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[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]RULES FOR CHARACTER REGISTRATION:[/font]

[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]1. You can have up to SIX characters. For convenience's sake and to ensure nobody gets confused, you should play up to only two characters at a time. [/font]
[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]2. You can choose to play either a CANON character from any fandom or an OC. [/font]
[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]3. CANON characters are claimed on a first come, first serve basis, and only ONE instance of canon characters are allowed. You cannot put forth a "different" version of a character as a workaround. Trust me. I'll know. [/font]
[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]4. Characters can only have ONE weapon and ONE discipline (i.e. Magic, Alchemy or Ki). You may have up to TWO classes. [/font]
[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]5. OCs and canon characters not from Dragon Ball/Chrono Trigger/Dragon Quest can be from the following: Saiyan, Human, Mystic (Namek, Frieza's Race, Majin, elves and demons etc). [/font]
[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]6. Minor Characters will be introduced and available for play from time to time; just send me a PM asking to play the character when they're available! [/font]
[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]7. Below is the template you need to fill in for the character registration. It's okay if you don't have a detailed bio of your character yet! But if you wish to "claim" them, the following is what you MUST have:[/font]

[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]COMPULSORY (in case you don't have the bio yet but you want to claim the character first. Please complete the whole template within two weeks, or else your reserved character will be released for someone else to play!)[/font]

[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif](information on Kingdoms can be found here)[/font]

[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]Name: [/font]
[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]Race: [/font]
[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]Kingdom: [/font]
[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]Discipline: [/font]

[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]OTHERS (also compulsory, but they can be filled later. Please complete them within two weeks to avoid losing your reserved character!)[/font]

[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]Background story:[/font]
[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]Appearance (can be a description or a picture -- if a picture for an OC, please make sure it's not the artwork of someone else's OC -- don't claim other people's characters as your own without their permission, no matter how similar they might look!)[/font]
[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]Class(es): [/font]
[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]Personality: [/font]
[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]Known weaknesses and flaws:[/font]

[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]USEFUL STUFF[/font]

[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]Don't know what Classes your character should be? Check these out![/font]
[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]Final Fantasy Character Jobs (the Wikipedia articles originally linked here were heckin broken :shakesfist: )[/font]
[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]Final Fantasy XIV Jobs[/font]
[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]Final Fantasy X-2 Dresspheres [/font]
[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]Final Fantasy XIII Paradigms[/font]

[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]What are Mystics? Read here![/font]












Son Goku
Son Goki/Daizu
moving my bios over here


Name: Raditz
Race: Saiyan
Kingdom: Tytania
Weapon: Iron Claws
Discipline: Ki
Background story:
Raz is a member of a group of warriors in Tytania, known as 'The Clandestine 9' (his generation of warlords are known as the Ksaytria), and is the leader. He is the eldest son of Bardock and Gine. Also, he has 2 younger brothers. They were separated from the family in the riot. They had lost hope in searching for them.
He respects his father, almost worshiping the old man, never want to disappoint him. He tries his best to earn an approval or a compliment from his father. Sadly, despite his effort it seemed to be quite difficult.
Also, he has a little blue bird that is always with him and make her nest in his hair.
Class(es): Warrior
Raditz is serious at work, but also has a sense of humor and enjoy talking to his men casually. Like most Saiyans, he has a large pride and will flip if someone were to hurt it. His favorite pastime though, is performing delicious chemical and alchemy art *cough* I mean cooking *cough*.

Oh and do not, under any circumstances, touch/mock/cut his precious hair. You will never be so sorry in your life.

Known weaknesses and flaws:
He often underestimates his opponent if they look less superior to him. Usually he is great but if Bardock is there watching him, he would mess up or embarrass himself. He would over do things to impress his father despite knowing it was out of hands.


Name: Toma

Race: Saiyan

Kingdom: Tytania

Weapon: Crossbow & Arrow

Discipline: Magic


Background story:

Toma (or Toma-san) is actually a household name in Tytania. He is not only a successful hunter but is also a nice neighbor every housewives wish they had. Why house-wife you asked? Well, he is handy and helpful, always willing to help. Not to mention he is pretty to the core xDDD just kidding.
He is Bardock’s closest friend. They have been buddies since childhood, when they would go practice fighting and hunting together. Later, he unwillingly became somewhat of a friend to Betrote because Gine and Nion wanted him to help Bardock and Betrote to get along. Despite hating Betrote for his cockiness, Toma decided to let him tag along, turning their duo into a messed up trio. He did feel bad though, when Betrote was considered dead, for he was starting to like the guy.
Well, he still gotta move on with his life though.
Now, Toma has found a new hobby. When he is not on his hunting trip, he would visit the local pub to stare at the local famous singer, Celipe. For… science… Of course.



Class(es): Hunter

Personality: He is nice, helpful and friendly in most cases. If you treat him nice, he will return the favor - same with hurting him or his friends. He is a loyal friend, especially to those he truly respects. Sadly, he is quite clueless in romance (to the point people thought he was into men rather than women).
Known weaknesses and flaws: Toma can hardly say ‘No’ when people asked for his help (unless it is obviously a scam or an illegal matter). His weak-spot is his right leg, which had been broken years ago in an accident during his hunting trip. It is healed completely, yet the after effect remained.



