The Martian Machines in Brachi's Universe


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Sep 4, 2015
The Netherlands
For those curious, here are some descriptions of the Martian Machines. Description are taken from the game Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds. Links will lead to a Deviantart Page in regards to the models so you can see how they look like.

Scout Machine:
The Scout Machine is a light and fast attack vehicle. It has thin shielding and only a light Heat-Ray, but its high speed and maneuverability allow it to provide quick support and recoinassance.

Fighting Machine:
The Fighting Machine is our primary attack weapon. It has a forward mounted heavy Heat-Ray, a light Canister Launcher and is shielded with enough armor to repel most projectile weapons. This combination of firepower, armour and speed allow it to cut through most enemy opposition.

The Tempest is an advanced assault vehicle which carries two heavy Heat-Rays and a Canister Launcher.

Bombarding Machine:
The Bombarding Machine provides heavy mobile firepower. It mounts a long range Canister Launcher which can fire explosives over a wide area. However its light heat-ray and low speed provide less than adequate close quarter defense.

Electric Machine:
The Electric Machine carries a large power supply and two high-voltage generators. At short range these can be discharged at an enemy vehicle with devastating consequences.

Flying Machine:
The Flying Machine has two suspension pods which allow it to travel in the air at great speeds, out of the reach of enemy weapons. However it mounts only a light Heat-Ray with poor armour.

Scanning Machine:
The Scanning Machine has a very sensitive antenna array which can detect concealed objects.

The Constrictor can dispense a chemical foam which encases its target and rapidly hardens. At short range these can be discharged at an enemy vehicle with devastating consequences.


The Xeno-Telepaths are trained to read Human minds using their telepathy. The weak Human brains can then be easily manipulated.

Handling Machine:
The Handling Machine is a versatile tool, used to construct, repair and generally maintain our facilities.

Digging Mechanism:
The Digging Mechanism is specifically designed to quickly move the thick, heavy Earth soil.

The Drones are capable of rapidly carrying heavy payloads into position.

Finally here's a picture of the Martian Machines together so you can see how big they are compared to each other:
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