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Sep 4, 2015

DBZ: The Fallen Empire

"Hey old man! You shouldn't be hanging around the square this late at night: might run into some goons that like those fancy earrings you got!"

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. You best be careful yourself, wearing a fancy golden mask like that. Where'd you get something like that anyway?"

"What? This? It's just a little something I bought at the store: looked pretty cool, thought I'd use it to scare some people tonight on Halloween."

"Yeah? I remember when I first saw it: it sure scared the hell outta me then."

"What are you going on about old man?"

"Just some old history, if you wanna listen." 

"Yeah, sure, I got a few hours to kill."

"Ha, well we're gonna kill them all tonight. And it all starts with this small little world called Earth..."


Hey guys! In the good spirits of FE's revival and the extensive history that I need to reacquaint myself with, I've decided to put together a little history on the entire forum RPGs that begun all those years ago on AF, up until now with the Fallen Empire. This thread will hopefully be updated as time progresses and the stories continue, but I'm gonna start with just the past before I get too carried away xD​

NOTE: this entire thread will detail the events of the main continuity of the RPG games that I've led in the past. All secondary timelines such as Brachi's universe and plots outside of those games will be left out because simply, the complexity gets a little too deep. As well, the events of the story may not be accurate anymore from past games, but to avoid cringe and glaring plot holes as best I can, I've updated the history to reflect a better continuity with a couple of major retcons. Some of you vets reading this will see them, feel free to message me if there's more data on your end that you think should be included! Enjoy! - Vegetto​


Post Dragon Ball GT: The Arcosian Saga
  • Declaring vengeance for the destruction of Freiza's Planetary Trade Organization, King Hypo of Arcosia (Frieza's race homeworld) declares war on Earth. Goku and Vegeta lead a small team of Z-Fighters consisting of themselves, Brachi, and Vegetto to stop Hypo's army. Beaten back, Goku and Vegeta fuse into Gogeta and manage to destroy the entire planet to seemingly defeat King Hypo's threat to the rest of the universe.
  • The Supreme Kai, in light of the threat posed and need to overcome dangerous individuals he cannot defeat, decides to contract the new Z-Fighters as a special task force to deal with any threats. Goku and Vegeta refuse the offer and return home, Brachi offers support in exchange for aid in defending her universe, and Vegetto is tasked with building the new defense force.
The Big Apple Saga
  • Vegetto moves from West City to the Big Apple, using a penthouse to begin his development of the universe's new protectors. He becomes romantically involved with a struggling local woman named Leiji he meets on the street. Forming a small family and putting the goal of forming a new group of Z-Fighters to the side, Vegetto fathers a small child named Vegetto Jr. that strangely shares no resemblance to his own mother and only his father as a near identical clone. 5 years pass by, the universe sees no threats.
  • Gogeta arrives by accident in the current universe from a separate timeline. Granted permanent existence through Dragon Balls much like Vegetto, he finds the other fusion in the Big Apple after investigating his energy signature. His arrival inspires Vegetto to form a strong band of fighters that the Supreme Kai requested.
  • Vegetto then leads the new team of Z-Fighters to Hell in an objective to recruit a potential ally: Broly. The cast discovers the potential of a new transformation called 'Mystic Saiyan', a unique form that grants the full power of the Legendary Super Saiyan, who is simply a Saiyan gifted with the ability to naturally access the power. Vegetto, after rigorous training, learns how to tap into the power and uses the information to eventually calm Broly, as the transformation eventually drives any Saiyan mad without proper mental preparation.
  • Shortly after recruiting Broly, Vegetto himself snaps into a beserker state and attacks the Z-Fighters in the Big Apple. Seemingly too powerful for their combined efforts, Vegetto is finally reached on an emotional level when his inexperienced son, in a desperate fit of rage, struggles to fight back a Final Kamehameha about to destroy the entire planet. Vegetto is overpowered and defeated. No punishment is imposed on the fusion by the cast of heroes, and the group works to master the power of the new transformation.

