone knew she was making a selection today! tell me what happened! How did it go? Was it dangerous?!"

Kassava fidgetted uneasily, the man's nose nearly touching her nose as he kept inching closer, his voice growing in excitment.

"Did you go to Earth? Did you get to see Goku?"

His eyes widened to the brim, poking into her face and nearly breaking out into a shout.

"Did you get to meet Vegetto?!"

Kassava snorted, lightly pushing the man back.

"No no, and no. Jeez Gen, calm down. Nothing happened, all she wanted was to see if I could handle the task or not."

Genn pulled back slightly, watching Kassava turn her head to the ceiling with a content smile.

"After a little test on a mission no where near Earth, they said I was too weak. So they let me go, and I came back here after the doctor patched me up again."

The man reached up, scratching the back of his head covered in short spiked bundles.

"Well I guess you really weren't cut out for it after all."

Kassava nodded, shutting her eyes and relaxing her head into her palms, now clasped behind her head on the sofa cushion.

"Yep, exactly."

Genn broke out into a warm smile, shaking his head.

"You're really the worst liar ever Kass."

Kassava opened her right eye, her smile fading completely while Genn rose up to his feet.

"Hey, so I forgot to mention that I didn't have enough time to go shopping earlier today and we kind of used up what's rest of what's in the fridge at your little house party last night. So for starters-"

Kassava yelped, awkwardly rolling in the couch slightly from the shock of a sudden paper envelope slapping her chest from Genn's hand, the man chuckle as he let it fall ontop of her.

"You now have to clean the streets of Canton City Square, per the orders of Ms. Scary Landlord and approved by the Supreme Kai of Time herself for the 'loud, obnoxious tomfoolery' of said party."

Kassava grunted, tossing the paper envelope over the side of the sofa.

"I'll get to that whenever she decides to actually give me these things herself instead of going through you."

Genn frowned.

"The last time she tried, you punched her in the...well...tentacle nose thing she had. So she sends everything to me now."

Kassava snorted.

"Cause you're a pushover."

"No, because I can be reasonable. There were thirty seven complaints about your noise level last night, Kass. Thirty seven!"

Kassava broke out into a proud grin, sitting upright at the edge of the sofa towards Genn.

"But there were forty five happy citizens, enjoying themselves at a fun gathering of friends!"

Her tone shifted, scrunching her face and wagging one finger at Genn with a mocking tone.

"You really need to start looking at things more positively, Genn."

Genn chuckled, slapping at Kassava's hand and the two breaking out into a shared laugh.

"Alright alright, I get it. I'll tell you what though, let's make a deal."

Kassava dropped her arms, her elbows resting on her knees while she let her chin rest into her open palms with a exaggeratedly concerned expression while Genn spoke.

"If you promise to hold off on your next little party all the way until next year, after Christmas, I'll help you with the cleaning you have to do in a week when they send some strong enforcers back to the apartment again. Just so you can procrastinate like you always do on the little things."

Kassava frowned.

"But I have so many plans! I even got you this great sweater that itches just right along the chest."

Genn twitched a little.

"Ok ok, how about if I take you out to dinner tonight."

"It's even got a picture of Rudolph stitched on the front with a glowing nose that really burns right where the cotton scratches at you."

"OK! I'll even pay for it!"

Kassava narrowed her eyes with a triumphant smirk.

"And I can choose anywhere to eat?"

Genn nodded rapidly.

"Yes yes, just....don't make me wear any itchy sweaters ok?"

Kassava's smirk rose into a full happy grin, rising up off the sofa and tugging at Genn's arm as she hurried towards the door.

"Ok, I'll have mercy on you this year little brother. They just opened up this really fancy sushi parlor in the Square, we gotta hurry if we want to make it before it closes!"


Age 780, Universe 10

The bright atmosphere of the Kaioshin world matched perfectly with the fading white glow, three new figures standing in the open grassy fields. A lone temple baring the mark of the Kaioshins stood a few miles away from where the three had arrived, Vegetto turning his head towards Whis.

"Everything make sense to you now?"

Whis nodded once.

"The past me was clear enough. While lacking evidence, I suppose it does not matter if the Time Patrol from Universe 7 is involved in this whole situation."

Beerus narrowed his eyes as well, moving forward and leading the group in their casual stride towards the temple.

"Indeed, I was under the impression your jurisdiction ended outside of Universe 7, regardless of the timelines opened."

Vegetto followed closely behind Beerus, his eyes narrowed.

"Zamasu's threat to existence was born from the carelessness of Kakarot's desire to fight. He would've become a small annoyance eventually with his attitude, but from the Scrolls I've studied, he manages to gain immortality and a powerful body solely from seeing your tournament and experiencing Kakarot's power for himself in a sparring match."

Beerus frowned.

"That idiot. I'm beginning to think giving him the opportunity to become a god has been a giant mistake, his reckless effect on others is causing too many problems."

Vegetto scoffed.

"He's done more to protect the Supreme Kai your life is tied to then you have. Be grateful we decided to even intervene in saving your life."

Beerus's lips rose into a small smirk, his eyes turning towards Vegetto.

"My, how the Time Patrol has grown arrogant in their defenders. The last time I remember fighting one, he was too weak to even match a portion of my power." 

Vegetto's smirk rose.

"It's been a long time, Lord Beerus. I'm sure if we had a rematch, you'd be in for a surprise."

Beerus turned his eyes away from the fusion, coming to a halt at the entrance of the temple.

"Perhaps you will have your chance against the present me, once our business here has concluded. This entire timeline shouldn't even exist, so it is best we remove Zamasu quickly and seal it off before any more crimes are committed."


Kassava stared down onto the small plate, full of delicately crafted sushi mounds. She kept a concerned expression, lost in her thought as she began to push the full plate near the seven empty ones hastily stacked on top of each other. Genn rested comfortably in his wooden seat across from Kassava, the two sitting together in an open terrace overlooking the Canton City Square. He turned his attention away from the never ending bustle of the city square, raising an eyebrow at the sight of Kassava.

"Don't want to finish your eighth round? Finally decided to have mercy on my zeni?"

Kassava kept her head down, her voice coming out timid.

"Do you think Mom and Dad were...you know...human?"

Genn chuckled.

"Oh no, they were Saiyans."

Kassava's head shot up.


Genn scratched the back of his head uneasily, an awkward chuckle escaping his lips.

"Yeah...haha...I was meaning to bring it up with you. The doctors were patching me up the other day, and they noticed how my cells had natural Saiyan properties to them. Combined with my power level rising slightly from the damage I received out on a patrol, they discovered I was completely full blooded. Your eating habits and unnaturally strong power level above mine began to make more sense after that, but I didn't want to scare you with the news."

Kassava lifted her upper body up, letting out a deep sigh in contentment and relaxing back into her chair.

"Oh thank Kami, that's a relief. The doctors told me the same thing, and I thought I was just an orphan cause well..."

She paused, uneasily meeting Genn's eyes and twiddling her two pointer fingers together.

"You weren't quite as...strong as me."

Genn kept a warm smile, waving her off.

"Don't worry about it Kass, it doesn't bother me. I've had a few near death experiences, but I suppose my Saiyan genes don't really give me much of a power increase. I've already been told enough that I'll never truly be powerful...since I never really improve and always find myself stuck at the same limit..."

His warm smile rose into a strong grin.

"But that's why I have you! A big sister always there, ready to beat people up for me! My own personal enforcer, even if she's too lazy to be anything else."

Kassava giggled meekly, her head lowering again.

"Yeah...well, maybe if anything else mattered as much as protecting you."

Genn blinked, mockingly gasping and pressing only the tips of his fingers onto his chest in a regal manner.

"Kami, a non sarcastic show of affection from Kass? This has never happened before."

"Not to say there aren't possibly more important jobs out there. Who knows, maybe the neighbor might need their dog walked or the cute boy across the hall might need a back massage."

Genn scoffed back in response, slightly rolling his eyes.

"I should've known better. Can't ever let me win, huh?"

Kassava grinned.

"Course not, the little brother never wins against the mighty older sister! Bow before my power, peasant!"

Genn chuckled back in response, shaking his head once.

"Yeah yeah, I get it."

The small breeze still managed to slightly ruffle both of their short, black spiked hair. Kassava grunted, reaching up to fix the small spike that dropped down in front of her eyes while Genn turned his attention back to the Square.

"Hey Kass, can we see the statue again tonight?"

Kassava frowned back in response, the excitement in her expression having completely vanished.

"That wasn't part of the deal."

Genn smiled back, turning to face her again.

"Yeah I know, but I want to see it again. I didn't get a chance this morning with being late and all from the cleaning, so I'd really like to see it before we head home."

Kassava grunted.

"You're not gonna spend a whole hour looking at it again, are you?"

Genn shrugged once.

"Well...maybe, maybe not. You don't have to come if it really bores you."

Kassava sighed.

"I guess we can stop by for a little bit."

Genn broke out into a smirk, raising an eyebrow once again.

"By the way, I never did ask why you always hang around with me at the statue if it bores you so much."

Kassava's cheeks went red slightly, shrugging her shoulders once.

"Well I know how much it means to you, and it's always nice to see you really happy."

She then quickly shook her head.

"Not that well....I mean..."


