To Be or Not To Be?

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Sep 4, 2015
Death's Door - Beyond the Gate
[Working Title]

Demons. The scourge of humanity. The spawn of evil and the cause of all the world's problems.

Or, are they?

A group of demonic beings were gathered in a cave in the countryside, one demon standing above them all.

"I have given you a second chance at life. Some of you were once dead, others might as well have been. But now, here, you have another go at life. A family of sorts, of demonic brethren."

And in the city, a white haired woman sat in an office building overlooking strange symbols and markings.

"I'll find you Jacen. And whatever horrible creatures you've brought up this time." She said.



1. No god mod, mary sue, etc. Standard practices people.
2. For all intents and purposes, lust is the one sin that is barred in this RP. Yes, it is about demons, no, I don't want it getting smut up in here.
3. All demon characters have to be corrupted versions of themselves that have gained darker characteristics. They don't have to be evil, just a bit darker compared to their previous self.
4. No characters playing both sides.
5. Don't make the story too convenient.
6. As a general rule, there can only be half as many investigators as there are demons in this RP. This does not count my characters for numbers purposes. Investigators are going to be antagonists, not the main cast.
7. Kill offs are fine, so long as you are killing your own character and not someone else's.


A group of people are given a second chance as demons. Some could be formerly dead, and others may have never died, but they are all curropted compared to their previous selves. Opposing them are the investigators, who seek to drive them out. The demons are lead by Jacen and his second in command, Balnazzar. The leader of the Investigators is Jacen's sister Snow, who has received funding from the mysterious Meeting of the Dark.

Locations in the RP

The Smog Filled Industrial District
A district ruled by a military force, hired by whoever has the most filled pockets. Whoever controls the military controls the district. Whoever controls the district controls production. Whoever controls production controls most of the city.

Wonder Tower District
The high tech location is the smallest district, comprising of a few measly city blocks. City blocks of Skyscrapers however surrounding an impossibly tall tower.

The Brutal Light District
The only place crime is legally condoned in the city, among weapon and drug trade. Several kingpins wage war of the pocket books here, but it's generally safe to be here so long as you look like the kind of person to be here.

The Slums
Just as polluted as the Industrial district with more violent less organized crimes then the Brutal Light District, though expansive, the slums aren't exactly filled with people.

The Surrounding Lands
The city is surrounded by fertile fields, an ocean with a port located between the Brutal Light and the Smog Filled Industrial District.
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