The Wonderful Land of.. Oz?

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A little bit of history: After the Coronation of Dorothy, the Wizard of Oz disappeared from Emerald City. Many say that Dorothy kicked him out, others say that he retired. After the Wizard, Ozma, the next successor, was supposed to come up to the throne, but because of Dorothy, she went second in line. Ozma comes from a family of royals, who ruled within Emerald City. Dorothy didn't approve of the fact that Ozma could take a chance and remove her from the throne, so she banished Ozma from Emerald City, instructing every guard at the gates that if they see her, she is to be arrested and thrown in the dungeon if she comes back. Ozma returns to the Gilikin country where her family had originally come from.

Because Ozma descended from magic, she has the power to take Dorothy out. But Dorothy has back up: Glinda, the Tinman, the Scarecrow and the Lion. So Ozma has decided to make a group called The Order of the Wicked, and was gathering people from all countries, trying to take out Dorothy's evil rule. 

The Land of Oz

Emerald City: the infamous Emerald City, where the most prominent feature are the Emerald walls. Here is the castle that holds the royal ruler of Oz, Dorothy. The city itself is happy and cheerful, happy to pamper Dorothy- by force. Shops, restaurants, clothing stores and tour guides are found throughout the city.

The Quadling (South) Country: a large, undeveloped area, that has a swampy region. The Dainty China country is located in the middle. Besides the China, most are farmers, whom all prefer the color red. Glinda is the witch that rules this country, but Glinda has permanently stayed within Emerald City, at Dorothy's side.  

The Munchkin (East) Country: also known as Munchkin Land! The rich, beautiful, fertile and pleasant land that leads to Emerald City with the infamous yellow brick road. The forest area within the Munchkin country that surrounds Emerald City is a dangerous and sketchy area, so don't go in there. These people prefer the color blue. The witch of this country was smushed by Dorothy's house, and has remained with one since. 

The Winkie (West) Country: this country is the most uninhibited country due to it's.. Crazy terrain. It includes the Deadly Desert, the Merry-Go Mountains (mountains are in a different position every day and are made of rubber) and Marsh Land. The Winkies of this country prefer the color yellow, can adapt to the changes of the terrain, plus their skillful and talented tinsmiths. The witch of this land was melted off by Dorothy and some Winkies took over the castle. 

Gilikin (North) Country: the home to the Flying Monkeys, the forest in part of the Gilikin country, is also home to the Talking Trees. Sometimes these trees mean good, but they can't be trusted all the time. Also a part of the country is the Candy country, where everything is made out of candy! There is also the PurpleField, which houses small Flower People. The Absurd City is in this country, which is home to the Ozma family, the successors after the Wizard of Oz. The Gilikin people have prominent foreheads, gapped teeth and have curly blonde hair. 


Character limit allowed: 2 (either two originals or one original and playable character. 

Playable characters:

•Dorothy (requested by me): crowned now as the Princess of Oz, Dorothy now has divine rule in Oz. She remains within the castle of Emerald City. Now that Dorothy is a permanent resident, she was taught magic by Glinda. Once have gotten a taste of magic, she couldn't get enough, so she started to drain the magic out of the Land of Oz, digging holes everywhere. With the draining of the magic out of the Land, it looked dying and decaying. Looks kind-hearted, but has now become high-maintenance and very strict. 

•Glinda: The Good Witch of the South. The pretty and beautiful witch who aided Dorothy get rid of the Wicked Witch of the West's rule. Kind-hearted and loved by many of the Munchkins, her heart has been tainted by wickedness and she now has enslaved several of the Munchkins to dig the holes and drill the magic of the Land by Dorothy's request. She loves in the castle with Dorothy. 

•The Scarecrow (requested by Attou: A once brainless thing, is now a genius. With his provided brain, he now has become a mad scientist. The Scarecrow usually goes after the Flying Monkeys, capturing and torturing them. In the end, he takes the juice of their brains and puts them in his own brain, to become so-called "smarter". The Scarecrow has a room within the caste and has a secret lab as well. 

