Shingeki no Kyojin [Attack on Titan] TV


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Sep 5, 2015
AKA Shingeki no Kyojin

Humans are living like cattle in this world, they're living behind walls to protect them from titans. Titans are man-eating monsters. The story is about a boy called Eren who wants to kill all of the titans because they're meanies.  :mad:  

My favorite has to be Armin and Mikasa. I prefer them more than Eren (esp. Armin. #ARMINDEFENSESQUAD)

Haven't finished the anime, but it was getting good where I left off. Hopefully I can complete the series.
Got two episodes left of this


I love Sasha and Levi. Sasha because she's literally me in an apocalypse and Levi because I don't like Eren that much. Watching Levi beat the crap out of Eren made him my top character.
I have too many favorites ;sdijfoisjdf. I haven't caught up with the manga (it's been a while since I read it). I really like the genre that's starting to become popular where it questions humanity and it's flaws along with pulling at your heart strings while they're at it.
But, in some cases, you die quickly...then drown in their bellies of blood. Oh jeez, that is worse. xDD

Well... I wouldn't mind using the gear that the guys use to move around, it actually looks like a lot of fun but I think that gear would kill me first rather than the Titans.
I've seen a lot of cosplays that make the 3DGM gear as lifelike as possible.

Can't say it'd be truly maneuverable in real life, but it would make for fun bungee jumping lessons lol
The anime is alright, but it isn't all that imo. Eren is really annoying for the most part.
Levi is kind of overrated too imo but at least he doesn't constantly complain all the time lol. I heard that the second season was confirmed. Is that true?
Yeah, he is overrated. But yes, the reason I like him is because he doesn't complain like Eren does.
I literly Just started this series like last night.. its now 6.30 am and I'm 2 episodes away from finishing it, what does that say about me?!? lol I have to admit at first I was a little iffy about this, but after the 3rd episode, I was hooked.
Season 2 of Attack on Titan is now currently airing. What do you think of the new episode?
It's sad the first episode started with the death of one of the more cool characters honestly. XD
But it went right for the plot development, so when someone like my sister watches it when she's only seen the anime when it aired a few years ago she felt a bit lost and I cant really blame her for that.
I just hope the anime deviates from the manga and add some new plot elements. I know that's impossible, but dear lord, I can dream right? :kek:
I've already forgotten a lot about the arc thats being animated right now. So im going through it like its new. xD
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