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Appelsider's Ko-Fi Shop


Green Jacket
Huhu get the title, its a pun  :heehee:


I guess I'll make a thread here too!

So basically I've got a page on a site called Ko-Fi, where you can give small donations (hence the name Ko-Fi) if you feel like it, but I also use it as a place where people can donate so they get a drawing in return!

Idk about the rates since im pretty new at this, but you can find them on my page here: ko-fi.com/appelsider

I can do normal drawings, but also chibi icons or discord emojis if wanted!

If you've got any questions you know where to hmu!


Green Jacket
At the moment I've added the option for an icon for the price of 2 Ko-Fi's, which makes it about €6,- I guess!

I'm still not really sure what type of prices I should go for since I'm super new at this, but for now I feel like that's okay for me to start out with.  :sweat: