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Sep 4, 2015
So, title's self explanatory. Just a place to share creepy and dark Vocaloid songs. 

I honestly expect a LOT Oliver's songs in here from Steampianist

I've got a couple to start us off.

The Tattler's Tall Tale: 

My understanding behind this song is that the town kinda prided itself on being a "paradise" of sorts, and ignored all the sins and misdoings of everyone. And when Oliver and Yohioloid came around, they spread the truths of what was actually happening, but the townspeople would rather ignore all of that, so they called them 'liars' and hung them for telling 'lies'. 

La Llorona: 

A really good song based off of the La Llorona fable. The woman who drowned her kids after her husband cheated on her with a younger woman. Now she wanders near lakes and rivers, not allowed into heaven until she finds her children. The fable states that if any young child sees her, she will say "Ay, mis hijos!" ("Ah, my kids!") and will try to drown the young child, mistaking him/her for her own children, so she can get into heaven. 

Twaddles of a Flue Faker: 

A flue faker was another name for a young chimney sweep. I'm not exactly sure, but it seems this song is about a young chimney sweep who despised his life, so he tried to kill himself by poisoning his blood with rust, but it didn't work. So he tried to suffocate himself in a chimney (an unfortunately all too real thing that happened a lot) but his Master saved him from that. So, in the end, he ended up hanging himself, thus the 'I am a portrait that leaves you sighing sadly'.

And last but not least to start us off, 

Secrets of Wysteria: 

A song depicting things the serial killer Albert Fish did to the children he murdered, the song's center focusing on his final victim, Grace Budd. I don't want to post what this mad did because honestly everything was so terrible. Fun fact about this song, though. If you play it in reverse, you hear an actual excerpt from the letter that he literally sent to Grace's family, describing how he killed their daughter:  

So. Is there any other creepy/dark vocaloid songs yall wanna share? It's Halloween mood, so, again, I'm expecting a LOT of Oliver's songs and a lot of Steampianist as well.

Awesome music, but looking at the lyrics... not so awesome XD
There is a #1 creepy song I have on my list but if I may be frank it's probably a potential thread-ender considering that the actual sound itself is catchy and cool with creepy distortion effects, but the lyrics are undeniably perhaps the most viscerally disturbing lines I've ever read as subtitles. 

So I won't post it yet :^)

What does suck though is that the Vocaloids (Miku, Rin, etc) are just Yamaha programs equipped with voice synthesizers. Crypton Media distributes them to people who want to make songs with their software, so when they grew popular in the early 2010s, people who posted the PVs to youtube never include the actual Producers in the video title (although the PV will include the name of the producer within the opening credits), so I'll try to make sure I give the name of the producer along with the voice of the Vocaloid.

Kagome Kagome (Miku and Luka) - based on the nursery rhyme "Circle you Circle you" and I think it's also based on a creepy pasta of the same name. Around 2:51 there's a gorey scene in it, so just look away when it comes up if you're squeamish (just hold ur cursor along that segment to see what I mean)

But I'll mostly share my fair share of Machigerita-P songs because his entire aesthetic is Halloween type stuff.

Wide Knowledge of the Late & DarkWoods Circus; they are produced by Machigerita-P as part of an entire series of songs! It's an entire story that got revised once over but the songs are quite sad/creepy.

Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance (Machigerita ft. Hatsune Miku) - basically a classic yandere stalker love song... but I really love the music. Apologies for the bad quality of the video, it's the only one with subtitles now that youtube annotations are weird/gone.

Deep Seabed Rapture by Machigerita ft. Miku - a song based on Bioshock (he's a big fan apparently)

AAAAAAAAAAAA This one is my absolute fave of Machigerita's. 

That Girl's Not Scared of Me [Utata-P ft. Miku V2 Append]. Click here for lyrics.

Masa-P is another good Vocaloid producer and he tends to stand out because of his Onibi/The Fox's Wedding series: it is distinctly different than the usual pop songs most people create with the Vocaloid software, and he also likes to mix the voicebanks of Gumi and Miku together. It's very much folklore/yokai horror type of subject matter, but the lyrics are very disturbing for some of these. Just sayin!

Putting them all in a spoiler, but I have not listened to all of the Onibi series so this is really just my favorites I find particularly creepy. I did list them in order, just not the entirety of the series. I just know that it uses folklore to tell a very twisted set of events. lol

Yes, the groaning noise is coming from the Will o Wisps. The song that comes after this one is so raunchy with the lyrics I don't even want to link it lmaooo... look up "The Spider and the Kitsune-Like Lion" at your own risk.

THIS ONE IS MY TOP FAVORITE OF THE ENTIRE SERIES!!! I loved it when I first saw it, but then I found the lyrics and went "WTF... still cool tho"
Idk how to really describe this one...
This one uses Rin's voicebank, but it's my 2nd favorite. Probably the only one that isn't with sexual subtext. lol

The other set of Masa-P songs I liked was from My Seventh Celebration... another series but I only like 3 songs. I have to warn the epileptic not to watch these because the images are both flashing and rotating at the same time almost constantly.

Note from Despair Media: “Asore!”, which I’ve seen translated as “grave”, is actually a simple japanese festival chant, usually used to keep the rhythm of songs and dances. It’s used quite often in the rest of Masa’s songs. “Pussy-willow” is an actual plant.

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