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Sep 3, 2015
The Cosmos~!
Name: Kiki

Age: 20-22

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Paradice

Position: Novice Mage

Height: 5'3

Weight: About 115 pounds.

Species: Human/Paradician


Weapon/Items: Kiki's Ribbon Wand and her hat, Hatty.

Personality: Kiki is a bit of a klutz and tends to make a lot of mistakes. She is a little aloof about the things around her but she tends to always do the right thing. She is very kind but can get easily get taken advantage off because of how naive she is. She isn't entirely a fool and won't fall for the same trick twice. She is a quick learner but easily fooled. Her hat talks and is another being of its own. It appears that the hat guides Kiki through tough situations but is a vast opposite of her personality. He makes slick remarks to Kiki but he does his very best in protecting her and guiding her in the right direction.

Special Abilities: Kiki has a unique ability to pull anything from her hat, Hatty. Most of the items are usually magical but she can also use the hat as storage for some items. She uses magic thanks to the Ribbon Wand she carries. Most of her attacks with her Ribbon Wand are used to tangle and ensnare her opponents with various elements (fire ropes, electric ropes, etc). Hatty is able to float and talk but when he's in trouble, he can cough out smoke to hide or make a hasty escape. Worst-case scenario, Hatty can spit up bombs, fireballs, or any of the magical items he has stored.

Magical Attacks: Kiki uses a variety of element-based snaring moves using her Ribbon Wand.

  • Fire Ribbon - Kiki sends out a fire rope to capture/harm/entrap targets. 
  • Electric Ribbon - Kiki sends out an electric rope to capture/harm/entrap targets. This is mostly used to paralyze targets or stun them
  • Slimy Ribbon - Kiki sends out a gooey rope to capture/harm/entrap targets. This is mostly used to slow down her opponents. The slime can either make the target slippery or harden to make movement difficult.
  • Healing Ribbon - Kiki uses a ribbon to heal minor wounds.

Magical Buffs/Debuffs/Status: Kiki's hat, Hatty, provides help to Kiki when she's in a pinch.

  • Storage - Kiki is able to pull anything she has stored within her hat. Things like books, scrolls, and magical items. The appears to be no limit to what Hatty can store.
  • Smokescreen - Hatty is able to cough up a smokescreen to protect Kiki.
  • Fireball - Hatty can shoot a fireball at opponents. He needs time to charge for this attack.
  • Mind Control - Hatty can latch himself on to someone's head and, for a very short while, stop the opponent from attacking. This fails if the opponent is too powerful, has a counter to it, or if Hatty is attacked. This attack leaves Hatty unable to fight, making him very vulnerable. 
  • Bite - Yes, he can bite you...somehow.

Biography: Kiki was born in Paradice, or so she claims. She doesn't exactly remember her birthplace. Kiki is skilled in using magic but she is a major klutz. She trained in the Sisterhood of White Magic for a good portion of her life until she left to find some magical herbs. She got lost and never found her way back to the Sisterhood. Along her travels, she found a mysterious hat that could talk and perform magic. The hat looked damaged so Kiki took the hat and sewed it back together using her ribbon magic. Since then, the hat thanks Kiki and vowed to stick by her side until he can find his original owner. The Hat claims that he was running away from some evil people who want to sell him. Not remembering much of his past, Kiki decides to call the mysterious hat, Hatty. 

Hatty came with a book that he cannot read. The book is written in a language that apparently Kiki can read, however, most of the spells appear too advance for her. Kiki did manage to learn the first spell and apply it to her Ribbon magic. It appears that the more spells Kiki performs, the more spells unlock within the book.
Name: Lyrik

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Height: 6'4

Weight: 145 LB

Species: Human

Appearance: (I will provide in a drawing in due time) He has dreadlocks and a baseball cap in which you can never see his eyes. He has tan-ish skin and a small jacket/vest with no shirt under. (His jacket thing is similar to that vest that Gogeta has) He has baggy pants (or sweatpants) and shoes especially made for break dancing. He has large headphones that he barely ever takes off.

Personality: He's very quiet mostly because he can't hear people since he's always listening to music. When he does speak, he is somewhat mono tuned and tends to always respond with one word at most. He is very passionate about music and knows almost everything there is to know about music.

Abilities: He is able to use any song to influence his movements and is able to delivery powerful moves to enemies by using the music he listens. He does become extremely vulnerable when his headphones are knocked off because he loses his tempo. In a sense, he break dances to beat you to submission. Of course, the song he picks can greatly influence the outcome of the battle.

