Attack on Titan: Modern Day [Planning/Preview]

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Sep 3, 2015
This is a more, "modernize" take on Attack on Titan, using today standards of how the situation would be if something like this would occurred in our time-era. This is also an reboot of the RP from AF, because it was never finished due to some complication towards the end. This also given more chance to bring in some fresh faces, while keeping the spirit of what we did in the original. With that said, here's the story of Modern Day.

You and your classmates attend University of Los Angeles. From there, all of you are taking Pre-Calculus final exam. Unlike most exams you've taken in this course, this is a test of your knowledge throughout the course. If you fail this, it will result a failing grade and can hold you back from graduating. Don't worry though, there's something to take that stress off your shoulders, an mysterious giant being appeared over your campus and started attacking. What are they? They looked like giant people from those Jack the Giant Stories! Titans-Like beings!?

You and your classmates are one of the handful of people whom have survived the onslaught of the campus. You must drive yourself to survived the destruction of the campus and find some form of safety, or face the wrath of enemies that threatens the concept of humanity! The military and government officials have been slow to respond to this incident. What are they doing..? Regardless, survival is priority!

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Setting: University of Los Angeles, California 

General Rules:
  • You are allowed up to 3 OCs
  • You don't need any knowledge of the series to be in this roleplay. This is entirely original and independent from the manga/anime.
  • You can have weapons; however, no high-tech weapons such as nukes, rocket launchers, bio-chemical weapons or anything of the sort. Let's keep it realistic. 
  • Similar to the manga/anime, Titans can be killed in the same manner. Though, this is revised as shooting or aiming is enough to take them down. 
  • Characters can be killed, it's up to you whether or not they die in the story. If they do die and want to replace them with a new one, you can do so. However, it requires registration first. 
  • No Titan Shifters without permission. I'm planning something special for them. 
  • If you wished to play at Titans, placed a special note when a RP starts (I wished to play as a titan). 
  • Have fun! Take the modern day perspective if Titans ever appeared in our world!
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