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Sep 5, 2015
 - Name: Kasir
 - Age: 25 (Equivalent to 17 in human age)
 - Gender: Male
 - Height: 170cm
 - Weight: 56kg
 - Species:  Torian (An alien species that comes from the planet Toria)
 - Appearance: Kasir is small framed, but slightly muscular. He has shoulder length, jade colored hair. As do most Torians, his hair is styled similarly to dreadlocks.  He has no eye brows, and hooded eyes. There are two tiger-like stripes on each of his cheeks. His skin color is the shade of teal. He has feline teeth, eyes and retractable claws. His outfit consists of a tiger-orange sleeveless body-suit, a torso armor, furred forearm armor and open-boots.
 - Personality: Kasir is calm and straight-forward. He doesn’t freak out easily (unless it is around the ladies, really, he is dead scared of them xD). He is a man of tactic, most comfortable when everything is planned and well thought out. He would avoid fighting whenever possible and often prefer to beat his opponents with wit over brawn. He is a grudge holding man though, never forgetting a bad deed people done on him and would constantly remind them about it, or seek them out and punish them for it.
 - Weapon: An ornate sword and a retractable spear that normally looks like a metal hiking stick
 - Abilities/Magic:
  • Kasir specializes in using melee weapons.
  • His sword is an ancient weapon passed down from generation to generation in his tribe. If he is able to perform a Torian ritual on a person, he may create a bond/curse between him and said person. It will appear as a form of a tattoo on both him and the person. There are three types of tattoos, but each can only be used once (until either the bonded/cursed person die or he lift the curse himself).
  • The Ritual: He would need to make a cut on the person with the sword to draw in their blood. Then have to finish an incantation. If he is interrupted, he would have to redo from scratch.
  • The Cobra: This tattoo represents a curse and appears on the back. He is able to induce pain on the person with this tattoo whenever they intend to harm him. The cobra moves around on the person’s skin when he chants his incantation, causing pain wherever it is. The person cursed with the Cobra will also suffer occasional pain and tissue damage (spreading from the location of the snake) as the curse slowly destroys their body. Depending on their strength, it can last for years, even decades, before they eventually die.
  • The Scorpion: Appearing on the shoulder, this creates a bond between him and a person, usually much stronger than him and is willing to comply. When activated, the tattoo will slowly drain the other person’s strength and transfer it to Kasir, enhancing his strength/speed. However, excessive use can kill the other person. Also, after the tattoo’s effect is turned off, all the gained strength will return to its owner, leaving him exhausted and vulnerable.
  • The Compass: This also forms a bond. The tattoo allows him and the other person to track each other down. The tattoo appears on the forearm and glows when pointed to the right direction.
 - Biography: Planet Toria was among those created after the big explosion. However, it took the globe 2000 years to begin showing signs of life. By the crisis era, the dominant species on the planet was a tiger-like beast with sharp saber teeth. Over the years, the animal evolved into a humanoid race, calling themselves the Torians. Despite already developed to the point of space exploration, they still lived peacefully among nature. Around the time of Age 9002, the planet was invaded by a foreign alien race, causing the survived Torians to flee to other planets. A few of them landed on Planet Booga and settled down in the wilderness. They learned the language of Booga people through the travelers who came across their small settlement.
Fun fact: At first people thought they were a kind of Deimos/Demons (some still do actually…)
Kasir was born on Booga as the youngest cub of Shirgan and Yamir. His father, Shirgan, was the current leader of the tribe. His older sister Messira was supposed to be the one to inherit the tribe’s Abhis saber and become the next leader once Shirgan dies. However, his sister was an adventurous one, and hadn’t returned since her last trip so eventually the weapon was passed on to Kasir. Growing worried after five years, Kasir asked permission to leave the tribe to search for Messira and possibly return the weapon to his sister.
On the way, he found a tiny monster and took it as his pet. The creature soon grew much taller than him but remained loyal. He named it “Brony”, meaning friend or companion in his language.
 - Pet: Brony is a creature resembling the xenomorph of the alien franchise but with a cute, dog-like personality. The gender is unknown, but Kasir refers to it as a “he”. Brony is green and yellow in color. It is thin, almost 198cm when standing on two legs, with long limbs and a long curved head. At the tip of its toes and fingers are dull claws used for digging. The creature has thick bones covering its torso and head, a flexible tail that can be used to climb and cut branches. Its diet includes wood, vegetables, fruits, insects, and grain based products (especially toast for some reason). It is incapable of speech, and always drooling. Kasir keep the easily distracted monster on a leash, sometimes riding it to travel faster.
 - Name: Fuutaro Minami (Amethyst)

