The Great Sage (A Naruto Fanfic)


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Sep 20, 2015
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The Great Sage

I do not own Naruto or any of the Characters from Naruto, any Other Characters are mine and thought up by me.​

The story starts in a hidden chamber within a hidden cave, in this chamber there is a pentagon drawn on the floor in blood red lines with weird lettering on the outside of each line drawn within a circle, at the back of the room is a wall with pictures on it, the last picture frame being blank at the moment with the other 9 picture frames having persons in them. At the front of the room is a guy dress in a Black robe that has a hood to cover the persons head, the only thing that can be seen is the pointy nose and the blood red eyes of its occupant who is chanting in utter gibberish finally coming to the end of his chant “I summon you the ultimate Dark Being, come forth and do my bidden” the stranger in the robe said.

As he stated that the 10th picture frame filled in with the picture of a blonde with spiky hair, sun glasses and a Orange trench coat, which mirrored the individual that appeared in the center of the summon circle “Where am I?, this doesn’t look like Konoha” the Blonde asked scratching the top of his head in curiosity.

“I summoned you here to help me destroy this world; I’m Castronova a Dark Sorcerer, and you’re my ultimate evil being” the man in the robe stated while pointing to the blonde with a crocked finger.

“Why would I want to destroy the world? I’m the one who brought balance to it, I’m the Great Sage Naruto, and there is no way in hell I’ll help you” the blonde stated then casted a jutsu “Shadow Clone Jutsu” creating 15 clones and running to the opposite side of the room.

“You fool, you think you can defy me, but if this is true then how are you the ultimate evil being?” the summoner asked “you don’t think like an evil person because if you did, I would have total control over you, how is this possible?” the evil sorcerer asked while pointing at the blonde.

“Don’t ask me, you’re the one who summoned me here, it’s your ability not mine, but since you can’t control me, don’t count on me doing what you say, I flat out refuse to do your bidden” Naruto said pointing at the evil man.

“Jacob, Irvin, Rena get in here now!” the evil sorcerer stated in a very loud and very sharp voice, then in came 2 guys and a girl that all match the picture of three of the pictures in the room, the first guy to enter was dressed in black pants with a belt, and an arm guard with nothing over his heavily scar chest and back with dark eyes and black hair which matched the first picture frame, the second person to enter was a bit shorter than the first dress in dark Brown cargo pants, a back long sleeve shirt and black shoes, his eyes were also weird with one Brown the other red and Brown messy hair that came down to the middle of his back which matched the second picture framed person. The final individual to enter was a girl as tall as the second man to enter with red hair that reached to her calves and blue eyes wearing tan pants and a brown shirt that matched the picture of the third person in the picture frames each of which ready to attack the blonde on the far side of the room, “Kill that fool, he will only get in our way”

“Yes master” the three stated in unison springing into action attacking the group of blondes.

“If you guys really think you can beat me think again” Naruto stated generating a spiraling ball in his left hand and turning to the wall “Rasengan” he stated busting a huge hole into the wall leaping through the wall in the attempt to escape the confines of the hidden room while his clones kept the three attackers busy.

Elsewhere in the land of fire a squad of ninja’s are doing a patrol mission after just passing the graduating exam to be made Genin with their teacher who is a woman with Black hair, pink eyes and a red outfit leading a boy with brown hair a fur jacket and a dog resting on his head, next to a boy in a trench coat and sun glasses with black hair and a girl with Black hair with violet high lights to it and pale eyes dressed in a purplish coat and black shorts.

“Now this is a mission, none of those chase the stupid cat type missions” the boy with the Dog stated “don’t you guys agree?” the boy asked while walking showing his joy for an interesting mission for once.

“I don’t think the mission objectives are that important as long as we complete it even if it’s to catch a cat” the boy in sun glasses stated walking slightly behind his team mate.

“Kill Joy, way to ruin my mood, Shino” the boy with the dog stated, no longer happy due to the seriousness of his team mates.