Rise of Janembuu Saga
  • Within the confines of Hell, Buu is strangely altered by an unknown power and returned to his Super Buu alias. Being allowed to absorb the powerful Janemba, the new combination of Janembuu breaks out of Hell and kills King Yemma, destroying the check in station shortly after. However, instead of attacking the dimension of the living or Heaven, Janembuu returns to Hell and begins to slaughter the inhabitants.
  • Vegetto gathers the Z-Fighters to investigate Hell under the orders of the Supreme Kai, arriving to discover Janembuu acting strangely. The team is easily picked off one by one against him, yet the group eventually pulls together to overcome the villain.
  • Before the final blow can be dealt, however, six strange entities calling themselves, 'The Dread Masters' arrive. The six figures threaten the Z-Fighters to stay out of their affairs, revealing themselves as the strange source of power that allowed Janembuu to eradicate Hell itself. Disappearing into thin air with the villain, the Dread Masters soon leave the Z-Fighters as the only occupants of the dimension.
  • Returning to the Kai homeworld, Vegetto and the Z-Fighters question the Supreme Kai on the identity of the Dread Masters, which turns up nothing. Peace returns to the universe for a couple of years, the cast returning home and awaiting the next mission.

Blaze, the Legendary Arcosian Saga
  • During a training session with Brachi in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Vegetto unlockes a new transformation called 'Inverted Super Saiyan', a form unleashing the complete power of a Saiyan. Both warriors soon achieve the state during the training session, but are attacked by an assassin named Blaze: an Arcosian that escaped the destruction of his homeworld.
  • Blaze, a noble warrior that fights for good, seeks justice for all the innocent lives that were killed on Arcosia from their invasion. He transforms into the "Legendary Arcosian", and labels the Saiyan race as an evil race bent on destroying all that is good in the universe, vowing to eliminate the last remnants as they have eliminated his own race. After a long fight, Brachi and Vegetto manage to convince Blaze to stand down and find peace between the remaining Saiyans and Arcosians.
The Dread Masters Saga
  • After recruiting Blaze, Vegetto and Brachi return home to a full blown invasion from a revived King Hypo and his army, laying siege to the Big Apple. Using the surprise tactic to sneak into the city, King Hypo reveals his intention on fulfilling a mysterious prophecy given to him in a vision by the true divinity of the universe, calling his new found gods, 'The Masters'. The prophecy states of an Arcosian too strong for any mortal to defeat, through the fusion of King Hypo and Blaze using Vegetto's Potara Earrings. Completing the fusion, the new being commands his undead forces to attack the Kai's homeworld as well as the Big Apple. Splitting up into two groups, the Z-Fighters defeat the invading forces and kill King Hypo once and for all after defusing from the one hour time limit.
  • During the fighting, Vegetto eventually becomes the only Z-Fighter left on Earth while the remaining cast converges on King Hypo on the Kai's homeworld. After cleaning up, Vegetto is then blindsided and nearly killed by Leiji, who reveals herself to be a Saiyan as well. Overpowering Vegetto, she reveals herself to be one of the ancient Dread Masters themselves, having planned for his death since meeting him. However, she shows wavering commitment in the cause, and when their son Junior appears to save Vegetto, she destroys Earth and flees.
  • Using Instant Transmission, Vegetto arrives on the Kai's homeworld with Junior and explains the situation to the Z-Fighters. Being able to strangely sense Leiji's energy signature, Vegetto leads the Z-Fighters to a mysterious world called Ilum in pursuit of the Dread Masters.
  • The group splits up, and after confronting each of the six Dread Masters in separate parties,  the Z-Fighters are easily dispatched and defeated in being unable to fight the Dread Masters using ki.
  • Vegetto, believing Leiji still loves him, seeks her out on his own. After a small discussion with Leiji, Vegetto is brought to heel by Dread Master Raptus, the unappointed leader of the six. Raptus reveals that the Dread Masters were the divine beings that ruled the universe long before the Kais, and in their creation of life through ki, they are able to wield the energy itself and incapacitate any beings using normal ki for power at will.
  • Dread Master Raptus then commands Leiji to finish off Vegetto. Leiji refuses and attempts to attack Raptus. However, Raptus already had assumed Leiji would fail to carry out his wishes and fires a single energy beam through her heart.