Biography: I'll provide one later...
Name: Faunix 

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Height: 5'0 (5'6 if you include his horns)

Weight: 145 - 150 LB

Species: Unknown

Appearance: He has snowy white hair  on his head and a similar colored tuff of hair that hair that surrounds his whole neck.Two large pointy horns coming from his head which he uses to sometimes store things (Like sticky notes and important papers). He has the upper body of a man but the lower body of a horse/goat. He has fur on his legs that is a dark blue color. He has a short stubby tail that is blue on top and white on the bottom. He also has hooves for feet. 


Personality: He is very worrisome and tends to be the butt-monkey of most situations. He's rather smart and educated when he's not having a panic attack. He is a little addicted to work since that's mostly what he does. He likes to help people but he often gets overwhelmed by people. He likes to sunbathe and read books. He dislikes laziness and messes. He is very organized but when he's overwhelmed, he can become a mess. He has a bit of a hard time understanding the human culture.

Abilities: He can multi-task extremely well and uses his horns to sense some vibrations in the air. His main attribute is his speed. He's very fast using both his arms and legs. When he senses extreme danger to befall on Z, Shine, or Nicori, he can transform. His transformation makes his faster than the eye can see. He gets large claws on his hands, his horns get larger, and his body becomes physically stronger. This transformation only lasts for about 20 minutes.

Biography: Faunix was found by Z but prefers to work for Shine because Shine is less lazy. He traveled with Z along with several others to learn about the human culture. He's learned a lot but there is still much he doesn't know. He doesn't remember much about his past and only remembers Z helping him out in a fire that almost consumed his home. Since then, he's tagged along with her and helped her to show his gratitude. Recently, he's been friends with Shine in the Brotherhood but he doesn't mind working for both leaders. He still remains faithful to Z but has found a nice bond with Shine.
Name: Z Omni

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Height: 1'4

Weight: 5 pounds

Species: Unknown 


Z is a tiny, humanoid looking figure with two large, semicircle eyes. She never blinks or even open her mouth. She speaks strictly using telepathy and shows rare emotion by moving her eyebrows. Her voice is always in a slight echo. She wears a black jacket with a grey sleeveless shirt under it. The shirt has a dark green '0' on it and nothing else. Black pants and white shoes. Always had her hair in a ponytail. She has a small necklace with an unknown symbol inside of it. It's purely for display. Z also holds a giant blue pencil, known as the OmniPencil, which can draw anything that Z can think up. It can also erase anything as well. Z uses her pencil as a mode of transportation or as a chair.

Personality: Z is extremely lazy and very carefree. She doesn't seem to care about anyone with the exception of one (or two) people. Z loves to sleep and watch how the world unfolds. She tends to roam Booga to gain knowledge and find a way to cure her boredom. Z tends to get scowled by Faunix and made to do paperwork. She likes to make random portals to random places. She seems to have a bit of a rivalry with Shine from the Brotherhood but it's more of a friendly rivalry...sometimes.

Abilities: Z tends to mostly use her OmniPencil for her magic but she's proven that she doesn't need her weapon to use her abilities. She's mostly skilled in creating and erasing things as if it were on a piece of paper. She can also use her OmniPencil as a spear and is rather skilled in using it like so. She also likes to float and is rarely seen ever touching the ground.

Biography: There isn't much to know about Z because there isn't much known about her anyways. Z is a weird little thing that came from an unknown place. Z, throughout time, has learned to hone her skills and create several things which are believed to still live on the planet. Z cares deeply for a lone Alien-child she found and no one knows why. She has 'saved' three other beings and all seem to tag along and help her out.
Name: Lix

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3

Weight: 250 pounds (150 when transformed)

Species: Unknown

Appearance: He has cat-like ears, tiny beady eyes, and no mouth. On his right ear, he has an earring which is purely for display. the Lower-Half his body is serpentine and the upper half is more humanoid with the exception of his head which is similar to a cat. He has a collar around his neck with Z's name on it. It shows that Z owns him in some way. He has short tuffs of hair on his head between his ears. 


WHEN TRANSFORMED: The skin on his face begins to fold over his eyes and expose his razor sharp teeth. His snake-like body begins to shrink and two legs come out. Both knees are inverted backwards and his feet closely resemble that of a three-toed clawed dinosaur. His hands split open to show three very large sharp claws. He has a long, whip-like tail for balance and lashing attacks.

Personality: He is very quiet and only speaks when he absolutely needs to. He tends to mostly talk to Z and has a 'strong bond' with her. He takes it upon himself to motivate Z and make her do her job. He silently watches the world go by him and is very tolerant of his surroundings. He's harmless for the most part but whenever Z or Nicori are in danger, he instantly shows no mercy. He's very loyal to Z but will often smack her into shape when she's not doing her job. He listens to Z obediently but he does his own thing whenever she's busy. He likes to keep his fur clean and give small children/people rides on his back.

