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Sep 3, 2015
Carnage Hero

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“The defense armies are dwindling by the second!” One demon said, shouting to his men behind him; his voice cracked during the sounds of flesh being butchered. “He’s slaughtering everyone in his path! We need the offensive squadron, now!”

Sprays of blood splattered against the stone walls as bodies of red demons with small horns dropped to the marble floor one by one. A man walked through the hallways filled to the brim of death as he swung his blade to his side to remove any bits of body tissues stuck onto it; the red blade has a black line in the middle from the tip to the top of the hilt. After walking some distance, the man stopped upon hearing footsteps from a vast number of enemies stomping on the ground rushing to his location.

The red-horned demons were armed with weapons designed to tear a human’s body apart limb by limb. One of them rallied out a war cry to lead a charge against the intruder, whom entered their fortress deep in the green, thick forest, by overwhelming him through sheer numbers on their side at once. The man clenched his hand on the hilt and bolted towards the massive horde as his blade is parallel to the ground.

He thrust his blade forward, jabbing straight through a red demon’s skull, coming out to the other side of his head. The red-horned demons did not become unnerved by witnessing the instant death of one of their comrades, as a dozen of them surrounded the single man with spears, lunging their weapons at his torso. Yet, the spears slithered off against the metal plate on the man’s body, causing their bodies to move shift and lose their balance.

The man raised his blade in the air and gave it a hard flick to his right side, launching the pierced red demon off his blade towards the staggered ones. As the demons collapsed on the floor, the man placed his left foot forward as his raised the blade above his head, then striking downward to the ground. The sheer pressure of the swing created a powerful wave of sharp wind, slicing through the front of the horde and turning them into chunks of meats. He arched over, slowly raising his head to see the bodies collapse on the floor as more of the horde from the back continued to push forward. He smiled, please with more action coming straight for him.

Deep in the fortress, behind the great wooden doors, exist a room filled with beautiful artifacts and treasures spread everywhere. In the middle, lies the ruler of the domain sitting on the throne made of human bones. He was a large demon with a human-like appearance, that had pale skin and long, black smooth hair. His eyes were glistering crimson red, with sharp fangs and pointy ears. He turned to the jester, a small, red demon that wore gaudy, bright colored attire standing beside him. He had a blue and red Fool’s hat with a single bell on the end of its point and blue, pointy shoes. The jester noticed his lord looking at him.

“What is it, Lord Zyster?” The jester asked.

“Jester… the Chosen one has finally come to my domain.” Zyster said, hearing the screams of agony ring through the halls of his fortress. “I was preparing for his arrival… but to think that he was able to fight his way through thousands of Demons with ease… this is a notable feat.”

“Yes, Lord Zyster…. The Chosen one is a formidable opponent, as to be expected from the man chosen by the Gods.” The jester answered. “Zyster, if you defeat the Chosen one, you will gain a huge surge of popularity with the Demon society, especially the other Demon lords. Perhaps even the Demon Duke will resign the title to you. Considering your skill, and the skill of the chosen one… you are vastly superior in both combat experience and magic. Regardless of him defeating our armies, there is a reason why you are his first challenge, and it will be his last. You should not be concerned, my lord.”

Zyster let out a small laugh at the jester’s encouraging comments about the Demon Duke passing his title onto him. He was amused of the jester’s words but felt the sincerity in his statements. “Good… then the screams of agony of my dying men will not be in vain. Their sacrifice will be a worthy cause to boost our kingdom to a new level.” Zyster’s nails dug into the back of the human skulls where his arms were resting on.

The gigantic wooden door opened just slightly, revealing to be one of the red-horned demons sliding his way in. He was covered in the flesh of his comrades, with his eyes in distraught as he rushes to the Lord and his jester. He fell before their feet, unable to speak properly when he lifted himself up from the floor. “My… Lord…. They… all of them…” Tears formed around his eyes; his hands shook in terror. He fell, once again, on his knees, placing his hand over his stomach.

“You do not need to speak, my child.” Zyster interrupted him. “The chosen one is a powerful opponent… I will handle the rest once he gets to my chambers here. You don’t need to risk your life anymore.”

