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Sep 7, 2015
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Planet: U
Location: roughly 2 miles below bedrock

The LVII Mining and depth exploration team has constructed their base of operations and completed a new Support station to recycle Oxygen back into the local supply, upon the completion of this station the majority of the crew has gone to endlessly stand at the station, eating sandwitches that they had on their person anyways.

In the meantime only two of the members of the crew actually do ANYTHING, Lukas Helix, and Balnazzar Deepwell. These two have been assigned by the Expeditionary ship (in orbit) to continue furthur down towards the core of the planet to find and explain, recover, or destroy the source of a connection discrepancy that has disabled the ship from contacting the forward team that had been sent there already.

The pair is currently at the local up link to the ship to receive their orders. The pair has some time until the connection... connects.
"A report from the ship says that the two of us are the only ones here good enouph to do their bidding, apparently the rest of this group is too lazy... couldn't possible imagine why..." *glares in the direction of the support station*
"I think the hard part there would be getting them into place..."

The monitor flashed up with a screen saying 'Establishing Connection'
"I told you, there is no evil AI, we don't even have anything with AI here!"

The screen flashed.
'Connection Established'
A low quality video feed of the mission commander appeared on screen, he began to speak...
The audio was missing
He soon realized and after having a short fit and fixed the problem
"OK, so I know you two are the only ones actually doing anything planet side, so you'll have to pull out this mission alone. Lets get down to it then, for no explainable reason a large section of our underground activity has gone offline, or possibly worse, we really aren't sure as the connection was broken without any reports of a problem. In fact everything seemed to be going great at the time of the interruption.
Anyways, there is a fairly direct path from your HQ to theirs, as they were a basic detachment, there was probably a number of cave-ins that you will have to dig through but you know what you are doing there, and we can supply you with a vehicle if you think it be necessary, any questions?"
The commander waited.
"Well I suppose it may be of a considerable distance away..." Luke looked back to the screen "Did the group we are following ever request any vehicles?"
"No, they had gear for vertical maneuvering though, that may be important to know"
"Tunnel Transport then I guess, should help us get down the vertical areas"
A Tunnel Transport materialized at the nearby teleport pad

The commander spoke, "Ok well there is your vehicle, good luck, and report in when you figure everything out for us, Imma head off to the cafeteria... I hear they have some nice sandwiches today!"

The screen went black.

"I hope you know how to drive that thing..." Lukas said to Balnazaar
Lukas jumped on the side of the craft, It clearly wasn't designed for two people.

"Well, only one way to go" He pointed towards a heavily sloped cavern, the only was to go would be down.
"Fair enough"

Lukas pulled out his scanner to watch for any caverns nearby
"seeing a few clusters of minerals and crystals, but nothing that would help us find the lost crew. We don't even know how far down they went, this tunnel is naturally occurring as a lava tube so they could have gone into the wall anywhere through here..."
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