The 44th World Martial Arts Tournament


Green Jacket
Sep 4, 2015

Welcome, contestant, to the 44th World Martial Arts Tournament!

You have the rare opportunity to take part in the renowned gathering of the world's strongest warriors to compete for the title of World Martial Arts Champion!

By advancing through the preliminary trials and drawing your number for the bracket generation, you have taken one step closer to greatness!

Follow our rule guide below and fight well! May your fists strike true, and your heart give you the strength to become Champion!


Story Background:

The World Martial Arts Tournaments will have no connection to actual story gameplay in other threads, only through use of specific powers and forms from those story game modes. You are advised to play your characters detached from those stories: this game is purely for the fun of creating the competitive atmosphere of Dragon Ball Z and allowing your characters the chance to fight against others!​

However, the Tournaments will create their own unique universe, so your characters are more than welcome to develop backstories in these game threads!​

General Rules:

1) Bracket Generation will occur once sign ups have concluded. It will be completely randomized, there will be no selections and bracket changes to suit story purposes or create diversity of combat. Good luck!​

2) During combat, a player is allowed only one post before waiting for the next response. Combo attacks must be completed in the same post, unless specifically giving another player the chance to interrupt it for realism. ​

3) No autowounding. You do not get to decide how much damage your attacks inflict on another, only deciding their impact effect from the blow such as "knocking them across the arena", "creating a massive smoke cloud in its explosion", and etc.​

4) Autohitting is allowed, with restrictions. If your character is struck by an autohit from the opposing player, you must respond to that autohit before initiating one of your own. You are allowed a maximum of four autohits in one combo. If your character attempts to land a fifth strike, you must finish your post giving the other player a chance to counter that final hit, which is up to the opposing player's discretion. Any combos striking a player more than five times will be automatically dismissed.​

5) Power is to be respected. If your character is five tiers below an opponent in strength, then they cannot inflict direct physical damage to the opposing character. This pertains only to the level of power the character is already at. IE, if one character is ranked as a tier 3 and the other is a potential tier 8 through transformations, they will not be immune to damage unless they are transformed into the tier 8 form. This does not pertain to the speed rank, which will be further explained below. Additionally, characters with a raw power tier beyond one tier of an opponent's magical output may resist their attacks. Five levels above will negate any direct attempt to distort the opponent through magical means unless the player chooses to allow it.​

6) Fatigue must be analyzed. If your character is being pushed by the opposing player, you must show signs of fatigue after the eighth post of direct combat. Posts of intermission such as stand offs or conversation do not pertain to this limit. The level of damage is also based upon the player's discretion from received attacks, but must be respectful of the power output being used in the fight by your opponent.​

7) You are allowed to autododge a maximum of five times through means of afterimage creations or general speed capabilities whenever your character is evenly matched on speed. However, per level higher than the opposing character, you are allowed an additional autododge. In example:​

Tier 5 vs Tier 5:​
Both characters are allowed 5 autododges on autohits or big attacks.​

Tier 6 vs Tier 5​

Tier 6 is allowed 6 autododges to Tier 5's allowed 5 dodges.

8) Transformations must take at least 2 posts to complete if the character has not mastered them. In your registration, you must indicate which transformations your character has mastered and how many they may intend to use in the tournament.

9) Random transformations and power ups must be sent to me through PM and planned before entering a fight. Depending on the circumstances of the transformation, I will either accept your request or deny it without informing the opponent you will be facing. Simply put, you must have a good reasoning for the power up. I will not approve random transformations unless there is good detail and backstory surrounding it.

10) Regenerative powers may only be used a total of five times in a fight and can only be used once per turn, based upon the level of damage your character takes. If your character is forced to severely regenerate from power attacks more than twice, you must limit the healing effectiveness of your abilities by half. Healing and regeneration beyond the fifth use will be dismissed.