Name: Betrote
Race: Saiyan
Kingdom: Meridia
Weapon: Tarot cards
Discipline: Black magic (has nothing to do with the fact he is black tho xDD)
Background story:
Betrote was a normal Saiyan born in Meridia. When he was around 10 he met his master. The old man taught him how to add magic into weapons, tarot cards to be specific. He can use the cards to foretell and fight.  

Unfortunately , since his master died of old age, he wanders aimlessly and uses his magic to steal and bully others. Betrote became cocky about his new technique and believed no one could stop him. Five years later, when he reached Tytania, he was defeated by a younger boy with palm hair style and was given a scar to cry about. He threw his card deck away, claiming it was ‘a useless piece of s***’. And since then became Bardock's rival.

Many years later, he eventually became a responsible adult, leaving his bullying past behind. Betrote met his love, Nion , while working in Law Reinforcement and thus they got married. In fact, he was a good father to his two kids: Cassian and Birch. Because Nion was Gine’s best friend, they finally had to put aside their story in the past and came to tolerate each other.

One day, he discovered a gang of saiyan smugglers and followed them to an abandoned mansion with his partners. They were caught and beaten near-death. The smugglers threw their bodies into the mansion's cellar and locked it. Betrote woke up and realized his friends died. While trying to escape, he fell into a hidden room. There was nothing extraordinary in the cold stone cellar… except for a glowing box on a pedestal in the middle of the room. On its lid engraved ‘KARA’

Inside, he found an ancient tarot deck. Getting a bit nostalgic, he looked through it. In the process, accidentally cut his fingers on the sharp edge of the cards. As his blood was drawn, a purple light emerged.
The rescue team had never found him and considered him as dead.

A year later, Nion and the daughter were brutally murdered, leaving only Birch (who was not home at the time) alive. Betrote returned to Tytania 3 years after this incident and took Birch from the orphanage. He never let Birch communicate too much with the outside world, and teaches him dark magic.


Class(es): Magus, Astrologian
Personality: Creepy, cold as ice, mysterious. You know… typical evil villain stuffs… Even to his son, he is a complete ***hole. Not his fault though. BUT you can bet on him being such a cool guy when it comes to monologue and cruel talk.
Known weaknesses and flaws: Aside from his common-villain-weakness of monologuing, he is mentally/emotionally unstable when the demon’s control over him is glitching. Betrote has developed a phobia toward mirrors for it reflects his demonic self. To defeat him, the card deck must be destroyed.



Name: Nappa
Race: Saiyan
Kingdom: Tytania
Weapon: A giant metal ball with spikes, hooked on a chain
Discipline: Ki
Background story:
His father was a friend of King-Vegeta when the king was still a young prince. His old man was a royal paladin so it was him who trained Nappa to make him to who he is today. His whole family stay loyal to the kingdom and served the royals for generations. After his father died of old age, Nappa, now in his thirties, followed his wish to help protect the kingdom and little prince Vegeta.
Is the personal body-guard of the royal children in the palace and the General of the Tytania Army, Nappa can often be seen ‘attacked’ by the little princesses with their teapots and teddies, otherwise at the training ground with the princes. He was the one who taught King Vegeta's sons how to fight and defend themselves. Apparently, Nappa has a degree in Child Psychology for some reason…
He is currently having a crush on a servant in the palace [Anzu].
Class(es): Warrior, Paladin
Personality: He's brash, adventurous, sometimes dumb. He has a passion for growing bonsai in his office.
Known weaknesses and flaws: When angered, he will lose the ability to think straight, something prince Vegeta had to remind him occasionally. He also has a soft side for kids.


Name: Hadriana

Race: Dragovians-human hybrid

Kingdom: Dragovia

Weapon: A scythe which she can heat up with her energy. She can also apply her aero spell to create a strong gust of wind when swinging her scythe

Discipline: Magic (Fire, wind)


Background story:

Hadriana was born into a first class family with her mother being the daughter of a well known family in Guardia, while her father owned several shady business and was a mob-boss. She was raised as a fighter to be able to defend herself should any enemy of the family wanted to mess with her.

She found interest in ring-fighting. Since her teenage years, she had been fighting in the underground Arena under the alias "The Grim" which was given to her based on her favorite weapong of choice, a scythe. Hadriana had been making her father really proud and thus encouraged her to take part in the upcoming tournament for the prize money. And should she get chosen to be a part of the 13 champions. she would be able to help his criminal activities go unnoticed.



Class(es): Fighter

Personality: Having been raised in a loving family, with her parents spoiling her to no end because she was an only child, Hadriana is how everyone expected a spoiled child would be. She is snobby, often looked down on people who looked ‘like peasants’. Though once her respect and trust is earned, Hadriana would treat the person in a more considerate manner.

