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Sep 4, 2015
Because I have no idea how to do digital art, and I'm getting better with traditional art, so, why not? 

I mean, seriously, chalk my digital art skill to using MS Paint. That's all I really know how to mess with, and even then, I just use MS Paint for screenshots and shit xD Talk about layers and shit to me, your response will be a very confused look. 

Anywho, back on subject! I'm doing some AUs with Mystic Messenger at the moment, along with some other stuff here and there. 

Gaze upon an AU a few friends helped me with on Discord, the Mystic Messenger Fruits Basket AU!

MC is Tohru

V is Hatori


Yoosung is Momiji

There will be more later, I promise!

And, is there a way to put up pdfs on here? If I scan it normally, the stupid scanner crops off any corner writings I have and my signature. If I scan it as a pdf, everything's fine, but then I can't post it on here.

Solution: ?????
If you use a Windows pc, then you should have the snipping tool, use that to take a screenshot of your PDF of your work, if not, then I suspect there is an alternative method on Mac or Ubunto
You can upload pdf files on sites such as Google Drives and it will embedded just fine on here.

As for the topic at hand, nice drawings! I think this is the first time I ever seen your artwork, so hopefully, I can see more of them! You can double post in this thread anytime you like by the way.
[font=Whitney,][font=Whitney,]Part 1 of 8 of my Werewolf AU!


Title: Cornered!


Little Writing to set the scene: Zen ran faster. He knew he couldn't be out too late. Even though he wasn't sure when, the full moon was coming. And that only spelled trouble for him. Seeing a few people he knew he needed to avoid, especially at night, Zen quickly ducked into an alleyway.

"My my my. A human out so late...? I wasn't expecting this," A voice behind him purred. Almost immediately, Zen whipped around, staring face-to-face with one of the people he needed to avoid.

Jumin Han. Or, as about 80% of his town called him, Alpha. Or even,  Leader Jumin.

"I....I didn't mean to-"

"Oh, I know. But, you see, I've been looking for you, Zen. Or, should I call you, Hyun?" Jumin chuckled. Jumin started walking closer to Zen,in a circular pattern. Zen backed away in the same circle, until he was was walking fully backwards, and Jumin forwards.

"M-Me...? Why...?" Zen asked, cursing himself for stuttering. But, he couldn't help it. His voice betrayed him when he was scared. And soon, that fear was amplified as his back hit the wall of the alley.

[font=Whitney,]Werewolf AU Part 2 or 8!

Title: Captured!

Little fanfic to set the scene: Zen blinked his eyes open. His head was all kinds of foggy. He didn't remember what happened, and had no idea where he was. Looking through the bars of the cage, the bedroom he was in was strange and unfamiliar.



Zen blinked more. Looking around, he could see clearly now that he was in an oversized bird cage. His wrists were tied tightly to a bar set up in the cage. He could swing slightly, but other than that, he couldn't move from his kneeling position.

"I'm impressed you're awake so early. I thought the drug would've taken you out for longer than a few hours," that voice purred from the doorway. Looking over, Zen saw Jumin Han smirking at him. Jumin closed the door, and started walking towards the cage.[/font]

Looks like we're getting a new budding artist! Nice to see your stuff around here I see you like Mystic Messenger, I'm a fan of 707. 

Here's a heads up: Make sure to put your drawings in spoilers because they're pretty big. If you don't know how to use spoilers...

[*spoiler] Insert Image here. [*/spoiler] (Take out the '*')​

It makes everything look neater and helps organize your drawings as well as prevent spoilers.  :thumbs:​
So, Part 3!

Title: Escape!

Fanfic: Run. 


He had to keep running. 

He didn't know if Jumin was following him. If he was, then he wasn't using his full speed to catch him. Others on the street tried to stop him, but he ignored then, running into the woods right outside the city. Once he was a ways into the forest, he went behind a tree to catch his breath. 

If he found him, he'd be dead, but he needed to breathe.


Also, for this one, I colored the trees with crayons before going over them again with colored pencil. I like the way it turned out, maaaan is my arm/hand hurting from doing it. Don't think I'll do it again, but I wanted the trees to look nice xD
[font=Whitney,]One by one, Bakugou Katsuki was left by old friends, either by loss of communication or because they could't deal with him anymore. Throughout this happening, only one was left: Izuku Midoriya, or as Bakugou called him, Deku. Even though he yelled at him constantly, Bakugou was grateful that Izuku was still around. He developed feelings for the boy, but didn't know how to say it. Both of these mixed together caused Bakugou to yell at Izuku even more. But no matter what Bakugou yelled, Izuku stayed by his side.

A mission meant for stealth. Rescuing a group of Class 1-A students who had gone missing. It was going perfectly, until one little thing went wrong. A fight ensued between the villains and the students. It wasn't until the smoke had cleared, and the villains being arrested did Bakugou realize something was wrong. Rushing to Izuku's side, he held the boy in his arms, tears going down his cheeks.[/font]

[font=Whitney,]Circle you, Circle you. [/font]
Can you feel time creeping closer?
Circle you, Circle You
I'm so sorry, your turn's over.
'Til we see the rising sun.
They take heads from off our shoulders
Circle you, Circle you.
[font=Whitney,]Aren't we having lots of fun?[/font]


Your skull it may be fractured and
Your arms are severed to the bone.
The children undying
They smile through their crying
In a game that never ends!

[font=Whitney,]If you play Circle You, Circle You with these spirits of children, if you guess right, they re merciful and only take a body part. They let you live. If you guess wrong, they get mad and kill you.

Before the children's spirits move on in my AU, they are searching for three things. An arm for Ryuji, an arm for Futaba, and eyes for Akira. Only then will they move on. They trick unsuspecting people into playing their game, trying to get the needed body parts, but the needed parts still elude them...[/font]

Interesting concept Aiyami. I’m assuming this is for your Persona fanfiction, right? I like you use the black background, makes the other characters stand out.
I like your drawings, they're so cute and remind me of my younger days. xDD

Good to know you're not scared to show off your drawings, it shows that you're on the right path for improvement~! Keep it up! Your last drawing is pretty neat but who's the person next to Haru and Akechi? (The one with the blue hair) I haven't played the game in a while, so it's possible I might have forgotten some characters. xDD
Dark blue hair is Morgana! 

His human form was revealed for Persona 5: The Royal, and fans (including my friend and I) have taken off with it!
Yeah, that's Morgana in his human form, so he's gotten quite popular with the Persona fanbase. 

I agree with Z that your drawings definitely improved! Keep at it!
OH YEEEEEAH! I haven't gotten that far yet so this is news to me! Looks great! It would have been cool if you added some cat ears, kinda like a reference. I didn't know Morg had blue hair tho, I always imagined him having black or green hair. xDD
First MerMay picture is done! Catfish Merboy Morgana! 

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