11) Be respectful towards your opponent. You are advised to study the opponent character in and our OOCly, and then play out how a fight between the two should go. I throughly encourage competition, but not at the cost of good sportsmanship and realism of the characters involved. If your character is beaten in a fight, do present that character in a manner on your last post that shows the defeat. Killing or deaths are not allowed, regardless of player choice.


Tiers of Power, Magical Distortion and Speed:

Tiers of Power

Overall raw power will be determined through comparison towards my own Saiyan transformations and general feats of force. When registering a character, identify which tier of raw power your character fits towards:​

Tier 10: "Dread Master", the final transformation of the fusions Vegetto and Gogeta. Power output at maximum through energy expenditure is capable of destroying the universe. Is capable of defending against matching force of that nature when completely on guard, enhanced physical strength is capable of producing forces strong enough to shatter a galaxy at maximum output.​

Tier 9: Dread Saiyan, transformations of various Saiyans. Is capable of destroying most of the universe in raw power output, matching defensive capabilities.​

Tier 8: Inverted Super Saiyan, a transformation achieved through attachment severed by normal Saiyan psychology. Power output is capable of wiping out half of a universe through energy expenditure, with matching defensive capabilities.​

Tier 7: Mystic Saiyan, a form born through the completion of the inefficient Legendary Super Saiyan transformation. Is capable of destroying entire galaxies, as well as endure the same level of damage.​

Tier 6: Super Saiyan 4, acquired through mastering the Golden Oozaru form. Is capable of destroying most of the galaxy in raw energy output, durability matching.​

Tier 5: Super Saiyan 3, acquired through extensive internal energy output. Is capable of destroying multiple planets at once from energy output, durability matching.​

Tier 4: Super Saiyan 2, acquired from ascending beyond a normal Super Saiyan in potential energy output. Is capable of destroying multiple planets in energy output, durability matching​

Tier 2: Super Saiyan, the legendary transformation of the warrior race. Is capable of destroying a planet in raw energy output, matching durability.​

Tier 1: Normal strength ranging up to Super Saiyan, capable of destroying anything from a small wooden block to an entire continent in power. Must indicate the level of strength in this tier.​

Tiers of Magical Distortion

Magical users are allowed to participate in the World Martial Arts tournament, but only through restricted spells and outputs. A fighter may only use magic to enhance their own fighting capabilities or use it as a minor weapon against their opponent in whatever capacity. Any sort of attacks that directly effect the result of the match such as teleporting opponents outside of the ring or creating internal damage/ailment will disqualify your character. Magical power is dependent upon your characters' tier of raw power, where you are only allowed to add two tiers to your characters' power and speed at the maximum. Be sure to indicate what level your character becomes with their magical output.​

Tiers of Speed

Speed will be ranked based upon feat level, where tiers pertain specifically to combat speeds. Be sure to indicate however if a certain transformation loses out in speed capability (IE, Trunks' Super form against Cell would have a higher raw power tier than its speed). Finally, direct speed descriptions are greatly encouraged: if you do not provide one describing your character specific capabilities, then the tier's description will be automatically set for you based on your registration. Tiers of power may be used to determine speed as well, each tier dividing by two to determine its speed level above based on your choosing.​

Tier 5: Light Speed, capable of generating after images from raw bursts of speed faster than light in combat.​

Tier 4: Hypersonic, being able to strike five times faster than the speed of sound.​

Tier 3: Supersonic, being able to move faster than the speed of sound, but no more than four times than it.​

Tier 2: Speed of sound, being able to move and strike at the speed of sound at maximum output.​

Tier 1: Any speed ranging up to faster than the eye can track. Must indicate speed capabilities at this tier.​



Please follow this template for registering a character:​

Maximum Power Tier:​
Maximum Speed Tier:​
Can this character use Magic?:​
Maximum Power Tier using Magic:​
Maximum Speed Tier using Magic:​
Transformations (Include Tier level and Base Form):​
Power Ups (Include Tier level advancements in power and speed):​
Weapons and Armor (Include Tier level in Power capabilities):​
Small Backstory:​


Current Characters Registered for the Tournament:
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