Genn grinned from ear to ear, rising up to his feet out of the chair.

"At long last, victory is mine! I finally stumped you into making a real affectionate comment! You can't deny your love for me, peasant!"

Kassava snarled, bolting after Genn who yelped at the sudden blast of yellow energy whizzing past his left shoulder, the two sprinting out of the plaza of the restaurant as onlookers watched.

"How do you like this affection?!"


The Kaioshin Gowasu rubbed his chin for a moment, standing in front of the single tea table in the familiar open plaza in front of the three arrivals.

"Zamasu? Surely, you must be mistaken."

Vegetto kept his eyes narrowed.

"We are not. Multiple versions of your apprentice have surfaced throughout time, and have dealt considerable damage that invoked the wrath of the Omni King himself. The threat he now poses to existence itself must be stopped, and with this timeline having been created from Beerus' destruction of him in the present, I am here to seal his fate in history and put an end to it all."

Gowasu kept a frown, his voice weakening.

"I don't understand, he isn't a threat to the timelines. My apprentice, no matter how strong he may become, can not circumvent the laws of time itself. How can the Supreme Kai of Time not have influence over him?"

Vegetto kept a frown.

"Because in this timeline, he eventually gains the ability to become immortal. The Supreme Kai's magic can not affect him with those properties bestowed onto his being in a point of history by the Super Dragon Balls, and if he is slain at an earlier point in history by anyone without the binding magic of the Time Patrol, new timelines will simply continue to open up at each destruction. If he is not destroyed here and now by my hand, there is a potential of him eventually existing beyond this universe. The threat of his influence across not only multiple universes but even multiple timelines creates a need to circumvent your own desire for proof in his destruction."

Gowasu kept his frown, glancing down.

"I see, but even with my acceptance of his fate, I still can not help you."

Vegetto's narrowed eyes widened slightly, the agitation rising in his dual voice.

"Why not?"

The Kaioshin meekly glanced over his shoulder.

"I have not felt his presence around the temple for some time, he left on an errand a week ago and has not returned."

Vegetto blinked, quickly reaching up to his right ear and tapping on the earpiece.

"Whis, did you hear that?"

::Yes. Odd, the Scroll originally showed Zamasu pushing a cart of tea into the plaza at this exact moment. Yet he has not arrived.::

Vegetto kept his eyes turned towards the earpiece.

"Then where is he?"

::Gowasu is correct; Zamasu is currently no where to be found on the planet. In fact...it appears he has disappeared from the universe completely. We've searched through the entire new Scroll's timeline, we can't find a single trace of his existence at any point in history.::

The fusion's eyes widened again, dropping his arm.

"It seems we are wasting our time here."

Beerus' narrowed eyes turned to Vegetto.

"Is he missing?"

Vegetto nodded once.

"Yes...the Whis from our timeline apparently can not locate him in the Scroll."

::Vegetto, this is the Supreme Kai of Time. My magic can now affect the Scroll: it seems we were too late in handling Zamasu in this universe. The timeline is becoming unstable now, I'm keeping it together briefly, but the fabric of reality binding it together will  eventually be destroyed from this level of change Zamasu's missing history has caused. I'm pulling you out now and sealing this scroll.:

Vegetto blinked, barely able to react as the bright white glow began to engulf his body, soon fading away to leave the three standing in shock together in the quiet plaza.


Kassava shivered slightly, rubbing her covered arms amidst the cold breeze as she stood a few meters away from Genn. Nightfall had already descended on the city, the normally busy square having finally slowed down to the small traffic of the night shift Patrollers that wandered from their posts to new openings. Genn's calm and relaxed stance completely contrasted Kassava's shivering, the woman soon making her way to Genn's left side.

"Hey, can I have your jacket? Mine's too thin for this breeze."

Genn shook his head slightly, having been pulled from his trance back into reality before shuffling his own coat off his shoulders.

"Oh yeah, sure."

Kassava watched him warily in taking his coat, comfortably slinging it around her shoulders before turning her attention back up towards the grey statue. Standing in the middle of the square two hundred feet tall, the stone momentum managed to hold incredible detail of its captured subject, Vegetto. The statue of the Potara Fusion stood with his arms crossed, a confident smirk across his face as he looked out to the west of Canton City.

Kassava playfully bumped into her brother's shoulder, her tone growing soft.

"You know, I always wondered why you came out to see this statue everyday. It's the one part of your routine that never changes: you always fit it in over everything else."

Genn kept a smile.

"Well, to be honest, it helps me remember why I signed up for all of this. You know, why I keep waking up for those missions every single day and risking my life for people I've never met before."

Kassava smirked.

"So you can propose to him when he finally notices your hard work?"

Her tone rose in a mockingly high pitched voice, rubbing along Genn's chest lightly with her fingers.

"Oh Vegetto-sama! You're so strong and brave! Please love me with all your heart!"

Genn chuckled, using his shoulder to lightly push Kassava back.

"C'mon Kass, I'm being serious here."

He turned his head back towards her, raising an eyebrow.

"Do you even know what he did that made him a legend around here?"

Kassava shrugged her shoulders, glancing back to the side.

"Not really, all I know is that he saved the city once and is possibly stronger than the gods themselves."

Genn chuckled.

"Well, you're not wrong. But there's more to it than that."

Kassava glanced up, staring back at Genn as he turned towards the statue looming over the two.

"He was brought to the Time Nest by a wish from Shenron, his very existence being nothing but just the memories of the two strongest Saiyans in history. He had nothing to fight for, nothing to call his own, and still managed to devote himself to a cause that was bigger than himself."

Kassava rolled her eyes slightly.

"Yeah yeah, I remember you saying this before. A true role model for sure."

Genn kept his head turned forward.

"Well, then you know why I come out here every day then, Kass. It's a reminder to me, that you can still be a nobody and make a real difference. To stop destructive plots against more innocent lives than we can imagine, and really change the horrible fates some people have to endure from evil beings that meddle with time. He saved all of reality from a horrible threat that nearly destroyed the Time Nest, all for the people he doesn't even know. And he didn't do it for glory, for money, or other selfish reasons. He did it because he wanted to save everyone."

Kassava glanced down during Genn's statement, diving her hands into her pockets.

While I've only been interested in making things easier for myself...

The two stood in silence for a minute, both looking in opposite directions in Genn's hopeful stare upwards at the towering statue while Kassava stared down towards the ground solemnly. Her head slowly lifted, her expression beaming slightly in the inspiration in her mind before she quietly spoke.

"Hey Genn. I...uh...have an idea."

Genn blinked back in response.

"An idea? About what?"

Kassava's voice continued to weakly come out, twiddling her fingers beneath the two coats covering her smaller frame.

"Heh...well...you remember how I said they thought I was too weak for that special mission?"

Genn's smirk returned across his face.

"Yes, I remember."

Kassava giggled uneasily, scratching the back of her head.

"I may have...well...lied about that."

"Yes, I'm aware."

Kassava suddenly huffed, crossing her arms.

"Well if you're going to tease me about it, maybe I won't tell you what's on my mind."

Genn kept his smirk, nudging her slightly on her arm and her cheeks reddening slightly.

"You know I can tell when you're being serious, Kass. I already know you're not going to let this go even if I do tease you."

Kassava grunted.

"Maybe I will! There's always a first for everything!"

Genn nodded once.

"Alright, fair enough. I promise I won't tease you if you tell me what's on your mind."

Kassava dropped her crossed arms back to her side.

"Ok...well I lied, I was actually strong enough for them to care about my training. And guess who showed up to congratulate me on a successful training mission?"

Genn's eyes immediately widened, having fully turned to face towards Kassava with an ecstatic grin.

"No way!"

Kassava nodded once, holding her chin high with a confident smirk.

"That's right, Vegetto is looking over my training personally and helping me get stronger to take on the special mission."

Genn squealed in response, throwing his arms forward and tightly squeezing onto Kassava, who desperately choked for air in the bear hug.

"That's great news Kass! I knew you could do it!"

Kassava yelped, quickly breaking out of the hug with a pained smile.

"Hey stupid, I haven't told you the best part yet!"

She brushed her shoulders off slightly, Genn eagerly waiting for her word before speaking again.

"Because he's looking into my training so closely, it means I can meet up with him at the Time Nest whenever I choose."


Kassava nodded once.

"Whenever. So if you want to tag along, maybe I can introduce you and-"

"Oh please please please please please!"

Kassava blinked, caught offguard at her brother now tightly clinging onto her ankles. The woman stared down in shock for a moment, before suddenly breaking out into her triumphant smirk.

"Fine, but on a few conditions."

Genn turned his head up, staring back at her questioningly as she grinned down at him.

"Who's the best sister in the world?"

Genn grinned.

"You are!"

"Who's going to always help his sister with community service whenever she gets in trouble from now on?"

"You ar..I mean....I am!"

Kassava giggled in response.

"Alright, last one. Say thank you."

Genn bolted up from the floor, tightly pulling Kassava into another bear hug.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Kassava hacked heavily, desperately sucking at the air before breaking out of Genn's grasp, dusting her shoulders off once again.

"Alright c'mon. I'm sure he's at the Time Nest now, you can meet him before we go home for the night."
Chapter 3: Promises to Keep


 The illuminating glow barely faded from Vegetto's figure, having returned to the Time Nest and moving forward towards the four figures standing in front of him.

"You couldn't find him anywhere in the Scroll."

Whis nodded once.

"Correct. Zamasu's entire history has been removed from this timeline, as if he never existed."

Vegetto rubbed his chin, glancing down.

"Did you detect any magical tampering?"

Whis kept a flat tone.


Vegetto turned his eyes up at the answer, frowning.

"People don't just disappear from history, Whis. There must be something we can work off of."

Whis' gaze turned towards the Supreme Kai of Time.

"My capability to detect these distortions in history is limited. But I'm sure your Kai of Time is more than able of figuring out what happened if she takes a closer look."

The Supreme Kai of Time frowned as well, her voice panicked.

"That's the problem: I picked up a small energy signature from the Scroll that happened before you arrived in the timeline, Vegetto. It was the same energy signature that was behind the changes in the Scroll before Demigra appeared."

Vegetto's eyes narrowed into a glare.


Whis let out a small sigh.

"Well, at least it is a starting point. Do you know the whereabouts of this Towa?"

Vegetto kept a frown.

"No, she is one of the only beings in this universe capable of existing outside of time thanks to her magical proficiency. She is from the Demon Realm, where she somehow managed to avoid being sealed away with the other dark magicians that could distort time. If she's the one behind this, then it's clear she's trying to break the seal binding the rest of her kind and unleash chaos in the universe."

The Supreme Kai of Time dipped her head slightly.

"But why would she save Zamasu of all people? She is still a mortal, and Zamasu still believes he fights for something righteous even if he's wrong. He would never work with a mortal in the first place, let alone one who actually wants to unleash chaos."

Vegetto turned his attention towards the Supreme Kai of Time.

"Even if Zamasu turns on her, we still have him to worry about. It would be easier to track him if he were to go rogue, but with her activity here, we must prepare for the worst. Call Trunks off of his patrol in the western galaxy; we'll need everyone here for what comes next."

The Elder Kai fidgeted slightly.


Vegetto nodded his head once, the earrings lightly flapping around near his neck.

"Yes, even Kassava. We'll need her to be ready to fight soon."

The Elder Kai chuckled uneasily, rubbing the back of his head.

"About that...we had a small...well....incident earlier with Kassava. She...ummm..."

Vegetto raised an eyebrow in anticipation of the Elder Kai's explanation, only for his attention to divert to the pair of footsteps ringing out from the entrance of the Time Nest. Both Kai's blinked in shocked confusion with wide eyes, contrasting Vegetto's warm smirk upon seeing Kassava and Genn both walk steadily up towards the gathered group.

"Ah, Kassava. We were just talking about yo-"


Vegetto blinked in confusion, his eyes turning towards Genn who was now completely bowed with his arms out on the floor. Kassava rolled her eyes in a exaggerated manner, crossing her arms and glancing away from the shaking male Saiyan keeping his head bowed.

"It is an honor to finally meet you in person! Please forgive my intrusion!"

The Potara fusion chuckled back in response, furrowing his brow uneasily while scratching the back of his head.

"It's quite alright Genn, you have nothing to be sorry for."

Genn poked his head up, the confusion on his expression clear.

"You....you know my name, senpai?"

Vegetto kept a warm smile, nodding his head once.

"Of course I know your name. I know all about you, your sister thinks quite highly of you from what I've studied."

Genn gasped slightly.

"You mean...you...you've been learning about us?! About...me?!"

Vegetto's warm smile slowly lifted into a confident smirk, nodding once again.

"Yes, your loyalty to the Time Patrol is second to none, and you possess the attitude that even puts the most powerful warriors to shame with its devotion to the good of all. A true hero in the making..."

The fusion's smirk weakened, chuckling uneasily.

"Apart from the...umm...small power level."

Genn hoped back up to his feet in an instant with a massive grin.

"That's ok! I already know I'll never be strong enough to make the real change in the universe, but I'll do anything to help the strongest warrior to ever live accomplish that goal!"

Vegetto dropped his arm back to his side, his eyes turning towards Kassava.

"Actually, there is something I've been meaning to ask of you. You see, the Kais have informed me about Kassava's training earlier today and-"

Genn's beaming eyes grew wider.

"You've been training Kassava?!"

Kassava grunted in annoyance.

"I already told you that was happening Genn!"

Genn kept his attention locked on the uneasy Potara fusion.

"Yeah...but it's so much cooler to hear it from Vegetto-senpai than you!"

Vegetto chuckled once again, his uneasy expression softening.

"Let's just stick with 'Vegetto' for now, ok Genn? Senpai is a little...too formal for me."

Genn's head lifted up and down rapidly, the man taking a moment to recover from the blood flow leaving his head before responding with a meager voice.


Kassava sighed heavily, watching Vegetto continue.

"Anyway, we had a bit of a problem with Kassava's training where she wasn't quite motivated to perform well until her life depended on it. Obviously, that sort of drive will not work for every situation she faces, and if she doesn't find a way to improve, it will eventually kill her."

The fusion broke out into a cheeky grin, his dual voice raising in pitch to match a familiar portion of his fusion.

"That's where you come in!"

Kassava narrowed her eyes, her mind locked on the sudden distortion in Vegetto's personality as he rapidly shifted back into a serious tone to match his narrowed eyes.

"You may not have the power level to face the threats we would need you to, but you certainly have the ingenuity. You two share a battle intelligence that rivals even my own when it comes to fighting, and while she may have the power, you have the character we need. You make her stronger just by being in her presence; you give her something to fight for."

Kassava's attention faltered at the fusion's words, completely forgetting her speculation on the fusion's sudden personality switch to glance away in embarrassment, her cheeks turning red once she felt Genn's eyes turn to her.

"I've seen that kind of power before, love can change people in ways that mentors and teachers only dream of. That's why from now on, I'd like you to personally work with the Kais in overseeing her missions in time."

Genn's let out a small squeal of delight, Kassava's own head turning back to Vegetto with raised eyes.

"I thought that was your job though?"

Vegetto kept a warm smile.

"It will be, but I could use a little help in molding you into a better warrior. You are quite stubborn when it comes to training."

Genn smirked as well, placing his hands on his hips.

"That's not the only thing she's stubborn about. You should see her when we play rock paper scissors for garbage duty."

Vegetto raised an eyebrow, his eyes turning towards Genn with a smirk.

"Oh really? It must be a treat, seeing her lose."

The two broke out into a shared laugh, prompting an venomous response from a clearly agitated Kassava.

"At least I'm not so full of myself to make a stone statue worshiping my achievements in the middle of Canton City Square!"

Her narrowed eyes rapidly turned towards Genn.

"Or pathetic enough to worship it like a shrine! Sheesh, I bet you'd even suck on the crotch if they sculpted his dick Genn!"

Whis' eyebrows lifted.

"Quite the temper this one has, even for a Saiyan. She's even worse than Prince Vegeta, although he's had more humbling experiences to put his pride to rest."

Vegetto chuckled in response, his own expression remaining soft.

"As I said, she needs a lot of work. Genn and I both understand that."

Genn nodded once.

"Yeah, she's usually more viscous than that. You should see how she acts around people she knows she can beat up."

Kassava snorted.

"I don't care how strong you people are. Keep making fun of me like that, and I'll beat you to a pulp."

Vegetto broke out into another strong smirk, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, is that right?"

Kassava's narrowed eyes met the fusion's, who walked forward to stand face to face with the Saiyan woman.

"You'll certainly need an attitude like that. Before you got here, we found some rather distressing changes within the Scroll of Eternity. Changes that will require you to be much stronger than you are now."

Kassava kept a strong glare, her expression never faltering while Vegetto nodded towards another scroll neatly resting on a nearby rack.

"Care to test your claim? You'll be sparring with me, so you'll have the chance to try to make your threat come true."

Kassava snorted back in response, her scowl still strong. Her shoulder lightly bumped into the fusion's chest, forcing Vegetto to step back as she brushed past him in moving towards the scroll.

"Fine, it's your funeral."

Vegetto blinked a couple of times, shaking his head in amusement before following after her towards the scroll. Whis kept a warm smile, moving up towards Genn.

"I can see what you're thinking, Genn. You've been planning something like this from the start, haven't you?"

Genn shook his head frantically, chuckling uneasily.

"Well not really! I didn't really plan anything...just...you know..."

He kept a small smile, watching the two Saiyans on the opposite side of the room begin to glow with the familiar white light as they both gripped onto the same scroll before vanishing into the timestream.

"Just sort of imagine it in your head....and hope it'll be what's best for everyone."

Whis lightly nodded his head once in acknowledgement.

"Yes, although, it's certainly a more believable fantasy with what he mentioned earlier about your relationship with your sister."

The Supreme Kai kept her eyebrow raised, resting a hand on her hip.

"What are you two going on about?!"

Whis chuckled.

"Oh you'll see soon enough. Observe the training, it'll become a bit clearer once things have picked up."


Unknown Regions of Space, Unmarked World.

The blurred vision began to slowly fade from the Kaioshin's view, his eyes beginning to sharpen steadily. The dark abyss seemed to continue on without end from his perspective, the small forms of rock and debris before him giving the only semblance of reality for his mind to focus on.

