The Lost World


Blue Jacket
Sep 4, 2015
Tallmadge, Ohio, US

On an unknown plateau in Venezuela, lives many prehistoric reptiles that were long thought to be extinct. Among the most mightiest animals to have ever walked the Earth, only the most bravest of souls can venture here if they have any intentions of leaving alive. Or, possibly, taking something back with them from this journey here. A warning to all those who enter here, though, as this location is full of savage Dinosaurs. Even the herbivores are in a state of being constantly agitated, and the carnivores will attack and attempt to eat anything that moves. Pterosaurs will often swarm towards targets who expose themselves in wide, open spaces, and these same areas also attract the attention of the most dreaded Dinosaur in the region; the Tyrannosaurus rex.

Chronicler and Dragora were heading towards this region at a swift pace. He had heard of some kind of treasure here, but didn't know what he was getting into. Dragora, flying towards the region with Chronicler on his back, lands in a small clearing where he plenty of room to land. As Dragora looked around, he seemed rather paranoid about his surroundings.

'These Dinosaurs will more than likely be trouble...' Dragora growled towards Chronicler, as Chronicler sighed, holding his right hand out and generating a tiny, raw mana crystal in his hands.

"Doesn't matter, they can't handle magic. Just like every other Earth animal." Chronicler spoke, as he sheathed his claymore with his left hand, before promptly moving to charge up a much larger mana crystal using both of his hands at once, to where it eventually began surging with raw energy before Chronicler applied the time element to it, causing it to turn gray and begin surging with a dust-like material surrounding it.

'Temporal Blast. Is that you had me drag you out here? Just to practice a spell as insanely powerful as that.' Dragora asked Chronicler, as the latter grinned.

"Well, that's one of the reasons." Chronicler said, before taking note of two Ceratosaurus gathering before him, one having larger head ornamentation than the other, and was more colorful in appearance. In a moment's notice, Chronicler fired the time mana crystal in their direction for a blast of Runic Shot, in the form of a spell called Temporal Blast. Upon coming into contact with the male Ceratosaurus, the male suddenly froze in movement, before turning to stone and crumbling to dust.

However, as Chronicler realized the spell took up all of his remaining mana for the time being, and the fact it was the middle of the day, meant he couldn't recharge his mana until sunset would arrive. However, that didn't seem to bother him, as the female Ceratosaurus approached him, and had every intent of killing Chronicler... until out of the blue, an Allosaurus ambushed the much smaller Ceratosaurus and killed it by biting onto it's neck and snapping it, causing the Ceratosaurus to collapse, dead. Chronicler, meanwhile, did not respond so confidently towards the new arrival.

"Well... Dragora... Mind helping me out here?" Chronicler asked, in a sheepish tone, as just before he could reach for his dual swords, the Allosaurus roared in their direction and was seemingly making a charge towards them, before Dragora quickly grabbed Chronicler with his jaws and tossed him onto his back and taking off into the air. The Allosaurus, having merely performed a bluff charge, stopped where it was and went to the Ceratosaurus carcass and began to eat it's fill. Dragora and Chronicler, meanwhile, sought out a better place to land.
A woman's eyes went up in shock as she saw the dinosaurs.

"I don't believe it, they were all extinct!" She whispered. To her right was a large winged man in a black coat, hood up.

"Yes Lily. My question is, how long until they figure out we're here?" He asked.
Several of the herbivorous Dinosaurs were grazing near Lily and her winged companion... until the peace was suddenly disturbed by a booming roar in the distance. As a result, the smaller Gallimimus and Dryosaurus began to flee the area outright, a herd of Triceratops were beginning to gather close together, and a lone Stegosaurus, meanwhile, was still grazing as if it didn't hear the roar in question.

Stomping through the vicinity in search of a meal, a large sized Tyrannosaurus rex was roaming the area. Quickly coming across the Allosaurus from earlier, it's presence scared off the smaller carnivore, as the T. rex sniffed the carcass that remained of the Ceratosaurus. Grabbing a huge chunk of whatever meat remained, the T. rex swallowed the chunk whole after shaking it a little to tear pieces of it off. Gazing around the entire area for whatever else it could feed on, the T. rex, noted by it's left eye having been blinded, began sniffing the air and began to smell the scent of two people nearby, whose smell the T. rex did not recognize, and thus it decided to move in their direction.

Chronicler and Dragora, meanwhile, landed beside a waterfall at the edge of a giant lake, as Chronicler soon pointed out a hidden cave behind the waterfall, and Dragora flew in and landed. Chronicler, a bit shivering from the sudden changed in temperature, looked around for anything to burn.

