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Sep 3, 2015
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So this thread will be more of a personal thing for me. I've been itching to make personal profiles for my characters so those who are interested can see how each of my characters act and any lore behind them. Some have more lore than others, but the idea is that I want you guys to see and understand my characters. Hopefully you like them. Maybe not. I'll try to add a drawing too, but I haven't drawn every single one of my OCs, at least not good ones.


If you guys want a specific character, feel free to let me know so I can get motivated to make it. It will also make me think more in depth for some characters and help me improve on some which I have slacked on. 😅

Any who, let us begin!
Name: Z Omni.

Story Z is from: Omni-Verse. (It was never released on the site.)

Nickname: Zee / Original One / Mama / Imp / Zed / Great One Above All / Spider-Bait / Tiny Thing / Zee-Bwah / God.

Age: Unknown.

Place of Birth: Unknown.

Race: Unknown.

Place of Residence: An outside dimension separate from all universes.

Height: 46 cm (Roughly 1 and 1/2 feet).

Weight: 2 kg (Roughly 4 and 1/2 pounds).


Z is a very short humanoid-looking creature with jet black hair; dark, unblinking, semicircle eyes, and tan skin. Z has a gray shirt with a dark green circle on it and a black long sleeve jacket over it; her pants are dark gray and her shoes are also dark gray. Z sports a black belt with a silver buckle. Lastly, Z owns a very thin and tiny necklace with a very small galaxy inside it, spinning in a loop to resemble the infinity symbol. Z does not have any specific pronouns that it falls under, but most who see Z tend to give her female or gender-neutral pronouns.

Personality: Z is a very lazy creature with a simple life. She tends to waste her time drawing in countless sketchbooks she creates. Most of the time, she has zero motivation to do anything else other than draw and sleep, but there are rare times in which she dives into the worlds she creates to gather inspiration for new drawings. Z is very apathetic and tends to come off as cruel to some. She is not the one to rush to help anyone but she is not heartless. She does not interfere with the affairs of her creations, good or bad. Z does not speak using her mouth and speaks using telepathy. Her voice has a slight echo and sounds almost otherworldly to those who hear it.

Z tends to be protective to a creature she calls 'Nycori' (Nigh-Core-Ree). Those who hurt Nycori are quickly disposed of by Z. The reason she protects Nycori is that he followed her through a portal and came back with her to her pocket dimension, following her home. Z found interest in Nycori and even allowed him to create his own pet using her OmniPencil. Z treats Nycori as her child, even if she fails to provide for his most basic needs. Apathetic as she may be, she does show some positive feelings to Nycori and genuinely has a lot of fun with him.

Weapon(s): OmniPencil. The OmniPencil is a neon, light-blue, pencil that emits a soft glow and a trail of light whenever it is used. It is one-of-a-kind! It is capable of drawing anything the user creates into existence. The eraser is capable of erasing anything from existence. Z uses it as a mode of transportation, creating portals or riding it through the cosmos.

Skills/Abilities: Omnipotent-like power.

Hobbies: Sleeping, drawing, and traveling to different universes.

History: Not much is known about Z's past. She existed before there was anything, and she created everything to ever exist.

  • Nycori (Adopted child)
  • Blobby ('Pet')
  • Lix (Servant/Guardian)
  • Faunix (Servant/Guardian)
  • Gorecilia (Servant/Guardian)
  • Nil (Enemy)

Quotes: “If you can think it, then it will exist evidently~”

  • Z made a brief cameo in Zenta and Cuki's adventure. She flew across the sky on her OmniPencil, baffling Zenta.
  • Z's eyebrows show the emotion she is trying to convey. Her default expression is 'smug'.
Impressive... Now let's see Evelyn's profile.

(And perhaps I'll have to make my own thread for OCs... but after I actually draw them out so *slaps 20 characters to draw in my progress journal*)
Impressive... Now let's see Evelyn's profile.
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(And perhaps I'll have to make my own thread for OCs... but after I actually draw them out so *slaps 20 characters to draw in my progress journal*)
Your wish is my command.


Evelyn Aria Nicestone

Story Evelyn Is From: Behind The Thorns

Nickname: Eva / Ari / Eve' / Vivi

Age: 27-28

Place of Birth: Hope City.

Race: Human.

Place of Residency: Richtop Hill, Hope City Outskirts.

