The Legend of Zelda: The Vilest Union


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Sep 4, 2015
The Netherlands
“We will be known forever by the tracks we leave.” – Dakota

In the land of Hyrule, a legend goes of a young boy whom hailed from a vast forest to save the land from a great evil, having traveled through forests, over mountains, under water and even through time, facing many hardships and trials, and conquering them swiftly to finally combat the main source of the evil… little did they know that this final clash had a severe impact on the timeline itself… in one timeline, the boy was sadly defeated, allowing the Evil King to lay hands on the Sacred Triforce, becoming the Great King of Evil, only for the Princess of Destiny and the Six Sages to seal him away in the Evil Realm. In the other timeline however, the boy was victorious, fulfilling his role as the Hero of Time, defeating the Evil King and, together with the Seven Sages, banished him to the Evil Realm, before he was sent back to his own timeline to live the life he was supposed to live. Little did he and his comrades know that this last action also had an impact on the timeline, one which none of them could have foreseen or even thought possible to even happen.
Upon his return to his home timeline, the young boy sought out the Princess, informing her of what has happened and together with her, preventing the Evil King from usurping the throne of Hyrule and preventing the events of what he has witnessed seven years later, a time period now known to the two as the Future That Almost Was from happening. With those events prevented, the young boy went on towards a journey to find a comrade whom had departed from his side upon his return, hoping to meet her once more. On his way, he ended up in a different realm altogether, a realm that was destined to vanish from existence in three days’ time, all because of a cursed mask bringing down the moon. With his courage and determination and aided by the Goddess of Time, this cataclysm was averted, saving the realm known as Termina, before he departed on his journey to continue his search for his missing friend.
Nearly four months lasted his journey to find her, sadly to no avail, but in a twist of fate, the young boy found himself back in Hyrule, being reunited with the friends he made there. Recognizing his bond with each of them, the young boy opted to stay in Hyrule for the time being and hang out with his friends, whom were by all means impressed by what he has gone through in Termina, which had made his friends curious about the land itself. Little did they know, that their time of peace was running short, as forces of darkness have found a way to gather in secret and make plans accordingly. Only time will tell when those forces have mustered enough strength to strike and if the boy will once more rise up to combat them….


Prologue: Memories of Faded Time

It was nighttime in the Kokiri Forest, with the Kokiri children each being vast asleep in their homes. But not everyone was having a peaceful slumber… from his tree house, the young boy found himself tossing and turning as if he was being plagued by nightmares again, similar to what he experienced over a year ago when the Evil King known as Ganondorf was planning his course of actions to conquer the world, but was prevented from doing so. But now, these nightmares had returned, but this time it wasn’t affecting him… in the house next to his, a green-haired Kokiri girl also appeared to have trouble sleeping, as her mind was flooded with memories which felt like hers, yet were not her own. Unable to rest properly, both she and her guardian fairy went out of her house, noting the clear night sky and everyone else being vast asleep… except for one… as if being mentally guided by her actions, she went to the treehouse to the left and climbed the ladder leading to the balcony and the entrance of the house. Upon entering, she found her childhood friend in the same distress as she had been just now, and carefully approached him, nudging his shoulders to awaken him.
“Link?!” She asked, shortly before he opened his eyes, groaning a little before he sat up.
“Saria? What are you doing here?” the young boy known as Link asked, right as the girl known as Saria sat down next to him.
“I couldn’t get any sleep, this headache is bothering me… as if showing me things from a different time…” She replied.
“Same with me… I thought I had put those memories away as I remember those clearly, but somehow they have resurfaced…” Link said.
“What memories?” Saria asked.
“Memories of a different time… I was all grown up and you became the Forest Sage, forcing you to stay with six other Sages in the Chamber of the Sages within the Temple of Time, while I went on to do what I could to save Hyrule…” Link replied.
“Those are the images I’ve seen too, but only from my perspective somehow… someone whom looked exactly like me went to the Forest Temple to investigate the cries of help of the spirits there, only for monsters to appear and attack me…” Saria said.
“Geez, this is quite coincidental if you ask me…” Link said.
“Agreed…” Saria replied, nodding.
“I’m going back to Hyrule Castle first thing in the morning, see if Princess Zelda can tell us more about this.” Link said, thinking things over and wanting to know if any of the others, including Zelda herself, were affected by the same thing both he and Saria just experienced.
“I’ll go with you.” Saria said.
“Are you so certain of that?” Link asked, concerned about his childhood friend.
“I know the Kokiri, including myself, are naturally bound to the forest, but if these memories are what I think represent, I should be able to survive outside the forest myself, using either the Forest Medallion and/or the Kokiri’s Emerald for those purposes.” Saria explained.
“Fair enough, but let’s try to rest a bit for now. We’ll make arrangements in the morning.” Link said, yawning a little as he was quite sleepy.
“Agreed. One more thing, can you also help me train? If there is more to those memories than what I think they are, I want to be prepared in case I do have to fight off monsters.” Saria then said.
“Of course, you can have my Fairy Slingshot for that purpose. Since I have my bow and arrows which I obtained back in Termina, I have no more use for the slingshot itself, so it’s yours from now. I’ll help you with some target practice after our trip to the castle.” Link replied, picking up his Slingshot he had placed in a chest in his room where he stored most of his equipment, except for his sword and shield, before handing it and the Deku Seed Bullet Bag to Saria.
“Thank you,” Saria said, before she went to leave the house, “have a good night, Link.”
“Sleep well, Saria.” Link replied, waving her off before she left for her own house, allowing Link to get back into his bed, where he thought things over before he eventually fell back asleep, his slumber now peaceful for the remainder of the night.

The next morning, Link woke up by the sun shining into his room, causing him to sit up and stretching. After washing up, getting dressed and gathering his necessary equipment, he left his house and climbed down the ladder and moved up to the main path of the Kokiri Forest, where Saria was waiting for him, now armed with her Slingshot while at the same time also branding a Deku Shield, just in case. In a bag on her belt was the Kokiri’s Emerald, while on her other side, the Deku Seed Bullet Bag was placed.
“You ready?” Link asked.
“Yes, I am.” Saria said, her guardian fairy floating by her side as usual.
“Then let’s go; I know the best way to get to the castle.” Link replied as the two made their way to the exit of the forest.
“Hey, where are you going?” A male voice then asked behind the two.
Turning around, Link and Saria both saw another Kokiri there, being a male with a slight blush on the cheeks, blue eyes and orange hair in a slightly spiked fashion, while wearing the traditional Kokiri garb.
“Mido?” Link and Saria asked, recognizing him.
“I overheard your conversation just now, you’re both leaving the forest?” He asked.
“Yes, but we won’t be away for long.” Saria said.
“It’s a matter of personal business, nothing serious.” Link added.
“Oh, I see. Take care of yourselves then.” Mido said, nodding at that.
“We will. Thanks, Mido.” Link said, before he and Saria left.
“Personal business… this is odd…” Mido said, before moving back into the house.

Upon entering Hyrule Field, Link grabbed his Ocarina and began to play a short tune on it. Saria was about to ask what song Link just played, when she heard the neighing of a horse nearby. Turning to her left, she saw a young, red-colored mare which approached them both quickly, but gradually slowing down until it stood in front of Link.
“Oh, is that your horse Epona? She’s cute.” She commented.
“Thanks, got her on loan from Lon Lon Ranch due to me knowing the song she likes so much and has been a faithful steed. Come on, we’ll climb up on her back so we can get to the castle quickly.” Link said, before climbing up on Epona’s back, waiting for Saria to join him.
Saria then climbed upon Epona as well while securing herself a bit by holding Link gently from behind, after which Link let the horse run to the castle in an easy galloping pace, letting Saria adjust to the sudden speed increase as Epona took them across Hyrule Field. The sight of the field itself impressed Saria quite a lot, having not seen this field out in the open like this ever before, so she was quite speechless at how huge the field itself was. For Link, it was nothing new as he had traveled across the field many times during his initial quest to save Hyrule, but also remained silent so Saria could easily take in the new surroundings, while at the same time keeping watch on the direction they were going in, the castle coming in sight rather quickly, the bridge to the Castle Town being lowered as it usually was during the day.