“I’m just stating that the mission should not matter as long as we finish it” Shino stated towards his team mate.

“Well as long as we stay on guard we will be fine” the oldest person of the group stated in a matter of fact tune.

“Yeah yeah, I get it Kurenai-sensei” the boy with the dog stated “even if we should encounter anything we should keep….” Before the boy with the dog could finish an explosion was heard from farther up the path from where they were “…Um Kurenai-sensei, we have trouble, there is 4 people ahead of us, Hinata-chan can you tell us what’s going on?”

“G-give me a moment, ‘Byukagan’….” The girl stated activating her blood line and looking in the direction indicated “….there are four ninja’s fighting ahead of us seems to be a 3 on 1 fight, the one winning the fight is a guy in an orange trench coat, blonde hair and sun glasses, the others are having issues taking him down, the guy in Orange has unbelievable chakra levels, he rivals the Hokage in chakra levels in fact”

“You’re kidding me, so it’s a one sided fight between a ninja and three opponents” the boy with the dog stated.

“Kiba-kun whoever he is, h-he’s strong, very strong, I don’t think even Kurenai-sensei can beat him” Hinata stated shivering.

“Head’s up here comes a jutsu heading our way” Shino stated hitting the deck with Hinata in his grip pulling her down with him.

“That was close” Kurenai stated “I want you three to stay back while I investigate what’s going on, if things go out of control I want you guys to head back to Konoha and inform the Hokage of this” Kurenai then got up and jumped into the trees hopping her way to the fight, upon reaching it she see a girl get blasted with a very powerful wind style jutsu that expanded then collapsed on itself.

“He’s too strong, Rena just got killed by that jutsu, who is this guy?” the shorter male asked “master lost it summoning this guy here” the guy then jumped back to avoid an exploding kunai that just passed by him.

“Who knows, it’s obvious that this guy would require more than the three of us to beat” said the tall man “Irvin, we need to withdraw, this guy doesn’t seem anywhere close to being tired” the big guy barely dodged the actual person fighting him when he took a slight knee to the chest that sent him flying backwards into a tree.

“Are you guys giving up, or do you want to suffer the same fate as your friend?” Naruto stated generating a spiraling ball of chakra “so what will it be?”

‘That’s the Rasengan, who is this guy’ Kurenai thought while spying on the fight from her hidden perch in the tree “We shall return, believe me, and when we do come back you will pay for your betrayal of our lord” the tall guy stated and ran with the shorter guy following behind him.

“Now where am I?” Naruto asked himself rubbing his chin in thought while looking around him “well this  forest I’m in, these trees look like the trees near Konoha” as he stated this Kurenai jumped out of her hiding spot to confront the stranger.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” Kurenai stated “State your business or else” trying to muster her will as much as she can as she asked.

“Well, you’re pretty rude if you ask me, firstly your skills pail in comprising to mine, secondly asking nicely would get you better results with me’’ Naruto stated “Then maybe I will answer your question”

‘Wow, he’s not one to be bullied or fall for deception’ Kurenai thought “Well then may I ask who you are and why you’re here?” Kurenai then rephrased.

“That’s a little bit better, I’m the Great Sage, you may call me Ashura for now, as for why I’m here, those people who were fighting me, their lord summoned me here against my will, and can we head to Konoha so I can speak with the Hokage?” Naruto asked getting straight to the point.

“Kurenai-Sensei! We have come to back you up” Kiba yelled out with Shino and Hinata behind him.

“Right and I thought Genin squads where smarter than this” Naruto stated out loud.

“What was that, you want a piece of me” Kiba yelled back at the statement.

“You wouldn’t survive fighting me, kid, it takes Kage level ninjas to beat me” Naruto said stretching from sheer boredom.

“Bull, I say you’re all talk” Kiba stated outright pointing toward Naruto.

