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Sep 5, 2015
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Shifting Tides
The open version of an RP I'm going to play with a friend on MagiStream.​
All questions and discussions go here~​
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Main plot:
In the year 2050,  The Trabeafera Corporation working for the government had been doing experiments on human. They had invented a way to combine animal and human DNA, giving their test subjects the ability to shapeshift into animals. While most of the experiments resulted in deformities or deaths, there were some successful ones. These Shapeshifters would then be taken to a training facility to be molded into weapons for the government. They would be assigned on assassination, spying, stealing missions or into war zones. The explosive device implanted into their neck would make them think twice about escaping. However, some are more determined than most.
Play style:
We will start with the characters meeting each other for the next mission. We have yet to want to escape from the organization. That will be for another Arc. For now, we’ll just go on missions and get to know one another.
There will be times when you or your team has to make decisions based on the options given by me. The decision will affect your squad members (injuries or death included), the upcoming events and the overall outcome of your mission. You guys can either vote or have your leader choose. I, of course, cannot choose since I’m the GM.
Things to remember:
1/ An average person can have about 2 – 3 shifting forms. Only those who are exceptionally strong in both mental and physical can get past 3, because the chance of success is slimmer each new form acquired.
2/ Newbies only have one animal form. They can get more when they are experienced enough. Juniors usually have two. Seniors and Commanders often have 4-5 forms.
3/ Shifting from one animal to the next is rarely successful and the shifter is more likely to end up with deformity.
4/ The longer one stays in animal form, the more their sanity fades. Say, staying for longer than a day will cause them to lose control of their mind and go insane.
5/ They have special designed suits that can also merge with their DNA, thus disappearing when they shift and reappear when they are in human form.
6/ The lab is in Montana Zoo. The Military Base/Training Facility is in Glacier National Park, highly secured from tourists.
7/ The Collar is actually the name of a device implanted into a shifter's neck and can stretch or shrink depending on the animal they changes to. When in animal form, it will transmit their thoughts to their teammates as a form of artificial telepathy. The Collar has a built in explosive and electric shock so the cooperation can control violent test subjects or dispose of rebels. The collar also record all the things they say to help the government monitor them.
8/ The USA is the only country that managed to perfect the shapeshifting. Other countries had attempted but so far their men are only able to turn into some humanoid version of the creature. (Think The Lizard from Spiderman)

9/ Test subjects for shapeshifting experiments are mostly teen, illegal immigrants and convicted criminals. Just a suggestion to how you can build your characters.

10/ There are 3 main divisions (air, land,water). Each division has 6 squads, each is led by 1 commander. There are 10-20 members each squads but the commanders will only pick the enough amount for a mission. So, those who are available can be borrowed by other commanders or go on other duo missions.

11/ Changing from animal to human and vice versa can heal whatever wounds the person has (even poison). The reason for this is because the DNA is pure and undamaged like their physical body (if you had read Animorphs it's easier to understand). However, shifting too many times will exhaust them quickly. Also, shifting won't heal a defect the person was born with.

Images for reference:

List of Squads:
Air Division
- Phoenix: Elite air squad - Commander: Free for registration
- Quetzalcoatl: Fast air unit - Commander: Free for registration
- Gryphon: Heavy Unit - Commander: Free for registration
- Pegasus: Stealth Unit  - Commander: Free for registration
- Hippogryph: Duel Land/Sea/Sky special unit - Commander: Free for registration

Water Division
- Kraken: Elite water - Commander: Blanca (Vivi)
- Leviathan: Amphibious Unit - Commander: Pachu’a Leafhorn (Vivi)
- Hippocampus: Fast Water Unit - Commander: Free for registration
- Hydra: Heavy Def/Off Unit - Commander: Free for registration
- Kelpie: Stealth Unit - Commander: Free for registration