Abilities: When he transforms, he gets his senses increased tenfold but at the cost of his conscious mind. In such a transformation, he loses all control of himself and kills anything that he can sense, sometimes including friends and allies if they are not careful. He is more sensitive to noise-based attacks but immune to pain until the transformation is over. The transformation only lasts about 15 minutes.

Biography: Lix met Z a long time ago and has stuck with her ever since. Z showed Lix how powerful she was and the rest was history. Lix vows to get stronger so he can not only learn Z's secrets but kill her one day. Every time he fights with her, he always loses and never seems to understand why. He doesn't attempt to kill her at random as he did before but he often asks for a spar to the death. Z eventually accepted him as her servant and Lix protects Z, Nicori, and two others. He still wishes to one day kill Z but he is in no rush to do it.
Name: Nicori Omni

Age: 7-8 years old

Gender: Boy

Height: 4'2

Weight: 60 LBs

Species: Unknown

Appearance: Nicori has no eyes but a very large mouth with some sharp teeth in it. Every time Nicori talks, his mouth appears normal; it opens up entirely when he laughs, eats, or smiles. He's young so he's losing his teeth every once in a while but they grow back quickly. He has two ram-like horns on the side of his head. Near the top of where his horns sprout, he has two small antennae which he uses to 'see' and sense the things around him. His skin is a soft purple color and his hair a jet black color. His antennae, however, are white. Most of his hair covers his large forehead. People assume he's hiding his eyes but are surprised to see no eyes.


Personality: Nicori is a brat but only because he's been spoiled too much. He's generally a good kid and he's rather smart. He often tries to copy other people and is easily inspired by people who are strong. He is mostly nice to women (or anyone with long hair) because they remind him of Z. He's a troublemaker and often causes a lot of problems but is quick to turn and hide when things get out of control. He never hurts anyone on purpose but he's very curious and people often have to keep a close eye on him. Overall, he's just a learning, growing, and cocky brat.

Abilities: Nicori is not a fighter but his mouth and teeth can bite and chomp through almost anything. He may not be good at fighting but he is able to see in complete darkness without problems. His skull is thicker than usual so he tends to headbutt things in order to defend himself. He has a great sense of smell. He is completely worthless as a fighter.

Biography: Nicori is the 'child' of Z. He often tells people that Z is his 'Mama' but most people don't believe him because of how lazy Z is. He was found and taken care of by Z and spoiled for the most part. He's learned many things on respect, courage, and intellect thanks to the Trio that follows Z around. He loves to go on adventures and learn everything there is to know but tends to become snobby when he doesn't get his way. He's very open to the world around him and actually learns on each and every adventure he goes in. Since he is the 'child' of Z, any harm to befall upon him will be taken out by Faunix, Lix, or Gorecilia. However, if Nicori ever cries, that is the very rare moment in which Z is actually angry.

Most of the times, Nicori tries not to cry because he doesn't like to see Z mad so he tries not to get into too much trouble. Even if they wanted to make Nicori cry, no ordinary cry will make Z rush to his aid and Nicori is very aware of this. 
Name: Aquario Aurin

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Height: 5'12

Weight: Unknown

Species: Human

Appearance: He has dark blue hair wrapped in a ponytail. His eyes are an emerald green color. He's skinny and doesn't look like one to take a hit. He has a large, mage-like coat with a hoodie. He keeps the coat tied up in the middle. He has knee-high boots. He wears purple glasses to help him see. (I will provide a drawing later but for the meanwhile, this is what he more-or-less looks like. Just add glasses.)


Personality: Aquario is very serious and always seems to have a stick up his ass. He's very smart when it comes to magic and tends to always push and perfect himself. He's extremely harsh to people who do not meet up to his expectations but he's a very loyal to those that do. He teaches young mages to become better but his training is very difficult. He is a remarkably good teacher and tries hard not to show his soft side. He is afraid to show any sort of positive emotion for he believes it is a sign of weakness. For the most part, many of the mages hate him because of how much of a perfectionist he is but he seems to have a soft side under his hard shell.

Abilities: He is a strong mage and he seems to specialize mostly water-based magic but he is very versatile in his magic. He uses both his hands and his wand to use magic. Without his glasses, he is completely blind and vulnerable to any attack. (Will update later)

Biography: Aquario is the older brother of man named Blazrin and both seem to have some sort of rivalry going on. Aquario's childhood with his brother was one of battling over their parents' love. Both were loved equally but each parent seemed to have a favorite: Blazrin. Aquario was always a hard worker and thought that if he was better than Blazrin in ever aspect that he would get the respect he wants. He started to learn to use magic at a young age and perfected his first spell almost a month later all by himself. He didn't have any teacher and is an extremely hard worker. He strongly believes that hard work will beat out talent every time and that pushing oneself is the key to perfection and strength. 

