TC: Side Questing


Blue Jacket
Sep 5, 2015
Something to do while we wait for Syn to come back. Random character development ahead.
All the world was still and silent, dust motes swirling in the golden light filtering in through the windows on the east side of the house. 

Bay moved across the wooden entryway floor with the utmost care. Keeping his steps light, and quite as possible. Sliding his foot on top the floor instead of just stomping straight down from above. Keen dark eyes scanned the house for any movement, ears straining for even the smallest shift of fabric, or his of breath. His whole being hyper aware of all his surroundings.

He had one goal and one goal only: find Raditz...
Raditz was just enjoying some peace and quiet of his own bed room. 

He was in the middlw of the daily grooming, sitting on his bed, brush in hand and only wearing his boxers. The saiyan gently brushed his tremendously long hair, treating it with utmost respect while his blue bird was working on the hair at the top of his head where she have been using as a nest. 

The hair brushing wasn't a very fun task though, so he was keeping himself entertained humming those songs that he would hear on the street from time to time. Heh, he was glad noneof his comrades were around at the moment or his impression of a cool, badass leader would have been ruined.
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