The Strongest
Sep 3, 2015
As the title suggests, this is for confessions, starting with "I confess...."

I'll start.

I confess that I have an interest in Hello Kitty and wants to dive deep in its lore  :joy:


I confess that I will listen to children's songs, and play my old childhood games without a care in the world. I also love watching kids TV shows. Ben 10 (the original one. Not the new one), Sofia the First, etc.
I confess I still own a Plug and Play console solely because of all the NES/Famicom ROMs on it being games I played before I could afford a gamecube system in the 2000s. It's technically illegal, but the consoles themselves wear out pretty quickly due to cheap materials used comoared to the real thing. But I don't own a Famicom to play old arcade games that aren't part of the Namco/Konami library on more modern systems.
I confess to thinking about the worse thanks to my lack of confidence. I also confess to constantly belittling myself and my abilities, always thinking I'm never good enough and I constantly have to be perfect.
I have to make a confession. I like listening to Cardi B. I know it's trash but for some reason, I can't stop listening to her songs :pensive:
I just wrote a 2 page essay an hour before it was due and I know I shouls feel bad for doing it last minute but I kinda feel powerful now.
I admit, I laugh at the silliest shit. Like, things like characters flying out of orbit, some noises and shit like that will make me hollier louder than Whitney Houston.
I confess that while I love jokes, it's always the stupid jokes and puns that make me laugh the hardest. I love stupid jokes, and will laugh about it for hours, possibly even days.
I'm a huge fan of Super Sentai and Power Rangers (well, more Disney than Saban) :wink:
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