The Red Market

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Sep 3, 2015
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The Red Market is a hidden market located somewhere in Desolate Lands. It is known to have many of the rarest items [obtained through illegal means] found in Booga. You can find Disclosed documents, animal parts, illegal magical books, curses, lost artifacts, and even live monsters. The means of searching for the Red Market requires ones to have excel in magic or contacts within the system since it is hidden underground with a barrier. However, when one finds the place, the deeper they enter the red market, their magic will be jammed by a mysterious force.

Despite selling thousands of items daily, very few people know where it resides, let alone who runs it.



The Main Bazaar is a small shop that has typical items such as water, rations and the sort for wandering traveler. At first, it seems to be a typical run of the mill shop you often find around Desolate Lands (to make a profit off of people’s desperate state); however, if a high-class magician can detect something even further underneath it and discover the underground tunnel, they will find more merchants and shops, which leads to more valuable items.


The Hidden Tunnels are were all illegal transactions are done. Around these tunnels are hidden rooms, shops, and passages. If you know where to look at, you will find whatever you are looking for. Most of the items sold here range from animal/human/Deimos parts, illegal or discontinued books, very rare materials, contracts for assassins, weapons, drugs, etc. The people who work in these tunnels gather their materials illegally (i.e. stealing) and all vendors have bodyguards. However, everything sold within these tunnels seems to be reported to a small group of people. No one knows where all the information goes. The deeper you go within these tunnels, the more magic is jammed up. It is also very easy to get lost if you don't know the place.


This is the main hideout of the boss who runs the entire Red Market. He goes by the name Judas and in his layer, he owns some of the rarest items known to all of Booga, all of which were most likely stolen. He is known to own some Mysterious Figures, even had a few stolen directly from The Big Apple. This section is where all transactions are checked and all profiles are stored. Who knows what kind of information is held within these chambers. Magic is completely jammed up within this section.

As a bonus, Judas has many hidden rooms within his hideout which only he and his bodyguard are aware of.
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