  • In the chaos, Vegetto catches Leiji, who passes on her own godly ki called "Dread energy" to Vegetto. Utilizing the power, Vegetto transforms into the first 'Dread Saiyan' and fights with Dread Master Raptus.
  • Vegetto gains the upperhand on Dread Master Raptus. With the death of Leiji, the Dread Masters' connected powers all begin to wane under the effects, allowing the remaining Z-Fighters to overcome the Dread Masters as a whole and beat them back. Janembuu turns on Dread Master Bestia during the conflict to assist the Z-Fighters, absorbing her and obtaining the godly energy.
  • In one final act of desperation, Dread Master Raptus launches a massive attack capable of wiping out the entire universe if not dispelled properly. Vegetto stands and prepares to absorb the blast to save the others at the cost of his own life, ordering the rest of the Z-Fighters to leave. However, the other Z-Fighters refuse, and through their combined energies, manage to dispell the attack and save the universe.
  • The cast returns home, but unknown to them, the Dread Masters survive entirely and ominously lament on their success in setting the Z-Fighters on course for the universe's end. Janembuu wanders the universe after the destruction of Ilum, utilizing the memories stolen from Dread Master Bestia's former physical mind to locate the last remaining forces of the Dread Masters called, 'The Dread Guard'.
The Ultimate Enemy Saga
  • Ten years pass after the 'death' of the Dread Masters, the Big Apple is now fully rebuilt. Now a 17 year old teenager, Vegetto Jr. lives a mostly normal life and barely remembers his early years as a fighter. After Leiji's death, Vegetto decides to retire from the Z-Fighters and combat completely, opting to shield and protect his son from the truth of who he is and the events that conspired on that day. Being able to naturally wield energy, however, Vegetto Jr. attributes his abilities as super powers and causes minor mischief as a teen in high school.
  • Vegetto Jr. befriends a girl named Jaz as some of the social outcasts at the high school. With his powers and her gadgets, the two start to cause trouble in daily life that concerns Vegetto.
  • Gogeta and Brachi arrive at the penthouse to ask for Vegetto's return to the Z-Fighters after a strange development from the timelines, having been warned by an individual named 'Clockwork' that manages to flow of the timelines. Vegetto promptly refuses, despite Gogeta's revelation that the concerned enemy involves his son. Junior and Jaz overhear the conversation but after meeting Gogeta's new son, Gotenks, and Brachi's children, all decide to head out to Central Park.
  • Upon leisurely exploring Big Apple's Central Park, the group of teenagers are ambushed by assassins from 'the future'. Revealed to be sent by Clockwork, the group is unexpectedly sucked into a separate dimension and forced to face Clockwork himself, who reveals the change in history within another timeline.
  • In a seperate timeline, the events of the Dread Master Saga unfold. However, a minor change occurs when the Z-Fighters decide to retreat from Ilum instead of helping Vegetto dispel the "Dread Bomb", and thus, leads to Vegetto's death in saving the universe. With both of his parents now dead, Junior falls into Gogeta's care and is unable to shake the immense depression. In order to spare 'future Junior' of his sadness and pain, the Z-Fighters gather the Dragon Balls to wish away his ability to feel sad, as the revival of Vegetto was seemingly impossible for Shenron.
  • The wish, having removed Future Junior's sorrow, allowed his mind to function only in hatred that now overpowered the other emotions, and thus, instantly uncover the power of the natural and pure 'Dread Energy' within him in being the son of a Dread Master. Using the new transformation with a mind that could no longer justify the existence of humanity, Future Junior slaughters the gathered Z-Fighters. Future Gogeta manages to escape with his son, while Future Goku, Vegeta, and the remaining Z-Fighter cast are all killed.
  • Clockwork reveals that the Dread Saiyan, now too powerful to erase or contain, will soon find a way to destroy other times. He deceives the teen group into believing that if he kills 'present' Junior, then he will spare the universe from his threat. The group fends off Clockwork long enough to escape to the future timeline, where they encounter the last remaining inhabitants of the universe fighting off the self christened, "Dread Saiyan" on the protected Kai's homeworld. The group struggles to escape, but soon discover the medallions keep them locked within the future timeline. The group of teens soon figure out how to escape after taking off the medallions, returning to the present timeline.
