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Sep 3, 2015
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So I've been crocheting for a while now. Some of you have seen my works before, but there are some that I never posted on Discord. So, for now, I'll post them here so I can see my progress. I have been selling some of my creations at work, primarily the fruits, and I'm hoping that I can create more for a small market. My theme?

Food with faces! Why? Well, I think food with faces are super cute, and I'm obsessed with them! I can't explain it, but it's working!

I've made many other pieces too! Some are obviously when I first started learning how to crochet, but I'm actually proud of myself and see my progression. I'm no longer frustrated or annoyed about not being able to create anything. Now I'm happy to be much better than before.

Go me!

This is Pierre the Pear, a commission for a friend at work who is willing to give me $10.


I made this Grilled Cheese for a coworker since he always orders a grilled cheese with tomatoes when I'm working on the grill. He informed me that his wife enjoyed crochet and I showed him my works, and he loved it. So, I decided to give him a Grilled Cheese to reel him in. I left the pieces free so he can 'construct' his own grilled cheese however he wanted. Hope he likes it.


This is Abby the Apple, made for the same coworker that commissioned Pierre the Pear. Mr. Mike seems to love my crochet, since he gave the fruits to his granddaughter. I think it's so sweet! He tells me that his granddaughter wanted to get back into crochet so she can make fruits like me.

I-I... Waaah... I swear I nearly cried by how much I was flattered! ;~;


So I made a total of 20 hearts for all my coworkers (and a little extra) for Valentine's day.


This is Peter the Pineapple, another commission for Mr. Mike, the same man who wanted the Apple and Pear.


This is Hank the Hot dog, an idea that Shine asked me to do. Thanks to him, he gave me the idea of trying to sell my gimmick of fruit with faces. This little guy started it all!


So I made a little doll of my coworker. We call him Chris and he wears a hat and is our Head Chef. Needless to say, he's... an angry doll. We get along fine, but the angry eyes are an inside joke.


This is a crochet parrot I made for a coworker for her birthday. She loves birds and owns 2 macaws, so she clearly loved the life-sized crochet parrot!

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So this is a bunny I never really got to finish, so I kinda rushed it. Its hands are not exactly how I wanted them to be, but it was made for my boss who was leaving. As for the shark, it was made for her granddaughter.


This is a motorcycle I made for a coworker for his birthday.


This is a jellyfish I made for my other boss who was leaving.


So I made these for my supervisor for her birthday. The sunflower keychain can be attached to any bag as an accessory. The small pouch with the blue flower is made to hold maybe some keys or dollar bills. The big bag is capable of holding a book/binder and is able to be slung around your shoulder comfortably. Believe me, it's a lot bigger than the picture makes it out to be.


So this was a present I made for our sushi chef and I thought it was so cute! He loved it and told me he put it on his car.


So these are some of the oldest projects I have. I tried to make Bernkastel (left) and Zenta (right). I was very inexperienced, but you can kinda see how I improved on this design with the amigurumi version of my coworker.

Needless to say, they look like crap. ^^;

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Thanks a bunch Appel! I’m working on a patchwork cardigan for Shine. I don’t know how long it will take but I’m really excited!
You have an additional fan here! I adore the little fruit buddies but my fave has to be the pink sharkie 🦈

If you ever get comfortable enough to sell them online someday, I would love to nab a shark for myself 👀
You have an additional fan here! I adore the little fruit buddies but my fave has to be the pink sharkie 🦈

If you ever get comfortable enough to sell them online someday, I would love to nab a shark for myself 👀

Thank you, it means a lot! I'll try to make another sharkie (I'll need my special yarn... 👀) in due time. You'll be my first online customer!






Man, those grapes were so hard to do. It took me all day, literally! I had to make 9 individual grapes, each one with a face. Then, three individual leaves, and one vine to connect them all. It hurt my fingers... But I REALLY love how it came out! It's my personal favorite!

Oscar the orange took me multiple tries because I messed up on my stitch count. And it's something so simple! :ROFLMAO:
So I made a pineapple, a star, and what was supposed to be a banana. Instead, it looks like corn, so I decided to accept it!

Their names are Pauline the Pineapple, Cory the Corn Cob, and Stella the Star.
This is my biggest fruit yet, meet Piper the Pineapple. This bad girl took me two days to finish, and I'm very proud of my pineapple! The leaves took me a while to sew on her head and the needle pricked my fingers a lot, but it was well worth it!


Meet all the fruits of this massive commission I am making. In order from left to right:

Boris the Banana
Piper the Pineapple
Pierre the Pear
Gabby the Grapes
Brooke, Blake, Bentley, Beau, and Blair the Blueberries (I'm going to make two more.)
Oscar the Orange
Audrey the Apple

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That Fruit Basket is god damn amazing! Your client was pretty thrilled when he saw the finished work, lol

Loved Bella the Pepper!!
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