Entering the Castle Town and its Marketplace went without a hitch, with its civilians paying no mind to either Link or Saria, although Saria blinked at seeing so many people about. Going past the fountain and towards the trail leading to Hyrule Castle, they stopped at the gate leading to it, a guard spotting them.
“Hm? Visitors?” He asked.
“Yes, we’re here to see Princess Zelda.” Link replied.
“Ah, yes. I’ve been informed that both she and her attendant Impa have been expecting you two. I hope it’s nothing serious…” The guard replied.
“It’s a matter of personal business, nothing more.” Link replied, a smile on his face while Saria nodded in agreement.
“Very well, go right ahead to the Castle.” The Guard said, right as there was another sound of a galloping horse approaching them.
Turning to the source, Link, Saria and the guard could see a woman approaching on horseback. This woman had long, red hair, with jewelry on both the headdress and on her forehead, a tanned skin, yellow eyes and wearing garment which indicated that she hailed from the desert, with the addition of a cloak around her shoulders to at least conceal her appearance for the most part. Link and Saria recognized her immediately however as they noticed her.
“Nabooru?! What are you doing here?” Link asked surprised to see his Gerudo friend.
“Hey kids,” Nabooru said, addressing Link and Saria both, “I’m also on my way to the castle to see Princess Zelda.”
“You too?” Saria asked, surprised.
“You’re expected as well, my Lady,” the guard replied, “please proceed.”

While Link, Saria and Nabooru made their way to the main castle gate, the Gerudo informed the two children that she had received visions similar to theirs, although in her eyes, it involved her becoming brainwashed by Koume and Kotake, two Gerudo witches and surrogate mothers to Ganondorf, while she and Link had infiltrated the Spirit Temple to put an end to Ganondorf’s plans. During her period of being brainwashed, she was forced into servitude to Ganondorf’s rule as an Iron Knuckle for seven years until Link freed her and she could awaken as the Spirit Sage after Koume and Kotake had been defeated.
“This is puzzling me; I’ve seen Koume and Kotake in Termina and believe it or not, they were much more friendlier there, running a Potion Shop in the Southern Swamp area.” Link said as the three climbed off from their horses and made their way into the castle.
“Seriously? I thought you were kidding when you mentioned that before during our get-together in the Temple of Time.” Nabooru replied.
“Well, I wasn’t kidding, but what is puzzling me more is that your situation is similar to ours, making me wonder if it’s connected somehow.” Link replied, before spotting Impa in the entrance of the castle, waiting for them.
“Ah, you three are here. Come with me, I’ll take you to the Princess. Rauru, Darunia and Ruto are already there as well.” The Sheikah and attendant to the Princess said.
“Oh geez, this is making my theory of the situation being connected somehow even more plausible.” Link said, with Saria and Nabooru nodding as they followed Impa to the courtyard, the exact area where Princess Zelda was from where she spied on the throne room to see Ganondorf ‘pledging’ his ‘alliance’ to the King of Hyrule, a ruse which was fortunately exposed early.