"Ah, you're finally conscious."

The white mohawk atop the green Kaioshin's head shifted lightly in the small breeze, turning to face towards the feminine voice that addressed him. Zamasu's eyes remained narrowed, warily watching the two unfamiliar figures before him.

"Who are you? And where am I?"

Towa crossed her legs, casually floating down towards Zamasu on the staff she sat on.

"The edge of the universe, teetering between physical reality and the entrance to the sealed Demon Realm. If you were to fly a few thousand miles south from here, you would end up at the closed gates that are housed on this planet."

Zamasu remained silent, watching the woman hop off the staff and land on the dusty rubble.

"I am known as Towa, a demon. I've been watching your history unfold in this universe, and your plan to eradicate all mortals coming to fruition on Earth in an alternate timeline. Impressive work."

Zamasu's eyes widened.

"How do you know about that?"

Towa giggled lightly in response.

"Using the same power that made this conversation possible, dear Zamasu. Your actions in stealing the Time Ring from underneath Gowasu's nose and rivaling the power of Son Goku himself with your immortality have generated quite the unrest among the gods of this universe. Your name even invokes the attention of Lord Beerus, who was personally seeing to your execution in your timeline. Had it not been for my intervention, he along with the Time Patrol, would've erased your last chance at fulfilling your dream."

Zamasu's eyes narrowed once more, his attention set on Towa.

"And what do you gain from saving me?"

Towa nodded her head towards Zamasu's left.

"The revival of the Demon Realm: an army ready to cleanse mortal kind off out of this universe. Think of it, with the Time Patrol defeated and no one left to stop us, we could unleash justice across this entire plane of existence. To destroy the mortals that have plagued the gods for so long."

Zamasu glanced down, lost in his thought while Towa rubbed her chin.

"Although in your current state, you aren't ready to lead. We will need to regain your lost power, stolen from you by Trunks and Son Goku..."

Zamasu and Towa both turned their heads towards the two new figures that stepped out from the darkness. Both figures stood still with violent purple auras of dark energy surging around them, black lightning erupting around the swirling energy. One stood nearly a foot taller than the other, and held much more muscle mass in comparison. With Janemba and Broly both standing silently with their fronts towards Zamasu, Towa moved in front of the two with a sinister grin.

"These two will provide ample distraction for the Time Patrol as we reclaim your lost body and bring you back to the power you deserve. And then, there will be nothing left to stand in our way."
Chapter 4: Introspection

Ok, Kass. It's not all bad. He's just a bit stronger than you....

The Saiyan woman stood with one arm tucked into her side in a tight fist, her other hand in front with her fingers bent into the signature fighting style of Goku. Her eyes twitched slightly, meeting the confident and narrow eyes of Vegetto, who stood nearly fifty feet opposite of her with his arms crossed in front of his chest. Kassava swallowed hard, the blistering heat of the open desert canyon the two stood in starting to annoy her senses.

A lot stronger than you. But he has to have a weakness like everyone else. Something to exploit...some way to beat him. Just...read his first strikes and go from-

Her eyes shot open at the sudden burst of wind blasting past her entire body, her already outstretched hand opening up completely as Vegetto's white gloved fist slammed into her open palm. Kassava yelped instinctively, recoiling her arm and soothing it as she slumped down to the floor in pain.

"The pain is from letting your guard down. No matter how strong the opponent is, directly catching the attack should never cause you pain. Only when you let your thoughts distract you, and you don't see what's coming until it's already too late."

Kassava quickly rose back up to her feet, letting out a thunderous roar in a quick swipe at the fusion's head. Kassava's eyes remained wide, staring at the confident smirk across Vegetto's face as he dodged the sudden lunge by merely cricking his neck to the opposite side. Kassava stumbled past him awkwardly from the blow missing its mark, but managed to quickly whirl around. She trembled slightly, taking an instinctive step back at the sight of the fusion having already turned to face towards her, his arms neatly folded across his chest once again.

"You need to stop letting your pride get the better of you. I can see its effect all too well: your expectations being wrong, the helplessness at seeing an opponent move faster than you can even detect. Hitting you harder than you expected, and most importantly, being stronger than you think you can overcome."

His smirk rose, watching Kassava slowly pull her arms back up into her fighting stance.

"A part of me knows that feeling all too well, seeing your pride waver in the face of an enemy beyond your own capabilities. Doesn't it just tear you apart?"

Kassava only grunted back in response, launching forward in a flurry of punches towards the fusion. Vegetto chuckled in response, floating casually backwards and swaying lightly from side to side to dodge her strikes.

"Anger won't give you the power you need to match me, Kassava. You continue to strike without a plan."

Vegetto suddenly stopped, his feet connecting with the ground. Kassava blinked, her attention diverting to her right fist tightly locked into Vegetto's gloved hand.

"Each strike is part of a chain, each link a method to scale your opponent's defenses. Each link being inseparable. Starting with me, catching your strike."

Kassava hacked suddenly, keeling forward slightly at the impact of the gloved fist buried into her stomach.

"One becomes two."

Kassava's head whipped upwards, Vegetto's fist having shot upwards rapidly.

"Two becomes three."

The woman bolted backwards across the ground, kicking up rubble from the wake of Vegetto's kick sending her flying backwards. The fusion slowly lowered his leg, standing still for a moment before slowly walking along the kicked up dirt towards the crater made from Kassava's impact. The fusion stood at the edge, his narrowed eyes glaring down at the woman struggling to her feet.

"Three becomes four. That is how you win a fight, Kassava. Using your ingenuity to read your opponent, and counter their strikes with expert precision. Something I thought you could do after seeing your fight with Raditz."

Kassava huffed heavily, her entire body trembling while she struggled to stand upright.


The woman slumped back down to one knee, her labored breaths nearly wheezes.


Vegetto's smirk rose slightly.

"You're doing it again, Kassava. You know you're too weak to use the Kaioken now, surely you can think of a better plan than that?"

Kassava continued to huff in response, slumped over her knee before meekly speaking.

"I give up."

Vegetto blinked, watching Kassava slowly rise up to her feet with her head bowed.

"I can't do it...you're too strong. You were right about me, about my pride being the reason for all of this. I'm sorry...I shouldn't have tried to fight you."

The fusion stood silently for a moment, watching Kassava begin to slowly rise into the air and move towards the edge of the crater. Before reaching the edge, however, she suddenly blasted back down to the center of the crater with a thunderous sonic boom. Kassava cried out in agony, her upper body having dented into the ground from the impact. Her blurry vision turned up to see Vegetto slowly floating down in front of her with his arms at his sides, his strong glare barely visible from her point of view.

"You're not getting out of this that easily. You've spent your whole life quitting when things got too tough, always able to slip out of whatever responsibility you put yourself into."

Kassava meekly lifted her head, barely noticing Vegetto yanking her up by her short hair and forcing her to stand upright.

"You're going to have to finish what you started."

Kassava frowned, her legs trembling in her attempt to remain upright.

"I'm not...strong...enough."

"You can be. You have one option left."

Kassava glanced down for a moment, her own eyes widening slightly as the realization hit her.


Vegetto's smirk returned, nodding his head once.

"The power comes in response to a need. You will not ascend unless you draw upon a need for it, Kassava."

Kassava perked her head up at the sudden explosion of energy in front of her, the wind nearly knocking her completely off balance. Her eyes remained wide, staring back into Vegetto's now turquoise pupils while golden energy surged around his body. His narrowed eyes locked with hers, sparks of blue electricity swirling around the golden energy and occasionally striking outwards at the ground near his feet. Kassava gasped at the lightning striking near her own feet, the distraction causing her to lose balance and drop to the floor immediately.

"You've spent the last few years learning how to reject that pain, that desperation to get stronger, because you've used your brilliance to find a way out. Always coming up with a plan to win, with an escape route ready to take if things don't work out the way you want. But you find yourself lacking in the heat of battle, your strategic thoughts giving way to the pain you suffer or the fear that clouds your mind."

The fusion suddenly launched his right arm down towards Kassava, latching tightly onto her throat and rapidly hoisting her up into the air. Kassava dug her fingers into Vegetto's forearm, the skin covering his tense muscles refusing to break under her grip.

"Not this time. You will find the power to ascend, and you will overcome those fears that haunt you."

The fusion's narrowed eyes sharpened even further into a dark glare, his arm twitching slightly as he continued to forcefully constrict Kassava's throat.

"Or you will die."


The image of Vegetto choking Kassava continued to play out in the middle of the screen on the scroll, the four huddled around as they watched the scene unfold. The Supreme Kai of Time frowned heavily, her eyes wide in dismay at the sight. She turned her head towards Genn, her frown deepening.

The male Saiyan looked on with narrowed eyes, his expression stern at the sight. He kept himself propped up on the table with both hands, standing in the middle of the group and hovering over the Scroll.

C'mon Kass...


Vegetto grunted, his narrowed eyes watching on while Kassava continued to struggle in his grip. The fusion's eyes went wide in his frustration, watching Kassava's arms slump back to her sides before hurling her towards the ground with one arm. Barreling through the rubble, Kassava soon slid to a halt and lie still in the dirt covering her slightly, coughing heavily while Vegetto quickly landed down at her side.

