Birthday Bash: Happy Birthday ~ Z ~!

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Sep 3, 2015

Hey! Trainer Z is ready for the party!


As the introduction of the Birthday Bash, we have another Birthday Basher and it’s dedicated to a very special someone who holds a great deal in my heart, ~ Z ~!​

~ Z ~,

It’s been over 5 years since we started dating, yet it feels like it’s far longer than that. How can I come to such conclusion? As long as I remember, from the first time we’ve met, there was never a day where we have not spoken to one another. There hadn’t been a day where we never at each other side. There was never a day, not once, when forget to acknowledge each other’s existence. Every day, Z, I always think of you, as you think of me. Because of your love, I want to show off my gratitude for your dedication and showering me with your love by showering you with mines, by transforming the entire forum to your favorite colors, including the banner, header, avatar, and signature for an entire week. I believe this is a start to show off my love and passion for you.

~ Z ~,

You are the sweetest person I’ve ever met in my lifetime. Not only that you’re sweet, but you’re kindhearted and always try to be sensitive to other people’s feelings, because you want them to feel warm inside. You have a strong personality, a personality that does not tolerate nonsense. This does not make you insensitive. This makes you a real person who able to tell others how it is without a shade of lying. You have a personality that allows a conversation to happen, because of your funny and whack nature. Despite being a little shorty, you have a big heart.

~ Z ~,

And let’s talk about comedy. Often times, you tell me that I’m the funniest person you have ever met because of my crude sense of humor. Has anyone ever tell you that you’re the same? The jokes you pull out of your head often times leave me speechless—of how obscure the joke is that even darker than I can think of and would leave me floor in laughter. Hell, you managed to turn Skylar into the literal meme because of the jokes you pull out of his faces in the photos I’ve taken of him. Oh and Skylar really likes you! If someone ever tells you that you’re not funny, it’s clear as day that they simply have no taste. I always love the moments where we would purposely try to annoy each other the hardest, see who can crack first. Every laughter you get out of me is something I cherish and it helps us grow closer than ever.


~ Z ~,

Have you ever noticed that we share a lot of the same interests? Pokemon, Mario, Overwatch, One-Punch Man, Mob Psycho, heck, we even share the same birthday (how crazy is that?)! You’re always fun to play around, even at the most intense card battle, Uno, always leaves me in the boiling point as we try to out-wit each other to win. The thrill of challenges, the passion of fun, and the best of all spend it with you, is always, always, and warms my heart. Even in Overwatch, if I managed to kill you, I always have this in my mind.


Not only do we like the same things, we also have similar hobbies, such as drawings, writing stories and the like. I remember countless nights where we just fling each other with ideas to help construct our stories and iron out all the details. You gave me the confidence to draw and write, as I hope I did the same for you. 

~ Z ~,

The time we spent together in real life, such as Las Vegas (twice) and your time here in California, are the best days of my life. I would never forget all the wonderful times we spent together, hugging, cuddling, walking through amusement parks, talking pictures in Hollywood, holding baby snecks (they’re harmless!) and eating at fancy restaurants. Remember the Black Angus, where we both dress up nicely as we eat the very delicious Filet mignon? Z, I want to you, that your company had truly impacted my life. 

Before you came into my life, I was a loner who rarely speaks. I was a person who never has the confidence in myself because I consider myself as “inferior” to others due to being different (disability). Yet, you managed to change that. You managed to make see pass it. I know sometimes I often deflect those compliments you say about my appearance, but I do appreciate that you think of me as that. I truly do. You’re one of the best people I had ever met in my life and I vowed you to be considered as a true friend and a little sister. Don’t let anyone put you down. Fight them back and stay gold.  You are my equal, your soulmate, and you are my wife. Yes, you can consider this as a proposal for marriage :maybe: 

~ Z ~, the Boogaloo Crews wished you the very best birthday and hope you had an awesome day and an awesome week.

Z, I love you, with all my heart. I personally wish you a very special birthday. I hope that we continue this journey together and beat off all the possibilities and shall nothing stop us.  :dovey:

With all the Love and Care,​

[align=right]ShineCero and the Boogaloo Crews!


Under these spoilers are some things that you might find interesting! I wonder what can they be...? :think:


Arriving 5 PM PDT

Arriving 5 PM PDT
Happy birthday, Z! You're one cool cat ^_^ And Shine, that happy birthday post was adorable. Z should love it.
I wished both of you guys Happy Birthday on the actual day, but since school is whooping my bum, I still haven't finished my gifts. I have the greatest work ethic, clearly. B| So! I'm posting this here and then gonna edit in my pictures once I finish them so I don't awkwardly bump a closed thread later  :fan:

I'm getting cavities from all this cutesy sweetness going on B| XDD

Happy Birthday, Shine and Z! You guys are like my big siblings/family, so I really hope y'all got to enjoy your birthdays!! 
Of course since you both are my friends AND birthday bongos, it is only fair to present a gift from me to each of you  :heeheee: So hold onto your socks for what's coming!!  :wagh:
What's this!? A gift for the imp!?!!?!!​
The Egg Boy!!! He brought along some friends!
I want to thank everyone who posted and said happy birthday to me. This was the best birthday I ever had and I felt so happy when I got to spend it with all of you guys. You are all the best and I feel like you all make this birthday worth while. I couldn't ask for better friends.

As for you, Shine... ur ghey. B|

I'm kidding. I love you with a passion and you know it, especially when I went over there and spent my time with you. I accept your odd proposal for marriage and hope we end up being together forever. We're still 5+ years and stronger than ever and we'll keep going until I can finally move over there. 

All in all, this year was the best thanks to you all. Truthfully, I never felt so accepted by everyone here but now I know that I can call you guys my friends. Thank you so much for lifting me.
It's certainly no problem, ~ Z ~! You deserved all the bits of happiness for being such a wonderful, awesome person! Did I also forget to mention that you're my special, beautiful person? I hope you had a very special birthday, and, despite the Hurricane Irma, have a lovely week as well! As of today, with the special week extension by 1 week during the crisis of Irma, I'm glad that you are safe and sound. Let's celebrate that you will continue to have an awesome year, and hope that you will come to California soon! No matter where you turn, your friends and especially I, will alway be there to help you. :hug:


Once again, happy birthday! 

Until next time, stay gold.

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