As the four arrived in the courtyard, they could see Rauru, Darunia, Ruto and Zelda waiting for them, with Zelda and Ruto moving to Link and Saria right away, while Darunia and Rauru went to greet Nabooru first.
“Link, Saria, it’s good that you came.” Zelda replied.
“I assume this is about last night, isn’t it?” Link inquired.
“Exactly; you must have had a hard time sleeping with the sudden influx of memories from the Future that Almost Was.” The princess stated.
“Yes, what surprised me more was that Saria was somehow affected by something similar, as well as Nabooru, whom told us about it when we met right outside the Castle’s gate.” Link replied.
“And noting that the others here have had a similar feeling last night, this confirms what I’ve suspected this morning as I too was affected.” Zelda replied.
“And that is?” Saria asked.
“We all must have gained the knowledge and memories from our counterparts within the Future that Almost Was.” Zelda said.
“But how? I’m the only one whom has traveled through time so I should the only one having those memories.” Link said, blinking at the sudden revelation.
“That is something I do not know for sure myself either as it had surprised even me,” Zelda replied, “perhaps my adult self must have somehow transferred those memories to me while sending you back here and extending those to the Sages here, while ensuring those memories remained dormant until now.” The Princess replied.
“You think that an outside source can also be possible?” Saria asked.
“That is also an option, in any case, it has all of us quite stumped from what I’ve seen and seeing you being the most conscious about those memories as you said, it must have been quite rough to be reliving those memories in the span of one night.” Zelda said, turning to Link on that.
“Yes, mostly due to the hardships I’ve faced, but most of all, losing my cherished friends in a way as their awakening as Sages bound them to the Chamber of the Sages, thus separating us as we couldn’t live in the same world at that time.” Link said, looking gloomy.
Zelda nodded at this, but from the corner of her eye, she noticed Saria looking at Link with a slight blush on her face, the Kokiri girl even feeling her heart skipping a beat at that sudden information from Link.
“I know it was all some form of fate or destiny in that future, but still, I did miss you lot while I was traveling from Temple to Temple up until the fight against Ganon.” Link said.
Saria smiled at this and gave Link a gentle hug.
“Don’t fret about that too much; we’re here to stay.” She said, which in turn made Link smile.

Unknown to the group, they were being spied upon from one of the windows looking into the courtyard by a man wearing a cloak, which hid most of his appearance except for his eyes, watching the group for a couple of minutes, before making his silent departure, chuckling a little as he went.

“So, what do you think will happen next?” Saria then asked.
“I do not know for sure,” Zelda said, “what we have experienced will likely be limited to that night only as a sign of us obtaining or unlocking those memories somehow, but let me know if things persist, same goes for you, Link.”
“Right. I do hope it stays limited to this one-time experience; I honestly don’t want to go through all that again.” Link replied.
“We hope the same, Link,” Zelda said, “you were already quite shaken from what you’ve gone through in Termina.”
“Was there anything else you wanted to discuss?” Link then asked, tilting his head.
“No, that was pretty much all for now, but I’ll keep you informed in case there’s another meeting.” Zelda replied.
“Thank you.” Link and Saria both said, before they told the others they’d see them later before departing.

Back in the Castle Town, Link took Saria to the Shooting Gallery present in town to give Saria some target practice with her new weapon.
“So, how does this work?” Saria asked upon approach.
“It’s simple; you just need to hit the targets in the form of large rupees with your Slingshot. There’s 10 targets total.” Link replied, smiling as the two entered the building, where Link paid 20 Rupees for the game for Saria to take part in.
It took her a few attempts, but eventually Saria managed to get a perfect score as she got the hang of the Slingshot, which in turn granted her a bigger Bullet Bag so she wouldn’t be running out of ammunition so quickly. With that done, the two went back to the Kokiri Forest, the trip itself going without a hitch.
“Is everything okay, Link? You’ve been silent during the trip…” Saria then asked after the two climbed off Epona so she could return to Lon Lon Ranch.
“Sorry; there’s a lot on my mind I need to think over… the sudden revelation didn’t make it easy to comprehend things.” Link said.
Saria nodded.
“I have to think things over myself too, honestly… the sudden influx of new memories was quite shocking.” She said.
“With that being said, would you like to come with me tomorrow? I’m planning to travel around Hyrule for a while to hopefully clear my mind.” Link then said.
“I’d love to.” Saria said, smiling, before both entered the Forest to their homes for the rest of the day.