The girl can also be pretty full of herself, for having a title in the underground network and had won a good amount of the ring fights she had been a part of. While fighting she is a very foul mouthed lady, cursing and insulting her opponent, especially when she feels overpowered. She has only been known to be polite to her parents and people worth her attention.

Known weaknesses and flaws:

Being a hybrid between Dragovian and a human, Hadriana has most of the dragovian abilities, including transforming into a beast-like dragon and a healing factor. However, the human side of her gene made her dragon traits slightly weaker than other Dragovians. She is shorter than female of her kind, and her healing ability is not as strong. Her strength remains on pair, but her senses aren’t as good as pure blooded Dragovians.

She also has C.I.D (Congenital insensitivity to pain) as a side effect of the mixed blood. She is unable to feel pain and wouldn’t notice a bleeding wound until someone point it out for her. This makes her a durable fighter, but put her into great danger of bleeding to death without knowing. Note: She is still able to feel temperature. But burns won't alert her system and so she has no pain reflect.

Being a fire dragon, ice and coldness are her mortal enemy. Ice attacks will damage her body more than normal physical hits, and slow her healing factor down a lot. It also gives her an unpleasant feeling that could be associated with pain. 
For my own reference: 


Name: Vegeta
Race: Saiyan
Kingdom: Central Tytania
Weapon: Gunblade
Discipline: Alchemy
Background story: Vegeta is next in line for the throne of Tytania, and that is a HUGE responsibility for him; not only would he be responsible for both Tytanian Kingdoms, but will also be responsible in preserving diplomatic ties between Tytania and the other kingdoms. Vowing to uphold that when his time comes, Vegeta has been spending time with the people, wanting to get to know them and understand what their lives are like. 


Class(es): Ravager, Alchemist

Personality: Incredibly proud of his heritage and the noble blood he carries, Vegeta can be a little insensitive at times, and may also appear to be arrogant and cocky. Beneath that, however, Vegeta is just as good-natured and friendly as anyone else; and sometimes in his effort to be as "casual" as his peers he ends up overdoing it, much to the amusement of his friends. 
Known weaknesses and flaws: Gets nauseous easily, right arm is weaker than left arm due to previous injury and more susceptible to any injury. Can be too tense in battle, and often very rigid and stubborn.


Name: Piccolo
Race: Mystic Namekian
Kingdom: Meridia
Weapon: Daisho
Discipline: Magic
Backstory: The son of Piccolo Sr., who once tried to lead a coup against the current Guru and has now since been sealed away, Piccolo has been on the receiving end of harsh judgement and isolation. His entry into the ranks of the Knights of Round, Meridia's army of highly-skilled warriors and extensive spy network, was met with much opposition -- however, the voices of dissent, as well as nearly all negative perceptions of him, quickly dissipated once Piccolo showed not only great skill that outclasses his peers, but also absolute, unquestionable loyalty to the Knights, their principles, and the Kingdom which they had sworn to serve and protect to their deaths.

Class(es): Black Mage, Samurai
Personality: A little aloof and somewhat distant, but Piccolo demonstrates a wisdom that's beyond his years, due to his experiences and the time he spent studying in Meridia's great libraries, and tutelage under Kami himself. Because most of his life was spent either in the Knights' Conclave, Kami's Lookout and within the Pearl Spires, Piccolo isn't a very sociable person, and may be a bit awkward at times. He is unflinchingly loyal to Meridia, to the point that people might think him as single-minded. 
Known weaknesses and flaws: Sometimes too caught up in details to the point that he becomes indecisive, hesitates easily, insecure about his own abilities and often feels that he needs to take responsibility for anything that happens to his charges or friends. 


Name: Broly
Race: Saiyan
Kingdom: Central Tytania
Weapon: Great broadsword
Discipline: Alchemy
Backstory: Eldest son of the premier House of Brassica, one of Tytania's powerful families that have served the King for generations, Broly is slated to be its heir apparent when his father Paragus passes on. Being an unrivalled genius with an intellect and kinetic talent unlike any seen in Tytania (some say his genius rivals only to that of Bulma, heiress of Guardia's Capsule Corporation), Broly's more interested in spending time in his workshop than spend time in the gravity chamber -- however, his Saiyan blood means his fighting ability and strength is also honed with equal diligence as his mind. He's also Vegeta's best friend and confidant since they were very young, and trains together with the prince in alchemy. He lives with his father, Lord Paragus & younger sister Kale.

