Tournament Of Skills


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Sep 4, 2015
The Netherlands

Inspired by the World Martial Arts Tournament, Brachi has decided to host a tournament of her own, inviting her friends to join in. This attracts the attention of Gervene, the Goddess of Destruction of Universe 912, who is intrigued to know what Brachi and her friends are capable of. She offers to host the tournament herself instead, while adding some twists to the game, to test the group's overall skills both individually and when having an ally to test their co-operation skills. Her interest is piqued even higher when outside competitors arrive to join in on the fun...

Now, as for the tournament participants:



Universe 912 participants:
- Brachi
- Tempest
- Xeno
- Celicia
- Majin Bara
- Majin Mashati
- Judy
- Gina
- Anne
- Lea
- Dielec
- Sheila
- Shonfu
- Tamar
- Abaddon
- Malia
- Deramas
- Rabi
- Seina
- Nasu
- Kudisha
- Tatsu
- Yango
- Busa

Outsider Participants:
This is where your characters can join in on the fun in this tournament. The tournament will have quite a variety of challenges, which will be explained as the story progresses.

Snow (Original) (Snow)
Snow (Universe 932) (Snow)
Vent (Drago)
Giro (Drago)
Vegetto (Universe 7) (Vegetto)
Gogeta (Universe 7) (Vegetto)
Kassava (Universe 7) (Vegetto)

Secondary chars:
Whis (Universe 7) (Vegetto)
Gonna register Vegetto, Gogeta, and Kassava from Universe 7.

Would also like to register Whis as a secondary character (no combat) as well as the Grand Priest for potential small cameo. But it's cool if you want to restrict that last one.
I'm gonna have my character Nova show up before the main tournament starts up. That cool, or should I bring him in sooner?
Gonna register Future Gotenks, Troten, and Gotenks representing Universe 7.

Also would like to register Beerus but as a spectator.
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