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Sep 4, 2015
Hey guys! This thread is just a little information on the past and current transformations for the characters I currently use in the Boogaloo roleplay games! So if anyone is lost whenever they see my characters use these forms, this will help give a little insight as to where they are in power when they transform and where they come from. Also, there was a follow up beyond Mystic Saiyan called, "Super Mystic Saiyan", but I can't seem to find any files I made for it. I decided to leave it out, so feel free to message me if you really want to know about that one :)


Super Saiyan 5:


This was the first transformation introduced into the massive continuity arc that wasn't from the official works of Dragon Ball. Described as the pinnacle of ascension in further tapping into the user's energy pool as a Super Saiyan 4, the Super Saiyan 5 transformation is similar in nature to the SSJ3 powerup. At the price of heavy drains to the user's energy pool, the Saiyan gained a new appearance and a mediocre power increase. Used against King Hypo during the war against the Arcosians (Called 'Changelings' at the time).

Mystic Saiyan:


This was the first transformation I created for my characters, beginning with a story arc where Vegetto sought to further his own power by finding another path to ascend. The story leads the characters to confront Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan, in Hell to further understand his power. In extensive combat with the Legendary Saiyan, Vegetto eventually discovers a new plateau in how Broly ascended to his unique form through his excessive rage towards Goku. Utilizing his own rage, Vegetto was able to tap into the latent energy previously known only to the Legendary Super Saiyans throughout history.

Similar to the form Trunks uses against Cell, the Legendary Super Saiyan form is then revealed to be a gateway into unlocking the true potential of the energy behind Broly's extensive power: the Mystic Saiyan form. Fully transforming the user's hair into a bright shade of green (yes I know the reason why Broly's hair had a tint of green was because of the mind control device. But I wrote this before I really thought deeper, and it was cooler looking than the other stuff xD)), this form amplified the user's power beyond a Super Saiyan 5 without the extensive drain to the user's energy pool.

The form's crutch, however, was in the maddening rage it drew out from the Saiyan. Nearly destroying most of the northern portion of the world, Vegetto nearly erupted into killing all of his friends and family before being convinced by his young son to let go of his rage.

Sub Form: Legendary Mystic Saiyan

((Credits to Z-Fighter on this transformation, explained on his work on dA depicting Brachi using this form))


This form was achieved by Brachi after she went into another emotional turmoil, triggered by Vegetto's taunting after her recent resurrection. Following the events after the fight against a malevolent being known as Janembuu, Brachi's initial frustration of Janembuu having absorbed her (she got free by herself after Gogetto distracted the beast during a beam struggle against the remaining heroes), coupled with memories of her creators' pasts. Unsatisfied with the way she got her revenge on Janembuu; having joined in with the others to obliterate the monster, Brachi's power level kept increasing, despite her attempts to burn off excessive energy. A final attempt to burn this off had an unfortunate side effect; a massive feedback of energy was sent through her body, resulting in a massive explosion of energy (similar to Majin Vegeta's Final Explosion) which killed her in the process. After her resurrection, Brachi somehow kept holding on the frustration and, after Vegetto had taunted her, Brachi's rage reached a breaking point in which she reached this form. The form itself was the peak of untamed Mystic Saiyan power, giving the user a similar appearance of a Super Saiyan 3. It's dramatic effects on power were only rivaled by the effects on the mentality of the user, and try as hard as they could, Vegetto, Gogeta and even Broly could never even ascend close to the untamed form. They ultimately agreed that it was an unnecessary venture, due to the fact that the power could not likely be harnessed.

Inverted Super Saiyan


The final Saiyan transformation used by the cast as a ki based ascension. The transformation derives its name from the inverted change in colors in the eyes and hair from the original SSJ transformation, and the overall effects to the Saiyan are inverted as well. This transformation grants power to the user by breaking down all of the natural Saiyan restraints that are prevelant in the race itself. The repression of emotions and natural desires that the Saiyan race had evolved into controlling to master themselves as warriors are freed from the transformation, granting a true and primal power to the Saiyan.

However, the knowledge of the transformation was lost when the Saiyan race had managed to evolve past it's primal and deadly power. After spending centuries and centuries evolving into a disciplined warrior race, a new Super Saiyan transformation was first achieved by the original SSJ known as Bardock. This form proved to be more controllable than the original Inverted Super Saiyan transformation that existed in legend nearly a millenia ago at this point in time, yet still had some unstable factors such as the amplification of anger and aggression that led to the destruction of its first user according to legend. It also, however, held a substantial decrease in power from the Inverted Super Saiyan transformation, due to the fact that the original transformation granted power based on the unrestriction of Saiyan emotion, cutting it down to nearly an eighth in power in comparison to the Inverted form. The transformation itself was completely eradicated from legend and memory with the destruction of Planet Vegeta and the death of King Vegeta, until it was rediscovered by Vegetto and Brachi while training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Triggered like the main SSJ transformation, the Inverted Super Saiyan form is respondent through tapping into the emotions commonly withheld in a Saiyan. Desperation, fear, and frustration inevitably led to Vegetto's ascension, followed shortly by Brachi's and Bage's. With the arrival of Gogetto, it was soon revealed that the transformation had been rediscovered long before Vegetto and Brachi's time in the Chamber due to Gogetto's knowledge and having already obtained the form. Gogetto, himself, died in defeating the Terror from Beyond during the "War on Terror" roleplay game.