He and his brother have been separated by the parents. Aquario was sent away to the Sisterhood while Blazrin was sent to the Clan of Swords.
Name: Blazrin Aurin

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Height: 6'7

Weight: Unknown

Species: Human

Appearance: He has short and spiky autumn color hair and light blue eyes. He wears a white and red vest with no sleeves or any shirt under it. The vest is mostly armor. He is very well built with a nice chiseled body. He has a red bandanna around his neck which seems to be mostly faded and stained. He has en exposed torso with a large scar over it. He wears baggy pants/cargo pants and knee high military boots (Also armor). He has a tattoo on his left arm of the insignia of the Sword Clan. He carries a battle ax on his back and a regular sword on his side. (Will provide drawing later)

A more-or-less appearance

Personality: Blazrin is very hot blooded and a little bit of a simpleton. He likes to make everything into a competition but he just wants to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. He loves to eat and he loves to be the idol in people's eyes. He's very cocky but he does have the power to back himself up. He can be somewhat of a pervert but he never means any true harm to women. He's childish and carefree. He sometimes doesn't take things seriously but when he is on the battle field, he can't help but think it's a game until he gets seriously hurt. He loves the feeling of adrenaline. 

Abilities: He is a very skilled ax and sword user. He's faster and stronger than an average human and tends to always learn from his battle mistakes. He only needs to see a move once to think up a counter for it. However, one major weakness he has is his pride and his tendency to leave himself open many times just to boast about how strong he is. He is also reckless. However, he can certainly take a couple hits before knocking out.

Biography: Blazrin is the younger brother of Aquario and nearly his exact opposite. He looked up to his brother as a kid but then realized how much his parents seem to favor him. Eventually, he thought that he was equal, if not, better than his brother. He tried to teach his older brother fighting moves but was always shunned and always beaten by him. This got him to think that his brother didn't think that he was strong so he continued to impress his parents in hopes to have Aquario accept him as a strong brother. When he noticed that Aquario disliked him, his look on his brother changed.

When they were separated, he left to the Clan of Swords to become the best and strongest member ever known. He vowed to be even better than his brother so that one day he can beat him and forcefully earn his respect. He strongly believes that true strength is how much you are willing to risk for people.
Name: Gorecilia Omni

 - Age: Unknown

 - Gender: Female

 - Height: 15'10

 - Weight: 350 LB

 - Species: Unknown

 - Appearance: 

 - Personality: Gorecilia is a very kind spider-woman who loves to knit clothes and gore. She sometimes tends to knit little creatures' clothes or nurse them to health. She has a rather sadistic side and enjoys seeing people/things in pain. She always smiles and seems to thrive on it. However, she is very civil and usually keeps this side of her well hidden. She only shows this side when in her special room hidden within the Sisterhood that Z made for her. Only few people know of her 'likes'. She's also pretty girly and likes to have tea parties. She likes to collect seeds and flowers to plant in her garden.

 - Weapon: Gorecilia doesn't like to fight but she uses her insane strength to her advantage. Despite her size, she's pretty quick but she tires out very easily. Her snake hair can lash out and bite on to incoming people and protect her head from flying debris. The snakes have a very powerful venom that can induce paralysis on creatures even larger than her. She can use her silk threads like a whip or other sort of weapon. It's sticky, flexible, and extremely strong. The silk is very weak to fire, however.

 - Abilities/Magic: Gorecilia has a third eye under her frilly bangs which can render people to stone (like Medusa). However, Gorecilia does not like to use it because it drains nearly all of her energy and changes her appearance into a disgusting being. She uses it as an absolute last resort. While in her 'Medusa State', Gorecilia is more resistant to magic and stronger. Her hair grows longer and her third eye is the most dangerous and vulnerable thing on her body. She is also unable to see properly once her third eye is open which makes her an easier target, however, her strength is something to be feared because of the rampage she's going through.

 - Biography: Gorecilia was introduced to Z many years ago. She was fascinated by Z's tiny size that she decided to knit clothes for her. Not much is known about Gorecilia or where she came from. She only states that she came from a far away place with thick jungles that can hide a body very well. It's well believed that Gorecilia might be from a jungle but no one is sure if that jungle is even on Booga. As of now, she's currently Nicori's nanny and caregiver whenever Z isn't around and knits all the clothes he currently has.
- Name: Byll 

 - Age: 426 years old

 - Gender: Male

 - Height: 6'5

 - Weight: 210

 - Species: Mutant

 - Appearance: His face has a gas mask over it so no one knows what he really looks like. He has a creamy pink hair color that's messy and wavy. He has on a large black trench coat that covers almost all of his body. It's open in the front to show a purple skin-tight shirt. His hands have holes in which gasses and chemicals can spew out. He wears large brown boots and baggy knee-length pants. He always seem to keep his hoodie up.