Height: 5'5 (1.65 m)

Weight: 140 lb (63.5 kg)


Evelyn Nicestone has shoulder-length black hair, large chocolate eyes, and peachy skin. She has a soft look on her face and is constant smiling in her rosy pink lips. Evelyn never stays in one outfit for long and is often seen wearing many kinds of attire, primarily pastel colors. She also has a toned body, sporting some muscles that she hides with her sleeves or other loose clothing. Evelyn likes to occasionally play with make-up and wear jewelry; she has a pearl necklace that belonged to her mother that she is rarely seen without. Evelyn's presence is elegant, graceful, and endearing. She may be rich, but she tends to dress very simple and without grabbing much attention.

Personality: Evelyn is a very kind-hearted woman who sees the good in everyone she meets. She believes that people deserve second chances, but sometimes her kindness is taken advantage of. That's not to say Evelyn is a doormat, however; she is headstrong and full of determination and will to help others. Her friends say she has the spirit of a roaring lion, and that her gentle demeanor is her taming that lion. She's feisty when she needs to be and is not afraid to speak her mind in any scenario.

Evelyn strives to have someone who understands her. Evelyn is proper when she needs to be, but her true nature is that of a child. She enjoys girly things, but also does not mind getting dirty either. She's a girly-tomboy, if that makes sense. When Evelyn gets angry or upset, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Evelyn can be a little gullible and naive when she places her trust in people, however, once she learns their true colors and intentions, she will not make that mistake again. Since Evelyn has such a fiery spirit, she sometimes does not know when to give up. This can land her in trouble.

Weapon(s): Her fists. She is very rich, so her money is able to buy her mostly everything.

Skills/Abilities: Evelyn is a black belt in martial arts and is very good at hiding her strength. She is very educated and holds many degrees under her belt. Evelyn, albeit childish, has very strong communication and negotiation skills when handling serious matters and can even be intimidating when presenting herself to others.

Hobbies: Playing, helping others, seeing new things, learning new things, and shopping.

History: Evelyn was born to Edgar and Serah Nicestone. At a young age, her mother, Serah, passed away. She was a little too young to remember much of what her mother did, but she did remember all the medical supplies her mother owned and grew up to be a nurse. Evelyn befriended a homeless man growing up. He told Evelyn that he wished he had a second chance, that maybe he wouldn't be in this situation if he had a chance to reflect on his error. One day, she noticed that he barely moved from his spot and a few days later, he was gone. Evelyn eventually discovered he died and it broke her heart.

Since then, she thought about what she could have done to change his life, especially when he refused to accept any money from her. All she could remember was him saying he was happy he met her and found someone who cared. Evelyn devoted her life to not only help people in need, but show them the wonderful things they are capable of.

One day, she bumped into a rude red-head known as Kire Rebbel. They certainly butted heads a lot until she remembered that not everyone is who they act on the outside. After getting to know Kire more, she found out that he is a rose hidden beneath several thorns. She knew that he wanted help but could not ask for it due to his dangerous situation. As time between them grew, they began to date, with Evelyn finally unraveling Kire's true colors.

Evelyn suffered from an unknown heart disease, one that evidently took her life at a young age.


Kire Francisco Rebbel (Husband)
Edgar Nicestone (Father)
Serah Nicestone (Mother)
Gerome Earhart (Caregiver/Butler)

Quotes: "Everyone deserves a second chance, but not everyone realizes the opportunity given to them, let alone the gold."

Trivia: Evelyn is actually a pretty good gamer. She tends to spend her free time playing video games, and when playing online, she's surprisingly very good! Unfortunately, she doesn't spend much time playing games.

Evelyn likes to collect Beanie Buddies (Parody of Beanie Babies).
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Name: Zenta 'Baliko'

Story Zenta Is From: Immortal Scars

Nickname: Zen-Tah / Bali / Monster / Savage / Master / Furball / Dog / Sensei

Age: Eons.

Place of Birth: It is suspected he was born on Kit'vull or one of its moons.

Race: Zorrox

Place of Residency: He is a nomad and does not stay in one play for long. He seems to prefer mountains or thick forests.

Height: 7'4 (2.24 m)

Weight: 268 lbs (121.5 kg)


Zenta is a bipedal fox-like creature. He has a maw (Not pictured above) and resembles that of a canine jaw. His skin is a tan color that is mostly covered in white fur. The fur coming from his ears is even whiter. The inside of his ears are a rosy pink color. His left ear sports a gold earring, while his right ear has a gash and a spot of missing fur. Over half of his face, Zenta has a solid black visor that hides his missing eyes. His hair also matches his fur color.