  • The Dread Saiyan, ten years older than Junior and an experienced fighter, easily defeats him in combat and reveals the history of his past. Utilizing the potential of creating a second version of himself, the Dread Saiyan decides to use one of Clockwork's own medallions dropped by the hero cast to invade the present timeline. Posing as a younger version of himself through magical manipulation of his energy, the Dread Saiyan convinces the cast that the threat has been dealt with by his own hand.
  • Trapped within the future timeline by the Dread Energy coating his medallion, Junior meets up with Future Gogeta. Initially angered at the thought of helping the child that became the most powerful evil in the universe, Future Gogeta decides to help Junior find answers about his past on Earth, in a desperate bid to somehow defeat the Dread Saiyan. Both travel to Future Earth, now an uninhabitable wasteland with half of the sphere being completely destroyed by the Dread Saiyan, and discover a secret hidden vault within the former planet's remaining center.
  • The two stumble upon Future Vegetto, who survived the events of Ilum but was heavily incapacitated and unable to reach Earth or the Kai's homeworld. Revealing that the wish made by Shenron was only impossible because Shenron could not sense his 'Dread Energy' that overtook his life force, Future Vegetto laments on the failure he has imposed on the world. He seemingly attacks Junior in a vengeful rage, but secretly only pushes Junior to tap into the Dread Energy within his body. After Junior transforms and deals a killing blow, Future Vegetto reveals that Junior now can sense the godly energy and dispel the power keeping him trapped in the future. He then dies, and in the knowledge, Junior vows to avenge his 'future' father when he returns home.
  • The Z-Fighters initially discover the Dread Saiyan's strange actions when he starts to gather the Dragon Balls under everyone's noses. Confronting him in the park, the situation escalates dramatically when Vegetto senses the emanating energy, realizing that it's not the same as Juniors. The Dread Saiyan transforms, and quickly overpowers the cast using clones. Vegetto, having a much weaker variation of Dread Saiyan as Future Junior, is also quickly dispatched.
  • Returning back to the present timeline, Junior launches into the fight and is able to fight evenly with the Dread Saiyan. Using the opening, Vegetto then helps the remaining cast take on the Dread Saiyan clones. After defeating one, Vegetto realizes the clones, being made out of pure Dread Energy, can be used to grant other fighters the godly ki if it can be absorbed before returning to the original Dread Saiyan.
  • The Z-Fighters manage to defeat the clones, and in absorbing the energy used to sustain those clones, multiple fighters gain "Dread Energy" and quickly turn the tide on the Dread Saiyan. However, despite the winning counterattack, the Dread Saiyan manages to destroy Earth in a last ditch effort.
  • Clockwork, having planned the whole situation out, soon arrives and freezes time. In teaching the importance of emotions to Junior, he rewinds time to undo all of the Dread Saiyan's damage and imprisons him in the Watchtower.
  • Peace returns to Earth.
The Dread War Saga
  • Janembuu, now fully in control of the Dread Masters' army, launches a full scale invasion of Mars in Brachi's timeline. Fighting off the invading Dread Guard, the Z-Fighters discover it was all a distraction by Dread Guard to break out the Dread Saiyan from captivity and killing Clockwork.
  • Having discovered former archives of knowledge presented by Beerus, the God of Destruction that had finally awakened from his slumber, the cast learns that the Dread Masters were the original divine power of all creation, but not much else other than their abilities coming from ancient relics called "The Phobis Devices". In a race against Janembuu and the Dread Guard, the Z-Fighters set out on an extensive adventure through multiple universes to hunt down the five relics.
  • Janembuu's Dread Guard suffers extensive losses, being reduced only to him by the Z-Fighters. The Dread Saiyan escapes, discovering another strange power on the other side of the universe after threatening Junior and Jaz on Earth, yet strangely disappearing from known space. During the collapse of the Dread Guard, the Z-Fighters manage to gather the Phobis Devices after an extensive search. However, the cast initially decides to avoid using the devices, realizing the extensive mind shattering power from the ancient history that states any weak minds that attempt to control the devices are driven completely insane.