"Is that what you wanted?! You were going to just roll over and die?!"

Vegetto snarled, his right foot viciously shooting forward and driving into her stomach. Hooking her with the end of his boot, Vegetto kicked her upright and launched his right arm forward, catching her left bra strap to hold her upright while her legs dragged across the ground. Kassava's own expression showed her dazed appearance, her body littered with the scratches and bruises of damage as she struggled to stay conscious, Vegetto's own enraged face centimeters from hers.

"All that pride and you were just going to throw your life away because you didn't care?! Are you really that pathetic?!"

Kassava continued to slump in Vegetto's grasp, the fusion suddenly launched his free hand forward into a fist and slamming it into her cheek.

"Wake up! You don't get to run this time!"

Kassava let out a small scream in pain, the blood heavily trickling down her nostril and dripping onto the dirt below. The fusion released his grip on Kassava's bra, letting her crumple to the ground. She trembled heavily, curling up into a ball along the floor with her face hidden. Vegetto's glare remained strong, the whirl of his energy and Kassava's sobs being the only sound in the canyon.

"Cry as much as you want, but it won't do you any good. You may not care about your own life, but he does. And you were just going to roll over and leave your poor, defenseless brother alone in a universe that will kill him."

Vegetto paused for a moment, his confident smirk returning as he slowly made his way up towards the curled up Kassava. He slowly knelt down, reaching out and grasping onto Kassava's hair. The Saiyan woman twitched heavily in fear at the grip on her head, her tear streaked and battered face inches from Vegetto's as he spoke with an ominous, dark tone.

"Maybe I'll kill him myself. After I'm finished wiping you out."

Kassava tried to lower her head, sniffling heavily still. Vegetto's smirk instantly vanished, his narrowed eyes strongly trained on her.

"Not even that, huh?"

The breeze of air billowing through the canyon shifted Vegetto's golden aura to the side slightly, the silence coming as a response. Vegetto snarled in frustration, releasing his grip on Kassava's hair. She quickly crumpled back up into a ball, bawling into arms.

Having stepped a few feet away, Vegetto sighed heavily and reached up with his right hand, pinching the bridge of his nose. His earpiece loudly buzzed shortly afterward, the fusion lightly tapping onto the button in the center of the small device.

"I know I was being extreme, alright? But she needs the push, just tell Genn to stay calm if he's-"

::Vegetto, it's me.::

The fusion's eyes went wide at the sound of Genn's voice, falling silent as the voice continued.

::It's alright, I know what you're trying to do. I've seen the history....I think you were really close. But the transformations...they only happened because people actually died. They had the push because of their deaths.....making the threat isn't enough.::

Vegetto turned slightly on his heel, staring down at Kassava with a frown.

"What are you suggesting then?"

A small sigh came back in response, the defeat somewhat clear in Genn's voice.

::I'm saying....I have a plan to give her that push she needs. But she also needs a little more than just you beating me up....she needs something more traumatizing to push her close to the edge. Then I can come in to stop it, and she'll snap when you start attacking me.::

Vegetto raised an eyebrow, his attention still locked on Kassava.

"Something more traumatizing? I nearly killed her a few minutes ago Genn and beaten her to a pulp. I don't think there's anything else I can threaten her with."

::....um....there is one thing...::

The fusion blinked hard in response, his questioning tone having fallen completely flat.


::Seriously? You don't know?::

Vegetto turned to fully face towards Kassava, his gloved hand running through his golden hair.

"What is it Genn? I've tried everything to make her snap, there's nothing else I can do!"

::Vegetto, listen. What is the one thing you can do to a woman that is worse than death?:: 

Vegetto's eyes widened rapidly in response, the aura rapidly disappearing away despite the fusion maintaining the Super Saiyan transformation.


His eyes quickly narrowed into a strong glare.


::please! I know it's not something that's comfortable to talk about, but I've seen your fight with Majin Buu. How you cleverly faked your arrogant attitude to stop him from figuring out your plan to get absorbed...how not even the Kais could see your true plan. I need you to do it again...to make her believe that it's what you...want.::

Vegetto kept his eyes narrowed, glancing down at Kassava and nearly raising his voice into a shout.

"Are you really suggesting that...that....Genn, she's your sister!"

The voice in Vegetto's ear came out as awkward as the fusion's own, Vegetto's cheeks turning a slight red as Genn spoke.

::Trust me, I don't like this any more than you do! But we're out of options...she won't ascend any other way!::

Vegetto quickly peeled his eyes away from Kassava, grunting once again.

"Then she won't ascend, I'd rather her die than stoop to that...tactic."

::It's not like you actually are going to! You just need to fake a little hint at it and then that will be enough to-::

Vegetto reached up, quickly tapping onto the button once more.

"Supreme Kai, pull us out. Our training is done....she isn't going to transform anytime soon at this rate."


The orb sitting on a small pedestal continued to glow, the same image depicting the two warriors sparring filled the ball. The image of Vegetto standing with his back turned to the beaten Kassava soon led into an empty canyon as both disappeared into a blinding flash of white light, the atmosphere of their sparring ground a lighter version of the dark rocky terrain the orb sat in.

Zamasu's eyes had remained in sharp slits through the entire demonstration, never once peeling from the orb while Towa sat on her floating staff in a casual lean. Her expression indicated her immense boredom with the scene playing out, but her head perked up at the soft spoken words of the Kaioshin.

"Who is the Saiyan male?"

Towa lightly slipped off of her staff, landing gracefully onto her heels before walking up towards Zamasu.

"He is Vegetto, the Time Patrol's strongest warrior. You've fought him before..."

She kept a small smirk, waving her hand lightly over the orb. The empty canyon shifted into the scene of a ruined metropolis, buildings and rubble collapsing at the center of a massive dome of energy surging in the dark storm raging above. At the center of the dome, two beings were shown colliding a single fist into the other's. A hideously deformed Zamasu roared on the right hand side, his right arm having turned massive and into a purple gooish substance. While on the left, Vegetto matched Zamasu's roar as his own blue ki swirled around his body in his Super Saiyan Blue transformation.

"This was the body you used to face such a powerful enemy, being the first to actually phase him as a warrior. In truth, only the Gods of Destruction from other universes are currently able to overcome him in a straight fight. He is too powerful for you to face as you are now."

Zamasu's eyes never left the orb in Towa's explanation, narrowing slightly.

"He wears the earrings of the Kaioshins. Is he the Kai of Time in this universe?"

Towa shook her head once.

"No, he is merely the Kai's enforcer. He is a fusion of the warriors Son Goku and Vegeta. I believed you even met one of them."

Zamasu blinked at the mention of Goku's name, turning towards her without looking up past her neckline.

"Son Goku? But he is just a mortal: a fusion involving two mortals is not permanent."

Towa nodded once.

"He is now. The fusion may have ended when he was initially created, but the entity that is Vegetto became a reality when the earrings were used to create him. Once the two defused into their own separate bodies, Vegetto was technically killed as a result. Giving Shenron power over his being to bring him back to life when Trunks used the Namekian Dragon Balls to summon a powerful warrior to aid the Time Patrol."

Zamasu instinctively frowned at the explanation, turning back to the orb depicting their fierce battle.

"A fusion of mortals made possible by the incompetence of the gods who rule them...."

His right arm tensed heavily, balling his hand into a fist.


Towa smirked at the reaction, nodding once.

"I hoped you would see things that way. He is your ultimate enemy, but for now, we need to focus on other matters to make sure you are ready to face him."

She slowly waved her hand over the orb once more, the scene shifting from the dark and explosive battle to a serene image of the same canyon where Vegetto and Kassava had fought earlier. However, instead of the two Saiyans, the scene depicted a young Trunks sitting on top of a large towering rock formation with a mature Gohan lying on the rock next to him.

"One of the weaknesses of the Time Patrol is in their nostalgic need to maintain another timeline aside from the main one they watch over, the history involving the Trunks in their Patrol. Here, we will use our forces to distract them from our main goal of reuniting you with your alter ego, Black."

Zamasu turned his eyes up from the orb, meeting Towa's for the first time.

"And after I regain my former strength, you do realize I will eventually destroy you as well?"

Towa bowed her head slightly.

"I have accepted my fate. However, your plan for justice will need the support of an army strong enough to shape the universe into your image. We are well aware that you will eventually remove us: I only wish to play my part in making sure your dream comes true."

Zamasu's narrowed eyes remained locked on Towa's for a few moments, his lips slowly rising into a small half smile as he turned his attention back towards the orb.

"Very well, let's begin."
Chapter 5: Bonds of the Patrol

The tension in the air seemed to thicken with each passing second inside of the Time Nest, the entire room having been cleared a few seconds ago except for two remaining men standing a few feet apart. Genn's attention remained on the floor, his voice meager in its volume and his body trembling slightly.

"No, they didn't hear my plan. I walked outside so they wouldn't figure it out."

Vegetto's eyes were narrowed into slits, Genn fidgeting under its intense and burning focus.

"Then make sure they never hear about this. This stays between us, no one must ever know what you suggested back there. Do you understand?"

Genn bowed in a near ninety degree angle.

"Yes sir."

Vegetto's glare remained despite Genn's affirmation, folding his arms across his chest.