“So says an Inuzuka who doesn’t know his place” Naruto stated back “I could easily take your whole squad solo, and still win”

“Easy Kiba” Kurenai stated “first we don’t know if he’s an enemy or not, we must first confirm his identity and then find out his purpose for being here, let me handle this”

“But, Kurenai-sensai, He could be trying to….” Kiba stated before he was interrupted by the stranger.

“Firstly, she is your squad leader, she makes the decisions not you, secondly, Kurenai-san is right, I have shown no aggression towards your squad, which leaves you without enough information to determine if I’m an enemy or not, I would like it if you don’t assume before you have all the facts” Naruto stated toward Kiba “as for me being here, I was apparently summoned here against my wishes, this appears to be the past in my eyes, in other words I’m from the future, I’m known as the Great Sage, I’m a Jonin level ninja from Konoha about 15 years into the future”

“S-someone summoned you here” Hinata stuttered out “W-why would they summon you here?”

“Apparently, they Summoned me here thinking I was the most evil being in this world, yet there is no telling why I was summoned to begin with, I am farthest from evil a person can get” Naruto stated “we should get going, if we linger for too long, those fools will return, and with greater numbers”

“I would sense them before they get here, my nose is pretty sharp” Kiba stated, “also why should we do what you say anyways?”

“Your nose, hahaha, my sensory skills are beyond even that, someone can adjust their scent to hide from your nose, no one can adjust to hide from my sensory skill, I can sense empathy, in other words I can sense evil, intent, as well as blood thirst, sadly I’m the only one with this skill” Naruto stated “I know where everyone is within a 100 mile range, tell me can your sensory skill do that?”

“Bull, that’s not possible, your clearly lying” Kiba stated aggressively toward Naruto.

“Calm down Kiba” Shino stated “we have no idea if he’s lying about that or not, though this is the first time I’ve heard of such a sensory skill”

“No surprise there, only I possess this skill” Naruto stated “I’m the only one who has many of the skills I have, very few can use them”

“Does that also include the Rasengan?” Kurenai asked remembering the rasengan being formed earlier.

“Rasengan can be learned by anyone with proper guidance, the upgraded version that I have, can only be used by me” Naruto stated “to create the Rasen-shuriken takes a lot of requirements to make, and has a very nasty side effect if not used right”

“Rasen-shuriken?” Kurenai asked curious.

“it’s a wind based Rasengan, S-class in rank, the fatality rate of this jutsu if it hits is near 100%, it rarely fails to kill its target, the side effect is it also damages the user, Sage chakra makes it so it can be thrown taking the adverse side effect away from it so only the target gets hit, it’s what I used to kill one of the ninjas who attacked me” Naruto stated.

“In other words you have a perfected Rasengan” Kurenai stated.

“What’s so big about this Rasengan or Rasen-shuriken?” Kiba stated.

“The Rasengan is a move created by the 4th Hokage, it was never finished lacking an element, yet this guy can use a wind based version of it” Kurenai stated.

“Yes, I can also wield a demonic version of it also, referred to as a Demonic Ball Rasengan, the Demonic Ball Rasengan can destroy a village, it’s equivalent to a tailed beast bomb used by a Bijuu but more versatile being smaller but more compressed then a tailed beast bomb” Naruto stated.

“What!, you possess a jutsu on that level?” Kiba stated shocked.

“A-a jutsu like that could be a threat to Konoha” Hinata stuttered out.

“Impressive” Shino stated emotionlessly.

“Regardless of how impressive the jutsu is, the chakra cost is steep, never less, you can refer to me as Ashura” Naruto stated.

“You stated that before, what village do you hail from?” Kurenai asked.

“Yes, I hail from Konoha, about 15 years into the future” Naruto stated “is that good enough to answer your question about loyalty”

“Well, it’s fine for now, I can’t tell if you’re lying, but being able to generate not only a Rasengan but a perfected Rasengan can only mean that your somehow related to the 4th” Kurenai stated “Kiba, Hinata, Shino we are heading back to Konoha to report this to the Hokage”

“But Kurenai-sensei….” Kiba stated before he was interrupted.