“No…! You don’t understand. We’re not dealing with the chosen one!” The red-horned demon cried out. Zyster and the jester both stared at each other with confusion on their faces. “We don’t know who this guy is!”

“What?” Zyster said.

The gigantic door was kicked opened by the man from earlier, covered in blood and guts, as he walked in the room. He held a demon’s head on one hand with his blade on the other, as he made his way to the middle of the room, heading towards the throne. The red demon rushed behind the throne, as the Lord and his jester stared at the man with utter ambiguity. An unknown man had appeared in their domain and trouncing their powerful forces with ease.

The jester step forward, positioning himself in front of Zyster. “Who’re you?” He stared at the man. He was considerably older, perhaps in his late twenties. He was black, had a large, black wavy afro-textured hair and brown eyes. By glance, he was tall, around 1.8 meters, and based on the way he swung that sword, it was clear he was an athletic man. He wore a white tee, fitted him perfectly, with black pants and sneakers.

The blood-covered man stopped with just mere inches from the jester and dropped the head on the floor. “Well, I never really thought of a name for myself, but I had been referred as…” He raised his right foot over the head and stomp it with considerable amount of force. “Carnage Hero.” Carnage Hero raised his blade upwards slightly towards the lord, the jester being just mere inches away from the blade. “Where’s the princess?”

Jester looked down towards the floor to see Carnage Hero raised his bloody foot from the splattered remains of the head. He was disgusted of what he had done. “Carnage… Hero?” Jester was unfamiliar with the name as he backed away from the blade.

Zyster, on the other hand, held his composure. He observed the bloody warrior and noted that there were no noticeable marks on his body, not even scratches. How can anyone, other than individuals who holds the title of hero, managed to butcher his army in the extent like this? He checked for any notable items he had on his possessions. He had no visible armor nor helmet, carrying nothing more than a blade, a strange gauntlet attached on his left hand and a bag around his torso. “You’re clearly no average man.”

The lord stood up from his throne after his observations. Zyster’s red eyes glowed brilliantly; his hands rapidly transformed as razor-sharp claws and increased in size. The jester stepped out of the way, realizing that his lord was preparing for battle. “Carnage Hero… You are certainly strong in your own right, but your little charade ends here. I’ll consider this as a warm-up before the chosen one arrives.”

“Guess you’re just going to ignore my question.” Carnage Hero swung his blade to remove the bits of flesh that stuck onto it.

“Come at me.”

Zyster was several meters taller than the Carnage Hero. He raised his right hand, extending it wide, with a grim expression on his face. “You’ll taste the anger of all of my men you slaughtered.” Streams of red-light flow from his right hand as he did an immediate strike towards Carnage Hero’s chest, but the tip of his claws snapped off upon impact on the metal plate hidden underneath his shirt. His eyes widened as the burning sensation rushed to his fingers, flaring up discomfort. Zyster shrieked, pulling back his arm, but Carnage Hero grabbed it, pulling him forward instead.

Everything happening so quickly, Zyster felt a gush of blood pouring out, and a sudden rush of pain radiating even more than his injured claws. He looked down, realizing that his right arm had been chopped off. He shouted upon the revelation, instinctively reached for the stump to prolong the bleeding. He tried to move back, but his foot hit the back of the step towards his throne, falling backwards onto the chair. Zyster opened his eyes, locking onto the eyes of Carnage Hero, who was making his way towards him, tightening the grip on the hilt of his blade.

“Jester!” Zyster cried out to him.

The jester narrowed his eyes in shock, seeing the distraught his lord was in. In a fury of emotions on protecting him, he raised his right foot and stomp the ground to create an echo of sound within the chambers. This did not deter the Carnage Hero, who started to run towards the lord with his blade, parallel to the ground, with intent to slice him in half. The jester clapped his hands once and created a barrier surrounding Carnage Hero. It was a dense barrier that grows stronger through each echo as the jester stomp his feet. Within the barrier, sharp needles form, targeting the malicious man in all directions. Jester raised his hands in the air, coiling his fingers, able to control the movements of the needles. He clenched his hands tightly as a motion to initiate all the needles at once to tear Carnage Hero’s flesh apart.