 - Age: 30

 - Gender: Male

 - Height: 178cm

 - Weight: 60kg

 - Species: Human

 - Appearance: Fuutaro has sand-colored skin tone, sharp black eyes and black shoulder length hair. He has four violet hair beads on his hair. Normally, he wears common t-shirt, a dark colored hoodie, and jeans. When Amethyst takes over, he would slick back the hair on the right side of his head. His eyes color would turn purple. Amethyst prefers wearing coats with shirt and trousers.

 - Personality: Fuutaro is kind hearted and shy. He likes helping people, learning and reading books. He is an outdoor person, yet prefers watching other people instead of socializing. His favorite season is autumn, when there are plenty of winds and falling leaves. He has a fear of deep water, a result of almost drowning when he was young.
His other persona, Amethyst, is quite contrasting. The persona is a contracted killer/thief, with an undying love for money. While the fear of water and the outdoor loving traits remained, Amethyst is vulgar and cold-hearted. He wouldn’t mind stepping on others, even friends, to get what he wants.

 - Weapon: Anything he can use. Most comfortable with long ranged weapons.

 - Abilities/Magic: When one personality is knocked out, or goes to sleep, the other emerges. This mean he never sleeps for real. While his normal persona has no combat skill, or anything great whatsoever, Amethyst is great with guns and common melee weapons.

 - Biography: No one living in the apartment could have thought their kind neighbor, the man who seemed so shy and generous was a criminal, not even himself. Fuutaro  was born and lived in Empire State as normally as anyone. He started experiencing strange gap in memories whenever he dozed off since he was in his 20s. He found a pretty purple gem on a vacation in Shina Ania. He curiously picked it up to see what it was. The shiny stone's light dimmed and died out the moment he touched it. He brought it home as a decoration then made a hair accessory out of it.

Since then, there were times he just woke up feeling sore and sometimes even with injuries he never remembered getting, or finding money that seemed to come from nowhere. He only find out about what really was happening to him when one time he woke up to see himself tied up and beaten by a bunch of people. They called him by a name he never heard of and thought he was pretending not to know he had killed their previous gang leader. He blacked out again dude to the beating and later woke up in his apartment room as usual, only with all the injuries, some still leaking blood. Needless to say he was terrified of going outside and that night he tied himself to the bed to avoid “sleepwalking” again.
The next morning he woke up to find himself untied and covered in bloody money, and a note telling him it’s no use trying to stop the Amethyst. It was the first time he made contact with his other persona. At first, he was determined to keep himself inside the room at night, but all his locks were destroyed with ease. Amethyst would leave notes taunting him afterward. Eventually, he just gave up and let it happens. Hopefully his other side wouldn’t go too far.
Name: Cecil

 - Age: 500+ looks 20

 - Gender: Male

 - Height: 175cm

 - Weight: 52

 - Species: impure-Demon

 - Appearance


 - Personality: [font=Arial, sans-serif] Cecil is [/font][font=Arial, sans-serif]cheerful[/font][font=Arial, sans-serif] and energetic. [/font][font=Arial, sans-serif]He [/font][font=Arial, sans-serif]is fashionable, always know how to combine his clothing to look good. [/font][font=Arial, sans-serif]His clothing style is rather feminine, often includes shorts. As a matter of fact, Cecil is homosexual. He sounds and acts quite girly. [/font][font=Arial, sans-serif]He loves exercising, often do aerobics to keep himself in shape.[/font] [font=Arial, sans-serif]Despite [/font][font=Arial, sans-serif]being all [/font][font=Arial, sans-serif]adorable, Cecil can become dark and cruel should [/font][font=Arial, sans-serif]someone anger him[/font][font=Arial, sans-serif].[/font][font=Arial, sans-serif] He despises guns and should any one show one to him they should expect to be clawed.