"There's some raw wood over there, mind heating it up please?" Chronicler asked Dragora, as Dragora gazed at the wood that was... oddly gathered in a neat fashion, as Dragora opened his mouth a tiny bit and began charging a mana rune, quickly applying the fire element to it as Dragora fired a quick usage of Runic Shot at the wood, setting it aflame and starting a campfire of sorts. Chronicler, sitting down besides the campfire, removed his soaked shirt and reached for a poach he had to grab a few slices of fresh meat. Tossing Dragora several portions of them, Chronicler carefully moved his hand over the fire to cook his own meat slices, before beginning to eat as well.

'So, do we just wait for somebody to find us?' Dragora asked, as Chronicler shrugged.

"Wait until moon rise. Then we'll head back out. It'll be easier to keep our mana reserves charged that way." Chronicler told him, as Dragora motioned to sit on the rocky ground, his vision seeing things more clearly in the darker cave than with Chronicler's, although that's not to say that Chronicler was that overly less effective at seeing in the dark than Dragora.
"Do, do you hear that?" Lily asked scared. Atama laughed.

"I hear that. I fear no man or beast that doesn't rival a god in power. But I suppose, rather then murder the local wild life, I should cast the two of us in shadow." He said. "Or, teleport, or fly. Really there's a lot of avoidance options."
As the Tyrannosaurus approached their vicinity, the herbivores moved away at a quicker pace. Suddenly, though, a bird's screech was heard, which didn't phase the Tyrannosaurus at all. The bird in question was a Falcon, carrying some type of scroll, as it flew overhead in the area, before circling above Lily and Atama in a way as to get their attention. The Tyrannosaurus, meanwhile, just snorted in response to the bird's loud screeching.

Meanwhile, as Chronicler and Dragora waited out the day, Dragora picked up the Falcon's screeching.

'Say, Chronicler. Didn't you say you tamed a Falcon once? One that apparently kept trying to follow you around...?' Dragora asked Chronicler, as Chronicler looked out towards the outside of the waterfall.

"So you're saying you're picking up a falcon's cry in the distance?" Chronicler asked, to which Dragora nodded.

'Looks like it found it's way back to us...' Dragora brought up.

Back at Lily and Atama's location, the Falcon suddenly flew off in the direction that Chronicler and Dragora had left towards, flying in a way to signal to the former two that the Falcon wants the both of them to follow.
"Don't. Move." Lily whispered, concentrated on the T Rex. Atama snorted.

"I used to command birds with my magic. One of my abilities I lost when I was created. I wonder where it's going." He said. He looked towards the Rex and fired a small orb of darkness at it, before grabbing Lily and flying quickly towards the bird.
The falcon continued it's flight until it reached the same waterfall that Chronicler and Dragora are resting behind. Landing on Chronicler's shoulders, the falcon dropped the scroll into his hands, puzzling Chronicler for a moment. Within a few seconds, the scroll faded into mana and was absorbed into Chronicler's own gauntlets.

"Um... Iksar? Is that you? Where've you been all this time?!" Chronicler asked, rather excited from this little revelation, as Iksar didn't really respond at all aside from taking one of the slices of meat from Chronicler and then resting on his left gauntlet as he began to eat.

'We're not alone, it seems...' Dragora growled to Chronicler, noticing the fact that Lily and Atama were approaching.
Atama landed in front of Chronicler and Dragora sighing happily.

"Atama! Not so fast!" Lily exclaimed, her legs trembling.

"For a former merc and monster hunter, you do seem a bit weak." Atama replied.

"I was a medic!" She retorted. Atama turned towards Iksar.

"The bird lead me here. So who are you?" Atama asked.
"Chronicler Ultrarius. You can call the Falcon Iksar, and Dragora right behind me prefers it that you don't necessarily treat him as being entirely feral." Chronicler introduced.

'Not going to explain them how you're in the body of a 10 year old and these guys are tall yet I'm taller and-'

"No, I think they get it." Chronicler responded to Dragora, as Dragora's growls were nothing more than growls to both Lily and Atama. Considering how Chronicler became able to understand Dragora at all, he would've been no different had this part of his past not had happened.

For the moment, though, Chronicler put back on his now dry shirt and moved to stand, grabbing his claymore with his right hand and holding his left hand outward so that Iksar had enough space to stay perched on his arm.
"My mentor could transform into dragon, my father had a dragon bonded to him, I received a power boost from a dragon. Lots of dragons." Atama mused. "I am Atama Buster, and my friend here is Lily Prescott." Lily just waved scared.
Lily looked around.

"Dragons!? More then just this one? Where!" She said. Atama sighed.

"She's an unofficial student of mine. On the job training. That sort of thing. So, what are your reasons for being out here? We're here for, well, boredom."
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