His body is nearly all muscle, yet, it is covered by his fur most of the time. Whenever he stretches, gets tense, or flexes, is when his muscles are more visible. Zenta does not wear a shirt, exposing the large tuff of white fur he has on his chest and arms. He has baggy gray pants that resemble martial arts attire. His feet and ankles are covered in bandages. His shoes are simple slip on shoes commonly used in martial arts. Around his neck is a thin blue scarf.

Lastly, Zenta has two very large fluffy tails. Near the base of the tails is a large tuff of gray-ish fur, while the rest of the tail matches his fur color. Near the end, two black rings. His tails are incredibly strong!

[Baliko Only] Baliko looks almost like Zenta except he has blood red fur instead of white. He was also much taller and resembled more of a werewolf. His fur was more wild and untamed and he always had a murderous look on him. Baliko had 4 eyes, each one with black sclera. One set of eyes had a icy blue pupil while the other was a deep crimson.

Personality: Zenta is a very calm and relaxed creature that tends to mind his business most of the time. One would think he has his heads in the clouds. He's constantly thinking, always distracted by his thoughts and a racing mind. Despite being very quiet, he is also very caring to those he considers close. Being incredibly wise, Zenta tries to use his wisdom to help those who ask him for advice. He rarely speaks using contractions ('can't', 'don't', 'won't', 'shouldn't') and is proper when he speaks, addressing people as 'Sir', 'Ma'am', or their given title (Lady, Highness, Majesty, etc.) Certain things go over Zenta's head, and he may not be quick to understand slang.

While Zenta is kind, he prefers to be alone and away from other people. He loses his temper and composure whenever his past is brought up.

Weapon(s): None.

Skills/Abilities: Zenta has a remarkable ability to sense, see, and control energy, both his and his opponents. He's mastered several forms of martial arts and channels his energy to hit the pressure points of those who attack him, rendering their body numb. Not only that, but he is able to manipulate the flow of energy in a person's body by attacking their pressure points. If push comes to shove, he can unleash a devastating attack on a person's entire body, rupturing their vitals.

He has two forms of martial arts that he created himself, called the Tiger Palm and the Dragon Palm.

Being blind, Zenta had to adapt and learn a new way to see. He does not see in the traditional sense that we do, but, instead, sees the energy make-up that flows through your body as well as the pressure points. To him, people look like wisps of energy that form a body.

His senses are extraordinary and extremely sensitive. His ears are capable of hearing someone's heart beating or a hair hitting the ground. Zenta's fur is able to sense even the slightest vibrations, both physical and energy. He's ability to smell is phenomenal as well, capable of discovering food even if it's buried several yards underground. Even when he's tracking a scent, he could still find it even after weeks have passed. Putting all these senses together, he can walk normally among crowds without bumping into anyone, almost as if he wasn't blind at all!

[Baliko Only] Baliko had two pairs of eyes that can learn anything by just seeing it once and retain that information spot on. He also possesses an ability to transfer his memories to other members of his race and giving/taking the information they saw. This applies to even dead Zorroxes. The females were more dangerous because they had hypnotic abilities with their eyes. The eyes of the Zorroxes were able to pierce through illusions if they were strong enough. The eyes of the Zorrox were their most prized possessions, next to their supreme intelligence.

Baliko in particular, has the ability to see through illusions with ease, but peer through solid objects, freeze opponents with a glare, and see entirely in the dark. He was even able to see invisible foes! Those eyes of his are able to obtain and retain vasts amount of information. Each one can move independently.

Hobbies: Drinking tea, cleaning his fur, meditating, channeling his energy.

Zenta's original name is Baliko, and he was part of a formidable race of ferocious fighters known as the Zorroxes. Baliko was the leader of this terrifying race of beasts. The Zorroxes killed and destroyed anything they came across, quickly rising to one of the most dangerous forces in the universe. With their incredible mix of abilities, the Zorroxes were able to quickly learn from their mistakes and share valuable information with one another. Baliko lead the cosmic-level genocide, killing and eating all those he comes across. The race killed simply for sport. Evidently, Baliko grew bored and declared war on the entire universe. He said that he wants to find someone worthy of fighting him. He continued to kill the universe until there was barely anything left.