Class(es): Sentinel, Alchemist​
Personality: Bright and with boundless energy, Broly's the kind of person that could instantly brighten up the mood when it calls for it. Stubborn to a fault, and very meticulous and thorough with his methods -- these traits helped him a lot with his work as well as with his progress in training and practice of alchemy; while Vegeta is more instinctive, Broly is more methodical, allowing him greater precision and control of his alchemical attacks. Despite his cool & somewhat cocky attitude outside, Broly is easily flustered, especially when people flirt with him. ​
Known weaknesses and flaws: Broly and his sister Kale have an extraordinary power that classifies them as "Legendary Super Saiyans"; when transformed, they experience an incredible boost in power, and their bodies grow bigger and bulkier to accommodate that power. However, the caveat is they lose control of themselves; such transformations have endangered the city and the safety of their loved ones on more than one occasion growing up. Not wanting to let that happen again, at the age of 15, Broly began working on a device that could serve as a control device, controlling the surge of power just so without compromising mental functionality. He's finally gotten a working prototype, which is a device fashioned into a cuff that can be clipped on the ear, and is making another for Kale. Other than that, Broly's brash and reckless behavior often means he leaves himself too open to attack, and lets his guard down too often. Being someone who's also hot-headed and easily riled up, Broly is vulnerable to emotional and psychological manipulation -- especially if it's to spur him into transforming into his Legendary Super Saiyan form.​
CHARACTER ONE (to be edited in the future)

Name: Paimon
Race: Human
Kingdom: Guardia
Weapon: twin trench knifes
Discipline: Alchemy
Class(es): Hunter


Background story: Born into a known family of monsterhunters, Paimon follows that path and is currently learning from a teacher how to become a professional. He grew up learning the way of monsterhunting at the same time as he got basic education. Paimon had many friends growing up but almost none of them stayed close after school ended and due to his profession, the young man is usually seen as an oddity by others, even if they treat him with respect. 
Personality: usually upbeat and happy, a friendly and openminded person. During his job and training he gets very serious and dutyful though, doing everything he can to prove himself a worthy hunter for others.
Upon confrontation with others Paimon remains calm and tries to get out of trouble with words usually, but he is quick to get very aggressive very soon, so he doesn't hold back to spare a few hard punches.
Known weaknesses and flaws: Generally quick mood swings, short attention span when it comes to reading or doing stuff silently. The urge to prove himself to others sometimes gets him into bigger trouble than he anticipates. Gets weirdly aggressive whenever he hears or sees someone chewing with their mouth open.
Ayy I wanna claim Bardock, Gine and Lunch! (Though if someone else wants Gine, I'm willing to give her up!) I'll need to check my previous bios to see if they're up to date and if you changed anything essential about the rules, I'll try to get that done tomorrow!

EDIT: Ok well I couldn't find anything that might've required changes! Here goes nothing. (Changed Lunch's discipline from Ki to Magic tho!)


Name: Bardock
Race: Saiyan
Kingdom: Tytania
Discipline: Ki

Background story: Bardock grew up with his childhood friend Toma and was later known to have a fierce rivalship with another Saiyan named Betrote. The three became friends later down to road when Bardock worked in the Law Enforcement, all thanks to Toma, Gine and Nion. The latter two would eventually become engaged to the two bickering boys, and being each other's best friends, their bond also forced Bardock and Betrote to grow closer together.

Bardock and Gine had four kids in all; Raditz, Turles, and the twins Daizu and Kakarot. In the riot of a civil war, however, they ended up losing track of the youngest two and after a lot of effort and time put in the search for them, they had to give up hope on ever finding them. As if the tragedy hadn't been enough, Betrote soon disappeared during a mission and was presumed dead after the discovery of his colleagues' bodies.

These experiences only served to further harden the shell of the already stern and serious-minded Bardock, and his perhaps too harsh parental love for his remaining sons might be what caused one of them, Turles, to run off to do bad things. His last son, Raditz, became the leader of a group of recognized warriors of Tytania, which alone should have been enough to spark a sense of pride in his father. And that it did, although Bardock had already become far too closed-off and stern to ever let it show.
Appearance: See the pic, the leftmost character
Class(es): Warrior
Personality: PERSONALITY TYPE: ISTJ, the Duty Fulfiller

Bardock possesses a serious demeanor and a bit of a cold-hearted, untrusting and stern personality, and of course that good old grumpy look he carries with him wherever he goes. He is fiercely loyal to those that have earned his friendship and up until the loss of his twins he could be a decent, fair father to his sons, as well. His warmer personality lurks still inside his rock-hard surface but bits of it can only be seen by the two people closest to him; Gine and Toma.

He is somewhat of an odd-bird with his choice of fighting style, which involves no weapons whereas it is largely based on the martial arts he has practiced since he was a young boy. He loves honing his skills and training, as well as showing-off his great capabilities to those that expect him to lose a fight simply because he has no blades or magic to aid him in fights. He firmly believes that the only weapon he needs is the sharp edge of his own attitude.

Known weaknesses and flaws: 
- Introverted and socially withdrawn, not quick to make new friends or allies
- Bardock is incredibly prideful. He will fearlessly face even opponents that he has no chance of beating, which can easily lead to his downfall.
- His loyalty towards his family and friends is also enough for others to be able to blackmail him to hell and back should their lives be threatened.
- His tail (which doesn't show in the picture because someone forgot to draw it whoops) is an obvious weak spot.

