The Valentine's Day Plot

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Sep 4, 2015
Death's Door - Beyond the Gate


A boy sat down in a bar, shivering.

"What happened to the electricity?" He asked to the bartender. The man wiped off a glass before leaning towards him and saying.

"Everyone at the plant dropped dead." The boy's eyes went up in shock

"H-how? E-everyone, dead?" He asked scared. The bar tender nodded.

"Two weeks ago, Valentine's Day, that was when it first started." He recollected solemnly. The bartender looked over and pushed a man leaning on a chair backwards, causing him to fall over.

"Two weeks ago, a man walked into a hospital, and expired. That was the first death. Now everyone's been dropping off left and right, no sense or pattern, only endless killing. Let me grab you something." The bar tender added, reaching behind himself and grabbing a flyer of shorts.

Deadly disease runs rampant! Hundreds dead in weeks! A group of recruited monster hunters arriving on the 15th to investigate this. Don't stay out at night, creatures have been spotted on the outskirts and within the outer streets. Local heroes bravely trying to destroy them. Several suspicious figures wanted. If seen, report immediately to the police.

The flyer showed an image of a sort of mage, an English engineer, and an European monster hunter.

"Why are you telling me all this?" The boy asked confused.

"I figured, before we die, I might as well give you peace in death." The bar tender said, as the two fell over.



1. Standard no god-modding, overpowered characters, etc.
2. The characters here are civilians and monster hunters. Beyond that is anything not stupid or overpowered.
3. Unlimited OCs, but keep it to a reasonable number. An army of 500 being brought in just, doesn't work.
4. Use common sense. Please.
5. Alright, you can have any sort of non-ovepowered monster hunter whether that's Capcom or European myth or in my case Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing inspired, that's your stuff.
6. The monsters are going to have a boss role. While they might have weaknesses, such as werewolves and silver, don't expect that to help you.
7. You want to play a monster send me a message. I'm open to that.
8. Character death. Don't worry, no one's going to succumb to the disease unless you want that. And, don't kill each other's characters' unless you both want to do it.
9. I have final say or balance or other things.
10. Characters have to be approved first.
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