•The TinMan (requested by Loopy): Dorothy's personal guard, once given his heart, fell in love with Dorothy, although his love is unrequited. With help of the Scarecrow and the Lion, the TinMan uses bodies of people that Dorothy has executed and adds tin parts to make them complete. The TinMan will kill anyone who threatens Dorothy. The TinMan lives within the castle. 

•The Lion (requested by Keita Shizuo): No more the scardy-cat, the Lion has gained too much courage too quickly. Now the Lion feeds off the fear of others, essentially draining the life energy Dorothy sends him to go get. Now muscular and hideous, the Lion is the first most feared- after Dorothy of course. Still lazy by natural unless on duty, the Lion remains in the courtyard garden of the castle. 

•Ozma (requested by me): The once successor of the throne once the Wizard was supposed to leave, Ozma was banished from Emerald City and returned to Absurd City in the Gilikin Country. Petite with black hair and green eyes, Ozma has started the group called The Order of the Wicked, to bring down Dorothy. Ozma knows magic and plans on gathering a team and teach magic with the help of another two witches, to train a group to kill Dorothy. 

•Glamora: The Good Witch of the South's twin sister. Looking exactly like Glinda, Glamora is more into darker colors rather than the pink dresses and sparkles her sister prefers. Glamora never wanted to rule over anyone but once Glinda attacked her and scarred her right cheek (which is hidden by magic), Glamora has joined Ozma in plans to.. Hurt her sister back just as she hurt her. Glamora is excellent in manners and plans to help people go in disguise and infiltrate the castle as maids to get close to Dorothy and figure out her schedule. 

•Nox: A regular boy has now joined the Order and has learned magic to avenge the death of his parents by Dorothy's rule. Now an excellent melee fighter with magic, Nox is going to help train new members of the Order to battle Dorothy's army. Tall and muscular, Nox has gray/white hair and green eyes, his personality comes off as rude and reserved from everybody else. He doesn't open up to people very well and prefers to be alone. 

•Gert (requested by Sukichu): A former Good Witch of the North, Gert is a retired witch who has joined the Order because she's unhappy with Dorothy's rule. She's unhappy with the way Dorothy is draining the magic out of the land for herself. She joined the Order to help train new members. Gert is skilled in telekinesis and spiritual magic, such as transportations spells and healing. Gert is short and a little stout, older than her youngsters. She has shoulder length white hair and has a gentle smile. 


Character template:

Species: Human/Munchkin/Flying Monkey/Candy Person/China Person/Quadling/Winkie/Gilikin/Flower person 
Home country: Munchkin/Quadling/Gilikin/Winkie (does not apply if human)
Appearance: either picture or detailed description 
Desired position in the Order: Melee fighter/Intruder
Personality: Please be descriptive of this
Historian background: Is not necessary but if you want to explain why your character has a specific appearance (ex: how they got a scar) or why they act the way they do, you're welcome to add it here. 

WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL LAND OF OZ..... But is this really Oz?

You've been cordially dragged into Oz- whether you're a human, secret wizard, munchkin, etc; To be a part of Dorothy's Emerald Ball.

After defeating the Wicked Witch of the West, Dorothy went back to Kansas, only to find herself missing Emerald City and all the pampering she received. Dorothy returns to Oz, and Glinda and the others have decided that Dorothy should be crowned Princess for her brave actions.

Yet Dorothy craved more power. She was taught magic and thirsted for more. So she started digging holes all over Oz, draining all the magic of land, for herself.

But what about her companions?

The Scarecrow has become a mad scientist and started to experiment on others.
The TinMan has become a guardian who makes tin soldiers out of people.
And The Lion, who feeds off the fear of others, becoming an unruly, large, muscular being.

A handful of humans have been picked up by tornados and brought to the Land of Oz. Handfuls of Oz's own people have started to turn against Dorothy as well. It's these handfuls of humans and others who have decided to try to end Dorothy's rule.
I did that for most of mine. XDDD

I can't remember which canon characters you chose though (or the ones I chose lol!). I'll probably paste the character I had in once I find it in the morning. :D
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