Dread Saiyan


This transformation is debuted in the roleplay game entitled "DBZ: The Dread Masters" where the heroes face the true creators of the entire multiverse that seek to dominate the life they were responsible of creating. Overcoming the obstacles before them, the heroes found themselves separated as they fight the remaining six Dread Masters on their homeworld of Ilum; one of them later proving to be Vegetto's wife, Leiji, who was a well placed strategy by the Dread Masters to cripple Vegetto before the confrontation.

Vegetto sets out to turn his wife back to his side despite her betrayal, facing her alone and reasoning with her. However, despite his apparent success in convincing her to return to his side and raise their family together away from the stressful nature of Vegetto's hero lifestyle, the unofficial leader of the Dread Masters, Raptus, fatally wounds Leiji in a surprise attack. With her dying words, Leiji reveals that she knew that they could never live a normal life, and squeezes Vegetto's hand tightly to transfer the dark energy she had used to create the emotions of love and rage to him.

Using the final gift of the Dread Master Leiji, Vegetto erupts into a distraught rage as he harnesses the power granted to him to transform into the first "Dread Saiyan".

This form was originally created in early 2012, a few months before the announcement of Battle of Gods and ironically shares the same concept behind the transformation as the new form featured in the movie: Super Saiyan God. The form relies on the user harnessing a new source of energy, granted to him by one of the ruling Dread Masters herself, and tapping into the power to become an entirely new fighter. The power behind the form greatly amplifies the user beyond almost every ki user, granting the user the ability to unleash devastating blasts of energy with very little drawback in stamina usage.

The form was later harnessed by other Saiyans such as Brachi, Goku, and Vegeta during the confrontation with Vegetto's evil son from the future, taking advantage of using the clones split from "The Dread Saiyan" to ascend themselves. However, the form shares more similarities to the newest transformation, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, as the user does not have a time limit and can tap into the power of the Dread Masters at will.

Sub Form: Mastered Dread Saiyan

In the fight against the Dread Masters, the heroes eventually stumble upon the devices used as centers to all existence known as the Phobis Devices. These three items were revealed to be the original path of ascension for the Dread Masters, where if harnessed correctly by the users, the power of the Dread Saiyan would be even further amplified and maximized.

No appearance changes differ from the form, but the power is greatly increased from it's original state.

Sub Form: Pure Dread Saiyan

This transformation is unique to Vegetto's son, Vegetto Jr. First utilized by his evil counterpart from an alternate timeline where Vegetto disappeared after the defeat of the Dread Masters, Vegetto Jr. discovered his unique bloodline as the offspring of a Saiyan and a Dread Master allowed him access to the most potent energy of the Dread Masters. The form turns the user's hair into a complete flame of white fire, burning atop his head as cracks that match the patterns of the Dread Master's golden crest glow from the user's face the more he taps into the Dread Energy. The power behind the transformation dwarfs all other forms of the Dread Saiyan, yet only slightly outpaces the Mastered Dread Saiyan in Junior's more restricted version of the transformation.

Dread Master


Inspired by the "Shadow of Revan" expansion from "Star Wars: The Old Republic", the cast of heroes finds themselves in a different and alternate reality of the Star Wars universe. The Empire and Republic are the same entities, led by both the Jedi and Sith while caught in the middle of a century long war. However, the two philosophical orders have been changed to see ki itself as the Force, and are capable of contending with the power beyond most levels of Super Saiyan.

Fighting to end the conflict, Vegetto has taken the side of the Empire, ultimately seeking peace and security provided by the tyranny of the Sith instead of the corruption of the Republic caused by freedom itself. Having defeated the legendary Republic hero Revan at the Foundry, Vegetto has taken the helm of the Sith and forces the Republic to near collapse with the Republic sympathizing cast being caught in a mysterious time loop by a sinister unknown entity. 

Being a continuation from the past RPs including the games that set revamped Dread Masters as the supreme deities of the DBZ universe, Vegetto's new form is acquired similarly to that of the Super Saiyan God form in BoG. However, the transformation is permanent and is given to a fighter when six Dread Masters channel their power into one warrior. The transformation pays respects to the deities that granted the user, which enhances the user's godly energy immensely beyond the Dread Saiyan transformation.


Updates to come with more transformations!
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