 - Weapon: Claws and fangs

 - Abilities/Magic

  • [font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]Shadow-shifting[/font]: He can shift into a shadow to hide himself in the shades. In shadow form he can move swiftly but cannot move into the direct light.
  • [font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]Animal Communicating[/font]: He can understand and talk to most animals, being an animal himself. Though sometimes meaning may be lost during translation.

 - Biography: [font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]Cecil was just a lion in [size=small][font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]Shina Ania [/font]doing his own business when some **** with a gun shot him for sport. He died and his hatred grew over time and it gathered Chaotic energy. His soul took the shape of a half-lion half-human demon. However, he stayed in the neutral world for too long he wasn’t qualified to live in the underworld and was sent back to the living world. He lived with the Deimos in the Deimos Valley for a few hundred years.[/font][/size]​

One time Cecil came across a fitness magazine and was fascinated by it. He realized how unhealthy the life of his fellow Deimos and Demons were and decided to open a free fitness class where he lived. Of course they laughed at his ideas at first, but some actually joined. After many years of development, he now owns a fitness centre called “Cecil’s Slimmons” , where he held classes and provide a gym for people to work-out, in Deimos Valley.

Fun fact[size=small]: Cecil was inspired by Cecil the lion and Richard Simmons[/size]​
 - Name: Hadrian Christianson (Howlite)

 - Age: 29

 - Gender: Male

 - Height: 186cm

 - Weight: 74kg

 - Species: Human

 - Appearance:


 - Personality: Hadrian is loud and disrespectful. He would insult anyone or anything should they annoy him. Though, he is a religious man who would do everything for the faith he follows (if he ever find one) and never degrade it. Due to his power, he is a daredevil, not afraid to do crazy stuns and never think of a strategy before charging in. He often boasts about being immortal during battles. Cold environment is his arc nemesis and he would be quite grumpy in the winter. The healing factor causes him to constantly be hungry so he is always munching on something. He is protective of his pendant since it's the source of his power (it represent his contract with the demon).. And he pray to the Great Demon Kara before a serious battle.

 - Weapon: Scythe

 - Abilities/Magic:
  • Hadrian’s mutation gave him a medical condition called C.I.P: Congenital insensitivity to pain. He is unable to feel pain and wouldn’t notice a bleeding wound until someone point it out for him.
  • Healing factor: His wounds heal much faster than normal people (Deadpool's speed of healing). He can survive after decapitation and will regain consciousness soon after his head is reattached to a body. As long as his pendant is not shattered, he can keep regenerating and coming back if any piece is left. Regenerating from a piece will take months/year depending on how badly he was cut..
 - Biography: Little is known about Hadrian’s early life, other than he came from Desolate Lands. He is known as a mercenary, willing to kill for whoever benefits him the most. His mental condition contributes to his efficiency as a fighter. Hadrian obtained his power from a demon who offered him “immortality” in exchange for his loyalty. The demon gave him a howlite which he now wears as a pendant. He is allowed to do whatever he wanted but must do whatever the demon asks him to when needed if he wants to keep his power and his life.  