 - Personality: He's very quiet and tends to look at things from the sidelines. He doesn't like it when he has to approach new people and he hates it when people give him awkward stares due to his hazmat. His voice is very raspy and almost robotic in a sense. He isn't a fan of fights but when he does fight, he makes sure to get the mission done with no mercy. He's a little sadistic in his fighting style and usually likes it when people ask for mercy while he plays or tortures them. He has an odd obsession with collecting things that are old and rusted. It's rare when he does it because he seems to be only attracted to specific objects. He is very loyal to those he trusts.

 - Weapon: He uses many chemical and poisonous gases to his advantage.

 - Abilities/Magic: He uses two holes on the palms of his hands to spray a poisonous chemical or other sort of gas. He's able to use these same gasses to alter and change the landscape around him and build a large cloud of smoke for a speedy escape. The large array of chemicals he can use are almost unlimited. He is also immune to any sort of poison or chemical attack which he can absorb through his hands/body. His body has an almost constant dense thick air around him which can make people dizzy if they stay around him for too long. His blood is extremely poisonous and can melt through metals if given enough time by how corrosive it is. He can also sink into the ground and appear behind people for a surprise attack or stealthy mission, however, it takes a great toll on his frail body. It is extremely dangerous to get near this man without any protection from his chemicals. He cannot take off his mask because he will be unable to breathe.

 - Biography: No one knows where he came from but everyone thinks he's an experiment gone wrong or the result of extreme exposure to radiation. However, his roots were believed to come from between Shina Ania and Desolate lands.
Name: Meriya

Age: 1117+

Gender: Female

Height: About 9 feet (Tail included)

Weight: Unknown

Species: Mermaid/Siren


Personality: Meriya is a bit sadistic and she likes to loot people from their belongings. She drowns people who follow her voice but she's obsessed with Faunix since he was the only one who managed to be immune to her beautiful hypnotic voice. She claims that Faunix will be the one to harbor her eggs but she cannot do much without having legs to walk on. She currently resides in Shina Ania where those who are not careful will end up drowning or become a tasty snack for a sea monster she owns and calls her pet. She has only gotten better with her killings and mellowed out a bit. So far, she's drowning those who dirty her waters and those who she catches harming others. However, Meriya is unpredictable and will drown people for material goods or just sheer pleasure. 

Weapon: Her voice and song/beauty. Her pet sea monster, Posiden.

Abilities/Magic: She's able to tantalize the people who hear her song/voice. Her voice is almost hypnotic and almost anyone who hears it will be driven to follow it.

Biography: Meriya left her home a long time ago to seek out a better life. She was captured in the fishing nets of fishermen where she was sold off to a rich person in Paradise. The person who bought her was a kind fellow and Meriya enjoyed his company very much. When the man finally died, Meriya was sold off to another person who seemed to only keep her for display. Annoyed with how the person treated her, she began to sing her troubles away and that's when she noticed that her voice can lure people in an almost hypnotic state. She eventually drowned her owner and convinced the butler to set her free of he'll suffer the same fate. 

When she was released, she traveled the waters of Paradise before trailing off into Shina Ania where she met a fellow sea Monster (Will draw later) who was trapped under some rocks. She decided to help it out where it devoted its life to protecting Meriya. She calls the beast her pet and gave it the name Posiden. Both of them have been together since then and travel the waters of Shina Ania. They both currently reside near one of the most beautiful beaches in Shina Ania. People often keep their beaches clean, fearing to be taken to their watery doom by Meriya.
Name: Evelyn Nicestone

Age: 25-ish

Gender: Female

Height: About 5'5

Weight: Unknown

Species: Human


Personality: Evelyn Nicestone is a very kind-hearted woman. She believes that everyone in the world deserves a second chance at things in life. She loves to venture out and provide support to people who need her help. She is quite adventurous and enjoys a good thrill. Despite her childish personality, she is very intelligent and more than capable of standing up for herself. She is a Nurse-In-Training, but she tends to already think of herself as a full-fledged nurse/doctor. She searches Booga for her husband as well as medicinal herbs and martial arts techniques to enrich her life. 

