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Sep 3, 2015
The Cosmos~!
This is a simple yet pretty fun game. It goes like this: You ask a random question and the next person to post answers it then they ask a random question for the next poster. Here's an example:

Z Says: What's your favorite snack?

ShineCero Says: Sunflower seeds. What's your favorite color?

LoopyPanda says: Pink! What's your favorite animal?

Drago says: Pandas. ouo What time is it?


Hopefully this example is helpful. It's easy and fun. You can even use threads to ask questions such as "Favorite animal/color/food/etc" Questions CAN be repeated but let's try to keep everything fresh and new. Who knows, maybe some of the questions asked will become actual threads in the future.

Please do not ask personal questions asking for or retaining to: credit card information, social security, medical records/history, sexual background/orientation, or religious affiliation. These are personal questions that not everyone is comfortable answering on a public forum and should not be forced to do so. These questions should be avoided. Should a question of such a matter come up, the post will be edited or removed. 

Other than that, just have fun. Okay, I'll start!

What color is your hair?
Pick it up and go to the police station to report missing money B|


If you have a superpower.. what would you do?
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