Spaced Out


Green Jacket
Sep 4, 2015
The hull of the Mamariba Zenara shuddered as the shields began to crack. “Shields at eighty-eight percent,” One of the crew members said with urgency.

“Darn it all, I don’t want to fight this war… I never did. But those humans insist on warring with us. So many of them are bent on destroying us, driving us to extinction, and I only have a few ideas why. None of their reasons are very good, and some don’t even make sense to me.”

“Sir, shields at sixty percent.”

The red-scaled Lugani sighed and looked to one of his crew members. “Patch us in, Notami. I want to give them on more chance before we unleash our full offense on their fleet.” He ran his clawed fingers through his orange mane and swished his fuzzy tail back and forth.

“Captain, we are only one ship and a few fighters, and they are many. Even though our ship is a flagship, the pride of Wyveli and the pinnacle of its technology, we cannot destroy so many!” The communications master looked rather dismayed.

“Patch me in,” he demands with a point to a small hologram projector

“Yes sir.”

The humans answered them, showing themselves over hologram. “I am Sergeant-Major Sheridan, what do you want?” He was tall and thin, wearing a nice few medals on his jacket.

“Hello, Sergeant-Major Sheridan. I am Captain Daragoni, and I wish to negotiate peace. This senseless war has waged long enough. The atrocities on both our sides must stop before one of our races is wiped out completely.”

“Daragoni? I know that name. Are you a descendant of Aloterix Daragoni, King of Wyveli? I read of his adventures.”

“I am Aloterix Daragoni the twenty-first, direct descendant of the same, would-be heir to the throne if the last monarch had not been so bad that the people rose up and established a new government. Now I’m just a former prince enlisted in the military.” He explains with a sigh of sorrow, but perhaps just a little relief.

“I would love to end this pointless war, but it is not my decision. I will patch you in with Admiral Borzen.” He bowed ever so slightly, and oh-so-affably.

They begin the patch in, and everything goes quiet… Soon, a battle scarred man appears on screen and glares down on Aloterix.

“Am I in the presence of Admiral Borzen?” Asks Aloterix, mildly intimidated by the man’s presence.

“Yes, scum, yes you are. How very perceptive.”

“Scum?! Oh dear. This is going to be one of those negotiations, isn’t it?” Aloterix moans and sighs as is he already knows that this won’t end well.

“You all are nothing but abominations, crimes against god almighty. You are devils, demons, spawns of hell itself! And we will wipe out every last one of you in the name of God.”

“I have conformation, this IS going to be one of those negotiations, oh joy,”. He rubs his temples lightly with his well-filed claws to try to alleviate a headache he was beginning to develop. He then puts on a serious face for a moment, crossing his arms. “You know,” he began, “I’ve read your human bible. I’m pretty sure it has stuff about loving everyone and acceptance, and from everything I’ve read, I’m pretty sure your God would absolutely not condone genocide, which is exactly what you’re trying to do, Admiral. I don’t even practice your religion, and yet I know it better than you do.”

“Lies!” The admiral screams, red in the face, “Lies from the devil! You lie like dogs, you filthy creatures! If I were in the room with you I’d beat you with my pocket bible and spray you with holy water just to watch you burn!”

“Have you even read your pocket bible? Where does it say that killing an entire race of sapient beings is okay under any circumstance? Whatever happened to ‘thou shalt not kill?’ What horrible things must have happened to you in your life to make you so full of poisonous hatred, I wonder? What kind of life must you have lead to bring you down this path?” Asks the would-be king with great sorrow on his breath.

“Silence, demon! This conversation is over! Prepare for your doom!” The admiral closes connection.

“Your grace, what will we do?” Asks one of the crew members with urgency.

“Patch me in with that fellow from earlier. He may be our only hope to survive at this point. Meanwhile, divert 70% of all power to shields and evasive maneuvers, we need to survive as long as possible. Also deploy all fighters, but tell them not to attack yet, just evade.”

“It shall be done, your majesty.” One of the other Durakuni on board tapped into the XZ-7 Fusion-type reactor to divert its energy into the areas specified.

