Competition: Night of 100 Frights

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Sep 3, 2015
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Viewer beware.... you're in for a scare!​

It's Halloween!

Welcome, ghouls, ghosts, and all other creatures of the night! For this Art Competition, you will be celebrating the month of October by showing off your creativity for the spookiest month of the year! To do so, this will be an open-ended format in which you may choose anything to draw, so long as it represents good old Halloween spirit! As always, any and all mediums for visual arts are welcome as long as you drew it.​

Indicated by the thread label, this is not a Bob Ross competition, but is the first in the line of the Sylvester Stallone series: more information about that here. Being a Stallone competition, this means that in exchange for not being required to draw according to an assigned prompt and a longer window to complete your piece, you will receive a specially-crafted badge as a reward for winning, but it will not count toward the amount of Bob Ross competitions you have won previously (Meaning it will not count toward your eligibility to receive the Bob Ross badge). ​

In essence, this competition is more on the festive side, so participants who put forth good effort to demonstrate their spirit for Halloween in the piece to the judges (regardless of technical skill) will receive the special badge to add to their Trophy Case. Winner(s) will receive the Night of 100 Frights badge exclusive to this event, so you won't see it again for a long while!  :shutdown:​

From the posting of this thread, participants have until October 31st (Halloween!) at 12 AM PST to submit their work! If you plan to participate or are considering entry, please post in this thread to notify me of how many we will have.​

To submit your work, please use IMGUR.COM or a similarly reliable image hosting site that will not produce a broken image (you do not need an account to upload anything to Imgur). Use spoiler tags to keep your entry from spanning the page: [Spoiler*][/Spoiler] (remove asterisk).​

That's about it! Have fun, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.​
Finally, my favorite holiday and it's a drawing competition... I'll do my best as well!
I guess I'm up first! I decided to take a very old drawing I had and redraw it. It was Halloween Themed so I thought I'd take a shot at it since it's been a few years. I'll put up both the original and the redrawn version. Hope you guys enjoy!


I'm sorry I'm always last minute but I really had trouble coming up with an idea to draw (and executing it).. so have this as a last minute effort so that I can atleast say I tried xD
Hey, you made a gif. I don't know how to even do that with my own drawings tbh :lmao:

Last but not least, here's mine! Can you guess who the Hunter is facing off with?  :eyeballs:

I extended the deadline to Friday for Elio, so the thread won't officially close until then.
Hello!! Thank you for giving me the extension!! Here's my entry! I can't decide if I liked the version with the words or not but regardless!



I wanted to do something that's resembling an old movie poster, and honestly I also wanted to do something romantic with this, I hope you like it!
All of the submissions were great, and I really loved the turnout for this competition! So, everyone will be getting the spiffy spooky badge for our first Sylvester Competition because y'all gave me some great Halloween Spirit! Everyone gets +5 rep for their entry with a quick line of feedback in the comment section of their rep overview. Halloween week was pretty busy for everyone I think especially with the other comps going on, so next time I'll be sure to have actual judges and pick a winner since this one was for the holiday.

Stay tuned for your prizes coming to you in the next day or so! I hope y'all had fun  :katroll:
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