“It’s an order, and I’m the squad leader of this squad, Kiba” Kurenai stated to Kiba putting him in his place.

“Thanks for understanding my situation Kurenai-san” Naruto stated “also it’s nice to see you Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburime, and Hinata Hyuga”

“Y-you know who we all are?” Hinata asked nervous of the man before her.

“Of course, Kiba is as rash as always, Shino the walking mime, hahaha, Kurenai the genjutsu master, and finally Hinata, man you sure are a cutie, I wonder why when I was younger I never noticed you, maybe it’s because your super shy” Naruto stated bluntly.

“Now wait a damn minute, I can accept what you say, but don’t start making moves on my student, wait you said you never noticed her, does that mean you know us more on a personal level?” Kurenai stated catching what the stranger said.

“Yeah, let’s see, Squad 7 has the copy ninja Kakashi Hakate leading Sasuke Uchiha the sole survivor of the Uchiha clan, Naruto Uzumaki the son of Kushina and also a member of a nearly dead clan, and Sakura Haruno a book smart Kunachi, then there’s Squad 8, which is you guys, then Squad 10 lead by Asuma Sarutobi the chain smoker, with Shikamaru Nara, Choji Akimuchi, and Ino Yamanaka, any ways there is also Team Gai, with Gai Mighto, the Green Spandex wearing idiot, with his team consisting of Lee Rock aka Mini-Gai, Neji Hyuga aka the protégée of the Hyuga clan, and Tenten the girl with thousands of Kunais, I can go on, but those are the ones I worked with most from this time period” Naruto stated.

“I see, so my squad knows you somehow?” Kurenai stated “what else can you tell us about that enemy you where fighting?”

“I don’t know much about them, though those three are pretty strong, all of them are at least as strong as Kakashi” the Orange clad ninja stated, “can we get going, I would prefer that we are not around in case they come back.”

“You still haven’t told us who you are? And why should we trust you, for all we know you could try and kill us?” Kiba stated bluntly not trusting the man in Orange.

“I have an idea of who he can be” Shino stated “if it’s true then my question is more of how did you get so strong?”

“You figure that I was weaker before?” the guy in Orange stated “what makes you think that?”

“not many wear Orange as a fashion statement, my guess is that your Naruto” Shino stated, “also some of your personality matches Naruto if by only a little, you seem to know us, and the only person I can think of that matches that would be Naruto.”

‘now that Shino brought that up it matches’ Kurenai thought to herself before saying out loud “that makes perfect sense Shino, you did say you’re from the future and that you know us”

“Now that you mention it, he does smell like Naruto in many aspects” Kiba stated now realizing it really is Naruto.

“N-naruto…” Hinata stuttered out blushing red

“Guess my cover is blown” Naruto stated scratching the back of his head with his right hand, “Thanks a lot Shino.”

“Well I guess we know who you are so there is no issue with trusting you for now” Kurenai stated still not really trusting the youth before her.

“Let’s get going to Konoha, shall we, also refrain from using my true name for now, and call me Ashura” Naruto stated turning toward Konoha and jumping away toward it.

“Wait up” Kiba shouted jumping after the man in Orange.

“…” Shino then followed in suit

“Let’s get going Hinata-chan” Kurenai stated before turning as well and jumping off after the boys followed by Hinata.

Back at the Summoning Chamber

Irvine and Jacob arrive in front of the Dark Sorcerer “what happened to Rena? Her Picture went dark when you went to pursue the traitor, yet the traitor’s picture is still full of color?” the evil man asked.

“She was killed by the Blonde traitor, he proved to be too much for the three of us to handle” Irvine stated nervous.

“My lord why didn’t you tell us he was that strong, the kid is easily Kage level maybe even stronger” Jacob stated angry that they were easily over powered.

“You three should have been enough to handle him, guess he was stronger then I originally anticipated, our objective will only lead to failure if he is left alive, before we continue with our objective he must be eliminated as soon as possible” the Sorcerer stated before 6 more people entered the room.

There we go with the first chapter.

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