Yet, the orb on Carnage Hero’s gauntlet started to glow brightly, causing the needles to vanish in thin air. It let out a pulse of energy around him, shattering the barrier into pieces. It surprised the Jester that his magic was dispelled quickly. Without hesitation, the Carnage Hero motion his blade by raising it slightly above his right shoulder and sliced Zyster’s upper torso diagonally clean. Zyster’s pupils narrowed, his mouth became bloated before blood came out of his mouth, nose and ears.

His upper torso slid off from his body, crashing onto the ground near the jester; the latter, along with the red demon cowering in fear, screamed in horror.

“My lord!” The Jester tried to approach his fallen lord, but Carnage Hero pushed him out of the way and jammed his sword through Zyster’s skull, twisting it multiple times.

“Alright…” He removed the blade from his head, then proceeding to stomp it with his foot multiple times. “Where is the princess?” He asked the jester. “And you better answer my question.”

“T-there is no princess! We never had a princess!” The jester answered as tears start to drip from his face. He was holding the body of his fallen lord in his hands.

“Huh?” The Carnage Hero looked around in the chambers. “Are you sure? I was told that the princess was being held in the castle of Lord Cluster.”

The jester’s eyes enlarged with confusion. He turned his head faintly at Carnage Hero. “No… what… this isn’t even the Cluster Kingdom. You… this is the Zyster Kingdom…!” Jester held onto the body tighter. He was on the verge of vomiting. “You… you came in here, without even knowing where you were?!”

“Oh, this is the Zyster Kingdom…?” Carnage Hero scratched his head. “I see… so I came here for nothing.” He looked around, seeing the bloody mess he made. “Well, I’m already this deep in this anyways, so I might as well finish the job.” Carnage Hero raised his blade slightly above the Jester.

Few hours had passed and the fortress of Lord Zyster was laid to waste. It was a bloodbath in all counts, void of all life except for Carnage Hero, and the red demon was still cowering in fear. “There a lot of neat items they have here.” Carnage Hero was ravaging through all the items in the chambers after he finished decimating mostly everything in the fortress. A shining object caught his attention, so picked it up, revealing to be a golden coin. “Cut perfectly… this is worth a lot.” Golden coins of this quality are usually rare, but not surprising considering that the Kingdom was profiting off human resources. Carnage Hero heard birds singing in harmony; he looked up at the windows, seeing that the skies were clear, bright and blue. “If I make haste to the Cluster Kingdom, I can make it before nightfall.”

The red demon behind the throne saw a spear near the beheaded jester. His eyes were riddled with anger, so he grabbed it to avenge his fallen brethren. He poked his head out once, seeing that Carnage Hero was still preoccupied with looting through their goods.

Taking this distraction as an opportunity to make a move, the red-demon placed his right hand two-thirds from the middle point of the spear for the right balance. Using his fingers to grasps the shaft of the spear, as his thumb rides along the bottom, he held a tight grip. A similar stream of red light from his hand coated the spear as the demon positioned himself by holding it above his eyes; he took one step forward towards the target to begin his momentum. After crossing several meters, he pulled his arm back behind his head, then twist his hips forward as he launched the bladed weapon at Carnage Hero. The more distance it cross, the coated energy became bigger from the build-up of wind pressure.

Yet, Carnage Hero stood up promptly, turning around and catching the coated spear with his left hand. “Too bad for you…” Carnage Hero snapped the spear in half as the gauntlet release another pulse of energy to remove the coated energy around it. The red demon’s eyes were wide; his face went from anger to terror; his body shook in horror that his efforts were in vain. As Carnage Hero approached him with his blade touching the tip of his skull, the red demon fell on his knees, unable to do anything.

“Why are you doing this!?” Red demon shouted at him.

