Birthday Bash: Happy Birthday, LoopyPanda!

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Sep 3, 2015

[align=center]Gather all the Blood Echoes and Celebrate Loopy's Birthday!


Another year went by incredibly fast! Once again, our beloved friend, LoopyPanda, is celebrating her birthday! Now she had reached the age of 21~! The age 21 is a magical number for you to explore the fruits of adulthood! It does not mean work or college, nor the occasional drinking, but able to fully be recognized as an adult, although you will always be the same little sassy kiddo we all know and love!​


Once again, the LoopyPanda theme returns for the week, but this time, it is a bit different to show how much I valued your friendship. As always, the LoopyPanda theme was originally a permanent theme, but I decided to make it a special occasion that happens on your birthday—which I think is the best way to show our gratitude for you!


You always had been the one person that always listen to people’s problems, advise them to be better and never eyed them down in wrong. You are the sweetest people I have ever met. You are kind, caring and your down-to-earth attitude always brings in a fresh air in the conversation. Why? It is because you are leveled headed, calm—yet sassy and spicy enough to bring in the truth when needed. You are not just a tough little nugget. You’re a sweet, kind and talented little tough nugget. If I were to make a comparison, you’ll like a spicy starburst. Sweet, yet spicy, but enough to burn your tongue… unless it is needed :maybe:


You have a big heart and lots of love to give—sometimes, too much to give! I want you to realize your own potential, your own self-worth. You do not live for the expense of others; you live your life in order to fulfill the happiness of your own. Never settle for less, always fight for what you desired! Never sell yourself short for anything, my friend. Everybody is special and that includes you! :glomp:



If anyone has ever put you down, just know that ~ Z ~ and I always have your back. No one gets away with making you felt lowered—you have wants and desires, and you deserved such? You know why that is the case Loopy? It is because you are one of the funniest people who always have a joke up ready for any response. You know how to break the ice in cold conversation—heck, you even managed to get I, who sworn to never speak to anyone outside of my family and Z, to talk with ya. You’ll be good to go when you have friends of all kinds to back you up. You're fun to play with, including Overwatch, Pokemon and any other thing. You are an excellent writer, an excellent motivator; all and all, you're are just super, duper fun!

The dream of yours
The path of yours
The spirit of yours
Open up them all
And show me
Becoming one
Crystal power


You are the greatest, funniest, kindest, and sweetest people I can know. I considered you to be a true friend and a little sister. Don’t let anyone put you down. Fight them back and stay gold. It's :pimp:

LoopyPanda, from ~ Z ~, I and the rest of the Boogaloo Crews, I wished you the very best birthday and hope you had an awesome day and an awesome week!


With all the Love and Care,​

[align=right]ShineCero and ~ Z ~ and the Boogaloo Crews!

Under these spoilers are some interesting things that you might find interesting! I wonder what they are….

Available on Friday

Available on Friday

Available on Friday

To Loopy, my favorite little Panda.

In all the time I've known you, you have always been such a fantastic friend! I really can't ask for a better friend because I know they don't exist or even come close to matching what you have done for me. I was always hesitant about telling people my problems and showing my emotions to people, but I feel very comfortable around you. I genuinely feel like you care and won't pass me off with some fake answer. Thanks to you, I had a massive drop in stress (thanks to that journal idea you gave me), and I've been able to cope with my feelings better. 

You are the funniest person I have spoken to in such a long time. Your jokes are perfectly timed, and you always catch me and Shine off guard. How you manage to sound and say funny stuff is beyond me. You have grown so much in the time we spend talking to you! It's still funny when your little brother comes in your room and all we do is post your reactions while listening to him annoy you. I always crack up!

In Overwatch, you have passed me and even Shine! You know how to play a mean Mercy and an even meaner Moira. I like your style because you tend to play different heroes and give everything a shot! Maybe you'll be in the top 500 players of Playstation? Well, know that Shine and I will be there to back you up! Hopefully, later in the day, we should totally play Overwatch to help you get that new D.Va skin. I kinda wanna get the new Zen skin so we can help each other out.

All in all, you really are a wonderful person and I would be damned if I let anyone hurt you. I look at you like the little sister I always wanted and I always want to protect you and make you smile. I even talk with Shine about how to bring you to Disneyland (when he and I are settled) and spend a week just doing fun stuff. We always say how it would be a million times better if you were around because of how funny everything would be. I mean, Shine and I found a bunch of cute stuff on purpose and talked about you constantly just to show you that we really care about you. We just really want you to have a ton of fun wherever you go and wherever you are. 

We are dead serious about bringing you over for a week tho'. We gotta do this at least once.  :heh:

WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH LOOPY. You are more to us than just a friend, you are precious to us and you will always be so. Just know that when you ever feel sad or upset, have a bad day, even get mad at us, we will never leave your side. You are a person I am willing to protect with my life. You mean so much to me that I cry or get angry if anything happens to you and I try to stop/fix the problem. I even made you as a character in my Shiro story! Not many people can say they are part of my stories, not even Shine. 

In conclusion: Don't ever worry about being alone, you will always have me and Shine by your side no matter what. We will go through thick and thin to make sure you're okay. We will always love you, don't ever forget that!


Here's a tissue in case you need one from reading all this (ghey) stuff.
Sorry for not replying to these last night, I had a long day of celebrating :lmao:

It was hard to read these without getting a little emotional about it... I'm very sentimental you see  :katcry: But really, I felt very happy and even a little bit sad reading such heartfelt messages. I felt happy to be valued as a friend so much, even family because of how close we are as friends now. But the distance makes it hard... alas, only crushing nubs in Overwatch is one of the few ways the internet lets us spend time outside of chatrooms. Thankfully, I enjoy that activity very much, so I can't complain! Especially how fun you both make the game for me (it's not very fun by myself lol).

And how funny it was that I was solo queue'd for Quickplay today and find out Z ended up in my team by surprise! I had to do a double-take when I saw her name pop up in the kill feed, thinking it was my imagination running wild with me. Maybe that's the universe's funny way of showing how we'll always have each other's backs...

Now I'm feeling sappy and sentimental again.  :kattears:

Anyhoo, I thank everyone once more for the birthday wishes yesterday on here and discord (and anywhere else you can find me)  :heart:
Viva la Crew!
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