Kara, the demon, showed up some years before out of nowhere and told him to find one of his missing underlings in the form of a purple gem, claiming it was dropped in Shina Ania. Annoyed but didn't want to risk his cool power, Hadrian agreed to go looking for it. Shina Ania was a huge place and he had yet to find the gem... At least he know his necklace would glow in reaction if he's ever near it.
 - Name: Sabi Napster

 - Age: 18

 - Gender: Female

 - Height: 175cm

 - Weight: 60kg

 - Species: Human

 - Appearance:


 - Personality: Despite her look, she actually is just as girly as any girl out there. She loves all the typical things other girls love, especially romantic novels and dresses. Sabi is a serious girl when it comes to following one’s dreams. She wouldn’t let anyone stop her from doing what she wishes to do. Sabi believe a magical girl doesn’t need to be pretty, have hair or look like princesses (She even got a tattoo. Whoever said sailor moon can’t get tattoos right?). Always looking up to her kind father, she is always willing to help people in trouble just like him. She is also highly influenced by her cousin’s strong nature and toughened herself over the years.

 - Weapon: None for now

 - Abilities/Magic: None for now.

 - Biography: Sabi was born in Hero City. Her father owns a garage where he fixes people’s transportation. Her mother is a house-wife. She has a cousin and an older brother. Her cousin Lizt is learning martial arts while her brother Orka is taking classes in psychology to be a therapist.

Ever since Sabi was young, she had always been fascinated by the magical girls and magic. She wished that one day she would become a magical girl herself. However, it wouldn’t be as easy as she thought. She was diagnosed with the same condition as her father, which caused her to be bald since she was a baby. This made her the target for the other children’s teasing and mocking when they learned of her dream. Thankfully, her family was supportive. Her cousin would teach the bullies a lesson for making fun of her back when they still went to school together.
When she was deemed old enough by her parents, Sabi was allowed to make her way to Paradice to learn magic and pursuit her life-long dream.
 - Name: Tomás Thomas (Dragonfly)

 - Age: Not decided yet

 - Gender: Male

 - Height: 192cm

 - Weight: 80kg

 - Species: Human

 - Appearance:


 - Personality: He is nice, helpful and friendly in most cases. If you treat him nice, he will return the favor - same with hurting him or his friends. He is a loyal friend, especially to those he truly respects. Sadly, he is quite clueless in romance (to the point people thought he was into men rather than women). With a strong sense of justice, Tomás can hardly say ‘No’ when people ask for his help, unless it is obviously a scam or an illegal matter of course. He’s not a dumbass.

 - Weapon: Aside from his main gear, he has a typical laser gun for long ranged fighting. He uses his fists for close range fights.

 - Abilities/Magic:

·         Strength Enhancement: The device he put on his arm armor and boots will increase his physical strength when activated. There are four levels, with level four giving him a 20x strength. However, level four can only be maintained for five minutes or his bones will be shattered.
·         Flight: With the artificial wings he wears on his back, Tomás can fly up to the speed of a dragonfly when in his smallest size (60 mph - 97 km/h). The wings cannot work in his largest form simply because it would require too much power to run the device.
·         Size Manipulation: The device on his neck can shrink or enlarge his size. The smallest he can shrink is the size of (surprise) a dragonfly. The largest he can grow is 4 stories. He can only use up to level-two-strength-enhancement (x5) when using the size changing device. Also, when in large size he is more vulnerable to attacks, cannot fly and move slower.
Note: All of his devices, including guns, will need to be recharged once the battery meter is below 5% (estimated to be five hours on constant use)

 - Biography: Tomás was born in Empire State and lived in Hero City City throughout his childhood. He was deemed a smart child by his teachers, and to be quite a fast learner. He began learning and studying high technology when he was in middle school, after going on one of the school trips to meet famous superheros, because he hoped to become a hero himself.

In his late teen, Tomás created an early version of a device that can resize an object and was rewarded a scholarship. After graduating from the Empire University of Technology, he began developing his invention with the help of Dr. Rhee, a professor who had always been supporting him. Together they had perfected the device to be used on humans. However, after discussions, they decided it was for the best if only one version of the device is kept, because commercialize it may indirectly help the criminals.
Tomás joined the The Heroes Organization in hope of using his inventions and intelligence to help people in need. They moved to live in the Hős Complex, which also helped keep old man Rhee safe from the criminals who might want to steal the device from them.
Note: He is currently a B-Class hero.
- Name: Mr. Bear

 - Age: Unknown

 - Gender: Male

 - Height: 190cm on two legs

 - Weight: Approximexly 600kg

 - Species: Cybord-bear

 - Appearance: A large, brown grizzly bear with metal limbs. Most of his body is covered in thick, heavy metal parts. The lower part of his face had also been machined. Most peculiar is that he has a pair of prongs like a stag, but it is made of wood. They are in fact tree branches that grew on his head with a few leaves. One of them seemed to have been broken and is growing back slowly.