Watching the two children pass through Hyrule Field was the Running Man, being on his usual running track all over the field, while also wearing the Bunny Hood for increased speed, allowing him to keep up with Epona by extension during their trip. After the two had entered the forest, the Running Man stopped, before his appearance seemed to change… turning out to be a disguise as the cloaked figure whom had been spying on them earlier in the castle reappeared. Once he was certain the two did not return out of the Forest’s Entrance, the cloaked figure itself entered the Forest itself but heading to a different direction, his destination clear.
Chapter 1: Troubling Sorcery

Seven and a half months have passed after Link’s return to Hyrule and the subsequent reunion with his childhood friends. The incident with the memories of a future that almost was had been put to the backburner for now since, as Zelda predicted, the slumber of the people affected had gone back to normal, although they were cautious about anything untoward. Still, there had been some slight changes here and there which for the time being remained under wraps for the most part, save for only a few individuals whom managed to get a glimpse of the sudden increase in activities.

In Hyrule Castle Town, there have been rumors spreading about the Princess receiving some basic combat training within the Castle itself. The general populace found it an interesting development, perhaps it was a sign of the Princess taking up some self-defense lessons in case of a potential future attack ever since Ganondorf’s ruse was exposed, but curiosity ran about as to whom was even tutoring her in the first place, their first thoughts going to Zelda’s attendant Impa, whom was also one of the Shadow Folk, the Sheikah, and was giving the Princess some pointers as to how to carry herself in battle proper in case of a last resort if any hiding places or escape routes had been compromised by the attackers. In reality, this was only partially the truth; while Zelda has picked up some necessary techniques from Impa, it was Link whom has helped Zelda in getting familiar with both melee combat using a sword as well as archery, the latter being something Zelda had a slight favor over, but would not hesitate to use a sword if needed. Speaking of melee combat, even Saria has picked up some skills from Link, with Saria using a blade which appeared to be like a dagger, but felt to her like wielding the Kokiri Sword, while also using defensive weapons such as the Deku Nuts and the Deku Sticks. Not only that, but Zelda gave each of the Sages of the future which almost was some pointers in the art of magic and elemental manipulation in conjunction with their affinity and the Medallions, with Saria having Forest and Wind, Darunia having Fire, Ruto using Water, Impa using the Shadows and Nabooru having a more Spiritual affinity. Interestingly, it was Nabooru whom had the most difficulties with adjusting to her new powers, as she was for the time being unfamiliar with her status as the Spirit Sage, prompting both Impa and Zelda to help the Gerudo Leader in at least calming her own mind enough to feel the power she wielded through her system, and whatever abilities she had in correspondence to affinity would show themselves over time. Still, Nabooru was no slouch in combat in any way; using a set of dual swords similar to the Gerudo Guards and Pirates Link had encountered before as both offense and defense, she quickly made herself a formidable opponent during sparring sessions against both Link and Zelda.

Unknown to the group, their get-togethers and training sessions were occasionally being watched by the cloaked figure in the first few weeks, usually by taking on the appearance of a random bystander or animal, indicating that there was some sorcery behind it. Interestingly, this was done discreetly as to not alert the group of its presence, instead opting to stay in the dark, bide his time and even acting as any animal or inhabitant he impersonated or briefly possessed, before leaving just as quickly with nobody any the wiser. These visits had stopped at the sixth week after Link’s return to Hyrule, with the cloaked figure having moved back to the other land it had been hiding out within the past time: Termina.