The Four Divine Beings (Seilong, Byakko, Zelea, and Eyon) came down to stop Baliko and his terror. The Gods were able to defeat Baliko and eradicate his entire race of people. However, this was not enough. They all came to a consensus that Baliko must be punished for his actions, and thus, they each gave the beast a punishment they believed was fitting.
  • Eyon made it that the physical bodies of the Zorroxes were gone from existence, not wanting anyone to get their hands on them.
  • Zelea decided that the souls of the dead Zorroxes were to burn for all eternity, with no way of ever returning to the realm of living.
  • Byakko took what Baliko held dear, and that was his eyes and his power. He stripped the beast of all his power as well as keep his eyes as personal trophies.
  • Lastly, Seilong gave Baliko immortality before flinging him into the depths of the remaining universe. The reason he gave Baliko immortality was so he can live for all eternity with the punishment he was given. His fate was now at the mercy of the survivors of the universe. He effectively turned the tables on Baliko.
This was known as The Divine Punishment.

Flung into the living universe, blind and powerless, the people had their revenge on Baliko. Unable to die, he felt every bit of pain inflicted on him. If he were to 'die', he would wake up somewhere new. When Baliko was captured by the Royal Wind, they gave the beast a trial before finding him guilty of cosmic crimes. His sentence was death by beheading. The universe revered this day as a holiday, something worth celebrating. They were unaware of Baliko's immortality situation and assumed that anything that resembled him was a shape-shifter. They would kill it on sight.

Unable to count the amount of times he was killed, Baliko decided to go into hiding for 5,000 years deep into a thick forest, hoping that the universe would forget about his actions and move on, sparing him another painful death. Eventually, a man going by the name 'Paz', discovered Baliko. Paz was a well known martial artist throughout many worlds, whose teachings became the base of certain techniques. He took Baliko under his wing and taught him martial arts before admitting to Baliko that he was blind, just like him. The two bonded closer and closer until Paz gave Baliko the secret to fighting without vision, something he called Ethereal Vision. Paz gave Baliko one last test, and that was to fight him with the intent to kill. If he were to die in this match, then Baliko would have passed all his training and be given the name Zenta. He said that once he took on the life of Zenta, the real trials will begin. When the world of Paz's death spread, people were both morning and outraged that his star student was the one who killed him. After being in hiding for so long, the universe was out to get him once again, but this time they were after Zenta, not Baliko.

Eventually, Zenta learned compassion, honor, humbleness, and mercy as he traveled the universe. His fur started to lighten up and change from red to white. He began to see what Paz meant about the real trial. The trial was to move on from his past and become a new person, one people can aspire to. He met many people along his way, each one serving for both good and bad memories, but never once did Zenta shed blood. He fought many types of people, good and bad, and participated in tournaments to challenge himself. Every time he died, he would reflect on it instead of seek revenge. But he felt like he was missing something...

Millenniums had past and Zenta felt no purpose. He was gifted with strength, but had no idea how to truly use it. Zenta disappeared for 100 years, stuck in a deep meditation before figuring out what he wanted to do. He wanted to make amends to those he wronged long ago, each and every single soul he killed. Unfortunately, he had no idea how to do that, so he decided to travel the universe, seeking of a way to amend for his wrongdoings. Eventually, he took up jobs to guard or escort people until he eventually met a woman by the name of Erya.

Erya was the queen of a particular planet, known for its incredible wealth. She picked Zenta to guard her throughout her travels. Zenta agreed and stayed by her side for several years. Erya grew feelings for Zenta but it ended up being one-sided. Unable to take rejection, Erya dug up Zenta's past and discovered that he was the infamous Baliko. She desperately wanted Zenta to be apart of her life but Zenta refused. She ended up killing herself, burning her entire manor as well as the evidence of Zenta being Baliko as her last moment to prove her love for him. With Erya's death, the word spread quickly and Zenta had to go on the run once again. Eventually, people discovered the truth of Erya's suicide and pardoned Zenta, yet, some believe that Zenta still killed her.

More years went by and Zenta continued to travel, learning new things every day. After a few more years of hiding, the universe was calm once again, not knowing who Zenta is. He eventually came across an orphaned girl who refused to part ways with him. Zenta eventually accepted the child under his wing, calling her Cuki, and teaching her the martial arts he was taught.

  • Cuki (Adopted Daughter / Student)
  • Avalon Sai'ji (Student)
  • D'marya (Student)
  • Blitz (Student)
  • Wuko ('Son-In-Law')
  • Asher (Grandson)
  • Alaria (Wife)
Quotes: "If you let your past define you, then you never change."

  • Zenta hates getting his fur wet! It puffs up when it dries, making him look like a sheep. Combing it out is very painful to him.
  • He is very hygenic and loves keeping his fur clean. (Mostly to avoid baths)
  • Zenta dislikes people touching his tails.
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