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Sep 5, 2015
Updated 28/02/2017
Shifting Tides
The open version of an RP I'm going to play with a friend on MagiStream.
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Main plot:
In the year 2050,  The Trabeafera Corporation working for the government had been doing experiments on human. They had invented a way to combine animal and human DNA, giving their test subjects the ability to shapeshift into animals. While most of the experiments resulted in deformities or deaths, there were some successful ones. These Shapeshifters would then be taken to a training facility to be molded into weapons for the government. They would be assigned on assassination, spying, stealing missions or into war zones. The explosive device implanted into their neck would make them think twice about escaping. However, some are more determined than most.
Play style:
We will start with the characters meeting each other for the next mission. We have yet to want to escape from the organization. That will be for another Arc. For now, we’ll just go on missions and get to know one another.
There will be times when you or your team has to make decisions based on the options given by me. The decision will affect your squad members (injuries or death included), the upcoming events and the overall outcome of your mission. You guys can either vote or have your leader choose. I, of course, cannot choose since I’m the GM.

See more in Review/Planning.

Glacier National Park Base Map:

Ground floor - A normal military base as cover.
  • [size=medium]Facility Storage: All the transportations are kept here. Along with the armory.[/size]
  • [size=medium]The Control Room: where they keep tracks on the shifters and employees alike.[/size]
B1 - Laboratory/Medical Bay
  • [size=medium]Laboratories: used for quick on-site experiments and DNA Merging Operations[/size]
  • [size=medium]The Medical Ward: A complete underground hospital. The children and babies are raised here before they are used.[/size]
B2 -  Living Quarters
  • [size=medium]Junior Ward: Where the Newbie and Juniors live. It has all the things for basic needs. About 2-4 persons each room.[/size]
  • [size=medium]Senior Ward: Similar to Junior Ward, but for Seniors.[/size]
  • [size=medium]Elite Ward: For elite soldiers and commanders. The other ranks may enter if they have permission from the room owner. This place basically has everything of the highest tech to keep the elite soldiers happy and obedient. Also, each elite soldier have their own room, unless they request a roommate.[/size]
  • [size=medium]Cafeteria: Self-explanatory[/size]
  • [size=medium]Recreation Ward: Only Junior and up may access this area. It has a gym, swimming pool, game center, a pub and probably some other R-rated shit going on in the private areas.[/size]

: But if you are about to do R-rated stuff, keep in mind that we might not want to know what kind of ‘stuff’ you are doing. Please fade to black or something, thanks. I need my sanity. x’DD Or at least spoiler tag dat shit

B3 - Training facility
Each Ward have about 5 simulation rooms that can be used for training. Training Ward A only got 2, but they are twice as large.
  • [size=medium]Training Ward A: Multi-obstacle courses & simulation - A combination of Land, air and water simulation/obstacles to help shifter enhance their problem solving skills, quick reaction and shifting speed. Ward A is also used for Promotional Tests and may be booked for private training of Elite Squads.[/size]
  • [size=medium]Training Ward B: Flight simulation - Simulate winds, heat, weather and obstacles for those who wants to train their air form[/size]
  • [size=medium]Training Ward C: Landscape simulation - Simulate all kinds of landscapes and weather for training land-based animal forms[/size]
B4 - Training facility
  • [size=medium]Training Ward D: Large training ground for purely water based animal forms. There’s only two rooms, taking up half of this floor, complete with weather simulation and underwater obstacle courses.[/size]
  • Training Ward E: Smaller water training grounds for smaller creatures. Consist of three rooms.
Training Room C-2
“I don’t want to hear anymore complain, Talli. The upcoming field test will be your first, and therefore, your most important. You should be glad. None of the other kids ever had this many extra training sessions.” The man talked on and on about preparing and the importanceof frequent training as he walked along side the teenager.
The training wards had always been crowded at this time of the day. However, being a commander conveniently gave him the privilege of pre-booking a room. Joshua walked fast, but still slowly enough for the young teen behind him to keep up. Upon reaching the door, he put his clearance card on the scanner next to it. The scanner made a beeping sound as the red light turned green and the door opened. He stepped in and waited for the child to enter before closing the door behind them. Behind the previous door were another door and a platform on the right.
“You have five minutes to get ready.”
Assuming the child knew what to do, Joshua walked to the platform and pressed a button. It began to move upward, taking him into the control room above. He went over to the panel and inserted his card. A hologram panel appeared in front of him. Joshua did several adjustments, choosing the rainforest landscape and set up some obstacles. Once everything is all set, he put on a headset and moved to the window made for observation.
“Everything’s set. I will start the simulation once you get in. Try to find and steal the target as fast as you can. Your last record was 13 minutes 40 seconds.”

Recreation Ward – Game Center
“Everyone knows it’s stupid to try and attack the spider from that angle, Karlos! It always spits venom on that side after doing a leap attack! We’ve been fighting this boss for hours brother!” The seventeen years old turned to look at his brother who was on the other side of the chamber. Both of them were wearing a set of gaming gear including oculus glasses and sensors wrapped on their arms and legs. The simulation machine made the room looked like a dungeon. Through the glasses, the devices they were holding in their hand became weapons and their appearances were the customized ones they had made for the game.
His avatar was a Pirate, specialized in guns and sword fight, but to Kidd’s annoyance, was female with long wavy brown hair, a curvy body and all the typical female game character traits.
<You have one hour left to play.> A robotic voice echoed through the room.
“Ah crap... Well, better restart this thing fast…” Redd sighed. He wished they would allow more than 3 hours of game play a day.

The Swimming Pool
Loud cackles echoed the half empty swimming pool. A bunch of men were dragging a frail and terrified looking man. None of them had their swimming clothing on, clearly telling everyone witnessing it they didn’t come to swim. It wasn’t an unusual scene, to see the shy and weak Futaro being pushed into the pool by the bullies. It was almost like they were in high-school again. Sadly, it was an all men for themselves world where they live and no one cared to bat an eye.
“Please, I can’t swim guys.” The man begged tremblingly. “I’d do anything else.”
“Aww come on, didn’t they just give you a new form? Shouldn’t you be able to swim now?”
“T… that’s against the rules.” Futaro protested weakly.
“Sweet chinaboy is worried about regulations right now. Adorable!”
“Whatcha gonna do then? Ninja outta here?”
“We’re just helping you, dude. Consider this a free swimming lesson.”
One of the men grinned evilly and pushed him forward. Though, to toy with him, they grabbed the collar of his shirt and stopped him from falling in.
Futaro gasped and turned all pale realizing how close he was to the edge.
“Pissed yourself yet, Chinkerbell?” One of them mocked and the others burst out laughing.
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