"Your head may have been in the right place, but you sacrificed your heart to get there. There are times where we must make tough decisions that end in disaster for some despite our best intentions. But you must be aware of the lines that we cannot cross without becoming the very thing we fight against."

His glare sharpened even further, Genn tightly shutting his eyes in shame as the fusion continued.

"Your own sister, battered and beaten, would've undeniably snapped under that trauma but at what cost? Rape is not a matter to take lightly, Genn, and you were throwing it around in the middle of an intense training session. You should know it better than most: the Saiyan blood surging within our veins amplifies the primal instincts in any battle."

Vegetto's dual voice began to raise slightly, unfolding his arms.

"So what do you think would've happened then if I decided to follow your plan? That I could just ignore the blood boiling in my veins? Maybe I wouldn't have been able to control those primal instincts, and followed through with something even worse. Who would stop me if I couldn't control myself?"

Genn kept his head down.

"I'm sorry...I just..."

The man hacked, caught offguard from the sudden impact of Vegetto's own gloved pointer finger forcing his chin up. Genn stood upright from the guidance of Vegetto's finger, meeting the fusion's narrowed eyes.

"You didn't think it through. Consider this your one and only lesson: never take dire situations like this lightly again. Think on them, hard, before you make a decision." 

Genn swallowed hard, taking a step back to recollect himself.

"Yes...sir. It won't happen again, I promise."

The Saiyan blinked at the sight of Vegetto's strong glare suddenly warming into a genuine smile, watching the fusion turn on his heel.

"Good! Now, I'm going to check up on her and make sure she's doing alright with the doctors. I'll let the Kais know that we've finished our talk, so you can get back to work. Trunks should be arriving back from his patrol any minute now, you two can take care of the timeline while I'm out. Come get us at the doctors if Zamasu or Towa shows up in the Scroll, alright?"

Genn's wide eyes followed Vegetto as he casually strolled towards the exit of the Time Nest with both of his hands resting on the back of his head. He paused, still confused at the sudden change of intensity in their conversation, before snapping back to reality and calling after Vegetto.

"Ok! Will do!"


Age 780

The billowing smoke from the rubble continued to rise out, covering the man's boots who strode forward. The older Gohan stood with a strong glare trained on the man, keeping his balance steady despite the loss of his right arm. He spaced his legs out slightly, his turquoise pupils looking over the torn outfit of the android that soon stopped in his stride forward.

"That's quite an entrance you made. I hope you enjoyed it because it's going to cost you your life. And you trashed my favorite shirt!"

His expression soon softened, his sarcastic smirk rising slowly.

"I'm glad you came though...yeah this is perfect. You can be our tie breaker."

Gohan remained silent in response, his narrowed eyes still trained on the android as the second landed lightly behind him, speaking next.

"First one to kill him wins. It's sudden death, no ties."

The transformed Super Saiyan glanced between the two, tensing his muscles while the androids began to pace towards him slowly.

"You know you can't win! You can't destroy what I really am! Even if you managed to kill this body, someone even stronger would surface and take my place!"

Gohan grit his teeth together, the sight of the two androids unfazed by his threat adding to his rage.

"Not one death will go unaccounted for! Not one!"

The golden aura soon exploded up from Gohan's boots, cloaking the Saiyan in its glow as he let a thunderous roar, bolting into a dash towards the male android.


The screen on the small orb at the end of Towa's staff depicted the raging battle between Gohan and the androids, Zamasu's eyes locked firmly on the Saiyan. The fallen Kaioshin and the demon scientist flew within the depths of space side by side, Zamasu speaking first.

"This one is Gohan, the last survivor in Trunks' timeline. He dies as he should in this history, yes?"

Towa nodded once.

"Yes, although this is the third timeline to have spawn from Trunks' meddling with history. Your destruction led to the first timeline being completely erased and sealed away, the second born from a being called Cell that killed Trunks and traveled back to the same timeline as the current. The third was born from another Trunks that was recruited by the Supreme Kai of Time to defend history before he could make any changes; what you are seeing is the history of his universe."

Zamasu kept his eyes on the orb.

"Then the distraction is already in place here? I do not see him within this history."

Towa giggled, covering her mouth with her right hand.

"You won't see him because I have yet to introduce the change. He is ready to be inserted into the timeline to cause distortions, do not worry."

Zamasu turned his head towards Towa.

"How we will stop them from figuring out where we have gone?"

Towa smirked back in response.

"This distraction will cause more distortion than you may know. The Time Patrol of Universe 7 has a nasty habit of emotionally attaching themselves to certain events."

Towa raised her staff, the orb on the end glowing slightly and the image of the Gohan fighting the androids suddenly changed. Zamasu's attention turned back to the orb, his eyes widening at the sight of the transformed Vegetto mercilessly pummeling fists into Frieza's face, the ground beneath their feet quaking heavily.

"One of the many cases of their blatant misuse of their power, committed by none other than their so called 'perfect hero'. You were right about him from the very start: an abomination created in desperation by mortal fools, blessed by the power of the gods only to use it irresponsibly. He has committed countless sins across the timeline such as this one, and his entire order follows his example. Trunks is no different: once he is forced to intervene in his own timeline, he will cause destruction just like Vegetto. They destroy everything they touch: history will eventually cave to their primal whims."

Zamasu tightly shut his eyes, bowing his head slightly.

"I did not realize the threat had gotten so heavily out of control. The gods have create a reality of true injustice through their insistent need to empower their mortal subjects. I often questioned how far I must go to purge the mortals' taint on the land, but it's clear that not even the gods themselves are pure. The mortals themselves are their responsibility, and this is the damage they have wrought. Everyone must be made to answer for their sins."

Towa merely kept her smirk in response, floating forward ahead of Zamasu.

"You will have your chance. There!"

Zamasu's eyes turned to the small rock formation floating by its lonesome in the void of space, barely illuminated by the massive orange spheres floating around it. A lone figure stood in the center of the land mass, having already moved into a fighting stance at the sight of the two approaching figures. Zamasu's eyes widened, however, as he met the exact same pupils of himself. Both of the fallen Kaioshins stared at each other in confusion, the Zamasu standing on the rock formation lowering his arms.

"You....you are me? How is this possible?"

Towa landed lightly on the ground with her companion following her lead shortly after, her own smirk raising as the two Kaioshins stared at each other in confusion.

"We have traveled through time to make sure your justice is completed as planned. The meddling Time Patrol seeks to erase you from time itself, but we have come to complete your ascension."

The Zamasu from the past turned his head towards Towa, his eyes narrowing.

"What would have stopped me? I am using the Super Dragon Balls now to complete my transfer into Son Goku's body."

Towa nodded her head once.

"Exactly, you are making a foolish decision."

Zamasu raised an eyebrow, watching the demon slowly move towards him.

"You remember the power of Son Goku, the mortal who defeated you in combat and demonstrated a transformation that wielded the power of godly ki at the Universal Tournament. But you do not realize he is but only a fraction of a greater Saiyan power that exists in this world."

The orb at the end of her staff began to glow once more, the image of Vegetto mercilessly pummeling Frieza returning for the past Zamasu to see.

"This is the fusion of the last two Saiyans within your universe; the pinnacle of mortal sin. Abusing the divine Potara Earrings to mimic the gods, this Vegetto is a blight on the land with his mere presence. Wildly rampaging through history at the command of his Kaioshin master whenever he chooses, intoxicating the universe with his violent and primal needs. He made the mistake of carelessly breaking the timestream a long time ago, and thus, left a permanent mark on history that the Time Kaioshin could not remove. It is this body, that now exists only as a figment of Son Goku's memory, that will be the vessel for your cleansing of the land. Its immense power will give you more than Son Goku's body, and you will take on the sin of the most despicable mortal in history to remind you of the importance your mission is to the universe."

The past Zamasu turned his attention to the staff, studying the image playing out for a moment. His own narrowed eyes raised slowly, locking onto Towa's.

"Then this Vegetto will be the perfect vessel for me to carry out my plans for all existence."


"Hey hey, slow down."

Vegetto lightly pressed on both of Kassava's shoulders, the Saiyan woman having shot up in her bed with a frightened yelp. She gently lowered back down into her small mattress, her lower body covered from the sheets. Her eyes turned to Vegetto, who stood at the side of her bed and folded his arms back in front of his chest once she had fully relaxed onto the bed.

"The healing pod did most of the work, but your body still isn't fully recovered. It's what happens when you become a little too strong for certain technology."

Kassava immediately frowned in response, her head turning away from the fusion on her pillow.

"Not strong enough, apparently."

Vegetto frowned as well in response, letting out a small sigh.

"I know I said some things back there that may have been a little extreme, but you can't be upset over this. Transforming into a Super Saiyan is a very stressful and emotionally draining experience; one that you can't accomplish unless your mind is in the right place."

Kassava heavily exhaled in response, keeping her head turned away.

"It's not about that. It's just...I'm not cut out for this sort of thing."

Vegetto raised an eyebrow, Kassava having hidden her face from his view. His frown remained, however, hearing her voice shake every now and again as she spoke.

"I'm not like you or Genn. I don't want to hurt anymore, I don't want to save everyone from threats. I just...I just want to live my life in peace and not have to deal with all this suffering and pain. I can't handle it like you and Genn can."

