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So I made a pineapple, a star, and what was supposed to be a banana. Instead, it looks like corn, so I decided to accept it!

Their names are Pauline the Pineapple, Cory the Corn Cob, and Stella the Star.
This is my biggest fruit yet, meet Piper the Pineapple. This bad girl took me two days to finish, and I'm very proud of my pineapple! The leaves took me a while to sew on her head and the needle pricked my fingers a lot, but it was well worth it!


Meet all the fruits of this massive commission I am making. In order from left to right:

Boris the Banana
Piper the Pineapple
Pierre the Pear
Gabby the Grapes
Brooke, Blake, Bentley, Beau, and Blair the Blueberries (I'm going to make two more.)
Oscar the Orange
Audrey the Apple

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That Fruit Basket is god damn amazing! Your client was pretty thrilled when he saw the finished work, lol

Loved Bella the Pepper!!
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