In Termina itself, life went on as usual without a hitch. With the threat of the moon falling down now over, the residents have been able to relax and continue with their schedules as usual. However, not all is as it seemed. Upon his arrival to the land of Termina, the cloaked figure headed to the one region where it felt he could make plans accordingly without being discovered so easily… holding out in the region of what was once the Ikana Kingdom, the cloaked figure had been gradually working out his plans, using his knowledge in sorcery to increase his influence over the area as well as overviewing the events which have taken place there. His work had eventually culminated in gathering energy and magic in a discreet fashion during those events. Feeling he had gathered enough essence from the past battles he needed, the cloaked figure set to work deep within the Stone Tower Temple, an ideal stronghold for him to hold out for now as it would be one of the last places people would even be able to find him there…

In the span of five months after his return to Hyrule, Link had continued on in traveling around the land and training to keep his skills sharp, while also being on the lookout for his missing friend whom he had been searching for before, during and after his unexpected trip through Termina, but this time, he was not alone. On nearly every trip he had gone on so far, both Saria and Princess Zelda had been keeping him company and, during the later trips, Princess Ruto from the Zora and Nabooru from the Gerudo have been joining him on the trips he undertook, with Nabooru having shown interest in Link and Zelda’s progress after moving through the Gerudo’s Training Ground about a month prior to Nabooru joining Link on his travels.

At first, the Gerudo were quite skeptical of seeing both Link and Zelda enter their Training Ground at their request, but given that Nabooru had put faith in the two and has gone in after them to at least watch over them and bail them out in case things were getting a bit rough. That and Impa had also tagged along to watch over the two as well, deciding to spar with Nabooru to keep them both occupies and sharpen their respective skills in the process. It proved to be quite an even match as Impa’s shadow abilities were now developing during this sparring sessions, managing to catch Nabooru off-guard as the Sheikah discovered she could manipulate her own shadows to trap her opponents for a free hit, making her much more formidable in the process, although Nabooru on her turn was still able to give Impa a run for her money in kind, starting to anticipate Impa’s movements and forcing the Sheikah woman to adapt her strategy accordingly. In regards to Link and Zelda however, it left the Gerudo curious as to how the two would be able to solve it…

“So, are you ready for this?” Link asked.
“Yes, I am.” Zelda replied, nodding at that, before the two entered the main Training Ground and went through the left door after Zelda used the Din’s Fire spell to light the torches present to unlock it, right as Link hit an eye switch with an arrow fired from his Hero’s Bow to unlock the opposite door in advance. Upon entering the room, both Link and Zelda could see the room had a large part of the room covered in sand, with boulders spread around it. Zelda blinked at seeing two skeletal warriors appear, each bearing a sword and shield.
“What are those creatures?!” She asked Link.
“Stalfos, tricky, but manageable opponents. They’re vulnerable when their guard is down.” Link said, noting that Zelda had brought a sword of her own with her as well as a shield, deciding to charge ahead and show Zelda how to combat the two foes, luring them to him.
Interestingly, this allowed Zelda herself to use a pre-emptive strike on one of them, managing to strike one while its back was turned to her. Upon turning to the princess, Link caught on to this and used a jump attack to deal even more damage to it. When the Stalfos turned back to Link, Zelda defeated it with a jump attack of her own, while Link kept the other Stalfos occupied, hopping to the left to avoid its jump attack and striking it with his own sword in retaliation, before Zelda tagged in and defeating it in kind, unlocking the door for the two which they entered through.
Upon entering the next area, Link looked around for a moment.
“Hmmm, they must have changed a few things here…” He said.
“What do you mean?” Zelda asked.
“I had to collect the same silver rupees back in the Future that Almost Was where I did this training, but in that time there were boulders moving about in the area. Now I don’t hear those rolling about.” He said as he moved on, hopping on an upper path, before spotting several icicles on both the ground and the ceiling. Using a spin attack to cut through those on ground level, Link managed to pick up the first silver rupee behind them, while Zelda carefully snagged a second one at the far side of the corridor, close to a pit. As they wanted to return to the main corridor, a sudden wall of fire burst forth in front of them, startling Zelda, but Link remained focused, spotting something up on the ceiling and grabbing his Hookshot.
“Hold onto me, Zelda.” He said.
Zelda nodded as she held him close while he wrapped one arm around her waist in kind, before launching the Hookshot, which hit its target and pulled the two towards it, with Zelda taking a third silver rupee nearby. Repeating this maneuver with the fourth silver rupee which was also near a target, Link went towards the other corridor where he noticed another enemy there.
“What the heck is that statue?! It’s made of ice!” Zelda said as she moved beside him.
“A Freezard. Its breath can freeze you, so this is one enemy you can truly kill with fire.” Link replied, before launching a Fire Arrow at the Freezard, instantly defeating it and allowing Zelda to pick up the last Silver Rupee. Upon proceeding through the door ahead, the two came face to face with a larger number of enemies, being two Stalfos, three Skulltulas and two White Wolfos. With their swords drawn, they went to attack.