“I’m here to save the princess and get some ass.” Carnage Hero pulled his arm back and drove the blade through its head.
“My lords, the Chosen one begun his journey a while ago. His story will determine the fate of us Demons and our right to live in this world.” Said Lord Cluster, a giant, insectoid creature. He had a large human head with a white beard; wrinkles on his forehead with liver spots around his temple. His body contained around 125 segments, each of them bearing a single pair of legs. Cluster had his body coiled up to avoid taking up space in the Demon’s Chambers. “I wager that we make our move and strike him down while he’s currently just a beginner. My lords, we should not wait around for the Chosen one to strike us down one by one. I wager an immediate action for the Chosen one’s death.” He turned to the Demon Lord on his right, Fangs, for her response.

“I have to agree with Lord Cluster and urged the rest of my peers to consider this solution.” Fangs voiced out in approval. “If we eliminate him right now, before he gains too much strength, then we don’t have to worry about humans forming rebellions, and our species continues to remain absolute. If one of us go after him, his defeat is very much guaranteed.” Fangs was tall, around 3.8 meters; she had purple-skin, two large horns on the side of her head. She wore a white and black fur coat made of Chinchilla fur, specially made mittens made of human hair and leather boots with tiny diamond fragments sparkled across the front. She rest her hands on the round table, the other ten Demon lords nodding their heads in agreement. “Demon Duke… you called us here because you have some concerns about the Chosen one as well. Humans in our kingdoms are letting out their war cries, and battle will be inevitable. Surely, you agree with Cluster’s mindset?”

All the Demon Lords turned their attention to the Demon Duke sitting in the largest chair of the round table. In comparison to the other Demon Lords, he was the biggest one. He had three large horns, one on each side of his head, and one on the back. He had large muscle mass across his body, but wears a long, white coat. His eyes were jaded green, with red, jagged skin. “The feelings of courage is growing among the humans, now that they have a savior that will free them from our control. If we strike him down now, we will crush those courageous hearts for good, and the heroes will dwindle in numbers.” The Demon Duke had a rough voice but spoke in an elegant manner. “Fangs, Cluster, killing him now is the best solution for this problem. In fact, I already requested Zyster to handle the case before calling this meeting.”

All the Demon Lords turned to one another, aware that Zyster was not present in the meeting. Fangs was slightly bothered by his revelation. “If you already decided on this, then why call forth this meeting? Some of us have a kingdom to run and I, personally, don’t like to have my time wasted on things decided without the need of my input.”

The Demon Duke raised his index finger, waving it back and forth. “Zyster is coming to the chambers with the head of the Chosen one in his hands.” He boasted with confidence. “We will stick it onto a pike to use as a symbol to break the fragility of humans. I already ordered the photographer to commemorate this moment forever, and broadcast across several medium. Is that enough reason for you to see why I call this meeting?”

Fangs, taken aback by this, nodded, left being impressed that the Demon Duke thought this ahead. “Well, I’ll be damn.”
Cluster’s legs started to jitter, hearing footsteps coming from meters away. “Someone is coming to this room. I assumed that is Lord Zyster with the head?”

The Demon Duke had a big smile on his face. “Speak of the devil. My fellow lords, let’s rise to congratulate his efforts.” The Demon Duke, along with the rest of the Demon Lords, stood up from their chairs, turning to the large door.

The doors to the chambers of the Demon Lords burst opened in a dramatic fashion. The backend of the door slammed onto the wall, making the various landscape paintings around the room rumbled. A blue cyclops fell to the ground on his knees; he was sweating, breathing heavily and his eyes widened in terror. He whipped his head upward, trying to muster out a sentence to his superiors. “My lords… we have urgent news. Lord Zyster was killed!”

The Demon Duke’s eyes enlarged in shock; the Demon Lords all reacted simultaneously.

Fangs almost fell backward to her chair, holding herself up on the table. She wanted reconfirmation of the information the cyclops had relay on them. “Are you saying the Chosen One had killed Zyster?!”

“Yes...!” The cyclops’ cried out. “We were expecting Zyster a few hours ago to prepare his grand entrance, so we made some calls at the Zyster Kingdom, but there was no line. So, my supervisor asked me and a few others to go out there and see what was taking him so long. When we arrived… we saw nothing but death and ruin. Everything was torched, nothing was left in the Fortress. We went digging to find any clues of a battle.” He placed his hands over his mouth to keep himself from vomiting after remembering such vivid memory. “We found Zyster’s body… reduced to mincemeat.”