  • The Dread Masters then return to face the cast, Dread Master Raptus claiming that the devices themselves could only be controlled by a combined effort just as theirs. Vegetto challenged the notion of becoming the new set of Dread Masters, to which Raptus reveals himself to be an identical clone of the fusion after taking off his helmet. Each Dread Master then follows suit, revealing themselves to be a member of the Z-Fighter cast.
  • Raptus then explains the history of the entire multiverse begins with his own rise to power, deciding humanity and mortal kind were too radical and chaotic to be left to their own devices. Imposing rule over the entire multiverse, the Dread Masters created a near perfect society that became unstable by the first rebelling mortals: the Kais. Finding the civilization was not worth saving, the Dread Masters wiped all known life from the entire multiverse and rebuilt the civilization up on the principle of fear as the sole emotion at the center of all logic and emotional reasoning. In doing so, the Dread Masters created versions of themselves in the new universe, to test their wills and see if they would come into power just as they had.
  • Shaping society as they saw fit, the Dread Masters claimed to guide the Z-Fighters in their adventures to the moment of seizing the power of the Phobis Devices, claiming that they were now ready to take the place as the new rulers in the universe. Vegetto and the cast refuse to live in fear, turning away from the devices.
  • Raptus states his lack of surprise at the move (See end of the Dread Masters Saga), and states their demise is inevitable at the hands of Janembuu, who appears and gladly seizes control of the devices. Janembuu, with the new found power, envisions himself as the new ruler of all creation and sets out to reshape the multiverse in his image, just as the original Dread Masters did.
  • Vegetto and the cast struggle to repel the massive energy attack unleashed by Janembuu, to which Vegetto calls for the Dread Masters' to aid. The Dread Masters all refuse at first except for Dread Master Leiji, who immediately decides to jump and stall the beam from going further.
  • Vegetto convinces the Dread Masters of the reality Janembuu presents: a world in fear that they have seen unfold and one that led to their failures in controlling society. He argues for the Dread Masters to save them, in a bid to create a multiverse through a different power and a different belief from fear.
  • The Dread Masters are eventually convinced, each respective Master finding their counterpart in the Z-Fighters and aiding them in the beam struggle to overpower Janembuu and destroy him once and for all.
The Shadow of Revan Saga
  • Dread Master Raptus assembles the Z-Fighters to investigate a strange presence of Dread Energy radiating from a section called "The Unknown Regions".
  • The Z-Fighters explore a prison complex that is assumed abandon, only to accidentally free the only inhabitant: a powerful man named Revan.
  • Revan goes on to warn the cast of the evil Emperor, and advises them to seek out the Jedi on a planet called Coruscant. He then claims he must follow his own path, leaving the others to investigate.
  • The group arrives on Coruscant and meets with the Jedi, but is soon ambushed by the Sith Empire attacking the temple. The Z-Fighters fight a losing battle, and in the chaos, the team is split up. Vegetto and Gogeta are captured by the Empire, while Goku and Vegeta lead a small team through the streets of the undercity to escape the enemy forces.
  • The escaping Z-Fighters are reached to by a strange voice, trapping them in a time snare and throwing them forward two years into the future.
  • Vegetto and Gogeta's group initially resist the Empire, but after a philsophical battle with the head of the Dark Council, Darth Marr, Vegetto and Gogeta decide to establish peace through control in taking over the Empire after stopping a genocidal Revan from wiping out most of the population.
  • The escaping Z-Fighters return to the time where Vegetto has established control over the galaxy, effectively winning the war for the Empire. However, the cast splits in decision in supporting Vegetto's new Empire and fighting against him.
  • The conflict between both sides is short lived as Revan reveals he survived the events of the last conflict with Vegetto, harnessing the power of Dread Energy and challenging the Z-Fighters to stop him.
  • Revan is eventually defeated on the world of Yavin, but only after revealing his intention of defeating the true evil of the universe: the former Sith Emperor Vitiate that now hides from the universe. Vegetto leads remaining forces of the Empire, while the remaining Z-Fighters allied to the Republic gather to aid in hunting down the former Emperor rumored to be hiding on the edges of the universe.
The Fallen Empire
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