Vegetto lowered his gaze towards the bed, keeping his frown before slowly resting on the edge of the mattress. He kept his back to Kassava, staring at the wall at the end of the room while she stared at the opposite wall.

"You have to give yourself more credit than that, Kassava. You are an incredibly gifted fighter, and you've constantly proven you are sitting on power that you can't even begin to imagine the full depths of."

His pupils moved to the edges of his eyes towards Kassava, his head still facing away.

"Remember your fight with Raditz? You keep talking as if something is wrong with you, but there, you rose to the challenge and defeated an enemy far above your base power. Did you not enjoy that fight?"

Kassava grunted.

"No, it hurt just like all the others."

Vegetto stifled a small chuckle in response, turning his head completely.

"You're lying. I saw that look in your eye...the confidence you had when Raditz looked down on you. The rush you got knowing you had a trick up your sleeve that would close the gap in power and give you the edge in the fight. I could see it all too clearly Kassava: you love to overcome the odds just as much as the rest of us."

Kassava shifted in her bed, turning to face towards Vegetto.

"But I could actually win against him! You...are just too strong. There was no possible way I could beat you...I was completely helpless again."

Vegetto nodded once.

"That's why you couldn't come up with something: you defeated yourself before either of us threw a punch. You came up with a plan to win, and when it failed horribly, you gave up and let your fears control your mind. It hurt so bad because you were attacking your own mind as I attacked your body."

The fusion smiled down at Kassava, who lowered her head slightly without a response.

"You just have to stay positive Kassava. There is always a way to win, no matter the odds. You just have to keep searching for it, and believe in yourself that you will find a way one day. Do that, and you'll learn to love to fight just as Goku did all those years ago."

Kassava looked up as Vegetto rose to his feet.

"Is that why you stopped at the end of the fight? Did you think I would come up with a way to win?"

Vegetto gasped, breaking out into a heavy sweat before he chuckled uneasily, scratching the back of his head as he turned to face towards Kassava.

"Oh yes! Why of course, that's exactly it! I believed you would find a way to beat me!"

Kassava narrowed her eyes in suspicion, frowning slightly. She propped upright onto her elbows on the bed, her tone flat. 

"You're an even worse liar than Genn is, you know. I was battered and disoriented back in that fight there, but I'm not deaf. I heard you talking to Genn, about how to help me transform."

Vegetto's face turned a stark white at her next sentence, her eyebrow having raised.

"Something really traumatizing?"

The fusion wildly shook his head, his hands matching the movements of his neck.

"No no! He wanted me to..well...punch you harder. So you wouldn't....uhh....well you know..."

Vegetto stopped mid sentence, the sight of Kassava's deadpanned expression sapping his will to continue the lie. He let out a heavy sigh, glancing to the side with furrowed eyebrows.

"Alright fine. I...well....had an idea on how I could give you the push. You didn't respond to me nearly killing you...so...I thought you might...well...find a reaction if I tried to..."

The fusion twiddled his gloved pointer fingers together, cringing heavily while speaking with a weak voice.


Vegetto tightly shut his eyes, retreating his head for a moment before Kassava's calm voice rung out.

"Well...why didn't you?"

The fusion blinked, staring back in confusion as she nonchalantly shrugged her shoulders.

"I mean it's not like it would've been my first time...and it could've worked."

Vegetto's jaw dropped to the floor, the fusion taking a moment to recollect himself before speaking in disgust.

"What?! Because it's still wrong....and no one should have to deal with that trauma! And the fact that your brother even wanted it to happen in the first place is completely disrespectful to you!"

"So it was Genn's idea."

Vegetto blinked, staring at the smirking Kassava who locked onto his eyes.

"Ha, I knew he'd come up with something like that. Trying to get his hero to knock up his own sister. He's such a fanboy."

The fusion kept his mouth hung open, the confusion clear in his expression and in his attempt to collect his thoughts.


Kassava giggled in response, shaking her head.

"I couldn't really make out what you were saying to him, but I heard his name and I heard you talking about doing something traumatizing to me to make the transformation happen. So I was thinking about the advice you gave me, and knowing Genn and his perverted ways, I wanted to see if I could trick you into proving to me Genn was trying to get you to rape me. It's cute that you tried to lie for him...but you don't know Genn like I do. This isn't the worse he's done, trust me."

Vegetto's eyes slowly narrowed at her explanation, a frown remaining.

"So you enjoy making a fool out of me then? You could've just told me you knew from the start."

Kassava's smirk rose slightly.

"What can I say? Maybe I can't beat you in a fight yet, but I can at least make you squirm. Especially since all it takes is a little rape to make you break down."

Vegetto's narrowed eyes widened a bit, watching Kassava roll over onto her back and resting her head on the back of her hands.

"Are you really trivializing this?"

Kassava shrugged her shoulders.

"Eh, it might've been the first time I've been raped. But you know..."

Vegetto watched her turn her head slightly to face towards him, glance him up and down once, before smirking to herself and turning her attention back to the ceiling.

"I probably wouldn't feel it if a guy like you tried to anyway. So I guess it wouldn't have turned out as bad as you think it would've."

Vegetto scoffed lightly in response, turning on his heel.

"This is ridiculous."

Kassava broke out into a grin, waving at the fusion's back mockingly as he soon disappeared through the door leading into the room.
Chapter 6: Past the Surface


Vegetto let out a heavy sigh in relief, relaxing his back against the now shut door that led into the small medical facility. He glanced down instinctively, running his right hand into the spiky bundles of black hair standing upright on his head.

What on Earth am I going to do with these two?

"You seem a little stressed."

Vegetto's eyes lifted up immediately at the sound of the soft male voice, his tense expression softening at the sight of Whis stopping a few feet in front of him. The angel kept a warm smile, his voice lifting softly.

"I take it your rendezvous with the recruit wasn't rewarding?"

Vegetto's eyes narrowed into a sharp glare, pushing himself off the door.

"That isn't funny, Whis."

"Oh? Was I making a joke?"

Vegetto grunted in frustration, brushing past the angel. Whis blinked in confusion, faltering slightly before following after Vegetto into the open city square. The sidewalk leading back to the stairs of the Time Nest was barely visible in the darkness, the bright illumination of the few city lamp posts giving direction for the two.

"What is wrong with everyone tonight?! Can you not be obsessed with these perverted fantasies for more than five minutes?"

Whis kept his smile, moving up to Vegetto's right side once the two had reached the stairs.

"My apologies, I didn't realize a minor jest would annoy you so heavily."

Vegetto scoffed in response.

"A minor jest? Do you even know what happened in there?"

Whis nodded his head once.

"Oh I am aware. I knew what Genn was planning all along."

Vegetto rapidly turned his head, stopping on the staircase with a strong glare at the taller figure.

"Then why didn't you say anything?!"

Whis shrugged his shoulders lightly, his tone still flat.

"And ruin his plan? It would have worked, had you gone along with it."

Vegetto clenched his fists together tightly, his glare sharpening even further.

"Do you really not realize how severe the consequences could have been?"

Whis let out a small sigh.

"I have a vague idea, but my understanding of Earth customs is very limited on this topic. If I recall, the act involved a mating procedure that was unwanted by the victim involved, which would have been Kassava in this case. I believe, she would have experienced some discomfort along with mental trauma?"

Vegetto's eyebrow twitched, listening as Whis continued while rubbing his chin in apparently deep thought.

"I'm not sure why it is so severe, however. There are plenty of times where Lord Beerus forced me to try some less than delicious morsels in our planetary tours throughout the universe, and yet when I suffered from those poor choices he forced upon me, I did not harbor hatred towards him for more than a few minutes."

The fusion sat in his boiling rage for a few moments, before suddenly breaking under his rage.

"Did you really just compare this to...eating?!"

Whis blinked.

"Why not? Both scenarios involve doing something against our will, don't they?"

Vegetto grunted, quickly shaking his head and slowly moving up the steps in silence.

"It's not that simple, Whis."

The taller angel mused quietly to himself for a moment, nodding once.

"Perhaps not. I lack the same empathy you former Earthlings cherish, but it is more beneficial than hurtful most of the time."

Vegetto kept his attention forward, his glare strong while Whis continued.

"Your reaction is the most surprising, however. Hundreds of millions of lives are sometimes extinguished by your decisions, but this small disturbing act somehow troubles you?"

Vegetto shook his head.

"It's not about the act...it's about where it came from."

Whis nodded.

"Ah, that's better. Filtering your emotions to look past the unimportant details that challenge your pride to find a rational fear: you don't trust this Genn anymore, do you?"

Vegetto's narrowed eyes softened slightly, the two having taken their last steps off the stairs and stepping onto the open pathway leading to the Time Nest.

"He was willing to sacrifice his own sister like that, and he even knew it was bad. But he wanted it to happen, and lacks the spine to stand behind his choice after I scolded him for it. Normally, I'd be more inclined to let it go, but how he abandoned his decision so quickly...bothers me."

The fusion came to a halt, turning to face towards Whis.

"It seems I made a mistake, rushing these two into our responsibilities in the Patrol. I need to look into their history closer, and find out who they really are before I allow this to go on."

Whis' smile rose slightly, nodding towards the Time Nest.