The Demon Duke was stunned; unable to think of words to say anything after that. He sat back down, trying to process this information in.

“We tried to find more clues of the situation, but we had to leave the area quickly due to the humans quickly flooding the place. They were singing songs that a Hero had vanquished Zyster. The Chosen one… all the demons, the Jester… Zyster, all of them…”

The Demon lords became worried—if the chosen one was able to take down Zyster despite starting his journey recently, then striking him would be foolish. Zyster was powerful and held an incredible force of magic and battle knowledge. For the chosen one to destroyed him left a bad taste in their mouths.

“Do you have any whereabouts on the chosen one’s next location?” Fangs spoke up.

“Just before we left, we got a group of adventures preparing themselves, stating to go to the Cluster Kingdom. He’s destined to arrive on the human village on the outskirts of the Kingdom.” The Cyclops replied.

Cluster went pale after hearing that his kingdom was the Chosen one’s next path. He turned to the Demon Duke. “Uh, can I be excused? I need to hurry back to my kingdom if he’s heading to my domain next.” He started to sweat and became jittery; his body rattled away, itching to get out of this meeting. The Demon Duke nodded and waved his hand as a motion to dismissed everyone. Wasting no time, the Demon lords rushed out of the room to return to their domain.

The Demon Duke turned to the cyclops and moved his index finger for him to meet him face-to-face. “Gather your investigators, we’re going to the Kingdom of Zyster.” He demanded.

Nightfall arrived with the full moon shining on in the thick forest.

Carnage Hero traveled three hours of walking after departing from the Fortress. No way to tell if he’s any closer of getting out of this dreadful sea of trees, he was looking for a spot to rest for a few minutes. His stomach was growling loudly, since the last time he had a bite to eat was this morning, so he stopped and sat down on the floor. Walking on an empty stomach will be fatal and reduced his stamina.

Without hesitating, he placed his blade near him as he sat down. He opened his bag and pulled out 3 food rations along with a bottle of water to start his must-need dinner. Peeling the top back, he dug his bare hands into the cooked meats, fish and some bits of rice mixed in between. One bite after another,  Carnage Hero chomped away with delight. It was his favorite kind of food. Easy to stack up and doesn’t need much preparation.

He stopped for a moment and took a dip of water to drown his food down his throat. After satisfying his thirst, he stared at the moon in a daze. “I killed a lot of people today, and yet, still no closer to my goal. I need to make sure I have the right information this time.” Carnage Hero’s ears picked up sounds of cool, but heavy crunches on the grass nearby. He grabbed onto his blade and took a stand, knowing that there was an someone watching him. He looked around and saw no visible bodies, but the crunches persists.

“You can come out now. Your heavy footprints gave you away.”

A single, green ogre came out, dragging a large axe on the ground. “You have good hearing.”

“Got business with me? I’m having a delicious meal here.”

“Well, my buddies and I were just heading back to our little hideout after doing trivial things here and there, and we noticed a human sitting around like there’s nothing going on. You smelt of rotten flesh…” The ogre was large with a large stomach, arms and legs. His head was bit on a small size, but his build seems to make up for it. “Humans aren’t supposed to be around here, you know.” He lick his lips after checking Carnage Hero’s body from top to bottom. “But we can let things go if you come with us without resistance.”

Carnage Hero stared at him without giving him an immediate respond. He turned his head slightly, seeing that several large shadow figures taking their positions around him to prevent escape. Carnage Hero returned his look to the ogre in front of him.

“Yeah, you’re definitely smart to know your predicaments. Let’s go…”

Carnage Hero narrowed his eyes and smiled excitedly. “Sorry, I’ll pass.”

The ogre shrugged his shoulders and let out a small chuckle after hearing his response. “I guess calling you smart was a bit of an overestimation on my part.” The demon raised his heavy axe over his head and swiftly hurled it towards Carnage Hero with precision, aiming to brute force his way by splitting his skull opened.