Weapon: Evelyn Nicestone is very skilled in Martial Arts and can hold her own even against some monsters. She owns two brass knuckles that are made of Californite. They increase the power behind her punches by drastic levels. They are also strong enough to punch the air and create sonic booms to blast her foe away. She has knowledge about medicine and medical practices thanks to her studies of nursing. She's not perfect, but she is capable of healing herself and others. She is seen carrying a white medical bag with all sort of supplies. Mysteriously, she never seems to run out or need to resupply...

Abilities/Magic: N/A

Biography: Evelyn Nicestone was born into a wealthy family. She lives with her father and butler. She grew to love the outside world and believes that justice should be fair and equal to those who seek it. Her mother passed away when she was young, and since then, Evelyn vowed to live up to her mother's dream. Her father, Mr. Nicestone, owns a company that sells Californite to places outside of Empire State. Before he knew it, the company became the world's best distributor of Californite in all of Booga. With all the money flowing in, Evelyn decided to give back to the community and helped fund to make a new city known as Hope City. She founded the town so people from all over can start a new life with many chances to become what they always wanted to be. 

Ever since Hope City prospered, Evelyn found the man of her dreams, a feisty red-head that had been through many hardships in his life. After much effort, dilemmas, and several arguments, they both got happily married. They lived whimsically in Hope City until her husband mysteriously vanished right before her eyes. She has no idea where he went or what took him, but she knows that he is still alive, somewhere, and she vows to find him, even if it means crossing through space and time.
Name: Mr. Nicestone

Age: 45+

Gender: Male

Height: 6'5

Weight: Unknown

Species: Human

Appearance: Mr. Nicestone is a very tall intimidating man. He has a large mustache that connects to a beard (He likes to look like an Englishman) He is almost always wearing a suit and keeps his reading glasses in the pocket inside his suit. Mr. Nicestone has light brown eyes and dark grey hair. (I will provide a drawing as soon as I can)

Personality: Mr. Nicestone is a very serious man when it comes to business and can be very intimidating to talk to, especially when his voice is very strict and stern. However, he is a very nice man and is actually much more generous than he looks. He's always ready to help people in need and is not scared to set an example for people to follow. Despite his very scary looks, he's a big push-over when it comes to his daughter, Evelyn Nicestone. He has a strong bond with his daughter and will make sure no one stands in her way, let alone hurt her. Some people say he spoils her a little too much, but Evelyn says he's just a big softie. 

Weapon: Mr. Nicestone used to be a boxer in his youth but now that he's old, he switched to business. He is not a fighter but a swing from his massive arms would probably hurt. He is usually surrounded by a couple bodyguards and each of them has weapons made of Californite.

Abilities/Magic: None.

Biography: Mr. Nicestone was born and raised in Empire state his entire life. He was married to a woman known as Serah and fathered a daughter who he called Evelyn. Both of them lived peacefully with their daughter. Lady Serah was unfortunately killed trying to help the people of Los Demonios, and the news of it crushed both Mr. Nicestone and his daughter. Ever since that day, Mr. Nicestone decided to help the people around him, as Serah did. When he figured out the value of Californite and how it can be used to help people, he made a company to distribute it all around the world. He became so rich that he had to give his money away simply because he had nowhere to put it. His daughter convinced him to use the money to make a city and so he did. He gave full rights and all power to his daughter and she managed to make Hope City and all its wonders. 

Being so rich, Mr. Nicestone keeps tabs on the new city whenever his daughter is not around and leaves much of the work to the Mayor, and his personal Butler, Gerome Basaltar. He grew to know the butler when he was young and took him under his wing. Ever since Gerome has been grateful and vows to keep the family name protected.
Name: Sir Gerome Basaltar

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Height: 5'12

Weight: Unknown

Species: Human

Appearance: (Will provide drawing later) He's a tan-skinned butler with black hair tied back to a ponytail. Gerome has blue eyes which greatly contrast his entire look. He thinks it's annoying but many people think it's very beautiful. He is always in his butler attire, even when doing his mayor duties. He proudly wears the Nicestone insignia on his suit next to a crystallized flower Evelyn gave him when she was young. He cherishes both dearly. He speaks in a slight British-like accent.

Personality: Gerome is a man who dislikes being disorganized and unprepared. He likes to think many steps ahead of everyone else and always comes out knowing what to do. He can be quite sneaky and has been known to keep his word to the Nicestone Family. He is always smiling and he never seems stressed out despite all the work he has to do. He does not take kindly to people who threaten Hope City or the Nicestone Family and those who do mysteriously disappear or immediate respect/fear Gerome. Even when things are losing control, Gerome is the only person who can keep a level head and think things accordingly. He also has an obsession with sweets, specifically cake.