Name: Gine
Race: Saiyan
Kingdom: Tytania
Weapon: Her butcher knife
Discipline: Ki
Background story: Gine met Bardock while working at the Law Einforcement, a job she had taken up simply to meet the expectations of her own family. Unable to put down dangerous criminals and posessing a personality not suitable for situations where she had to deal with aggressive individuals, she was soon found out by Bardock who didn't exactly appreciate her lack of professionality. She and Bardock didn't initially get along very well, what with the latter critisizing her actions at every turn, but this hostility soon turned into a master-apprentice relationship and eventually, love.

It wasn't long before they hooked up and had 4 children in all, and for a while life was happy and beautiful for Gine, although this fulfilled dream was soon shattered by the starting civil war. In the chaos, she lost sight of her two youngest sons, Kakarot and Daizu, who were never found again although she and the rest of her family searched for a long, long time. After also losing her best friend and their family to an unfortunate event, Gine totally lost her fire and even years later, she still bears guilt for "even failing as a mother", and blames herself for their second eldest son turning to the path of delinquency.

Appearance: See the pic, the second character from the left
Class(es): Green Mage

Personality: Gine is a sweet and caring individual, prioritizing her family over anything else in her life. In her past she used to be upbeat and positive, although extremely sensitive and prone to worrying over others and her own performance as an individual, and perhaps it was due to this softness in her personality that the major setbacks in her life turned her into a melancholic and neurotic, withdrawn person that always carries sadness somewhere under her seemingly positive and friendly surface. Nowadays she tends to fret and fear for the life of her eldest son, Raditz, who is the only child she feels she has left in her life, and has been trying to convince him to quit his job as a warrior and rather become something safe like a food distributor.

Known weaknesses and flaws:
- she is physically pretty weak
- low tolerance of stress and fear, she is only calm as long as things go perfectly according to the plan
- PTSD of sorts, that is easily triggered at the mention of Daizu and Kakarot
- bad at hurting others, no matter who the individual is
- tendency to linger in past mistakes and problems


Name: Lunch
Race: Human
Kingdom: Guardia
Weapon: Her gun (or if those aren't allowed, probs some elemental weapon)
Discipline: Magic
Background story: Lunch ran away from home at a young age and adopted the lifestyle of a criminal. Ever since then, she has been making her living out of the income and possessions of others, and while the incompetence of her other personality has got her in a tight spot with authorities on multiple occassions, she is quite fond of her lifestyle.

Appearance: See the pic, the third character from the left
Class(es): Thief

Personality: Lunch has two personalities that switch places whenever she sneezes and you can tell which one is in control by looking at the color of her hair. Dark blue haired Lunch is a friendly, ditzy girl with a naive and gullible personality, who is as good at not being a thief as her other personality is at being the master of crimes. Often dubbed the "Good Lunch", she easily makes new friends and is very tolerant of all kinds of people, not threatened by criticism or judgment to the point you could call her a little indifferent and passive, even towards the feelings of others. She is aware of her other personality and isn't ashamed to admit her existence, willingly treating her as another side of her own personality and apologizing for her actions if necessary.

The Blonde Lunch or more commonly the "Bad Lunch", is an aggressive and impulsive girl fond of action and intrigued by chaos, an evildoer who has little concern for the wellbeing of those she doesn't know and will readily take whatever she needs and wants, whenever she wants. She is a person you should turn to if you want to know how to effeciently rob a bank, fight your way out of authorities' grasp and get away with all that just to go through the same ordeal again the next week. However, Lunch can be surprisingly decent and caring towards people she has taken a liking to, which will turn her ferocious temper into a weapon meant to protect the happiness of those special individuals. She adores badasses and independency, appreciates determination equal to her own and will easily show her admiaration for such traits, even if she will still remain immature and aggressive in her way to socialize with others.

Known weaknesses and flaws:
- her good personality is a poor fighter, poor thief, poor at pretty much everything she as a thief thrives on, and due to her extremely sensitive nose, she has little control over where and when this part of her personality will take place
- on the other hand her bad half is really bad with people and is more likely to get enemies than friends, which despite her not admitting it, makes her oftentimes feel lonely
Name: Son Goku aka Kakarot
Race: Saiyan
Kingdom: Guardia
Weapon: Staff
Discipline: Ki

Background story: A young Saiyan who lives among Humans with his twin brother Daizu. Born to Saiyan Warrior Bardock and his mate Gine and named Kakarot at birth. He was the oldest of a pair of identical twins. From his earliest moments it was appearant that something was different about "Kakarot". The baby never cried, instead just hollaring when he needed to be fed or changed, and soon afterwards he taught himself how to fly, and would often be caught trying to fed, and tend to himself. Upon learning to speak he would never refer to himself by his birthname instead insisting that he was Goku. Perplexed as his family was, they chalked it up to him being unique, and never really questioned it. In truth, since birth Goku had slowly been regaining memories of his past life, where he had been a great hero. Goku studied the world around him, trying to make sense of everything. Overtime he came to realize that everyone had been reborn, and decided to try and reconnect with everyone. He however was slowed down inhis plans by the growing bonds with his famil, and in particularly his twin brother Daizu, who reminded him of his son, Gohan... As fate would have it, war broke out and Goku and Daizu became separated from their family and somehow ended up in Guardia in the care of an elderly Human Mage named Son Gohan (much to Goku's delight.) who raised the two boys as humans. The Brothers grew up among Humans, Goku always on the lookout for old friends. Gohan trained Goku in martial artsonce again, though Goku noted that Daizu, despite going along to train with them daily, never seemed very good at it, having trouble keeping up with his twin and quickly becoming exhausted, often growing discouraged and storming off in tears. By the time Gohan started teaching the boys magic, it became apparent that Goku had the ability to manipulate Ki, a rarely seen disapline. Daizu on the other hand... turned out to have absolutely no special powers what so ever. That seemed to be the final straw, and Daizu quit his training. Goku worried about him, but really didn't know what to do to help. Gohan also seemed at a loss as to what to do about the younger boy. 