Ground Division
- Fenrir: Elite Ground - Commander: Brandon "Brady" Thompson (Niki)
- Golem: Subterranean Unit - Commander: Free for registration
- Sleipnir: Fast Ground Unit - Commander: Free for registration
- Airavata: Heavy Def/Off Unit - Commander: Free for registration
- Chimera: Stealth Unit - Commander: Free for registration  

These squads are like only formed when needed to and aren’t on the main list of the facility. Often contain less than 10 and the leader is appointed by the Alpha or voted between them, depending on the seriousness of the mission
- Crystalwings: Insect based - Stealth
- Apophis: Venomous - Stealth/Assasination
- Yeti: Arctic/Cold area (On land)
- Tizheruk: Arctic/Cold area (water)
- Sphinx: Desert missions

Important character list:
These characters are free for adoption. You can make a registration for them and I'll see if you can take the character/role.
The Boss: The ***** behind it all. Nuff said.
The Alpha: One of the oldest shapeshifters in the facility. He is in-charge of all the other shifters. Little is known about him but it is rumored he has at least seven shifting forms.

The Operators: Those who communicate with the teams during mission and such

Character template:

[b]Code name:[/b]



[b]Rank:[/b] (Newbie, Junior, Senior, Commander)

[b]Squad:[/b] (1 main and 2 sub, commander and newbies only need 1)

[b]Animal:[/b] (Anything except mythical creatures and dinosaurs)

[b]Appearance: [/b] 

picture or description here[/spoiler]



Name: Futaro Minami

Code name: Kaze, M-0239144

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Rank: Senior

Squad: Chimera (Main), Phoenix, Hippocampus

Animal: Leopard, red fox, bottlenose dolphin, grassland hawk



(Yamashita Tomohisa)

Personality: Due to the traumatizing missions (where he had to kill a lot of people or see his comrade died) and painful experiments, Futaro had actually developed a case of D.I.D.

Normally, Futaro is a calm and warm-hearted individual. He is not so talkative, preferring to sit back and watch people, only speaking when he feels the need to. However, due to his good nature, he is soft when it comes to killing and would try to avoid fighting if possible. While not suitable for combat, he is cunning when it comes to stealth missions.

However, when there’s an environmental trigger such as being in life-threatening situation, witnessing a blood bath, or seeing death of those he cares for; people will notice a change in his behavior. He would refer himself as “Francis”, become more combatant, dare-devil and vulgar. This second personality would stay active until he falls asleep or knocked out. When he is back to his old self, he has no memory of all Francis’s previous actions.

Note: When he was little, he nearly died of drowning in the sea and so he has a phobia of deep water. If one wants to make him go on a watery mission, they’d probably have to violently throw him overboard and let his shapeshifting instinct take over.

Background: Futaro was in his teenage when they found out he had the perfect type of DNA for the experiments. He was abducted and lost contact with his whole family since. In order to keep himself alive in hope that one day he could escape and find his family, he had to listen to whatever they wanted him to do.

The latest DNA he acquired was the dolphin’s. Since he acquired it, he has been rather sickly, indicating he was nearing his limit.

Name: Reynardo Estévez Delgado Dominguez   

Code name:Redd, M-0069185

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Rank: Junior

Squad: Sleipnir (Main), Kraken, Leviathan

Animal: Cheetah, Sea lion



(Corey Fogelmanis)

Personality: Reinardo is energetic, loud-mouthed and childish. He loves thrills and action, often volunteering for dangerous tasks. However, his recklessness sometimes causes him troubles. He is easily provoked but, in most situations, is the one that provokes people. When he is nervous or scared, he talks and tells jokes to make himself braver. Overall, his presence is annoying to most of those who know him.

Background: He was taken from an orphanage when he was 10 years old. Instead of being scared like most children after the process of becoming a shifter, Reinardo was thrilled to know he was a super human. He took all his training enthusiastically. However, his manner had him tossed around between Squads (no-one wanted this talkative kid on their team, the poor poor boy).

