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The Boogaloo Amusement Park!

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
We got everything. Look around and have fun. We got rides, shops, and tons of fun! More importantly, it's time to Troll-play. (AND MY PUNS HAVE BEGUN!)


"I lost my kids in this amusement park. Damnit." Draws S.O.S message on a balloon. 


Black Jacket
Mama! o3o *runs towards Z holding a bunch of Mickey Mouse balloons and cotton candy*


Blue Jacket
"I don't want a ride, can you buy me candy?"
*Jumping up and down in excitement while pushing LoopyPanda to the side*


Blue Jacket
No no no I don't want to go I don't want to go!!!!

*Crys screams and kicks trying to get out*