It was a completely senseless act of violence that stole Goku's grandfather away from him a second time. One evening after spending the day shopping in a nearby town, the small family was attacked on the road by bandits. While Goku easily took care of his own oponants, enjoying himself, one of the men went after Daizu, meaning to kill the small boy in retribution for his men, having no time to think, Gohan threw himself in front of Daizu and took the attack full on, the  blade piercing him straight in the heart, killing him instantly. Goku turned from finishing up his own fight to find his brother clinging to Gohan's lifeless body sobbing as the old man's murderer fled into the night.

After that night everything changed, Goku took on a more active role of providing for them both, hunting and fishing daily. Daizu however withdrew into himself, often refusing to eat or even get out of bed. Concerned for his brother,  Goku decided that the best thing to do was move away from the house they'd shared with Gohan. So he packed up as much as he could, and moved them out to West City, hoping that he might find Bulma there. Which of course he did, three years later. (Though he could have done without being hit by her car again.) ((especially since it sent Daizu into a fullblown panic attack))

Goku managed to rekindle his friendship with Bulma. (Though Daizu openly stated that he didn't like the girl, and that he thought getting run over must have scrambled Goku's brains.) Goku paid no mind to his brother's grumpiness.

The twins stayed with Bulma's family for a while, Goku noted that Daizu had taken up an interested in engineering appearantly. Perplexed but happy that his brother wasn't shut up in his room anymore, Goku focused on getting to know his oldest friend once more.

Eventually though Goku got restless, and with Bulma's help, he tracked down a job, and rented an apartment for him and Daizu. Goku worked carrying and stacking heavy crates at a nearby warehouse. (Getting a nice workout from it in the process.) The long hours kept him away from home alot, but he figured that Daizu was old enough to tend to himself by that time.

Fast forward several years to the current day, the brothers are doing okay for themselves for the most part. Goku making enough to keep them fed and housed, with Daizu even starting to bring in some extra income from some "odd jobs"

Goku, now full grown has begun to get restless once more. Eager to find the rest of his friends and try and find out more about the new world. Rumor of The Millennial Gala, and more importantly The Great Trials has reached his ears, and spurred him into action. Taking time off work and announcing to Bulma and Daizu that he intends to travel to Tytania and compete in the tournament. 


Class(es): Monk (FFXI)/Mystic 
Personality: Cheerful and easy going by nature, Goku has always been rather naive. Despite having lived two lives now, Goku remains childlike and innocent for the most part. He is very protective of his brother, knowing that Daizu cannot protect himself. Goku is hard working and this time around has tried to be more responsible for his family... of one. Goku has a lot of regret over the loss of first Chichi and their boys, then his Saiyan family in this new timeline. Goku has projected a bit onto Daizu, treating him at times more like a son than a little brother. (Luckily Daizu has never seemed to mind the coddling.) Goku despite his outward airheaded behaviour has a lot going on in his head, (to the point of sometimes loosing track of the world around him.) Trying to sort out a lifetime of memories and keep them separated from the new life. 

Known Weaknesses and Flaws:
•Tends zone out.
•Gets caught up in fighting.
•Needs to eat or he'll be unable to move or fight.
•Naive about a lotta things
•Is stubborn and childish 
•eats a lot.
•Has completely forgotten about why he was sent back in the first place, and is now more interested in finding his friends and spending time with his twin brother than trying to remember.

Name: Son Daizu
Race: Saiyan 
Kingdom: Guardia
Weapon: Dagger
Discipline: Alchemy 

