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Sep 4, 2015
The Netherlands
(RP for Vegetto and Me only)

A month has passed after Brachi and her friends have returned from the Anomaly, thanks to the future counterparts of Brachi and Xenest respectively. While most of them have gone back to their usual jobs, not everyone appeared to have recovered completely from the events which had transpired.

While Future Brachi and Future Xenest have returned to their own timeline, Shonfu, Tamar and Rabi are on the back-up site of Capsule Corp. to check on their own home planet, still known Planet Frieza #68 to see if everything was in order. 

Deramas, Abaddon and Malia have made their temporal home in the Wastelands to recover from the events on their turn, although this was more the case for the Demon Siblings. Deramas simply went with them to spend time with his children and learn from them what had happened to them in the time they were forced to serve under the vicious Demon Lord Ruthas. 

With the android guards together with Brachi and Majin Bara being at Capsule Corp, Tempest and Xeno watching over Brachi's children and Sheila spending time with Lea in preparation for their marriage, it appeared that everything on Earth was back to normal.


Brachi sighed as she left the Gravity Chamber of Capsule Corp, having held a sparring session with Majin Bara. Brachi specifically chose the Majin as her sparring partner as she saw the use of the Majin's Body Manipulation as a fair challenge, similar to how the Namekians Piccolo, Tatsu and Yango were able to extend their arms to extreme lengths in order to gain the edge and constrict their opponents. Having dressed in a fresh gi, she smiled as she walked back to the main building, evidently intending to head outside to get in some fresh air. Majin Bara happily darting on behind her.

"So, what are you going to do the rest of the day?" Majin Bara asked Brachi.

"I'm thinking of planning on going on a bit of vacation with the others, you included of course. Hopefully this will help me in getting my mind off what has happened overall the last few months." Brachi replied.

"You think that it will help?" The Majin asked innocently.

"I'm sure it will be of help," Brachi said with a smile, "if we can have some time off to ourselves so we can clear our minds a bit, it can do us a lot more good in the long run." 

"Okay, if you say so." Majin Bara said with a smile as the two went through Capsule Corp.'s Reception Lobby, before exiting the building and preparing to take off towards Goku's old house, now Brachi's house in the East District area in order to prepare for their vacation.

The flight itself went without incidents, with the Android Guards for now remaining at Capsule Corp. as Celicia was still Head of Security, while Judy and Gina were still tending to Anne. 

"Who will we invite along for the vacation?" Majin Bara asked.

"Everyone as far as I'm concerned," Brachi said, "the last few months have been quite stressful to everyone, not just the two of us. So if anything, we all deserve a bit of R&R here."

Majin Bara nodded at this in understanding, the two remaining silent for the time being until they landed in front of Goku's old house, with Brachi moving to unlock the door to get inside.
"I see you're doing much better. Panich told me you made a full recovery."

The dual voice of the Potara fusion came from the side of the hut, Vegetto having his arms crossed and moving out towards the front entrance. Gogeta kept a frown, standing with his arms to his side a few feet away from Vegetto.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there to help."
Brachi and Majin Bara both blinked at this as they stepped inside the hut as they spotted Gogeta and Vegetto inside the house, with Majin Bara tilting her head at the two Saiyans, but Brachi chuckled at this first. 

"Vegetto," she began in a soft, almost sweet tone, dangerously sweet, "and Gogeta...  I always knew some day you'd come walking back through my door, or in this case waiting for me in one of my homes. I never doubted that. Something made it inevitable." 

Majin Bara was blinking at this, carefully stepping in the house as she was unfamiliar with the two Saiyans, but she did notice Brachi was walking rather slowly to Vegetto, her tone being soft, as if she was smirking.

"So what brings you two here to my house?" She said as she had a mischievous smirk on her face as she walked towards Vegetto.
Vegetto's eyes narrowed into slits, watching Brachi suspiciously while Gogeta remained silent.

"I wanted to apologize for leaving suddenly. There was...a problem back home that I needed to take care of."
"Really now? And what was that particular problem which required your immediate attention, seeing as you two took off with Beerus, Goku and Vegeta in tow?" Brachi asked, her eyes narrowed as she stood still, evidently not in the mood for any bullshit or lies.

Majin Bara noticed that Brachi was having it difficult to contain herself, seeing as Brachi's right hand was clenched into a fist, however it remained by her side as if she wasn't making a move.

Brachi herself actually wanted to deliver a right cross into Vegetto's face, but she decided against it, instead she waited to see what Vegetto had to say before dropping the proverbial bombshell on him and Gogeta both. She never forgot that the group of five left without leaving a message during the whole affair against Siber and his men, but she felt she should hear them out first, taking a more rational approach instead of outright cold-cocking her 'friend' to the far side of the room, thus as she stood in front of Vegetto and Gogeta, she opted to cross her arms instead, her expression now being serious as she waited for an answer. 

Recognizing this serious aura, Majin Bara on her turn remained at the door, clearly waiting to see what would happen next.
Vegetto's narrowed eyes drifted to her right hand for a moment, his own arms tensing. His stance relaxed a bit once Brachi had crossed his arms, meeting her eyes.

"My son was in danger. His future counterpart had returned somehow, but we were able to make it back in time and kill him."

His eyes soon darted to the side, however, his expression lightening.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there to help you."

Gogeta glanced away as well, having crossed his arms as well.
Brachi narrowed her eyes at this. Of course, she knew how absolutely dangerous the Evil Vegetto Jr. was, having brought so much hell on the future counterparts of herself and her husband after all, but it still left a serious mark.

"Still, you didn't bother to leave a message to a nearby comrade or ally to pass it on to us..." She said, still holding her posture, her expression showing the anger, hurt and betrayal she felt at the time.
Vegetto kept his eyes narrowed, glancing back up.

"We needed everyone to stop him. I didn't know it was him until we had already left: we only just finished wrapping up the situation."

He kept his arms at his sides.

"I thought you would've at least been more forgiving of the threat my son's evil counterpart posed to even your timeline. I didn't just leave you for no reason."
Brachi scoffed.

"I would be, if it wasn't for the fact that I was ambushed and killed by Siber himself as the battle turned for the worse shortly after you left." She said, eyes still narrowed, although twitching as she looked Vegetto straight in the eye.

At the door, Majin Bara gasped, learning that Brachi was actually killed by Siber while she had been held captive at a starbase by his forces whom were trying to find a way to revive him from the universe Siber had been 'imprisoned' in, the link to Brachi's universe in general destroyed when the artifact Siber's forces had in their possession when it was disintegrated into a sun after Siber's defeat...
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