Due to his childish behaviors, he was recently put under Blanca’s watch in hope that she could make him more serious.

Name: F-2389205

Code name: Blanca

Age: 30

Rank: Commander

Squad: Kraken

Animal: White Siberian Husky, Mako Shark, falcon, African Elephant



(Cristina Vujnich)

Personality: She is a strong and bold woman. Was raised in the lab since she was a baby, Blanca had little to no emotion or empathy toward people, making her a good human weapon. She strictly follows regulations and it would be a bad idea to question her orders. She doesn't joke around and quite a dictator in her style of leading. But who knows, people can change. *shrugs*

Background:Blanca was one of the thousand babies taken away from their parents after they were born, simply because the parents weren’t able to raise the child. Undercover of an orphanage, the government collected the newborns and raised them for future experiments. She grew up lacking normal human interactions, resulting in her inability to be affectionate. This had helped her on missions and she eventually found herself promoted to the rank of Commanders. She performs the best in her shark form so they assigned her to the Kraken Squad, which specializes in underwater missions.

Name: Pachu’a “Joshua” Leafhorn (prefers to be called Mr.Galer by Talulah)

Code name: Topugeira, Galer, M-1205221

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Rank: Commander

Squad: Leviathan

Animal: Saltwater crocodile, Texas coral snake, bull shark, Egyptian vulture and Bengal tiger



(Martin Sensmeier)

Personality: Joshua is a serious and strict commander, having spent a long time in the military. Though, he distinguish work and casual situation clearly. He may scare the hell out of his squad members on a mission if they goof around but when it is all over he would be more easy-going, even make joke if his unhumorous brain can come up with something. He strongly believes that there would be no teamwork without the bond between members. So, when off duty, he would sometimes gather them all together for a day just to chill in his quarter or do a team-building in the training ground. [size=small]Josh, like most native americans, is a nature lover. He respects animals and disapprove of unnecessary harm on them.[/size]

Background: Joshua was once a Black Ops soldier of the US Military. He suffered quite an injury and retired early. However, he was contacted by the Trabeafera Corporation about an experiment that could potentially fix him. He agreed to it, willing to do anything for a chance to rejoin the military. After successfully morphed into his first animal form, the crocodile, the scientists’ theory proved to be true as his DNA wasn’t damaged like his physical body and thus, the injury he once had was gone. He was promoted early to Senior for his basic military skills and knowledge and continued working for them until now.

During his time training a bunch of newbies, he took notice of a kid that seemed to stand out from the rest. He thought the child had potential and paid more effort sharpening the boy. Annoyed by all the codes he had to remember, he gave the kid a name that better suit their root, calling him “Talulah” (or “Talli” for short).
Name:  Sofia Lupei

Code name: Silver, F-0082315

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Rank: Junior

Squad:[font=Monaco, Consolas, Courier, monospace] Chimera- Main Sleipner- Sub Pegasus- sub[/font]


A Grey Timber wolf

A White Raven
Appearance: 5’3” with shoulder length wavy (dyed) silver hair. Pale peach skin, and pale grey eyes.

Personality: A very calm mature young woman, Silver can be very introverted and rarely speaks to anyone aside from Koichi. Not that she’s a jerk or anything. Just shy really. She allows Koichi to make the bulk of the decisions, only intervening when a plan gets dangerous. Silver mostly lacks self confidence in social issues, believing that other people would know better than she would about things. She genuinely loves Koichi. Though she often finds her logical mind befuddled by the boy’s actions.

Background: [size=medium]A runaway from an abusive home. Taken in [/size]by The Trabeafera Corporation. Agreed to the experiments in exchange for food and shelter. 

Name: Kozaru Koichi

Code name: Saru, [size=medium]M-0069113 [/size]

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Rank: Newbie

Squad:[font=Monaco, Consolas, Courier, monospace] Chimera- Main [/font]

Animal: Spider Monkey

Appearance: Small framed, 4’11” and frail, he has yet to have any growth spurts or other signs of puberty kick in. Much to his own great annoyance. He has pale gold skin and messy black hair, with large black eyes.