Back in the Stone Tower Temple, the cloaked figure had gathered the necessary essence he had collected, held together in what appeared to be a cloud of a dark red and green smoke and was in the process of chanting an incantation, using whatever powers he had at its disposal to compress the essence to a state where it could hopefully form into something more stable. The cloaked figure was patient enough, but his eyes widened a little as he could feel something sinister coming from the essence, the smoke now becoming a more twisted violet and magenta coloration, which emanated a rather raspy sound as if it tried to speak.
“W... who… are you?!” the ghastly cloud spoke to the cloaked person.
“A mere sorcerer… one on a quest for vengeance…” The cloaked person replied.
“Wh… why have you… brought me here?! You are… not with that… child whom had… slain me…” The ghastly cloud asked.
“Consider me a kindred spirit,” the cloaked figure responded, “I was also bested by a child… one wearing green clothing.”
“The child… whom bested me… also wore green!” The cloud responded, it voice now more menacing, as it remembered what had happened to it.
“The one and the same whom had bested me as well… and he has friends whom have aided him in doing so… I want to exact vengeance for what they did to me… I am certain you’d like to take revenge too…” The cloaked figure replied.
“Revenge… but to… do so… I need… something…” The cloud responded.
“And what is that, exactly?” The cloaked figure asked.
“A mask… taken… from me… by… a wandering salesman… bring me… my mask… and I shall…help you!” The cloud replied.
“Very well, I will give you what you seek, but in return, I’m asking you to bring my normal body back. This current form… isn’t exactly my own.” The cloaked figure said, his eyes narrowing.
“You never… told me… your name… stranger…” The cloud then said.
“You can call me… Agahnim.” The cloaked figure said.
“Agahnim… I shall… remember… that name…” The cloud responded.
“I do would like to know the name of whom I’m associating with… so I can also properly identify the item of yours… that mask which you’re looking for.” Agahnim replied.
“Majora…” the cloud responded, “call me… Majora!”