Background story: A young Saiyan who lives among Humans with his twin brother Son Goku. Daizu has no memories of his early childhood, his earliest memories being of training with his grandfather and brother. Daizu has lived his whole life as a human and has no idea that he is not one. Daizu was the second of two identical twins born to a Saiyan Warrior named Bardock and his mate Gine. As the youngest of the family he was coddled a lot by their mother. (Something he subconsciously still yerns for.) Daizu was always a very clever, curious cub, and this eventually led to the single most life changing event of their lives. When civil war broke out, their mother hid the boys in a small closet and then left to defend their home. Goku stayed put obediently, but Daizu's innocent curiosity at the noises he was hearing made him act. He pushed his way out of the closet and toddled off as fast as he could. Goku chasing after him in concern. Daizu managed to get out of the building, brother in tow and made it out into the war torn street. Weaving their way through a sea of fighting Saiyans, Daizu was nearly killed when an Axe came falling down from a miss swing. Goku flew forward snatching Daizu out from harm's way, only to be grazed by another attack in midair, sending them both toppling end over end into a cart, the fall knocking both small boys unconscious. The horse attached to the cart spooked at the noise of the crash behind it, and pulled free of its hobble and ran off. The spooked animal continued to run for miles until it wore itself out and slowed to a trot. A human trade caravan found it, and took it as a lucky find, only giving the baskets of Tytanian goods inside a cursorary glance before tying the cart to the back of their wagon, and heading back to the boarder... 
The boys woke up the next morning, well within the boarder of Guardia. The caravan having stopped for the night. No one was awake to see the two three year old Saiyan children climb out of the cart and poke around the camp looking for food , before toddling off down the road hand in hand in search of the parents that they would never see again...

The two wandered for several days, unknowingly travelling farther and farther away from Tytania. Goku's lack of training limited his Ki reserves, leaving the two boys on foot, and unable to hunt or fly. Eventually they wore themselves out, and collapsed on the side of the road. 

It was there, hovering close to death from starvation, and exposure, that they were finally found by an elderly Human Mage named Son Gohan. The old hermit, took the two dying children home, and slowly nursed them back to health.

By the time that they had fully recovered, all memories of his past had faded from Daizu's mind. Insteadthe young child lived in the moment, taking in everything around him as brand new. (Which in a sense it was.) 

Growing up learning the martial arts, the disparity between Daizu and his brother, and Daizu's own natural limitations were appearant. Daizu never seemed to be able to do the things Goku and their grandfather could. Despite practicING with the two every day, he never seemed to improve. Also though, on some level Daizu hated fighting. He was afraid of getting hurt, or accidentally hurting his brother or grandfather. This seemingly irrational fear only grew as the years past, along with a deep since of inferiority and that he'd somehow let his brother and grandfather down. It reached a breaking point when Daizu failed to have Magic or Ki. Completely dispirited the boy stopped training, and at stead took to wandering the country side whilst his family was training. The night his grandfather died saving him from the bandits sent Daizu into a spiraling depression. Survivor's Guilt, and his own feelings of incompetence and worthlessness robbing the boy of all will to live. The best thing that ever happened to him was Goku moving them off Mt Paozu, to West City. Sadly the first couple of years in the city were beyond rough. The two having no real income or stable address. The struggle to just get food was desperate enough to pull on Daizu's full attention. The boy fell in with a gang of street Urchins, who introduced him to the art of pick pocketing. Daizu was finally able to start providing for him and Goku. They found anabandoned building to squat in and slowly started to builda new life for themselves.  Daizu, knowing that what he was doing was wrong and that Goku would never approve, lied and said that he was doing odd jobs around the city. Goku, never having a reason before to doubt his brother, bought the story, and started looking for work too... 

The second best thing to ever happen to them was Goku getting hit by an aircar. (Though the latter nearly gave Daizu heart failure, and caused the boy to suffer his first ever panic attack.)

That accident lead to both young boys being taken in by the Briefs Family, the owners of the biggest technology conglomerate in the world: Capsule Corp. 

And it was there that Daizu finally found something that he loved: engineering. 

Bulma (aka the inconciderate blue blob that nearly took his brother from him.) Introduced him to her father, who in turn took the young boy under his wing teaching him all about the many amazing machines Capsule Corp produced. And after arriving at a horrible conclusion: taught the boys how to read and write. It was then that Daizu found his second love in life: books. Knowledge that had before been out of his reach, and a patient mentor in the form of Dr Briefs, opened up a side of Daizu he hadn't even known he'd had. He ate his way through the Briefs Family's library at a ferocious pace. His brother seemed a bit confused by the sudden animation, but shrugged it off good natured in favor of getting to know Bulma... Something Daizu begrudgingly allowed

Finally though the set out and found their own place and Goku found a job to bring in money. 

Daizu kept up with his apprenticeship under Dr. Briefs. But as time passedand the bills began to stack up, the boy fell back on old habits, and once again took up thievery to supplement their income.

When Goku announced that he was going to the Millennial Gala to compete in the tournament, Daizu, despite not being a fighter, agreed to go along... even if it was on foot...


Class(es): Thief/Engineer
Personality: A mechanical genius, and reading and music affectionado, Daizu despite his typical moody teenage ways is actually very mature and responsible for his age. He is usually very quiet and introspective. He has a lot of respect for his brother, who he idolizes. He is still carrying a lot of guilt over their grandfather's death, along with a deep seeded self-hatred; both for his own weakness, and for continuing to lie to his brother about his real line of work.