Aloterix blinks and cocks his head, “I am not the king, I will never be the king, the crown is no longer in place. You need not honor me like this. I am your Captain first class, and that is it.”

“I have always been loyal to the crown, sir. You are as much the king as your father, his father, and his father. It is only a matter of who chooses to recognize your position.” The Wyveri man kneels at him, his wings spread and his head bowed.

“What about the president?” Aloterix inquires, with a raised eyebrow and his big ears perked up.

“The president is a good person, and a fine leader, but she cannot compare to a king or queen in power or stature, nor will she know the responsibilities that such a position requires. Might I suggest sire, that you run for president? I imagine you were taught well in the arts of ruling a kingdom.” The Wyveri’s immaculate green scales glistened in the florescent lights for Aloterix to appreciate.

“You flatter me, Commander second-class Numaku… but how true are your words, I wonder? Perhaps there is at least one true demon on board- a pride demon who wishes to feed on inflated egos?” He wondered with a smirk, “Regardless of whether or not you are, you are correct in assuming that I have been trained in ruling a country, mostly by my mother. I will never understand how my mother, who was formerly a homeless woman, knows more about ruling a country than my father born and raised of the crown ever did.”

The commander nodded and stood by Captain Daragoni’s side. The captain remained in his chair, a stressed look on his face until the master of communications patched him in. “Sergeant-Major Sheridan, hello. I must make my plead with you.” He tried to look calm, but the bags under his eyes told a story of stress.

“I know what happened, Captain Daragoni. What is your request?” Sheridan asks, looking directly into the Captain’s green reptilian eyes.

“Surely not all humans want us dead. I don’t know how things work on Terra, but on Nafine, we reward people who disobey the orders of a superior officer who is clearly insane. We need all the help we can get, so we happily invite you to help us, give our race a chance to survive. If the Mamariba Zenara is destroyed, there will be little hope for our people.”

“Captain Daragoni, you are asking me to betray one of the most ruthless and despicable people I’ve ever met who would have my head if he even knew I was talking to you instead of blasting you to pieces. I accept.” He said with a reserved smile, “I know some more of us will want to help you, and I will get them in on it, as well. They say that there’s a special place in hell for traitors… well I am willing to go there if it means saving an entire race.”

“Your words are encouraging to my big, stupid-looking ears, Mister Sheridan. When this battle is over, I’ll see to it that you get to sample the finest breads in Wyveli.” Aloterix said with a relieved smile on his stressed face.

They closed communications and the Mamariba Zenara flagship was poised behind a large asteroid to hide for a short time. The ship’s hull shook slightly as some space junk occasionally hit against the shields.

“Captain, shields are being re-charged. What are your orders?”

“Keep evading human fleets, and wait for the signal from Xeridanu- I mean Sheridan!” He shouted, inwardly cursing his accent. He rose from his seat and paced around the control room. They did, in fact wait and evade, though they did take some hits and some fighters were destroyed.

But then, as some human fighters started firing on the flagship, some other ones shot the aggressors out of space. A transmission came in from Sheridan, “All of my most trusted allies are now on your side. Let’s protect Nafine, your highness.”

“I am not a king, but nevertheless, Sheridan, I appreciate your help. I may not be a king… but later, you and I will dine like kings.” Aloterix clapped gleefully.

“I look forward to it, friend.” Sheridan nodded with a confident smile.

“Shield report, stat!” Aloterix commands.

“The shields are at ninety-one percent and rising, sir.”

“Good enough for me! Divert all power to engines and weapons systems… and keep at least a little for communications of course. Tell all fighters that it’s time for a huge assault, it’s time to save our world!” Aloterix says with a confident smile. “Fire the giga-laser!”

“Sir yes sir, all fighters are being signaled to attack.”

“Go, go, go!”

The names of those traitors are still remembered years later, hailed as heroes on both worlds. Captain Daragoni died a few days later as a result of a heart attack, and with no living relatives but his mother remaining, the Daragoni bloodline was seemingly gone forever. History books on Terra and on Nafine refer to him as the last King of Wyveli, even though he never wore the crown. As for Sheridan, he killed and replaced the admiral a few years later, and paved the way for a long-lasting interplanetary relationship.
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