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Sep 7, 2015
Dice Throws sheet
Bettler Lore Sheet
This is a thread for anyone in the Boogaloo Crews to read, use, or suggest a modification for the new and amazing.....


Creator: Nick
Co-Creators: Freak, Grey
Status: In Progress
Legality: Fan made parody as long as Dice doesn't bother us

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GM : Game Master, or Dungeon Master. The player who has the least fun prepares the story and scenario for the other players, and controls many of the game functions themselves. This includes NPC characters, events, and literally everything that isn't done by the other players. There is only one GM in a game at a time.

NPC : A Non-Player Character. These are the game world's populace, the GM has direct control over them. Most games will have a large amount of them.

Game World : If the player are in the Real World, then the characters that they control are in the game world, as well as everything that said characters do.

Player Character : The Character in the game world  that a player other than the GM is responsible for and controls.

Credits : The Gold Points of this roleplay. A form of currency globally accepted unless otherwise stated within the game world

HEP : Hazardous Environment Protection, AKA, protection from Gas, or vacuum

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Player Creation
[size=small]Every player must have a character to play as in-game, except for the GM.[/size]​

    Alignment is an easy way of saying which team you root for within the story, and is usually treated as flexible by players for the sake of enjoyment.​
Here is a scale of the alignment within this RP:​
'Good' guys | Jedi                                             ​
                   |Grey Jedi
                   |Neutral (No Force)
                   | Imperial
'Bad' guys   |  Sith​

    Usually relative to alignment, but not specifically. Also specifies the player character's era and equipment options.​

 - Galactic Republic : Uses Clone Troopers as their military power. Has a congressional government and includes the Jedi Counsel. 'Republic Era'​
 - Galactic Empire: Uses Storm Troopers for military power. Totalitarian Dictatorship under Emperor Palpatine. Space Racists. 'Republic era' to the Imperial Fragmentation​
 - Rebellion: Destroyes of the Galactic Empire's leaders and super weapons, later forms into the New Republic 'Galactic Civil war Era'​
 - Trade Federation / Banking Clan: Owners of the CIS or droid armies, allies to the Techo Union 'Clone Wars Era'​
 - Empire of the Hand: A fragment of the Galactic empire, Led by Thrawn himself. Known for insanely powerful fighters. 'Imperial Civil war Era'​
 - The New Republic: Originally the Rebellion, a truly governmental version of the Rebellion using similar methods of government to the Republic. 'Imperial Civil War Era'​
 - Imperial Remnant: One of the fragments of the Galactic Empire. 'Imperial Civil War Era'​
 - The First Order: Another fragment of the Galactic Empire. Known as the 'Space Nazis' of star wars for mass genocide and enslavement across the galaxy. 'Imperial Civil War Era'​
 - Smugglers: General smugglers, not specific so any alignment or era.​
 - Mandalorian: People from Mandalore, usually act like bounty hunters would but tend to have the best armor and weapons in universe, like the Dark Saber.​
 - Bounty Hunters: Similar to the Smugglers, but more of the hired gun variant.​

    What the character is, effects the abilities and options that a player can use.​

 - Human: A Galactically accepted species that can be found nearly anywhere in the galaxy. Can have Force ability.​
 - Astromechs: Utility droids, seen across the universe, usually small and containing a multitude of tools and equipment as well as rocket boosters for mobility and an all purpose computer interface tool. May be required to carry out orders from other players. Indefinitely non-force sensitive.​
 - Chiss: Effectively Blue humans... rarely seen across the galaxy, mostly known of because of Grand Admiral Thrawn, who is Chiss. Unknown Force capability.​
 - Gungan: Massively despised natives to Naboo. Seriously, DONT.PLAY.AS.A.GUNGAN. Probably not Force capable.​
 - Sith: Red people, inherently violent and 'evil'. Usually very powerful in the dark side of the Force. Very force sensitive.​
 - Twi-lek: Colored humans with head tentacle things instead of hair. Force capable.​
 - Clones (Clone Wars Era): Clones of renowned Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett. Incredibly combat proficient. Force capable, though unlikely.​

    The play-style and combat method of the player. Some may be faction or species specific.​

 - Jedi: Force users who fight for the good of the many. Effectively Space Buddhists in code.​
 - Sith: Force users strong with the dark side. Imperialistic, expansionist, value strength, pride, power. Suffer from an addiction to the dark side and chronic backstabbing disorder.​
 - Arc-Trooper: A Clone unit that has access to basically anything they need... [Advanced Recon Commando]​
 - Bounty Hunter: Bounty Hunter.
 - Smuggler: Smuggler.
 - Jedi Knight: A Jedi who goes into the field a lot.

The players need to be able to get better/stronger as the campaign goes forward, progression effects the entirety of what the players can do, be careful with the power you you give your players...   These progression trees are intentionally shortened to allow a player to actually complete progression in a timely manner.

- ARC Progression: Trooper > Heavy Trooper > Commander > ARC Commander
 - Jedi: Padawan > Knight > Master > Force Ghost (Upon death)
 - Sith: Acolyte > Lord > Corrupted Force Ghost (Upon death...usually)

    The tools of the trade, the rules behind what equipment a player can use is determined by the GM, these are some lore friendly rules that you may follow at your own leisure.
 - DC Interchangeable Blaster System: The most widely used weapon in the universe, with the right parts it can be anything from a sniper to a pistol, to an assault rifle.

 - Lightsaber: The tool used by the Jedi and Sith. Lightsaberes can be used by others, but can only be created by a force-user at the cost of a Kyber crystal.

 - Vibro- sword/knife: A more mass producible version of the lightsaber, not as powerful or nimble, but cheaper and easily available.

 - Phase 1 Clone armor - High Damage resist
 - Phase 2 Clone armor - Higher Damage resist, HEP
 - Storm Trooper armor - More likely to be incapped, Fair damage resist, HEP
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