Weapon: Gerome does not know how to fight. Instead, he has bodyguards protecting him at all times with weapons made of Californite. If that is not enough, he has a special button he pushes on his suit that can teleport him somewhere safe. It is either Mr. Nicestone's Office, his personal Office, or the Nicestone Manor. It can only be used twice. His mayor office is full of tricks and hidden weapons as well.

Abilities/Magic: None.

Biography: Gerome grew up in Empire State his entire life with a loving mother and father. He was a very smart man growing up and loved hearing the stories his father told about his police duties. Sadly, his father was killed in the line of duty and it drove a young Gerome to depression. His mother was his saving grace and encouraged him to continue his studies and graduate university. Gerome graduated top of his class and earned 4 Masters at the age of 18. While he searched for a job, he realized that his mother wasted all the money they owned in order to pay for his studies and was living on the streets. With no home, both he and his aging mother struggled in the streets. It was here that he met Mr. Nicestone and his wife, Serah.

The Nicestones took Gerome and his mother to their home and that's when he learned to become a butler and put his communication skills to use. When his mother passed away, the Nicestones told him he was free to stay in their home and they will provide a proper burial for his mother. Finally coming to peace with himself, he was so grateful for everything the Nicestone did for him. When Evelyn was born, he protected her like a little sister and came to the conclusion that he wanted to protect the family and everything they wish to achieve.
Name: Lebi

Age: 7000+

Gender: Female

Height: 1'00

Weight: 5.5 pounds

Species: Unknown

Appearance: (Will provide drawing soon) Lebi is a very small pixie-like creature that lives in Flower Trail Forest, close to Hope City. She has very big blue eyes with black rings around them. Her skin is a pale green color while her hair remains a dark green. Her hair is short and pulled back, holding its shape at all times and has two antennae that are often mistaken for her hair. On her back are two small transparent wings that are mostly for show because they do little to keep her in the air. She wears a light green one-piece swimsuit with socks that reach up to her knees. She also has a semi-transparent tutu with many frills. Both arms have white gloves that reach her elbows. She also has mysterious vine-like tattoos on both arms near her shoulders. Small blue gem on her forehead that can emit powers. 

Personality: Lebi is considered a child and certainly acts like one. She is very young and extremely curious about the things she sees. However, she is a bit shy to show herself to newcomers because of her powers. She knows what she is capable of and thinks that showing herself will only endanger the forest she lives in. She has the mindset of a child and is very open to see the world and ask many questions.

Weapon: No weapons

Abilities/Magic: Lebi has the ability to control any plant and strong psychic abilities. Her power over plants gives her full control over there various uses and she can even turn them to more lethal versions of themselves. For example, if she wants, she can turn a Venus-Fly trap much bigger and resemble that of the Piranha Plant from Mario. She can also take plants and turn them into medicines for herself and others. She is mostly a fan of using vines as whips and make leaves as sharp as knives when she throws them. She has an unknown power within her that she still hasn't tapped in to yet. 

Biography: Not much is known about Lebi other than she is thousands of years old and the last of her kind. She is tasked with taking care of plants and has mysterious powers that help her in doing that. She keeps herself hidden from humans, fearing that they may take her and cause harm to her precious forest.
Name: Judas

Age: 40+

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2

Weight: N/A

Species: Human

Appearance: Judas has dark skin with black dreadlocks. He has a patch covering his left eye (He doesn't have it anymore) with many scars where his eye should be. He has a few on his neck and arms. He's got icy blue eyes which is a unique contrast to his darker features. He has a burn scar on his left arm and missing a finger on his left hand. He has a lot of jewelry (necklaces and rings) to show off his 'wealth'. He wears shorts, boots, and a light shirt to keep as much weight off of him as possible. (Will provide a picture in due time)

Personality: Judas has only one interest: Money. He's cold-blooded and has no remorse for any people he hurts. He has very little emotion and appears to be completely numb to the world around him. He only cracks a smile or shows interest if you show him a fat stack of money or offer him a deal he cannot refuse. He does it all for the sake of a profit. However, he uses his money to keep himself alive in such a wasteland. Despite Judas's very cruel nature, he's very intelligent and very deadly when it comes to gathering information on someone. He is not a person you want to double cross.

Weapon: He usually carries a gun and whip on him. He's a lot stronger than he looks.

Abilities/Magic: None.

Biography: Judas was born in Empire State but started his life of crime at a very young age in Los Demonios. He knows Evelyn Nicestone through her father, Mr. Nicestone, after he tried a heist to steal a ton of Californite, that failed miserably. Since then, Evelyn Nicestone offered him a chance to change his bad habits by offering him a home in Hope City. He settled for a while until he was caught selling drugs and other highly illegal things. From there, he was kicked out and nearly sent to jail but he escaped before they caught him. The wealth and ransom he saw in Evelyn still linger with him.

