The Post-Nuclear Jungle [Fallout RP] [Planning And Preview]

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Sep 7, 2015
A Fallout Themed RP, not using full Fallout lore/story
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-Photo credits:  Mikko Lagerstedt
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Nearly ten thousand years after the nuclear wars, the world reset, cleaned its slate, Having now a luscious green swamp covering the world. The projects and purposes of Vault 22's plant experimentation have gone rampant and covered the world with their horrors (Includes the oceans).

Your party is a group of descended vault dwellers who have lived in an oasis near the Enclave oil rig [Its still destroyed as of this time]. Your Parties Home has been raided by spore carriers and needs to see if any of the nearby towns have a way to save the infected.

Char Sheet:
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Race: (Human, Ghoul)
Equipment: [Sledgehammer, 10mm Pistol, Lever-action shotgun, basic Leather armor for everyone]
Perks: [Ferocious Loyalty,Silent Running,Jury Rigging,Hunter]
Bio: (All characters originate from a local Vault (not Vault 22, wrong coastline), use the Bio to explain who they are)
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Perk Guide:
Ferocious Loyalty - For the betterment of the team!
Silent Running - Stealthy
Jury Rigging - Rig somethin' up!
Hunter - Better at killing things
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 How The story may progress [SPOILERS, OBVIOUSLY]

The party has to brave the hostile environment of the spore-based jungle that has seemingly overgrown across the planet, the party will eventually reach the nearest neighboring town where they will learn of the Enclave Oil well, though it has been both destroyed and overgrown the data within may hold the answers to the infesting spores ravaging your people back home.

so: Home has problems > goto neighbors for help > they tell you to goto the nearby destroyed enclave Oil rig > recover data collected from V-22 collected by Enclave/Vault-tec > Get whats needed > Get home with cure
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