The Perpetual Universe [Age of Chaos]


Black Jacket
Sep 3, 2015
cyberia cafe
If you remember the Superpowers Realm, then this is pretty much it; only, I gave the Superpowers Realm a way cooler name. B|

The Perpetual Universe is a sea of worlds suspended in time. Here is where Loopy takes control as Kami. B)

Now use your powers to your delight!!! You can do as you please, but be warned... if you're bad, Loopy will trap you in one of the "dead" worlds. Or just maul you for honey like most bears do. Actually, feel free to fite and stuff. Just don't cry when Big Bad Luppy obliterates you.
Somewhere in the bright center of the Sea of Worlds lies the world which Loopy resides and frolicks.

Traveling to and from adjacent "world" fragments is relatively easy, but all will first be dropped off on the "Home" world belonging to Loopy's world of some sort of peaceful chaos. Quite the paradox, no?
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