In the meantime, Link and Zelda both entered the final room of the Gerudo’s Training Ground, both having suffered some slight burns due to fighting some Torch Slugs and Fire Keeses inside a different room, but they were still in pristine fighting condition. In the room they just entered however, they encountered about six lizard-like creatures, four of which were bipedal and armed with swords, while a statue with a rotating orb with an eye on it stood in its center. Zelda blinked at these foes.
“Oh boy… this is going to be a bit tough.” Link said.
“What are these enemies?!” Zelda asked.
“Those two bipedal foes with the small daggers are Lizalfos, the ones with the bigger blades are Dinolfos, the statue-like thing is a Beamos and those sluggish lizards are Dodongos. The Beamos is vulnerable against Bombs, the other foes can be taken out with most other weapons, although Dodongos are a bit more tricky; their weak spot is at their tails. There used to be plenty of them roaming about in Dodongo’s Cavern and the path to Snowhead during the day.” Link replied, pointing the enemies out to the Princess.
“Right, thanks for letting me know.” Zelda said, nodding at that.
“Anytime.” Link said, smiling at her, before both went to engage the enemies.
Link managed to take out the Beamos by simply tossing a lit bomb at it, which exploded right on the sphere containing its ‘eye’, destroying it in the process, before he engaged the Lizalfos in combat, using a Spin Attack to take it out and damaging a Dinolfos and one of the Dodongos in the process. This gave Zelda some reprieve as those monsters turned their attention to Link, both trying to burn him with their respective Fire Breaths, only for Link to backflip out of the reach of the streams of fire they ejected, allowing Zelda to strike the first Dinolfos down, before quickly turning around and raising her shield in time to block an incoming strike from the second Dinolfos.
“Shield your eyes, Zelda!” Link then said as Zelda hopped backwards towards him.
Confused, Zelda did so, right as Link tossed a Deku Nut to the remaining foes, the nut producing its blinding flash upon impact, stunning the enemies in the process and allowing Link and Zelda to take down the first Dodongo and the second Lizalfos respectively, leaving just the remaining Dodongo and Dinolfos, although Link took out the Dodongo by making it eat one of his bombs after the enemies could move again. This in turn gave Zelda the chance to finish of the final Dinolfos in the process, clearing this challenge in kind, after which both left the room back to the main entrance of the Gerudo Training Ground, where Impa and Nabooru had finished their sparring round in kind, waiting for them.
“I see you’ve completed the training, your Highness?” Impa asked Zelda.
“Yes, I did. It wasn’t easy, but thankfully Link informed me about the creatures we’ve faced so far and how they can be beaten.” Zelda said.
“Good, that means you both have passed.” Nabooru said.
“Has it always been this tough?” Zelda then asked.
“Well, we Gerudo do need to keep our skills sharp as much as we can, hence this training ground is tough, but doable.” Nabooru replied.
“Fair enough.” Zelda said, nodding.
“We should get back to Hyrule Castle before your father gets worried.” Impa then said to the Princess.
“Right,” Zelda said, before turning to Link and Nabooru with a smile, “thank you both for helping me train in combat. I’ve learned much from the both of you.”
“No problem, Your Highness,” Nabooru said, “I look forward to be sparring with you and Link later.”
“That will be splendid.” Zelda said, before she, Impa and Link departed, with Link riding his faithful steed Epona back to Hyrule Field with Impa and Zelda following on their Royal steed, heading for Zora’s Domain where Saria and Ruto were also having a training session of their own.

Agahnim moved swiftly through Ikana Valley and back into Termina Field, watching as people were moving about in the field, mainly headed towards Clock Town. Ignoring the town itself, he moved back into the forest, looking for the one person whom would be most likely traveling about, his goal clear. He was agitated that he was unable to utilize his full power at this point in time, but with his skills in sorcery not waned, he had to make due with what he had at his disposal at the time, as long as that green-clothed kid and his companions were not on his trail and better yet, none the wiser at what he was planning, he would be able to operate under the radar, out of sight, out of mind… he just had to keep track of their movements and make sure they wouldn’t get on his trail until he had finished his work. A dark chuckle escaped his lips as he ventured through the forest, looking for a trail of some sort to follow…

The ghastly cloud that was Majora remained behind in the Stone Tower Temple as it was too vulnerable to venture outside, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t remaining still… it appeared to meditate, trying to build up on whatever power it had left, but even then it realized that its powers were of little use without its eponymous mask. Hopefully that stranger named Agahnim would help in giving it the mask he desired in order to repossess it and gain its corporeal form back. It had sensed that Agahnim must have used some kind of sorcery to bring it to this realm with whatever essence he could obtain… it was something it would question the sorcerer later, provided he would keep his word as it would keep its word in kind… its anger rising at the memory of being beaten by that green-clothed brat… shivering as another image came into its memory… of how that kid turned into a tall, adult-like person with facial markings, some form a body armor, and an oversized blade which made short work of it in the past… it hoped that it wouldn’t encounter that monster again, instead hoping to eradicate that kid and whatever friends he had and finally being able to fulfill its wish of destroying everything, even if it meant it had to achieve this by other means, now that the moon was back in its normal place instead of crashing down onto Clock Town as it had tried before. But for now, it had to play the waiting game…
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