Bern, Land of Dragons

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Sep 3, 2015
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Bahamut, the Dragon King, who taught his citizens the arts of meditation and restraint, claimed a territory that would become the country of Bern. Containing tropical jungles, thick swamps, frozen forests and scorching deserts, it was a wild and chaotic land only the most resilient could survive in. This island hosts the region's monastery for those seeking enlightenment. One look around will reveal something weird about the land.

Despite their humanoid look today, the original citizens were actually dragons in the past. Big, scaly and firebreathing. Though, as is the case for most lore involving dragons, they were intelligent. In order to better interact with those in their surroundings who were starting to understand magic as they did, they developed a spell to make them look more like the humans.

Having been a new spell they were currently developing, it actually altered their physiology instead of just creating an illusion to look like it. Being an incomplete spell, it left their scales, claws and wings intact. This spell covered the world, causing the creation of a bunch of new species. Harpies, lycans, vampires, etc. This turned out to be a double edged sword. It helped as looking human made it easier to speak with them. It hurt as there were now far more different clans that they now needed policy for.

Enjoy your time in the country of Bern, but make sure to stop by the capital city of Lycia to grab a guide. You'll need it.

Within the capital of Lycia is:

The Gathering Hall, where Bern's leader, Almia resides.

The Gospel Courts, an activity center where people can duel, perform art and...gamble. Gambling is illegal though, so don't get caught!

Shopping centers with the best jewels of Bern and restaurant plazas, including a famous Southern BBQ place near the outer edge of town.
"My job is cool, but I want to talk to my Panda." Drago says, head laying on his desk. -n-

He's in Lycia, currently at the town entrance, waiting for travelers.

"And apparently, that lazy bum Shine went missing. Everyone is gone. I hope something interesting happens."
Loopy had been strolling through the city to kill time before Drago could free up.

"It's boring not being on a mission or anything..." she kicked a pebble aside. "Maybe I'll just pick up something to eat."
"Screw this job! No one is showing up anyway!" Drago roars, leaving one of the entrances alone. "Besides, there's security here." ouo

He leaves his post and heads into town.
Loopy's ears twitched. "Draggie is loud today." She yawned, buying sandwiches to share with Drago later.

"Things have gotten too quiet after Shine disappeared off to who knows where. I hate when it gets too quiet."
"I'm gonna talk to dad and get a mission outside the city if I can't spend today with Panda. Maybe the Grey Lord's Mansion or her hometown?" Drago contemplates. ouo

He walks through the city.
Loopy continues down the street with the food in her arms. "Maybe he and I can get something done together for work? I'll convince them to so that way we can do some exciting things together." ouo
"I left early. It was boring." Drago responds. ouo

He hugs and picks her up, carrying her to an outside dining area.
"Aren't you gonna get in trouble for abandoning your post?" Loopy asked before handing him the food she got for them. "Having nothing to do is boring, and nothing is getting done about finding that loser mage Shine. Even though there's all the ruckus about him up and poofing off somewhere."
"Nobody is coming into town anyway. I'm sure I'll be fine." Drago replies.

He eats his food and thinks. o3o

"It's weird that Shine just disappeared though."
"It's more than weird. He's not a pushover, so I don't think he was kidnapped or anything. And he was a leader. Leaders don't leave their members behind suddenly." Loopy insists, stretching her arms. "I just get a weird feeling thinking about it, you know?"
"Agreed. Things are probably about to get hectic."

A shadow tendril grabs Drago by the leg and lifts him up.

"Whoa!" ono

"And what are you doing outside your post?"
"H-hey, dad." Drago says. ouo;

A taller, black scaled dragon with blue eyes stares him down. ònó

"I told you to watch the eastern city limit. What if we have a visitor come into town and they need assistance?" Almia asks.

"I don't think anyone's coming." ono

"That was rhetorical." ònó
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