He traveled to Desolate Lands because it didn't have laws and he knew exactly how to take advantage of a situation like this. From there, he settled on a disclosed location and began to build a hidden market (The Red Market) where he sells all sorts of illegal things. How he managed to make it grow so big is a mystery, however, rumors say he befriended a Deimos who helped him and acted as his bodyguard.
Name: Mozart 

Age: N/A

Gender: Male

Height: 8'3

Weight: N/A

Species: Deimos

Appearance: Mozart has a pastel red skin and short white hair with elf-like ears. He has two large horns but one of them is broken in half due to a battle he had. He has a narrow tail that is about as long as his body. He's very tall and skinny but his body is almost entirely muscle. His arms have white scales that are as hard as steel. He has several scars all over his body, claws on his hands and bare feet, and some black markings on his face and body. He wears little clothing other than a cloth to cover his privates and other tribal/traditional clothing such as sashes and anything to wrap around his waist (Will provide a drawing eventually)

Personality: Mozart is somewhat cynical and only talks to people he trusts. He refuses to speak to any newcomers or people he doesn't know unless they know Judas. He is often seen daydreaming or staring off into nothing. He constantly taps his fingers or drumsticks in a beat and when he's on patrol in the Red Market, he often uses the noise as echolocation since he likes to work in the dark.

Weapon: Drumsticks.

Abilities/Magic: He is able to use his drumsticks to jam any magic. His other abilities consist of using his drumsticks to make shockwaves, help to locate using echolocation, and hit his enemies. His strength, speed, and stamina are one of his cherished characteristics and powers.

Biography: Mozart was born in Deimos Valley and grew interested in using percussion as a mode to jam magic. Very little is known about his past other than he met up with Judas sometime during the heist done in Hope City. 
Name: Kire Rebbel

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Desolate Lands (He currently a citizen of Hope City)

Height: 6'1

Weight: 130 lbs

Species: Human


Personality: Kire is very snarky, cocky, and somewhat vain. He has a bad habit of having a 'smart mouth' and 'rough attitude'. He's a bit of a jerk to people he is new to and is very hesitant to show his true feelings to anyone that is not his wife and her family. He does not make friends easily and can be somewhat bossy. However, deep down inside, he truly cares, despite what he says. Under his hard shell, he has a heart of pure gold.

Special Ability: Kire is nearly unmatched when it comes to technology, specifically computers, and hacking. He is also able to build many unique gizmos using scraps he finds on the floor. He is able to improvise in most situations. He relies mostly on his inventions and quick thinking to get around because he does not like to fight.


  • Full Arm Gauntlet (Right Arm) - This arm was made by Kire. It is made entirely of Californite and a very advanced piece of technology. It can materialize small quantities of Californite. The entire arm is a Swiss Army knife of whatever Kire needs.
  • Backpack - Kire carries a backpack full of scraps and other tools he might need. It is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Uzi - Kire carries a gun he made with him. The ammunition is Californite bullets.

  • Gamma Blast - Kire fires a highly compressed beam of energy towards his foes from the palm of his gauntlet. 
  • Hacker Hand - Kire can hack any piece of technology using his arm. The less advance, the less time he needs to hack. (Think of Sombra from Overwatch)
  • Force Field - Kire can use his arm to generate a force field around him to protect himself. 
  • Super Uzi - Kire attaches his uzi to a special cable on his gauntlet and fires highly compressed energy bullets, capable of breaking through magical barriers and steel.
Biography: Kire was born somewhere in Desolate Lands, however, thanks to all the fighting and war, he grew bitter to the world. He met a man known as Judas who promised to help him as long as Kire worked for him. After many horrors, Kire decided to stop working for Judas and escape the madness of Desolate Lands. After a few months, he arrived in Empire State, specifically in a city known as Hope City. He attempted to rob and con people out of food and money until he picked on the wrong person. That person was Evelyn Nicestone and her father, Mr. Nicestone. After putting a tight leash on Kire, he and Evelyn began to bond closer and closer despite Mr. Nicestone's disapproval. Eventually, the two were in love.

After Kire saved Evelyn from an abusive relationship, the two entered a relationship of their own. After making ups and downs, Kire changed his entire life thanks to Evelyn and won the respect of her father. The two married, living happily together.

One day, Kire had a dream about a horrible machine (Anti-End) and the end of the world. The dreams continued to haunt him to the point where he was unable to take it anymore. When he found out such a machine was actually created, he packed his things and left Hope City without saying a word, leaving his wife behind. He vows to stop Anti-End and keep everyone protected.
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