Carnage Hero unsheathed half of his blade from the scabbard as he raises it above his head to block the incoming axe. The two collided, the almighty strength from the ogre generated a powerful impact, causing Carnage Hero’s feet to sink a few inches down on the ground. His body felt like a boulder landed on him, but his expression remains the same: excitement beaming from his face at the height of the battle unfolding itself.

Force in position, several ogres rushed out from the shadows with small daggers in their hands to attack Carnage Hero from different direction. Despite their massive sizes, they could run short distances at a fast pace, crossing several meters in a few seconds. Carnage Hero pivoted on heel on the ground and shifting his body left, causing the main ogre’s weight to shift alongside with him. He crashed on the ground as Carnage Hero drew the rest of his blade out, slicing from the chest area, cutting him in half vertically.

Blood dripping down from the top to the hilt as Carnage Hero bare his teeth as he set his tights at one of the speedy ogres. They’re slimmer than the green one with the axe. They are red, slimmer in terms of shapes, but their legs were exceptional built, simply made for running short and long distances quickly. Closing the gap, the first red ogre lunge his dagger forward to hit Carnage Hero on the side in between his ribcage.

Carnage Hero moved in as well, snapping his arm forward in one swift motion, extending two fingers to reach the red ogre’s eyes. The red ogre felt his eyes sinking within his skull, completely forgetting that he had the dagger in his hand. By instinct, he quickly went to cover his eyes with his hands as fell to forward, Carnage Hero stepping out of the way. The other red ogre, attempted to stab him from behind, crashed onto the first one and landed on the ground.

“Ah! Get off!” The second red ogre screamed at the first.

“Too bad…” Carnage Hero approached the two, holding onto his blade tightly.

“Wait! Don’t you realized what you have done!? You killed one of our broth—” Red ogre had his mouth full, with the blade shoving through, exiting out the back of his throat. His words became gibberish; eyes became bloodshot red as they began to roll back.

Carnage Hero gently pulled his blade out of the monster’s mouth. He looked at the other one, still grieving from the pain in his eyes. He stabbed him multiple times on the back to ensure that he was dead. “Ogres around… need to keep going if I want to finish my damn meal. Alright… this way is the Cluster Kingdom.” He took a deep breath and walked away from the slaughter.

Hours had passed.

The eyeless ogre was still breathing, managing to survive multiple stabs from the back. Sensing that Carnage Hero was no longer present. He held up his thumb and blew it, causing his ears to create a silent whistle that spread throughout the forest. In response, a sudden horde of ogres arrived in masses, attending to the fallen comrades.

The leader of the Ogres, Smokeface, was the smallest of the ogres. He was blue, had 4 small horns on his shoulder blades and wears a fur coat over his head. He carries around a small dagger and a small firearm in his holster. Smokeface crouched down to the eyeless red ogre. “What happened?” 

“We saw a human that smelt of rotten flesh sitting around. We had to capture him to bring back as food for our feasts, but he… he’s a monster. He sliced us down with no empathy, and thoroughly enjoyed the rush of battle.” The red ogre said. “His skills was phenomenal, like we’re fighting someone with a rank of Hero.”

“Rank Hero…” Smokeface rubbed his chin. “And where has he gone?”

“He was mumbling something about heading to the Cluster Kingdom.”

“Thank you.” Smokeface stood up and turned to the rest of the ogres. “Take him back to our quarters for medical attention."

“What should we do, Sir?” One of them spoke out.

“We need to head there on the break of dawn to avenge our comrades. Let’s head back.”

All the ogres nodded and head back to their quarters. Smokeface turned to the fallen ogres that had their bodies sliced. The green one was cut vertically, but his legs were sliced and diced into pieces. He noticed that the eyeless ogre was repeatedly stabbed. “This is no amateur, this is the work of the Chosen one. It as the news says, a monstrous human that destroys anything in sight."

At the edge the forest, Carnage Hero exited from the sea of trees, seeing nothing more than a barren wasteland. He looked ahead, seeing light with smokes traveling upwards in the sky. This is the indication of a human village, a place where Carnage Hero can finally rest and finished his delicious meal.
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