Z's LATE Intro~!

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~ Z ~

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Sep 3, 2015
The Cosmos~!
Well I completely forgot to make an intro for myself! Stuff has been going on lately so I never got time. xDD

Anyways, I am ~ Z ~, some of you know me as ShineCero's girlfriend. I have been on Boogaloo since day one and I help out Shine in building the forum a bit. I love to help out the members and I leave most of the technical stuff to Shine. What else is to know about me? xDD 

I just hope that you all have a nice time here and let us know what we can do to help out. Ever since Assended harassed Loopy, I started to cry because I felt like I couldn't help out Loopy or anyone else he attacked. I legit felt useless and I felt as if everyone would hate me for not sticking up for them. After everything settled down, I kept by Loopy's side because she's literally like a daughter to me. I guess I am just urged to help her out and defend her. I have no idea why but she just reminds me of a friend I talk to. I'll try my best to help everyone else too but I'm just one person, which I ultimately loathe.

I guess I have a problem with rejection. I'm trying to ignore it but I just get scared when I work hard for someone and they cast me aside. It's happened too many times for me to count. I guess that explains why I take extreme measures to help someone. Am I naive or blind? Who knows, I certainly don't. That might explain my sudden depression/anger spikes and why I can suddenly be a huge mess. Good thing for everyone, I am very good at hiding it so you never have to worry about me.

On a more cheerful side, I love all you guys for supporting us. You guys are the best and I hope that you guys continue to support BGL for years to come! Thanks a bunch for all your support!

You guys are truly the best... I cried when making this thread. Truly, I will do my best for you guys. I promise.
It's never too late to make an introduction for yourself :D I'm sure everyone is interested in getting to know the admins a bit more as well and not just the new members.

Personally, all I can say is that I'm very thankful to you an the other admins for creating Boogaloo and for your hard work ever since. I'll support this site as long as I'm able to :)
It's never too late!

D'aww, Mama Z, ily too! o3o

I had a cuter one, but it was even smaller than this one. :c

Z's practically a second mom to me (though she's way cooler than my real mom >>). Even though she's only 3 years older it feels like that, and the whole thing made us more a family! And I hope it stays that way for a long time! 

Course, I already liked hanging out with Z when I first met her online long before. Still do! :kat:
The godmother must stay happy. Especially after helping everyone be happy. B|
I was going to reference food, but I don't know what you like. ouo
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