The Strongest
Sep 3, 2015
As the title suggests, this is for confessions, starting with "I confess...."

I'll start.

I confess that I have an interest in Hello Kitty and wants to dive deep in its lore  :joy:
I admit that I listen to Selena Gomez. Who's Says is my motherfucking jam  :cool:


I confess that I will listen to children's songs, and play my old childhood games without a care in the world. I also love watching kids TV shows. Ben 10 (the original one. Not the new one), Sofia the First, etc.
I confess I still own a Plug and Play console solely because of all the NES/Famicom ROMs on it being games I played before I could afford a gamecube system in the 2000s. It's technically illegal, but the consoles themselves wear out pretty quickly due to cheap materials used comoared to the real thing. But I don't own a Famicom to play old arcade games that aren't part of the Namco/Konami library on more modern systems.
I confess to thinking about the worse thanks to my lack of confidence. I also confess to constantly belittling myself and my abilities, always thinking I'm never good enough and I constantly have to be perfect.
I have to make a confession. I like listening to Cardi B. I know it's trash but for some reason, I can't stop listening to her songs :pensive:
I just wrote a 2 page essay an hour before it was due and I know I shouls feel bad for doing it last minute but I kinda feel powerful now.
I admit, I laugh at the silliest shit. Like, things like characters flying out of orbit, some noises and shit like that will make me hollier louder than Whitney Houston.
I confess that while I love jokes, it's always the stupid jokes and puns that make me laugh the hardest. I love stupid jokes, and will laugh about it for hours, possibly even days.
I'm a huge fan of Super Sentai and Power Rangers (well, more Disney than Saban) :wink:
I confess the first thing I do when I wake up is open my twitter or tumblr. Like an old crochety man opening the newspaper. Say to myself "let's see what shit is trending on this hellsite today" ... and enjoy it
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