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Behind The Thorns (Kire Trilogy)

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
This is nothing relating to the story in this thread but I wrote this down as an alternative to the opening. I'm not sure if I want it to be official or not. You guys decide.

Tiny rays of early morning sun trickled through the small cracks of a sheet covering a window. It was not entirely dark due to three computer screens illuminating one corner of the small studio apartment. The artificial light bounced off a man that scanned the monitors with emerald eyes, the only vivid contrast within the light and darkness. The only noise within the room was the rapid tapping of keys on a keyboard and the occasional chuckle from the man. His hands worked swiftly on the keyboard, never once taking his gaze off the main monitor in front of him. The screen to the left was open with a connection to another computer as it hosted a private communication browser with an unknown user while the one to his right was displaying a list of names. One in specific was highlighted, Kire Rebbel. The center monitor displayed hundreds of lines of source code from a website dedicated to preventing crimes and finding criminals. Green eyes scanned the code looking for a vulnerability so he could slip silently into the site. Another chuckle came from the man when it did not take him long to find a flaw to exploit the site and the information inside of it. He found several usernames, emails, and passwords, each one belonging to the administrators of the website. With a few clicks from the mouse, he copied all he needed to and turned to the monitor with the live connection.

The man typed on a small chat with the receiver on the other side.

Still think I can’t get in? Last chance~!

There was a small pause before a reply came back.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

The man rolled his eyes before taking a specific username and password and entering the credentials to access the site under administrative powers, allowing him to do as he pleased with all the information in his hands. Before he attempted to shift things around, he took screenshots of all he saw, relaying it back to the monitor on the right and saving it on a separate folder for future reference. The man cracked his knuckles before scrolling through all the privileges this certain member had access to, specifically the list of criminals and their crimes. He copied the name highlighted from earlier and pasted it on the search finder until a single result came up. He clicked the record and the silence was broken by his sudden outburst in laughter.

“I’m wanted for assault and suspected to be part of a homicide,” Kire Rebbel mocked. “They’d say anythin’ to scare people now a days, I swear.”

Kire examined the charged and the picture they used to identify him. It was an old picture of him walking in a crowd and unaware of the photo taken. Copper red hair within a black bandana with green spots, green eyes, slightly average build, and loose clothing. Scrolling past the picture, he had access to edit the information as he pleased. Kire typed away, eyes glued to the screen as he deleted the charge, picture, and eventually, the file altogether. He opened the source code once again and typed a few commands inside it before closing it off. He refreshed the page and instead of showing his false record, it showed a single line of text saying: “File erased from record. No information is available on this page. Do you believe me now~?”

Kire smirked within the darkness of his room and awaited a response from the chat he was in. As he waited, he stretched his arms above his head and popped a few joints while he did so. He scrolled through any other names he could find and found it more interesting to see the charges they were accused of. Finally, after a few minutes of casually invading the network, the user from the chat replied. 

Alright, you win.

No shit.

Meet me at the usual spot for your reward.

You know how expensive I can get~

The screen displayed that the user had left the chat and gave Kire a reason to get up from his seat to stretch his legs. He carefully treaded in the dark and came beside the only window in his apartment, slowly lifting the sheet only to be blinded by the natural light coming from the bright morning sun. He grunted in annoyance as he stared down at the streets filling up with cars, buses, and people. No longer distracted by his computer, he felt the wave of hunger set in and heard his stomach growl, demanding food. It only took him a few minutes to get dressed and prepare himself to leave to meet up with his friend. He grabbed his keys, shoving them in his pocket before heading to the door, however, he stopped himself and turned back to his desk. He pulled out a drawer with a single black bandana inside and tied it around his head to cover most of his red hair, only leaving a few tuffs of hair sticking out from the holes on the bandana. 

Kire unlocked the several locks on his door and left his room, eager to meet up with his friend. He skipped down the stairs, careful not to find the receptionist on his way out. Once out the main lobby, he took a breath of fresh air, heading straight to the vast city line that loomed over the horizon.