Birthday Bash: Happy Birthday, LoopyPanda!

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Sep 3, 2015


Tactical Birthday Activated


Well, today marks the day of our beloved friend, LoopyPanda! This is the first “Birthday Bash” thread that I have personally started. The idea began when I was making the transition of cutting down most themes and keep just two (with a Night Vision), back at sometimes September of last year. I wanted to celebrate a birthday in a rather big way, and what’s way to do with by starting off with the Administration (and possibly, if allowed, the rest of the Moderation team)?​


Remember the Hello Kitty theme I created for you during the baby stages of Boogaloo, but was removed when I was making the changes on the forum? Don’t think I forgot that. There was a reason why I told you, that the theme would come back, I would give you the heads up. Well, what better way to give you a head up by changing the header and logo of the forum, as well as your avatar and signature, on your very special day. I never told anyone this, not even ~ Z ~ because I wanted to make sure it would come at such a surprise. A surprise that would leave you speechless. It’s why I was working tireless nights along with ~ Z ~ to value all the support and suggestions from members to have a good time. What better way to show off my gratitude, by dedicated the board to you for the entire week.


You’re not just one of the sweetest person I’ve ever met. You’re kind, caring, and a person that anyone can come to whenever they’re in the slums. Your down-to-earth attitude always brings the breath of fresh air in any conversations, rarely have I ever see you backed down on anything. That goes to show, that you’re not just one little tough nugget. You’re a sweet and talented little tough nugget.


I recall plenty of times where your jokes would often leave Z and I nearly choking for air because of how you say it. The timing, the way you structure your jokes and the precision of it all, would leave us such a state, often times, we had to stop responding because we’re afraid we’re going to die from laughing. Heck, we managed to turn my Dog, Skylar, into a literal meme doge!
Godspeed, Loopy, Godspeed.



Not only you’re funny, but you’re fun to hang out with. Plenty of times of whenever we played Overwatch for hours, Cards against Humanity or just good ol’ fashion gooftalk on Discord voice chat, you always, always bring something fresh to the table. Hell, you managed to get me to come out of my comfort zone and say something, a reality that I never even dreamed of doing!

If anyone has anything negative to say about you, you can guarantee that I’ll be on their asses, if ~ Z ~ hadn’t already gotten her licks in first (Mama Bear’s wrath is nothing to look down on!).


You’re one of the best people I had ever met in my life and I vowed you to be considered as a true friend and a little sister. Don’t let anyone put you down. Fight them back and stay gold. :pimp:

LoopyPanda, from ~ Z ~, I and the rest of the Boogaloo Crews, I wished you the very best birthday and hope you had an awesome day and an awesome week.

With all the Love and Care,​
ShineCero and ~ Z ~ and the Boogaloo Crews!

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Present incoming by ~ Z ~ in coming days
Happy birthday my child!!! You are the best person to have ever come into my life and I truly mean that! You're the sweetest and funniest person I have ever met. I hope that this birthday is your best one yet because next year I promise we'll give you something even better! I love you so much Loopy! Have a very happy and awesome birthday!!!


- Love, Mama Z
Sorry I'm a bit late to this jamboree but, I think it's time for a little celebratory message.

In fact I would like to say, you've touched the lives of several people here, who would be in worse condition, if not for you, you egg.

Couldn't imagine life without you, don't go too fast around the sun.
You guys....

I really did have a wonderful birthday, and I got fantastic presents from some of my favorite pals here at BGL too!!!! I'd hang them on a wall if I had the space and money. <3 I seriously almost cried yesterday over how strong the happy vibes were. 

I truly appreciate each and every one of you who have taken the time to hang out with me and become my friends.  :katsalute: Especially to those who wrote such sweet and kind things about me, it serves as a reminder to myself that I am a person with plenty of good things to offset my flaws. You guys all keep me humble. <3

Thank you all for celebrating my birthday with me!​
It's no problem Loopy! You deserve all the bits of happiness for being such a wonderful and awesome friend. I hope you had a very special birthday and loved the week of a special theme dedicated to you! Alas, the week had ended as of today and thus, the special theme will end until next time, next year, and your next birthday bash. Let's celebrate that you will continue to have an awesome year, and if you'll ever in doubt, Z and I are always around to pick you right back up and push you onwards to your future that you're destined to be. Once again, happy birthday! 

Until next time, stay gold.

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