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Sep 4, 2015
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Not sure where to put this, if any other staff thinks this thread belongs somewhere else, just move it and leave me a profile comment.

So this is a thread where I write laws of fiction (think tv tropes but I'm too lazy to make an account there.) And we can discuss them.

The Emperor Doctrine: If the Emperor or ruler of an organization or nation is the strongest there is and the dreaded, his / her death will cause the empire to collapse and decline quickly. Codified by the Frezia Empire in DBZ: Ressurection of F.

The Law of Imbalance: There is always a bigger fish, and generally, you can summon a bigger fish to fight a big fish once you've crossed the godzilla threshold. But by simply being the best, there will always be someone to show up to be better then you for having dominated the food chain. This applies mostly to stories where character's powers continually increase, or multiverse stories. In the multiverse, finding a universe of Super Saiyans would inevitably lead to the logical conclusion of another such universe that would fight the other to a mutual kill.  Named after Vegetto's "DBZ PW: Ressurection of F" fanficion where Vegetto explains that he's here to defeat Freiza for having been the strongest in the universe for so long.
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