Personality: Spunky, Energetic, brash and headstrong. Koichi will often dive headfirst into danger without any forethought. He’s quite full of himself, outspoken, and LOUD. Underneath his annoying, egotistical, spoiled brat exterior however he’s actually a very sensitive, soft hearted young man. He can be quiet gullible and naive at times. And gets confused easy.

Background: An orphan. He was taken by the Trabeafera Corporation at a young age.

Name: Karlos Ignacio Delgados Domingues

Code name: Kidd, [size=medium]M-0069186[/size]

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Rank: Junior

Squad: Hippogryph- Main  Golem- Sub Chimera- Sub


Black Footed Ferret





Sebastián Aguirre

Personality: A rather skittish young man. Kidd (despite the nickname) is actually very serious, and precocious, with little to no sense of humor and absolutely no concept of Sarcasm. He's bluntly honest, and strives to please others. He has a very strong sense of personal honor and justice. More than anything he wants the love and attention of his elder brother.   

Background: An orphan raised in an orphanage with his Brother Reynardo who was two years older than him. Growing up Karlos always tried to emulate his brother, though was often too scared to do all the amazingly brave (reckless) things his brother did. when he was eight years old his brother and he were taken by Trabeafera Cooperation. He was very nervous and reluctant about the tests, but agreed to them because his brother did. Since then he's worked hard to raise through the ranks, catching up to his brother in a single year. Something he thought would please the elder boy, but actually seems to have annoyed him? 

Name: Talulah

Code name: Aquarius, M-0088324 

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Rank: Newbie

Squad:[font=Monaco, Consolas, Courier, monospace] [/font]Leviathan- main[font=Monaco, Consolas, Courier, monospace] [/font]Tizheruk- sub


Sea Otter 



Logan Grove

Personality: Despite his serious looks, Talli is actually quite the practical joker. He loves to goof around and show off. He's also very vein, thinking quite highly of himself. He can't help it, he's great and he knows it! looks up to his mentor and father figure Josh Leafhorn

Background: [size=medium][font=arial, sans-serif]Talulah was one of the babies the corporation took from their orphanage (or kidnapped from a hospital) Josh just trained him when he was old enough like many others. Though he grew quite fond of this kid in particular and paid more attention to him. He let the kid follow him around and stuff. (unofficia[font=arial, sans-serif]lly adopting him)[/font] 

[/font] [/size]

Name: Brandon "Brady" Thompson

Code name: Ares, M-021425

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Rank: Commander of Fenrir Squad

Squad: Fenrir


Philippines Eagle 
Tiger Shark
Black Mamba

Koshi Inaba

Personality: A cold efficient soldier. He has no qualms about breaking the rules so long as the job gets done. He's a one man army, and he expects nothing but perfection of the soldiers under him. He is an elite squad commander, and that means he only takes seasoned professionals on his crew. He does not tolerate idiots well, though has reined himself in (He has to seeing as he's surrounded by them.) Underneath his 5000 Shades of Asshole exterior he does have a soft spot for kids and girls. (A small one. Layered in diamond.)  

Background: Former Black-Ops soldier, and comrade of Pachu'a "Joshua" Leafhorn recruited straight off the battle field at Leafhorn's recommendation. Cdr. Thompson quickly proved himself a capable soldier, highly comparable with the program, and quick thinking, resourceful and driven. There were a few minor problems with Cdr. Thompson altering the plan but as he always finished the missions with extremely favorable results, they backed off a little and allowed him to deviate as needed. There were some additional altercations between Cdr. Thompson and the other soldiers, however, as all of the said fights were provoked by the opposite party, with Cdr. Thompson defending himself, they were never counted against him.
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