"Well then, shall we? Trunks arrived a moment ago, and perhaps you can send Genn out to train with him while we search the timeline for his history?"

The fusion only offered a curt nod in response, disappearing through the bright glowing energy covering the open entrance with Whis following after.


Deep within the void of space, the blinding light of the massive golden dragon illuminated across multiple galaxies, soon vanishing into the darkness along with the orange star orbs blasting to opposite corners of the multiverse. A smaller, white light began to diminish as well, allowing Towa and Zamasu the opportunity to lower their arms in anticipation. The glow hung around the new figure for a few moments, disappearing slowly to reveal the figure dressed in the traditional Kaioshin garbs. Reaching up with Saiyan hands, the man patted his face a couple of times before suddenly pumping his fists into the air, his confident grin covering his face as he spoke with the familiar dual voice.

"All right!"

Towa frowned in response, pinching the bridge of her nose.

"Please don't do that."

The newly switched Saiyan narrowed his eyes, turning towards Towa.

"I'll let your insolence slide this time, mortal. Don't give me orders again."

Towa let out a small sigh, dropping her arm back down to her side.

"Forgive me, but I have dealt with him far longer than you have. It's bad enough to see his face; it would be more bearable if you did not act like him too."

Vegetto Black only stared back with narrowed eyes, before turning his attention to the present Zamasu once he began to speak.

"Shall we dispose of the body while we still can? This change in history will undoubtedly draw the Patrol here any second."

Towa shook her head once.

"There is no need. I did not use my magic to create this outcome: the Supreme Kai of Time likely won't even know what's going on until the ripple effect draws her attention. By then, we will be long gone."

Vegetto Black raised an eyebrow.

"Then how are we supposed to stop her from reversing my wish?"

Towa smirked, pointing to the Saiyan's hand.

"Your Time Ring grants you immunity from her magic, so she may be able to fix the timeline, but you will have that body no matter what she may try to change. Now, we must retreat before the real Vegetto arrives."

Vegetto Black scoffed, placing his hands on his hips.

"Let him come. I have his power now: he won't be able to defeat me."

"You are wrong."

Vegetto Black turned his gaze back to Towa, a frown slowly etching across his face as she spoke.

"You've stolen his body from the one imprint he's left on history: the Supreme Kai's magic prevents him from being affected by this change too. You only have his power from that point in time, which wasn't as significant and did not have the power of god like he does now. He can now summon that godly ki at will, and harness it into a form much more than you can handle. Even with that body."

The Saiyan snarled back in response, clenching his fists together.

"You mean I wasted my wish? Son Goku had the power of a god, and this body does not? You fool, what good is a god that is too weak to destroy evil?!"

Towa giggled in response, gripping onto her staff.

"You will have to train, and use your new found Saiyan cells to become stronger. You have the largest base in the universe with this body now; in time, you can rise up and become so much stronger."

Her head nodded to the orb on the end of her staff, the glow slowly bringing forth an image of another figure standing with his arms crossed in empty space.

"You will train with my finest creation, Mira. Together, you will go stronger and bring forth the justice you crave. But we must leave now, or Vegetto will destroy us all."

Zamasu and Vegetto Black both exchanged glances for a few seconds, each grunting in frustration. The two soon came to terms with their situation, bowing their heads as their response before moving forward and grasping onto Towa's shoulders. The demon scientist smirked in her victory, the three soon erupting into a bright white light and disappearing into the void of space shortly afterwards.


The Elder Kai's brow furrowed heavily, the older Kai hovering over the purple and ominous aura emanating from the single wrapped scroll resting on the main table. On each side of him stood Trunks and Genn, both holding serious stares and stood in silence while Vegetto and Whis made their way into the vault. The Supreme Kai of Time moved up to the pair immediately, her tone flat.

"Good, you're back. While you were gone, we ran into a couple of problems."

Vegetto raised an eyebrow, turning his head towards the three huddling at the edge of the center of the table.

"Did Zamasu finally appear?"

The Supreme Kai of Time nodded.

"Yes. I felt a small disturbance in the current timeline, and he surfaced. Only this time....he and Towa arrived in the point of time when the past Zamasu was wishing for Goku's body."

Whis perked his eyebrows at the revelation.

"They planned to alter the wish."

Vegetto narrowed his eyes.

"Whatever they wished for, we can reverse it once I've cleared out the negative magic surrounding the history."

The Supreme Kai of Time shook her head.

"I'm afraid not. Their wish still called for Zamasu to steal someone's body. Only this time...they stole yours."

Vegetto blinked in confusion, turning his head down and lightly patting around his body.

"Mine? But how? I haven't changed at all...I would've felt it by now."

The Supreme Kai of Time huffed, narrowing her eyes.

"You are fine, my magic prevents them from altering your current state because you exist outside of time. But your little episode awhile back couldn't be completely cleaned up, and you left enough of an impact that I could not erase you from Goku's memory completely. Giving them a body to potentially steal."

Vegetto frowned in response, glancing down.


The Supreme Kai of Time sighed heavily, glancing over her shoulder and crossing her arms.

"I need you to investigate the point in time, and destroy that ring Zamasu is wearing. We should have dealt with it before, but I didn't think this situation would spiral out of control like it did. At least then, we'll be able to alter that timeline enough to remove him from history itself."

She then turned to face towards the three.

"But that's not all. While that ripple effect happened, we also picked up Towa's dark magic affecting our Trunks' timeline. I don't know how she was able to access it, but there is a change that can't be ignored. With you busy in the main timeline, and Genn not being strong enough to investigate on his own..."

The Kai bowed her head slightly, Vegetto's eyes widening at her following statement.

"I have to send Trunks in."


The sudden flare of a response prompted the three at the table to turn their attention to Vegetto, the fusion glancing towards Trunks.

"We already talked about this: he can not handle himself around Gohan."

Trunks frowned, glancing down towards the ground in silence. He gasped, however, at the sudden hand gripping his shoulder.

"Hey, give him a chance to at least try. We don't have anyone else to send in, and she needs you in the main timeline if it really is as bad as she believes."

Vegetto's eyes instantly sharpened into a bitter glare once he turned his attention to Genn, the other Saiyan's own carefree smile heavily contrasting the fusion's cold hatred.

"Besides, I'll be there to help talk him down! I may not be good in a fight, but I can at least keep Trunks from doing anything rash."

The fusion scoffed, promptly crossing his arms while the venom in his dual voice was poorly hidden in his speech.

"Tsk, I'm well aware of your skill in avoiding rash decisions. The sight of Android 18 would surely remove all reason from that tiny skull of yours."

Genn blinked in confusion, a frown slowly etching into his expression.

"What was that for? I said I was sorry earlier. What else do you want from me?"

Vegetto nearly broke out into a snarl, only to stop at the hand grasping onto his own left shoulder. His gaze turned up to Whis, who stared down at him with a stern expression.

"This is the opportunity you need. Don't let your anger stop you from finding out what you need to know."

The fusion tightly shut his eyes, inhaling and exhaling with two deep breaths before turning promptly on his heel.

"Fine, let's get this over with."

Trunks kept a frown, soon glancing back over to Genn with a concerned stare and a soft, curious tone.

"What did you do?"

Genn instinctively glanced away, twiddling his pointer fingers for a moment.

"I..uh...made a pretty bad call earlier. I'll tell you about it later...I think everyone's still a little upset about it right now."

Trunks nodded.

"Right, it's probably for the best. In any case, I never got the chance to properly introduce myself with everything that's been happening so far."

He extended out his left hand, a warm smile across his face.

"I'm Trunks."

Genn matched the Saiyan's warm smile with one of his own, grasping onto the outstretched hand and promptly shaking it once.

"Genn, it's a honor to finally meet you."

Trunks blinked for a second.

"Oh you're Genn? I was under the impression your sister was the one Vegetto recruited for the job opening around here."

Genn chuckled, scratching the back of his head.

"Yeah, it's kind of a long story. I wanted to help out and have a chance to meet my heroes, so she used her connection to bring me in."

His smile soon turned into a frown, glancing over towards Vegetto as the fusion began to glow with the near blinding white light.

"But I think Vegetto hates me now...after that mistake I made earlier."

Trunks kept his smile, following Genn's stare.

"He gets like that sometimes, I've seen him much angrier than he is now. Besides, he doesn't really know too much about you guys like I do so he'll need some time to deal with his pride before he gets over it. I'm usually the one who gives him reports on the recruits we look at."

Genn blinked, turning back to Trunks.

"Oh...so you know my history then?"

Trunks chucked uneasily, scratching the back of his head.

"Not exactly. We didn't look that deeply: we've just been watching you two after that little break-in you had into the Time Vault."

His warm smile returned, resting his arms at his side.

"I'm sure whatever you did won't really stick too long with him. He and I have seen how you care for your sister; you've obviously got a good heart, Genn."

Genn smiled uneasily, but kept his stare down.

"Thanks...I hope that's right."

Trunks raised an eyebrow for a moment, before shaking his head.

"Well, anyway, we should probably get going. Just hang back from the fighting if things get intense; just step in if I do anything rash, alright?"

Genn nodded in response, a determined stare replacing his depressed expression rapidly.


Trunks smiled back, the two beginning to glow with the bright white light as he chuckled.

"That's the spirit!"

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