vapor can make avatars/sigs/edits

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Sep 4, 2015
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yea i make stuff rather frequently so if you guys want an avatar or whatever, give me an image or something and a description of what you want done to it and i'll make something nice. any vague or lack of details i'll just make up for with my own judgement, i have an eye for these sort of things

just please do not ask me to draw, i do not have the motivation and consistent ability to produce something that i personally would be satisfied with

if you need some sort of example of what i can do, idk, my avatar and signature count as demos
i don't know what to even show

like literally, please just throw requests at me, it costs nothing 

i just won't do drawings, so that leaves anything with text, image editing, and abstract renders of stuff

"i want a weird looking thing that's vaguely shaped like an 'S' and it's hot pink with aqua blue in the background"


"give me some aesthetic"
i had this done like, two days ago but here we go, finally posting:


some neon space trash


i painted this in sai if you want more of an ~indie blog~ feel // you can full view it and like/reblog it on my art tumblr

i guess i can paint certain things but i refuse to draw characters
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