Known Weaknesses and Flaws: 

• Chronic liar (though luckily not sociopathic.)
• Stubborn
• Cowardice
• Neurosis
• Kleptomania

Name: Bay
Race: Saiyan (?)
Kingdom: Central Tytania
Weapon: Bow and Arrows (Katana)
Discipline: Magic
Background story: Raditz's teammate,
Class(es): Ranger (Assassin)
Personality:  he's very cheerful and bubbly, an eccentric person who has a very peculiar speech pattern. Overly friendly with seemingly no concept of personal space, he's a coward through and through. Referringto run and hide in most cases. He's contango stuffing his face with any food he can get his hands on. (Ownershipof said food being completely irrelevant.)
Known Weaknesses and Flaws:

Name: Birch 
Race: Saiyan
Kingdom: Meridia
Weapon: rod
Discipline: Magic
Background story: Born into a loving family in Tytania. Birch grew up seeking the love and affection of his father, who favored his older sister Cassian. Birch would copy anything Cassian was doing pushed himself to proform well in his studies. When all of this failed to gain him any acknowledgement  though, he turned to acting out instead. He was rude, agressive and argumentative to other cubs, this ending with no one wanting to be his friend, and his father still ignoring everything he did.
Heartbroken, finally heturned to his mother for affection, and that's when things turned around. His mother was very supportive  (if sadly not as cuddly as he wished she was.) She got him straightened out. 

With his mother's support, Birch managed to salvage his reputation and make some friends.

Life went on, Birch grew, and everything was fine... 

Until the day his father failed to come home.

For weeks and weeks the family waited, and prayed for Betrote's safe return. Then, one night, Birch came home to find the house dark, and both his mother and sister dead. 

Shocked the boy ran to the neighbors, crying for help. The guard arrived shortly there after, and Birch was taken away to a rookery for orphaned cubs. 

Living in a small house with four other cubs, Birch tried to come to terms with the loss of his whole family as well as everyone else he used to know. Depression hit hard, and the boy once again became withdrawn and surly.

Then one day out of no where, his father appeared, and essentially kidnapped him. Taking him to Meridia, where he was then put under  house arrest and put on a strict training regime.

His father seemed different... Angrier, and Birch soon learned to be wary of the man's tempers. 

Still, finally being given a little attention  (and at extremely rare times, affection.) The child naturally became very compliant. (Even with the stranger demands, like having to dress like a girl.)

Now nearly an adult, Birch is beginning to chafe abit. Yerning for more freedom and to make friends. 

Class(es): Sage/Summoner
Personality: Though normally docile and compliant. Birch has quite the sharp tongue, and can be amazingly rude and stubborn when he wants to be. He has yet to really come in to himself due to his Sheltered upbringing.

Known Weaknesses and Flaws:

• Totally dependent on his father
• Gender Dysphoria
• Mental Immaturity due to being kept in isolation.
•Manic Depression 

Name: Sans
Race: Skeleton Monster 
Kingdom: Meridia 
Weapon: None 
Discipline: Magic 
Background story: One of the few Skeleton Monsters left. He and his brother being orphaned at a young age after their father a celebrated Alchemist named [Redacted] died in a terrible magic accident,  which oddly seems to have warped reality, making everyone (except Sans for some reason.) forget that he ever existed. Sans, despite his tiny size and poor health, took on the roll of bread winner, allowing his brother to enjoy his childhood, while Sans worried about finding them food and shelter. The Brothers, now full grown have begun traveling again to find work and a place to belong. Sans keeping an ever watchful eye on his at times far too naive and trusting brother...
Class(es): Scholar/Judgemaster
Personality: Sans keeps his feelings close, and his secrets even closer. He acts laid back and friendly, always ready with a pun. But he is actually very mistrustful of anyone besides Papyrus  (Who is the only one who he allows physical contact.) His paranoia might seem harsh, but given his extremely fragile health, and the natural prejudice against monsters  (perticularly those who look like dead humans. ) Sans is highly dependent on his brother's cheerful, confident attitude to bolster his own confidence and mood. Likewise he is very protective of the overly trusting Skeleton. Though overall being even more of a pacifist than even Papyrus, Sans is very passive aggressive to anyone who is mean, or threatening toward his brother. 

Known weaknesses and flaws: Sans is extremely frail physically, having fragile bones, which are prone to breaking frighteningly easy  (Papyrus has often compared them to bird bones.) And very low stamina, leading to him getting warn out easily by any sort of physical activity. Sans suffers from stress induced narcolepsy, and has bouts of crushing depression; despite his best efforts to appear cheerful and carefree, he is still grieving for their father, and is prone to nightmares.

Name: Papyrus 
Race: Skeleton Monster 
Kingdom: Meridia 
Weapon: Bone weapons crafted from his skeleton magic/His cooking.
Discipline: Magic 
Background story: Papyrus grew up on the streets with his brother. As children the two suffered a lot of discrimination due to being monsters. Papyrus wanted to prove that monsters can be good, and thus applied for the royal guard... and was denied. Again.  And again. And again. 

The he heard about the tournament and the chance to become a real hero. Thus he packed up his lazy bones brother and the two set out for Tytania....
Personality: Papyrus has always tried to remain friendly and optimistic despite their hardships. Papyrus, having only ever had Sans, is both attention starved, and overprotectiveof his tiny brother.
Known weaknesses and flaws:

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