 - Personality: He is curious but also wary of humans. However, he loves other animals and human children, often allow them to ride of his back and protect them. He has a fear of closed space, having been traumatized by his time locked in a cage.

 - Weapon: Metal claws and powerful jaws

 - Abilities/Magic: 
Human speech: The bear is able to understand and speak human languages thanks to the enhancement done to his body.

Guardian of the Forest: He is able to sprout a tree or flower by holding a seed in his paw. If he presses his paw on soil, he can sprout ferns and grass. Ever since he became half machine, the metal made it hard for him to use his power and so his magical ability seemed to subside.

 - Biography:

Mr. Bear was once a magical and powerful being in a forrest of Ruopee. His species of bear had the power to grow and manipulate the floras within the forest. They were all docile and friendly creatures. However, their size and strength made them the perfect candidates for fighting in wars. And so, the people of Ruopee captured them. They inserted metal bones and made them half machine to be used for battle.

Mr. Bear had long forgotten who or what he really was, having been traumatized by the war and the torture he endured. When the war ended, creatures like him were casted out and forgotten like all the excesses of war. He wanders from land to land, hoping to find his purpose in life. 

A child he once saved called him Mr. Bear. He found the name interesting and started referring to himself as that.
 - Name: Akuneko

 - Age: Unknown

 - Gender: Female

 - Height: 157cm

 - Weight: 60kg

 - Species: Demon

 - Appearance: 

 - Personality: Akuneko is a mischievous demon. She likes causing troubles to humans, usually by disguising herself as an innocent looking pink cat. She likes stalking pretty men and mess their live up, especially if they have a girlfriend. She is out going and talkative toward other demons. She is protective of her boss, Kara-sama.

 - Weapon: None

 - Abilities/Magic: 
Shape-shifting: Not just a pink cat, she can disguise herself as any person or creature she wants. No matter what form she changes into, there's always something pink (pink fur, pink hair, pink clothes, etc.).
Flight: In her semi-human form she can grow bat wings to fly (something Kara taught her).
True form: Her true form is a gigantic two tailed cat with super strength, and quite agile. 

 - Biography: Akuneko was a stray cat from Los Demonious She was beaten and tortured by mean passerby and those she stole food from. She died after a group of troubled teens kick her around. Her hatred of humanity turned her soul into a demon. When she was in the Underworld, she met her master, Kara-sama, who she now follows around. 
Name: Carolyn nee Yukimura Franco (The Mistress)

 - Age: At least in her 60s

 - Gender: Female

 - Height: 160cm

 - Weight: Around 80kg

 - Species: Human

 - Appearance: She is an obese looking woman. Despite her weight and age, she is often seen wearing youthful and sometimes a bit revealing dresses (to everyone's horror). She has a collection of fashionable hats to go with her dress when she's outside, allwith cute bows or flowers attached. Her clothing is most often accompanied by luxurious, expensive jeweries.


 - Personality: She is a charismatic and cunning woman. She knows how to manipulate people or negociate to keep herself/her business away from the law. She can be cruel should one oppose her and would dispose of rebellious underlings without a second thought. Though, she can be a fair player, fullfilling her end of the deal most of the times.

 - Weapon: A fancy revolver with sotisphicated pattern cravings.

[size=small] - Abilities/Magic: If destroying every chair she sits on is considered magic... [/size]

 - Biography:
[size=small]Being the wife of
 one of the most notorious crime lords, she has a lot of loyal men working for her, and at her disposal if need be. Now that her husband is deas, she inherited everything from him, taking his place in the criminal network.[/size]
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